SDV6122/12 Philips Digital TV antenna

SDV6122/12 Philips Digital TV antenna
Digital TV antenna
46 dB amplified
Enhanced digital reception
46 dB Amplified antenna
This amplified antenna with superior noise filtering and variable gain control was designed
to provide enhanced reception for Digital and Analog broadcasts. Powered by 230-240V
or 12V DC it is ideal for use in home, caravan or camper.
Maintain the quality of your signal
• Boost your signal with up to 46dB
• Separate ON/OFF switch and memory gain control
Easy installation
• Tilt & swivel positioning
• Adjustable gain control and power LED
Protects against signal loss
• Superior noise filtering against signal loss
Variable power supply
• Optional DC power supply
Interference free
• GSM filter prevents interference from mobile phone networks
Digital TV antenna
Indoor 46 dB amplified, HDTV/UHF/VHF/FM
Aerial Output: 75 ohm coaxial (IEC75)
Tuner bands: UHF, VHF, FM
Antenna cable length: 180 cm
Gain (antenna + amplifier): 46 dB
• Power Adapter: Included
• Power LED indicator: Blue
• User Manual: Included
Packaging dimensions
• Packaging dimensions (W x H x D):
21 x 35 x 6.5 cm
Nett weight: 0.863 kg
Gross weight: 1.095 kg
Tare weight: 0.232 kg
EAN: 87 12581 56422 3
Number of products included: 1
Packaging type: Box
Outer Carton
Outer carton (L x W x H): 34.3 x 22.1 x 28.5 cm
Nett weight: 3.452 kg
Gross weight: 4.8 kg
Tare weight: 1.348 kg
EAN: 87 12581 57337 9
Number of consumer packagings: 4
Separate ON/OFF switch
Maintains the memory of your settings
Tilt & swivel positioning
330° radius with 120° tilt allows UHF element to be
adjusted for maximum signal
Adjustable gain control
Allows you to easily improve reception range
Superior noise filtering
Superior noise filtering protects against signal loss.
Boost your signal 46dB
Up to 46dB amplification boosts weak signals,
expanding your reception range and allowing you to
receive more signals over a greater distance.
GSM filter
This antenna has been specifically designed to
prevent any possible interferences from mobile
phone networks
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EAN: 87 12581 56422 3
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