I. General Requirements
A. Furnish and install ( ) low pressure packaged cast iron sectional boiler(s) that
operate under natural draft.
B. Install boiler-burner unit(s) in compliance with manufacturers installation instructions.
All work must be done in a neat and workman-like manner.
C. Weil-McLain qty.( ) CG ( ) PIDN, ( )SPDN or ( ) SPDL boiler(s) capable of burning
natural gas at 5 to 13”w.c. or propane 11 to 13” W.C. inlet pressure.
1. Packaged boiler (standard).
2. Natural or propane gas fired.
3. Water.
4. Minimum 81% efficiency.
5. Natural draft.
D. Boiler(s) shall have I=B=R Hydronics Institute gross output(s) at 100% firing rate –
( ) MBH per boiler.
E. Boiler(s) shall be manufactured by ISO 9001 registered company to conform to
Section IV of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.
1. Individual sections (and section assembly) to be hydrostatically pressure tested
at factory in accordance with ASME requirements.
2. Maximum allowable working pressure 50 PSIG water and cast as part of
section with ASME symbol.
F. Regulatory Requirements
1. Boiler(s) and controls to comply with applicable regulations.
G. Submittals
1. Submit shop drawings and product data.
2. Submittal packet to include boiler (and burner) manufacturer descriptive
literature, installation instructions, operating instructions, and maintenance
Acceptable boiler/burner manufacturer(s) include(s):
1. Weil-McLain only, as specified in Part 1, Paragraph C.
2. Other manufacturer(s) or other Weil-McLain boiler(s) must comply with
specifying engineer’s requirements, including:
a) Full intent of these specifications, and provide complete submittal
including literature, wiring diagrams, fuel piping diagrams, and a list of
similar installations.
b) Submittal to be presented to specifying engineer at least seven
working days for approval before bid opening. Substitutions are not
permitted after contract is awarded.
c) Energy Management Control System(s) must be tested and approved
for installation with specified boiler by boiler manufacturer.
Boiler construction
1. Boiler sections
a) Assembled with tie rods.
b) Parallel ground sealed with high temperature silicone sealant to assure
permanent gas-tight seal.
c) Sealed water-tight by elastomer sealing rings, not cast iron nipples. Each
port opening is machined to accept elastomer sealing rings between
d) Provided with sufficient tappings to install required controls.
1 Provided with cast-in air elimination to separate air from circulating water.
2 Provided with expansion tank tapping to divert separated air to expansion
3 Constructed to provide balanced water flow through entire section
assembly using single supply and return connections for water. No external
headers are necessary.
4 Designed with a low silhouette to provide maximum headroom.
5 Elastomer sealing rings are to be used to provide permanent water-tight
seal between sections. Unlike cast iron or steel push nipples, the elasticity
of the seals fills any gaps caused by misalignment or expansion or
6 Constructed with stainless steel burner tubes.
7 Shipped with insulated heavy gauge steel jacket(s) with durable powdered
paint enamel finish. Jacket shall have two piece top panel for easier
Boiler foundation(s):
Installer to construct needed support and level concrete foundation(s) where
boiler room floor is uneven or will not support the weight of the boiler(s).
Boiler trim:
1. All electrical components to be of high quality and bear the UL label.
a) Water boiler(s) controls furnished:
1) High temperature limit setting to be 140 – 240 degrees.
2) Combination pressure-temperature gauge with dial clearly marked
and easy to read, installed with well for removal without draining the
3) ASME certified pressure relief valve, set to relieve at 30 PSIG.
Optional relief valves available up to and including maximum
allowable pressure. Side outlet discharge type; contractor to pipe
outlet to floor drain or near floor, avoiding any area where freezing
could occur.
4) Integrated spark module for vent damper control, with indicator lights
for easy troubleshooting (PI models only).
Boiler Manuals:
1. Boiler manual.
2. Gas control supplement
3. User’s information manual.
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