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14" Stereo Remote Color Monitor/Receiver
• 14" Real Flat™ dark glass picture tube
• dbx® stereo sound system
• QuadraSurf™ Universal TV/VCR/CBL Remote
• Front stereo A/V-headphone jacks
• Gold-plated rear stereo A/V jack panel with S-Video input
• Incredible Surround™
• AutoPicture™
• AutoSound Plus™
• AutoMute™
• AutoLock™
14" Stereo Remote Color Monitor/Receiver
14" Dark Glass Real Flat™ Picture Tube
Enjoy a picture so good that it’s like looking through a window. Real Flat
provides a non-distorted picture quality from any angle.Thanks to its flatter
screen and the fact there are no rounded corners, light reflection is decreased
considerably offering improved contrast ratio.
Comb Filter
Leading the innovation curve, Philps introduces unique R-Y, B-Y Bimos
circuitry that offers high picture performance and superb clarity.
Video DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction)
Break the "grainy"picture syndrome with Video DNR. Enjoy much smoother
picture texture, especially in weak signal areas.
Instantly optimises brightness, contrast, color, tint, and sharpness settings
enhancing enjoyment of video games, sports, movies, or weak signals.
Black Stretch
Special circuitry enhances the darker portions of the picture for added
realism and overall picture quality.
3-Position Color Temperature
Customize picture to your personal flesh-tone preference with cool, normal,
and warm color temperature settings.
Auto Sound Plus™
Instantly optimize sound to satisfy any program situation. Select from one of
four factory settings including movies, music, voice, or personal with a variety
of combination of ultra bass, treble, and automatic volume levelling to suit
any taste.
Incredible Surround™
An exciting psycho-acoustic method of widening the stereo spatial image for
full-impact home entertainment.
Tone Controls
Customize listening experience to personal taste through separate onscreen
Bass,Treble, and Balance controls.
Audio/Video Jack Panel
Gold-Plated Rear Stereo A/V Jack Panel wit S-Video Input
High resolution inputs for DVD,VCR, Satellite and Video games through the
S-Video connection. Gold-plated jacks including audio outputs make adding a
surround sound receiver easy!
Remote Control
QuadraSurf™ TV/VCR/CBL Universal Remote
Controls all features of this TV with direct menu access including
QuadraSurf™, Incredible Surround™, onscreen clock, menu display, and direct
channel access. It also activates AutoSound™, AutoPicture™, AutoMute™,
alternate channel, closed caption, daily alarm, status/exit, programmable scan
tuning, volume, 240-minute sleep timer, and power on/off. In addition, this
remote controls all important operating features of virtually all VCRs, most
brands of DVD Video players, virtually all brands of DBS receivers, and on/off
as well as channel functions of most cable converters. (Remote RCLU012/01)
Front A/V Jacks
For fast, easy connection of external video sources (VCR, camcorder or video
games) nothing beats front audio/video input jacks.
Front Headphone Jack
Enjoy your favorite movie, music video or video game or surf the Net with
headphone privacy.
Automatically activates closed-captioning when the MUTE button is pressed.
Protect your children from harmful programming with V-chip technology
based on the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the network
television rating systems.
Sleep Timer
Activate this feature and the TV automatically turns off at a preset time of up
to 240 minutes, programmed in 15-minute and 1-hour increments.
Additional features include:
181-channel capability
Cable/normal select
Mono/stereo/SAP select
Channel edit
Dual 5" oval, full-range speakers
UPC: 0 37849 91094 8
Product Dimension: 17.5" W x 14.1" H x 15.9" D
Product weight: 28.7 lbs
Carton dimensions: 28.5" W x 24.3" H x 24.0" D
Carton weight: 33 lbs
Master pack: 1
Carton contains: 14" Stereo Remote Color Monitor/Receiver, QuadraSurf™
Universal TV/VCR/CBL Remote Control w/Batteries, Operating Instructions,
Warranty Information.
AutoPicture, AutoLock, Auto Sound Plus, QuadraSurf and Incredible Surround are trademarks of Philips Consumer Electronics
Printed in the U.S.A.
®2001 Philips Consumer Electronics Co.
A Division of Philips Electronics North America Corp.
Philips Design Singapore, Philips Consumer Electronics Co.
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This television receiver provides display of television closed captioning in accordance with
§15.119 of the FCC rules
1 Lines per picture width. 600 based on EIA measurement procedures.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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