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Road Manager/Technical Director:
The following Artist Contract Rider must be agreed upon and signed by
both parties before the agreement between STRINGFEVER (Artist) and
Purchaser can be approved.
1. No performance shall be recorded, reproduced or transmitted from
the place of the performance, in any manner or by any means unless
specifically agreed to in writing.
2. It is understood by the purchaser that neither the Federation or the
Local Union are parties to this contract.
Purchaser agrees that Artist can cancel the engagement hereunder,
at Artist’s sole discretion by giving purchaser notice in writing at least
30 days prior to the event date.
4. FORCE MAJEURE: Artist’s obligations to furnish the services
hereunder shall be subject to the detention or prevention by sickness,
inability to perform, accident, means of transportation, act of God,
riots, labor difficulties, epidemics, and any other act or order of any
public authority or any cause, similar or dissimilar, beyond Artist’s
-2Provided Artist is ready, willing and able to perform, Purchaser
agrees to compensate Artist in accordance with the terms hereof
regardless of Act of God, fire accident, riot, strikes, labor difficulties,
epidemics and or order of any public authority or any cause, similar or
dissimilar, beyond artist’s control.
Inclement weather shall not be deemed to be a force majeure
occurrence and the purchaser shall remain liable for payment of the
full contract price even if the performance (s) called for herein are
prevented by such weather conditions. Artist shall have the sole right
to determine in good faith whether any such weather conditions shall
render the performance(s) impossible, hazardous or unsafe.
5. CONTROL OF PRODUCTION: Artist shall have the sole and
exclusive control over the production, presentation and performance
of the show. It is understood and agreed that a representative of the
Artist shall have the sole and absolute authority in directing personnel
operating all lighting and sound equipment during both rehearsal and
said performance(s).
6. The purchaser shall not commit the Artist to any interviews,
personal appearances or any type of promotional appearances
without prior written approval from their management.
7. PURCHASER LIABILITY: Except as otherwise specifically
provided, Purchaser hereby assumes full liabilty and responsibility for
the payment of any and all costs, expenses, charges , claims, losses,
liabilities and damages related to or based upon the presentation or
production of the show in which Artist is to appear.
8. It is understood and agreed that the contract may not be changed,
modified or altered except by an instrument in writing.
9. INDEMNIFICATION: Purchaser agrees to indemnify and hold
harmless Artists and their employees, contractors and/or agents from
and against any claims, costs, expenses, damages, liabilities, losses
or judgements arising out of, or in connection with, any claim,
demand or action made by any third party, if such are sustained as a
direct or indirect consequence of the engagement.
-310. TAXES: Artist is hired as an outside contractor and as such
Purchaser shall hold Artist harmless of and from any and all taxes,
fees, dues and the like relating to the engagement hereunder and the
sums payable to Artist shall be free of such taxes, fees, dues and the
11. MERCHANDISING: Purchaser agrees that Artist shall have the
sole and exclusive right to the sale of CD’s; tapes and souvenirs at
this performance.
Stringfever will supply
Rack containing 4 Sennheiser wireless instrument receivers and four
line6 podxt pro effects units and a Mackie 1202 mixer, from which
they create their own instrument mix and send this to the Main FOH
system via XLR outputs on their desk
Stringfever will require
Space on the side of the stage (preferably in the wings, stage right) to
house the rack. Power required: 1 x 120v AC power socket.
1 x Bar stool (no arms)
Stage size minimum: 16ft x 8ft
2 x hand held Radio microphones and one Shure SM58 for beat box
one on a straight stand and two on boom stands
1 x cable microphone situated at the FOH console for communication
1 x cable microphone at side stage as a spare
Four identical stage monitors all with the same monitor mix
-4FOH Sound System
A professional sound system of the highest possible standard (eg
L’Acoustic, D&B audiotec, Meyer, Nexo is preferred) including sub
bass, capable of achieving clear, full-range sound coverage across
the whole venue
A minimum of 36K lighting rig with at least 8 control channels.
2 follow spots with operator (very important)
Crew consisting of one house sound engineer and one house lighting
engineer must be available to assist STRINGFEVER with the sound
and light equipment. Stringfever do travel with their own sound
Purchaser to provide and pay for five non-smoking king size hotel
rooms at a three star hotel or above.
2. TRAVEL: (if this is part of the negotiated contract)
Purchaser to provide and pay for five R/T airfare (preferably business
class for long flights)
All local ground transportation to be provided by purchaser.
A policy of public liability and property damage insurance naming
STRINGFEVER, and their officers, agents and employees individually
and collectively, as additional insureds therein in an amount not less
than One Million Dollars for each event and three million general
Lockable dressing room(s) with space for five people
Hot and cold running water
AC power
Hanging rail with clothes hangers
Steam iron and ironing board
6 towels
Dinner for up to 5 people to be provided on day of show or
negotiated buy-out
6. STRINGFEVER Dressing room Hospitality:
Facilities for tea and coffee
1 carton of orange juice
10 bottles of mineral water eg: Evian/Volvic (for performance)
Minimum of 14 bottles of beer, dry red and white wine (after
Selection of vegetarian snack foods, sandwiches
Accepted & Agreed to:
___________________ Date_____________
___________________ Date_____________
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