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Mil-Spec Collar CaliberDog MOLLE Cape Harness
Ed Frawley & Cindy Rhodes
780 free streaming videos---all of which are available on Leerburg’s Video on Demand. The website also has a free training forum with nearly 20,000 registered
members and over 380,000 posts.
Leerburg’s reputation has been built on customer service and quality products.
From the very beginning, Ed’s philosophy on selling dog related products was to
only offer products he would use to train his personal dogs. He knew there were
dog trainers that insisted on quality products, and rather than trying to compete
with the big box retail stores or the pet food warehouses of the world, he chose
to fill that niche.
Cindy Rhodes began training dogs when she was 13, and has bred Dobermans
& Malinois under the kennel name Kaiserhaus since the late 80’s. She has competed in AKC & CKC obedience and Schutzhund, and in 1990 she competed in the
USA Schutzhund III Nationals with a Doberman female she raised from a puppy.
Her sports of choice now are Mondio Ring and Agility. Cindy was also a professional dog groomer for 15 years, and has raised and trained dogs of many different breeds, including the Belgian Tervuren, Shetland Sheepdog, Welsh Corgi,
Doberman, Belgian Malinois and most recently, Border Terrier.
Cindy Rhodes with Stella, Rush, & Daisy
Leerburg Enterprises, Inc. is a family owned business that was started in 1980 by
Ed Frawley, who has owned and trained dogs since 1960, and began producing
training videos in 1982. He also began breeding dogs in 1978, and continued
to breed working bloodline German Shepherds for 35 years, but retired from
breeding a few years ago to devote more time to Leerburg.
During the 1980s, Ed competed in AKC obedience, tracking competitions, and
Schutzhund, where he titled a number of dogs. In the late 80s he started training police service dogs, and in the 90s Ed was a K9 handler for the local Sheriff’s
Department, during which time he also worked as a K9 handler with a regional
multi-department drug task force.
In 1994, Ed went online with It was one of the very first dog related web sites, and has since grown to become the largest dog training web
site on the internet with over 18,500 pages worth of information. Throughout
the years, Ed has continued to produce over 860 dog training videos, including
Leerburg On Demand was launched in 2011. Over the past 4 years we have continued to produce new titles, as well as improve the customer experience with On
Demand videos. We feel that as more and more television and mainstream movies transition into online media platforms, DVDs will become a thing of the past.
Over the next year we have several new and exciting features being brought to
Leerburg On Demand. To start with, we plan to launch an entirely new layout
for the On Demand section of our website. This layout will not only make the
site more visually pleasing, but it will also allow our customers to easily navigate
through over 850 titles. We are in the process of reorganizing and categorizing
the videos into a simple navigation system.
In 2015, we will also be launching an all-new streaming video player. Our new
player will allow viewers to skip through chapters just like on a DVD. It will also
allow viewers to place bookmarks throughout the videos, which will allow them
to come back and start at that exact point. We feel these 2 features alone are
going to improve the way people can watch and process the information being
presented through streaming video.
Leerburg accounts will also become seamless connecting all customer features
though out the website. Your Leerburg account will now store your On Demand
video library, previous orders, web board info, as well as any online training
courses you are enrolled in. All purchased videos are tied to the user’s account,
and can be accessed anywhere by simply logging in. This cuts out the hassle of
keeping track of DVDs, and eliminates shipping costs altogether.
715. 235. 6502
715. 235. 8868
Ed and Cindy have three sons. The oldest, Eric, lives in Houston and works in the
commercial diving industry. The youngest, Andrew, left for basic training in the
Air Force in the fall of 2012. Finally, in October of 2011, his son Jeff Frawley came
to work here at Leerburg after 7 1/2 years of military service, which included tours
in Iraq and Afghanistan. During his years of military service, Jeff served in every
position of an airborne infantry platoon with the 82nd Airborne from rifleman up
to a squad leader, and also spent time training cadets at West Point.
Jeff grew up here at Leerburg and has lived with dogs his entire life. He was even
on the cover of one of our Leerburg catalogs over 20 years ago when he was just
6 years old. When Jeff was 8, his first job was at Leerburg for $1 per hour as chief
socializer of puppies. When he was 10, he began helping Ed in the kennel, and
by the time he was 14 he had helped deliver more litters of German Shepherd
puppies than we can remember. During his high school years, Jeff also went with
Ed as a cameraman and filmed a number of training seminars and dog shows.
Now, Jeff is Leerburg’s new business manager, and he also produces dog training
videos and short commercials about Leerburg’s products. We are very excited
about the addition of Jeff to our Leerburg team.
Last year we began hosting our videos from over 50 servers on every continent
except Antarctica. These new servers now allow us to stream our videos throughout the globe, as well as improve the quality for those with less optimal internet
connections. Leerburg On Demand is available on all computers, smart phones,
and tablets.
Instant Access When You Purchase a DVD
We’re very excited about Leerburg On Demand because we believe online
streaming is the future of the video industry. From now on, whenever you purchase any of our Leerburg DVDs you will have the option to get free instant access to any videos you’ve purchased, including our DVD sets. This means you can
begin watching your video immediately after checking out, before the DVD even
arrives in the mail. To take advantage of this, all you need to do is sign up and log
in with a free Leerburg account. This is especially beneficial for our international
customers who would otherwise have to wait weeks for their shipment to arrive.
Purchase A Streaming Video and Save on the DVD
If you purchase a streaming video and decide you would like to own the DVD as
well, you can put the amount you paid for the streaming video toward the DVD
purchase. When you buy the streaming version of any of our DVDs, you will automatically receive a personal, single-use coupon code for the amount you already
paid off the price of the DVD. If you paid $35.00 for the streaming version of a
$40.00 DVD, you can use the coupon to save $35.00 on the DVD purchase. If the
streaming video is the same price as the DVD, you can purchase the DVD for free
and will only have to pay the cost of shipping.
We have put a lot of time and effort into developing this revolutionary new
streaming video application and we’re very proud of the way it has turned out.
You can find Leerburg On Demand on our website at To learn
more, check out our FAQ page at
[email protected]
Your Puppy 8 Weeks to 8 Months
How to Raise a Working Puppy
DVD | #120-D $40.00
Video on Demand | #S120 $30.00
DVD | #117-D $40.00
Video on Demand | #S117 $30.00
1 Hour, 15 Minutes |
1 Hour, 59 Minutes |
This is not a bite training video. It is a video teaching
people how we used to raise our pups here at
Leerburg. This video outlines a step-by-step manner
how to socialize, imprint, and prepare your puppy
for his or her working career. This is a common sense
approach that anyone can do. The key to raising a
successful working puppy is to have a plan and make
the best use of the time you spend with your dog.
Over the years, this DVD has been one of our most
popular training videos for new puppy owners. This
training video answers all the questions new puppy
owners have concerning the care of their new puppy. This DVD was originally produced to be given to
every Leerburg Puppy Customer. The intent was to
help Leerburg Puppy Customers get through the
first 8 months of the puppy’s life.
Dealing with Dominant & Aggressive
Basic Dog Obedience
4 Hours |
3 Hours, 30 Minutes |
DVD | #302-D $40.00
Video on Demand | #S302 $40.00
DVD | #301-D $50.00
Video on Demand | #S301 $35.00
The goal of this video is to teach people how to
train their own dog to become a well mannered
family pet. The problem with taking your dog to
obedience class is that the dog is expected to learn
new commands under extreme distraction (i.e.
when it is surrounded by 10 or 20 other dogs). This
is not the correct way to train a dog. In fact, it’s
totally unfair to the dog.
This DVD was produced to help people analyze
their dog’s aggression problems. It provides
information to help owners solve these problems.
This DVD provides enough information to help dog
owners either solve these problems themselves or
determine if a local individual is qualified to assist
in their dominant or aggressive dog problems.
The Power of Training Dogs with Markers
Remote Collar Training for the Pet Owner
DVD | #219-D $40.00
Video on Demand | #S219 $30.00
DVD | #318-D $40.00
Video on Demand | #S318 $30.00
2 Hours, 45 Minutes |
3 Hours, 33 Minutes |
Our DVD explains what a dog should know
before starting e-collar training. It explains how
to determine what level of stimulation your dog
should be trained with. Every dog is different and
every situation is different. I explain the concepts
of using the collar and the protocol for taking a dog
through each step of training.
Dog training is a learned skill. The goal of this DVD
is to introduce dog trainers to the details of training
with markers. Once they grasp the concept and
learn to apply it to their dog training they will create
dogs that become problem solvers and dogs that
love training. Once trainers learn how to apply the
fundamentals of marker training the concept can be
applied to any dog sport, including bite work.
Living with Your Puppy
Establishing Pack Structure
Basic Dog Obedience
2 Hours, 31 Minutes |
Self Study | $99.00
DVD | #119-D $40.00
Video on Demand | #S119 $30.00
This course is set up as a self-study with 6 modules.
Students will receive 1 year to finish the course.
Every new puppy owner has the same image of
what they want their new dog to be like as an
adult. First and foremost, everyone wants a great
relationship with their dog but beyond that, those
who plan on keeping their dog in their home want
a calm, well-mannered, obedient house dog that
minds and respects their family and friends.
In our Basic Obedience course, students will be
able to move through the course as quickly as they
like. In other words, if they want to jump ahead
to see what’s in module 5, they can do exactly
that. We recommend that new students progress
through the modules and segments in the order
we have established.
Establishing Pack Structure with the
Family Pet
This course is designed for people who are new dog owners and have never
trained a dog before, as well as for those who have owned a dog for years but
now find it’s time to learn how to do a better job training their dog.
DVD | #308-D $40.00
Video on Demand | #S308 $30.00
The course can also be recommended for people who work in humane societies
or shelters, or people who want to start a dog-training business and are looking
for a way to start learning the nuts and bolts of dog training.
4 Hours, 9 Minutes |
This DVD teaches the way I establish pack
structure with a new dog when I bring it into my
home. The goal is to establish leadership and
still allow the dog to maintain his dignity. When
I introduce my rules I do so in ways that create a
level of communication and respect.
See page 26 to learn more about
The largest dog training web site on the internet - over 17,500 pages!
Michael Ellis
The Power of Training Dogs with Food
Training the Send Away with Michael Ellis
The Foundation of Object Guard Training
DVD | #220-2-D $65.00
Video on Demand | #S2202D $50.00
DVD | #227-D $65.00
Video on Demand | #S227 $50.00
DVD | #126-D $40.00
Video on Demand | #S126 $30.00
The foundation of Michael’s training system lies in
marker training. The power lies in how markers are
applied within his training program. We show you
how to take your dog out into new and distracting
environments and have a dog that ignores the
distractions and maintains a training minded
attitude. When you can establish a relationship like
this, you have a dog that is ready to learn behaviors
and exercises.
The DVD opens with a lecture on the concept and
training steps by Michael Ellis. Video chapters include:
working with puppies, when to use touch pads vs. a
toy, training the whistle back, and more. Michael has
included many training steps that cover different types
of dogs. The beauty of this training DVD is that it has
something for the advanced trainer and as well as a
step by step program that new trainers can follow.
In this video, Michael Ellis teaches dog handlers the
fundamentals of training the object guard for the
various ring sports. This video will teach trainers
how to establish a proper foundation for the object
guard. It does not teach the advanced skills needed
to finish a dog in this exercise.
The Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog
Advanced Concepts in Motivation
Training the Retrieve with Michael Ellis
DVD | #221-D $65.00
Video on Demand | #S221 $50.00
DVD | #228-D $65.00
Video on Demand | #S228 $50.00
DVD | #224-D $65.00
Video on Demand | #S224 $50.00
Michael starts with a lecture on why and how to
play tug with your dog. He demonstrates technique
with his dog Pi and then with untrained dogs and
untrained handlers. If your goal is to do competition
obedience, agility work, or a biting sport, playing
tug the right way is an integral part for all those
The work in this video teaches a trainer the
advanced concepts of how to motivate a dog. The
techniques work for dogs of all breeds and sizes,
and can be used for any dog sport. The goal is to
teach dog trainers how to turn a reward into an
event for their dog. Once trainers can learn these
skills, they can manipulate the motivation and drive
of their dogs.
This DVD with Michael Ellis is by far the most comprehensive step-by-step training DVD on teaching
a dog to retrieve that we have ever seen. Because
the system is founded in markers, there is a very
minimal amount of force used in our training. It is
our belief that a dog should not be force trained
to retrieve.
Focused Heeling with Michael Ellis
Finishing Work: Reducing the Frequency
of Rewards and the Use of Punishment
The Foundation of Puppy Bite Work
2 Hours, 7 Minutes |
5 Hours, 25 Minutes |
3 Hours, 57 Minutes |
The Foundation of Dog Training
with Michael Ellis
Online Course | Coming Soon!
We plan to release the first Online course with Michael Ellis in the first quarter of 2015. This course is
going to take skills taught in several of the Michael
Ellis DVDs and tie them together to create one
seamless training system for you and your dog. This
will be a fully interactive course. Watch our website
for more information.
715. 235. 6502
715. 235. 8868
4 Hours |
DVD | #222-D $65.00
Video on Demand | #S222 $50.00
Teaching Protection Skills without a Decoy
Training the Recall with Michael Ellis
The Electric Collar:
DVD | #225-D $65.00
Video on Demand | #S225 $55.00
DVD | #230-D $45.00
Video on Demand | #S230 $30.00
Trainers only need a friend or family member that
will handle a bite wedge, a bite tug or a high value
toy to assist them in rewarding correct behavior.
In the training steps, Michael explains how to start
the training for each skill. He also explains when to
add drive and stressors for these various protection
Training the recall is the most important behavior
your dog will ever learn. This video includes
restrained recalls, recalls in an environment free
of distractions, recalls while focused on something
else, increasing intensity of competing motivator
for “call away,” and much more!
Training the Jumps with Michael Ellis
Leash Skills with Michael Ellis
DVD | #226-D $65.00
Video on Demand | #S226 $50.00
DVD | #233-D $65.00
Video on Demand | #S233 $55.00
In this jump DVD, Michael explains how to manage
your dog’s drive during the jumping process. This
DVD explains how to determine how much drive
your dog needs to learn to jump. Some lower drive
dogs need to have their drive increased while high
drive dogs need their training steps modified to allow them to concentrate on what you are asking
them to do.
The majority of dog owners only use their leash
when taking their dog for a walk. A large number of
those people are being pulled down the street each
and every time they attempt to walk their dog. No
one enjoys this experience, which is why we have
produced this DVD on how to use your leash as a tool
to communicate with your dog. Through a process
called “leash pressure,” we can teach the dog how to
politely walk on the leash by implementing the skill
we call “Loose Leash Walking.”
2 Hours, 50 Minutes |
2 Hours, 58 Minutes |
This DVD covers training puppies that are 8 weeks
through adolescence. Michael divides the life of
a working dog into five categories: Pre-Teething,
Teething, Adolescent, Young Adult, and Adult. This
DVD covers in step by step detail, the foundation
of bite work with 8 week old puppies up through
teaching adolescent dogs to bite arms and legs on
leg sleeves.
2 Hours, 55 Minutes |
Michael, in partnership with trainer Lisa Maze, breeds Malinois under the kennel
name Loups du Soleil, one of the most successful breeders of working Malinois
in North America.
DVD | #229-D $65.00
Video on Demand | #S229 $50.00
2 Hours, 10 Minutes |
This DVD covers how to prepare your dog for a
competition. It teaches people who train with
markers how to wean their dog off rewards in
preparation for taking their dog into any dog sport
competition. It is important to do it correctly and
still maintain motivation and drive.
The old “yank and crank” methods of training heeling have gone by the wayside. The fact is a good
portion of the training in this DVD can be done
without a leash and without corrections. In fact, introducing corrections is the very last step in focused
Michael has competed in and done decoy/helper work for several national level
competitions, both in Schutzhund and ringsport. He was also one of the first
Mondioring decoys certified in the US. He has coached national champions in
several disciplines, and many national and international competitors, but he is
perhaps most proud of the hundreds of club level and beginning trainers that
he has helped to improve their communication and physical skills. He was a past
president of the American Working Malinois Association and a former board
member of the US Mondioring Association.
3 Hours, 17 Minutes |
2 Hours, 33 Minutes |
DVD | #223-D $65.00
Video on Demand | #S223 $50.00
Michael Ellis is an internationally renowned dog trainer and teacher with
30 years of experience in the competitive dog sports. He has taught extensively to a very diverse group of trainers, from competitive sport trainers, police departments, and the US military, to search and rescue groups,
service dog agencies, and pet dog trainers. Michael’s clear, concise, and patient style has made him one of the most popular coaches of trainers in the
country. He has given over 300 seminars in the United States, Canada, and
South America, that’s well over a thousand days of lecture and practical work
in the last eight years alone, and as a result, has been one of the driving forces in popularizing reward based training systems for the protection sports.
2 Hours, 50 Minutes |
[email protected]
59 Minutes |
1 Hour, 12 Minutes |
The largest dog training web site on the internet - over 17,500 pages!
Selecting & Conditioning Your Dog to the Collar
2 Hours, 15 Minutes |
DVD | #231-D $65.00
Video on Demand | #S231 $50.00
This DVD covers how to select the correct remote
collar for your dog, how to determine the levels
to use during your training, and how to properly
condition your dog to the electric collar. The DVD
will also cover the prerequisites for what your dog
should already know prior to layering the remote
collar over behaviors.
The Electric Collar
Part 2: Common Applications of the E-collar
1 Hour, 29 Minutes |
DVD | #232-D $65.00
Video on Demand | #S232 $50.00
This DVD covers the 3 major training categories
we use the e-collar for; obedience, high arousal
activities, and management. In this DVD you will
learn how to take a dog that has been properly
conditioned to the collar and in only a few short
training sessions achieve the desired results through
low level stimulation.
Forrest Micke
Teaching Engagement Skills
Self Study | $39.00
Our course with Forrest Micke will teach students
why ENGAGEMENT is the foundation for all dog
training. They will learn why engagement should be
the foundation for every pet dog training program.
Those students who want to get involved in any
dog sport will learn why engagement needs to be
the motor that drives their training program. More
information available online.
Mark Keating
Auditing | $149.00
Working | $299.00
The objective is to break down and explore ‘post
foundation’ heeling skills and concepts that affect
precision, attitude, and sustainable performance
within competitive heeling teams. Goals are to build
off of foundation concepts; further equip both dog
and handler with the necessary skills to maximize
the relationship and heeling experience; and create
knowledge and confidence to fluidly implement
skills into a continued heeling program.
The Heeler’s Toolbox III - Advanced
Auditing | $149.00
Working | $299.00
The 3rd installment of the Heeler’s Toolbox Series
helps students bridge the gap between their current
training program and their competitive preparation
program. This course also introduces students
to advanced skills and concepts characteristic
of successful heeling partnership. This course
encourages students to take practical and creative
steps to a more precise and competition ready
obedience relationship.
Forrest lives in the San Francisco Bay area of California with his Border Collie,
Amos, and his two Belgian Malinois, Endy and Elzer.
715. 235. 6502
1 Hour, 24 Minutes |
Mark Keating is a dog trainer from Hudson, Wisconsin. He has been training dogs
professionally since 1998 in various forms of obedience, agility and protection
work. He works and trains primarily at Red Star Kennel in Hudson, where he
serves as one of 3 trainers who conduct private lessons, teaches group classes,
and handles and trains dogs who stay for the boarding and training program.
Mark is a retired competition French Ring/Mondio Ring certified trial decoy. Mark
has officiated over 30 trials as a decoy under primarily French Judges, including a
regional selective. In 2007, Mark competed in the North American Ring Association Decoy Super Selection. Mark took first place amongst the American Decoys
earning the honor of the Decoy of the Year award, and the Golden Baton award.
As a handler, Mark has handled two dogs in French Ring. A Dutch Shepherd/
German Shepherd cross named Kalib, whom he brought to the Ring I level, and
a Belgian Malinois named Lot whom he brought to the Ring III level. In June of
2008, Mark and Lot set a record for highest score to that date in Ring II history
with a score of 292.8 out of 300 under French Judge Philippe Touy.
As a general dog trainer, Mark has been assisting dogs and handlers in the Midwest
since 1998. From teaching group obedience classes, to behavior modification,
Mark has worked with over 1000 dogs to date. Since 2004, Mark has been training exclusively at Red Star Kennel, in Hudson Wisconsin. Mark teaches private
lessons in obedience, behavior problems and modification, competition preparation, sport style obedience, agility, and protection work, puppy imprinting and
socialization, puppy/dog purchase consulting, in home lessons and search work.
Mark has taught numerous seminars across the US in sport style bitework in
sports such as French Ring, Mondio Ring, PSA, and Schutzhund. Mark has also
conducted seminars with with Police Departments teaching handlers how to not
only work each others dogs, but communicate more clearly with their own dogs.
Mark has also taught seminars in drive cultivation and channeling for State, as
well as FEMA certified Search and Rescue teams.
This is the 2nd DVD in our series on decoy work.
Now that you understand the mechanics of working
the dog, you need to know how to present the dog
with the right picture so they will bite where you
want them to. This DVD teaches several different
ways to present leg bites, both front & back, along
with upper body presentations. In this DVD, you will
learn all of the main biting surfaces of the suit and
how to show the dog where you want them to bite.
Basic Catches in the Bite Suit
2 Hours, 26 Minutes |
DVD | #272-D $55.00
Video on Demand | #S272 $45.00
In the 3rd DVD in our series with Mark Keating,
you will learn how to take the targeting skills from
the 2nd DVD and apply them to catching dogs.
Catching dogs on a suit is the ultimate goal of
anyone learning to do decoy work. The skills taught
in this DVD will give you insight into how to properly
absorb the impact of a dog being sent off leash from
a distance.
Leerburg’s Relationship Games
2 Hours, 6 Minutes |
DVD | #130-D $50.00
Video on Demand | #S130 $40.00
This DVD will help you build that relationship
through 8 different games, with training being the
main idea behind each game while also making it
fun for you and your dog at the same time. Everyone
can benefit from these games. We have presented
them in a way that someone with no experience
training dogs can understand the “what” and the
“why” of the game.
The Rules of Play with Mark Keating
Relationship Games
Coming in 2015
Self Study | Coming Soon!
Interactive Course | $250.00
Ed Frawley’s goal, from the time he was a young boy, was to become a professional dog trainer and make his living
training dogs. Ed’s goal today has transitioned into helping others do the same. Over the next year Leerburg will
be releasing several online training courses that will teach people how to establish and operate a variety of dog
related businesses.
This self-study Online course is going to teach you
how to effectively use a toy as a reward in your
training. We will cover everything including how to
build toy drive, how to present the toy to your dog,
and how to effectively play tug with your dog.
This course shows you eight games that develop
and strengthen your relationship with your dog.
Each incorporates the principles and techniques of
reward-based training that we use with our dogs at
Leerburg and teach in our DVDs. We think you’ll find
that these games are fun for both you and your dog.
Leerburg recently finished filming and is now in the production phase of an online course on how to operate a
dog walking business. In 2015, we will also be producing courses on how to set up and run a boarding kennel, as
well as a doggy daycare. These courses, in conjunction with several future courses, are going to help people who
are interested in turning their passion for dogs into their career.
This is the first of our DVD series with Mark Keating
on decoy work. This series has two purposes: The
first is to teach decoys correct and safe training
concepts in a bite suit. The second is to teach dog
handlers exactly what, why, and how a decoy should
work a dog in a bite suit. We want to give handlers
the information they need to be able to discuss and
communicate a training plan with their decoy.
Self Study | $149.00
Auditing | $199.00
Working | $299.00
Forrest is known for his innovative, relationship-centered training approach
and his passionate and personalized teaching style. He’s been called inspiring, genuine, motivating, and outside the box.
DVD | #270-D $55.00
Video on Demand | #S270 $45.00
DVD | #271-D $55.00
Video on Demand | #S271 $45.00
The Heeler’s Toolbox II - Beyond the Basics
His popular seminar series on ‘The Everyday Working Dog’ has been presented over 60 times in 5 different countries, over the past 3 years. His current interest is ‘Neurological Proclivity: The integration of inherent (breedspecific) motor patterns to fuel positive reinforcement-based working dog
2 Hours, 19 Minutes |
Basic Bite Suit Presentations & Techniques
The first class in this 3-part series exposes students
to groundwork skills and behaviors fundamental to
the heeling relationship as well as core concepts
necessary for preparation to more advanced
stages of the training program. Focuses heavily on
handler and canine skill building, individual team
troubleshooting, and maintaining a relationshipcentered training partnership.
From 2007 – 2010 Forrest gained national recognition for his development
of training and rehabilitation programs for difficult dogs within shelter and
rescue programs. His training and management programs have helped hundreds of ‘last chance’ rescue dogs and owners gain the skills and aptitude
necessary to assimilate into homes and lifestyles across the country.
The Mechanics of Working a Dog in a Bite Suit
The Heeler’s Toolbox I - Beginner
Forrest Micke is an American dog-training and behavior educator, wellness
advocate, and public speaker. His international seminar work and popular
online educational classes have influenced thousands of students globally.
715. 235. 8868
[email protected]
The largest dog training web site on the internet - over 17,500 pages!
Remote Collar Training for the Pet Owner
2 Hours, 45 Minutes |
DVD | #318-D $40.00
Video on Demand | #S318 $30.00
Our DVD explains what a dog should know
before starting e-collar training. It explains how
to determine what level of stimulation your dog
should be trained with. Every dog is different and
every situation is different. I explain the concepts
of using the collar and the protocol for taking a dog
through each step of training.
The BarkLimiter series is an intuitive
electronic bark correction device designed
by Garmin using proven technology from
Tri-Tronics. It is able to distinguish between barking and other vocalizations. Advanced
Bark Correction Technology delivers consistent and instantaneous correction, while
virtually eliminating false corrections caused by external noises. Convenient Autorise
setting that automatically programs the stimulation intensity level based on the barking
behavior. Or, choose manual or vibration options.
Garmin BarkLimiter #1489
Deluxe Rechargeable Battery
Regular Replaceable Battery
PLUS Ecollars
BarkLess Collar
TWO Receivers - ONE Transmitter
This system is identical to the regular ecollar but with an
extra receiver on the collar strap. The purpose is not to
deliver a stronger stimulation, but allow us to not have
the collar so tight. Regular systems require the collar to
be very tight on the dog’s neck to make sure the probes
make contact. This system eliminates that issue. When
dogs work, their neck muscles swell. A dog may start a
training session with the collar fitting, but as his neck
swells, the collar becomes tighter, restricting blood
flow & breathing. This collar can be looser on the dog’s neck while the probes maintain
contact with the neck. Read more: Educator ET400 Plus at
htm or Dogtra SureStim M Plus with Extra Reciever at
Dogtra SureStim M Plus with Extra Reciever #SURESTIM-M-EX $382.99
Educator ET400 Plus
The perfect solution for those dogs that like
to over-communicate. Utilizes a proprietary
low-current stimulation technique to humanely
condition dogs not to nuisance bark. By setting the stimulation to the correct level,
protection barking will continue while unnecessary barking is eliminated. Auto-mode
feature senses the dog’s barking habits and automatically increases the stimulation.
Unique features make it the most humane and effective bark trainer available. Small
receiver size 2.03” x 1.42” x 1.1”, 1.9 ounces. Unique stimulation technology provides
very clean stimulation without the head jerking often found with other bark collars.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Proudly Assembled in the USA.
Dogtra Electric Training Collars
Educator Pro 900
Expandable Ecollar
More Dogtra collars and accessories available online.
1 Dog Unit with Pager, Expandable to 2 Dogs.
Low to high or low to medium power.
Features a low profile receiver collar that is
ergonomically shaped to your dog’s neck.
Checkered grips on the handheld transmitter
allow you to always have a firm grip of the
training at hand. Low to medium output
e-collar designed for all breeds with medium
to soft temperaments. ‘Nick’ and ‘Constant’
stimulation along with a non-stimulating
pager/vibration. Rheostat/volume dial with
up to 127 levels for a gradual adjustment
in stimulation intensity. LCD screen displays
stimulation level and battery life. Waterproof transmitter and receiver/
collar. Low to medium power stimulation. 3/4-mile range. Rechargeable
2-hour rapid charge Lithium Polymer battery.
ARC Ecollar
Additional Collar
1 & 2 Dog Units with Pager. Rapid Charge. Low to
high power.
Multipurpose e-collar for mild mannered or
stubborn dogs. Designed for advanced level pet
training, competition field work or any type of
hunting where a 3/4 mile range is needed. 2 hour
rapid charge Lithium Polymer battery. leerburg.
This is the first completely customizable e-collar
ever to be developed. The collar has 4 main
function buttons that can be set to any of the 9 different stimulation modes. You can
further customize each of these modes by setting a max level, changing the boost
level, adjusting the volume of tone, as well as the type and amount of vibration.
This new ability to customize the features on an e-collar is unique to the Pro Educator.
There are 2 ways to customize your collar: first, there is a program button that allows
you to cycle each button through all 9 modes. You will have the ability to program the
buttons on the fly, or you can use a user-friendly software program that allows you
to connect the transmitter to your computer and set it up for your specific needs or
training style. The software to customize your collar is free and can be downloaded
using the link below. The software is currently only available for PC (sorry, Mac users).
The Pro Educator can also be purchased as a plus model. The plus model comes with
2 receivers programed to the same frequency, and also comes standard with a bungee
collar in order to ensure good contact from both receivers.
Pro 900 Single Receiver
Pro 900 PLUS (Two Receivers)
Additional Collar
#2300NCP $259.99
#2302NCP $394.99
715. 235. 6502
1 Dog Unit with Pager, Expandable to 3 Dogs. 1/2
Mile Range.
The most advanced remote dog trainer ever
devised. It boasts brand new, never-before-seen
features that offer the most humane experience
for dog and owner alike.
The Pro Educator is expandable to 3 dogs. Additional receivers are sold separately.
Directions on how to sync your extra receivers to the transmitter are very simple
and can be found in the owner’s manual. Once you have expanded the system
into a 2 or 3 dog collar, you will also have the ability to set different types of stim,
different max levels, and different boost levels for each dog. The collar can be set up
to switch between dogs, or you can simply set up a different button for each dog.
Model 2300NCP
1 Dog Unit
2 Dog Unit
715. 235. 8868
[email protected]
Educator Electric Training Collars
Educator collars are lighter and more technologically current. Educator’s tapping sensation is twice as intense
as their pager mode, their tones are more pronounced, their stimulation is cleaner and has a higher intensity
when needed. The stimulation dial on the Educator is easier to adjust and has the “lock and set” feature
to prevent accidental over-stimulation, for 2 dogs each dog can be locked in to a different level. Educator’s
stimulation is of a medical grade type that does not cause head jerking but will obtain compliance.
Another technological advantage of Educator Collars is that they have the quickest stimulation in
the industry. In other words from the time you push the button to the time stimulation starts is the
shortest in the industry. This may be a subtle to many but competition trainers like it very much.
All of Educator’s products have night lights. They have programmable modes allowing the user to select
different uses for the buttons. All of the Educator transmitters float and are waterproof to 500’ and can
withstand 5000 Gs of shock. Comparable e-collars are good to 60’ and 1000 Gs of shock, tough but not as
tough. They have a quick-release belt/saddle/purse clip combined with the ergonomics of the transmitter
make it easier to work. Einstein uses Biothane collar straps for unsurpassed durability. Comparing similar
e-collars in other brands to the ET300 is like comparing a Yugo to a Ferrari but paying the same price.
Last but not least, the money is staying here in the US, all Educator collars and products are made in the USA.
Educator ET300 Mini Dog Trainer
1/2 Mile Range. For Dogs 5+ lbs.
A medium range trainer. Smaller transmitter & small receiver size 2” x 1.5” x 1”, 2.4
oz. Provides plenty of stimulation. Tapping sensation employed is similar to vibration,
but more intense making it a good substitute to the stimulation. Night tracking light
is controlled by the transmitter. Lost transmitter beeper.
1 Dog Unit #ET300-1
2 Dog Unit #ET300-2
Educator ET300 Lady Educator Remote Collar
1/2 Mile Range. For Dogs 5+ lbs.
Designed for women with leopard & pink remote covers and black & pink collars. A
medium range trainer. Smaller transmitter & small receiver size 2” x 1.5” x 1”, 2.4 oz.
Provides plenty of stimulation. Tapping sensation employed is similar to vibration, but
more intense making it a good substitute to the stimulation. Night tracking light. Lost
transmitter beeper.
1 Dog Unit #ET300L-1
2 Dog Unit #ET300L-2
Educator ET800TS “The Boss” E-Collar Big Dog Remote Dog Trainer
1 Mile Range. For Dogs 20+ lbs.
A 1 mile range trainer loaded with unique features making it the most versatile working
dog remote available. Utilizes our proprietary “blunt stimulation” for superior results
for low level stimulation work. Has the highest stimulation on the market. Unique COS
(control of stimulation) technology provides very clean stimulation. Boost stimulation
between 1 and 60 or default to 20. Tapping sensation is similar to vibration, but more
intense. Night tracking light.
1 Dog Unit #ET800TS-1
2 Dog Unit #ET800TS-2
1 Mile Range. For Dogs 20+ lbs.
The K-9 Handler model K9-800TS is a 1 mile range trainer designed for working dogs in
tactical environments. Tough and Reliable. Added Bonus of the Bungee Collar system
which provides comfort and contact reliability unmatched in the e-collar industry.
Night tracking light.
1 Dog Unit #K9-800-1
2 Dog Unit #K9-800-2
Educator ET400 Remote Dog Trainer
3/4 Mile Range. For Dogs 5+ lbs.
A medium range trainer. Small collar receiver size 2” x 1.5” x 1”, 2.4 oz. Provides plenty
of stimulation. Tapping sensation employed is similar to vibration. Night tracking light.
Lost transmitter beeper.
1 Dog Unit #ET400-1
2 Dog Unit #ET400-2
Auto Charger
Contact Points
Educator accessories information and specific options available online.
Belt Clip
2 models available: one for ET-300’s and Barkless and one for all other models
Educator K9-400TS Educator Remote Dog Trainer
3/4 Mile Range. For Dogs 5+ lbs.
The K-9 Handler K9-400TS is a 3/4 mile range trainer loaded with unique features
making it the most humane and effective trainer available. The tapping sensation mode
is twice as effective as vibration. Added Bonus of the Bungee Collar system which
provides comfort and contact reliability unmatched in the e-collar industry. Small collar
receiver size 2” x 1.5” x 1”, 2.4 oz. Night tracking light.
1 Dog Unit #K9-400-1
2 Dog Unit #K9-400-2
Comfort Pad Contact Points
Black Holster with Snap
50% Stimulation Reducer
Educator Nylon Snap Collar
Educator Bungee Collar #ET-BUNGEE
Available in 3/8in, 5/8in, 3/4in, 3/4in thick fur, and 1in
4 different styles available online
Available in regular or wide belt and for the left or right side
Available in3/4in or 1in wide and in black or red
Available in3/4in or 1in wide and in black only. Sizes available online.
*3/4in wide collars fit the ET-300’s, ET-400’s, and the BarkLess models. 1in wide collars for all other models.
The Electric Collar:
The Electric Collar
2 Hours, 15 Minutes |
1 Hour, 29 Minutes |
Selecting & Conditioning Your Dog to the Collar
Part 2: Common Appications of the E-collar
DVD | #231-D $65.00
Video on Demand | #S231 $50.00
DVD | #232-D $65.00
Video on Demand | #S232 $50.00
This DVD covers how to select the correct remote
collar for your dog, how to determine the levels
to use during your training, and how to properly
condition your dog to the electric collar. The DVD
will also cover the prerequisites for what your dog
should already know prior to layering the remote
collar over behaviors.
This DVD covers the 3 major training categories
we use the e-collar for; obedience, high arousal
activities, and management. In this DVD you will
learn how to take a dog that has been properly
conditioned to the collar and in only a few short
training sessions achieve the desired results through
low level stimulation.
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Bite Tugs
Thin Tugs
Bite Rags
Bungee Tugs
A. 15” Yellow Fire Hose Tug. Synthetic tug made of firehose material. 15” long with a
6” circumference (2” diameter). Strong and durable, hard and stiff not soft and super
Leather Long Line rag is approximately 23” long by 11–12” wide. 53” long line handle
with loop. Leather Loop Handle bite rag is approximately 23” long by 11–12” wide.
11” short loop handle. Jute with Loop Handle rag has short 6” looped nylon handle.
Reinforced Stitching. 36” long by 12” wide.
#1266-2 $19.00
Leather with Long Line Handle (Shown)
Leather with Loop Handle
Jute with Loop Handle (Shown)
B. 15” Nylon Tug. No Handles. 15” long, 1 ½” diameter, and a 4” circumference.
Tugs are a must for building drive and focus in young & adult dogs. They can be used
as rewards in narcotics work, in obedience and tracking. Young pups are introduced
to tugs when their mouth is big enough to grip. As they grow they will need a larger
diameter tug. Colors may vary.
A. Medium Tug
Synthetic (shown) 20” long x 8” circ. #1065 $32.00
20.5” long x 9” circ. #1187-1 $39.00
B. 2 Handle Mini Tug 10” long x 7.5” circ. #1075 $20.00
C. 1 Handle Mini Tug Synthetic (shown) 10” long x 7.5” circ. #786
10” long x 7” circ. #1190-1 $20.00
11” long x 7.0” circ. #786-1 $19.00
D. Thin Puppy Tug
Synthetic (shown) 8” long x 5.5” circ. #1076 $17.00
10” long x 5.5” circ. #1189-1 $18.00
Flat Leather Tugs
#1305-1 $14.00
C. 10” Yellow Fire Hose Tug. Synthetic tug made of fire hose material. 10” long by 1”
diameter with a 3” circumference. Strong and durable, hard and stiff not soft and
super flexible. Imported from Germany.
A. Blings Bungee Bar Ring Tug #1382
B. Ram Tuff Wooley Bungee
C. Biggies Bungee Bunny Pouch #1432
D. Brites Bungee Bar Tug
E. TugTastic Bungee Tug
Two bite areas about 9” long each.
Leather Tugs
A. No Handle Leather Tugs. This tug has a 2 ½” diameter, and a 6 ½” circumference.
The “bungee” portion of these toys are made from soft-touch nylon covering special
shock cord. Designed to act as a shock absorber between you and the dog so that
you’ll be more comfortable while tugging and to provide exciting resistance to the
dog without you actually having to pull hard on the toy. Colors may vary. leerburg.
12” Tug
15” Tug
Handle is 18” long. Bunny fur covered pouch is 3.5” high, 8” long. Pouch sealed with
Velcro. Two squeakers.
Handle is 18” long. Bar is 9.5” long, 1-5/8” wide, and 5/8” thick.
Handle is 8” long. Bungee is 6” long, stretches to 11”. Made from thick, furry fleece
braided together with faux fur. 18” long, 32” total.
12” long , 4” circ. #1191 $18.00
16” long , 4” circ. #1193$20.00
12” Tug
15” Tug
Treat Tugs
A. 15” Flex Braided Jute Tug. Made in Germany, exclusively for Leerburg. Designed
to be used on dogs that have an OUT problem.
A great interactive toy for you and your pet! Made from high-quality braided
polypropylene rope. Handy loop for you to grip. Use as a fetch toy or tug toy. Swing
the Wing-a-Ball, release, and watch it fly! Colors may vary.
2” Diameter
3” Diameter
4” Diameter
#1265-2 $19.00
Velcro pocket to put treats in. Leather - 10” long, 6.5” circumference. Jute - 11.5”
long, 7.5” circumference. Colors may vary.
B. 10” Flex Braided Jute Tug. 1” diameter and a 3.5” circumference. Made in Germany.
Jute (shown)
#1265 $13.00
#1184-2 $18.50
60mm diameter rubber ball with nylon string. The wooden T handle is 2.5” on a 10”
nylon cord. Imported from Germany. Colors may vary.
A. Roni Ball on a String
#1205 $15.00
B. Roni Ball with T Handle
C. Roni Ball with Leather Handle #1205-3$19.99
Fleece Tugs
Jute Tugs
B. Build Your Own Leather Velcro Tug. “Go green” by recycling old material you have
Roni Balls
Handle is 14” long. Bite area is 8” long, 2.25” wide, 1” thick section of real sheepskin.
around the house (i.e. socks, towels,etc), AND modify how firm or soft the tug is by
adding more or less stuffing. Tugs can be customized at home to best suit your dog
and his or her stage of bite development and jaw strength.
Made of folded leather. Colors may vary. Imported from Germany.
#784-2 $33.50
#BW100 $41.00
Measured from knot to knot. Made of fleece material. Machine wash and dry. Soft & easy to
grip, perfect for puppies or dogs learning to tug. Handmade.
A. Fleece Braided Tug with Handle
B. Small Fleece Tug
C. Fleece Braided Round Tug
D. Large Fleece Tug
Intermediate Tug Set
Puppy Tug Set
Rubber Puppy Tug
Furry Fleece Tug
Made from a furry fleece material. 12.5” long with a 7” circumference. Colors may
Great for puppy bite work and drive building exercises. It is extremely soft and very
flexible. We make these here at Leerburg Kennels. The rope handle is approximately 12
inches long and is made of durable nylon. Our puppies love this toy! We have also seen
this same type of rubber tug used in agility classes in our area.
Recommended for puppies up to 6 months old. Includes: Leather Bite Rag with Long
Line Handle (#784), Furry Fleece 1 Handle Tug (#1185-1), Small Braided Fleece Tug
(#1210-1), & Rubber Puppy Tug (#1107).
Recommended for ages 7 to 12 months. Includes: Yellow Fire Hose Tug (#1266),
Synthetic 1 Handle Mini Tug (#786), & 12 inch Flat Leather Tug (#1191). leerburg.
#1185-1 $17.00
Save $11.50
Save $10 #6002
715. 235. 6502
715. 235. 8868
[email protected]
The largest dog training web site on the internet - over 17,500 pages!
MAGNETIC Training System
Top-Matic® Magnet Training Systems for Dogs
● Perfect heeling position of the dog through self-motivation
● Choice of positioning the ball on any clothing possible
● Exact reward
● Perfect reward for the dog
● Active without handler help
● Repeatable a thousand times
TOP-MATIC® - A new dimension for dog training!
Top-Matic® was designed by renowned dog trainers. The world’s best master trainers
-World champions- helped developed and substantially tested Top-Matic®. Top-Matic®
guarantees that only the highest quality of materials are used under the highest
regards of animal and human safety.
TOP-MATIC® - easy to use - unbelievable results!
dog exactly to the point. You will recognize and see the
success of this system after only a few training sessions!
Whether you are in the dog sport, playing, or simply going
hiking with your four-legged friend, this unique magnet
ball system allows you to reward your dog to your liking
in every situation.
** Please read product WARNINGS below **
** Keep away from electronics, cell phones, pacemakers,
and credit cards! **
Made in Germany. More information available online.
The Top-Matic® Training System is self-motivating and allows the handler to reward the
Top-Matic® PROFI-Set-- Technic-Ball, Fun-Ball, and Regular Power-Clip. 6.8cm. leerburg.
Regular Orange #1505-2
Blue #1505-1
Regular Orange #1508-2
Blue #1508-1
Top-Matic Magnetic Mini Fun-Ball
with Rope
Top-Matic® Fun-Ball with Rope-- For reward with command, as in the Scherk & Knoche
training system which supports the drives of the dog through a pull game. 6.8cm.
Regular Orange #1507-2
Blue #1507-1
The Top-Matic® products contain a magnet! Please follow the instruction strictly: Never leave the
magnet ball or the power-clips out of your sight. It is recommended to store the product in the original
package. Never give the Top-Matic® Products to children.
• Magnets can disrupt pacemaker function. Should not be used near people with pacemakers.
• Magnets can cause serious damage to any type of electronic equipment, including, but not limited
to, computers, cell phones, DVDs, and utility meters.
• Magnets can erase or scramble information on the magnetic strips of credit cards, ATM cards, or
access “swipe” cards, making them unusable.
• This product is not a toy for children. It can cause serious injury.
• This product is not a toy for animals. Only as a canine training aid during supervised training.
715. 235. 6502
715. 235. 8868
Hurtta Padded Y-Harness
Comfortable on the dog’s neck, a good collar is safe and easy to use. The safety
and adjustability of padded collars make them an excellent choice for all dogs. By
distributing the pressure caused by pulling across a larger area, the Neoprene-padded
Hurtta collar softens the stress placed on the dog’s neck and throat area.Does not
chafe the dog’s neck. Available in Black, Pink Raspberry, and Birch Green. Sizing
information available online.
Hands Free Leash
Top-Matic® Mini Fun-Ball with Rope -- Designed especially for small breeds and young
dogs. 5.8cm.
Regular Green
Super Soft Pink
The Ultimate Warmer is for extreme protection, the Ultimate Warmer provides
efficient thermal insulation in extended outdoor activities in cold conditions. It is
particularly well suited to training in winter, when long-term exposure to cold and
dafts cannot be avoided. The dimensions have been specifically designed for active
working dogs. Available in black. Sizing info available online.
Magnetic Power Clips
$88.00 - 98.00
Top-Matic® Power-Clip -- Contains 2 parts; Magnet with handle is always placed on the
inside of the clothing. Regular magnet strength suitable for use with normal-thickness
clothes like t-shirts, sweaters, etc. Maximum has more magnetic strength for use with
thick and heavy clothing like winter jackets, etc.
Regular Power Clip #1509
Maximum Power Clip #1509-1
Light and unobtrusive training vest specially designed
for running events involving dogs. Made from light
ripstop sports fabric with a breathable and waterproof
Houndtex layer. Hem and high collar can be adjusted
so the vest sits comfortably and remains in position.
Front has a zipped breast pocket and two large zipped
pockets for treats and motivational toys. Lower
front pockets contain liners that can be removed for
washing. Back pocket is roomy enough for large training
dummies or accessories. Shoulder has a velcro fastener
for attaching motivational toys and clips are located
strategically around the vest. See online information for
more details and sizes.
Hurtta harnesses are suitable for active walks for all dogs,
but they are especially recommended for dogs with back
and neck problems. When the dog pulls on the leash, the
close-fitting harness distributes pressure evenly across
the chest, preventing damage to the dog’s vertebrae.
The harness is comfortable and does not cause wear on
the dog’s fur or skin. Easy and quick to put on, both dog
and owner will get accustomed to the harness in no time.
Made from durable Neoprene. Fitted with 3M reflectors.
Available in Black, Pink Raspberry, and Birch Green. Sizing
information available online.
Regular 20 x 16 cm #1511-1
20 x 22 cm #1511-2
Training vest designed for active dog owners. The
vest is made from Houndtex-laminated durable sports
fabric. Body-hugging shape and adjustable hem, belt
and high collar ensure a secure and comfortable fit
when on the move. Front has four zipped pockets and
two large pockets for treats and motivational toys.
Large back and breast pockets have plenty of room for
training dummies or accessories. Shoulder has a velcro
fastener for attaching motivational toys. Rings and clips
are strategically located around the vest. A number of
built-in technical features designed to make training
easier and more comfortable. See online information
for more details and sizes.
Hurtta Ultimate Warmer
Top-Matic Magnetic Tugs
Top-Matic® Tugs -- Handles and integrated magnets with the use of the Top-Matic
MAXI Power Clip. Available in two sizes: 20cm x 16cm and 20cm x22cm. leerburg.
Hurtta Agility Vest
Padded Collar
Top-Matic® Technic-Ball -- For the precise reward by hand as in the Skogster Training
system, or through reward with command as in the Scherk & Knoche training system.
Hurtta Obedience Vest
• Always store this product in the original package out of reach of children and pets.
• Extreme temperatures can damage this product making it unsafe. Do not expose this product to
temperatures below -4°F (-20°C) or above 122°F (50°C).
USE ONLY AS DIRECTED: The manufacturer as well as all of his affiliates and distributors cannot be held
liable for damage of Top-Matic® Products when misused.
Exclusively designed to reward a dog through training. Any other usage but not limited to unsupervised
playing or chewing is not permitted. This product cannot be used for consumption.
No ball is 100% indestructible. It is unrealistic to expect that from any product. The products that we
sell at Leerburg® are the best quality and most durable that we have found. Always supervise your
dog when using this ball. Periodically inspect for damage. Do not allow your dog to continue to use a
damaged or broken ball.
[email protected]
The Hurtta Hands Free leash is unique, comfortable, and practical for today’s dog
owners who multi-task. This leash enables you to walk your dog while using a cell
phone, water bottle, riding a bike, or pushing a stroller. The leash length is adjustable
from 3 to 5 feet allowing for desired proximity. Each leash has pull-absorbing stretch
and the strong neoprene handle fits all. Available in Black, Pink Raspberry, and Birch
.75” Wide
1.25” Wide
Up to 50lbs
Up to 75lbs
Hurtta Polar Vest
#1522-1 $22.00
#1522-2 $25.00
Hurtta Life Jacket
The Polar Vest is a soft and warm highvisibility vest that yields to the dog’s
movement. This close-fitting model
protects the dog’s rib cage and keeps it
dry. The vest is made from rustle-free Softshell fabric with a laminated water-resistant
Houndtex layer. The product is ideal for sporting activity, hunting and daily walks. The
inherent warmth of the product does not recommend it for summer use. A tag around
the neck has space for the owner’s telephone number. Available in multiple sizes in 3
An adjustable belt and front allow the
life jacket to fit most breeds of dog.
Back of the jacket is fitted with sturdy
handle. A protective underbelly section distributes the dog’s weight over a larger area
and keeps the jacket firmly in place. Reflective fabric and 3M reflectors on the back of
the jacket provide effective visibility in the dark. Designed for use in swimming, water
rescue, rehabilitation, boating and hunting. A tag around the neck has space for the
owner’s telephone number. Available in 5 sizes in 3 colors.
The largest dog training web site on the internet - over 17,500 pages!
Ballistic Hidden Sleeve
2 Handle
Bite Bar
Hard Arm
Puppy Soft Sleeve
& Jute Sleeve Cover
Made from very durable synthetic or jute material. Great for beginning bite work
(6 weeks+) & imprint training to build a strong foundation. Helps build confidence
& develop a full grip. Imported from Belgium.
Level 1-Synthetic
Level 1-Jute
Level 2-Synthetic
The Ballistic Hidden sleeve closes with Velcro. Light weight. Top cover fabric of this
hidden sleeve is the ballistic military fabric. Designed to be worn under clothing. Black.
Made in the USA.
#JN510 $51.00
#JM510 $48.00
#JN515 $61.00
Hard arm available in left or right. Used in IPO trials. Cover sold separately. Not for dogs
under 12 months. Jute covers protect & add life. Imported from Europe. Pictured without
The difference in this bite bar versus the others is flexibility. Synthetic linen and
underside is 1/8” cotton fleece. Strong & durable. Reinforced stitching. Attached 6
foot line. Imported from Europe.
Hard Arm#807-3
Jute Sleeve Cover with Handle #773
Jute Soft Sleeve
2 Handle
Jute Bite Bar
Bite Sleeve
Young Dog
Soft Sleeve
Great for trainers who love jute. Strong enough for experienced dogs. Comfortgrip handles. Reinforced stitching. Imported from Europe.
This Young Dog Sleeve is the first arm that should be used in bite development. It is
softer and easier on young puppies’ teeth and mouths. Should be followed with either
the Intermediate Soft Sleeve or Jute Puppy Sleeve. Imported from Europe. leerburg.
Almost identical to the Young Dog Soft Sleeve, except made from Jute. Jute is a
stronger material but it is a little harder on a dog’s teeth. Ambidextrous, so it can be
used on either arm. Should not be used with experienced adult dogs. Imported from
Ambidextrous Bite Sleeve
Jute Sleeve Cover with Handle #773
Bite Pillow
Bite Suit Fabric
Hidden Sleeve
Soft Sleeve
Level 4 $50.00
Our Ambidextrous Bite Sleeve has a sleeve and base that are constructed of heavy, suede
leather. The leather cuff is comfortable and can be worn on either arm. The barrel of
this sleeve has a formed bite bar. Stress points are reinforced and padded for comfort
and ease of use. Convenient if there are left and right handed helpers. Pictured without
Hidden Sleeve
The Intermediate Synthetic Soft Sleeve is usually transitioned to at 7 -12 months
of age, depending on the skill level of the dog. It can also be used on adult dogs.
This sleeve allows the dog to feel movement in the sleeve. Imported from Belgium.
This bite pillow is used in later stages of bite development. An integral part of the
foundation work in protection training. Work on these pillows gets the dog ready for
work on sleeves. 13” x 9” with 3 handles. Imported from Europe.
Small Synthetic Bite Pillow
For the final stages of bite training, following a hard arm. Designed to be worn under the
helper’s clothing. This sleeve teaches dogs to bite even if they don’t see an arm. Used in
police K9 training. Reinforced stitching. Imported from Europe.
Form fitted hidden sleeve offers superior protection from wrist to upper arm while
making it comfortable for the handler to use. Form fitted design allows you to hide the
sleeve under loose clothing if desired. Bite Suit (french linen) material. Gusseted and lined
for maximum comfort and protection. 5 Hook and Loop closures on the inside to allow
the sleeve to adjust for a personalized fit.
Neoprene Sleeve
Advanced Soft Sleeve
with Handle
Jr Bite Bar
This bite pillow is made of synthetic body bite suit material. Approximately 11” long
and has a circumference of 12”. Colors may vary.
Mini Bite Pillow
Level 5 Seynaeve Advanced Synthetic Soft Sleeve with Handle. Just as good as a
sleeve on a Body Bite Suit. If you can’t afford a whole suit but need that kind of
protection for training, you won’t be disappointed in this sleeve. Very Strong. Very
Heavy. Imported from Belgium.
Level 5
#VA020 $123.00
715. 235. 6502
715. 235. 8868
The Neoprene Sleeve is designed to be worn under a sleeve for added protection.
NOT to be worn alone! Available for the left or right arm. Made in the USA. leerburg.
The Jr. Bite Bar has three handles in cotton-synthetic with a built-in plastic panel that
provides a proper grip and optimal transportation. Colors may vary.
Size: 23cm x 34cm.
The mini bite pillow is used with young dogs whose mouths are not large enough to
bite large bite pillows. Used in the training step after tug work. If you have a young dog
you should have this item. Made of synthetic body bite suit material. Approximately
11” x 5.5” in size.
[email protected]
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Seynaeve Leg Sleeves
Whips & Sticks
Imported from Belgium
Reinforced Leg Sleeve with Velcro Closure
A. 3 Reed Clatter Stick #888-2 $22.00 D. Padded Stick
B. Bamboo Clatter Stick #888-4 $19.99 E. Nylon Agitation Whip
C. Bamboo Stick
$2.50 F. Suede Whip
Made in the USA. Seams are double
stitched and bound for durability. Neck
is a comfortable open V style. Back top
is made of strong mesh for ventilation.
Multiple pockets and D-rings. Zippers are
molded so no rusting. The arm holes are
large enough to be comfortable. Comes
in choice of solid colors: red, blue, green,
black, orange, & yellow or Camouflage:
flooded timber, mossy grass, woodland
camo, & XD3. Sizing informatino available
This leg sleeve has reinforced stitching in the bite area. Velcro ladder style closure
with a handle at the top of the closure for easier removal. Handle sewn into the inside
top, center. Available in one size; French XL. Imported from Belgium. Colors may vary.
B. Jute Leg Sleeve
Length: 32” from top center down to base
Thickness: approx. 2”
Actual weight: 5.40 lbs
Length: 31” from top center down to base
Thickness: approx. 2”
Actual weight: 5.85 lbs.
Mondio / French Ring Bite Suits
There are 3 types of Mondio/French Ring suits: Competition, Semi Training, Training.
The TRAINING suit is the thickest and most protective, while the COMPETITION suit is
the thinnest. Between those two is the SEMI TRAINING suit. Because the Competition
suit is the thinnest, it is also much lighter in weight and more flexible than the Training
suit, but it provides less protection.
Kimono Bite Suit
The Kimono Suit is the most protective suit for full bite training over the whole body.
The suit is specially designed for training on the body area. The suit has a special cut
to let dogs bite easier and safer on the front and back of the shoulder area. Due to its
high protection level, this suit is not only very useful for sport training, it is also very
popular with law enforcement and armed forces.
The Kimono jacket is different from all the other Mondio/French ring jackets and
is made in a very different cut. There are no cutouts in the back and does not have
separate arms. The cuts of the seams are above and below the arms. It is made to
take the bite a lot in the shoulder, back, chest and upper arm area. In the beginning
this jacket is a bit stiffer but it get more flexible with using.
The Kimono Suit uses the same pants as the Mondio/French Ring Semi Training Pants or
the Mondio/French Ring Training Pants. Please see those pages for the bite suit pants.
715. 235. 6502
715. 235. 8868
Measure YOURSELF for our Seynaeve Bite Suit:
When you check out, fill out the SELF MEASURING FORM available online on each
bite suit page.
1. You can print the form, fill it out, and fax to 1-715-235-8868
2. Or electronically fill in the fields and email to [email protected]
3. Or print the form, fill it out, scan it and email to [email protected]
If you have already placed your order, please put your order number in the email.
Available in Deep Red, Royal Blue, Black, Bordeaux, Fluo Orange, Yellow, Army Green,
White, Almond Gray. Pants & jackets available separately online. More photos and
information available online.
Belgian Ring Bite Suit
$1,550.00 - 1,800.00
Kimono Bite Suit
$1,600.00 - 1,850.00
Mondio/French Ring Training Bite Suit
$1,550.00 - 1,800.00
Mondio/French Ring Semi Training Bite Suit
$1,550.00 - 1,800.00
Mondio/French Ring Competition Bite Suit
$1,550.00 - 1,800.00
[email protected]
This leg sleeve is made of jute and is available in two
sizes. Single Velcro closure- approx. 3.5” wide. Handle
on top of Velcro for easier removal. Handle sewn
into the inside top, center. Imported from Belgium.
Colors may vary.
B. French XL Size
Length: 34.5” from top center down to base
Thickness: approx. 1.5”
Actual weight: 3.65 lbs.
Two leg sleeves styles available without handles.
Single hidden Velcro closure that is about 3.5” wide.
Should not be used on dogs older than 6 months.
Imported from Belgium. Colors may vary. leerburg.
A. Reinforced Soft Jute #JB505
B. Rough Jute (Shown) #JB520
Length: 18” from top center down to base
Thickness: approx. 1.5”
Actual weight: 1.65 lbs.
Short Jute Puppy Sleeves with Velcro Closure
Length: 18” from top center down to base
Thickness: approx. 1”
Actual weight: 1.20 lbs
*Reinforced stitching in the bite area
The Seynaeve Trainers Vest is made of
100% polyester with a felt lined collar for
comfort. Two zippered chest pockets. Two
deep front and two deep back pockets.
Drawstring at the waist and bottom.
Machine washable up to 30°C (86°F).
Only available in black. Imported from
Belgium. Sizing information available
Length: 28” from top center down to base
Thickness: approx. 1.5”
Actual weight: 2.55 lbs
Training Vest
Jute Leg Sleeve with Velcro Closure
A. Belgian Size (Shown) #JB050
Warm Weather
Training Vest
A. Synthetic Leg Sleeve
Aero Scratch Pants
The Aero Scratch Pants are made of Aero material. Aero
is a leather imitation which is up to 90% identical to
leather. Aero is very lightweight, extremely durable and
breathable! You can machine wash the pants easily in 30°
C (or 86° Fahrenheit). They are padded and quilted in the
front and back all the way to the bottom of the legs. The
comfortable wide shoulder straps are adjustable and have
quick release fastenings. The pant legs have openings
with Velcro fastenings for putting them on and removing
them easily. Perfect fit is easy with the adjustable elastic
waistband which fastens in the back. Sizing information
available online.
The largest dog training web site on the internet - over 17,500 pages!
$257.00 - 283.00
CaliberDog K9 Tactical MOLLE Vest
Designed with many features to accommodate the working military and police dog. Made to conform and contour to the
shape of the dog. Adjustable chest/neck strap sits above the dog’s breast bone eliminating any gap at the neck area of
the vest. Two metal welded leash rings are set up on the vest back. Handles on this vest are set up making them easily
accessible and they Velcro flat when not in use. Girth strap buckles are placed on the vest with material tabs under the
buckles, eliminating the problem of the buckles riding on the dog’s ribs and rubbing then pulling the fur. Constructed of
two layers of materials plus MOLLE straps to accommodate the MOLLE accessories. Underside has a thick layer of spacer
mesh that makes the vest comfortable, adds cushioning, and keeps the air flow moving under the vest. Alpine Cobra
buckles. Available in coyote brown or black. There are two girth sizes available for this vest, Medium will fit a girth of 2631” and the large will fit a girth of 32-39”.
#1589 $199.00
CaliberDog MOLLE Cape Harness
CaliberDog K9 MOLLE Patrol Harness
The CaliberDog MOLLE Cape Harness is
made from the same high quality milspec. materials as its big brother vest,
CaliberDog K9 Tactical MOLLE Vest.
This harness has a padded backing.
Smaller in size and the buckles do not
have a covering behind them. Has one
comfortable wide grip handle and one
V-ring. Has two extra side Velcro strips
for additional ID panels and patches.
Comes with wear resistant Coploc
buckles. Both the chest strap and the
two girth straps are adjustable. Comes
with two MOLLE One Wrap Straps.
Made in the USA. Medium: 26-31”
girth. Large: 32-39” girth. Available in Coyote Brown.
Designed to be a light weight working dog harness that
will accommodate many of the MOLLE accessories and
the GoPro camera mounts. Each side of the harness
has two rows of military spec MOLLE webbing to
attach MOLLE accessories. In addition to the MOLLE
straps there is Velcro on top, both sides and the chest
of this harness. Front chest strap and the girth straps
are adjustable. On top of the harness there is a two
inch thick metal welded D-ring. Handle is located on
the top back front area of the harness so that you will
be close to the dog’s neck when using the handle.
Handle Velcros down flat on the top of the harness
when not in use. Girth strap buckle is a load bearing
metal Alpine Cobra buckle. Available in coyote brown
or black. Medium will fit a girth of 26-31” and the large will fit a girth of 32-41”. Made
in the USA.
#1565 $119.99
#1580 $99.99
Made using Austri Alpins aluminum hardware,
and a 1.75” width type 13 Mil Spec Black Web.
It features 5 points of adjustment. The main on
/ off is a cobra buckle and all other points are
cobra sliplock buckles with velcro adjustments.
It also has a rated v-ring for leash attachment.
Suede chest plate is standard with this harness.
Made in Canada.
Medium 45-75 lbs, max 33” girth
65-120 lbs, max 38” girth
#1450 $43.95
Incredibly strong and designed for all
work. Made with all rated materials and
hardware. Webbing is a 1.75” width type
7 Mil Spec Black Web. It features a quick
release cobra buckle and rated v-ring.
The web extends under the buckle so it
doesn’t snag hair when putting it on your dog. Lined with velcro to secure the loose
web once adjusted and it comes with an elastic keeper as well. This collar is strong
enough for any type of work. Available in Small 15-18 inches, Medium 17-20 inches,
Large 18-22 inches, and XLarge 19-24 inches. Made in Canada.
M1-K9 Collar
M1-K9 big dog collars are made for big
dogs like German Shepherds, Labradors,
Rottweilers and Bulldogs. Each collar is made
from military grade pistol belt webbing right
down to the blackened brass grommets that round the collar and metal adjustment
hardware. Each collar is outfitted with it’s own steel spring gate carabineer, 4’ foot
tactical silent leash, detachable utility pouch and standard military issue dog tag which
reads the collars specifications.
16”-22”#1496 $34.99
18”-26” #1496-1 $34.99
#1525 $58.95
Tracking Harness
Tracking Harness
2” Ultra Reflective
2-Inch Wide Polyweb
Adjustable in four places to get a perfect fit for
almost any size dog. If you are a service dog handler
this is the perfect light weight solution to carry with
you when you are deployed on a tracking or S&R
call-out. Available in Black & OD Green. leerburg.
Medium 45-75 lbs, max 33” girth
65-120 lbs, max 38” girth
#1526-2 $121.95
#1526-3 $121.95
This 2” wide collar features 2 ply webbing, a cop lock buckle with an extra flap of web
underneath so you do not snag any hair when putting it on, heavy duty stitching, and
a black v-ring. The sizing is done with a military spec velcro, which is very strong once
adjusted. Sizing Chart: Small - 15”-18”, Medium -17”-20”, Large - 18”-22”, XLarge - 19”24”.
Mil-Spec Collar
K-9 Duty Collar
Tracking Harness
This tracking harness comes in a choice of black
or orange, along with a silver reflective striping
throughout the neck and girth areas, a handle,
the comfort suede chest plate, and 5 points of
adjustment. Quite simply the ultimate tracking
harness. Sizing: 60-120 lbs, 38” max girth.
K-9 Harness
Police K-9 Vest
Pick Your Patch, Pick Your Color!
MOLLE accessories general information.
A. CaliberDog MOLLE Bag - Large
B. CaliberDog MOLLE Vest GoPro Camera Back Mount
C. CaliberDog MOLLE Window ID Pocket
D. CaliberDog Webbed MOLLE Sticks
E. CaliberDog OneWrap Velcro Strap
F. CaliberDog MOLLE Netted Bag
715. 235. 6502
715. 235. 8868
G. CaliberDog MOLLE Vest GoPro Camera Front Mount
H. CaliberDog MOLLE Canteen Bag with Dish
I. CaliberDog MOLLE K9 First Aid Trauma Kit
J. CaliberDog MOLLE Small Pouch
K. CaliberDog MOLLE Food Bag with Dish
L. CaliberDog MOLLE Bag - Small
[email protected]
Designed to give your dog maximum movement. Multifunction harness. Can be used for tracking, patrol work,
or carting. Available with or without a stand-up hard
top handle. Different patches to choose from. Add your
department patch for free! 2 patches included. Custom
patches available.
With Handle
Without Handle
26” - 31” Girth
31” - 39” Girth
26” - 31” Girth
31” - 39” Girth
2” double ply webbing. 2” contoured snap buckle. 2” heavy welded D-ring is protected
against the dog’s back. Adjustable girth strap. Military spec sliplock. Sewn in supports.
Size info available online. Available in Black or OD Green. Sherriff:
htm Police:
Sheriff K-9 Harness #1366
Police K-9 Harness #1367
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2 Hours |
1 Hours, 16 Minutes |
DVD | #101D-D $65.00
Video on Demand | #S101D $50.00
DVD | #460-D $35.00
Video on Demand | #S460 $25.00
This DVD will take a look at police K9 certification
standards and show how to convert them into
a deployment standard. We will show how the
certification standards that a police service dog
must attain are used in a practical application. It is
important that all police service dogs are trained
for street deployment not simply for certification.
For a dog to do police service, serious personal
protection, or good Schutzhund work, it must have
a solid foundation in defensive drive training. Before
this can take place, the dog must have already gone
through prey bite development and it must have
reached mental maturity. Starting defense work too
young can ruin a dog’s working ability for life. More
information available online.
Muzzle Fighting for Police Service Dogs
Training a Competition Tracking Dog
with Ed Frawley
1 Hour, 20 Minutes |
2 Hours |
DVD | #121-D $40.00
Video on Demand | #S121 $30.00
DVD | #203-D $35.00
Video on Demand | #S203 $25.00
Working in muzzle is one of the least understood
exercises in protection work. The video takes the
viewer step by step through muzzle fighting. There
is a real difference between what we show in this
video, and what happens when someone just throws
a muzzle on a dog and sends him after a helper
without a sleeve. The goal of this video is to train a
dog in muzzle to alert on a passive suspect located
some distance from his handler.
This video was filmed over a 3 year period
in Germany & America. It is one of the most
comprehensive studies ever done on sport tracking.
This video uses all motivational methods to teach a
dog to track.
The First Steps of Bite Training
DVD | #205-D $50.00
Video on Demand | #S205 $40.00
This video shows how the RCMP can train a dog
to follow a 1 hour old, 5 KM, unknown track that
contains back tracks, road crossings, fence crossings,
& articles. The RCMP has 3 levels of tracking. This
video covers Level One.
Training Personal Protection Dogs
Training Police Service Dogs
DVD | #105-D $20.00
Video on Demand | #S105 $20.00
DVD | #104-D
This video assumes a dog has already gone through
bite development. This means “you and your dog”
know and understand the material in our bite
development videos. This video shows how to target
the dog’s bite to different parts of the body. This
is taught in segments using body bite suits. More
information available online.
This video on training a police service dog shows
how to test a dog to determine if it has the
necessary drive to do police work. Some dogs make
excellent personal protection dogs but are not good
enough for police work. We show exactly where to
draw the line between a personal protection dog
and a police service dog.
Training Narcotic Detection Dogs
Bark & Hold Training for Police Service Dogs
DVD | #109-D $25.00
Video on Demand | #S109 $20.00
DVD | #123-D $30.00
Video on Demand | #S123 $25.00
This training video was produced in the early 1990’s.
The video shows how to train a detector dog to
scratch at the location of odor. The video does not
teach a passive alert. Today it is our opinion that the
passive alert is a better way to train detector dogs.
In this DVD we demonstrate how to start a dog in
primary response training and how to advance
through the training in a step by step manner.
This video is directed towards the real world
where police departments or professional trainers
contracted by police departments do not have years
to finish the training on a dog before it goes out on
the street. It is not uncommon to take a selection
tested dog and finish him in 6 to 12 weeks. For this
reason the bark & hold training needs to be done
quickly. The training methods in this video have
that in mind.
The Police Style Leather Muzzle has pop rivets and is perfect for muzzle fighting.
Made to last a lifetime. Superb quality and craftsmanship. This is the best handmade
leather muzzle I have ever found! Available in Small, Medium, & Large. Measurements
available online.
[email protected]
The ultimate muzzle. Designed
for maximum safety and comfort.
E x t re m e l y to u g h a n d d u ra b l e
material, yet malleable and soft
to touch. Ergonomically designed
safety strapping ensures the muzzle
will always remain securely in place.
Features two additional points of
secure attachment. Loop at the
bottom designed to attach to a
regular collar and an optional overhead safety strap. Secure metal buckle with pre-holed webbing, to ensure a quick
and easy to fit and neoprene padding ensures it is snug and comfortable. With this
design, the dog can pant, drink and even be fed through this revolutionary muzzle.
Six sizes to fit most dogs. Please see web page for sizes
Cloth Muzzles
Finally an affordable leather muzzle! Imported from Germany and riveted for added
strength. Open construction is ideal for max airflow. Available in Small, Medium,
Large, & XLarge. Measurements available online.
Made of a durable, washable, reinforced nylon
fabric with a quick-release plastic buckle for
fast, efficient muzzle closure. Provides a snug,
secure fit for safe, professional care of hard to handle dogs. Favored by dog
handlers, groomers, and veterinarians. Reduces the risk of dog bites. Only to be
used with supervision, never leave a muzzled pet unattended. Sizes and styles
available online.
$8.85 - 12.55
Standard Working Leather Dog Muzzle
It’s important that customers measure their dogs to determine what
size muzzle a dog needs. Some muzzles are identified as breed specific,
this is not an accurate way to determine what muzzle your dog needs.
2 Hours |
These muzzles are a top quality product, unlike anything available in the United
States. Open style gives maximum airflow. If your dog hates being muzzled, use
this wire muzzle. With open design, dogs do not notice the muzzle is even on. We
have found that these muzzles will fit many different breeds of dogs.
Ultra Baskerville Muzzle
Video on Demand | #S104 $20.00
1 Hour, 45 Minutes |
715. 235. 8868
Police Style
1 Hour, 40 Minutes |
1 Hour, 35 Minutes |
2 Hours, 5 Minutes |
The goal in producing this video was to show
that a person with little or no dog training
experience can understand how to lay the
foundation for protection training. This video
is a must for training new helpers. It identifies
the drives a dog works in, critical distance, and
avoidance. More information available online.
715. 235. 6502
Regular JAFCO Muzzles
3rd Strap JAFCO Muzzles
Rottweiler JAFCO Muzzles
JAFCO Conditioning Muzzles
Rott JAFCO Conditioning Muzzles
with Ed Frawley
DVD | #101B-D $65.00
Video on Demand | #S101B $50.00
These muzzles offer a great deal of security. Many police departments use this muzzle
for training protection dogs in muzzle work. The muzzle is easy to put on and easy to
take off. Inexpensive. Great for pet owners. Available in white, black, and clear. Regular
style pictured above. Please see our web site for exact sizes and how to measure your
dog’s face at For more information visit leerburg.
Training Tracking Dogs S&R or Police
2 Hours |
Wire Basket Muzzles
JAFCO Plastic Muzzles
The First Steps of Defense with Ed Frawley
Certification & Deployment Standards for
the Police Service Dog with Kevin Sheldahl
Dogs within a specific breed can have a wide variety of head
measurements. It is impossible to say that one muzzle size fits all
Rottweilers or one muzzle size fits all Dobermans or one muzzle size
fits all Cocker Spaniels.
This is the work horse of the muzzle world and a lot of great detail was put into
making this muzzle. This muzzle is a great buy for the money. These muzzles are
made one at a time with heavy 8oz leather. Made in the USA. Avaliable in two sizes.
The only true way to determine what muzzle
fits your dog is by measuring your dog’s head in
the manner in which we detail on our web site.
C h e c k o u t a l l t h e m uz zl e m ea su r i n g
instructions, muzzle sizes and FREE videos at
The largest dog training web site on the internet - over 17,500 pages!
Weighted Vest and Collar
This weighted vest and collar were originally designed to develop and build a
dog’s muscles. However, a tired dog is not an aggressive or dominant dog. Each
comes with weights that you can add or remove as needed. Each weight has
a separate pocket with its own heavy-duty zipper. Extension straps available.
Featured in video #301-D. |
1 Pound Weights
8 lb. Medium Vest 27” - 31” Girth
10 lb. Large Vest
34” - 36” Girth
5 lb. Collar
Fits Most Dogs
1 lb. Extra Weight
$4.99 each
1/2 Pound Weights
4 lb. Small Vest
22” - 24” Girth
1/2 lb. Extra Weight
$3.99 each
Heavy Rubber
Touch Tubs
Set of 6
Mini Blinds
715. 235. 6502
8 Foot
This blind is handcrafted with every detail
that makes it the best. Made of marine
grade materials for lasting outdoor use. Two
tone colors of blue and black. The pole system is telescoping anodized light weight
aluminum poles. No more dirty pipe junk coming off on your hands and clothes.
The poles are 8’ in length so even that tall helper can hide behind. Poles telescope
down to 4’ in length for perfect storage. The top of the poles are held together with
a locking pin system that easily snaps open for drop down storage. Protected by a 4
layer reinforced hood. Two small peep windows that are web reinforced and double
netted to keep the helper hidden when watching for the incoming dog. Spike hold
down system that comes with the blind. Bottom is web reinforced all along the edge.
Poles have rubber end caps for working indoors. Also comes with a carrying bag that
is only 9”W x 4’L and has shoulder strap & exterior spike storage. Made in the USA.
Single Blind
6 Blinds
715. 235. 8868
8 Foot
Protection Blind
Single Blind
6 Blinds
[email protected]
Meet the iQ Pet StarWalk, the best friend to
your best friend. The StarWalk accompanies
your dog by attaching to his or her collar, and
gives you insight on daily activity levels through
the lights directly on the device. You’ll have a
better understanding of how active your dog is
and the ability to set goals, so you can be sure
you’re spending enough time outside with your
dog every day.
Here’s What To Do
This Dumbbell Rack is a professional piece of equipment
that will make your dumbbell work more organized. Welded
with aluminum materials making it no rust and light weight.
No welded spikes sticking out of the leg ends. Can be
used indoors and is self supporting. Feet easily snap out
of the brackets and the rack folds for storage in the carry
bag. Weather resistant carry bag. Designed to hold four
dumbbells. No tools needed to set up the dumbbell rack.
Portable, sturdy, and light weight. Dumbbells not included.
Medical Kit
Molded from the finest corded rubber for maximum
strength and durability. This special grade of rubber
is crack-proof, freeze-proof, and extremely pliable.
Holds 4 quarts. 11” diameter, 4” height. leerburg.
The 8 ft Telescoping Blind is made of marine grade exterior materials. All seams are
bound and double stitched for durability and years of use. Double storage pocket for
holding items like a bamboo stick, clatter stick, or whip. Pocket is made from strong
fiberglass air mesh. 14” wider at the bottom. Two fiberglass mesh windows for easy
viewing. Telescoping poles made of anodized aluminum. Poles are 8 feet long and
telescope down to 4 feet for storage. Pole tops are held together with a locking pin
system. Unique hood construction is layered for reinforcement. Uses a spike & loop
hold down system for outdoor use. Removable spikes come in a carry pouch. Folds
up and is securely closed with attached hook & loop straps.
Built around the most common trips - a medium-sized
group out for up to a week - but really proves itself
when those trips take you to uncommon locations.
Fully-stocked with supplies to treat serious injuries
when you are far from medical care. This kit guarantees
you don’t need to be near a hospital to be safe.
Detachable Field Trauma kit equips you for day trips away from base camp, and
supplies like trauma pads, petrolatum gauze, and triangular bandages treat the most
fequently sustained hunting/fishing injuries. Supply list available online. Detailed
description & images available online.
The Ball Tree has been designed to include some great
features. The construction is a quality welded, all aluminum
frame. Aluminum is non-rusting and light weight. Tall and
free standing so you can use it for training your dog indoors
during cold weather. Option of staking down when working
outdoors. Stakes included. The top bar has a riveted, spring
loaded clip from which you can hang the training reward.
Adjustable height. Perfect for the Send Out. Ball not
included, ball shown is the Roni Ball.
The Mini Blind is the hottest new training tool in teaching your dog to run the blinds
when you don’t have the space or don’t want to invest in a full size set of blinds. These
are being used all over Europe for training. Work great for practice and are so portable
you can train anywhere. Patterned after our full size blinds and made with the same
high quality construction. We use outdoor marine grade fabric that will not fade or
rot. We have incorporated our blind hold down stake system in these little blinds. Can
be used indoors or outdoors. Will not blow down on windy days. Added small metal
close pin type clip to each blind so you can hang a ball or tug from the blind for the dog
during training. Great for the send out. Sold in sets of six blinds. Included with each set
is a strong ballistic material carrying bag with shoulder strap and handle, 18 hold down
stakes, and stake bag. When you’re done using them they store away effortlessly. Size is
3’ tall x 2’ wide. Comes complete w/Carry Bag & Stakes.
Ball Tree
The wooden dumbbells are made of Hard Maple. They are not varnished, they are
stained in vegetable oil, so that it cannot harm the dogs.
Schutzhund I Dumbbell
650 grams
Schutzhund II Dumbbell
1000 grams Schutzhund III Dumbbell
2000 grams
Full Set of Dumbbells
Download app to
Attach StarWalk to
Get motivated to reach
set goals and track
your dog’s collar
goals and spend more
daily activity
time outside
Goals to Keep You Focused
Depending on your dog’s current activity level, you’ll want to set a daily goal in steps,
with a higher step goal if you’d like to increase activity. You can check your progress
using the StepLight system on the StarWalk, with each light representing 20% of your
overall goal. When all 6 StepLights are lit, it means your dog has reached or exceeded
that day’s goal.
StarWalk Keeps Track of:
● Total steps
● Calories burned
● Distance traveled
● Temperature
#1258-1 $4.49
#1258-2 $7.49
#1258-3 $12.49
Active time
Activity Type
More Than Just Pretty Lights
Most importantly, the StarWalk works with your dog around your schedule. After a
long day at the office, a twice daily planned walk often happens after dusk. The night
walk feature remembers how important visibility is to you and your dog’s safety at
night. A customizable color option is just an added bonus.
● Increase visibility for evening stroll
● Notifies you of important alerts
● Displays goal progress in 20% increments
● Idle alerts during the day
Goes Where Your Dog Goes
The StarWalk attaches to most dog collars you already own using a universal bracket
attachment. Install the bracket on your dog’s collar and you’re good to go.
● Universal fit
● Hypoallergenic
● Waterproof
● Push tab release
Shown on Raine with the Hurtta Collar (page 12). Collar not included. Read more about
the StarWalk at
Aluminum IPO
Hurdle Jump
Training Dumbbells are ideal for retrieval training. Made with highly visible molded
plastic, they are tough, durable and even float in water. Available in three sizes to suit
every breed of dog.
This light-weight jump is very affordable and has great features. All aluminum frame.
Aluminum does not attract heat and will not rust. Light-weight, yet sturdy. Adjustable
height. No bolts, screws or tools are necessary. Meets the Schutzhund/IPO regulation
size. Body is made from outdoor, marine grade fabric which is double stitched. Padding
on the top rail. Comes with a storage bag which is 11” x 64”.
The largest dog training web site on the internet - over 17,500 pages!
The Foundation of Nosework
Fun Nosework for Dogs
with Andrew Ramsey
By Roy Hunter
3 Hours, 33 Minutes |
Teach your dog to enjoy using his nose... Did
you ever think your dog could play cards by using his (or her) nose? Locate lost keys or other
valuables? Find people hiding in the woods?
Track you no matter where you have walked?
By following the author’s step-by-step instructions, you will have your canine companion
using that amazing nose in no time. Paperback,
116 pages.
DVD | #311-D $65.00
Video on Demand | #S311 $60.00
This DVD covers a foundation for nosework with
your dog taught by trainer Andrew Ramsey.
Nosework is a new dog sport where individuals
can train their household pet to detect legal
odors. It is 100% motivational training and has
absolutely no corrections at any level of work.
#9003 $17.95
Food Delivery Device
1 Hour, 26 Minutes |
This is the second DVD on nosework with Andrew
Ramsey. The goal of this training video is to cover
methods for teaching a detector dog obedience
to odor and a focused response. These are very
important skills that every detector dog should
1 Hour, 23 Minutes
DVD | #420-D $29.95
Every course your dog will perform is mostly jumps,
so he should approach jumps with great confidence
and an understanding of how to perform them.
Susan Salo believes the development of these
skills begins at the puppy stage—teaching young
dogs to read and drive a path to their target (and
person), to understand how to react to distances
that are constantly changing, and to do so without
producing extra strides where they are not needed.
Foundation Jumping 4-DVD Set
Obedience to Odor & Focused Response
with Andrew Ramsey
DVD | #312-D $45.00
Video on Demand | #S312 $25.00
Puppy Jumping DVD
This small plastic container turns your dog’s
treats into a very rewarding toy. Used to build
drive and motivation with dogs that have high
food drive. When used properly this device
can enhance the excitement and focus that your dog has for its treats. The
food delivery device is used extensively in Andrew Ramsey’s techniques for
nosework. 4” long, 2” diameter. Colors may vary.
4 Hours, 23 Minutes |
4-DVD Set | #419-D $68.95
Every course your dog will ever run is primarily
made up of jumps; yet, it is the least taught
and least understood skill set in agility. Because
a dog can jump doesn’t mean that he knows
how. As handlers we tend to focus on practicing
drills that are designed to perfect the dog’s
understanding of our positional cues and handling
maneuvers, and we neglect to offer the dog
an opportunity to hone the skills needed to
master each component involved in jumping.
Leerburg DVD Sets are are great way to save money and get exactly what you
want. Save up to $50.99! Check out all of the available DVD sets at leerburg.
Foundation Fundamentals 6-DVD Set
6 Hours, 34 Minutes |
Nosework Scent Kit
6-DVD Set | #408-D $74.95
K9 Scent Kits
The Leerburg Nosework Scent
Kit is a small portable training aid
that allows you to train nosework
any w h e r e, any t im e. O ur k i t
contains all three target odors
that people train nosework dogs
to search for as well as everything
else you will need to get started in
nosework. Kit contents available
online. Available in blue or yellow.
This program is designed for all dogs at any skill
level. Build specific skills that your dog needs
before you begin his obstacle training. It’s is very
difficult to teach agility equipment to a dog if he’s
running around with a toy, leaving you to go sniff,
mugging you to get his treat, etc. You can’t train
your dog to go over a jump or into a tunnel, much
less chain together obstacles at speed, if he doesn’t
know how to focus on the task at hand.
#6004 $42.00
UKC Nosework Kit
The UKC Nosework Kit is a small portable training aid that allows you to train
nosework anywhere anytime. This kit contains five target odors that people
train nosework dogs to search for as well as everything else you will need to
get started in nosework. Kit contents available online.
Nosework Refills
Aniseed Oil
1 oz.
Clovebud Oil
1 oz.
Sweet Birch Oil
1 oz.
Myrrn Oil
1 oz.
Vetiver Oil
1 oz.
Black Cotton Swabs 100 ct.
Magnetic Scent Tin 3/4” deep
715. 235. 6502
Scent Work Scratch Box
Scratch Box
Set of 5
715. 235. 8868
[email protected]
DVD | #464-D $19.95
Our pets have moved from living outdoors and
eating anything to living indoors and eating
commercial pet food. Feeding the same food every
day may cause many of your pets’ health problems.
We want our pets to live long, healthy lives. But
many of our dogs and cats are dealing with seasonal
allergies that eventually become year-round,
itching and licking, dull coats, lots of shedding, ear
infections, weight gain, cancers, and more.
36 Minutes |
296 Pages | Paperback Book
DVD | #459-D $24.95
This book is meant as “preventive medicine” for
puppy raisers. Many common behavior problems can
be prevented or minimized by starting a puppy with
good foundation training from the beginning. This
book provides a program that will help you create
a puppy that is ready for sport-specific training at
the appropriate age—a puppy with the ability to
focus on whatever you want, for as long as you
want, whenever you want.
Do you know what you should be looking for
when you walk a course? Walking the course
effectively is one of the most important skills you
can develop. Successful competitors are ones who
can consistently read the course correctly and
then execute their plan. Memorizing the order of
the obstacles is much different from analyzing the
course and planning a handling strategy.
By Leslie McDevitt, MLA, CDBC, CPDT
Control Unleashed:
Creating a Focused and Confident Dog
2-DVD Set | #458-D $49.95
226 Pages | Paperback Book
By Leslie McDevitt, MLA, CDBC, CPDT
Learn how to turn stress to confidence and
distraction to focus using methods that are
110% positive. This program is designed to help
“dogs with issues” learn how to relax, focus,
and work off-leash reliably in either stimulating
or stressful situations. Whether you’re training
a challenging dog on your own or an instructor
trying to figure out how to help dogs in your
classes, this book is for you.
2 Hours, 6 Minutes |
It’s finally here—a video that gives you all the tools
to improve your skills as a handler, regardless of
the size of your backyard! Success with One Jump
is a 2-DVD set that gives clear instruction on more
than 20 exercises that will help improve your dog’s
understanding of the key handling maneuvers in
agility, from a simple front cross to a more complex
pull-through to distance skills. A must-have for the
seasoned competitor and novice handler alike.
Control Unleashed: The Puppy Program
Success with One Jump 2-DVD Set
This scratch box can be used for narcotics dog training,
explosive dog training, or accelerant dog training.
Designed after scratch boxes that are used in the Federal
police dog schools in Holland. The Dutch are masters of
scent work. An excellent training tool that can be used to
proof dogs off of odors in addition to locking dogs onto
odors. The best application for these boxes is to have 5
to 7 boxes hung on walls or on 2x4 racks that you mount
in a room. More photos and details available online.
with “Katie K9” and Jessica Levy, DVM
Walking the Course
What to Look For and How to Plan Your Run
The Leerburg K9 Scent Kits are portable training aid cases without the scents.
The small size is the same as our Nosework Scent Kit without the scents and
in a differenct color. Case contents available online.
Bowl Games
The largest dog training web site on the internet - over 16,000
17,500 pages!
Meet the Instructors
What the Students
are Saying...
Ed Frawley
Ed is the owner and founder of It was
one of the very first dog related websites and is the
largest dog training web site on the internet today.
Ed has produced over 860 dog training videos, all of
which are available on Leerburg’s Video on Demand.
“I appreciated that I could take the class at my own pace, as I
really had trouble finding two full weeks to give to it, but was
able to stretch it out and still view all the materials and work
with my dog on the different skills. We are already making
significant progress.”
Michael Ellis
- Rebecca B. on Teaching Engagement Skills
Michael Ellis is an internationally renowned dog
trainer and teacher with 30 years of experience in
the competitive dog sports. See page 3 for more
information on Michael and his class!
“I’m a big fan of learning anything I can from anyone I can
about dogs...especially working dogs. I was hesitant to buy
this course because of the word “Basic” in the title. Boy was I
wrong. There’s something in this course for everyone no matter
how well versed you are in training dogs.”
Forrest Micke
Forrest Micke is an American dog-training and
behavior educator, wellness advocate, and public
speaker. See page 5 for more information on Forrest
and his classes!
- Joe L. on Basic Dog Obedience
“We had so much fun with this weeks homework! This really is
where the rubber hits the road and all the work we have done
in the previous course is the perfect prep for this.”
Mark Keating
- Tafline G. on The Heeler’s Toolbox
Mark Keating has been training dogs professionally
since 1998 in various forms of obedience, agility and
protection work. See page 6 for more information
on Mark and his classes!
More Instructors Coming Soon!
Student Discussion:
Use the forums to discuss with your peers in the course.
Student Submitted Videos:
Upload your training videos from a smart phone, tablet,
or computer to get helpful feedback from your instructor.
Take tests to reinforce your dog training knowledge.
Course Certificate:
You will receive a certificate in the mail stating that you
have completed the course.
Live Chat:
Talk about the course with your instructor and peers in
real time.
715. 235. 6502
715. 235. 8868
In 1978 when Ed Frawley purchased his first video camera the last thing on his
mind was “Someday I will teach people how to train dogs using a computer.”
Four years later (the same year Apple released the Macintosh for a meager
$1,995) Ed produced his first dog training video titled, Training the Competition
Obedience Dog. It quickly became evident that it was impossible to teach
everything there is to know about competition obedience in the amount of time
you could squeeze into a single VHS tape.
For the past 30 years, Ed Frawley has been thinking of and implementing new
and innovative ways to produce dog training material. While producing more
material was important, he wanted to focus on ways that would allow Leerburg
to create relevant training content that could be applied to everyone’s unique
learning style. We have finally stepped into a new world where this is actually
With the advent of the internet came streaming video. Streaming video has
opened another door to the world of dog training. It gives us the tools to
instantly provide the amount of information that is necessary to teach complex
skills. With streaming video we are no longer limited by how much information
we can fit into a DVD. We learned that people did not have the attention span
to watch a 4 hour DVD, but they do have the attention span to watch a two to
five minute video on one specific subject.
Enter online training. For the past two and a half years our IT staff has been
creating an online training platform tailored specifically to teach people how
to train dogs. Leerburg Online University allows us to organize a series of short
streaming videos, text, audio, and other visual materials in a systematic stepby-step training process. You can now watch a short video of an instructor
explaining an exercise along with instructor and student demonstrations of
that exercise. Through our smart phone video uploads you will have a chance
to demonstrate the skills you have learned with your own dog and receive
instructor feedback to help hone those skills.
[email protected]
Our goal from the beginning has been to put a hands on, interactive approach
to online dog training. Our system allows you to decide what learning modality
best fits you and your schedule. Students have the benefit of watching videos,
reading the material, and listening to podcasts. Students have the ability to
review the material and post any questions that may come up through the
discussion forum or a private message. In addition to the weekly discussions
and messaging, we offer live chats where students can log on and talk directly
to their instructors. What sets Leerburg Online University apart is the option
to upload videos directly from their smart phones for the instructor to review
and critique.
We launched our first online training course in February of 2014. Over the
next six months we produced five online courses with several more in various
stages of production. Our students have continued to provide positive and
helpful feedback throughout the entire process. Through that feedback we are
continuously updating and improving not only the material within each course,
but also the training system itself. The goal of our training system is for anyone,
regardless of your computer skills, to be able to log on and understand how
to navigate through a course. Meanwhile, our courses are ever improving by
incorporating the frequently asked questions brought up in previous courses.
We welcome you to read some of the student comments about their first online
training experiences. We feel that they speak for themselves and are a true
testament to our instructors and our IT staff.
Our goal has always been to stay innovative in an ever changing dog training
environment and community. Our new online training system will continue to put
trainers from all over the world together and has the potential to revolutionize
dog training. In 1978 Ed Frawley may have never imagined a world where he
could help train a dog in a living room in Australia through a computer; however
he was able to foresee a future in dog training that none of us could have ever
imagined. That future is today and Leerburg Online University is at the forefront.
“This course was AMAZING! I learned so much and am so
impressed with you and your philosophy and method and style
of teaching and training dogs. I will continue to take your online classes because even with all I have learned in this course
I realize I have only touched the tip of the ice burg. I find it
incredibly satisfying to use the methods and techniques and see
almost instant results from the dog as long as I’m consistent.
That is a biggy.”
- Brenda B. on Basic Dog Obedience
“Thank you for running the course and for all the input and
feedback over the last 8 weeks. I have really enjoyed taking
part in the relationship games and have looked forward to
each weeks games with excitement. Mark you make it easy to
learn!I am taking away from this course so much knowledge
and a greater understanding of how games are important to
training my dogs. I hope that for future four legged additions
to the household I can train and aim for a healthier, better
relationship all round. ”
- Helen P. on Relationship Games
“I am getting a service dog in May and you have brought together
so many of the questions that I had in one course. Pointing out
the commands and why they are used the way they are was eye
opening. I will continue to use all that you have made available to
us. I will be taking another course with you very soon.”
The largest dog training web site on the internet - over 17,500 pages!
- Norman on Basic Dog Obedience
Traffic Leash
A. Leather Leash
Jerk Tabs
A traffic leash is a big leather leash handle with snap. 3/4” wide. Latigo leather. Offers
better control when the dog needs to remain close to the handler.
This Jerk Tab is great if you want a convenient leash with out the length. It allows the
dog to stay close to you and works well for giving corrections. Handmade by the Amish.
15 in. Traffic Leash
18 in. Traffic Leash
Jerk Tab with Wooden Handle
11” long #745-2 #745-3
Jumbo Jerk Tab with Wooden Handle
24” long #745-4 NA
Leather Two Dog Lead
Leather Pull Tab
Made of soft Latigo leather. Snaps are sewn and then pop riveted to insure the highest security
available. Loop handle.
4 Ft Long, 3/4” Wide #5103
6 Ft Long, 3/4” Wide #5105
6 Ft Long, 1/2” Wide #5104
10 Ft Long, 3/4” Wide #5126
B. Leather Leash with Stainless Steel Clasp
Made of soft Latigo leather. Snaps are sewn and then pop riveted to insure the highest security
available. Loop handle. 6 feet long, 3/4 inch wide. Available in black & brown.
C. Leather Puppy Leash
This is a 1/2” wide and 6” long leather pull tab with a brass snap on one end and an “O”
ring on the other end. Perfect for using inside your home to clip to a prong collar for
giving a correction. You don’t have to have a long leash hanging from your dog’s collar.
Large enough to grab quickly if the need arises, but small enough not to get tangled
up in your dog’s feet or to get caught on any furniture.
A two dog lead is a convenient way to walk
two dogs at the same time using one leash. It
eliminates leashes getting tangled together.
Handmade from latigo leather with snaps. 12”
long x 5/8” wide.
Perfect for puppies or toy breeds. Handmade from latigo leather. 3/8” wide.
Light weight leash designed to let a dog drag so it can quickly be grabbed. No loop handle. Hand
made from latigo leather with snap. 3/8” wide.
#5112 $10.00
#5212 $10.00
Leather Police Leash
Soft Grip Leash
The soft grip leashes are made from a synthetic imitation
leather material. It has the same durability as leather, but
is much stronger. Bronze snaps are sewn and then pop
riveted to insure the highest security available. 10 feet
long x 3/4 inch wide. Available in orange, brown, & black.
Our over the shoulder police leash is
6 feet long, with 2 snaps and 2 “O”
rings. Can be worn over the shoulder,
to quickly secure a dog or used in
training as a longer training leash. 3/4”
wide. Latigo leather.
6 ft #5337-6
10 ft #5337-10
40 In. Lead
6 Ft. Lead
1/8” Round
1/2” Round
Black. 6mm thick by 145cm long. Adjustable. Imported from Belgium. Not a training
leash! I chose to import this lead from Belgium because of quality workmanship and the
slip guide works the way these kind of guides should work.
#TW600 $17.50
British Style
Slip Lead
A leash and collar in one. Colors may vary.
4.5 Ft. Lead
4 Ft. Lead
6 Ft. Lead
4 Ft. Lead
6 Ft. Lead
1/8” Round
3/8” Round
3/8” Round
1/2” Round
1/2” Round
Leather Slip Lead
4 Ft. Lead
6 Ft. Lead
1/8” Round
3/8” Round
715. 235. 6502
#1400-1 $9.95
#1400-2 $15.50
715. 235. 8868
6 Ft Leash
D. Leather Drag / Training Leash - No Handle
2 Ft Leash
3 Ft Leash
6 Ft Leash
#5138D-2-BROWN $13.00
#5138D-3-BROWN $18.00
#5138D-6-BROWN $19.00
E. 20 Foot Cotton Training Lead
Comfortable hand loop and is made out of the finest quality cotton. It has solid cast hardware which
is corrosion resistant. 1/2 inch wide. Colors may vary.
F. Clix Long Line
Specifically designed to aid with recall training, combining security with freedom. Made from soft, black
padded webbing. Available in two lengths. Drag leash, does not have a handle.
5 m / 16 Ft
10 m / 33 Ft
G. Flat Cotton Tracking Line
Regulation length so it can be used for Schutzhund work. Weighs 25 oz. Made of very durable and
strong 1/8” thick, 1 “ wide cotton. Swivel bolt snap.
15 Ft Line without Handle
33 Ft Line with Loop Handle
Green (shown)
H. Flat Nylon Tracking Line
1 inch wide flat tracking line available in 15 ft or 30 ft length. Snap is the same as we use on our
leather leashes. Made by the same man who makes our leather leashes.
15 Ft Line
33 Ft Line
I. Synthetic Tracking Line
Made of synthetic material. Looks and feels like leather. Can get wet. Great for training. Handmade. 1/2
inch wide line. Black. 33ft brown available at
Made from extra soft Nappa Leather. Black round leather with o-ring. Imported from
Germany. Leash and collar in one. If you do not keep a collar on your dog and need a
quick way to put a lead on for a walk- this is the perfect lead! Adjust the neck size to fit any
size dog! 12mm x 120cm=(0.47 inches wide x 47.24 inches long).
Lightweight drag leash perfect for those times when a full length leash isn’t necessary. Great
for precision heeling work while transitioning to off leash work. Light enough that the dog
doesn’t notice & strong enough for a correction. Colors may vary.
[email protected]
10 Ft Line
18 Ft Line
33 Ft Line
40 Ft Line
50 Ft Line
#1064-3 $46.00
#1064-4 $51.00
J. Leerburg Long Line
Regulation length line so it can be used for Schutzhund. Soft flexible line, easy on the hands, yet
extremely strong. 33 feet long.
18” Nylon
Drag Leash
British Snap Lead
Perfect for the tiny or small dog. Perfect solution for exercising, whether walking in the
park or in the field. Colors may vary.
Dominant Dog
Slip Lead
Martingale Lead
A lead and collar in one. Easily adjustable to fit a dog’s neck. Made of very soft braided
nylon with brass hardware. Colors may vary.
K. Vir-Chew-Ly Indestructible Leash
Constructed from lightweight, flexible, incredibly strong vinyl coated steel cable with a minimum
breaking strength of over 900 pounds. Virtually chew proof, break proof and tangle proof. Rust and
odor resistant.
4 Ft. Leash
For Dogs Under 80 lbs
5 1/2 Ft. Leash
For Dogs Under 210 lbs
Double Dog Walker For Dogs Under 80 lbs
The largest dog training web site on the internet - over 17,500 pages!
Bait Bag
The Snap Open Bait Bags have a liner that can easily be wiped out if you use meat or
other messy treats. The belt snap makes this bag go on and off very easily. This bait
bag has a french hinge for easy opening and closing. Fits up to a 48” waist. Colors may
Leerburg’s Amish Made
Leather Products
We have built a reputation for selling the finest leather dog leashes, harnesses,
and dog collars in the world. Strong enough to last a lifetime, but soft enough to
be comfortable new. The leather is thick, pliable, and soft. Comfortable in your
hands and results in better training for your dog. You may be able to buy cheaper
leather products but you will never buy better quality leather anywhere!
Please keep in mind that all of our Leather Products are handmade. We try to be
as exact as possible with the sizes, but variances do occur. For more information
on how our leather products are made, please visit
Two Handle Leash
Treat Tote
Fill your tote with treats, clip it onto your
belt or pocket, and let the training begin.
Reward-based training made simple. Draw
string closure secures treats inside and
opens with one hand. Clips on to a belt or pocket and keeps treats accessible. Quality
dual-layered construction. Colors may vary.
This leash is perfect for so many reasons. 6 ft leather leash with an extra loop
handle placed closer to the dog (5” from clasp). When a distraction approaches
while walking, simply use the lower handle and pull your dog close. Latigo leather.
Small / 1 cup or 0.25 liters
Large / 2 cups or 0.50 liters
Available in sunset pink, harvest orange, forest green, and seaside blue. Inspiration for
this is the chalk bags carried by rock climbers, but this one holds treats or kibble. Easily
clips or velcros to your waist. 4” x 6” with drawstring closure.
Leather Dual
Purpose K9 Leash
4 ft Leash
#5129 #5229
6 ft Leash
#5130 #5230
Obedience Leash
Perfect for those times when a full length leather
leash isn’t necessary. Double Ply leashes use two
layers of leather and are sewn the entire length of
the leash for extra strength. 3/8” wide. Available in
black or brown.
2 ft Single Ply 3 ft Single Ply 6 ft Single Ply 18 in Double Ply #5138O-2
715. 235. 6502
715. 235. 8868
These collars are made of the finest quality
latigo leather and are handmade by the
Amish. Reinforced stitching. Built to last a
lifetime. Standup handles are tough and
durable and the collar fastens with a heavy
duty buckle.
Size 16-20”
#5111-0 #5211-0 $23.00
Size 20-24”
#5111-2 #5211-2 $23.00
Leather Agitation Collar
1” CollarBlack
Neck Size 17” - 22” #5127-3 #5227-3 $36.00
XLarge Neck Size 19” - 25” #5127-4 #5227-4 $36.00
If your dog chokes during protection work because he pulls so hard, we recommend
one of these wide leather collars. The collars are hand made with the finest latigo
leather. 1.25” wide collar shown. Multiple sizes available in both widths. leerburg.
2” Collar
Neck Size 16” - 22”
XLarge Neck Size 19” - 24”
1.25” Wide
#5119#5219 $30.00-40.50
2” Wide
#5220 $45.00-51.00
#5128-3 #5228-3 $41.00
#5128-4 #5228-4 $41.00
Slip Collar
Designed to keep your dogs both safe and comfortable on their walks. This easily
adjustable, lightly padded nylon collar goes on loose, easily slipping over the dog’s
head. If the dog pulls in any direction away from you, the collar then tightens down
enough so that the dog can not slip out of the collar, but not enough to choke the
dog.Available in Mariner, Orange, Pink, Red, or Saffron. Sizing information available
$20.00 - $26.00
$14.00 - $22.00
This leather training collar functions as a leather choke collar. This is a quality collar
that cannot be purchased in any pet store. The collar is made of heavy latigo leather.
It is double stitched with the highest quality brass hardware. Available in two sizes in
black and brown.
Leather Agitation
Collar with Handle
3 Pocket Training Apron
Made from heavy polyolefin fabric that is Urethane backed, which makes for easy clean
up. 18” wide and 7” long. 6” x 6” pockets expand. Double stitched seams for strength.
Waist strap adjustable from 32” to 46”. Colors may vary.
1” Wide
#5135 #5235
3/4” Wide
#5143 #5143
1/2” Wide
#5109 #5209
This leash can be used as a normal leash but can also be used as a rescue leash.
Can also function similarily to a dominant dog leash. ¾” wide. Handmade by the
Training Pouch
Well made and double stitched. Royal blue
with black mesh and black belt. Interior is vinyl
lined. Easily wipes clean. Two compartments.
10”x7”. Top of the bag stays open nicely as it
is stiff enough not to flop around. Front of the
bag has a see through double layer mesh pouch.
Removable belt is 1 1/5” wide and adjustable
from 28” to 48”. Swivel snap hook on one side
and a D-ring on the other.
Hand crafted soft latigo leather collar. The collar is stitched and riveted for extra
strength. Available in three widths and multiple sizes. Specific sizes avilable online.
On-the-Go Snack Sack
Slip Collar
Leather Collar
Kool Collars
All collars come with one Kool Tube. 2 different applications, outdoors when filled
with ice or indoors with the KoolTube freezer tube. Available in black, blue, or red.
Kool Collars
11” - 17.5”
17.5” - 24”
24” - 30.5”
Kool Tubes - Refills - Sets of 3
Perfect to take on walks. Works as a normal leash, and then a belt when not
in use. Handmade from latigo leather with snap. 1/2” wide. Black double ply
shown. Available in multiple lengths online.
Single Ply #5117
Double Ply #5123 EMAIL:
#5217 $23.00
#5223 $21.00 - 24.00
[email protected]
Double Braided Junior Collar
Dominant Dog
Belt Leash
The soft, yet durable Double Braid Collar is colorfast and infinitely adjustable. The
hardware is made of non-corrosive Brushed Nickel. Hand crafted in the U.S.A. 9/16”
wide x up to 14” long. Available in Brown, Lime, Olive, Orange, Purple, Raspberry,
Red, Sand, Sky Blue, or Teal.
Designed specifically to deal with handler aggressive or dog aggressive dogs. For use
with a prong collar. Please specify neck size, available in one inch increments 6” to
27” in red, black, blue or green.
The largest dog training web site on the internet - over 17,500 pages!
Ikon X-Back
Uniquely suited for light-medium duty pulling,
be it recreational, racing, or skijoring. Soft,
luxurious padding provides comfortable
support in the neck and shoulder areas.
Due to the form fitting style of this harness,
we recommend it for dogs with narrow body builds (eg. Siberians, Pointers, and
Dalmatians). Please be accurate and weigh your dog. For dogs with narrow builds,
but abundant coats (eg. Collies, Samoyeds, etc.) order one size larger for better fit.
The harness may look loose on the back when th dog is not pulling into it. Please test
the pulling to see if the harness fits properly. Only available in black. Multiple sizes
available online.
Tracking Harness
S&R ID Vest
Pick Your Patches,
Pick Your Color!
Two way adjustable chest and girth straps. Lined and padded underside. Velcro closing
ID holder pocket. Three rows of reflective tape. Heavy welded D-ring. Thick arched
handle. Durable exterior denier fabric. Double stitched seams. Choice of patches &
This design was modeled from a tracking harness used by the RCMP in Canada. Does
not restrict the air flow of the dog, an important feature on a tracking harness during
long tracks. Made from latigo leather.
Black with Handle
Brown with Handle
21” - 24” Girth
25” - 31” Girth
32” - 39” Girth
36” - 45” Girth
Patriotic Vests
Harness Vest
Pick Your Patches!
28” - 38” Girth
28” - 38” Girth
28” - 38” Girth
28” - 38” Girth
22”-26” Girth
Medium 26”-31” Girth
32”-39” Girth
Made from the same high quality materials that are used in all our working dog vests.
Designed in a red, white, and blue color scheme. Great for working dogs, therapy
dogs, service dogs, S&R dogs, etc. Multiple sizes available online.
A. Patriotic Service Dog Vest
B. Patriotic Tri Pack Vest
Pick Your Patches,
Pick Your Color!
On top of the vest there is a heavy D-ring that is attached into the girth strap so you
can attach your tracking line onto the vest itself. Comes with two patches. A wide
variety of colors to choose from.
Medium 25” - 29” Girth
29” - 34” Girth
XLarge 34” - 41” Girth
#1070M $57.99
#1070L $57.99
#1070XL $61.99
32” - 37” Girth
715. 235. 6502
715. 235. 8868
$29.95 - $49.95
Search & Rescue
22” - 27” Girth
Medium 28” - 34” Girth
32” - 42” Girth
XLarge 34” - 37” Girth
#1293-1 $46.00
#1293-2 $49.00
#1293-3 $52.00
#1293-4 $55.00
[email protected]
The fabric is durable denier. This vest is padded
and lined for comfort. The vest comes with one
free patch of your choice and color. leerburg.
21” - 24” Girth
18” - 21” Girth
15” - 18” Girth
11” - 14” Girth
Tiny Dog
Mesh Vest
Flyball Harness
Pick Your Patch,
Pick Your Color!
Handle on top to grab. D-ring towards the front so it does not lay on the dog’s back.
Small available in red and black. Medium available in red, black, blue, green, gray, and
Pick Your Patch,
Pick Your Color!
DT All-Weather
$29.95 - 30.95
Tiny Dog Vest
Simply the best, there is no other quite like it. Yellow reflective tape for high visibility.
2” double ply webbing. 2” contoured snap buckle. 2” heavy welded D-ring is protected
against the dog’s back. Adjustable girth strap. Military spec sliplock. Sewn in supports.
Size info available online.
Use this harness for everything from tracking to carting! Light weight, all-weather,
multi-purpose, durable & long lasting, dual-location adjustability, extra built-in D-rings,
2-inch snap easy release buckle.
Sport Harness
This harness design began with a need for a form
fitting harness that stays upright on the dog while
pulling a wheelchair and giving balance to the
handler when they transition from the chair. A dog’s
strength for pulling comes from the chest and our Pulling & Balance Harness is a safe
and effective way to utilize that power. Unlike pulling a wheelchair that is attached
to the dog’s collar this harness takes the stress away from the dog’s neck and it is
much safer for the dog. This harness will fit up to a 26” - 40” girth measurement.
More info available online.
Pick Your Patches,
Pick Your Color!
This harness offers you and your dog only
the highest standards of safety, simplicity and
security. Designed to protect sensitive areas,
like your dogs throat and underarms, during
any level of exercise. Due to the dynamic
position of the leash connection, pressure is
always directed directly to the chest, never
riding up on the dog’s throat. Simple yet
effective design also lets your dog retain a full range of motion without having to worry
about underarm irritation or chafing. Available in orange, pink, mariner, raven, and
patriot. Sizing information available online.
Pick Your Patches & Color!
Backpack Harness
Two-piece Backpack that can also be used as a harness or vest for your dog.
Removable backpack. Very durable, made from denier poly duck fabric with doublesewn seams. Lined with quilted fabric for comfort, and lets their skin breathe better.
10” x 13” x 3” bag. Comes in a variety of colors & 4 patches.
1 Snap with Handle #5124
2 Snap with Handle #5136-Black #5136-Brown
Designed for all breeds of dogs. A soft easy to wear
harness designed for comfort and security. Works well
for many dog activities such as jogging, no-pressure
dog walking, puppy training, tracking scent work, fly
ball, frisbee, biking, and agility just to mention a few.
Easy to put on. Adjustable girth strap. Convenient
leash attachment. Center leash balance. Harness
contours to dog’s body shape. Freedom of dog’s
movement. Relaxed handling. Center of gravity secure
balance. No neck & throat strain. Stress reduction
with firm fit. Seven sizes and seven colors. More
information available online.
Balance & Pulling
Mesh Vest
This harness is designed with the finest leather. It’s flexible and will not rub or wear
into the skin of your dog. Padded breast plate helps absorb the shock of a dog hitting
the end of a line. 29” - 39” girth.
Eezwalker Harness
Pick Your Patch,
Pick Your Color!
This vest is made of two layers of weather resistant vinyl coated fabric. The inside of the
vest is padded for extra comfort on the dog. Available in a wide variety of colors with
many different patches to choose from. One free patch included.
Padded Leather
Agitation Harness
3/4” wide
1” wide
Just like our Tiny Dog Vest, but made with a mesh fabric. Designed with heat,
humidity, and water in mind. Comes with one free patch.
21” - 24” Girth
18” - 21” Girth
15” - 18” Girth
11” - 14” Girth
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Whereto Start
Introducing a new dog into your home can be a very exciting time,
but without proper preparation, that excitement can quickly turn to
stress --- which is why Leerburg would like to help new dog owners
along on their journey.
“I just got a new dog. What do I need?” This is one of the most
common questions we are asked. With that question in mind, we
have developed several web pages to help prepare new dog owners
for the road ahead. By organizing the equipment, management
techniques, and training material that we recommend, we hope to
give new dog owners a place to start.
What do I need for
my new puppy?
LED Ball
These balls light up! Play ball with your dog at night. Tennis ball size, on & off switch.
Water resistant. Floats. Available in Red & Disc-O.
Run, hike and adventure with Fido
knowing he’s safely visible. 360-degree
reflectivity. Soft, lightweight fabric. LED
light strip (battery last up to 50 hours).
Side and back mesh sections for added breath-ability. Adjustment points at the neck
and chest. Weatherproof. Made of nylon, webbing strap, mesh, LED light strip. Requires
one 3V lithium battery (included). 5 sizes available online.
6.2 million puppies born in the United States each year
Handler Education
Leashes & Collars
No one has an unlimited budget, and nothing is more
irritating than purchasing something that turns out to
be a waste of money. With that in
mind, we have created a web page to
help new puppy owners get started
out on the right track.
715. 235. 8868
#1198 $17.49
This bright Red LED collar has two modes, flash and
glow. Flexible, light-up polymer core surrounded by
strong nylon webbing. Weather resistant. Visible up
to 1000 ft in the dark. Replaceable battery included.
LED life of 100,000 hours.
2” Ultra Reflective
The extremely popular 2-Inch Harness with the full
load of options. Choice of black or orange, along with
a silver reflective striping throughout the neck and
girth areas, a handle, the comfort suede chest plate,
and 5 points of adjustment. Quite simply the ultimate
tracking harness. Sizing: 60-120 lbs, 38” max girth.
10”-13” #1197-1
Medium13”-18” #1197-2
Large 18”-27”#1197-3
[email protected]
PetLit LED
Collar Light
A must for anyone outside at night with
their dog. Made from an orange safety
vest mesh with a Yellow 3M Reflective. Features two snap buckle closures for easy on/
off & both straps are fully adjustable. Available in 4 sizes, sizing information available
A specially designed, battery-powered LED that you
can clip securely to your pet’s collar, keeping him or
her stylish and visible at all hours of the day and night.
Made of durable plastic.Bright light easy to activate
with a simple twist. Fun, yet reliable way to keep
your dog safe and visible.
$38.95 - 45.95
1 in 5 dogs is returned to a shelter
Nite Dawg LED Collar
Whistle Ball
Orbee-Tuff Glow
for Good Ball
New in 2015, we plan to release an online course titled From the Shelter to the Home. The goal of this course will be to
help people through the process of rescuing their new family member. The course will start with selecting the right dog
for you and your family, and will cover everything from properly introducing the dog into your home to managing the
dog with basic training. Our goal with this course is to see that 1 in 5 statistic drop to 0.
715. 235. 6502
The SpotLit LED Pet Light is a clip-on safety light for
you and your dog. Water resistant with a secure
stainless steel spring clip. Lights up in two modes glow or flash. Batteries included. Available in Red,
Green, & White.
Reflective Vest
These numbers are appalling, which is why Leerburg is
devoted to helping people prepare for a new addition
to their family. With a little bit of education, the right
equipment, and a good game plan, we can help ensure
that the dogs that do make it into homes stay in those
The Nite Dawg LED Leash has a bright red LED light with
two modes - flash or glow. Flexible, light-up polymer core
surrounded by strong nylon webbing. 5 feet long, light
extends 18 inches down from switch. Weather resistant.
Visible up to 1000 ft in the dark. 150 hour replaceable
battery included. 100,000 hour LED life. leerburg.
According to the ASPCA, roughly 3.9 million dogs enter
shelters each year. Less than half, about 1.2 million, of
those dogs will even make it to adoption. Of those that
do, an average of one in five is returned to a shelter.
SpotLit LED
Pet Light
Tracking Harness
What do I need for
my new rescue dog?
If you are planning on rescuing a dog
in the near future, I recommend you
start preparing early. A little bit of
knowledge and the right equipment
could save a dog’s life.
Nite Dawg LED Leash
If one of my friends had never raised a puppy before and
came to me for help, I would explain that there are 5
areas they need to think about:
Kurgo Reflect and
Protect Vest
Orbee-Tuff Glow for Good Ball is 2.5 inches in diameter. It is recyclable, non-toxic and
rinses clean. Glows in the dark! Made in the U.S.A.
This innovative glow-in-the-dark toy makes a whirring whistle when thrown. The harder
you throw it, the louder it whistles. Great for old souls who have reduced vision AND it
fits in standard ball tossers! Non-toxic, recyclable and rinses clean. Made in the U.S.A.
2.5” diameter.
#1167-0 $9.95
The largest dog training web site on the internet - over 17,500 pages!
Socializing Puppies:
the correct protocol and this article is not the place to talk about that.
I wrote an article on why dog parks are a bad idea. If you are a new puppy owner,
you may want to visit that article. With that said, you can use a dog park to help
train your dog. The way to do it is to stay outside of the fence with your dog and
work engagement exercises without risk to your puppy.
How to Socialize Your New Puppy
Written by
Ed Frawley
We receive emails on a weekly basis that deal with problems
new puppy owners have as a result of poor socialization. Most
of these people feel they have been doing the right thing with
their puppies when in fact they have created the problems
they face. Socialization is one the most misunderstood areas
in dog training.
When we take our dogs into strange, new environments we want our dogs to
willingly look to us for leadership and direction. We expect our dogs to engage
with us not the environment.
How We Socialize Our Dogs
We start socialization the minute we get our dogs. It begins by showing the dog
that we control every minute of its life. This is done through the use of leashes
and dog crates. We also show the dog that we are fun to be around. This is
accomplished through the use of food treats. As a general rule, small puppies
have more drive for food than for toys. With most working breeds this will change
over time if the triggers have been met at a young age, but that is another article.
We train with verbal markers. We offer several DVDs, as well as articles, on our
website that break down the concepts behind marker training.
The work with puppies begins with “charging the mark” and establishing a value
for food rewards. This only takes a few days. Once we have it, we begin to work
on the process of “engagement.”
The core of our program on socializing your dog deals with engagement. When
a dog is engaged with his handler, the dog is totally focused on the handler and
ignores everything in the environment around him. This is a learned endeavor.
Very few dogs will do this without training; if I had to put a number on it I would
say 1 in 10,000. The vast majority of dogs need to go through training steps to
get and stay engaged with their handler.
We start our puppies on engagement with high value food treats. I don’t mean
cheap dog biscuits. I mean small pieces of meat or some of the high end allnatural dog treats we sell. When the dog is looking at us, we mark the behavior
and reward it with a food treat. We also work engagement when the puppy is
hungry – this means before we feed the dog. They quickly
learn you are a cool owner that is fun to be around.
The process of training engagement is beyond the scope
of this article. I could write a book on it. We produced
a 2 week self-study online course with our good friend,
Forrest Micke, titled Teaching Engagement Skills. I
recommend every new dog owner take the time to go
through this course. Having a well engaged dog is going
715. 235. 6502
715. 235. 8868
Part of the responsibility of a pack leader is to protect the lower ranking pack
members. This means it is your job to protect your dog if it is approached by
another strange dog. If you walk in an area where there are strange dogs, carry
one of many deterrent devices such as a stout walking stick, compressed air, or
bear spray.
We also produced a DVD with our friend,
Michael Ellis titled The Power of Training
Dogs with Food. This DVD has a large section
on how to develop engagement with your
Engagement begins at home in a distraction
free environment, such as your kitchen,
garage, or back yard. As the dog learns to
become more and more engaged with the
handler trainers can begin to take the dog
to new locations and working engagement
in new places. In the beginning, we select
distraction free environments. As the dog
learns that new locations mean fun things
happen between it and its owner the level
of distractions are increased.
I have to admit; years ago this was exactly how I recommended people socialize
their puppies. The only problem was over time I learned I was wrong and there
were much better ways to socialize dogs.
Our definition of socialization is to get our dogs comfortable with new places and
circumstances. We want our dogs to be indifferent to people places and things.
I want my dog to look at strangers as part of the environment and something to
ignore not something to interact with.
Your job as a new dog owner is to learn how to become a pack leader. Most
people are not born pack leaders, but anyone can learn to be one. I have written
an article on this and done training DVDs on it.
to start your training off in the right direction
and put you light years ahead of your peers.
The old school concept of socialization meant, take your
puppy out and get it used to interacting with people, places,
and other dogs. However, when we explain that this thinking is exactly what
causes many of the behavioral problems people face with new puppies or even
adult dogs, they ask “How can I get my puppy socialized if I can’t let him go out
and play with other dogs?” People will also say that they thought the way to deal
with a shy puppy was to take it out and allow strangers to give him or her treats,
this way the puppy will see strangers as treat machines and not something to
be afraid of.
Our Definition of Socialization
What If a Strange Dog Approaches Us On a Walk?
The goal of the trainer is to go to as many different locations as possible with
their dog and work engagement drills. As the program progresses the handler
looks for locations that offer more outside stimulation and/or stress to the dog.
This will become evident because it will become more difficult to engage the dog.
When that happens, back away from the distraction to the point where you can
get and keep the dog engaged. Once that happens, you continue to go back to
that location and work on shortening the distance to the distraction.
The Problem with Strangers
The problem with allowing strangers to meet and greet your dog is there are
very few people who understand this work. They can’t read the body language
of a puppy to understand when it is stressed or fearful. This can easily result in
putting a puppy into fight or flight. Once that happens, you have a big problem
to fix and it is a lot easier to avoid a problem than to go back and try to fix one,
which can sometimes take weeks and months.
Learn How to Deal with Strangers and Your Puppy
The correct way to act when around someone’s new puppy is to ignore the pup.
Don’t invade its space; don’t look at it; don’t talk to it; and don’t try and pet it.
Your job is to find a way to tell EVERYONE that approaches you when you are
walking your dog exactly that.
For every one person that understands this concept, there are 100,000 that do
not. I am always amazed at how many people out there ignore your warning and
walk right up to your dog and try to pet it. When that happens, it is time to get
real serious with people. I am far more concerned about my dog than I am about
some idiot that can’t think, listen, or follow directions about my dog.
Too many new dog owners are afraid to be rude to someone who invades their
puppy’s space. Those are the people who end up with a pup that becomes fearful
of strangers. Fearful puppies often bark at people (because their pack leader
failed to protect them), which results in the stranger backing off. This only teaches
the pup that acting aggressively works to drive scary people away. New owners
then wonder why their pup goes off on everyone he sees. It is because the owner
trained the pup to do this.
It is a lot easier to tell people who won’t listen to BACK OFF! Don’t worry about their
feelings. They certainly are not someone you want as a friend if they ignore you.
What to Do When Strangers Approach your Pup
The correct way to handle strangers is to always be prepared with a bait bag
full of high value food treats. If you see that your pup is a little concerned about
someone, then get the pup engaged with you. It is your job to become more
interesting than the stranger. If the food rewards are high enough, the pup will
look at strangers as the trigger for their owner to play with them and give them
really cool treats.
[email protected]
The same thing goes with new places that stress your puppy. If you see the pup
getting a little nervous, get him engaged with you. Teach the pup that new, scary
places are not that bad after all because they are places that they get to play with
their owner and get delicious dog treats.
Why Not Let Strangers Feed Our Puppy
So why not let strangers give your puppy treats? A good question with a couple
of answers:
1. Allowing other people to give your puppy treats only turns other people into
distractions for your dog. You are essentially training your dog to ignore you
around other people places and things. Where is the sense in that?
2. If you have a dog that is fearful of strangers you run the risk of the dogs food
drive over powering the weak nerves. When that happens, the dog will go to the
stranger. He will then take the food and once the food is gone, the dog is still
left with his concern about the stranger. Quite often these dogs will then bite
because aggression has become a learned reaction, it makes strange people
back away from them.
3. When people have a fearful dog and they allow strangers to give their puppy
or dog food treats the dog learns to expect it.
There will come a time when you don’t have a food reward to give to a stranger
that is going to make your dog nervous. Don’t kid yourself that the dog does not
realize this. In its head, it is thinking “I WAS RIGHT! THIS PERSON MAKES ME
The dog owner is then in a position where they have a fearful, aggressive dog
and they wonder why. The fact is that what they have done will amplify the fear
aggression in the dog.
When a strange dog approaches you, step between your puppy and that dog.
Sound very convincing and threaten the other dog to turn and leave. If it comes
close, don’t hesitate to use the stick or spray. I will guarantee you if you crack a
strange dog over the head with a stout stick, it will remember exactly who you
are and will never come after you or your dog again. Not only that, but in doing
this, you just gained a great deal of respect from your dog.
Here again, I need to bring up the point that far too many people are concerned
about hurting other dog owners’ feelings. If you need to do this because another
owner refuses to control their dog, well so be it. There are enough idiots in the
world and I don’t really care what they think about the crazy guy with a big stick.
Socializing Begins at Home
The fact is, a well socialized dog starts right in your home. Teaching your new
dog manners and how you expect it to live in your home sets the stage for your
We now raise our puppies in an ex-pen and a dog crate in the house. I am in the
process of raising a Mal puppy at the moment. He currently is 6 months old and
has lived in the ex-pen since he was 8 weeks old.
I am lucky because I can have my ex-pen right next to my desk and my office has
ceramic tile in case of any house training mistakes. Because of this arrangement,
there have been very few. When the pup is not in the pen, he is in his dog crate,
but he spends most of the time in the pen.
This is where I taught him not to jump up on the sides of the pen when people
come in. If he jumps up, we simply say NOPE or YUCK and step back. They quickly
learn that there is no interaction when they are jumping up.
The beauty of this system is that we can take the pen into our living room
where we have our adult dogs and the puppy can be part of the family without
the constraints of a dog crate. He can lay in his ex-pen while the older dogs lay
around as we watch TV. This is just a great way to teach a puppy not to be wild
in the home.
What About Strange Dogs?
Let’s start with the fact that it often only takes one instance where a dog is
attacked by another dog for that dog to become dog aggressive for life.
New dog owners do not have the experience to recognize the signals and signs of
dominance and aggression in a strange dog. For these two reasons, new puppy
(or new dog) owners should NEVER allow strange dogs around your dog - NOT
Those who chose to ignore this advice need to read the article I wrote titled How
to Break Up a Dog Fight without Getting Hurt. Have a look at the dog bite photos
that have been sent to me from people who read the article after trying to break
up a dog fight and then going to Google to find out what they did wrong.
There is nothing wrong with your dog having other dog friends, but the way to
start your puppy learning manners around a friendly dog is to first find someone
who thinks like you about dogs. Then look for a dog that is aloof to other dogs.
I want a dog that ignores my puppy. In the beginning, the best of all worlds is to
find a dog that doesn’t want to play and is totally aloof to my pup. If I keep my
pup on a long line or zip lead I can work some engagement around the other dog.
The perfect adult dog is one that will put a puppy in its place for inappropriate
behavior without actually hurting it. This has to be done before the pup is 8 to
10 months old. It goes without saying that this work is always done when the
owner is there to supervise.
In addition to this, we never
allow our puppies to be off lead
in the house. When they are
out of the ex-pen they are on
a lead. We use one of our thin
puppy or drag leashes that allow
us to tether the dog to us at
ALL TIMES. Allowing puppies to
have free range in your home
is a license for disaster. Puppies
that are tethered to you can’t
get into the garbage, they can’t
sneak around the corner to pee
or poop, and they can’t jump
up on visitors or kids. New pet
owners think the leash is only
for outside and nothing can be
further from the truth. Using a
tether in the house is a great
way to control your pup and
head off problems.
Putting two strange adult dogs together is never recommended unless you follow
The largest dog training web site on the internet - over 17,500 pages!
Tuffy Animals
Can be filled with treats or food in top or bottom chamber,
and then must be manipulated by the dog’s nose or feet to
extract the goodies inside. Adjustable openings regulate
difficulty. Made from a durable polymer with anti-slip coating
on the bottom.
26” x 7” x 20”
19” x 5” x 15”
12” x 16” x 12”
30” x 10” x 13”
24” x 6” x 10”
7” x 4” x 17”
G. Rutabaga the Rabbit H. Jr Dudley the Duck
I. Jr Polly the Pig J. Polly the Pig
K. Small Octopus
L. Jr Rutabaga the Rabbit
14” x 6” x 7”
12” x 13.5” x 3”
10” x 5.5” x 3.5”
14” x 6” x 8”
13” x 13” x 5”
11” x 6” x 4”
Chuckit! Ball Launchers
Large/Mega#1157-M $10.99
#1156-2 $11.95
#1156-3 $14.95
The Flying Squirrel flies and floats. Made of a rugged nylon construction. Durable and
flies better than a frisbee. Has an aerodynamic body that creates maximum lift. When
laying on the ground the concave body allows the dog to scoop it up much easier than
a frisbee. Colors may vary.
Hol-ee Rollers
Made from pliable, resilient natural rubber. Colors may vary.
The bendy, twisty, fun to throw and fetch stick that will not hurt your dog like sharp,
splintery wood sticks will. Made from tough, non-toxic rubber. Textured to maintain
interest. Rounded at the ends to prevent lodging in soft ground.Great for throwing and
fetching. Floats! Imported. Colors may vary.
A. Hol-ee Roller
Medium 5”
B. Hol-ee Roller
Jumbo 8”
C. Hol-ee Roller X
Small | 12”
Medium | 20”
Large | 27”
715. 235. 6502
715. 235. 8868
[email protected]
Everlasting Treat toys provide your dog with hours of chewing fun. Made of soft yet
durable puncture resistant material, holds up to even the toughest chewers and the unique
design allows it to wobble and roll around on its own. Chicken Dental Treat included with
Bento & Treat Balls. Refills available online.
Treat Ball Bento Treat Ball Treat Dispensing Chew Ball
3 Sizes
2 Sizes
2 Sizes
$12.99 - 24.99
$16.99 - 19.99
$8.99 - 12.99
Diamond Plate Ball
2.25” #788-01 $6.95
3.25” #788-02 $11.95
4.25” #788-03 $14.45
The Buster Cube is patented because of its unique design. With the Buster Cube your
dog has to think and work to get his treats. It forces your dog or puppy to use their
brain and keeps them occupied. Just insert your dog’s favorite dry treats and adjust
the difficulty. Colors may vary.
3” diameter
5” diameter
#1124-1 $15.50
#1124-2 $16.50
This is our dog’s all time favorite toy. The Romp-N-Roll can entertain any dog for hours.
It is made of a soft rubber polyurethane. The dog can either grip the ball or the rope.
It also floats. Colors may vary.
A. Original Disk #1371
B. Bunny #1372
C. Beaver #1373
D. Lady Bug
E. Slap Happy #1377
Stuffing free! Built with inner bouncy frames and
free-floating squeakers that will give your dog hours
of fun.
$ 8.00
The Chewbers’ patented reinforced designs were
created with dogs in mind. They are tougher, safer, and
easier to pick up than other frisbee-type toys. Great for
teeth and gums. Dogs love its springy consistency. If you flip it over, it’s an instant water
dish! Durability guaranteed!
Designed to address the simple but serious issue of SAFETY. Designed
knowing that safety and fun go hand in hand. Each toy has included in it’s
design the GoughNuts patent pending visual safety indicator where Green
means “Go” and Red means “Stop.” Made in the USA. More info online.
GoughNut Ball Green GoughNut Maxx 50
GoughNut Green GoughNut Black
GoughNut Stick Green GoughNut Stick Black GoughNut Stick Maxx Black
GoughNut Ball Black GoughNut .75 Black GoughNut .75 Green #1455-Green
#1455-Black #G75-B
Flying Disc
Pogo Plush Toys
Flying Squirrel
Orbee-Tuff Bone
Bring a sporty twist into your games with the Fanatic
ball. Chuckit! compatible. The ball is made from durable
natural rubber and the rope is of a rugged natural
cotton. Great for fetch and tug. Colors & styles may vary.
Sport 12M Chuckit! AKA Pocket Chuckit! 12” long #772-0 $8.49
Classic 26M Chuckit! AKA Classic Chuckit! 26” long #772
Sport 26L Chuckit! AKA Mega Chuckit! 26” long #772-M $15.89
Our dogs love the Orbee-Tuff Bones. They are soft and pliable, which is why our
dogs love them so much. Dishwasher safe and are created with a fresh, minty scent.
Available in Blue, Pink and Green.
#1471-JR DUCK
#1471-JR PIG
Chuckit! Fanatic
The Chuckit! is the best way to exercise your dog... without wearing out your arm.
Made of lightweight, durable plastic, uses a standard-size tennis ball and is designed
for hands-free pickup, so you NEVER have to bend down and pick up a slimy ball again.
26L size uses the large/mega balls. Colors may vary.
The ball material is super soft and virtually indestructible. It is also non-toxic. We use
the Medium Orbee Ball with our dogs.
Treat Toys
Your pooch is sure to be pleased with these fun and adventurous toys! For interactive play with one or multiple dogs. Easy to toss! Floats! Soft edges won’t hurt gums. More
information and styles available online.
A. T-Rex Dinosaur
B. Sherman the Sheep C. Peyton the Peacock D. Triceratops Dinosaur
E. Large Octopus
F. Togo the Toucan 6.5” Tall, 8.25-14” Round
9.5” Tall, 8.25-18” Round
Bob-a-Lot Treat Toy
Mini Chewb
6” Diameter
8” Diameter
#1131-1 $14.99
#1131-3 $16.99
GoughNuts K9 Kup
& Chicken Jerky
Developed to hold food/treats and then be easily cleaned.
Weighs 15 ounces, holds approximately 8 oz. For medium
and large dogs. Floats, bounces, and very tough. No
safety indicator, not designed as a chew toy. Red is visible
to let people know that this product is interactive only.
GoughNuts K9 Kup Chicken Jerky is designed to fit into the
K9 Kup. 100% USA made, Manufactured locally, and is 100%
Chicken. Kup & jerky sold separately.
GoughNuts K9 Kup
#1456-2 $25.00
GoughNuts K9 Kup Chicken Jerky #1454
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Herm Sprenger Prong Collars
Stainless Steel Micro Prong Collars
These prong collars are designed for
the smaller breeds of dogs. The Mini
Micro prong collar is designed for
dogs weighing less than 5 pounds. The
Micro prong collar is designed for dogs
weighing over 5 pounds. These collars
weigh under 1 1/2 ounces each. Made
in the USA with an imported chain.
Only available in Stainless Steel. Each
collar is just less than 1/2 inch wide.
The links on these two collars are
identical. The differences in the two
Mini Micro
collars are found in the chain. The Mini
Micro prong collar has a lighter chain and a swivel ring. The Micro prong
collar has a standard chain and an o-ring instead of a swivel.
Black Stainless Steel Prong
Mini Micro
Stainless Steel Prong
Neck Size 9”
Extra Link
Neck Size 9”
Single Link
Ed Frawley’s
Prong Collar Leash
Made so that a prong collar is attached to one
clip & a dominant dog collar is attached to
the second clip. A 10” tab is attached to the
end of the leash for a 2nd collar. When/if the
prong fails & comes off, the second collar is
already attached. Solid brass clips. Collars sold
4 ft x 3/4 in Wide #5131-4-Black
6 ft x 3/4 in Wide #5131-6-Black
6 ft x 1/2 in Wide #5132-6-Black
Ed Frawley’s
Two Handle Prong
Collar Leash
Perfect for the budget conscious or
for people who don’t need to use
a prong collar very often. Argon
welded and chrome plated for
maximum strength and durability.
Prongs unfasten to allow the collar
to be placed on dog. Links may be
added or removed for proper fit.
Please see
htm on how to properly fit a prong
collar. _
Chrome Plated Prong
Stainless Steel Prong Collars
Neck Size up to 13” 2.25mm
Neck Size up to 19” 3.20mm
XLarge Neck Size up to 21” 4.00mm
Extra Link Single Link
#880-1 $30.00
#880-3 $34.00
#880-4 $47.00
#8SS $4.00
Black Stainless Steel Prong Collars
Neck Size up to 13” 2.25mm
Neck Size up to 19” 3.20mm
XLarge Neck Size up to 21” 4.00mm
Extra Link Single Link
#1493-1 $41.50
#1493-3 $48.50
#1493-4 $66.50
#1493x $4.25 - 6.75
Curogan Prong Collars
Neck Size up to 13” 2.25mm
Neck Size up to 19” 3.30mm
XLarge Neck Size up to 21” 4.00mm
Extra Link Single Link
#1306-1 $40.00
#1306-3 $50.00
#1306-4 $69.75
#8CU $4.00 - 5.00
Chrome Plated Prong Collars
Neck Size up to 13” 2.25mm
Medium Neck Size up to 18” 3.00mm
Neck Size up to 19” 3.20mm
XLarge Neck Size up to 21” 4.00mm
Extra Links3 pack
#819-1 $14.00
#819-2 $15.00
#819-3 $16.00
#819-4 $22.00
#819X $5.50 - 7.25
715. 235. 6502
715. 235. 8868
Leerburg Chrome Prong Collar
Neck Size up to 14”
Neck Size up to 18”
Neck Size up to 20”
Neck Size up to 22”
Small Medium
Extra Links - Set of 3
#1288X-1 $4.00
#1288X-2 $4.00
#1288X-3 $4.00
#1288X-4 $4.00
We have always recommended a backup collar be used along with
a prong collar. We recently heard about a littermate to one of our
dogs being killed when the prong came apart at the end of a training
session. When the prong came apart the dog ran in front of a car
and was killed. The owner did not have a backup collar on the dog.
Unfortunately these kinds of SAD situations happen all too often.
So if you use a prong collar YOU ALSO NEED TO HAVE A BACKUP
COLLAR on your dog - every time!!
More information available online at leerburg.
[email protected]
Prong Collar
Leash Adapter
These high quality stainless steel collars are going to last many, many years longer
than a chrome plated collar. They will never rust. German fur saver collars are
designed to replace normal choke collars. Their purpose is to help eliminate the
choke collar wearing and breaking down neck hair. Each long link measures 2”
long and are 4mm thick. Each short link measures 15/16” and are 3mm thick.
Long Link Collar
Short Link Collar
$24.50 16”
$24.50 18”
$29.50 20”
$29.50 21”
Herm Sprenger
Fur Saver Collar
This Amish Made Latigo Leather leash adapter has solid brass clips. Made so that a
prong collar is attached to one clip & a backup collar is attached to a second clip and
a regular leash attaches to the adapter. When/if the prong collar fails and comes
off the dog, the second collar is already attached. Collars & leashes sold separately.
Available in black and brown.
Prong Collar
Leash Adapter
This light weight leash adapter is nylon and has solid brass clips. Made so that a
prong collar is attached to one clip, a backup collar is attached to a second clip,
and a regular leash attaches to the adapter. When/if the prong collar fails, the
second collar is already attached. Collars and leashes sold separately. Available in
Short Link Collars
#1236-13 $16.00
#1236-15 $16.00
#1236-16 $16.00
#1236-18 $16.00
Herm Sprenger
Stainless Steel
Fur Saver Collars
Made from a synthetic immitation leather material.
Same durability as leather, but much stronger. Made so
that a prong collar is attached to one clip and a backup
collar is attached to second clip. 10” tab attached to
clip end of the leash for the 2nd collar. When/if the
prong collar fails and comes off the dog, the second
collar is already attached. Collars sold separately.
The perfect safety procedure is to use a dominant dog collar along
with your prong collar. I offer this advice to ALL those trainers who
use prong collars.
It is not unheard of for a prong collar to come apart when you need
it the most. By having a dominant dog collar on the dog at the same
time as the prong this will never be a problem.
Simply attach the clip on the leash to both the
prong and the ring on the dominant dog collar.
Long Link Collars
Soft Grip Prong Collar Leash
A SAFETY SYSTEM for ALL Prong Collar Use
2 ft Leash
6 ft Leash
I call prong collars “Power Steering for Dogs.” It is probably the most
misunderstood training tool there is. So many people take one look at it
and say “Oh! I could NEVER use that on MY dog!” Then when I explain how
it’s used and why it’s used they call back and say “ED, THIS IS THE GREATEST
THING!” When a prong collar is used in training, the handler must realize
that a dog who required a level 8 correction before will probably require a
level 2 or 3 correction with a prong. So a strong dog with too much drive for
a small person to handle is now easily controllable without a lot of effort. If
you are a new Schutzhund trainer or a police service dog handler, you will
need a prong collar. Curogan is a copper-tin-alloy with a high copper portion
and some additives which make the material strong, but without any nickel.
Nickel is often responsible for allergic reactions of sensitive dogs and causes
of some skin rashes. These chains avoid a discoloration of fair haired dogs.
These German imported fur saver collars are designed to replace normal choke
collars. Their purpose is to help eliminate the choke collar wearing the hair down
on the neck. Short links measure 15/16 inches from end to end of link long-wise
and are 3mm thick. Long links measure 2 inches from end to end of link long-wise
and are 4mm thick.
This has both the features of our Leather
Prong Collar Leash and our Two Handle
Leash combined into one. 6 feet long, 3/4”
wide. Collars sold separately.
Leerburg Prong Collars
Curogan Prong
Herm Sprenger
Fur Saver Collars
Curogan is a copper-tin-alloy with a high copper portion & some additives which
make the material strong, but without any nickel. Nickel is often responsible for
allergic reactions of sensitive dogs & causes of some skin rashes. These chains
avoid a discoloration of fair haired dogs. Less than 10% do react on Curogan with
a discoloration. Imported from Germany. Short links are 15/16” long and 3mm
thick. Long links are 2” long and 4 mm thick.
Short Link Collar
#1308-14 $26.00
#1308-16 $26.00
#1308-18 $26.00
#1308-20 $26.00
#1308-23 $26.00
#1308-25 $26.00
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Long Link Collars
Deluxe Full
Aluminum Crate
This is a premium crate with full tread-brite construction through out. The crate is
made from 1/8” thick tread-brite finish aluminum, which is extremely thick for crate
construction. It has good ventilation on all four sides and has a laser cut, double
reinforced locking door with stainless steel locking latch.
36” x 24” x 28”
42” x 28” x 32”
Ventlock Tailgate Lock
Metal Exercise Pen with Door
Durable and affordable. Exercise Pens are good
playing ground for your pets whether indoors
or outdoors. Made of Acrylic Coated Gold
Zinc for long lasting protection. It has a secure
double latch door access to make your pet secure. Also, this exercise pen is easy to
set up and you don’t need tools to build this one. It’s a versatile exercise pen; you can
even have a variety of pets in it. Size: 8 Panels each varying height x 24”W. Watch a free
10 minute streaming video on how Ed & Cindy manage their puppies with an ExPen
instead of a crate at
24” Height
30” Height
36” Height
42” Height
48” Height
Powder Coated
Full Ventilation
Aluminum Crate
Full Ventilation
Aluminum Crate
Features ventilation on all four sides. Designed with air movement in mind, a great
feature for dogs that must remain in their kennel all day. Each side panel has two
recessed handles & is TIG welded. Airline approved version available for an additional
$25.00. One Door Model - Two Door Model - leerburg.
This crate has all the great features of our Full Ventilation Aluminum Dog Crate with
the powder coated finish. It is very durable with a hard finish made from a special
two coat process. TIG welded. Grey fleck on black. Airline approved version available
for an additional $25.00. One Door Model - Two Door Model
36” x 24” x 28”
42” x 28” x 32”
#1093 $599.00
#1093-1 $749.00
36” x 24” x 28”
42” x 28” x 32”
2 Door Model
Regular 36” x 24” x 28”
42” x 28” x 32”
XLarge 48” x 28” x 32”
#1163 $699.00
#1163-1 $799.00
#1163-2 $949.00
2 Door Model
Regular 36” x 24” x 28”
42” x 28” x 32”
XLarge 48” x 28” x 32”
36” x 24” x 28”
42” x 28” x 32”
715. 235. 6502
715. 235. 8868
[email protected]
11.4 x 8.9 x 2.6 in
11.2 x 16 x 4.5 in
Attaches to any crate, carrier, or kennel. Up
to 100 hours of use with 2 alkaline “D” cell
batteries (not included). Low & high speed
settings. Ultra-quiet.
These pails are perfect for using in a kennel because their
flat side will lie flat against most surfaces. Styles available
with or without a hook.
These stainless steel dog dishes are the heaviest dog bowls in the world. Because of
their durability they will last a life time.
Stainless Steel
Puppy Feeding Saucer
Perfect for your new litter of puppies. The 15” saucer works best for medium & large
breed puppies. Dishwasher safe.
15 inch saucer
Adjustable Double Diner
Elevated Dog Feeder
The height of an elevated dog bowl allows large dogs
to eat comfortably without putting strain on their
spine, which aids in digestion. Height is adjustable
from 5” to 20”. Includes two 3 quart stainless steel
bowls. Durable black powder coat finish. Minimize
digestion and bloat problems. Made in the USA.
Heavy Stainless Steel Dishes
3 Quart
5 Quart
The S-Biner design provides the option for ultimate
security of important accessories by easily securing the
items to the center bar. A connection can still be made
on either side. We at Leerburg think they’re great for
attaching a stainless steel pail to a crate. Not for use
where disengagement could result in bodily injury or property damage. NOT FOR
Stainless S-Biner
Small .5 S-Biner
Stainless Steel
Flat Pails
Cooling Fan
#1492 $69.99
2 Quart with Hook
2 Quart without Hook
4 Quart without Hook
6 Quart without Hook S-Biner Carabiners
#1143-1 $45.00
#1143-2 $59.00
#1143-3 $70.00
#1143-4 $85.00
#1143-5 $140.00
A specially designed feeder, shaped like a
tuft of grass, that turns your dog’s meal into
a challenging game. Food is scattered across
the feeder, and it is up to your dog to push
the food out between the many blades of grass. Prolongs eating time significantly
and reduces the risk of gulping and bloat. The result is a happier and healthier dog.
Designed for all dogs regardless of weight and breed. Can contain both dry and wet
food. Made of hard plastic (without phthalates) and can therefore be used outside
and cleaned in the dishwasher.
#1164 $799.00
#1164-1 $949.00
#1164-2 $1049.00
This poly-aluminum knit fabric is used to reduce the problematic effects caused by
the sun. Acts like a mirror reflecting the sun’s rays. Other shade materials absorb
the sun’s radiation, producing heat. Does not absorb heat, reflects it away. Tarps
are edged with 2” polypropylene webbing; soft, supple, rot. Mold and mildew
resistant - superior to any similar product on the market.
Silver Shade
Mesh Tarps
6 ft. x 7 ft. Tarp
7 ft. x 8 ft. Tarp
7 ft. x 10 ft. Tarp
7 ft. x 12 ft. Tarp
10 ft. x 14 ft. Tarp
4 inch / 100 mm
6 inch / 150 mm
9 inch / 220 mm
12 inch / 305 mm
18 inch / 460 mm
24 inch / 610 mm
#1113 $699.00
#1113-1 $899.00
Deluxe Full
Powder Coated Crate
This crate is the same as the Deluxe Full Tread-Brite Aluminum Crate above, except
this is powder coated. This crate is 1/8” thick, where most crates are 1/16” thick. TIG
welded. Airline approved.
The Ventlock Tailgate Lock allows
more ventilation into your car than
just leaving windows open. It works
by fixing the rear door or tailgate in
a semi-open position and combined
with a front window open just an
inch or two, it allows free flowing air
just where the dogs need it most - on
their nose at the back of the vehicle.
Another major advantage is that with
the Ventlock secured between car and
tailgate all but the most determined
thief will be kept out. It takes only
a few seconds to fit or remove and
the car can be locked in the normal way using either the key or central locking. Best
of all it fits 99% of Estate Cars / Hatchbacks / Vans or 4 Wheel Drive vehicles fitted
with a rear door. 4 inch shown below. More photos & info available online. leerburg.
Green Slow Feeder
Skid Stop
Slow Feed Bowl
Heavy duty plastic bowl designed to slow
rapid eating, promote regular digestion
and prevent bloating and discomfor t.
Simple obstructions make dogs slow down.
Rubberized base to prevent slippage while your pet is eating. Dishwasher safe as well
bacteria resistant. Colors may vary.
8” dia. x 2” deep
10” dia. x 3” deep
The largest dog training web site on the internet - over 17,500 pages!
Pet Shampoo
Orthopedic Pet Bed
The unique lock stitch backing makes the
Pet Bed virtually impossible to unravel.
Pet owners love this product because it
resists tearing. It is stain resistant and
water absorbent. Pets love it because
the soft plush pile allows air to circulate
underneath so they stay cool in summer,
and warm in winter. It is machine washable and dryer safe with no shrinking. leerburg.
Medium Large
18” x 20”
24” x 36”
30” x 40”
36” x 50”
This hard plastic heating pad
keeps your dog and her puppies
at 98 -101 degrees F. It’s perfect for your whelping box, dog house, garage, basement
or front porch. The cord is steel wrapped and the pad is made from rugged ABS plastic.
Used here at Leerburg Kennels!
13” x 19”
Medium 17” x 24”
22.5” x 28.5”
Molly Mutt
The easy to assemble Pet Cot requires no tools! Can be disassembled and taken
anywhere. The raised mesh cot cools your pet while keeping them off the ground.
For indoor or outdoor use. One year limited warranty through the manufacturer.
Switch out the regular cot for the Coolin Gel Cot Cover and add the Pet Cot Canopy
to keep your pet extra cool.
20” x 30”
30” x 42”
B. Coolin Gel Cot Cover
Mesh Stuff Sack
Small Medium Huge #1249-1
Armour - Water Resistant Liner
Small Medium Huge 43
Medium Large C. Pet Cot Canopy
Medium Large FA X:
715. 235. 8868
The FURminator deShedding Tool with FURejector quickly and easily removes the
loose, dead, undercoat hair that’s the underlying source of a pet owner’s major
complaint - shedding and the allergies and cleanliness problems associated with
it. Helps reduce the amount of airborne elements that cause allergic reactions
in many people. Available for long or short coats.
Grooming Rakes
E. Deodorizing Shampoo
The beauty of this tool is that the tines go
directly to the skin and stimulate the natural
oils in the dog’s skin. White Undercoat rake
is good for longer haired dogs. The rake is
a good tool to remove the loose undercoat
hair and burrs. Black rake is good for shorter to medium haired dogs or dogs that don’t
have an undercoat.
White Undercoat Shedding Rake #811-2
Black Grooming Rake
Provides the best skin & coat repairing ingredients. Biodegradable, pH-balanced, &
produces a lather for conditioning the skin & coat.
36” x 24” #1213-1 $34.50
42” x 28” #1213-2 $40.00
48” x 28” #1213-3 $44.00
Millers Forge
Nail Clippers
F. Pure Care Herbal Shampoo
[email protected]
#1073-3 $12.95
Proven to protect pads during agility training
and exercise. Won’t stretch or sag in dog
jumping areas, reduces maintenance and
provides insulating qualities. Provides
natural footing for added safety. Ideal
for dog owners, kennels, vets, groomers,
dog houses, pet stores, dog runs and
crates. Genuine rubber. Won’t absorb or
retain moisture, and is easily maintained
with a mild detergent and water. Please
view online instructions to determine the size for your crate. Can be custom
ordered to fit any crate size. Shipping & handling extra.
Excellent for skin allergies, eczema and hot spots. Calms the itch, soothes the skin,
pH balanced, puppy safe and soap free. Biodegradable & FDA Approved. leerburg.
Keeps the coat clean & smelling fresh. Puppy-safe deodorizing shampoo was
specifically formulated to eliminate the toughest odors, including skunk. Its main
ingredient, derived from coconut and coconut oil, is blended with an odor-neutralizing
compound that bonds with and neutralizes malodor molecules, which helps to
eliminate odors. Made in the U.S.A.16 oz.
Rubber Kennel Mat
Extra Large
715. 235. 6502
Formulated to be effective on infested animals. Biodegradable, pH-balanced, &
produces a lather for conditioning the skin & coat.
deShedding Tool
D. Healing Shampoo
A. Original Pet Cot
Small Bed 22” x 27” x 5”
Medium Bed27” x 36” x 5”
Huge Bed 36” x 45” x 5”
Formulated with a blend of coconut and coconut oil, oatmeal extract, almond extract,
oatmeal fragrance, and almond fragrance. Can be sprayed liberally onto a dry or damp
cloth, then easily brushed or rubbed in then dried with a towel. No water or rinsing
needed! Can be used every day. Made in the U.S.A.16 oz.
Molly Mutt Duvets
C. Waterless 2-in-1 Shampoo
Use the duvet to recover your old dog bed, or make a brand new one with blankets
& clothes. 100% cotton, fully-zippered and gusseted. Look great in your home,
office or hotel. Durable, washable, and pre-shrunk. Stuff Sack organizes the inside
of your duvet making it easy to use old blankets, pillows, clothing. Stuff sack and all
of its contents directly into the washer when its time to clean the inside of your dog
bed. 100% nylon, fully zippered, gusseted. Simply slip off the dirty duvet and slip
on a fresh, clean one. No more scheduling “laundry day” around cleaning up after
Fido! Stuff Sacks & Armour sold separately. More photos and styles available online.
Please see website for available patterns and sizes.
B. Pure O’Flee Shampoo
The Travel Bed is machine washable and made from breathable fabric for quick dryout. Soft to the touch, quality construction. Must have for camping, car, RV, and home.
Ideal for most size dogs. Stuff sack included. 30in x 39in (76cm x 99cm). leerburg.
Romeo & Juliet
Most flea shampoos contain insecticides that can potentially harm your pet,
children & family. Safe & effective for all and it works & smells great. The goal is to
remove the fleas that are present on the animal at the time of shampooing. Natural
ingredients. Safe on kittens & puppies & for homes with infants.
Do It Yourself Dog Beds
A. Herbal Shampoo
Travel Bed
Dream Lover
Made from 100% natural waxes. Protect your dog from: salt and chemicals; ice
build-up; snowballing; sand and sand burn; hot pavement; and rough terrain.
Manufacturer’s Statement: We as the manufacturer of “Musher’s Secret” confirm
that our product DOES NOT contain any Soy or Flax Oil. Musher’s Secret is a blend
of 100% pure natural waxes (including White and Yellow Beeswax, Carnauba, and
Candelilla Wax) and White & vegetable oils with vitamin E.
35 Watts #742-1 $69.99
60 Watts #742-2 $79.99
85 Watts #742-3 $99.99
Original Pet Cot
Musher’s Secret
Heating Pad
This heavy duty nail clipper will last a lifetime. It is the best
that money can buy. Perfect for puppies. Blades are made of
Italian stainless steel.
The Best Ever Poop Scooper
Small Clippers
Regular Clippers
#837-1 $7.00
#837 $14.00
This is the last poop scooper you will ever buy. The best
feature of this poop scooper is the fact that you can open the
scoop as wide as you need and the shovel end is large enough
to handle the largest of dog poos. One side of the shovel has
zigzag style teeth making it convenient to scrape the ground
when cleaning up yard dirt and grassy areas. Made of no rust
aluminum with sturdy diamond tread plate shovel. Handles
are attached together, this is nice for storage. Handles are 36”
long. This is no flimsy tool and it will be the last scooper you
will ever use or buy.
Amazing, versatile, & innovative pet hair removal product. More effective, durable & earth
friendly than any other product for cleaning hair from fabrics. With a light sweeping motion,
its unique rigid scaled texture removes hair quickly & easily.
The largest dog training web site on the internet - over 17,500 pages!
Whelping Puppies and their First 8 Weeks
1 Hour, 50 Minutes |
This video explains how to prepare and assist a bitch
in whelping a litter of puppies. There is extensive
video of females whelping pups. It tells the breeder
exactly what needs to be done during the birth and
throughout the first 8 weeks of a pup’s life. Ed Frawley
bred over 350 litters of German Shepherds over many
years. You will benefit from the practical experience
he has gained in whelping this many litters.
How to Artificially Inseminate Your Dog
1 Hour |
DVD | #127-D $40.00
Video on Demand | #S127 $30.00
This DVD shows how we collect a stud dog’s semen
and immediately inseminate one of our females at
our kennel. This DVD does not show breeders how
to handle chilled or frozen semen.
50% off this DVD with the purchase of an AI Kit!
Puppy Tube Feeding Kit
Includes 1 syringe & 1 feeding tube. Feeding tube is 16” long
and 3/32” outside diameter with closed, rounded tip w/2
side port ‘eyes.’ 35cc Syringe.
Redbarn Meat Rolls
K9 Super Fuel
DVD | #118-D $40.00
Video on Demand | #S118 $30.00
Designed to be the ultimate canine bodybuilder!
Based on canine studies to help fuel and support
solid muscle growth and performance. Support
muscle tissue. Fuel energy & endurance. Promote
joint health. Improve recovery. Support immune
system. K9 SuperFuel helps support the nutritional needs of high performance dogs
Designed for athletic work dogs, K9 SuperFuel can help improve the life of any active
dog! Energy fuels readily available fuels help combat fatigue. Total body support
features nutrients that support many body systems. Gluten Free!
4 lbs
10.5 oz.
2 lbs. 3 oz.
Chicken & Liver
10.5 oz.
2 lbs. 3 oz.
Lamb & Rice
10.5 oz.
2 lbs. 3 oz.
K9 Joint Strong contains the most complete and upto-date joint factors. But what sets it apart is natural
antioxidants which can support joint health. For:
canine joint support, helps maintain joint mobility,
connective tissue support, supports joint tissue health,
older dogs, provides antioxidant protection, supports connective tissue health, assists in
combating environmental pollutants, and supports healthy joints. Designed to provide
dual benefits joint factors and antioxidants. Joint factors include USP-standardized
glucosamine, MSM and others to help maintain normal joint function. In addition,
natural antioxidants help protect cells (including joint) from free radical damage. This
two-way joint support health strategy is meant to help maintain joint mobility. Gluten
K9 Immune Dog
Artificial Insemination Kit
Shields up! Immune Dog is the world’s first formula designed to support the body’s
own immune shields two powerful ways - SHIELD 1: “Good Guy” probiotics (direct fed
microbials) are the first line of defense. More than 1 billion good guys help repel bad
guys, and aid bowel-intestinal health. SHIELD 2: “Master Antioxidant” GSH (Glutathione)
shields are lowered by chemical induced oxidative damage. Our landmark “thiol donors”
help boost the body’s own. For: any stressed dog, working, breeding, traveling, therapy,
diet boost. Gluten free.
1 lb
Small Breed
Med-Lg Breed
• 3 Docking Rings
• 1 Tube of Lubrication
#1074-1 $22.50
#1074-3 $22.50
715. 235. 6502
Based on the most current research, designed to promote hydration, reduce fatigue,
optimize performance and enhance recovery. For: K9 athletes: Agility, shows, Fly Ball,
hunting, herding, obedience, coursing & more; recovering or dehydrated dogs; and any
dog in hot sun. Increase: safety & fun, endurance, oxygen delivery, hydration, lactic acid
buffering, exercise comfort, and mental focus. Maintain energy & focus when others fade.
Trans Fat Free! Gluten Free!
1.25 lb Jar
715. 235. 8868
[email protected]
Liver Biscotti
All my dogs love these treats. Great for any
type of training. They can be kept and used
whenever or wherever one goes with their
dog. Dry, do not leave a mess. All-natural.
Smoked Wild Salmon 5 oz
Grean Pea & Kelp w/Salmon 5 oz
8 oz. #1869-1
No Wheat/Egg 8 oz. #1870-1
#1598 $5.99
#1599 $5.99
Green Mountain
Chicken Liver Treats
Packed with concentrated flavor, nutrition and health—each
3 ounce package contains dehydrated salmon meat from
nearly a full pound of wild salmon fillets! Treat your pet with
a whole strip, or break them into bite size pieces for cats and
smaller dogs; some cat owners like to rehydrate small pieces
in warm water first.
All natural chicken liver dog and cat treats. No
additives or preservatives! Handmade in Hartland,
Vermont. 8-10 servings per bag. 2 oz. leerburg.
3 oz
K9 Carnivore Cookies
Zuke’s Mini Naturals
A sports cookie for dogs. Antioxidants, amino acids and
more. Hand baked with fresh garlic, real chicken, and other
savory ingredients for a taste and smell that drive dogs crazy!
Trans Fat Free! Perfect during & after workouts, traveling,
post surgery, any time a quick nutritional and energy boost
Each moist little morsel is packed with the allnatural taste of premium chicken, salmon, peanut
butter, or wild rabbit. All flavors contain an optimal
balance of vitamins and minerals to keep your dog
healthy and happy!
6 oz.
16 oz.
$5.32 - 6.99
$12.74 - 15.99
Bully Sticks
Elk Antler Chew
Also known as Pizzle Sticks or Steer Sticks. They last a long time, digest easily & are
100% natural beef chew. Limit of 3 per order.
Longest lasting chews available on the market. Won’t splinter like other hard chews.
Great for healthy teeth & gums. 100% natural source of over 40 essential nutrients.
Each piece varies in shape.
6-7” Bully Sticks
10-12” Bully Sticks
4 Inch Split
8 Inch Whole
K9 Go Dog
3 Cycle Breed Kit Includes:
• 6 Gloves • 6 End Cones
• 3 Centrifuge Tubes
• 3 - 20cc Syringes
• 3 Insemination Tubes
Made from over 90% of salmon, duck, or organic chicken. All-natural ingredients, fortified
with antioxidant vitamins, proteinated zinc, and glucosamine. No artificial colors, flavors,
synthetic preservatives or genetically modified organisms. 16 oz. Available in Organic
Chicken, Duck, and Salmon.
400+ mini bites in every package are packed with Omega-3s
and nutritious protein support for stronger muscles to help
maintain your dog’s endurance and health. No fillers, glycols,
salts or sugars. Includes healthy long chain Omega-3 fatty
acids from wild Alaskan salmon to provide essential health
and immune system support.
1.5 lb
We strongly recommend that you purchase our AI DVD if you are not familiar
with performing artificial insemination. 3 Cycle Small Breed kit shown. Small kits
are not suggested for use on dogs under 10 lbs. More photos online. leerburg.
Salmon Fillet Treats
Crunchy Training Treats
K9 Joint Strong
2 lbs
Plato Smart
Dog Treats
Made from fresh, high quality ingredients. No
corn, soy or beet pulp. 60% fresh meat. All-natural.
Prepared & packaged without oxygen allowing
it to remain fresh at room temp. No artificial
preservatives. Refrigerate after opening. leerburg.
$5.45 each
$10.65 each
Small to Medium Dogs
Large to XLarge Dogs
The largest dog training web site on the internet - over 17,500 pages!
The Honest Kitchen provides natural
& organic pet food products that
promote nutritional awareness,
environmental responsibility, and a
sustainable community. Operated
with foresight, thoughtfulness, insight
and integrity, and will be accountable
for all that we do. Their selection of
fresh wholesome, human grade foods
are much better than the cooked
mixture of by-products, fillers and
other processed ingredients being
served to many unfortunate pets,
day after day.
Seven completely gluten-free, grain-free diets for dogs are available. All
products are 100% wheat free. All grains are certified organic. Meats are
hormone, antibiotic free and our fruits and vegetables are guaranteed non
GMO. Quinoa is certified fair-trade. One cup of dehydrated food will hydrate
to make about 1 lb. of fresh food. A 10 lb. size holds about 43 dry-cups and
makes about 43 lbs. of fresh food.
Perfect Form. [For Loose Stool]
Grand Flex
99.3% Glucosamine 1.875 lbs.
99.3% Glucosamine 3.75 lbs.
Yucca Intensive
2 fl. oz.
Kelp Powder
1 lb.
Alfalfa Powder
1 lb. #36
Calm & Relax
1 fl. oz.
Aller’G Free
100 Capsules
Yeast & Fungal D’Tox 1 fl. oz.
Super C 2000
16 oz.
Mega Pet Daily
180 Capsules
Vita E
100 Softgels
MSM100 Capsules
Digest Zymez
100 Capsules
2.5 lbs.
Organic Neem Spray 8 fl. oz.
1 fl. oz.
Giardia & Parasitic D’Tox
1 fl. oz.
Garlic Daily Aid
180 Softgels
Hormone-free chicken, organic flaxseed, potatoes,
celery, cabbage, sweet potatoes, zucchini, green
beans, apples, honey, organic kelp, bananas, papayas,
pumpkin, basil, & garlic. Force is formulated for Adult
Maintenance and is grain-free.
$56.83 For more information on Health Care Products and
Animal Diets, please visit our web site at:
All natural, human edible ingredients including
dehydrated USDA turkey, certified organic oats,
potatoes, certified organic flax, carrots, cabbage,
apples, certified organic kelp, honey and garlic, plus
vitamins and minerals without any by-products,
chemical preservatives or fillers.
4 lb. Box #Keen-4R
10 lb. Box #Keen-R
4 lb. Box #Thrive-4R
10 lb. Box #Thrive-R
715. 235. 8868
Supplement for curbing Coprophagia (eating poop). Needs
to be given every day for at least 2 weeks before you will
see results and will need to remain a regular part of your
dog’s daily diet. If you have a multiple dog household, this
will need to be given to all dogs in order to be effective.
3.5 oz.
[email protected]
Probiotic Powder
Dogs are exposed to many stresses that can result in lack
of appetite, diarrhea and other intestinal upsets. Probiotic
helps the intestinal tract.
240g Probiotic Powder
5 lbs Probiotic Powder
Glucosamine Complex
For dogs with minor ear irritation. Begin by cleaning the
inside of the ear canal and the outside part of the ear
with apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball. Apply Ear Care to
infected ear 2 or 3 times per day. If the condition does not
improve within a week, consult your veterinarian. leerburg.
Helps reduce symptoms associated with arthritis, hip
dysplasia, and articular joint pain. Aids in rejuvenation of
joint health and stimulates the production of synovial fluid.
Helps to rebuild and rehabilitates damaged cartilage and
reduces relevant future deterioration of cartilage. 8 fl. oz.
1 fl. oz.
8 fl. oz.
Ear Care
with Comfrey
A combination remedy for crisis use. Restore emotional
balance whenever your pet is under pressure: visits to the
vet or groomer, stress caused by loud noises, excessive
barking or hissing caused by stress, after a shock, a fright
or mistreatment, any emotional crisis.
#47-32 $35.99
Stop Eating Poop
Flea Free
Rescue Remedy
Dehydrated USDA chicken, quinoa, sweet potatoes,
spinach, parsley, kelp, vitamins & minerals. Quinoa is
a grain that is gluten-free and loaded with protein and
amino acids. Thrive is formulated for All Life Stages
including puppies, pregnancy, lactation, and seniors.
715. 235. 6502
Thrive. [With Grains]
Organic rye, USDA beef, organic oats, organic flaxseed,
carrots, potatoes, eggs, spinach, apples, parsley, &
cranberries. Formulated for Adult Maintenance and is
suited to moderately active or senior dogs, when fed
32 oz.
64 oz.
Force. [Grain Free]
4 lb. Box #Force-4R
10 lb. Box #Force-R
Salmon Oil
I use this in my own kennel. My dogs love it. I have dogs
that will spit a gel cap out. These same dogs love this
salmon oil. It’s an excellent all-natural source of OMEGA-3
and OMEGA-6 fatty acids. It’s easier than capsules for a
puppy to swallow.
Keen. [Low Gluten]
Verve. [With Grains]
4 lb. Box #Embark-4R
10 lb. Box #Embark-R
3 lb. Box
7 lb. Box
Ideal for active adult dogs and puppies of all breeds
and sizes. Dehydrated beef, sweet potatoes, organic
flaxseed, organic coconut, parsely, dandelion greens,
papaya, cranberries, pumpkin, chard, potatoes, honey,
vitamins and minerals.
4 lb. Box #Verve-4R
10 lb. Box #Verve-R
Hormone-free turkey, organic flaxseed, potatoes,
celery, spinach, carrots, coconut, apples, organic
kelp, eggs, bananas, & cranberries. Embark is a grainfree recipe formulated for All Life Stages including
pregnancy, lactation & growth, as well as Adult
Maintenance in more active dogs.
Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, green peas, cabbage,
celery, apples, spinach, kelp, coconut, bananas, honey,
vitamins & minerals. Preference is formulated for dogs
who are sensitive to more popular meats; exotic meats,
fish or alternative protein sources may be used as
Love. [Beef, Grain Free]
4 lb. Box #Love-4R
10 lb. Box #Love-R
Embark. [Grain Free]
Preference. [Meat Free, Grain Free]
Perfect Form is a supplement to support the normal
healthy functioning of your pet’s digestive tract.
Combats gas, facilitates regularity, firms up loose
stool, soothes & protects the GI Tract. Intended as
a supplement to a wholesome, natural diet, not an
alternative to it.
5.5 oz.
Flea Free ingredients contain over 200 vitamins, minerals,
amino acids and enzymes. When used as directed, Flea Free
Food Supplement works in the blood keeping insects from
biting. It promotes a moist, luxurious coat, helps to prevent
dry, itchy skin even during winter months. Recommended
for use in diet year round.
16 oz.
32 oz.
The largest dog training web site on the internet - over 17,500 pages!
Herbs for Dogs
Traumeel is a safe and effective doctor recommended
medicine formulated with 14 active ingredients that
work together to provide relief of minor aches and pains
associated with sports injuries, joint pain, & bruises.
With rare side effects, Traumeel is a safe and versatile
medication for all ages.
100 Tablets | 300 mg #65
Herbsmith brings the wisdom & effectiveness of ancient Chinese medicinal formulas to
your dog. Crafted & modified through nearly two decades of veterinary clinical practice,
Herbsmith delivers therapeutic results without the negative side effects associated
with Western medicine. More info available online at
Clear AllerQi
Zeel is effective in relieving symptoms of mild to
moderate osteoarthritis. It helps lessen pain and
stiffness while improving the functioning of joints and
cartilage. With an extremely low incidence of side
effects, Zeel is a safe and versatile medication. leerburg.
100 Tablets | 300 mg #66
90 Tablets
270 Tablets
Sound Dog Viscosity is a veterinarian developed,
glucosamine-based formula that aids in joint support by
maintaining the normal viscosity of joint fluid. Use with
Herbsmith Soothe Joints or Herbsmith Comfort Aches
for optimal joint care.
715. 235. 6502
60 Count #71-1
120 Count #71-2
Return the item by UPS or FedEx to:
Leerburg Enterprises
1320 Meadow Hill Dr.
Menomonie, WI 54751
Speeds healing and resolves pain. Keep a bottle on hand for everyday or occasional
soreness. Fast-acting pain relief. Reduces swelling and discomfort.
Leerburg International Return Instructions
All return policies are the same for international customers. Shipping rates are the responsibility of the customer.
Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.
Supports the athletic nature of the dog and prevents fatigue in the canine athlete.
Maintains energy through long show seasons. Naturally increases energy level.
90 Tablets
Milk Thistle
Herbsmith Sound Dog
Viscosity Chews
Large Chews
Comfort Ache
90 Tablets
1 oz
Maximizes the body’s defenses for the dog with a compromised immune system.
Boosts the dog’s immunity. Raises the level of energy. Maximizes defenses.
A natural herbal formula designed to help animals
overcome the deadly disease PARVO and other
gastrointestinal ailments.
Organically grown and freshly ground, Herbsmith Milk Thistle is a natural alternative
to support a healthy liver.
75g Powder
500g Powder
A combination of probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and herbs supporting
proper digestion and bowel health.
60 count
120 count
When purchasing any product from Leerburg Enterprises, Inc. it is understood that any and all products sold by Leerburg Enterprises, Inc. are sold in Dunn County
Wisconsin, USA. Any and all legal action taken against Leerburg Enterprises, Inc. concerning the purchase or use of these products must take place in Dunn County,
Wisconsin. If customers do not agree with this policy they should not purchase Leerburg Enterprises Inc. products.
Dog Training is never without risk of injury. Do not use any of the products sold by Leerburg Enterprises, Inc. without consulting a local professional. The training
methods shown in the Leerburg Enterprises Inc. DVDs are meant to be used with a local instructor or trainer. Leerburg Enterprises, Inc. cannot be held responsible
for accidents or injuries to humans and/or animals.
Our DVDs are DVD-Rs are Region Free. We guarantee that our videos will arrive in good condition. If they are damaged or if the duplication is poor, we will gladly replace
the video with a new copy of the video within 3 months of the date of purchase. Because of the nature of the video business, we do not refund money or substitute
a different video for a returned video.
Overseas Customers. All Leerburg® DVDs are Region Free and are in the NTSC format. If you are outside of the United States, check your DVD player manual to see if it
can play NTSC DVDs. Most new European players can.
Warning: No toy is 100% indestructible. It is unrealistic to expect that from any toy. The toys that we sell at Leerburg are the best quality and most durable that we
have found. Always supervise your dog when playing with toys. Periodically inspect all toys for damage. Do not allow your dog to continue to play with a damaged or
broken toy. Some dogs should never have toys. All toys available at
On the Cover
Microflora Plus
This year’s cover contains a photo from Leerburg’s 2014 Photo Contest. Thank you to all that participated in this year’s contest! See all entries at
*Prices are subject to change.
*Colors may vary from actual photos.
Scan This QR Code
Use your smart phone or tablet to scan these codes to take you directly to our website! You will need to
download an app to scan this. There are many different versions of these apps available for free. Scan this
QR Code to visit
715. 235. 8868
Please include the return form from OR include your name and address along with a short explanation of why you are returning the
item and if you would like to exchange the item or receive a refund. You do not need an RMA number to return an item, you can just ship it back. You have up to 30
days from the day your order was delivered to make a return for a refund. Item must be in new condition. Item must be clean and not altered in anyway. Custom
made and special order items cannot be returned or exchanged. Return shipping is free if you are exchanging the product. Returns are processed within 5-10 business
days. Your refund will be credited back to you at that time. If the Item being returned is not in new condition it will be returned to you and no refund will be issued.
Return addresses are as follows:
Return the item by USPS (post office) to:
Leerburg Enterprises Inc
Attn: Returns
PO Box 218
Menomonie, WI 54751
Support Immunity
Formerly Parvaid
If you plan to return an item...
90 Tablets
270 Tablets
90 Tablets
270 Tablets
500g Powder
Orders are delivered by FedEx or USPS. Second day and Overnight orders that are ordered before 12:30 PM CT are shipped the same day. We can only ship Overnight
and Second Day in the United States. Some special items may have extra shipping fees, please see product web pages for more information. Please visit us at leerburg.
com/order.htm for shipping information.
You are responsible for all return shipping charges. Once we ensure the item was returned in new condition, we will credit you back the purchase price of the product
that was returned. For your protection we do not keep card information on file, if you would like a refund you will have to contact us with the card number and
expiration date. The refund can only be put back on the same card used for your purchase. We cannot credit a different card or issue a different form of payment. This
is to protect both our customers and ourselves from fraud, therefore there are no exceptions to this policy. If you choose a credit instead of a refund,
we will email you with the amount of the credit that is placed on your account for future use. If you would like to exchange for a different item, Include the product
name in a note along with the price difference (if any) or fill out the return form. If we are not contacted within 30 days with your card information you will be given
a Leerburg Credit which we will email to you and is good on your next purchase.
For the anxious dog who may be shy, clingy, thunderphobic, have fear aggression or
separation anxiety. All-natural, sedative-free formula.
1 oz
Leerburg Domestic Return Instructions - United States and Puerto Rico
Calm Shen
A special combination of herbs demonstrated to
enhance immunity through natural antibiotic,
antioxidant and microscopic parasitical activities.
Soothe Joints
Relieves chronic joint pain and restores pain-free movement. Restores normal
movement. Complementary and compatible with glucosamine.
Vibactra Plus
Our web site features all of our products. You may purchase any of our products online by clicking on
the product’s BUY NOW button. Ordering from us online is simple, easy, and secure.
Items that we cannot refund or exchange include:
● Food, Treats,Supplements, and Nosework Kits & Refills - For safety reasons these items cannot be returned or exchanged.
● DVDs - Due to the nature of the video/DVD business we do not refund money for DVDs we will not substitute one title DVD for a different title DVD.
● Video on Demand Streaming Videos (LOD)
● Books
● Crates
● AI Kits
● Clearance and discounted items
Naturally resolves itching, reduces reddened skin and minimizes the allergic response.
Resolves allergies without harmful side effects.
90 Tablets 270 Tablets
150g Powder
500g Powder
Order Anytime!
[email protected]
The largest dog training web site on the internet - over 17,500 pages!
Leerburg Enterprises Inc.
P.O. Box 218
Menomonie, WI 54751
A. Leerburg Sweatshirt
We recommend purchasing one size larger than
normal. The Leerburg sweatshirt is made of 50%
cotton and 50% polyester. Preshrunk. Available in
sizes small to 2xlarge. Available in Gray/Orange and
Small - 2XLarge
B. Leerburg Cool Dri Long Sleeve Shirt
Provides all the comfort of the classic tee with a moisture-wicking bonus. For
the outdoors, the shirt also features a UPF 50+ rating for UV protection. Tag-free
label. Contemporary fit. Made with quick-drying 4-oz 100% polyester interlock
jersey, featuring a silky-smooth hand.
Small - XLarge
Leerburg T-Shirts
Made of 4.5-oz 100% ringspun cotton material with an airy, weightless feel.
With the purchase of a Leerburg Military T-Shirt, we will donate 5% of your total
purchase to the Wounded Warrior Project.
C. Gray with Orange Logo
Small - 3XLarge
D. Black with Pink Logo
Small - 3XLarge
E. White with Black Logo
Small - XLarge
F. Military Green with Black Logo Small - XLarge
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