Troubleshooting Digital Channel 358

Troubleshooting Digital Channel 358
Troubleshooting Digital Channel 358
(Video On Demand)
Digital channel 358 is an “on-demand” channel. In simple terms, it means that you’re
able to watch previously aired episodes of your cable course any time you want during
any day of the week.
However, digital channel 358 is very sensitive. It requires a very strong cable signal and
many of us live in homes and apartment buildings where the cable signal is split to
multiple cable boxes and TVs. A variety of factors can weaken your cable signal
(number of splits, distance, etc.) but it often requires a trained Oceanic technician to
help you diagnose the problem.
If you are able to receive digital channel 358 (you will see a menu of UH colleges and be
able to select courses to watch), congratulations! You are ready for your cable course!
However, if you do not see anything (black screen, blank screen, error code, etc.) on
digital channel 358, before calling Oceanic to schedule a technician, first try to “re-boot”
your digital cable box.
1. Disconnect the power cable from the rear of the digital cable box.
2. Wait 30 seconds.
3. Plug the power cable back into the rear of the digital cable box.
4. Wait while the box “re-boots”. This can take anywhere from 3-10 minutes. When
you see the time of day displayed on the front, your digital cable box has
finished rebooting.
5. Try digital channel 358. If you still do not see anything, contact Oceanic cable
immediately to schedule an appointment. Schedule ASAP as it can sometimes
take a few weeks before a technician can come to your place. You can contact
them by phone (24/7 availability) or via online chat through their support
website (24/7 availability).
Oceanic Customer Support Number (State Wide)
(808) 643-2100
Oceanic Customer Support Website
Honolulu Community College
CABLE Course Support
Spring 2014
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