21PV385/01 Philips TV

21PV385/01 Philips TV
TV - VCR Combi
53 cm (21")
A large screen TV/Video
Combi with Teletext
An affordable luxury
Best Picture
• Digital Studio Picture Control optimizes playback picture
• Plays tapes recorded in NTSC on your PAL TV
• Smart Picture provides personalized image settings
Great convenience
• The Teletext provides a rich source of information
• VPS/ PDC records a TV program precisely from start to end
• Front A/V Connectors mean no crawling behind the set
Record your favourite programmes
• One Touch Recording
• Record Link enables recording from external sources
TV - VCR Combi
53 cm (21")
• Screen format adjustments: 4:3
• Size (inch): 21 inch
• Number of Preset Channels: 099
• Tuner bands: Hyperband, S-Channel, UHF, VHF
• TV system: PAL B/G
• Sound System: Mono
• Number of Loudspeakers: 1
Video Recording
• Ext 1 Scart: Audio L/R, CVBS in/out
• Front / Side connections: Audio in, Video in
• Headphone: 3.5 mm
Child Protection: Child Lock
Clock: Smart Clock
Comfort: Sleep timer
Ease of Installation: Autosearch
OSD Languages: Dutch, English, French, German,
Italian, Spanish, Swedish
Programmable Events: 8
Programming Period: 12 month
Programming/Timer Enhancements: Daily/Weekly
Repeat Program, Manual Timer, One Touch
Recording, VPS/PDC recording control
Teletext: 1 page Teletext
• Recording system: PAL
• Tape speeds: LP, SP
Video Playback
• Number of Video Heads: 2
• Playback enhancement: Digital Studio Picture
Control, Studio Tracking System
• Rewinding Time E-180: 240 s
• Video tape playback system: NTSC, PAL
• Head Cleaner: Auto
Audio Playback
• Number of Audio Heads: 1 Linear
• Batteries: 2 size AA
• Remote control: Zappa
• User Manual
• Set dimensions (W x H x D): 510 x 512 x 495 mm
• Set weight: 20,6 kg
• Mains power: AC 220 - 240 V +/- 10%
Digital Studio Picture Control
Digital Studio Picture Control optimizes playback
NTSC Playback
Plays tapes recorded in NTSC on your PAL TV
Smart Picture
Smart Picture provides the optimum picture settings
for color, brightness, saturation, contrast, sharpness,
and so on, to enhance your overall viewing
experience at all times.
The Teletext is a communication system transmitted
by most broadcasters in Europe, which contains a
rich variety of information. This information can only
be viewed by a set equipped with a Teletext
With ’VPS’ (Video Programming System) and ’PDC’
(Program Delivery Control), the TV station controls
the beginning and the length of the programmed
recording. This means that your recording device
switches itself on and off at the right time even if a
TV program you have programmed begins earlier or
finishes later than expected.
Front A/V Connectors
Front A/V Connectors mean no crawling behind the
One Touch Recording
Simply pressing the REC/OTR key will start a
recording. If ‘Direct Record’* is activated, the (DVD)
Video Recorder will automatically look up the
channel to which the TV set is tuned and record
from the same channel.* available in Europe only.
Record Link
When you want to record a programme from your
satellite receiver or any other external device just
activate the "Record Link", put the set in standby and
programme the desired timer on your satellite
receiver. Upon activation of the satellite receiver,
the set will start the recording simultaneously.
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