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Image/2 ® 3.7
Easy-To-Use Software for Scientific and
General-Purpose Imaging Applications
Key Features
■ New
Color Split Tool and Many Tool
■ Rapid
program development. Create
imaging applications rapidly using the
graphically-based Point & Click Script
tool. Simply configure the tools you
want to use and add them to your
script — no programming required!
■ Flexible
and extensible. Add BASIClike code to your script, if you wish,
using the Custom Script tool, or create
custom tools using Microsoft Visual
C++ and the supplied library of objectoriented API functions.
■ Provides
a complete library of tools.
Tools are provided for measurement,
analysis, and image processing tasks.
GLOBAL LAB Image/2 is an easy-to-use graphical software application for creating
scientific and general-purpose imaging applications. Use the Point & Click script to
develop applications quickly. Simply configure the tools you want to use and add them to
your script to create powerful imaging applications - all without writing any code!
■ Supports
a wide range of imaging
devices. All Data Translation’s PCI
frame grabbers are supported.
■ Supports
Direct Show 8.0 compatible FireWire and
USB cameras.
GLOBAL LAB Image/2 Tools
• Color Plane
• Calibration
• ROI Manager Enhanced! • Edge Finder
• Prompt
• File Manager
• Image Modifier Enhan
• Text
• Import/Export
• Pixel Change
• Digital I/O
• Image Manager
• Serial I/O Enhan • ROI Shape Fitter
• Color Split New!
• Sound
Image Capture
Display Tools:
• Picture
• Display
• AVI Player
Script Tools:
• Custom Script
• Point & Click
• Arithmetic
• Filter
• Threshold
• Morphology
• Polar Unwrap
Analysis Tools:
• Blob Analysis
• Gauge
• Line Profile
• Histogram
• Match
OS: Windows 2000/XP
Image Analysis Software
GLI/2 – A Complete Image
Analysis Solution
GLI/2 is a complete, customizable image
analysis package that is ideal for scientific
and general-purpose imaging applications
requiring measuring, classifying, edgetracking, counting, size distribution analysis, as well as other measurement and
analysis tasks. Providing multiple program
development levels and a complete library
of image analysis tools, GLI/2 is the all-inone solution you need to solve your complex imaging applications.
Easy, Flexible Program Generation
Designed for a wide range of users with
different expertise levels, GLI/2 provides
three different development levels for
program generation flexibility. You can
use GLI/2 three different ways:
❶ As an out-of-the-box, stand-alone
imaging application with an extensive
selection of pre-defined image processing
and analysis tools. Use the Point & Click
Script tool to quickly build programs by
adding the tools you want to use your
script — all graphically and without writing code.
❷ As a development environment for
creating custom imaging applications —
using GLI/2’s object-oriented API function
❸ As a base for the addition of custom
imaging tools — simply modify the library
of tools included or create your own using
the underlying object-oriented API function calls.
With its multiple development levels,
you can use GLI/2 in the way that best
suits your programming expertise.
Extensive Tool Library
GLI/2 provides an extensive library of
tools, each useable individually in a Point
& Click script. All tool user interfaces
have been designed for ease-of-use and
quick implementation.
Customizable and Extensible
Since no two imaging applications are
alike, GLI/2 provides the flexibility you
need to easily develop programs and cus2
Data Translation, Inc.
tomized imaging tools — allowing you to tailor the software to
fit your specific application
needs. All of the functionality of
the main application and tool
library is supplied in the underlying Application Program
Interface (API) function calls,
accessible using Microsoft Visual
Capture Images and
Exchange Data
GLI/2 supports the following
GLOBAL LAB Image/2 supports Data Translation
frame grabbers, including monochrome, variableimage formats: binary; 8-bit, 16scan, color, and digital-input types, as well as Direct
bit, and 32-bit grayscale; floatShow-compatible FireWire and USB cameras.
ing-point grayscale; and true 24-bit
Image Analysis Tools:
color. TWAIN image formats and 8-, 16-,
and 24-bit AVI files are also supported.
Enhanced Blob Analysis Tool
You can capture images using a wide
The Blob Analysis Tool calculates
range of imaging devices, including:
over 70 calibrated measurements
quickly and easily for all
■ Any Data Translation PCI frame grabber
You can find blobs in a
board, such as the DT3145 Camera Link
images, and
board and the DT3162 high-accuracy
variable scan board, and an appropriate
camera for the board.
child blobs. Enhancements in version 3.7
■ A Direct Show 8.0-compatible FireWire
allows you to specify the color of ROIs
or USB camera (with uncompressed data
and to find blobs within the black pixels
in either 8-bit monochrome or 24-bit
or within the white pixels of an image.
RGB format). DirectX 9.0 is required for
Gauge Tool
these cameras. (Note that FireWire DV
The Gauge Tool contains over 40
devices are not supported.)
gauging and measurement funcTo acquire an image from one of these
devices, simply install the board and/or
camera you want to use along with its
software, use GLI’s Device Manager to
configure the board/camera, and open the
Picture tool to acquire the image.
Complete Documentation and
Online Help
GLI/2 comes complete with detailed user’s
and API manuals, as well as context-sensitive online help. All tool user interfaces,
library calls, and application commands
are detailed with step-by-step examples,
making it easy to learn how to use the
many powerful functions and features
available in GLI/2.
US and Canada (800) 525-8528, (508) 481-3700
UK 1256 3333 30
tions, allowing you to measure various
parameters of the image in calibrated
units. Functions include Height, Width,
Roundness, Perimeter, Min/Max
Distance, Perpendicular Distance, Line
Length, Color Average, Intersection Angle.
Line Profile Tool
The Line Profile Tool lets you create and analyze line profiles of
images. It allows you to add an unlimited
number of line profiles to the same graph.
You can add line profiles from multiple
images and multiple viewports. This tool
supports all three line ROI types (straight,
poly, and freehand) and they can be any
thickness for smoothing out noisy images.
You can take any derivative you like and
then find edges, sets of edges, peaks, and
sets of peaks easily and automatically.
Germany (07142) 95 31-0
The Line Profile Tool also allows you to
measure distances along lines with calibrated sub-pixel accuracy.
Histogram Tool
The Histogram Tool lets you
create histograms of images, and
allows multiple histograms to be placed
on the same graph for easy comparison.
The graphs can be easily customized,
sized, zoomed, printed, and more.
Match Tool
The Match Tool compares the captured image to a known image and
correlates a percentage score.
Image Pre-Processing Tools:
Arithmetic Tool
The Arithmetic Tool performs
multiple arithmetic operations
on two input images, placing the result
in an output image.
Filter Tool
The Filter Tool lets you perform
a filter (convolution) on a given
image. The tool supports a large number
of popular filters like Mean, Sobel, and
Laplacian, and allows for adding custom
single or dual kernels from 1x1 up to 7x7.
Threshold Tool
The Threshold Tool lets you create a binary image. It provides
true color thresholding, multiple region
thresholding with histogram support, and
automatic thresholding. You can perform
threshold operations on monochrome,
RGB, and HSL and image data.
Morphology Tool
The Morphology Tool lets you
run binary morphology operations
on a binary image. It provides Erosion,
Dilation, Opening, Closing,
Skeletonization, and Watershed
morphological operations.
Polar Unwrap Tool
The Polar Unwrap Tool takes a
circular image and transforms it
from polar co-ordinates to rectangular co-ordinates by using bi-linear interpolation/re-mapping operations.
System Utility/File Utility Tools:
Calibration Tool
The Calibration Tool takes four
pairs of pixel-to-real world coordinate points and creates a calibration
object. You can have multiple calibration
objects in the system at once, allowing
you to support a multiple-camera system.
Calibration objects can be renamed and
saved/restored to/from disk as needed.
The tool supports sub-pixel measurements. It also supports a Full Projective
Transformation so your camera can be
located anywhere with respect to an
object; it does not have to be normal
to the plane.
Enhanced ROI Manager Tool
The ROI Manager Tool lets you
create and analyze ROIs. The tool
supports point, rectangular, elliptical,
straight line, polyline, freehand line, polyfreehand and freehand ROIs. You can add
similar groups of ROIs that are aligned
with one another quickly and easily.
Enhancements in version 3.7 allow you to
specify the color of an ROI, and to shift an
ROI to a specified reference point.
File Manager Tool
The File Manager Tool lets you
open images from disk in any
of 23 popular file formats, and write
images in either Windows BMP or TIFF
file formats.
Text Tool
The Text Tool lets you create multiline text that can be edited and
positioned in the image. You can specify
background and foreground color (including transparent), place the text in the
image or in its transparent overlay, and
specify size and font.
Pixel Change Tool
The Pixel Change Tool lets you
easily modify pixel values in an
image or the image’s transparent overlay.
Image Manager Tool
The Image Manager Tool lets you
easily manage images in memory.
You can view a list of images in memory,
determine the name and attributes of
each image, view a thumbnail of an
image, delete an image, open an image
into the active viewport, create a new
image, or rename an image.
Digital I/O Tool
The Digital I/O Tool allows all
supported Digital Input/Output
boards to interface to external peripherals.
Serial I/O Tool
The Serial I/O Tool lets you send
and receive data through the
serial port(s) of your PC, enabling you to
interface GLI/2 to peripheral equipment.
Sound Tool
The Sound Tool lets you play
WAV sound files using any
standard, configured sound card.
Color Plane Tool
The Color Plane Tool lets you perform operations on RSG, HSL,
and YIQ color images to extract and separate chromatic information. The chromatic
data can then be used for performing
operations with other tools that handle
color data, such as the Gauge Tool, Blob
Tool, Histogram Tool, and Threshold Tool.
Enhanced Edge Finder Tool
The Edge Finder Tool fine-tunes
the detection of edges from a binary image, particularly in noisy images and
when there are gaps in the image, and
extracts the edges and contours. The
resultant edge(s) can be used for performing precise measurements with the Gauge
Tool. Enhancements in version 3.7 allow
you to specify the color of an ROI, and to
filter closed contours based on their pixel
Enhanced ROI Shape Fitter Tool
The ROI Shape Fitter Tool allows
ROIs to be fit to a particular edge
or contour found within a binary image
by transforming them into the appropriate
shape. This is useful for fitting straight
lines to edges, and circles to arcs. The fitted ROIs can also be used by other tools
for additional measurements.
Enhancements in version 3.7 allow you to
specify a reference line ROI that defines
the axis for either an intersection fit,
resulting in a point ROI, or an orthogonal
line fit, resulting in a line ROI.
Import/Export Tool
The Import/Export Tools allow
you to import and export variable data and images in real-time
between GLI/2 and external applications, such as Visual Basic, Delphi, and
OS: Windows 2000/XP
Image Analysis Software
Prompt Tool
The Prompt Tool allows your program to interact with the user during execution. When encountered in a
script, the Prompt Tool presents a dialog
box allowing the user to input requested
information, such as yes/no, name, or
sample number. The program can then
act on the data to perform one or more
Enhanced Image Modifier Tool
The Image Modifier Tool allows
you to select images to be rotated, scaled, cropped, flipped, and
zoomed. New in version 3.7, fast crop
mode is now available.
Color Split Tool
For arithmetic operations on separate planes, generates red, green, blue,
or YCrCb (intensity, chroma-red, or
chroma-blue) color planes, or images
with the results of the following operations: red minus green plane, green
minus blue plane, or blue minus red
Image Capture/Display Tools:
Picture Tool
The Picture Tool lets you
acquire images using Data
Translation’s supported frame grabber
boards. The tool supports acquire to
disk, acquire to memory, capture to AVI
file, image averaging, user-selectable date
and time-stamps for each AVI frame captured, and enhanced image capture and
data handling.
Display Tool
The Display Tool lets you
specify how you would like to
view a grayscale image. You can
view the same image many different
ways in different viewports simultaneously. You can bring out small hidden
details, show images with false coloring,
increase contrast and brightness, invert,
step, and more. You can even modify the
output look-up table on a pixel-by-pixel
to be saved for further image processing
and analysis operations.
System Requirements
The TWAIN Tool lets you import
TWAIN format image files from
scanners, digital cameras, and other
TWAIN-compatible devices.
Programming/Script Tools:
Enhanced Point & Click Script Tool
The Point & Click Script Tool
makes it simple to design, build
and test a custom application. No programming is required. Just point and click
on the operations and the tool automatically saves the complete script. Scripts are
easily modified to fit your needs. New in
version 3.7, you can save your script to
XML format.
Custom Script Tool
The Custom Script Tool allows
you to design, build, and test
your custom application using a BASICtype programming language. Scripts are
saved in a text file format.
Flexible Image File Support
GLI/2 supports a wide range of image file
types, including binary, 8-, 16-, and 32-bit
grayscale, floating point grayscale, and
true 24-bit color. 8-, 16- and 24-bit AVI
files, as well as TWAIN image formats, are
also supported.
Technical Support
As you develop your application, support
is available when you need it. Support is
available from your point of purchase.
Extensive information is also available 24
hours a day on our web site at, including example programs, updates, application notes, a
searchable KnowledgeBase, and
much more.
■ Windows 2000/XP operating system
Frame Grabber (Optional)
Supported Data Translation PCI boards:
■ DT3162 — High speed variable-scan frame grabber
■ DT3145 — Camera Link monochrome and RGB
frame grabber
■ DT3131 — Single frame grabber, 3 inputs (muxed),
1 active (RS-170/NTSC, CCIR/PAL)
■ DT3132 — Double frame grabber, 6 inputs (muxed),
2 simultaneously active (RS-170/NTSC, CCIR/PAL)
■ DT3133 — Triple frame grabber, 9 inputs (muxed),
3 simultaneously active (RS-170/NTSC, CCIR/PAL)
■ DT3120 — Single-channel composite monochrome
and color PCI frame grabber
■ DT3152 — Variable-scan frame grabber
■ DT3153 — Color NTSC/PAL frame grabber
■ DT3154 — RGB color frame grabber
■ DT3155 — Monochrome frame grabber
■ DT3157 — 8 to 16-bit digital frame grabber
Digital I/O Boards (Optional)
■ DT351 — 16 channel (8 input, 8 output) isolated
digital I/O board
Ordering Summary
All Data Translation software products are covered by a 90-day warranty. For pricing information, see a current price list, visit our web
site, or contact your local reseller.
GLI/2 Software Packages
■ GLI/2 Scientific Imaging Software
■ GLI/2 3.7 Upgrade
Copyright 2005 Data Translation, Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective holders. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.
GLI/2 is ideal
for scientific
of all kinds.
AVI Player Tool
The AVI Player Tool lets you play
AVI video clips, as well as singlestep, pause and select individual images
Data Translation, Inc.
US and Canada (800) 525-8528, (508) 481-3700
UK 1256 3333 30
Germany (07142) 95 31-0
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