IQ8Control C Fire Alarm Panel

IQ8Control C Fire Alarm Panel
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IQ8Control C Fire Alarm Panel
• State-of-the-art processor technology
• Maximum cable length for esserbus ®: 3,500m
• Graphics supported, high performance
programming tool
• Innovative alarm signalling by means of
new IQ8Quad detector generation
• Supports IQ8Wireless Radio Technology and
IQ8Quad detectors with alarm devices
• A maximum of 31 control panels can
be networked via essernet (500k baud)
• Up to two esserbus loops, which can be
extended by spurs
• Micro modules compatible both for System
8000 and IQ8Control
• Modular space saving design
compact, flexible and future-proof
The IQ8Control C fire alarm panel
complies with the highest security
requirements for complex detection
purposes and reliable technology
standards. As an all-rounder within
the market segment for automatic
fire protection in small and mediumsize premises, the control panel is
provided with multiple features such
as compact dimensions, a broad
functional range and multiple expansion options as well as an excellent
cost/performance ratio.
The IQ8Control C is completely compatible to the fire alarm system 8000
control panels. The modular design
allows flexible and user friendly integration of various modules, which
together from one unit. Each system
extension and the emergency power
supply can be adjusted to suit
advanced require
The economic fire detection solution:
ments by adding one or more modules. Both features ensure individual
planning and guarantee a future-proof solution in the domain of fire alarm
technology. If required, the control panel software can be replaced by an
upgrade version via PC.
Professional loop technology ensures economic efficiency even for
small applications
The IQ8Control C fire alarm panel is designed in compliance with high performance loop technology. The esserbus is a short and open circuit
resilient loop, offering highest operational reliability as well as cost saving
installation options on account of reduced wiring through combined loop
and spur topologies. All single-criterion and multi-criteria detectors
can be connected via the esserbus - this includes everything from Series
9000 standard fire detectors to Series 9200 intelligent fire detectors and
IQ8Quad detectors.
esserbus® transponder
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IQ8Control C Fire Alarm Panel
Flexibility and reliability within the
loop structure
The esserbus® allows a combined
loop and spur structure with a maximum length of 3.5km. Up to 127
bus devices can be divided in up to
127 detector zones, which guarantees a high degree of planning and
application flexibility. Each IQ8Quad
detector is supplied with isolators,
while other bus devices can be
optionally provided with isolators.
Thus, each bus device remains
operative in case of wire break or
short circuit. Only the corresponding
part of the loop located between the
affected bus devices with isolators is
The esserbus® transponders are bus
devices with freely programmable
inputs and outputs for controlling
and monitoring external devices or
for connecting special detectors.
Sensors integrated in single detectors
within the esserbus system are subject
to manual or time-related activation
/deactivation. The esserbus® is suitable for transmitting alarm, fault and
maintenance signals. In addition,
each detector's position within the bus
system can be allocated when
viewing the corresponding text display.
Logged security
Each event is logged by the IQ8Control C fire alarm panel in second intervals. A maximum of 10,000 events can be verified at any time and subsequently read out via an optional printer connection within the control panel
or via the tools 8000 programming software. The information can then be
stored on a data carrier if required.
Within the essernet® system up to 31 devices such as control panels, indicating and operating panels, gateways as well as user file depositories can
be networked irrespective of hierarchical levels. Events and reports are
available for all devices when connected to the essernet.
Easy installation and operation
The tools 8000 service and programming software package guarantees
fast and simple commissioning. The settings are programmed directly at
the control panel via a PC / laptop.
Only essential information is displayed, which considerably facilitates
system operations. When connected to the essernet®, decentralised operation is also possible. Optionally, alarm and status information can be displayed via single zone
indicators at the control
panel, via decentralised
graphic layout panels
or plain text displays.
It might as well be
printed out using
remote printers or the
printer integrated in the
control panel.
FAP 8008
external devices
IQ8Control M
OEC-c onverter
Loop length max. 1 km each
(with repeater max. 3 km)
IQ8Control C
Loop length max. 2 km
Management system
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Innovative alarm signalling and
Innovative integration for optical and
acoustic signalling devices, which
are consistently installed via the
powered loop network, is ensured by
bus supplied alarm signalling
devices and the IQ8Control C fire
alarm panel. Thus, the IQ8Control C
fire alarm panel and the IQ8Quad fire
detectors provide an economic solution by means of minimised installation expenses.
All addressable alarm signalling
devices comply with EN 54-3. They
support alarm tones in compliance
with DIN 33404-3 and another 18
international alarm tones with a
standard sound pressures of up to
96 dB (A).
Trouble-free radio technology
When connecting radio communication devices to the IQ8Control C fire
alarm control panel, all devices
remain individually addressable as
usual and the whole functional range
is maintained while each radio communication device is allocated only
one address. For planning purposes
and commissioning, the tools 8000
programming software package is
implemented. When using the software solution, the respective field
strength can be measured. Automatically generated frequency modifications secure trouble-free communication between the radio
communication devices. In terms of
system expansion, the radio communication devices serve as an ideal
solution for maintaining unrestricted
functionality of all previous installations and further features can be
added to the functional range.
IQ8Control C
esserbus® transponder
esserbus® transponder
loop 1
loop 2
The IQ8Quad detector with integrated alarm signalling devices and
its key features:
external power supply unit for the signalling devices is not required
· an
sounder and speech alarm device can be individually controlled
· flasher,
with the whole functional range
· alarm signalling
devices are automatically synchronised
Wireless transponder
12V DC
loop length max. 2 km
IQ8Control C
A variety of operating panel fronts: optimum solution for providers
and fire services
The wide range of operating panel fronts offers the an optimum solution for
all requirements set up by the providers and fire services. Therefore, it
perfectly bridges the
gap between man and
The operating panel
fronts are available in
various languages.
Each text is displayed
in the respective language on the standard
display or the 1/4-VGA
graphics display.
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Arrangement of the devices:
Dimensions (mm)
Basis card,
power supply card
analog ring loop
Mains voltage:
Mains frequency
Rated voltage:
Quiescent current:
Rated current:
Emergency power supply:
Current drain for external users:
Ambient temperature:
Storage temperature:
Room climate:
Class of protection:
Type of protection:
Weight (without battery):
230V AC
50 to 60Hz
12V DC
300mA without operating panel
0.7 A
2 x 12Ah, (max. 2 x 24Ah, in 789300 extension housing)
max. 2.0 A
-5°C to +45°C
-5°C to +50°C
class 3K5 as per IEC 721-3-3: 1994
I in compliance with DIN EN 60950
IP 30
ABS, 10% glass fibre reinforced., V-0
grey, similar to Pantone 538
Dimensions (W x H x D):
VdS approval:
450mm x 320mm x 185mm
G 299044
Order Informations:
Fire alarm panel IQ8Control C basic design, without operating front
Fire alarm panel IQ8Control C basic design, without operating front, 19” installation
Package 1 IQ8Control C, 2 micromodule slots
Extension housing for batteries and SZI 192 detector zones
Extension housing for SZI 192 detector zones
Peripheral module with 1 additional micromodule slot
Extension module with 1 additional micromodule slot
Peripheral module
tools 8000 Package
Item No.
For further information, please consult the current Fire Alarm Technology catalogue.
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