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ational outrage over the horrifying gangrape of a mother and
her young daughter during a hold-up
in election-bound Uttar Pradesh’s
Bulandshahr on Friday night, has
prompted Chief Minister Akhilesh
Yadav to suspend several top police
officials and order an unprecedented manhunt to nab the culprits.
While three persons were arrested on Sunday while waiting at the
Bulandshahr bus stand, police have
detained 20 suspects till now in the
case for questioning.
Battling Opposition charges of
jungle raj and collapse of the law and
order machinery in the State, the
Chief Minister tried to send a strong
message across the board by placing
under suspension Bulandshahr SSP
Vaibhav Krishna, SP (City), Ram
Mohan Singh, CO Himanshu
Gaurav, Inspector Ramesen Singh,
Patrolling Officer Rustam Singh
and Constable Anurag Singh.
The Station House Officer of the
Kotwali Dehat has already been suspended. Akhilesh Yadav is likely to
meet the family of the victims too.
Akhilesh’s fury over the heinous
crime created a flutter in the police
department and DGP Javeed Ahmad
sent special teams to ensure the
arrest of the criminals.
Principal Secretary (Home)
Devashish Panda and ADG (Law
and Order) Daljit Chaudhary have
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f^\P]P]SWTa #hTPa
also rushed to Bulandshahr to oversee the probe.
Before his suspension, SSP
Vaibhav Krishna said, “We have
identified the main culprit through
pictures. He belongs to a nomadic
tribe. STF teams have been
deputed and locations of the accused
have been traced. Police teams are
conducting massive raids to nab the
The family that was traveling
from Noida to Shahjahanpur was
waylaid by robbers late on Friday late
night on NH 91 near Dostpur
Village. The 36-year-old woman and
her 14-year-old daughter were pulled
out of the car and gangraped in a
T 6XeX]VcWT\^Sdb^_TaP]SX^U
nearby field for nearly three hours.
Giving the modus operandi of
the robbers, police officer Daljit
Singh said robbers flung an iron rod
at the car in which the family was
travelling. “When the driver stopped
the car to check for damage, the
criminals surrounded the car and
attacked the family. They forced the
family to drive the car into the nearby fields, dragged them out of it and
tied up the male members. They
gangraped the woman and the
young girl for the next three hours
and later took their cash, jewellery,
mobile phones and fled.”
The terrified family spent
the night hiding in the fields as their
car was stuck in the mud. In the
morning one of the men reached the
nearest police station and reported
the matter.
Reacting to the heinous incident,
BSP chief Mayawati said, “The SP
Government and the party chief owe
an explanation to the people. Can
they restore the lost honour of
women and girls in such traumatic
and horrendous crimes?”
She alleged that there was ‘jungle raj’ in UP and criminal elements
were ruling the roost. She said that
such incidents of heinous crimes
bear testimony to the rapid deterioration in law and order in the State.
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s Dalits held a massive protest
in Ahmedabad on Sunday
against public flogging of their
he Al-Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent
(AQIS) is seeking to augment its
recruitment drive in India by capitalising
community members in Una over
skinning a dead cow, a young man
from the community, who consumed pesticide during a protest
in Saurashtra, died in a hospital.
Twenty-seven-year-old Yogesh
Sarikhd was one of the two dozen
people, who attempted suicide in
Saurashtra to register their outrage
over humiliation of their community members by cow vigilantes.
Despite cloudy weather and
waterlogging at at Acher ST Depot
Ground in Sabarmati suburb of
Ahmedabad, nearly 10,000 people
assembled at the venue. The Dalit
leaders wanted to organise the rally
in the proximity of Ahmedabad
District Collector’s office, but they
got permission to hold it at
Sabarmati only.
Around 30 different Dalit
organisations operating from across
the State have come together under
on a slew of controversy affecting the
Muslim community in India.
“After compelling Muslims of India to
convert to Hinduism… after forcing them
to recite Band-e-Mataram… after prohibiting slaughtering cows… matters have
reached a stage wherein Muslims are compelled to speak clear disbelief. A hafiz
(memoriser) of Quran is being forced to
accept the land of idols and temples as a
Goddess worthy of worship,” Maulana
Asim Umar, the amir of AQIS said in his
latest statement released online.
He further exhorted Muslim youth to
join jehadi and attack Government instia platform — Una Dalit Atyachar Dalit issues. The padyatra would tutions and senior functionaries manning
Ladat Samiti — not only to protest start on August 5 and reach Una them, including IAS and IPS officers.
atrocities on Dalits at Una but also on the Independence Day. ExUmar also claimed that India is a land
to raise plethora of other issues Gujarat cadre IPS officer Rahul of Muslims saying, “Forget the idea that
related to their community.
Sharma announced that he would India is of Hindus: whenever they want,
At the mega rally, Dalit lead- not only lead Padyatra but also they can drive us out. Trust in the Power
ers decided to hold a ‘Padyatra’ hoist national flag at Una on of Allah. This is the land of Allah; not of
from Ahmedabad to Una in order August 15.
the idols of Brahmans. You have ruled this
to create awareness on various
Continued on Page 4 land for centuries, then why this weakness
2WX]TbT?;0 RPaaXTS
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head of its transgression
in Barahoti area in
Chamoli, Uttarakhand, Chinese
today? Why this helplessness and slavery?”
He further said, “History has been
repeating itself; and it will again! Holding
a spear in his hand at the Conquest of
Makkah, the Messenger of Allah was
smashing the idols with his hands and
declaring ‘Truth has arrived, and falsehood
has perished’. And his devotees have been
reviving his Sunnah by destroying the idol
of Somnath.”
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People’s Liberation Army (PLA)
had conducted a reconnaissance mission using high class
aircraft armed with Synthetic
Aperture Radar (SAR) which
provides broad-area imaging
at high resolutions.
According to official
sources, ‘TupolovTu 153M’ aircraft of Chinese PLA had carried out two to three sorties
earlier this year in the middle
sector falling in the areas of
Uttar Pradesh, Himachal
Pradesh and Uttarakhand.
Piecing together intelligence gathered from various
sources in the aftermath of
Barahoti transgression, officials in the know said that at
least three sorties of the aircraft,
which is designed by the
Chinese companies on the
basis of technology from the
erstwhile USSR, was carried
out in last three months.
The aircraft flies at an altitude of above 40,000 feet and
can go up to 60,000 feet to
avoid detection by radars and
can click pictures and other
cyber and communication signatures at that height.
It has an SAR which can
provide high-resolution pictures even in inclement weather or in night time. The systems
take advantage of the longrange propagation characteristics of radar signals and the
complex information processing capability of modern digital electronics to provide high
resolution imagery.
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arents of speech and hearP
ing impaired children need
not worry about the future of
he latest to join the
Pokemon Go craze is the US
police but for a serious purpose
— to nab wanted criminals.
A post on Virginia’s
Smithfield Police Department’s
Facebook page says
Ditto, a purple, smiling
blob of a Pokemon, is
hanging out in the station’s processing room.
A list of “random
citizens eligible for this
rare opportunity” was
also posted. The catch is
that the “random citizens” all have outstanding warrants.
The whimsical post
has a serious purpose, said Sgt
Bryan Miller, a patrol sergeant
and administrator of the
Smithfield police Facebook page.
First, to engage with the
community, and second, to
perhaps get some leads on
people wanted for charges
ranging from trespassing to grand larceny.
“I had no idea it
was going to be this
big,” he was quoted as
saying by The
The widely popular location-based augmented reality game
Pokemon Go has been
all the rage since the
game’s debut a couple of weeks
ago. Players use their smartphones to seek and capture
cartoon creatures on streets, in
parks and other places.
Miller thought about it as
he was preparing to post a list
of eight people who have outstanding warrants in Smithfield
as of July 12.
Being a small town, Miller
said it is fortunately a short list
“I have a sense of humour,” said
Miller, who also plays Pokemon
Go. He also saw another police
department had tried something similar, Miller said.
This is not the first such
instance since Pokemon Go was
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their young ones anymore as
the Capital’s Safdarjung
Hospital has now started doing
cochlear implant surgery
absolutely free for underprivileged patients.
While the surgery is also
being done at other
Government-run hospitals like
AIIMS and RML its cost is prohibitive.
Dr AK Rai, Medical
Superintendent and ENT surgeon, Safdarjung Hospital told
The Pioneer, “The hospital has
collaborated with a Delhibased NGO, which will pay for
the cochlear implant as it costs
anything between Rs 6 to Rs 10
lakh. The hospital will do the
surgery for free.”
Dr Gul Motwani, Head of
ENT Department, Safdarjung
Hospital, said, “For poor
patients the surgery is free. So
far, we have conducted five
such operations on toddlers.”
This initiative has given a
new lease of life to four-yearold, Bhumika, who was born
with a speech and hearing disorder. The toddler who underwent a cochlear implant
surgery at Safdarjung Hospital
recently has now begun
responding to sounds, is beginning to speak and is even
going to a playschool.
Bhumika’s parents are over
the moon as they could not
afford the costly treatment for
their child and had given up all
hope of their daughter ever
leading a normal life.
Bhumika’s mother Babita
told The Pioneer, “I never
thought that my daughter
would be able to live life like
other kids. Now, she has joined
a playschool. And she
actively responds to the sounds
around her.
“She is even learning to
speak. She says words like ‘ka’,
‘ki’, ‘ma’…I can’t express how
badly I have been waiting to
hear my daughter call me ma.”
Safdarjung Hospital has
conducted four other cochlear
implant surgeries since January
this year. According to doctors,
the treatment is focused on one
to three-year-old children as
this is the crucial stage when
the toddlers begin to speak.
Since, there is no awareness
among parents they ignore
early symptoms of speech and
hearing impairment.
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Government has catalogued over one lakh manuscripts as part of the National
Manuscript Mission Yojna
which aims to preserve old languages and dialects.
The State Government has
catalogued 1,26,000 manuscripts at the Manuscript
Resource Centre, set up under
the National Manuscript
Mission Yojna, said a
spokesman of the State
Government here, adding that
last year alone 13,500 manuscripts were collected and catalogued.
To preserve old languages
and dialects, the State
Government catalogued
1,26,000 manuscripts at the
Manuscript Resource Centre
set up under the National
Manuscript Mission Yojna, the
spokesman said.
For this, the Government
has set up an 11-member record
management committee to look
after the archaeological works
and preserve cultural ethos.
A department of Art,
Language and Culture has also
been set up to implement
schemes and programmes for
preserving the rich culture and
traditions, the statement said.
To preserve rare scripts
from extinction, a training centre of Pabuchi script has been
started in Nahan town which
provides training to five students every year.
?=BQ B78<;0
imachal Pradesh Chief
Minister Virbhadra Singh
will lay the foundation stone for
a C235-crore power substation
at Lahal in Chamba district on
The Himachal Pradesh
Government was committed to
development of far-flung areas
in the State, an official
spokesperson said.
As part of efforts to accelerate development, Singh
would undertake a three-day
visit to Chamba and inaugurate
developmental projects there,
the spokesperson said.
He said to facilitate transmission of power for the
upcoming hydroelectric projects in the Ravi basin, Singh
would lay the foundation stone
for 33/220/400 KV substation
worth C235 crore at Lahal in
Bharmour valley
This would add 630 MVA
capacities to the existing system
and would achieve commercial
operations in June 2018, he
The spokesperson said
other steps were being taken to
meet the power demand of the
valley and improve the voltage
profile in the area.
The Chief Minister left for
Chamba from Dharamshala
on Sunday by road as his helicopter couldn’t take off from
Shimla due to bad weather.
To encourage the writers
and litterateurs, the State
Government organised various events such as Lal Chand
Prarthi Jayanti, Pahari Gandhi
Baba Kanshiram Jayanti and Dr.
Yashwant Singh Parmar Jayanti.
Such activities go a long
way in the conservation of culture, traditions and ‘pahari’
dialects in Himachal Pradesh,
he said.
The National Mission for
Manuscripts works with the
help of 57 manuscript resource
centres across the country and
the Himachal Academy of Arts,
Culture and Languages in
Shimla is one such centre.
The work for cataloguing of
manuscripts started in the State
in 2002-03. Most of the manuscripts were collected from
Sirmaur, Kangra, Kullu and
Una districts.
Officials said most of the
manuscripts are written in
Devnagri, Tankri, Sharda (all
prevalent in the hills),
Gurmukhi, Bhoti and Persian
?=BQ 6DA60>=
hree men allegedly
involved in the abduction
of Haryana Police Inspector
Surender Phogat in June have
been arrested.
Acting on a tip, the
Gurgaon Crime Branch arrested Aabid (22), Khalid (19) and
Hayum (28) at Rozka Meo
near Sohna in Gurgaon
district, said police officers.
The three are members of
a gang involved in cases of
theft and loot in Haryana,
Uttar Pradesh, Madhya
Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu,
the police added.
Gang leader Islamuddin, a
resident of Punhana in Mewat
district, and three others were
arrested by Delhi Police
earlier this week.
Another man involved in
Phogat’s abduction, Khalid
Alimeo, was arrested on July 23
after a brief gun fight.
Phogat, chief of Sector 29
Police Station here, was
abducted on June 30 by four
men who later dumped him in
Mathura district of Uttar
Pradesh after taking away his
cash, mobile phone and car.
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! %/V\PX[R^\0[[T]caXTb\dbcPRR^\_P]hcWT_aTbRaXQTSU^a\
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ar yana Government
would observe world
breastfeeding week throughout
the State from August 1 to 7, on
the theme “Breastfeeding: A
The State Women and
Child Development Minister,
Kavita Jain, said district programme officers had been
directed to generate awareness
among the people on various
vital issues by organising
awareness generation camps,
exhibitions, workshops, rallies
and publicity campaigns in
each district during this period. Universities and Health
Department and Food and
Nutrition Board units will also
been associated with these programmes, she said.
Giving details of programmes to be organised during the week, she said that daylong orientation workshops on
“Breastfeeding: A Key to
Sustainable Development”
would be organised at district
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level and block level on August
1 and 2, respectively. Similarly,
various programmes would be
organised at village level from
August 3 to 6.
On August 7, prabhat pheri
would be carried out and an
exhibition and an exhibition
would be organised at
Anganwadi centres. Also, a
quiz competition would be
held the same day for teenaged
girls and rural women on nutrition, health and diet of children, she added.
?=BQ B78<;0
he week-long International
Minjar fair of Chamba conT
cluded on Sunday amidst jubilation as Chief Minister
Virbhadra Singh, who was tied
Minjar (silken tassel, symbolising top blossoms of maize
plant) and adorned in a colourful turban participated in a
colourful traditional Shobha
Yatra (procession) of the
historic fair.
The procession started
from the Akhand Chandi
Palace and passed through the
main bazar, wherein thousands
of people from all over the
district dressed in their
traditional and colourful attire
The procession was led by
Lord Raghuvir, the principal
deity of the town, who was carried in a beautifully decorated
palanquin and accompanied
with Chadi (insignia) of local
gods and goddesses. The people from all over the district
and other neighbouring states
queued up on both sides of the
road to have glimpse of the elegant display. The procession
finally culminated at Manjari
Garden where traditional
‘Kunjari Malhar’ was sung and
the Chief Minister immersed
the Minjar and coconuts in
river Ravi.
The Chief Minister also
presided over the closing ceremony of traditional ‘Chinj’
(wrestling) competitions of
both men and women at the
historic Chaugan and present-
transparency in implementation of the ‘Pradhan Mantri
Fasal Bima Yojana’, Haryana
Government on Sunday
claimed the selection of insurance companies for implementation of the scheme had
been done in a completely
transparent and fair manner.
The bids were invited from
the insurance companies
through the e-tendering system. Only those insurance
companies empanelled by the
Government of India, were
eligible to participate in the bidding process, said a spokesman
of the Agriculture and Farmers
Welfare Department.
He said the premium
payable to the insurance companies in Haryana was one of
the lowest in the country.
Therefore, there was no question of favouring any insurance
company by the State
Government, he added.
Under the Yojana, the maximum premium payable by
the farmer is only two per cent
of sum insured in case of
Kharif crops, 1.5 per cent in
2WP]SXVPaW) BP]c=XaP]ZPaX<XbbX^]^]Bd]SPh^aVP]XbTSb_TRXP[
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ed the prizes to the winners of
the various competitions. It was
for the first time that the
women from outside the state
participated in the wrestling
competition during Minjar.
A colourful Dandaras
dance (Tribal dance) of
Bharmour region was also performed at Chamba Chaugan.
Earlier, the Chief Minister
inaugurated C10.38 crore new
block of Regional Hospital,
Chamba with additional 100
bed facility.
He also inaugurated Steel
Trust Bridge over Rathiar Khud
on Bhanera-Kolka road completed with an outlay of C2.19
crore and C1.46 crore lift irrigation supply scheme Sungal in
Gram Panchayat Sungal which
will benefit Naun, Koh and
Sungal villages besides other
nearby habitations.
He also launched the second phase of ‘One District
One Police Station project’
(ODPS), for which Chamba
Sadar Police Station has been
selected. The Chief Minister
launched the first stage in
March, 2013 at Regional
laborator y
Later in the evening,
Virbhadra Singh visited the
exhibitions set up by various
government departments and
He also presided over the
cultural evening of eight days
long International Minjar Fair,
where he was honoured by the
Chairman Minjar Mela
Committee and Deputy
Commissioner, Chamba
Sudesh Mokhta. The Chief
Minister also released the
Minjar Souvenir on the occasion.
8]bdaP]RTR^\_P]XTbbT[TRcTS 2_XR_hRUZTV_ecVd
nder fire from the
Opposition and farmers’
organisations for not ensuring
?=BQ 270=3860A7
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bcPabUa^\2[PbbTb c^ CWTTeT]cfPbX]PdVdaPcTSQh0bW^Z
case of Rabi crops and five per
cent in case of commercial
and horticulture crops. This is
the lowest premium among all
crop insurance schemes implemented in the country. The
remaining premium would be
paid by the State Government
and Central Government as
subsidy. Besides, the State
Government has also decided
to take only two per cent premium from farmers for cotton
crop and the remaining three
per cent of the farmer share
would be paid by the State
Government over and above its
normal share, said the
He said that the sum
insured in respect of various
crops has been increased under
the Fasal Bima Yojana and
made equal to the amount of
crop loan. In the earlier
schemes, the premium payable
by the farmer was quite high
and, therefore, the sum insured
was reduced to keep the premium low.
The scheme covers the
damage caused to the crops by
inundation apart from hailstorm and post harvest losses
to crops by unseasonal rains for
the first time, said the
spokesman adding that the
2WP]SXVPaW) 7PahP]P6^eTa]\T]c
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3T[WX^]0dVdbc (!CWT!SPhbR^]eT]cX^]fX[[bTaeTPbP]
cTRW]^[^VXRP[Z]^fW^fP]SXcb !$hTPaWXbc^ah^UST[XeTaX]V
<^WP[X) :WP[bP2^[[TVT0\aXcbPa^UCTRW]^[^VhP]S1dbX]TbbX]
?=BQ 270=3860A7
o upgrade knowledge and
skills of doctors working in
various Government health
institutes and medical colleges, Punjab Health and
Family Welfare Department is
organising workshops in collaboration with Chandigarh’s
Post-Graduate Institute of
Medical Educational Research
In this series, a ‘Safe Phaco
Workshop’ was held in which
about 66 Phaco Trained Eye
Specialists, working in various
government hospitals of the
state, participated, said the
state principal secretary health
Vini Mahajan on Sunday.
Mahajan said that
National Programme of
Control of Blindness (NPCB)
is being implemented in
Punjab as per guidelines of
Union Ministry of Health and
Family Welfare.
“Punjab is one of the few
states in which the facility of
stitch less surger y by
Phacoemulsification is available in all district hospitals.
Small Incision Stich less
Cataract Surgery is being performed, where Phaco Machine
is not available,” she said.
Ophthalmologists have
received training in last five
years for various sub-specialties like Small Incision
Cataract Surger y, Phaco
Surgery, Squint Surgery and
Medical Vitreo-Retina, she
said, adding that the state of
the art eye equipment have
been provided in government
Medical Colleges and Civil
Hospitals of Punjab and more
are being procured in the
current year.
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4`_X^R_ZWVde`[email protected]"e`W`Tfd`_f_V^a]`j^V_eVUf
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?=BQ 270=3860A7BA8
he Punjab Congress on
Sunday claimed that it
would release its party manifesto for 2017 State Assembly
polls on October 1 with a
roadmap for the new Punjab.
“The Congress will present
a vision for the youth, unemployment, education and health
sector, improving fiscal deficit
and more opportunities for the
new industry to invest in
Punjab,” said Congress leader
and former Finance Minister
Manpreet Badal.
Manpreet, addressing a
public meeting organised by
Leader of Opposition Charanjit
Singh Channi at Sri Chamkaur
Sahib, said the sacrifice made by
the Bhagat Singh and his vision
would be incorporated in the
party manifesto. “The Congress
will give a roadmap for the creation of new Punjab with timebound commitment to the people of Punjab,” said Manpreet,
adding that unemployment was
a major issue, which needed to
be redressed immediately.
He said the Congress party
would form the next
Government in Punjab in the
coming Vidhan Sabha elections
under the leadership of Capt
Amarinder Singh.
Indian Youth Congress
president Raja Amarinder Singh
Warring said today, youth had
forgotten the supreme sacrifice
made by Shaheed Udham
Singh. “The youth of Punjab has
to fight the Badals just like
Shaheed Udham Singh fought
against Britishers,” he said.
He said today, the Badals
were registering false cases
Congressmen who raise their
voice against them under
Section 307. “The people of
Punjab will have to initiate
Jang-e-Azadi against this Badal
regime,” he said.
Targeting Aam Aadmi
Party (AAP), Warring said the
people should not get befooled
by false promises which these
people were showing to the voters of Punjab. “Today, this party
has miserably failed in Delhi. In
the last two years, there has not
?=BQ 270=3860A7
he Punjab Congress on
Sunday came down heaviT
ly on Deputy Chief Minister
Sukhbir Badal for misleading
the public by making tall claims
of development in the electricity generation and distribution in the State.
Senior Congress leader and
party chief spokesperson Sunil
Jakhar teared into Sukhbir’s
claims of providing “cheapest”
electricity by presenting facts
and figures. He said electricity
tariff rates in Punjab were
higher compared to its neighbouring States of Haryana and
“The data shown by
Sukhbir on electricity sector
recently to highlight the
achievement of Punjab
Government is completely false
and misleading,” said Jakhar.
Taking Sukhbir head on,
Jakhar said while in Punjab,
consumers had to pay C4.52 per
100 units, in Chandigarh, it was
C2.55 and C2.70 in Haryana.
He said Sukhbir was showing “half-truth”, and he would
bring forth the entire truth in
three installments. He said the
power rates for industrial sector were much higher in
Punjab as compared to other
Jakhar alleged the three
private sector Thermal Plants
in the State were not running
efficiently and the Punjab
Government had been forcing
the people of the State to pay
higher electricity charges to
make up the losses of these
Thermal Plants.
He asked Sukhbir why a
payment of C1656 crore, that
was C5.08 per unit, were made
to the private company owning
Talwandi Sabo thermal plant
when it was decided that power
would be bought at the rate of
C2.36 per unit, as stated by
Chief Minister Parkash Singh
Badal on the floor of the
Vidhan Sabha on June 29,
Similar was the case of
Rajpura thermal plant, said he
and added the Government
signed a power purchase
agreement to buy power at the
rate of C2.89 per unit, but in
2015, 72817 lakh units were
bought by paying them C3,042
crore, that was C4.18 were paid
for per unit.
Apprehending a big scam,
Jakhar said State’s thermal
plants were producing 17,000
lakh units before setting up of
these private thermal plants,
which has now reduced to
7,200 lakh units.
He further alleged the SAD
leaders in districts and villages
were indulging in blatant electricity theft which accounts
for about 32 per cent of total
electricity theft.
“Maximum power theft is
in the constituencies of Chief
Minister Parkash Singh Badal,
Sukhbir Badal, Adeish Partap
Singh Kairon, Sikander Singh
Maluka and Anil Joshi...Either
the Government is totally failed
in checking this theft or
Government is giving them the
patronage,” said Jakhar.
Jakhar added average distribution losses in Punjab were
12.71 per cent, while in Malout
division, it is 38.29 per cent,
32.29 pecent in Badal village,
Kairon’s constituency Patti has
35 per cent, Maluka’s constituency Rampura Phull has 29
per cent, and Sukhbir’s segment
Jalalabad has 29 per cent.
Anil Joshi’s constituency
has 24 percent losses while in
Ludhiana, where there are
maximum industrial units, it is
two to four percent and 10 percent in Patiala, he pointed,
hinting at whether ruling leaders are supporting this theft.
been a single job generation in
Delhi, (Arvind) Kejriwal himself is enjoying all the perks,
which he initially promised not
to take,” he said.
Even more than 12 MLAs
of AAP are already facing trials
in different cases, said Warring
adding that what kind of administration and vision would they
give to the people of Punjab.
Kapurthala MLA and
senior leader Rana Gurjit Singh
asked the voters of Sri
Chamkaur Sahib that the people of this constituency had
elected a very dynamic leader
twice. He asked the voters to
reelect Channi against this time
so that the development of this
constituency starts.
Claiming the Badals have
deliberately ignored development in this constituency,
Channi said all the roads leading to the constituency were in
bad shape.
?=BQ 270=3860A7
o set the ball rolling for
2017 Punjab polls, the
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is
all geared up to announce its
first list of 23 candidates.
The resurgent AAP will
soon make its first list public once it receive the final
nod from the party’s Political
Affairs Committee (PAC),
headed by national convener and Delhi Chief Minister
Ar vind Kejriwal. Party’s
Faridkot MP Prof Sadhu
Singh Sangrur MP Bhagwant
Mann are PAC’s members.
AAP volunteers have
recommended nearly 500
names of the probable from
?=B Q 270=3860A7
its aim to bring qualitative
in police investigaItionnreforms
process, Punjab Bureau of
Investigations will soon have
separate cadre at Sub-Division
level, besides special investigation units to probe different
Announcing this, Deputy
Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal
said establishing a separate
cadre for investigation wing at
Sub Division level would be a
reality on Punjab Day this
“Bureau would see the light
of the day soon as the State
Cabinet has gave in-principle
approval for the creation of
16,035 posts for the State police
which includes 5249 posts for
the PBI,” he said in a meeting
with the senior officers of the
Home and Police Departments.
Sukhbir, who also holds the
Home portfolio, deliberated
upon the modalities of the
PBI on separation of different
cadres at Sub-division and
headquarters level.
To establish a separate
cadre of the Bureau, he asked
the Home Department to lay
down conditions for the
recruitment of specialised
police personnel under various
categories having extraordinary skills in legal affairs,
forensics, IT and financial matters.
Sukhbir said the Bureau
had already been established
under the supervision of
Director-cum-ADGP at headquarters with DIG level officer
to be in-charge at range level.
unjab Revenue Minister
Bikarm Singh Majithia on
Sunday said the State
Government’s decision to make
Majitha a new sub-division “is
a step towards providing all
Government services to people
near their door steps”.
Punjab Cabinet, in its
meeting on Friday under the
chairmanship of Chief Minister
Parkash Singh Badal, has given
approval to make a SubDivision.
Majithia, Majitha MLA,
thanked Chief Minister and
Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir
Badal for increasing the status of
sub-Tehsil Majitha to sub-division that too on the historic martyrdom day of great freedom
fighter Shaheed Udham Singh.
He said this long lasting
demand of the people of this
area had been fulfilled which
was being ignored by earlier
Governments from last 50 years.
“Now Majitha will now
have one permanent post of
SDM and Tehsildar besides
other Government officers
which will provide Government
services to the people of 93 villages of Kanaungo Circles of
Majitha, Kathunangal and
Pakhar which include 31 patwar circles at their door steps
whereas earlier people had to
travel to Amritsar for these services,” he said.
He said this would also create more direct and indirect job
opportunities for youth of the
area and all segments of the
society would benefit in a big
way from this development.
Majithia said that Majitha
city, which has been developed
as model city, will now achieve
more heights of prosperity and
development. “Before 2007,
people started migrating from
Majitha, but now the scene has
totally changed with development of the city made by AkaliBJP Government and now people prefer to stay here and are
flourishing their businesses
here,” he said.
?=BQ 270=3860A7
ormer Har yana Chief
Minister Bhupinder Singh
Hooda on Sunday termed the
Manohar Lal Khattar
Government as a “non-performer”.
The senior Congress leader
while talking to the mediapersons said the latest example of
State Government’s apathy was
Gurgaon where the choked
drains and potholed roads
earned a shame for the whole
“This is a “non-performing” Government and it
believes in cutting the ribbons
and changing the names of
cities. Had the Government
been serious, the Gurgaon
drains may not have choked
and resulted in a massive traf-
fic jam,” alleged Hooda.
Government had planned
Dwarka Expressway to join
the national highway to reduce
the traffic jams on Gurgaon
roads. The construction work
of this 18 km long road was
nearing completion when BJP
Government was formed. But
the BJP Government failed to
complete the remaining 10 per
cent work on this road,” he
Taking a dig at BJP led
Haryana Government he said
Khattar Government changed
Gurgaon’s name to Gurugram
which now appeared to be
Eyeing investment for the
state, the government had
called the state as ‘Happening
Haryana’ but it has become
‘mishappening Haryana’ now,
said he.
Referring to the cases registered against him, Hooda
?=BQ 270=3860A7
aryana Chief Minister
announced that one of the 28
gates at the entry points into
the State would be named after
to mark the Golden Jubilee of
the state.
Besides, one chowk each in
every town in western and
northern Haryana would be
named after the illustrious revolutionary, said the Chief
Minister while speaking at a
public meeting on the occasion
of the 76th martyrdom day of
Shaheed Udham Singh.
Highlighting the sacrifices
made by revolutionaries like
Shaheed Udham Singh, the
Chief Minister urged the people to rise above religious and
regional divide and work for
the development of Haryana by
following the concept of
‘Haryana Ek-Haryanvi Ek’.
He said that the families of
martyrs would be honoured
during the Golden Jubilee year
and their statues would be
The screening committee, which met early morning on Sunday, included
AAP’s national spokesperson and state affairs’ inc h a r g e S a nj ay S i n g h ,
S a n g r u r M P B h a g w a nt
Mann, Faridkot MP Prof
Sadhu Singh, Punjab convener
Su c h a
Chhotepur and national
organization building secretary Durgesh Pathak, to
deliberate on the names forwarded by the campaign
During the meeting, the
screening committee kept
utmost care of the fact that
the probables must have a
clean track record.
The screening committee, after weighing various
pros and cons of the names
recommended by the campaign committee, has shortlisted nearly 130 names, on
a n av e r a g e f i v e t o
s e v e n f rom e a c h c on stituency, before forwarding
the same with its remarks to
the PAC.
Spokesperson said that
the PAC would soon take a
final decision on the names
of the candidates of 23
s e g m e nt s .
“Thereafter, the party is
likely to make the
announcement of candidates immediately,” added
the spokesperson.
?=B Q <098C700<A8CB0A
23 Assembly segments after
gauging their track record in
public life and their months
of dedicated work for the
party as well as for the people of Punjab, said party’s
official spokesperson.
The spokesperson said
the names recommended
by AAP’s volunteers were
thereafter sent to the 16member Punjab Election
Campaign Committee for
deliberations in the meeting
held on Saturday evening in
The campaign committee has already forwarded
the list of recommendations
to the AAP’s screening committee of Punjab.
installed throughout the state.
Besides, a statue of Shaheed
Udham Singh would be
installed at the memorial being
developed in Ambala, and the
Ayodhya Chowk on the
Shahabad-Barada Road would
be renamed as Shaheed Udham
Singh Chowk.
Earlier, the Chief Minister,
along with the Himachal
Pradesh Governor, Acharya
Dev Vrat and his Cabinet
Ministers paid floral tributes to
Shaheed Udham Singh.
The Chief Minister also
inaugurated three projects
developed at the cost of C24
crore. These include a polytechnic college built at the cost
of C17 crore in Umri village,
block development and panchayat officer office at
Ismailabad which cost C1 crore
and C5.05-crore community
health centre at Jhansa.
said that this government is
busy registering false cases
against opponents.
Slamming the Haryana
Government, he said that the
BJP has failed to deliver on its
poll promises.
Hooda also criticised the
State Government for its plan
to rejuvenate Saraswati river
and urged the State
Government to generate
employment opportunities for
youth on the eve of golden
jubilee year of state.
On being asked about
Congress leader Capt. Ajay
Yadav, who announced to quit
the party blaming him, Hooda
said nobody takes Capt. Yadav
seriously as he keeps on changing his statements.
About State Government’s
plans to celebrate golden
jubilee year of Haryana, Hooda
said during the all party meeting, he has suggested the
Government to establish statue of former Prime Minister
Indira Gandhi.
In the districts, the SSPs and
the Commissioners of Police
would perform the duty of incharge and the DSP
(Investigation) would be in
charge at the Sub-Divisional
Asking State DGP Suresh
Arora to create a fully professional legal and forensic experts
team to be deployed in the field
besides specialised focus on
manpower of gazetted officers
and non-gazetted officers,
Sukhbir also batted for the
investigators and detectives to
be fully equipped with the lat-
est gadgets in order to enable
them to collect samples of
blood, fingerprints etc for the
purpose of proper investigation
and evidence.
He revealed the PBI would
have special investigation units,
comprising of homicide units,
crime against women and child
unit, cyber crime unit, economic offences unit, special
crimes unit and anti-human
trafficking unit.
A total of 174 teams would
be formed at homicide unit
level whereas 152 teams would
be formed in crime against
8`gee`Y`]Uac`XcR^^Vd &RQJUHVV
?=BQ 270=3860A7
Sudha, the Chief Minister
announced C20 crore for the
aryana Government has development of third new
decided to organise pro- administrative block in
grammes on a grand scale at 134 Thanesar and C50 lakh for
pilgrimage sites in Kurukshetra, improvement
Karnal, Kaithal, Jind and Dronacharya Stadium.
He also announced conPanipat during the International
‘Gita Jayanti Samaroh’ this year. struction of the Swaran Jayanti
Besides, a tourist package sports facility complex at
would be rolled out to develop Kurukshetra where sports-relatthese sites as tourism destina- ed facilities would be provided.
These would
t i o n s ,
announced ´79D1:1I1>D9C1=1B?8µ include gymnasium,
Chief Minister Manohar Lal at indoor hall, training room,
a meeting with officers held here dressing room, player data cento review different schemes and tre, audio-visual centre, hostel
for players, rest house, office,
projects in Kurukshetra.
He said programmes would sports nutrition centre and
be organised by the Kurukshetra sports energy centre.
He also issued directions to
Vikas Board at pilgrimage spots
that fell within the boundaries establish a ‘gaushala’ on 25 acres
of 48 kms. Besides, museums, in Kurukshetra to tackle the
libraries and other such projects problem of stray cattle.
The Chief Minister also
would be set up at the shrines
directed the officers to prepare
to give a boost to tourism.
Accepting the demands for the International ‘Gita
made Thanesar MLA, Subhash Jayanti Samaroh’.
?=BQ 270=3860A7
egendary playback singer
Mohammed Rafi’s native
village Kotla Sultan in Amritsar,
Punjab remembered him on
his 36th death anniversary on
Sunday, with scores paying a
tribute to him.
On the occasion, a function was organized in the village.
“A number of people and
Rafi sahib’s fans thronged to
pay tribute. He was the best
singer of all times and even 36
years after his death, he lives on
eternally. His songs today are as
popular as they were when he
was alive,” Jagjit, Mohd Rafi’s
fan, said.
Singing competitions were
organized in the village for the
women and children unit with
150 teams in total at cyber
crime unit level.
Giving more details,
Sukhbir said that a Special
Task Force (STF) would also be
formed to tackle effectively
the menace of organized crime.
To strengthen the intelligence cadre, he informed that
781 new posts have been created having 11 DSPs, 24 inspectors, 66 SIs, 64 ASIs, 116 head
constables and 500 constables.
He asked the home department to finalize the recruitment conditions for this cadre
and the intelligence personnel
should be a graduate from recognized university and additionally have IT degree in BSc,
BTech, BE, BCA or PGDCA.
Sukhbir also informed that
4425 additional posts including ADCP/SP, ACP/DSP,
Inspector, SI, ASI, head constable and constables have
also been approved to provide
best and efficient security services to the public in
Ludhiana, Amritsar and SAS
Nagar which are the famous
business, religious and industrial centres.
Besides, 4,000 constables
and 750 constable drivers
would also be recruited to
strengthen the recently
launched Rapid Rural Police
Response Scheme in the State.
children each year to pay tributes to the singer.
Rafi was born in Kotla
Sultan, which is about 30 kms
from Amritsar. Born on
December 24, 1924, Rafi died
in Mumbai on July 31, 1980 following a massive heart-attack.
The first public performance of Rafi, who began
singing by chanting the notes
that a ‘fakir’ sung in his village,
came as a teenager, when he
was allowed to sing at a concert
featuring the legendary KL
The singer later went on to
lend his voice to Bollywood
megastars including Amitabh
Bachchan, Shammi Kapoor,
Dharmendra, Dev Anand and
Rishi Kapoor in his career as a
successful playback artist.
He had numerous hit songs
to his credit including several
duets with famous playback
singers Lata Mangeshkar and
Asha Bhosle.
Working with music directors like OP Nayyar, Laxmikant
Pyarelal and RD Burman, Rafi
delivered some evergreen hits
including “Yeh duniya yeh
mehfil”, “Chura liya hai tumne”,
“O haseena”, “Tum jo mil gaye
ho” and “Aaj mausam bada
He was honoured with the
Padma Shri in 1967.
?=BQ 270=3860A7
unjab Congress on Sunday
asked the Aam Aadmi
Party (AAP) spokesperson
Sukhpal Singh Khaira not to
worry about the Congress
and pose the leadership questions to his own leader and
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind
Kejriwal and not State
Congress president Capt
Amarinder Singh.
“We, in the Congress,
know what role suits whom
the best, you better worry
about the party you are staying with for the time being,”
said party’s State vice-president Sukhjinder Singh
“Or was it just a case of a
misplaced query as you actually wanted to ask this question to Kejriwal and in the
thought process instead mentioned Capt Amarinder, who
does not seem to be going out
of your mind till now,”
Randhawa taunted Khaira.
“And let me assure you
that Capt Amarinder for certain is going to be the Chief
Minister of Punjab after 2017
elections and as regards the
role of the Leader of
Opposition, you should better
ask about it to Kejriwal, who,
you must realise, is now your
new master and is desperately aspiring for a role in
Punjab,” he told the AAP
R andhawa reminded
Khaira that not long ago,
rather less than a year ago,
when Capt Amarinder was
appointed the PPCC president, he (Khaira) was first to
welcome it and assert that this
was the best thing to have
happened to the Congress.
“And probably that may be the
reason you continue to show
your concern about Capt
Amarinder, as they say old
habits die hard”, he told
270=3860A7k<>=30H k0D6DBC ! %
dj^aReYjW`c5R]ZedZ_8f[ HQJDJH632VLQUO\V
?=BQ 270=3860A7
unjab Pradesh Congress
Committee (PPCC) president Capt Amarinder Singh on
Sunday wondered as to how
come Prime Minister Narendra
Modi did not have a single word
of sympathy for the Dalit boys,
who were beaten blue in his
home State Gujarat recently,
during his ‘Mann ki Baat’
address to the nation.
Taking a jibe at Modi saying that South Africa visit was
like a “teerth-yatra” (pilgrimage)
for him as he had an opportunity to meet the people who
struggled for equality, Capt
Amarinder suggested to him,
“You better take another ‘teerthyatra’ to Una town in your
home State and meet those
Dalit boys and others, who are
not only struggling, but continue to suffer every day of their
life.” “As they say, charity begins
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Demanding strict action
against the culprits, Mayawati
said that action should be
taken against policemen for
laxity as well. She alleged that
laxity has become all-pervasive
in UP Police due to rampant
casteism promoted by the SP
Hitting out at the Akhilesh
Yadav Government, Union
Minister Mahesh Sharma said,
“When will this end? It shows
that the SP Government has
collapsed on every front. They
cannot save the honour of a
mother, a daughter. It is shameful and they should step down.”
State BJP chief Keshav
Prasad Maurya demanded the
resignation of Akhilesh Yadav
and said that the incident has
proved that law and order has
collapsed in the State.
“It is unbelievable that the
incident occurred merely two
km from Bulandshahr city and
the family was held hostage for
four hours and the women
were raped at gun-point. It’s a
slap on the face of police
administration, which makes
tall claims of ensuring safety of
people,” he said.
BJP MP from Bulandshahr
Bhola Singh said, “It is a sad
and painful incident. My sympathies are with the family. I
have spoken to the police and
the administration. Those
guilty should be handed out
stringent punished.”
“When a woman accompanied by her family is not safe,
how would women travelling
alone be safe? Under the SP’s
rule, even the streets are not
safe, let alone the highways. In
villages, girls and women cannot go out of homes... it’s goonda raj,” he added.
Describing the incident as
“chilling”, “barbaric” and one
that has “shocked human conscience”, the State Congress
said that the SP Government
must take decisive action.
“The gangrape is heartrending, it’s shocking. The way
a woman and her daughter
were raped in front of the
male members of the family is
indeed traumatic.”
at home and it does not suit anyone better than you in the current circumstances since this is
happening in your home state,
Gujarat, which you ruled for 12
years and which eventually propelled you to the position that
you currently hold,” he added.
Capt Amarinder said Modi
wanted every Indian to celebrate
the Independence Day ceremoniously. “That every Indian is
already doing for the last 69 years
and nobody needs to be reminded about that,” he said, while asking, “But, what about those who
are feeling frightened and threatened like those Dalit boys of
Gujarat, and with them many
millions more.”
Capt Amarinder told Modi
either he was ignorant about
what is happening inside the
country or he was deliberately
chose not to condemn the series
of incidents of atrocities on
Dalits “for the reasons best
known to you...otherwise, how
could one ignore such an
important issue that has shaken the conscience of the nation
that too in the recent past”.
Congress Deputy Leader
in the Lok Sabha said while the
PM talked about innovating
technology, he should also have
talked about “innovating and
liberating the sectarian and
parochial mindsets which do
not see fellow human beings as
“Culture of innovation and
entrepreneurship is good but
what about the culture of tolerance and harmony which we
seem to be losing fast thanks to
your silence about the violence
by vigilante groups who have
unleashed a reign of terror on
Dalits and minorities”, he told
the PM while referring to his
aim of building up “culture of
innovation and entrepreneurship in the country”.
?=BQ 17D10=4BF0A
ith Maoists active in various districts of Odisha,
the State Government has
approached the Union
Ministry of Home Affairs
(MHA) to engage Special
Police Officers (SPOs) in the
trains passing through these
Some of the areas of
Koraput, Sundargarh, Balangir,
Bargarh, Nuapada, Jharsuguda,
Rayagada, Kalahandi and some
of the other Leftwing Extremist
(LWE)-affected districts
through which trains are moving need more protection due
to threat of security of the
Indian Railways.
Considering that the
Railway Protection Force
(RPF) is not adequately
equipped to face the Maoist
menace, the State Government
has sent a proposal to the
MHA for engagement of SPOs
in railways like in other States
affected by Maoists.
Recently, the MHA has
approved a proposal of the
Government of West Bengal to
deploy SPOs in the interest of
railway passengers and properties. Secondly, the services of
the SPOs can be utilised for
collection of intelligence as
approved for the West Bengal
General Railway Police (GRP),
said sources.
Many superfast and express
trains are moving without
escort services due to shortage
of GRP personnel. More and
more new trains are being
introduced and there is little
commensurate increase in GRP
There are approximately
250 trains plying daily in
Odisha covering 1,701 km.
There are hardly 900 GRP
personnel to handle such a
huge movement of railways.
Commandant General of
Home Guards of the Odisha
Government allotted 510
Home Guards to manage routine matters in railways.
However, this arrangement is
not adequate; so, an increase in
the strength of GRP personnel
and deployment of SPOs are
needed looking at the threat
perception on railways from the
Maoists. Odisha needs strengthening of the GRP system and,
accordingly, more GRP police
stations and two more police
districts for railways are needed, which requires sanction of
the MHA, said sources.
Escort parties are needed to
be accommodated in AC compartments to sit near VIP travellers, said the sources.
?=BQ 30;C>=60=9
he railway tracks between
Barwadeeh railway juncT
tion and Japla railway station
under Dhanbad/ Moghulsarai
divisions have earned a bad
name. Under this stretch desperate peoples with problems
of different kinds are choosing
to jump-off on the tracks only
to get run over by moving
Residents of Daltonganj
have not forgotten as to how a
renowned surgeon Mohan
Prasad of this place was found
dead on the railway tracks in
Ranchi railway station in the
early months of this year.
Such deliberate getting run
over has gone up in the first 7
months of this year in Palamu.
Till July 30 this year 28 lives
have been lost on the railway
tracks between Barwadeeh railway junction and Japla railway
station. This distance comes
under Daltonganj GRP. There
are more deaths on tracks
beyond this Daltonganj GRP
range that is between
Barwadeeh railway junction
and Japla railway station.
Sources said most of the
deaths are suicides. Some are
deaths caused by hitting of the
trains. Some are plain run
over on account of terrible
negligence on the part of the
person negotiating the railway
tracks. And the run over victims are those who have ear
plugs, talking on cell phones
or are over confident that
their legs will be swifter than
wheels etc.
Station superintendent
(SS) Daltonganj railway station AK Tiwary who joined as
SS only this July 1 said, "I am
just at my wits end as to why
people come to the tracks to
get themselves beheaded by
train. Our railway traffic
inspector A K Sinha has posted an appeal on his 'Facebook'
asking people to keep safe
from the railway tracks and
not to lose life at all on the
Traffic inspector AK
Sinha said, "If the crew of the
engine of a train spots any one
on the railway track 800
meters away the crew hoots
and hoots to warn the person
to be away from the tracks but
if the person is determined to
lose life on the tracks the crew
can not do any thing. Engine
crew pays high respect to
man and animal both and
care for their lives but in situation where a person is hell
bent to commit suicide the
engine crew finds itself helpless."
Emergency breaking is
done but in extra ordinary situation and not where such a
determined act is to be done
by a person to get away from
this world said Sinha then, "It
will be difficult for us to run
any train on the tracks."
Out of 28 deaths, four
have been reported in July,
five in June, six in May, two
in April, three in March, five
in February and three in
January during 2016 confirmed Sinha. All these deaths
on the railway tracks have
occurred or made to happen
by the person in day time.
Easing out in morning
near railway tracks is one of
the major causes of deaths on
tracks. Brother of a news
photographer recently died in
such a condition on the tracks
in Daltonganj. An angry
husband got his head off on
the track by a train in broad
day light. Railway officials are
mooting the idea to launch a
drive across the villages lying
near the railway lines against
such losses of lives on the
tracks. There are houses situated right across the railway
lines and here the vulnerability to come under wheels of
the trains is very high.
BC055A4?>AC4AQ A08?DA
Government is now betting
big on promoting film industry
by planning to develop worldclass film production infrastructure in the State.
On Saturday, Chief Minister
Raman Singh met a delegation of
Chhattisgarh Film industry
artistes and technicians at his official residence here who
expressed gratitude towards the
Government recently deciding to
form the 'Chhattisgarh State
Film Development Corporation'.
The delegation comprised
Prakash Awasti, Rajesh Awasti,
Ashish Shandre, Siddarth Rajput,
Ravi Sahu, Pushpendra Singh,
Alka Chandrakar, Anikruti
Chauhan, Pushpanjali Sharma
and several other artistes were
also present.
Notably, The Naya Raipur
Development Authority
(NRDA) has earmarked 46.49
hectares of land for developing
a Film City, officials stated.
On February 15 this year,
From Page 1
“Whether you take India as
idol or the cow…whether you
call the land of disbelief and
paganism a goddess…regardless of whom you choose to
prostrate to, the Muslims’ forehead bow down in front of his
Lord. Whatever the idol may
be, it would be rejected,” he further said.
“…You are over 350 million in India. You have the best
land of India. Your localities are
in every province of the country. Even if you come out carrying merely knives and swords
From Page 1
Dalits present at the rally
also pledged they would not
remove carcasses lying on
streets. They also demanded
arm licences for self-defence in
order to avoid Una like atrocities on them in future.
Dalit leader and lawyer
Jignesh Mevani demanded that
culprits in the Una case should
be punished under the
Scheduled Castes and
Scheduled Tribes (Prevention
of Atrocities) Act.
According to Mevani
sweepers or Safai Kamdars
working with local bodies
should be given the benefits of
sixth pay commission. Special
courts must be set up for the
speedy disposal of atrocity
cases, he added.
Though the rally was
described as non-political by
organisers, political tint was
clearly visible during the
protest. Mevani, who has
Chief Minister Raman Singh
had held a discussion with
noted film producer Subhash
Ghai in Mumbai regarding
scope of film production, setting up of a Film City and Film
Institute in Chhattisgarh.
It may be recalled that Naya
Raipur is also among five other
cities in the country chosen as
‘Demonstration Cities’ for the
Centre’s ambitious Sustainable
Urban Transport Project (SUTP).
The final five cities participating as 'Demonstration Cities'
under SUTP are Indore (Madhya
Pradesh), Mysore (Karnataka),
Naya Raipur (Chhattisgarh),
Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad
Detailed project profiles were
prepared by all cities with the
assistance of the SUTP
Consultants and then endorsed
by the SUTP Steering Committee
to be included to SUTP as ‘City
Demonstration Projects’, officials stated.
NRDA to cite an example
is also going for an ‘Intelligent
Rain Water Drainage System’
fixed with indicators to send
alert before water logging or
flood situation with option for
automatic valve opening system, officials stated. It plans of
developing a project comprising IT-enabled systems to manage a host of utilities using stateof-art technology.
emerged as face of Dalit protest,
is associated with Delhi Chief
Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s
political outfit Aam Aadmi
Party (AAP). Former IPS officer turned practicing lawyer
Rahul Sharma had taken on the
previous State Government
lead by then Chief Minister
Narendra Modi. He took early
retirement a year back. Earlier
this year the State Home
Department had slapped on
him a show-cause notice for
departmental misconduct and
keeping with him crucial CDs
related to the 2002 Gujarat riot
Moreover, the presence of
at least three local Muslim
leaders at the rally was eyecatching. Meanwhile, the
Samajik Samrasata Manch - an
arm of Rashtriya Swayamsevak
Sangh (RSS)-has called a meeting at Una in which religious
leaders will participate.
From Page 1
By the time they reconcile
to the fact that there may be a
problem and get in touch with
doctors the child is already five
to six-years-old.
While the surgery can be
done at any age, doctors say it
gives best results when conducted at an early age. Dr
Tilak Raj Singh, Senior ENT
Consultant, who conducted
the surgery on the young ones
said, “The younger the patient,
the better the results. In other
countries, before the birth of
the baby doctors screen the foetus to know about its ENT status, which is lacking in India.”
From now on, Safdarjung
Hospital will screen the baby in
the womb to know if there is
any complication, said Dr
Soon after the surgery,
these kids undergo speech
therapy and rehabilitation to
help them respond positively to
the sounds around them. “For
those who haven’t heard anything since birth, it can be an
overwhelming experience and
it takes time to respond properly to sound. Within three to
four months of the surgery the
child starts to say a few words
and by the time the child
reaches five years of age, he/she
starts to speak and hear fully
and can live a normal life.
Therefore, speech therapy
counseling is given to them.
Family support is most important,” said Dr Abhay Kumar
Singh, ENT Consultant,
Safdarjung Hospital.
As per World Health
Organisation data about 60
million people in India are suffering from hearing disorder
and need cochlear implant
2WX]TbT?;0 RPaaXTS^dc
From Page 1
The information about the
flight was shared during
exchanges with foreign intelligence agencies, the sources
At least 20 to 25 Chinese
troops had entered into the
demilitarised area in Barahoti
pastures in Chamoli district of
Uttarakhand earlier this
month, besides flying its helicopters in the Indian air space
for over five minutes.
The sources said that an
then -- history bears witness - Hindus cannot withstand
you… They (Hindus) only satisfy you with their mouths...
issuing statements… by claiming that India is a secular
state... by deceiving you
through the Constitution...Its
Constitution grants equal rights
to all. If a Muslim is caught
slaughtering a cow, he is executed biblically; but for slaughtering Muslims, Modi is
rewarded with reign of Delhi.
Those are equal rights. In its
Constitution, beasts are more
valuable than Muslims.”
Indian civilian team was sent
back by Chinese PLA troops,
who claimed it to be their
land and recognised it as ‘WuJe’. A Chinese helicopter hovered over the ground for nearly five minutes before returning to its side.
It was apprehended that it
could have carried out aerial
photography of the area during
its reconnaissance mission. The
chopper was identified as Zhiba
series of attack helicopter of the
From Page 1
Two weeks ago, police in
New Hampshire did the same
but with a Charizard — another sought after Pokemon.
While it is unlikely any of
the “lucky” few named in either
post will actually come forward, police have actually
already caught one criminal
thanks to Pokemon Go.
A man in Detroit cycled to
his local police station, which
was also a gym in the game, to
play. Unfortunately for him,
police officers recognised him
as someone with an arrest warrant.
³8FX[[BdaeXeT´ °0]T\^cX^]P[caXQdcTc^D´ZWP]S´bf^\T]
enu Sanon is a doctor who
has spent a long time residV
ing in Mussoorie and working
among the hill folks. She is also
a great poet and writes soulsearching verse. Over the years,
she has proved that medicine
and poetry can be wondrously
woven into one’s life and can
spread happiness among others.
“I Will Survive”, her latest
collection of poems , bears testimony to this. It is a unique
lyrical tribute to the
indomitable spirit of the rural
hill women of Garhwal.
Through her songs in English,
Dr.Venu Sanon has captured
the finer and lesser known
facts of these womens’ lives and
in an equally beautiful manner
,Dr.Sunil Sanon (Venu’s hus-
band) has translated these
touching poems into Hindi.
This has made this volume of
verse indeed splendid.
In his foreword to this
poetry collection, S.S.Sandhu
writes “The essence of Venu’s
poems has been remarkably
translated into Hindi verse by
Dr.Sunil Sanon ,who in his own
right, has dedicated his life
time to serve the people of
Uttarakhand ….He has sensitively and intuitively put Venu’s
thoughts into words ,for they
have both walked down the
same path of service and love.”
He could not have put it in
a better way. It is the shared
journey of this doctor couple
living in the hill region that has
made this work possible. Their
deep insight into the lives of the
hill people ,developed slowly
and over long years, has made
Dr.Venu Sanon express her feelings about them in such exquisite poetry.Various activities in
which these women are engaged
in different seasons of the year
have been captured in Venu’s
verse. The time of the kaphal ,
the exquisite little red fruit of the
hills,the phase of the ‘the harvest of peas”, the ripening of walnuts, grazing the sheep.
In the poem titled
“Friends”, Dr.Venu describes
the dreams of the young hill
girls who are walking along
their grazing goats , One
addresses the other , her friend,
and says “ our goats graze contented ,the sun still waits to set
,Don’t go as yet, sister!...This
fair that you went to ,on that
distant mountain there ,What
all did you see? Tell me fast!
….were there merchants with
calico ,the colours of
spring?And glass bangles in
baskets ,our feminine hearts to
win ?Balloon sellers , snake
charmers , henna packets for
sale …Tell me about it sister !
Stay awhile”.
This has been translated
aptly by Dr. Sunil Sanon as “
Char chuki’n bakriyan chhak
kar, sooraj abhi chhipa
nahin..behan ruk ja ,ghar na
ja…bata mujhe ,door uss pahad
ke mele mein,toone kya
dekha?bata toh zara..basant ke
mele mein ,Holi ke rang liye
,kaise who saudagr thhee
/Tokriyon mein saji rangeen
churian kya iss mele mein milti
thhi?Bikte the kya gubbaare aur
mehndi ke packet ?Ruk ja
behan ..zara batakar ja..kya
sapera bhi aaya thha?”
Dr Venu Sanon’s poetry
has great depth and breadth of
vision. It appeals to the heart as
well as the mind.The sorrows
and joys , the pain and struggle of these hill women has been
a part of the life of the
Sanon’s.They have been closely
linked to it while watching the
day to day life of their patients
and others.Many a rural hill
woman may have shared her
woes with them.Deep philosophy resides at the heart of these
poems ,19 in all.
The concluding poem “I
Will Survive” tells us the story
of a girl child, who is the sixth
girl born to her parents, “the
sixth in succession –a row of
unwanted chances at life..we
were destined to be born
..scouring, mopping ,washing
;simple strength fanning the
glowing embers of life…and
then hope whispered “This
too shall pass..” It was enough
for me to survive”. The courage
and resilience of these women,
young and old, could not have
been described better.
In the preface to the book,
Venu writes,” This book is a
tribute to the women of
Garhwal ,the unknown mothers who for centuries have
kept the forests preserved ,the
fields green, the waters cascading and the culture
vibrant..my salutations to this
Venu’s poetry on the hill
women is a must read for all
those who value poetry and
appreciate the strength of the
sturdy women of the Garhwal
hills. It is a tribute that has been
written from the heart and
from the soul. Dr.sunil Sanon’s
Hindi translation has enriched
the work greatly.Altogether, an
inspiring creation.
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rime Minister Narendra
Modi on Sunday urged the
young generation for invention
and use of technological solutions in daily life problems. In
his monthly radio talk —
‘Mann Ki Baat’, Modi also
asked doctors in private sector
to devote time on maternity
related issues.
During the 34-minute
broadcast, Prime Minister also
talked about a number of other
subjects, including the Indian
participation in the Rio
Independence day celebrations,
his recent visit to South Africa
and passage of a Bill by
Parliament that will unlock
over C40,000 crore to States for
“India is going through
many problems. We encounter
problems in daily life. Now, we
will have to look for technological solutions,” Modi said.
Exhorting youth to go for
research to find technological
solutions to such problems,
Modi referred to the ‘Atal
Innovation Mission’ (AIM)
Government intends to create
an ecosystem of innovation,
experiment and entrepreneurship and generate jobs.
“If we have to prepare next
generation innovators, we will
have to connect our children
with the AIM. That is why, the
Central Government has taken
the initiative of Atal Tinkering
Labs,” he said. Whichever
school establishes these labs, it
will get C10 lakh and an equal
amount for maintenance of
these labs for five years, the
Prime Minister said.
Noting that innovation is
directly linked to ‘Incubation
Centre’, he said under the Atal
Incubation Centre programme,
the Government plans to earmark a “big amount” of C10
crore. Inviting youth to do
research and invent solutions
through technology to the
problems they see, the Prime
Minister referred to the ‘Atal
Grand Challenges’ and said,
“the Government of India
wants to reward technology
that is developed to address our
Talking about health sce-
nario, PM urged gynaecologists, who do not work in
Government hospitals, to
devote one day for this purpose, saying lakhs of such doctors are required.
Talking about the floods
that have hit some parts of the
country, Modi said, “sometime back, we were concerned
about drought but now we are
enjoying the rains and there are
reports about floods. The State
Governments and the Centre
are working closely, making all
efforts to help the flood-affected people.”
He began his programme
with reference to the Rio
Olympics and asked people to
create a campaign to encourage
India’s participants in this mega
sporting event. Underlining
that participation in the games
is more important than winning of losing, he asked the
countrymen to extend their
wishes to the Indian participants. “For transmitting your
messages of good wishes, the
Prime Minster of the country
is ready to become a postman,”
he said.
Turning to the upcoming
70th Independence Day celebrations, Modi said the country should also celebrate the
75th anniversary of Quit India
Movement on August 8. He
asked the countrymen to celebrate these events like a festival by creating an atmosphere
of nationalism. “This should
not remain a Government
function but a celebration of
the countrymen. Like a Diwali,
it should be our own festival,”
he said hoping that people will
send pictures filled with nationalism to his App.
Prime Minister invited suggestions from the people for
inclusion in his speech. “You
may be having something
which you would want to be
told to the nation from the Red
Fort. “I invite you to write to
me whatever feelings you have,
what you feel that as your representative, as your ‘pradhan
sevak’, I should say from the
Red Fort... Give suggestions,
give advice, give new ideas. I
will try to convey those to all
the countrymen...,” the Prime
Minister said.
6BC1X[[c^R[TPaD__Ta ³0PSWPPaaT`dXaTSU^a
ope fly high that the crucial
Amendment Bill could be taken
up this week, but the Government
has not listed the Bill in Rajya
Sabha for Monday or Tuesday
indicating that some contentious
issues between the Centre and
Opposition Congress remains to
be addressed.
Deputy Leader of the
Opposition in the Rajya Sabha
Anand Sharma told The Pioneer
that barring an unexpected hitch,
it is a done deal next week. “The
Bill will in all likelihood will
clear the Upper House,” Sharma
said. A senior Cabinet Minister
confirmed that the talks between
the Government and the Congress
were progressing in the right
The Bill, approved by the
Lok Sabha in May 2015, got stuck
in the Rajya Sabha, where the ruling BJP does not have a majority.
Minister of State for
Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar
Abbas Naqvi on Friday, in a state-
ment on Government business in
Rajya Sabha, had said the GST Bill
will be taken up for consideration
and passage beginning the week
August 1. A Government source
said that Bill will be listed for consideration in the Upper House
anytime this week but before
The Centre claimed to end
the stalemate after no less than
seven rounds of discussions. The
Congress gave up its demand for
including in the Constitution a
cap of 18 per cent on the GST rate
and the Government agreed to
address its concerns for an independent mechanism for dispute
Ahead of Rajya Sabha considering the biggest indirect tax
reform measure since independence, the Government has met
a key Opposition demand of
scrapping 1 per cent additional tax
on inter-state movement of goods.
It has also agreed to compensate
States for any revenue losses for
five years.
Sharma said that the Congress
is no longer insisting on 18 per
cent as the GST rate at this stage
as the rates will be determined
eventually by the proposed GST
Council. The second Congress
demand was for an independent
dispute resolution mechanism
headed by a High Court judge,
and not the GST Council proposed by the Centre. Sharma
said the Government gave a commitment to strengthen the Bill’s
provision on the Council.
In Bengaluru, Home Minister
Rajnath Singh expressed confidence over getting the long-pending GST Bill passed in Parliament.
“We are getting constitution
amended for GST on which discussions have been on since
long...Since Congress’ time. I am
confident that we will do those
amendments and pass the GST,”
Singh said.
“Due to lot of structural and
procedural changes that we have
brought in and due to foreign
direct investments, also by integrating certain new things to our
economic system we can proudly say that India is today the
fastest growing economy in the
world,” he said on the sidelines of
a function.
?=B Q =Tf3T[WX
3adVbP]S2^b\TcXRb0Rc (#PbXcS^Tb]^cSXUUTaT]cXPcT
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hief Justice of India TS Thakur has brought
the focus on Jammu & Kashmir as never
before. Belonging to the State, Justice Thakur
has taken the State head on by his recent decision to allow civil and criminal cases to be
transferred in and out of the Jammu &
Kashmir despite an existing law to the contrary.
Another instance came when a Bench headed
by the CJI issued notice to the State
Government on a PIL questioning the practice
of doling out minority benefits to Muslims who
constitute a majority in the State. The CJI also
ordered a status report on the curfew imposed
in Kashmir Valley to ensure citizens are not
made to suffer in any way.
easting on eggs and chicken came handy as
a qualification for
law officers in the
Court to
appear in a
the health
and hygiene
of egg-laying hens.
When the
Court sent for
a law officer representing the
Centre, the
CJI TS Thakur
asked the petitioner’s counsel KK Venugopal,
“Whom do you want, a vegetarian or a non vegetarian law officer”. Venugopal said, “I am a
strict non vegetarian”. It so happened that for
the Centre, too, a strict non-vegetarian
Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Maninder
Singh appeared. The Bench remarked, “What
concern can we expect from vegetarians as this
issue concerns non-vegetarians more”.
n Indian Forest
Officer from
Uttarakhand cadre,
TR Bijulal, created waves on the
Global Tiger
Day (July 29)
with his tale
of saving
c a t s .
Bijulal, who
released his
Tiger” on the
occasion. And
guess what his
Mission was all
about? It was a full length feature film penned
by the officer himself. The story is based on his
real life experiences as a forest officer and his
tryst with tigers in the process. “My film is a
tribute to this charismatic species, aimed at
spreading awareness for its conservation,” he
<>DB7D<810BDQ =4F
any of our iconic and
charismatic wild life
species are now threatened
with extinction. As per a latest
study, nearly 59 per cent of the
world’s biggest mammalian
carnivore animals and 60 per
cent of the largest herbivores,
are now listed on the
International Union for
Conservation of Nature’s Red
List of Threatened Species.
The study titled “Saving
the World’s Terrestrial
Megafauna”, written by 43
wildlife experts from six continents appears in the latest
edition of BioScience published by American Institute
Of Biological Sciences. It covers a gamut of species from the
from the not so known — the
scimitar-horned oryx, to more
familiar species including
tigers, lions, gorillas and rhinoceroses. (Mega fauna refer to
large terrestrial carnivores,
exceeding 15 kilograms and
large herbivores of more than
100 kilograms).
The Conservation biologists called for a worldwide
strategy to prevent their extinction citing threats like hunting,
habitat loss and population
growth as causes behind their
imminent extinction.
For the Indian co-author of
the study, Varun R Goswami,
human-wildlife conflict is a
serious existing threat for many
species. “With simultaneous
loss of wildlife habitat and
expansion of human populations and agriculture, negative
interactions between people
and wildlife are bound to rise.”
For wide-ranging mega
fauna like elephants and tigers,
we need landscape-scale con-
servation strategies, taking into
account the increasing interface
between wildlife and people, he
adds. Goswami is also the
Senior Scientific Consultant,
Wildlife Conservation Society
(WCS), India Program.
These large species under
threat play critical roles in
their respective ecosystems
providing a suite of vital
ecosystem services as ecological engineers, dispersing seeds
and nutrients across vast areas,
he adds.
Dr Elizabeth Bennett, Vice
Conservation in WCS and
another co-author on the study
says, “Perhaps the biggest
threat for many species is
direct hunting driven by a
demand for meat, pets, and
body parts for traditional medicines and ornaments.”
The study further points
out that certain megafauna face
the threat of obscurity. The loss
of elephants worldwide to
poachers in pursuit of ivory is
well-known and is the focus of
extensive efforts to shut down
this trade, but many species are
at risk from many similar
threats but are so poorly known
that effective conservation
efforts to save them are difficult.
The paper includes a 13part declaration that highlights the need to acknowledge
the threatened status of many
large mammals and the vital
ecological roles they play. The
declaration also cites the
importance of integrating the
efforts of scientists and funding agencies in developing
countries where many species
occur; the need for a new
global framework to conserve
megafauna; and the moral
obligation of saving the world’s
biggest mammal species.
peculations are rife
DMK MP Tiruchi
Siva (62) and
Sasikala Pushpa
(40) on Saturday
at Delhi airport.
The MPs from rival parties were close friends,
Recently their “close” photos also appeared in
public domain. A Google search of both MPs’
names will reveal their close friendship.
Grapevine has it that the friendly photos of
them were recently leaked by certain staffers
of Siva, leading to Pushpa’s anger.
sked about the
time frame
for the constitution of the much
delayed new team
of BJP president
Amit Shah, a
Union Minister said “talks are on”. To this a
scribe retorted, “This is turning like a GST Bill
with consensus eluding most of the time”.
ith 18 out of the 26 Cabinet members yet
to adopt any village in the second phase
of the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY), the
Government has planned a novel way to
improved the adoption rate. The Government
will now come out with a progress report on
the scheme next month to identify the “culprits”.
The scheme which was announced by Prime
Minister Narendra Modi in October 2014 has
now entered its second phase and the last date
for selection of the village was January 31. All
795 MPs, including 543 from Lok Sabha and
252 from Rajya Sabha, must develop 3 villages
each by 2019.
he reappointment of AK Mital as Chairman
Railway Board (CRB) for a period of two
years came as big relief for
Railway Ministry. Amid speculations that someone from
outside the railway ambit could
also be appointed to the coveted post, some aspirants
for the CRB post had gone
planting stories threatening
resignation if any “outsider” is appointed. While
names of several senior railway officers including that of CMD Air India Ashwani Lohani
were doing the rounds, the PMO scotched all
the gossips with an unexpected re-appointment
of Mital. An officer of Indian Railway Store
Service, Mital had sought extension claiming
he was supervising several important projects
including Bullet Train and High Speeds
a classic case of Supreme
versus Supreme Court.
a matter relating to designation as senior advocates, a
Bench headed by Chief Justice
of India TS Thakur, which is
hearing a PIL on the same
issue, received an affidavit on
behalf of the Supreme Court
Registrar telling him to stay off
the matter as designation of
seniors is an administrative
matter over which the judges
cannot sit in review.
The affidavit has created an
interesting situation for the
CJI who will have to decide
whether he needs to go with the
petitioners before him or the
institution which he heads.
The petitioner in this case,
senior advocate Indira Jaising
too has not taken this affidavit
kindly as she intends to file a
counter response to know at
whose instruction such a
response was filed in the case.
The affidavit filed by Nisha
Bhardwaj, Registrar of the
Supreme Court of India said,
“The decision o the Full Court
of the Supreme Court to confer or not to confer senior designation on any Advocate is a
decision taken on the administrative side of this Court and,
therefore, cannot be a subject
matter of judicial review”.
Since February 11, 2014,
the full strength of the Supreme
Court judges decides who is to
be made a Senior Advocate by
a secret ballot. Jaising’s petition
wanted to bring transparency
into this system after she raised
doubts over certain recent designations where lawyers who
had no standing at the bar
made it to the list of Senior
Advocates while others who
were professionally competent
and enjoyed good reputation at
the Bar lost out in the race.
Realising the seriousness of
the matter, the Court even
sought assistance of the
Attorney General Mukul
Rohatgi on behalf of the Centre
and Supreme Court Bar
Association President Dushyant
Dave. In the past, the A-G after
consulting the Bar representatives proposed suggestions to
ensure that the process of
choosing a Senior Advocate
does not attract suspicion.
The affidavit by the
Supreme Court also dismissed
the apprehensions of the petitioner on recent designations as
“hearsay” and in “bad taste”.
Normally, Courts on the judicial side would not interfere or
probe into the merits of exercise of discretion by an author-
ity or institution as it is not a
forum to hear appeals from the
decisions of the authority,” said
the affidavit.
As per Section 16(2) of the
Advocates Act 1961, both
Supreme Court and High
Courts have administrative
powers to designate Senior
Advocates. But the process
adopted by Courts can differ.
For instance, High Courts of
Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and
Allahabad employ secret ballot
similar to Supreme Court. Even
a judge can propose a candidate. But in order for the candidate to be selected it must be
certified by four other judges
before being put to vote before
the Full Bench. Selection is
based on professional integrity, competence, and reputation
at the bar and preferably having 20 years standing in the
ongress on Sunday
attacked Defence Minister
Manohar Parrikar over his jibe
against actor Aamir Khan,
accusing BJP and RSS of “conhYZTY3;AaV`a]V
certed conspiracy” to hound
Dalits, minorities, writers,
actors and whoever dissents
against the Narendra Modi
@manoharparrikar threatens
‘teaching a lesson’ to ‘actors’,
instead of training his guns
spokesperson Randeep S
Surjewala said in a statement.
Congress said it was a
“shocking revelation” by
Parrikar and showed that BJP
and RSS supporters actively
disrupted and sabotaged an
online trading company on
“Scandalous,” he tweeted questioning whether Parrikar’s job
is to protect India from external aggressors like Pakistan or
threaten fellow countrymen.
“@manoharparrikar’s statement proves a concerted conspiracy to curb all dissent, hound
Dalits & Minorities. Can this be
the ‘Raj Dharma’?,” he tweeted.
Surjewala alleged that
Parrikar has “unknowingly”
exposed the conspiracy through
which BJP people targeted the
online company, booked orders
and cancelled in pursuance of
a conspiracy to ensure that
Aamir Khan was removed as its
brand ambassador.
He said the incident “now
established that there is a concerted conspiracy against poor,
the Dalits, the minorities, artists,
actors and anybody who dissents
against Modi Government”.
Parrikar had reportedly
said anyone speaking against
the country must be “taught a
lesson” and had referred to
alleged anti-national sloganeering at JNU earlier this
year and remarks by an “actor”
who “had said that his wife
wants to live out of India”.
Aamir Khan had last year
spoken about a “sense of insecurity” resulting from increasing intolerance in the country,
and mentioned his wife Kiran
Rao’s apprehensions about
the future of their child in
According to Parrikar,
when the actor made the statement last year, many people
had protested against his
remark and even uninstalled
the mobile application of an
online shopping site he was
associated with, while the firm
had also pulled out the advertisement featuring him.
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><4A50A>>@Q 7H34A0103
he Telugu Desam Party, an
ally of the BJP, has rejected
the Centre’s stand that the
Special Category Status cannot
be granted to Andhra Pradesh
but decided to remain a part of
the National Democratic
Alliance. The decision was taken
at an emergency meeting of
TDP MPs and senior party
leaders in Vijayawada on
Sunday, chaired by the party’s
national president and AP Chief
Minister N Chandrababu Naidu.
The meeting decided to
mount the pressure on
Narendra Modi-led NDA
Government to make it fulfil all
the promises made in the AP
State Reorganisation Act.
Terming the Special Category
Status “a life and death issue for
the State”, Naidu said that that
TDP will never compromise on
the interest of the State.
The meeting was called in
the backdrop of mounting
pressure from a united
Opposition, which has called
for a Statewide strike on
Tuesday to protest against
Centre’s stand.
After the meeting,
Chandrababu told the media
that the people were disappointed and unhappy with the
stand of the Centre. However,
he said, that the TDP would
remain part of the alliance.
“The meeting decided that the
party will abide by the alliance
Dharma”, he said adding that he
will soon meet Prime Minister
Narendra Modi. “We will
decided our future course of
action depending upon his
response,” Naidu said.
“We will tell the Prime
Minister where Andhra
Pradesh stands today compared to the neighbouring
States,” Naidu said.
Naidu said that the stand
taken by Finance Minister
Arun Jaitely on the demand for
special category status was
“unacceptable” for the TDP. “As
a party which supported the
bifurcation of the State, don’t
● CWT_T^_[TfTaTSXbP__^X]cTSP]Sd]WP__hfXcWcWTbcP]S^U
● BcP]ScPZT]QhcWT5X]P]RT<X]XbcTa0ad]9PXcT[h^]cWT
ven as the week-long standoff between the Dalits and
caste Hindus at Vedaranyam in
Nagapattinam district over
holding of the annual festival
in the Sree Bhadrakali Amman
Koil Temple continued unabated, the district administration
late Saturday night declared
that the festival which was to
begin on August 8 has been
“In order to maintain law
and order in the area, the district administration has decided to cancel the Bhadrakali
Amman Temple festival. Let
the issue be sorted out by the
Court,” S Palanisamy, district
collector, Nagapattinam told
the media after the three-hour
long peace meeting convened
by Tamil Nadu Minister OS
Manian failed to sort out the
“We told the authorities
that if we are denied the right
to conduct a day’s festival, the
200 Dalit families in the village
would embrace Islam. There is
no meaning in continuing to
suffer the humiliation and discrimination by the caste
Hindus,” said Ramani, a local
Dalit leader who took part in
the peace meeting.
The impasse arose following the stance of the caste
Hindus that the Dalits would
not be allowed to hold a day’s
festival during the annual temple festival. Though Rama
Ravi Kumar, general secretary
of Hindu Makkal Katchi, a
political outfit, has been camping at Vedaranyam since the
news broke out, he could not
make much leeway in his discussions with the Dalit leaders.
“A solution is possible and
we are working for it. A meeting between leaders of the
communities have been convened fro Sunday evening and
we are confident of resolving
the differences. The officials
have not been helpful,” said
Ravi Kumar.
><4A50A>>@Q 7H34A0103
you have a responsibility to rescue the State,” he asked the BJP.
Naidu reminded the
Centre that the people of
Andhra Pradesh had come out
on the streets to oppose the
bifurcation. “Due to the bifurcation, Andhra Pradesh has
suffered injustice and humiliation,” he added.
The fresh crisis, putting a
question mark on the future of
TDP-BJP alliance was sparked
off last week after a Private
Member Bill moved by the
Congress member in the Rajya
Sabha KVP Ramachandra Rao
forced a discussion on the
demand of special category status for Andhra Pradesh following the bifurcation of the State.
In reply to the debate,
Jaitley categorically rejected
the demand of SCS citing the
14th Finance Commission
recommendations. But offered
all possible help in stabilising
AP economy.
“The SCS issue has nothing
to do with the 14th Finance
Commission,” Naidu said,
adding that future of the State
depends on the special status.
Naidu said that in his meeting with the Prime Minister, he
would raise the issue of injustices with AP during last two
years, fulfilling the promises
made in the State Reorganisation Act and the SCS.
He reminded the BJP that
its own leaders were in the forefront in demanding special
status for AP during the debate
in Parliament over Andhra
Pradesh bifurcation and even
Representatives of Tamil
Nadu Thowheed Jamat, who
rushed to the village following
SOS messages sent by the
Dalits, said they would stand
by the latter in any emergencies. “Though they wanted to
convert to Islam, we restrained
them from taking hasty decision and asked them to learn
the basics of Islam before taking any drastic action,” said
Mohammed Yousuf Shamsu
Lluha, president, managing
committee, TNTJ. He said six
families have been already
converted to Islam while others are undergoing crash
lessons in Quran.
In a related development,
Mannargudi Shendalangaara
Sampathkumara Ramanuja
Jeeyar, head of the Ramanuja
Jeeyar Mutt, a Vaishnavite
organisation, had made a
sporting offer to the Dalit
“We will convert all the
Dalits into Sree Vaishnavism,
which will elevate them to the
apex position in caste hierarchy. Once they are converted
into Sree Vaishnavites, they
have to live by the laws formulated by Ramanujacharya,
the first person in the country
who stood against casteism
and untouchability,” said the
Mutt head.
The Dalit unrest is spreading to other places in Tamil
Nadu. Saturday saw Dalits
staging a march to Draupadi
Amman Koil in Villupuram
district following the refusal of
caste Hindus to the Dalits to
stage the temple festival. The
temple has been locked for the
time being.
Independent observers are
of the view that the discontentment among the Dalits is
because of one-up-man ship
played between Hindu
Munnani and Hindu Makkal
Katchi, organisations which
are loggerheads at each other.
The BJP, for its part, has asked
the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister
J Jayalalithaa to take immediate action to resolve the Dalit
Interestingly, the intelligence wing, said it was yet to
find out the real forces behind
the agitation though it is
reported that VCK, the Dalit
outfit is spearheading the agitation.
stalled the proceedings to press
their demand. “When the
Congress Government offered
special status for five years, the
BJP demanded it for 10 years.
Now they have their own
Government at the Centre and
we are asking them to fulfil
their promise,” Naidu added.
Naidu said that the five
crore people of Andhra
Pradesh had supported the
BJP to come to power at the
Centre in the hope that they
will undo the damage done by
the Congress. “But during last
two years the Centre continuously ignored their sufferings”.
Criticising Opposition’s call
for strike on August 2, Naidu
said that some parties were trying to mislead the people and
create law and order problems. “Instead of Andhra
Pradesh, they should agitate in
New Delhi to bring pressure on
the Centre,” Naidu said.
He urged the Opposition
parties to adopt novel methods
of protest like cleaning the roads
and working harder instead of
causing difficulties to the common people by calling bandh.
Even several other TDP
leaders including three MPs
have come out with strong
worded statements against the
BJP saying, “breaking ties was
a matter of minutes”.
TDP MP from Vijayawada
K Srinivas said, “If withdrawing from the Union
Government helps the cause of
the State, we are ready for it.
What is going to happen if we
lose two Ministers’ post in the
its ally the BJP or the NDA
Government at this stage. There
are numerous factors weighing
with the national TDP president
and AP Chief Minister N
Chandrababu Naidu to keep
sailing in Modi boat.
Top of the list is the fact that
Naidu has no bargaining chip as
the BJP enjoys a comfortable
majority on its own in the Lok
Sabha and has many other allies
to support. “It is true that the
TDP withdrawing support is
not going to make any difference and the Government is not
going to collapse”, admitted a
senior party leader.
Secondly Naidu needs a
friendly Government at the
Centre as SCS was not the only
issue facing his Government. He
needs the backing of the Centre
on various other fronts ranging
from the construction of the new
capital Amaravati and the mega
irrigation project in Polavaram
which has been accorded a
national status.
AP was also facing a yawning revenue gap after the bifurcation in 2014 and need generous helping hand from the
Centre till its economy gets stabilised. On the political front,
Naidu regime can face a lot of
difficulties if the BJP turns
hostile and hits the road while
the other Opposition parties
were already breathing down
his neck.
While the TDP leaders were
unwilling to come on record with
regards to the future course of
action, many of them privately
confided that the time was not
ripe for any drastic decision.
“There is a lot of time for the next
elections and we can take a decision to end the ties anytime
before the next elections”, one of
them said.
“Breaking ties wit the BJP
has become inevitable. But the
final decision rests with
Chandrababu”, said TDP MP
JC Diwakar Reddy.
Minister Arun Jaitely.
It has given a big stick to
the Opposition parties, special
Naidu’s bête noire YS
Jaganmohan Reddy forcing the
TDP to toughen its own act.
The most dramatic fall out
of the latest turn of events and
the spat between the TDP and
its ally the BJP was that the
Congress has got a fresh opening to return to the political
stage in AP.
The party has been able to
send a clear message that it was
working hard to get the
promise of SCS fulfilled and
forcing the NDA Government
to keep the promise.
While the TDP was trying
its best to lay the blame at
Congress’ door by recalling
that it was Congress-led UPA,
which had bifurcated the State,
other parties — including the
YSRCP — have started pointing out that the UPA
Government had sent a draft
Ordinance to the President to
give SCS to Andhra Pradesh
among other sops but it could
not be promulgated as the general elections were announced.
The Congress leadership
was trying to take credit by
pointing out that it was
Congress MP KVP Ramachandra Rao who brought pressure
on Modi Government by moving a Private Bill in the House.
Observers feel that the current
crisis can help the party resurrect itself after it was wiped out
totally in 2014 polls.
ume and fret it might but the
Telugu Desam Party (TDP)
is unlikely to break the ties with
● 8]WXb\TTcX]VfXcWcWT?aX\T<X]XbcTaWTf^d[SaPXbTcWT
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Union Cabinet.”
Rajahmahendravaram MP
Murli Mohan, a close confidante of Naidu was more forthright. “I am ready to sacrifice
my Lok Sabha seat and resign
in the interest of the State”.
TDP MP from Anantapur
JC Diwakar Reddy has gone to
the extent of saying Naidu was
the “main foe” of Narendra
Modi. Expressing resentment
over Centre’s refusal on SCS, he
said, “in present circumstance
it is not correct policy to continue ties with the BJP,” he said.
TDP MLC Budda Venkanna said that breaking relations
with the BJP will be better for
the TDP. “Modi has a grudge
against Naidu because latter
had criticised Modi’s handling
of post Godhra riots”, he said.
Since 2014 the TDP was an
ally of the BJP in Andhra
Pradesh and is also part of the
NDA Government with its two
Ministers in the Modi Cabinet.
While P Ashok Gajapati Raju is
the Minister for Civil Vviation,
SY Chowdary is junior Minister
for Science and Technology.
However, for the first time
the party and its MPs have started talking tough and dropping
hints that withdrawal from the
coalition was not ruled out
over the special category status.
Though even earlier several
Ministers of Modi Government
said no to SCS to Andhra
Pradesh, this time the uproar
has been unprecedented as the
rejection of the demand has
come so clearly from no less a
person than the Finance
?C8Q :70A06?DAF1
aced with budgetary cuts from the
Central Government, IIT Kharagpur
has found a new way to raise funds
through a “Learn-Earn-Return Fund”
scheme, where students will get a fee
waiver if they pledge to donate money
after getting a job.
Launched from this new academic
session, the scheme will help students to
learn without burden and shape their
career to earn and give back to their alma
mater. “We have asked the students to
give a minimum of C10,000 per year after
they get jobs. Even if 30,000 of our alumni give the minimum amount then we
will raise C30 crore a year. If the alum-
ni starts contributing then we will be able
to build a new model. Even the Harvard
University gets 60 per cent of its budget
from alumni,” IIT-Kgp Director Partha
Pratim Chakrabarti said.
He said higher education in India is
expensive and the Government has to
shell out C6 lakh every student per year.
Recently the Government had increased
the annual fees for undergraduate courses from existing C90,000 to C2 lakh, a rise
of 122 per cent, from the upcoming academic session.
The budgetary allocation of IITs have
already been slashed by the Ministry of
Human Resource Development which
has asked the premier institutes to raise
funds on their own.
:4BCDAE0BD:8Q 14=60;DAD
s the NDA Government making all efforts
to get the long pending Goods and
Services Tax (GST) Bill passed, Union Home
he Trinamool Congress
leadership has not denied
reports that Bengal Chief
Minister Mamata Banerjee has
plans to campaign for the Aam
Aadmi Party in Punjab in the
next year’s Assembly elections.
Banerjee who had made
clear her national ambitions
after returning to power in
Bengal for the second time with
thumping majority is known to
have expressed her desire to go
national: by addressing a mammoth rally in Tripura to begin
with and then moving over to
Punjab for Arvind Kejriwal’s
“Aap Bulayenge to hum
jayenge (If AAP calls us we will
go)” said a senior Trinamool
Congress leader but added
quickly “everything depends
upon our Chief Minister’s other
preoccupations and the situation at that point in time.”
he reports that Telugu
Desam President N
Chandrababu Naidu was
mighty angry with the Centre
over the issue of Special
Category Status to Andhra
Pradesh, Prime Minister
Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah were keeping
a close eye on the unfolding situation in Vijayawada.
While Chandrababu was
holding consultations with the
party MPs and senior leaders,
Amit Shah was in constant
touch with his party’s leaders in
Andhra Pradesh. BJP sources
said that Amit Shah asked the
BJP leaders to exercise restraint
and not to publicly react to
Chandrababu Naidu’s criticism
of the BJP.
Party sources said that the
Prime Minister sought the
details of what all Naidu and
party MPs said. He also discussed the matter with Amit
Shah some corrective measures
will be taken soon. “Till then
the party leaders have been
asked by Amit Shah not to
comment,” said a senior BJP
But before Shah’s diktat
came into force, senior BJP
leader of AP and former
Minister D Purandeswari had
fired a salvo on her brother-inlaw Chandrababu Naidu. “The
Centre was ready to offer any
help the State wants and it was
for the Chief Minister to
Government for it”, she said.
On the financial help for
the new capital city, Purandeswari said that the State
should first submit the master
plan and detailed project report
before seeking the help.
7hSTaPQPS) 8]PR[^bTSS^^a
Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday in a function
in Bengaluru expressed confidence over getting
GST Bill passed in this session of Parliament.
He said, “We are getting Constitution amended for GST on which discussions have been on
since Congress' time. I am confident that we will
do those amendments and pass the GST.”
“Due to lot of structural and procedural
changes that we have brought in and due to
foreign direct investments, also by integrating certain new things to our economic system we can proudly say that India is today the
fastest growing economy in the world,” he said,
addressing ‘Karnataka Raju Kshatriya
Samavesha’ function here.
B0D60AB4=6D?C0Q :>;:0C0
?=BQ 7H34A0103
Banerjee who is known
for her close chemistry with
Kejriwal is likely to meet her
Delhi counterpart in Italy
where both the leaders have
been invited to attend Mother
Teresa’s beatification ceremony.
On why she is planning to
campaign in Punjab where BJP
and theCongress are two major
contenders-and both were her
allies at certain point of timea top Trinamool leader said
“things have been made clear
by her in the recent party rally
on July 21” when she spoke
about a “non-BJP, nonCongress secular front comprising regional parties.”
Bengal CM is also known
to have said that there are a lot
of things common things
between Bengal and Punjab.
She also claimed to comprehend the Punjabi sentiments
better than many others
because “there are many
Punjabis in Bengal.”
?C8Q 060AC0;0
ripura entered the broad
gauge railway map of the
country on Sunday with Union
Railway Minister Suresh
Prabhu flagging off the
Agartala-New Delhi ‘Tripura
Sundari Express’.
The foundation stone for
the much awaited railway track
to link Agartala to Akhoura in
Bangladesh was jointly laid at
the programme by Prabhu and
his Bangladeshi counterpart
Md Mujibul Haque.
‘Tripura Sundari Express’
will run once a week on
Sundays and will reach New
Delhi in 47 hours after travelling via Guwahati-New
Jalpaiguri. C968 crore was spent
for Agartala-Delhi rail link.
Addressing the gathering,
Prabhu said a regular train service between Agartala and
Kolkata would be started next
" <P[SPeX[[PVTbWXc W^dbTbfPbWTSPfPh
?C8Q <0;30F1
round 100 houses were
washed away on Sunday
due to erosion in river Ganga
near Farakka barrage while 31
villages were submerged in
flood waters of Fullara river
affecting 22,000 people in
Malda district, officials said.
Magistrate (Land Reforms)
Kanchan Chowdhury said 100
odd houses of Birnagar locality in Kaliachak III block were
lost in the Ganga in a sudden
erosion this morning.
The river breached a two
km stretch of an embankment
and took just an hour to destroy
the area in which those houses
were standing. However, there
is no report of any casualty or
injury and the affected people
were given relief.
Around 1,000 families of
Sarkartola, Meinatola and
Chinabazar villages are now in
distress as the Ganga is almost
at their doors, Chowdhury
BJP MLA Swadhin Kumar
Sarkar will be shifting elsewhere as his house is located
only five metre away from
where the edge of the Ganga
now lies after the erosion at
Birnagar. Sarkar, who had
demolished his house to
retrieve building materials for
re-use, said he turned ill after
finding the river so close in the
morning. The present condition is due to late starting of
anti-erosion work in the area,
he said.
North Bengal Development
Minister Rabindranath Ghosh
who visited the spot, however,
claimed the Farakka Barrage
authorities had locked gate no.
1 on Saturday leading to this
He said he will inform the
Centre about this through the
state government.
80=BQ ?0C=0
he flood situation in Bihar
worsened on Sunday, with
many rivers breaching their
banks and affecting hundreds
of thousands of people, officials
said. More than 2.6 million
people have been hit by the
floods in the State including
half a million who have been
displaced across 12 districts, the
officials said.
Bihar Deputy Chief
Minister Tejashwi Prasad Yadav
visited the flood affected Supaul
district on Sunday and said:
“We are fully prepared to provide relief and rescue the affected people.” Senior officials said
relief and rescue operations
were going on in full swing. He
said the flood situation was
grim in some districts following rising water level in rivers.
The Government has
deployed 587 personnel of the
National Disaster Response
Force and the State disaster
response force in the worst hit
areas. A Water Resources
Department official said 2,034
villages had been affected by the
floods. Of the five lakh people
displaced till Sunday, nearly 2.50
lakh are living in different shelters. “Thousands have taken
shelter in higher areas, on national highways and in schools and
other buildings,” an official said.
The Government has set up
412 relief camps and deployed
1,019 boats in relief and rescue
work. The worst hit districts are
Purnea, Kishanganj, Araria,
Darbhanga, Madhepura,
Katihar, Supaul and Saharsa.
Unconfirmed reports say at
least 28 people, including
women and children, have perished in the floods.
The authorities have asked
people living in low-lying areas
to move to higher ground.
<D<108C70=4) 8]RTbbP]caPX]
;P\QPcTbPXS1TbXSTb !_T^_[T
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?C8Q ;07>A4
hile the husband of a
Pakistani-origin British
woman claims his wife was
killed by her parents for converting to Shia Islam, her father
has retracted from his earlier
statement now saying she had
committed suicide.
“My daughter, Samia, 28,
has committed suicide,” said
Chaudhry Shahid who earlier
had claimed that Samia died of
cardiac arrest. Shahid changed
his statement before a fourmember police investigation
Earlier, Shahid had insisted that his daughter did not
commit suicide as she suffered
a fatal heart-attack and died
without receiving medical aid.
Punjab Chief Minister
Shahbaz Sharif has constituted
a new team to investigate the
Samia, from Dhok Pandori
village, Jehlum, had come to
Pakistan from Dubai over two
weeks ago to see her ailing
father and was allegedly murdered on July 20.
Syed Mukhtar Kazim, second husband of Samia, told
police her wife had been killed
by her family members for
marrying against the will of her
“My wife converted to
Shia–my sect-before wedding
which had irked her parents,”
Kazim said, calling upon the
Governments to ensure justice
is done.
Police have registered the
case against five accused,
including Samia’s father, mother, sister, cousin, and her exhusband.
According to the autopsy
?C8Q :0=3070A
aliban attacks on a district
in the southern province of
Helmand province killed at
least 24 police officers since
past two days, an Afghan official said on Sunday.
Kareem Atal, the director
of Helmand’s provincial council, said that battles between
Government forces and militants have been raging in the
Kanashin district since late
Friday, when the Taliban took
The fighting has spread
north to other districts, where
militants are targeting checkpoints and have killed at least
seven policemen, he said.
Government compounds in
the Nad Ali district have been
surrounded by insurgents, Atal
said. Taliban fighters are also
trying to close key highways
across the province.
Atal said that the police
who are also fighting on the
front lines in Afghanistan’s
relentless insurgency had
received no help or backup
from other branches of the
security forces, including the
army. The fall of Kanashin and
the subsequent threats to other
districts were the result of a
“lack of coordination among
Afghan forces,” Atal said,
adding “The Afghan national
army is not doing their job.”
Atal’s deputy Abdul
Majeed Akhonzada earlier said
that the Taliban were now in
control of 60 per cent of
Helmand province, after about
six months of fighting.
Helmand is a key opium producing and smuggling region.
About 90 per cent of the
world’s heroin is produced
from Helmand opium, which
is largely controlled by the
Taliban for funding their war.
Elsewhere, in northern
Jawzjan province, an official
described “tough fighting”
after hundreds of insurgent
fighters attacked the Qush
Tepa district.
spokesman Mohammad Reza
Ghafoori said Afghan security forces were waiting for
airstrike backup. He said the
insurgents' ranks included
Pakistanis, Uzbeks and
Four Afghan security
forces personnel have been
killed, and another three
wounded, he said.
report, Samia had marks on her
neck, suggesting she had been
Kazim and Samia, both
British-Pakistani dual citizens,
had been married for two years
and were living in Dubai.
A beauty therapist from
Bradford, Samia had previously been married to her first
cousin Shakil but the couple
parted ways after divorce in
May 2014.
She then married Kazim of
Taxila in September 2014 and
both started living in Dubai.
Kazim claimed in the FIR
that Samia had been killed by
her family who refused to
accept their relationship
because he belonged to the Shia
Her murder came over a
week after social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch was strangled by her brother in a socalled ‘honour killing’ which
caused an international uproar
forcing the Pakistani government to announce strict action
against those involved in her
?C8Q :0C7<0=3D
n Indian national was
among five people arrested
in Nepal in a drug racket in
which 472 kgs of drug-making
chemicals were seized. Dilip
Pandut, 35, a resident of Raxaul,
Bihar was arrested along with
four others, police here said.
472 kg of raw materials and
precursor chemical that are used
Pseudoephedrine have been
seized. It is a highly sophisticated narcotic drug that has a high
demand in Asian markets
including, India, China, Thailand
and Malaysia. These raw materials are sufficient to manufacture
71 kgs of Pseudoephedrine
worth about USD 12 million,
said Jaya Bahadur Chand,
Deputy Inspector General of
Police at the Narcotic Control
Bureau of Nepal Police. The raw
materials are brought from
Switzerland, and after mixing it
in Nepal the narcotics produced
are exported to India, China,
Malaysia and Thailand, at high
prices, police said.
These drug-making raw
materials were being trafficked
in disguise of medicines.
However, the police busted the
racket on the basis of a tip-off.
The five arrestees have been
taken into custody on five-day
Kathmandu District Court for
further investigation.
?C8Q 14898=6
?C8Q 370:0
achelors in Bangladesh are
finding it hard to find
accommodation with landlords declining to rent out
houses to them in the wake of
extra security vigil due to the
increased terror threat,
prompting police to clarify
that there is no directive against
bachelor tenants.
“The main thing we want
the landlords to do is to keep
all information regarding their
tenants, we have issued no
directive barring them to rent
out their houses to bachelors or
serve them notice to vacate the
houses,” Dhaka Metropolitan
Police's deputy commissioner
Madudur Rahman told a news
“It is entirely the prerogative of landlords who should be
their tenants, we just want to
ensure security of all,” he said.
The police clarification
came as media reports stated
that that a number of landlords
served notices to bachelor tenants, particularly who were
living in groups in rented houses, or declined to rent out
?C8Q 94ADB0;4<
major terror attack in
Pakistan was on Sunday
foiled, with security forces
rime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu on Sunday said
his Government was looking
into support from European
nations for groups engaged in
what he described as antiIsrael activities, specifically
mentioning France.
Speaking at the start of a
Cabinet meeting, Netanyahu
said an inquiry had “found support from European countries,
including France, for several
organisations that engage in
incitement, call for a boycott of
Israel and do not recognise the
State of Israel’s right to exist.”
“We will complete the
inquiry and submit the findings
to the French Government,”
Netanyahu said, without identifying any organisation.
Israeli officials have regularly condemned support by
foreign Governments for leftwing NGOs critical of the
country’s policies towards the
In mid-July, Israel’s
Parliament adopted a law seen
as targeting left-wing groups
critical of the Government by
forcing NGOs that receive most
of their funding from foreign
states to declare it. Netanyahu
also appeared to make reference
to France's announcement on
Friday that it would consider a
temporary ban on foreign
financing of mosques following
a series of jihadist attacks.
“We are also disturbed by
such donations to organisations
that deny the State of Israel's
right to exist,” he said.
Israel has been faced with
a boycott movement over its
nearly 50-year occupation of
the West Bank. Some, however, accuse the movement of
Violence since October has
killed at least 218 Palestinians
and 34 Israelis. Most of the
Palestinians killed were carrying out knife, gun or car-ramming attacks, Israeli authorities
say. Others were shot dead
during clashes and protests,
while some were killed in Israeli
air strikes in the Gaza Strip.
Many analysts say
Palestinian frustration with
Israeli occupation and settlement-building in the West
Bank, the complete lack of
progress in peace efforts and
their own fractured leadership
have fed the unrest.
Israel says incitement by
Palestinian leaders and media
is a leading cause of the violence.
Colombo: Sri Lanka’s foreign
Minister has said that former
President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s
Government failed to investigate cases of people who went
missing during the threedecade civil war.
Mangala Samaraweera in
his statement accused
Rajapaksa of going back on an
agreement he had with the UN
soon after the war with the
LTTE ended in 2009. “This was
also evident when he and UN
Secretary-General Ban Kimoon agreed to an accountability process in their 2009
Joint Communique, which was
later made into a formal commitment to the international
community,” Samaraweera said.
Rajapaksa had claimed that
the current Government was
betraying the country’s security forces through the legislation
on the Office of Missing
Persons (OMP) to probe the
cases of missing people.
“It is your failure to investigate these allegations and if they
are true punish the few miscreants in high positions who may
have acted unprofessionally and
thereby clear the name of the
armed forces as an institution,
that is the true betrayal of the
armed forces,” Samaraweera said.
The OMP is a truth-seeking investigative agency and it
does not make judgements on
disputes, he said. In fact, the
legislation states that “the findings of the OMP shall not give
rise to any criminal or civil liability,” he said.
Its primary function is to
establish whether a missing
person is dead or alive and, if
they are dead, discover when,
how and where they died. The
OMP will require technical
expertise that is not available in
Sri Lanka, Samaraweera
argued. “Any Sri Lankan citizen
going missing is a tragedy. It is
the Government’s duty to
investigate and determine the
fate of any of its citizens who
are missing,” he said.
The purpose of having an
exclusion of the Right of
Information Act is to ensure
that those who know the fate of
missing or disappeared persons
can transmit that information
without fear.
<PSaXS) B_PX]³b\PaXcX\TaTbRdT
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aTbRdTbX]! $>cWTabbTTZ
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hina’s ambitions to become
a pioneer in nuclear energy
are sailing into troubled waters.
Two State-owned companies
plan to develop floating nuclear
reactors, a technology engineers
have been considering since the
1970s for use by oil rigs or island
communities. Beijing is racing
Russia, which started developing
its own in 2007, to get a unit into
commercial operation.
In China’s case, the
achievement would be tempered by concern its reactors
might be sent into harm’s way to
support oil exploration in the
South China Sea, where Beijing
faces conflicting territorial
claims by neighbours including
Vietnam and the Philippines.
Chinese news reports say plans
call for deploying 20 reactors
there, though neither developer has mentioned the area.
Tensions ratcheted up after
a UN arbitration panel ruled July
12 that Beijing’s claim to most of
the sea has no legal basis. Beijing
rejected the decision in a case
brought by the Philippines and
announced it would hold war
games in the area, where its military has built artificial islands.
The floating reactor plans
reflect Beijing’s determination to
create profitable technologies
in fields from energy to mobile
phones and to curb growing
reliance on imported oil and gas,
which communist leaders see as
a security risk.
China is the most active
builder of nuclear power plants,
with 32 reactors in operation, 22
under construction and more
planned. It relies heavily on US,
French and Russian technology
medium schools and rural
madrassas appeared to the perpetrators of the attacks.
Several of the perpetrators
of the Dhaka’s Holey Artisan
restaurant and the Shalakia
attacks were students of costly
private universities at home
and abroad.
The regulatory University
Grants Commission (UGC), in
a related development, today
formed a three-member committee to monitor all public and
private colleges along with universities across the country for
any militant activity.
baby Siamese crocodiles, most
probably trafficked from neighbouring Vietnam, State media
reported on Sunday.
The crocodiles were found
in a rented house in Dongxing
City on Friday when police were
collecting home registration
information, the border police
detachment of Fangchenggang,
which administers Dongxing
said. The crocodiles, each around
25 centimeters long, were about
15 days old. They were very likely trafficked from Vietnam, the
Siamese crocodiles are a
critically endangered species
native to Southeast Asia. Their
skin is used as a raw material
for luxury leather products in
the international market. It is
illegal in China to raise them
without a license or to trade
and traffic the species.
Police issued the directive
several months ago after Islamist
militants were found to have
setup their hideouts at rented
houses as ordinary tenants.
The Kalyanpur raid was
carried out as part of an intensified nationwide security
clampdown following the July
1 terrorist attack at a Dhaka
cafe and assault on an Eid congregation at northern Sholakia
six days later.
Missing youths hailing
from both the affluent and
poor families and studying in
posh western-style English
police said.
Siamese crocodiles are a protected
species in China.
The police saw three
men, who appeared
to be nervous, carrying goods in front
of the house, so they
approached to question them. Two suspects escaped by truck while the
other, who tried to flee from the
back door of the house, was
caught, State-run Xinhua news
agency reported.
In January, 70 frozen wild
Siamese crocodiles were seized
from a seafood truck in
order police in south
China's Guangxi Zhuang
autonomous region seized 399
their houses to unmarried
A sense of panic has
gripped landlords after a security raid on July 26 killed nine
militants who were living in
group at a rented apartment in
Dhaka’s Kalyanpur area.
After the raid, part of the
single biggest anti-terrorist
security clampdown in the
country, police re-issued a previous directive reminding an
earlier mandatory provision
to submit the detailed tenant
information to the nearest
police station.
but is developing its own.
The latest initiatives are led
by China General Nuclear
Power Group and China
National Nuclear Corp. Both
have research or consulting
agreements with Westinghouse
Electric Co. And France's EDF
and Areva, but say their floating
plants will use homegrown technology.
“They are keen to develop
that because they have a lot of oil
drilling everywhere in the South
China Sea and overseas as well,”
said Luk Bing-lam, an engineering professor at the City
University of Hong Kong who
has worked with a CGN subsidiary on unrelated projects.
“The Chinese strategy is to
ensure the energy supply for the
country,” said Luk. “Oil drilling
needs energy, and with that
supply, they could speed up
Russia's first floating commercial reactor, the Academician
Lomonosov, is due to be delivered in 2018, but the project has
suffered repeated delays. The
Russians have yet to announce
a commercial customer.
Russia has been “aiming to
launch this idea for over two
decades by pitching the reactor
as a plug-and-play option for
fairly remote communities,” said
Mark Hibbs, an expert on
nuclear policy for the Carnegie
Endowment for International
Peace, in an email.
Russia’s target market was
Indonesia and its far-flung
islands, Hibbs said. That
prompted concern about control
over nuclear materials, leading
to a recommendation Russia
operate the reactor and take
back used fuel.
?C8Q ;07>A4
killing seven militants who
were plotting to target key
Government installations in
Punjab province, the latest in a
series of similar assaults.
According to the CounterTerrorism Department (CTD)
of Punjab Police, it had received
information that around 10 to
12 militants were planning to
attack sensitive installations
and buildings of law enforcement agencies here.
“A CTD team along with
police commandos raided a
house in Chak Char Rasala
Sheikhupura district some 50
km from Lahore in early hours
today. The team asked them to
surrender,” the CTD said.
“But instead they opened
fire on the raiding team which
returned the fire, killing seven
militants on the spot. The
remaining three managed to
flee,” it said. Explosives, hand
grenades, kalashnikovs a large
quantity of bullets, three
motorcycles and maps of sensitive buildings have been
recovered from their hideout.
The CTD has shifted the
bodies to a mortuary for autopsy and the outfit to which the
militants belonged is yet to be
On July 23, five Taliban
militants who were plotting to
attack Government installations and personnel of law
enforcement agencies were
killed in an encounter by security forces in Punjab province.
At least six militants were
killed on July 13 in a shootout
with police in Punjab's Okara
In April, the Pakistan
Army launched a targeted
operation against militants in
the province, days after a deadly attack in Lahore in which at
least 70 people were killed and
over 200 injured when a suicide
bomb ripped through a crowded park in Lahore where
Christians were celebrating
?C8Q 0DBC8=
shooting in a crowded
entertainment district of
downtown Austin, on Sunday,
set off a chaotic scene, leaving
one woman dead and three
others wounded and police
searching for a suspect.
Austin Police Chief of Staff
Brian Manley says police
received reports of gunshots in
the crowded entertainment area
shortly after 2 am (local time).
Police arrived to find a chaotic scene and five people shot.
Manley says a suspect
began firing into the crowd
after an initial disturbance.
He said woman was pronounced dead at the scene, and
three other women were taken
to University Medical Center
Brackenridge with gunshot
wounds. Officials described
those transported to the hospital as serious, but said their
wounds were not considered
Manley said another victim declined to be transported to the hospital. “It was a
very chaotic scene,” Manley
said. "A lot of people running
in different directions with all
the gunshots coming out.”
He said officials are trying
to determine who the suspects
are, and he did not rule out
that a suspect might be one of
the people transported to the
hospital. Police originally
reported an active shooter
scene in the area, but Manley
said two separate incidents
caused the confusion.
He said there was another
confrontation in a nearby
parking garage and that a shot
was fired there. A man was
transported to the hospital
after that confrontation, but his
condition was not immediately known.
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RdaaT]c R^P[XcX^] fXcW cWT 19?[TS
3TeT]SaP 5PS]PeXb 6^eTa]\T]c U^a
cWT QXV Qa^cWTa 19? P]S Xc Xb d]STa
]^f UTPaX]V _PbbX]V X]c^ _^[XcXRP[
^Q[XeX^] BPS[h cWT R^dbX]³b \dRW
\Ph _a^eT c^ QT SXbPbca^db Pc [TPbc U^a cWT _^[XcXRP[ Sh]P\XRb ^U cWT BcPcT
Pc P[[ [TeT[b bcPacX]V Ua^\ cWT _P]RWPhPc c^ cWT bTRaTcPaXPc D]U^acd]PcT[h cWT
6daVP^]\XVWcQTP_PacXRd[Pa[hTVaTVX^dbRPbTVXeT]cWPcXcXb^][h $hTPab
PaTPb ^U cWT ]PcX^]P[ RP_XcP[ fWXRW
0Ra^bb cWT R^d]cah TeT] :^[ZPcP
ay back in 1991,
when the then
Prime Minister
PV Narasimha
Rao and his
hand-picked Union Finance
Minister Manmohan Singh
decided to unleash economic
reforms and dismantle the
Nehruvian economic model, they
hit two birds with one stone. On
the one hand, the duo freed the
entrepreneurial potential of the
people and fast-tracked the
Indian economy. On the other
hand, they gave an opportunity to
the Hindus to prove themselves.
Until then, ‘secular’ economists (both the Right and the
Left), blamed the Hindu religion
for India’s poverty and termed
India’s low growth as ‘Hindu rate
of growth’.
India was indeed a rich
country and it’s share in the global gross domestic product (GDP)
stood at 33 per cent, same as
China’s, till the 16th century.
With the British take over, local
talent and industry was strangulated. By 1947, our country was
at the bottom and poverty
became it’s signature tune.
With the departure of the
British, the rule of aliens ended
and the alienated stepped into
their shoes. India’s first Prime
Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who
was in awe of the Soviet Union’s
rapid industrialisation, had little
faith in Indians and, hence,
introduced centralised economy.
The result was disastrous.
The post-1980 generation
would not even know what it
was to live in an era where from
daily supply of milk to motor
cars, one had to stand in a long
queue. A plane journey, even
domestic, was a luxury. Since
there was only one domestic airline, even if you could afford getting a seat, was a privilege.
A residential telephone out
of turn from a 10-year wait
meant knocking at the doors of
an MP, each of whom had a
quota of 15 connections per
year. It was an economy of
shortages and a country where
most of the ordinary, hardworking and honest citizens
were forced to be a part of
‘black market’ operations and
thus turn into criminals.
This needs elaboration.
From sugar to cement, there was
always a ‘quota’ and to avail it,
one had to get a ‘permit’, a
‘license’ or an ‘approval’ from an
appropriate authority. Needless
to say, these were available mostly at a price, to be paid under the
table. Ordinary citizens had to
bribe the authorities to manage
their day-to-day miserable lives.
So, most people were either
bribe-givers or bribe-takers!
But what was the explanation for this sorry state of affairs?
The establishment was too dishonest to accept that it’s socialist model had flopped. It needed a scapegoat. Therefore, in
1978, Raj Krishna coined the
term ‘Hindu rate of growth’ to
describe India’s miserable economic performance. He attributed the country’s problems to
it’s Hindu religion - it’s outlook
of fatalism and contentedness.
The then World Bank
Chairman, Robert McNamara
used this term frequently.
Then a miracle happened.
The Soviet Union collapsed.
With that, the biggest fraud of
history was exposed. Behind
the iron curtain of communist
‘utopia’, there was a hell - an
economy of shortages, sans
human rights and dignity. The
Soviet regime was corrupt to the
core and ruthlessly oppressive.
(( (("F74=8C
India, a fellow traveler of the
Soviet Union since independence, too was in deep trouble.
By 1991, it’s foreign exchange
reserves had dropped dangerously low. The country had no
money to pay for a fortnight of
imports. India was forced to suffer the humiliation of pawning
it’s gold to meet it’s international obligations.
It is at this crucial juncture
that Rao took over as the Prime
Minister and picked Singh, a
technocrat till then, as his
Finance Minister. Between the
two of them they dismantled the
socialist framework which had
chained the enterprising
Indians. They initiated reforms
in the system and unleashed
suppressed potential of Indians.
Rest is history.
The GDP today has touched
two trillion dollars, 2,000 from
just about 273 billion in 1991,
that is almost eight times and
per capita income is almost 15
times in terms of current and 12
times in constant prices. The era
of shortages is over and the
world is looking at India as a
promising economy.
For the first five years, from
1991-1996, Singh was the
Finance Minister. For the penultimate 10 years of this quarter
century of reforms, he was the
Prime Minister. From being the
‘father’ of the so-called radical
and beneficial reforms under the
Congress’s leadership in 15 out
of the 25 year bloc, Singh and
the party should be the dominant celebrants — and rightly for
the quarter century that transformed the country.
Then, why are they not talking about their achievements?
Why is there no mention about
Rao? Not even in the Congress’
agenda? Not even a salute to his
memory? And why is Singh silently sulking after his 10-year stint as
the Prime Minister of India? In
fact, it is almost as it happens in
Sherlock Holmes novel. The key
question in the mystery is why is
the dog not barking?
Following 2009 elections,
scams after scams eroded the
Congress’s credibility. Whatever
the then Opposition, the BJP
said, was fully confirmed when
the highest court of the land cancelled the series of licenses the
Government headed by Singh
had given, both in the 2G telecom spectrum and in the allocation of coal blocks. Under pressure of exposure, the Congress
Government had to scrap the
contract given to the tainted
Italian firm for the helicopter
purchase for the defence forces.
Of course, the party could
publicly display its cussedness at
its humiliation by refusing to cooperate with the succeeding
Government. Whether it will
bring back its credibility with the
public or much less get the
public power, whether in Uttar
Pradesh or elsewhere, is for the
party to mull over.
In the emerging digital age if
the Congress is unable to trim its
sails to the wind under its present
dynamic leadership, the grand
old party has to blame itself like
it did in economic policy in the
1990-1993 period when it
dropped the Nehruvian socialism
to save the country from bankruptcy and recovered some political ground as well for itself.
For that to happen it needs
a new leadership rising from the
ground not brewed up at 10,
Janpath. Indications unfortunately are that it is not happening which is pushing the party
to the dustbin of history on its
own steam.
Sir — This refers to the editorial, “Voice of the rebellion” (July
30). Eminent litterateur and
social activist Mahasweta Devi
has left behind a formidable literary legacy that focused on the
lives of the marginalised community. She was a towering personality and an excellent writer.
She will be remembered as one
of the greatest Indian women
writers of our times. Mahasweta
Devi used literature as a means
to bring social change. She will
be remembered as an out standing writer of her time and one
of the foremost voice among
her contemporaries.
Ramesh G Jethwani
Sir — This refers to the editorial, “Children aren’t workers”
(July 29). It is the responsibility of the state to protect those
who can’t protect themselves.
Children come under the category of ‘dependents’ until they
achieve adulthood, therefore,
to employ children, who are
already dependent upon others,
is both unjust and unwise.
WXb aTUTab c^ cWT TSXc^aXP[ °E^XRT ^U cWT aTQT[[X^]± 9d[h " 5^a
By keeping them away from
schools and technical institutes,
we are only snatching away
their future. In industries, manual physical labour has always
been the domain of adults.
Arduous labour, as done in
industries, will limit their mental and physical development.
Moreover, the industrial workplace, comprised by adults,
would also open the risk of
sexual abuse.
Gaurav Singhal
Sir — This refers to the editorial, “Cracking the glass celling”
(July 29). The editorial has rightly treated US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as a controversial figure. She brushed aside
her husband’s misconduct
because it made sense for her
own professional goals.
Besides, her record as the US
Secretary of State too called for
major criticism. Yet, one should
not grudge. The US has taken a
progressive step by putting a
woman at the helm.
President Barack Obama
became the first black President
of the US. It is a welcome step
that the the world’s oldest and
most powerful democracy has
shown the same progressive
spirit with respect to a woman
candidate. Let us now wait for
the final outcome.
PN Saxena
Via email
Sir — This refers to the brain
stormer, “Pawar without power”
(July 28). Verily speaking, three
politicians — Najma Heptullah,
GM Siddeshwara and Sharad
Pawar — stepped down from
their posts because of the recommendations of the Lodha panel
report which put a 70-year age cap
on politicians as well as cricket
administrators in the country.
These politicians, unlike
their counterparts, did not resist
to comply with the panel’s recommendations. They showed
profound reverence for the apex
court’s judgement. Thus, their
willingness to quit needs some
appreciatory comments so that
others may follow the suit and
leave ground for the young ones
in their community.
Azhar A Khan
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h^dcW^]PcaPX]]TPaFdTaiQdaVfW^f^d]STSUXeT_T^_[T^] '
bXSTP\dbXRUTbcXeP[P]SX]YdaTS $^cWTa_T^_[TX]0]bQPRWQ^cW
_a^R[PX\TScWTXa[^hP[chc^cWT8B1dccWT 'hTPa^[S6Ta\P]h^dcW
CWT BhaXP] Pbh[d\bTTZTa fW^ \daSTaTS P ?^[XbW f^\P] X]
X] 4da^_TP] R^d]caXTb. 1TRPdbT Xc fX[[ aPSXRP[XbT \P]h \^aT
t was a rare occasion when the entire
Parliament of India stood in unison
and condemned the use of derogatory language used against the BSP leader
Mayawati by Dayashankar Singh, one of
the now-sacked Vice-Presidents of the UP
state Unit of the BJP. In spite of unconditional regrets expressed in the
Parliament by the BJP leadership,
Mayawati did not miss the chance of
attacking the BJP at the end of the debate
in Rajya Sabha. This was pure politics in
which only Votes matter and no weightage is given to civil behavior, social
responsibilities and code of ethics.
Dispassionately viewed, one could
recall no other instance of such a swift
action as the BJP achieved in removing
Dayashankar from his party post, and
subsequently, also from the party itself.
It may be futile to expect adherence to a
value-based approach from those who
created a place for themselves in public
life solely on the basis of caste politics, its
combinations and through exploitation of
religious divide in the name of secularism of their own definition.
Every well-meaning citizen felt a
sense of relief when Dayashankar was
sacked. They also approved the action of
the Uttar Pradesh Government in lodging a FIR against the accused, who
inflicted greater damage on BJP by avoiding arrest for several days. He could have
created a chance for his revival had he surrendered immediately and owned the
indiscretion in a true spirit of repentance.
Such an expectation may well be called
illusionary in the existing climate of erosion of moral, ethical and humanistic values in politics of the day.
If India was practicing the democratic values and principles as were seen and
interpreted some 56 years ago, a couple
of BSP men and women would also have
been behind bars. However, even that is
no solution
The BSP decided to take maximum
advantage of the opportunity provided to them on platter by their main
political rival in Uttar Pradesh. The
party, and its leadership, burnt midnight oils and next day there were furious demonstrations in all the places
wherever BSP could muster numbers.
It turned out to be an exercise in creating social dissensions, enhancing
caste prejudices and in lowering the levels of the political discourse. The BSP
volunteers were demonstrating against
humiliation inflicted on their leader,
which they very rightly claimed was an
insult inflicted on fifty percent of the
population, but forgot that it included the mother, wife and daughter of
Dayashankar also. They had committed no crime, exercised no indiscretion
or insulted bahenji in any way!
All the demonstrators were probably
instructed particularly to hurl derogatory slogans humiliating the women folks
of one family. Unpardonable level of arrogance was visible to one and all, and
uncouth behavior unleashed in these
demonstrations against the family of the
accused transgressed every contour of civilized behavior. People hung their head in
shame when Naseemuddin Siddiqui, the
trusted lieutenant of BSP Supremo even
wanted the girl child of 12 years of age be
presented before him: pesh kiya jay!
In UP every one understands the
import of this sentence and I could not
locate even one person, including staunch
supporters of bahenji, who approved usage
of this repulsive phrase by Naseemuddin
Siddiqui, a former minister and a political leader. One wonders whether Siddiqui
is also in the queue of potential deserters
from the Party as many are keen to fol-
low the path shown by the likes of Swami
Prasad Maurya and RK Chaudhari.
Siddiqui has rather dexterously, and successfully, erased all the public sympathy
that had drifted towards Mayawati courtesy Dayashankar Singh!
Mayawati and her Party has to suffer the wrath from every quarter in UP,
and that would be in spite of efforts to play
the Dalit card. Dalits like everyone else
respect women and children of their
opponents. How such basic cultural traditions could get ignored in the strategy
formulation of the so-called ‘seasoned’
politicians? The language used by the BSP
leadership through this entire episode
speaks volumes of the lowering of civility in political leadership. Is Siddiqui naïve
enough not to realize that he has humiliated every father, every mother by his
crass reference to a young child? The anger
and anguish generated amongst every section of society in UP could best be gauged
in remote villages of UP where a daughter, irrespective of her caste, creed or religion, is the daughter of the village!
In spite of all known and hidden
attempts to create social dissensions,
politicians have not succeeded in erasing
this culture as yet. Media may not have
either time or inclination, but those who
know the socio-cultural dynamics of UP
could indeed vouchsafe how much damage Siddiqui and subsequent statements
of Mayawati accusing the wife, daughter
and mother of Daya Shankar Singh have
done to the BSP.
Apart from strategic failures in handling a situation, both the BJP and BSP
need to review their cadre development
strategies. Every party depends on the
young to win elections but the bigger
expectations are emergence of leadership
from the grassroots levels that could take
the ideology to the masses. Every party
CWT 6^eTa]\T]c³b ^_cX\XbcXR 63? UXVdaTb WPeT QTT] aT_TPcTS[h RaXcXRXbTS U^a ]^c R^aaTRc[h aTU[TRcX]V cWT
uddenly, in recent months,
the importance of decisions backed by data has
taken centre-stage in the democratic governance of India.
Especially during the last six
months, Indian media, civil
society and academia have
pondered about Government
statistics more than ever. It’s not
that the data generated by the
Government has not been
analysed, discussed and deliberated by the stakeholders in
the past but the extent of
offence and frequent re-surfacing of the issue has been
It began with the Indian
growth rate of 7.6 per cent in
2015-16, the highest in the current series with 2011-12 as the
base year. Several journalists
wrote on this issue and argued
that it smelt like a fish sold by
Ordralfabetix. Of course, the
reasons put forward by them
was full of economic theory
based dipsticks. During the
course of analyses many concepts like big data, open data
and data quality were put forth.
Many of the pieces published
on this matter went on to conclude that the growth figure is
ostensibly due to prestidigitation. Many domain experts,
however, presented the intricacies of GDP calculations and
cautioned the readers to appreciate that growth figures shall
be handled with great care.
GDP is an important economic concept and is used to
measure economic growth or
contraction (yearly changes in
GDP), labour productivity
(GDP/ total labour hours) and
living standards (GDP/capita).
There are, however, a number
of theoretical and methodological problems involved in
its calculation which require
resolution before useful comparisons can be made between
economies and over time.
Many GDP estimates published by national statistical
offices and in international
databases are compromises
lying between best practice
and available resources which
limits the utility and accuracy
of the data.
The quality of GDP statistics published by national statistical offices and those contained in international databases such as those published
by the World Bank are impacted by a number of general
problems which limit their
effective use. These are: The
limited resources of national
statistics offices, the failure to
update base years regularly,
the use of outdated standards
of national income accounting, the degree to which the
shadow economy (including
informal activities) is measured, the measurement of
the Government and financial
sectors and Government’s
deliberate interference.
The creation of statistical
data can be seen as a process of
successive refinements, from
the gathering of crude figures
to the compilation of information adapted to specific purposes or problem areas.
Statistical data production certainly differs from production
of more standardised commodities in a number of ways.
The cost of collection varies
significantly depending on the
technique employed. Overall
costs and the cost structure
vary significantly from one
survey to the other, depending
on the number of questions,
techniques, respondent climate, processing techniques
and presentation format.
The increasing concern
about the privacy and integrity of individuals has led to new
problems and higher costs in
the data collection and compilation process. It tends to cause
duplication of inputs, and forbid observations to be combined into integrated descriptions, except when specified a
priori. Data registration in
computerised systems, and
compilation or reuse of primary observations in such systems
is regulated in the Data Act.
Issues relating to confidentiality and integrity are particularly pronounced for data on
physical individuals in relation
to statistics work.
In India, most large scale
surveys are conducted without
any statutory back-up, except
in the case of Annual Survey of
Industry which is performed
under the force of Collection of
Statistics Act. Data measurement, therefore, in such large
scale surveys are mostly voluntary and based on fiduciary
principle. In India, it is thus
argued that we are rich in data
but poor in information.
The criticism of India’s
has a Youth Wing or a Student Wing.
Why should they not be trained adequately to grow up as responsible citizens
imbued with basic values of democracy,
social behavior and comprehension of
the party’s ideology? Dayashankar Singh
rose from the University politics
onwards, but some lacunae in education
and training has practically marred his
career in politics.
One particular word; inappropriate
and condemnable, that he uttered shall
always weigh heavily on him throughout
life! The challenge that emerges from various quarters, including the episode
under context, is that of the manner India
looks after and prepares its future generations. Yes, education system has a
responsibility but the domain extends far
beyond the formal schooling. Children
and young persons need role models, the
Icons! Where are they? What do they
learn from the live telecast of the business
in Both Houses of the parliament? How
many of our leaders are even familiar with
what Gandhi Ji had said: “My life is my
message”! They demand more and
more privileges but equally swiftly, ignore
their duties towards the young of India.
For a cohesive, caste-less social
structure that practices religious amity,
we need to prepare people, which are best
described by Gandhi Ji when he quoted
Professor Huxley in ‘Hind Swaraj’ in
1909: “That man I think has a liberal education…..whose mind is stored with a
knowledge of the fundamental truths of
nature… who has learnt to hate all vileness and to respect others as himself ”.
These are simple words, not beyond the
comprehension of anyone. These can
pave the way for a far enlightened political environment in the country. Even the
“Know-Alls” in political life could pause
over, for a change!
growth numbers has dented
the country’s hard-earned reputation, says RB Barman, the
newly-appointed chairperson
of National Statistical
Commission. He says the
Government has a transparent
system of compiling statistics
and officers are known for
professionalism. The complexities of GDP estimation have
many underlined issues including data constraints. National
accounting has many complexities and requires huge
effort and resources to get relevant and quality data on time.
Merely because some perceptional bias in the GDP has
been created it is unfair to
doubt the entire Indian statistical system. In the words of
Jerven, a change in the structure
of funding for statistical offices
is needed. We need not only
more funding, but funding that
is geared towards reliable, frequently disseminated surveys.
\^]Th 270=3860A7k<>=30H k0D6DBC ! %
=4F34;78) In a fresh trouble
for Diageo, markets regulator
Sebi is mulling directing the
British liquor giant to make
additional payment to United
Spirits’ minority shareholders from whom it had acquired
shares under an open offer in
2013 to compensate them for
some ‘preferential’ treatment
to the erstwhile promoter
Vijay Mallya.
Diageo contests this
demand and plans to file an
However, the regulatory
sources said that Sebi is prima
facie of the view that the interest of the minority investors
was compromised because of
non-disclosure of certain deals
including about some loan
guarantees that Diageo had
entered into with Vijay Mallya
while acquiring his controlling
stake in United Spirits Ltd
Years after signing the
multi-billion dollar takeover
transaction with Mallya,
Diageo is facing regulatory
troubles on multiple fronts
and is also at the loggerheads
with the embattled businessman himself despite a $75-million sweetheart deal it offered
him earlier this year.
While Sebi and various
other agencies are already
probing Mallya and his various
group companies for multiple
regulatory lapses and defaults,
the market’s regulator sent a
further notice to Diageo last
month regarding the open
offer it had made as part of the
original USL transaction in
November 2012.
The takeover norms
require the acquirer to make
an open offer to purchase 26
per cent from the minority
shareholders of a listed company at a price at least at par
with the same paid to the
majority shareholders or the
<D<108)As the lenders and tax
authorities cool their heels for
Vijay Mallya to return to India,
they will put under hammer
next month assets worth over
C700 crore of the embattled businessman’s
Kingfisher Airlines.
The items waiting for the
right bidders are plenty -- the
Kingfisher House near airport
here; cars and office furniture;
Mallya’s plush personal jet along
with everything inside that
include cushy couches and even
a bathrobe; Kingfisher Villa in
Goa famous for parties hosted
by Mallya; and numerous brands
and trademarks including the
famed ‘Fly with Good Times’.
This would be the second
try by the lenders and tax
authorities at auction of these
assets as part of their efforts to
recover thousands of crores
worth outstanding dues, after the
earlier attempt for each of these
properties proved to be a damp
Mallya’s personal jet is being
put under hammer by the service tax department, while other
properties will be auctioned by
the lenders whose dues from
long-grounded Kingfisher
Airlines have ballooned to over
C9,000 crore including penal
For almost all the properties,
the reserve price has been
marked down after the earlier
attempts failed to attract bidders.
The 17-bank consortium,
led by the State Bank of India, is
re-auctioning Kingfisher House
in Mumbai and the airlines’
trademarks and brands, including the ‘Kingfisher’ logo.
On August 4, the lenders
will re-auction Kingfisher
House, the erstwhile headquar-
ters of the airline, at a lower
reserve price of C135 crore. In
the initial attempt in March to
sell the property with a built-up
area of over 17,000 sq ft in plush
Vile Parle area near domestic airport here, not a single bidder
came forward at the then reserve
price of C150 crore.
Banks have also put up
some of the movable secured
assets worth C13.70 lakh lying
at Kingfisher House for sale.
These assets will be auctioned
separately on August 25 by SBI
Cap Trustee, which possesses
these assets on behalf of the
lenders. The items on sale
would include eight cars -ToyotaInnova, Honda City,
Honda Civic and Toyota
Corolla, among others. The
reserve price of each car has
been set differently in the
range of C90,000-2.50 lakh.
These items will be sold
on individual basis and not
below the reserve price,
according to a public notice
put up by SBI Cap Trustee.
In another second
attempt, banks will auction
brands and trademarks of
Kingfisher Airlines including
the Kingfisher logo as also the
once-famous tagline ‘Fly the
Good Times’ on August 25.
The other trademarks on
sale included Flying Models,
Funliner, Fly Kingfisher and
Flying Bird Device. The
reserve price for auction of
brands and trademarks has
also been reduced to C330.03
crore from C366.70 crore earlier.
In the heydays of Mallyaled group, the Kingfisher
brand itself was valued at over
C4,000 crore by Grant
Thornton when the airline
was at its peak.
The latest notice from Sebi
was triggered because of the
disclosure of the so-called
Watson transaction, under
which a Diageo entity had provided guarantee to Watson
Ltd, a company affiliated with
Netherlands BV had issued a
conditional backstop guarantee to Standard Chartered
Bank pursuant to a guarantee
commitment agreement.
“The guarantee was in
respect of the liabilities of
Watson Ltd (Watson), a company affiliated with Vijay
Mallya under a $135 million
(92 million pounds) facility
from Standard Chartered,”
Diageo said in a regulatory filing.
Sebi issued a notice to
Diageo on June 16, 2016 that
if there is any net liability
incurred by Diageo on account
of the Watson backstop guarantee, such liability would be
considered to be part of the
price paid for the acquisition
of USL shares to Mallya’s UB
Group under their share purchase agreement.
In that case, additional
equivalent payments would
be required to be made to
those shareholders (though
representing only 0.04 per
cent of the shares in USL) who
tendered in the open offer
made as part of the Original
USL Transaction, Sebi has
informed Diageo.
On its part, Diageo said it
“is clear that the Watson backstop guarantee arrangements
were not part of the price paid
or agreed to be paid for any
USL shares under the Original
USL Transaction and therefore
believes the decision in the
Sebi notice to be misconceived and wrong in law and
it is taking steps to appeal
it”.Diageo further said the
company is “unable to assess
if the notices or enquiries
referred to above will result in
enforcement action or, if this
were to transpire, to quantify
meaningfully the possible loss
or range of loss, if any, to
which any such action might
give rise if determined against
Diageo or USL.”
Both Diageo and USL have
received various notices from
Indian regulatory authorities,
including the Ministry of
Corporate Affairs, Serious Fraud
Investigation Office, National
Stock Exchange, Income Tax
Department, Enforcement
Directorate, Securities and
Exchange Board of India,
Bengaluru police, Central Excise
Intelligence and the Institute of
Chartered Accountants of India.
Diageo said it is “cooperating fully with the authorities in
relation to these matters” and
USL has also reported its internal inquiry reports, including
:>;:0C0)Government is open
to deliberating on the issue of
mega merger of state-owned oil
firms for creating a behemoth,
Union Minister Dharmendra
Pradhan said.
“The Government plans
to deliberate on the issue of
merging the E&P companies
and oil marketing firms in the
public sector,” the Minister for
Petroleum and Natural Gas
told the news agency.
The state-owned oil companies are IOC, BPCL, HPCL,
He said with crude oil
prices falling, the profits and
margins of state-owned E&P
(exploration and production)
firms ONGC and Oil India
were getting eroded.
“Both ONGC and OIL are
taking a hit on profits. The
issue had been recently flagged
by a director of one of the PSUs
that it was in interest of the
E&P firms to get merged with
the oil marketing companies.
“There is nothing wrong in
discussing the issue within the
ministry,” he said.
Regarding the mega refinery on the west coast, he said
the process of land acquisition
is yet to begin.
The proposed west coast
mega refinery would come up
in Maharashtra with a capacity of 60 million tonnes (in two
Pradhan said an SPV
involving IOC, BPCL and
HPCL has been formed for the
“The exact equity pattern,
quantum of land required and
the total investment required is
to be decided by the promot-
ers,” Pradhan said.
To a query, the minister
said he did not foresee any
problem regarding land acquisition for the project.
Government’s response to private sector Reliance seeking
subsidy for LPG distribution,
Pradhan said, “We are giving
subsidised LPG through PSUs
only because they are assigned
to do that. Subsidy is involved
in the issue”. Pradhan said he
would be going to the UK for
a roadshow in September as
the Indian PSUs had bid for
small fields (oil and gas) in
that country.
C"%# ]ZecVUZVdV]
?=BQ =4F34;78
etrol price was on
Sunday cut by C1.42 a
litre and diesel by C2.01 per
litre, the third reduction in
rates this month on global
Petrol will cost C61.09 a
litre in Delhi from midnight
tonight as compared to
C62.51 a litre currently, said
Indian Oil Corp, the
nation’s largest fuel retailer.
Similarly, diesel will
cost C52.27 per litre as
against C54.28 currently.
This is the third reduction in rates this month.
Petrol price was last cut by
C2.25 a litre on July 16.
Diesel rate on that date
was reduced by C0.42 a
litre. Prior to that petrol
price was cut by 89 paise a
litre and diesel by 49 paise
on July 1.
Prior to the reductions
in July, rates had been hiked
on four occasions since
May 1.
?C8Q ;>=3>=
ritain is planning to use its
11 billion pound aid budB
get to bolster trade deals with
countries in a post-Brexit
push, according to a media
Britain’s newly-appointed Indian-origin minister for
international development,
Priti Patel, will be leading this
policy initiative, according to
The Sunday Telegraph.
“Britain’s international aid
commitments mean it gets
fantastic access to foreign
leaders all round the world.
We can leverage existing relationships to strike trade deals.
The Depar tment
International Development
(Df id) can be used to
improve Britain’s standing in
the world. It will be a completely fresh way of looking at
Britain’s aid budget,” the
newspaper quoted a political
source as saying.
Patel has repor tedly
already held meetings with
Liam Fox, the new UK
International Trade Secretary,
to discuss how they can use
Britain’s foreign aid budget to
bolster trade deals.
Britain is committed to
spend around 0.7 per cent of
GDP on foreign aid but India
had ceased to be a recipient
country in December 2015,
when the India-UK aid relationship was modified into
one of project-based “technical assistance”.
“Successfully leaving the
European Union will require
a more outward-looking
Britain than ever before,
deepening our international
partnerships to secure our
place in the world by supporting economic prosperity,
stability and security overseas.
“That’s why my department will be working across
government, with the Foreign
and Commonwealth Office,
the new Department for
International Trade, the Home
Office and others,” Patel had
said in her statement when she
took charge of her new portfolio earlier this month.
She had been among the
leading voices campaiging for
Britain to leave the EU in the
June 23 referendum.
those about suspected diversion
of funds by the erstwhile promoters, to the relevant authorities.
Diageo and USL had also
received notices from Sebi
requesting information, which
they said have been provided to
the regulator.
In its submissions, Diageo
has maintained that the Watson
backstop guarantee arrangements and the matters relating
to Mallya’s exit deal in February
this year were not subject of any
earlier pact with the Indian
Recently, USL disclosed
fund diversions and improper
transactions to the tune of
C1,225.3 crore involving entities
related to Mallya following an
additional inquiry which was
instituted to plug gaps found in
an initial internal probe
launched in April 2015.
In May 2013, Diageo
became controlling shareholder
in USL with 25.02 per cent stake
after completion of a C3,134.56
crore open offer.
Mallya, who is in the UK for
many months, has been declared
as a ‘wilful defaulter’ by lenders
for non-payment of loans worth
over C9,000 crore by his nowdefunct Kingfisher.
In February, Mallya struck
a ‘sweetheart deal’ with USL
under which he is to get more
than C500-crore payout to leave
the company besides being
absolved of any ‘personal liability’ at that time.
With respect to alleged fund
diversions from USL, Sebi has
already sought help from its
counterparts in the US and the
The transactions occurred
during the review period covered by the additional inquiry - from October 2010 to July 2014
-- although certain transactions
appear to have been initiated in
years prior to the review period,
USL had said.
t is a crisis that could have
been easily avoided. Next
Telecom Commission
(TC) would be almost empty.
There would not be any member in the highest decision
making body in the telecom
sector except its chairman JS
Deepak, who is also the secretary of the department of
telecommunications (DoT).
This crisis is not limited to
TC. The ministry has five PSUs
under it. These are - Bharat
Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL),
Mahanagar Telephone Nigam
Ltd (MTNL), ITI Ltd,
Te l e c o m m u n i c a t i o n s
Consultants India Ltd (TCIL)
and Bharat Broadband
Network Ltd (BBNL). All of
them are working without
either permanent Chairman
and Managing Director (CMD)
or Director (finance), the two
most important positions in
any PSU.
Let us begin with the TC.
Until last month, two positions
were lying vacant in TC - that
of member (Production) and
member (Technology). On
30th July, member (Finance)
Annie Moraes also retired. So
NK Yadav, member (Services)
remains to be the only member
in the Telecom Commission
besides its Deepak.
Yadav is also slated to retire
in August. If one goes by the
pace at which the process of
filling these positions is going
on, one can safely assume that
Deepak will be the only member left in the TC in September.
What adds to the problem
is that the positions of advisor
(operations) and advisor (technology) are lying vacant in the
ministry. PK Mittal, a deputy
director general (DDG)
responsible for auction of spectrum, will also retire in August.
There are no full-time
CMDs in BBNL and TCIL, two
important PSUs under the
ministry. BBNL is responsible
for implementing national optical fibre network (NOFN).
USO Fund administrator
Sanjay Singh has been given
additional charge of BBNL
CMD. In TCIL, its member
(finance) AK Gupta has been
given additional charge of
CMD. There is no director
(planning) in BBNL.
ITI Ltd does not have any
full time CMD for a long time.
Its director (marking) P K
Gupta has been given additional charge as its CMD.
Similarly, BSNL does not
have a full time director
(finance) for last couple of
years. However, its saving grace
is that the director (finance)
Sujata Ray who is looking after
as director (finance) is an
Indian P&T Accounts and
Finance Service officer.
With so many top positions lying vacant in the telecom ministry and its PSUs,
decision making may be a
casualty. It is clear that there is
some basic administrative
problem. It has increased in last
two years. It needs to be tackled at the level of the minister
Manoj Sinha, otherwise performance of the ministry
would suffer.
(The writer is a Senior
automation would shave off 10
per cent of incremental jobs in
India’s IT sector each year even
as half of middle-level managers would also bear the brunt
in the era of artificial intelligence, says industry veteran TV
Mohandas Pai.
“I think in the IT sector,
may be 10 per cent minimum
of incremental jobs that are created will disappear. That means
every year if they do (create) 2
to 2.5 lakh jobs, 25,000-50,000
jobs will disappear,” said the
former CFO and HR Head at
According to him, middlelevel managers account for 10
per cent – or 450,000 people –
of the 4.5 million (45 lakh)
strong IT industry in India.
Half of them (2,25,000) would
lose jobs over the next one
decade as their work would get
“There are today lots of
people (middle-level managers)
earning between C30 lakh and
C 70 lakh (per annum). Half of
them will lose their jobs in the
next ten years,” Pai told the
news agency in an interview.
The tech investor said the
new breed of IT engineers
should have better skills and
deep technical knowledge,
adding, prospects for those
having just a bachelors degree
(B. Tech) are going to be less
and less in IT.
Stressing that IT hiring
would become more and more
specialised with companies
looking for higher and greater
levels of expertise, Pai said he
would recommend the aspirants to do masters (post-graduation).
“An ordinary B.Tech is like
10th standard today because
you have to go ahead for the
next 30 year,” the chairman of
Manipal Global Education
said.”For lower-level jobs
(entr y-level), hiring will
keepreducing by 10 per cent
=4F34;78)The Government
is scheduled to move in the
Lok Sabha Monday an
amended bill to strengthen
the debt recovery laws with an
objective to improve the ease
of doing business in the country.
Introduced in the Lok
Sabha in May, the bill seeks to
amend four legislations -S ecuritisation
Reconstruction of Financial
Assets and Enforcement of
Security Interest (Sarfaesi)
Act, 2002, the Recovery of
Debts due to Banks and
Financial Institutions Act,
1993, the Indian Stamp Act,
1899 and the Depositories
Act, 1996.
=4F34;78)Less than a year after
public backlash forced withdrawal
of the controversial draft National
Encryption policy, Government
has restarted the work on drafting the blueprint, asking industry
bodies for suggestions.
The Ministry of Electronics
and IT recently wrote to leading
industry associations including
Cellular Operators Association of
India (COAI), Association of
Unified Telecom Service Providers
of India (AUSPI), and Internet
Service Providers Association of
India (ISPAI) seeking their opinions and inputs that will facilitate
a “robust and secure” encryption
policy, sources said.
The ministry has given the
associations a deadline of August
every year. Ordinary graduates
who are trained to go up the
ladder will have less prospects.
Out of the total number of
people hired, fresher level
doing ordinary work, there
will be 10-15 per cent reduction in the category year-byyear,” he said.
But there will be 10-15 per
cent increase in the category of
masters (post-graduates) and
skilled people because there is
a great need for that, added Pai,
a prominent angel investor.
He said automation,
machine-learning (artificial
intelligence) and robotics
would create a new kind of
specialised workforce.
“People who have got skills
in artificial intelligence,
machine learning and new
coding languages like Python,
Android and those in mobile
area would do very well in the
next five years,” he pointed out.
Only 2 lakh-2.5 lakh IT
engineers out of the total 6.5
1, for sending their feedback, and
said they would be invited for a
more detailed discussion in the
meeting of an Expert Committee.
However, associations such as
COAI and AUSPI have asked the
Ministry to bring out a specific
discussion paper on the issue.
“We have written to them
asking for more information on
the proposed framework. Banks
have a different encryption standard, Telecom Department has a
different encryption standard...
We need a consistent Government
approach on encryption,” Rajan S
Mathews, director general of
COAI told the news agency.
When contacted, ISPAI
President, Rajesh Chharia said the
reworked encryption policy,
lakh who come to the market
every year get jobs in their chosen field.
“Many of the engineers
who come out of bad colleges..
there are good jobs like Ola
and Uber waiting for them. I
am not joking. In Bengaluru,
many of the software engineers
are giving up their jobs and
driving Ola and Uber and
making more money. It’s much
more lucrative.
Why work for 14 hours a
day (in an IT company) and
earn (only) C3.5 lakh (per
annum), when you can earn Rs
six lakh to C7 lakh (per year)
driving a car?” he said.
The Head of Aarin Capital
Partners said Indian IT companies are ahead of the curve
as far as automation is concerned and “they are winning
the battle.”
“Five of the top 10 globally competitive (IT) service
c omp an i e s are In d i an ,”
added Pai.
should be in sync with changes in
“As per the proposed policy
framework, the capability to
encrypt and decrypt data should
be within Government. We will
seek more time for giving our suggestions. The policy framework
should be made after comprehensive discussions with all stakeholders,” Chharia added.
Last September, the government had issued the draft of
National Encryption Policy, which
proposed to mandate storage of
every message sent by people -- be
it through WhatsApp, SMS, email or any such service -- in plain
text format for 90 days, and to
made available on demand to
security agencies.
270=3860A7k<>=30H k0D6DBC ! %
=4F 34;78) With the
Government dropping the
contentious 1 per cent additional inter-state tax, the proposed national sales tax or the
GST stands simplified with
aberrations removed, said tax
Ahead of Rajya Sabha considering the biggest indirect tax
reform measure since independence, the Government
has met a key opposition
demand of scrapping 1 per
cent additional tax on interstate movement of goods. It
has also agreed to compensate
states for any revenue losses for
five years.
“The tax process/system
under GST would stand simplified with the Government’s
decision to do away with 1 per
cent additional tax on interstate supplies.
“...Tax would have resulted
in a cascading tax on interstate
supplies, resulting in an otherwise not so pure GST and
would have also driven companies to consider the same
warehousing/logistics decisions,” said Mahesh Jaising,
Partner, BMR & Associates
The Goods and Services
Tax (GST) seeks to replace a
slew of Centre taxes and levies
in 29 states, transforming the
nation into a customs union.
Analysts believe the GST
could boost India’s economic
growth by up to 2 percentage
Sachin Menon Partner and
Head, Indirect Tax at KPMG,
said the changes made in the
GST Bill shows the commitment of the Government to
introduce GST.
“Hope our representatives
put the nation first, behave
responsibly to pass the GST
bill,” he said.
The Bill is listed for consideration in the Upper House
this week. PwC Partner
(Indirect Tax) Anita Rastogi
said the proposed 1 per cent
tax was not in line with the key
concepts of GST, as the levy
would have been a cost in the
entire supply chain at various
supply incidences. “Hence its
removal is a welcome decision”.
Nitish Sharma, partner,
Nangia & Co said the doing
away with additional tax is
favourable step towards
removing impediment in the
credit chain and would certainly simplify the tax process.
M S Mani, Senior Director –Indirect Tax, Deloitte Haskins
=4F 34;78) The ban on registration of old diesel vehicles in
Delhi-NCR and the proposed
vehicle fleet modernisation programme could lead to around 3
per cent additional sales of new
passenger vehicles over the next
two years, rating agency ICRA
has said.
Besides, the development
could also lead to 3 per cent
incremental sales in the two
wheeler segment and additional sales of around 6-7 per cent
in the commercial vehicle vertical.
ICRA Ltd Senior VP
Subrata Ray said the impact of
the scrappage programme could
be limited owing to moderate
level of incentive (8-12 per cent)
being offered.
The resale value of 11-plus
old vehicles may be higher than
the proposed rebate in the scrappage programme, as the resale
value of some of the key car
models older than 11 years
range between 8-15 per cent in
the second-hand market, he
“However, the program may
become useful for owners of old
diesel vehicles, especially in the
wake of recent ban in DelhiNCR and other states like Kerala
and Chhattisgarh. As market
value of older diesel vehicles fall,
the scrappage policy may
become attractive for customer
segments like taxi owners and
old trucks,” Ray said.
The population of vehicles
older than 11 years plying on
Indian roads is estimated to be
around 25 million.
“If around 5 per cent owners across vehicle categories
decide to avail the incentive program, the policy could provide
3 per cent additional sales in the
passenger vehicle and two
wheeler segment and 6-7 per
cent in the commercial vehicle
segment over next two years,”
Ray said.
Last month, NGT had
ordered the de-registration of all
diesel vehicles which are above
10 years old and also petrol vehicles which are over 15 years old
in Delhi-NCR.
Besides, fast tracking the
implementation of BS-VI
norms, the Ministry of Road
Transport and Highways recently published a concept note on
voluntary-vehicle modernisation programme that aims to
promote replacement of old
vehicles and thereby bring down
vehicular emissions and improve
fuel efficiency.
& Sells LLP said the decision
to do away with the 1 per cent
tax proposed earlier to compensate the manufacturing
states will remove a major
aberration in the GST value
Further the statement that
states would be compensated
for revenue losses for five
years would go a long way in
addressing their concerns on a
very crucial aspect of the GST
process, he said.
On flaws in the GST Bill,
Jaising said the industry has
been making representations
to do away the band that the
states would be able notify GST
“The draft GST bill does
continue to mention about
the possibility of GST council
enabling ‘bands’ being notified.
Bands will result in different
GST rates in different states,
which though expected to be
nominal, will impact a uniform
pricing by companies across
country and will thereby dilute
the concept of a harmonised
single national market,” he
He said the April 1, 2017,
deadline for roll out of GST
=4F34;78)The next batch
of quarterly earnings and
progress on the muchawaited GST Bill would set
the trend for stock market
this week, say experts.
“Next batch of June
corporate results, progress
of monsoon rains, sentiments in global markets
will set the market trend
this week. Investors will
continue to watch developments on the Goods and
Services Tax (GST) constitutional amendment bill in
Parliament,” said Vijay
Singhania, FounderDirector, Trade Smart
Also, auto stocks will
remain in focus this week.
These companies will start
unveiling monthly sales
volume data for June, he
Moreover, on macroeconomic data front, PMI
data on manufacturing and
services sector would also
influence trading.
seems to be “extremely aggressive” given that the industry,
specifically service sector, still
is in the process of completely
understanding the implications of GST and needs to
undertake a host of next steps
for a meaningful implementation, including on the IT side.
However, PwC’s Rastogi
said “should Rajya Sabha passes
Amendment Bill in current
Monsoon session, then the
possibility of GST being applicable from April 1, seems to be
more realistic”.
Stating that sales tax/VAT
on liquor and petroleum has
been one of the largest contributors to VAT revenue to
states, Jaising hoped these products would be added into the
GST net, in the near future.
“While the non-inclusion
of petroleum and liquor appears
to be in the best interest of the
state’s revenues, the petroleum/liquor companies may
incur GST for the business
operations which would be a
sunk cost to such companies,
the burden of which is ultimately pushed to consumers,”
he said.
ndian industry expects
growth in sales and profIitability
to pick up by the yearend on the back of a rise in
consumer demand buoyed by
good monsoons, said
Assocham on Sunday, citing its
Bizcon survey.
“As many as 65.5 per cent
of the companies covered
under the June series of Bizcon
said they expect the macroeconomic parameters to look
up by December 2016,” said a
statement issued by the
Associated Chambers of
Commerce and Industry of
India (Assocham).
“The survey tells us how
things would look up in the
next six months, mainly on the
back of uptick in consumer
demand helped by good monsoon. If consumer prices ease
after the monsoon plays out,
=4F34;78)Having announced
capital infusion of C22,915 crore
in PSU banks, the Finance
Ministry has asked them to submit plans for raising resources
through markets, including
public offers and sale of noncore assets.
“With the infusion, the
financial strength of the banks
will get a boost. This can be then
leveraged by the banks to raise
funds from the markets which
is looking up,” sources said.
Banks were advised to submit funds raising from market
at a meeting of chief financial
officers of public sector banks
(PSBs) with senior finance ministry officials to discuss the
capital allocation recently.
Under Indradhanush roadmap
announced by the ministry last
year, the Government will
infuse C70,000 crore in PSBs
over 4 years while they will have
to raise a further C1.1 lakh crore
from the markets to meet their
capital requirements in line
charges to the POPs as is
the case of other financial
products particularly for
transactions where first
time on boarding of the
subscriber in the NPS had
been through the intervention of POPs.
Accordingly, the regulator said that it has been
decided to to introduce, in
addition to the payment
gateway charges, ser vice
ch arge on c ont r ibut i on
through eNPS to the associated POP of the subscriber on the date of making contribution.
“The service charges to
be recovered...Would be
0.05 per cent of the contribution amount ad valorem,
subject to minimum of C5
and maximum of C5,000
p e r t r a n s a c t i o n ,” t h e
Pension Fund Regulatory
Authority (PFRDA) said in
a circular.
The service charges collected through eNPS platform would be paid to the
concerned associated POP
on quarterly basis after reconciliation of the account
by CRA and Trustee Bank.
NPS Trust will authorise the payment of these
collected service charges
to the POPs.
However, these charges
would not be applicable to
the subscribers who have
opened account through
Aadhaar mode on eNPS
Various facilities (like opening Permanent Retirement
Account, contributing to NPS)
are provided through the entities known as POPs appointed
by the PFRDA.
with global risk norms Basel-III.
“Improved valuations coupled with value unlocking from
non-core assets as well as
improvements in capital productivity, will enable PSBs to
raise the remaining C1,10,000
crore from the market,”
Indradhanush plan said.
The Government is committed to making extra budgetary provisions in FY’18 and
FY’19, to ensure that PSBs
remain adequately capitalised to
support economic growth, it
According to sources, 75
per cent of the announced allocation will be disbursed immediately while the balance will be
linked to the banks’ performance.
Out of the C22,915 crore,
State Bank of India (SBI) will get
C7,575 crore, followed by Indian
Overseas Bank (C3,101 crore)
and Punjab National Bank
(V2,816 crore).
The other lenders, which
have received capital infusion
are Bank of India (C1,784 crore),
Central Bank of India (C1,729
crore), Syndicate Bank (C1,034
crore), UCO Bank (C1,033
crore), Canara Bank (C997
crore), United Bank of India
(C810 crore), Union Bank of
India (C721 crore), Corporation
Bank (C677 crore), Dena Bank
(C594 crore) and Allahabad
Bank (C44 crore).
The infusion will boost the
Government’s shareholdings in
the banks, which have been
under-capitalised compared
with their private peers because
of restrictions on their ability to
sell equity to raise money.
The average Capital
Adequacy Ratio (CAR) -- or the
ratio of a bank’s capital to its risk
-- for public sector banks stood
at 11.6 per cent as of March 31,
lower than 13.2 per cent for
banking system as a whole.?C8
we can even hope for the interest rates to moderate,” the
statement said, citing Secretary
General DS Rawat.
However, the survey also
noted that the private sector
remains hesitant about pumping in fresh investment.
The survey reflects that “in
terms of the domestic investments there has been no
change in the firm investment
plans in the April to June 2016
quarter,” the statement said.
“Industry is not confident
about own investment plan as
37.9 per cent of respondents
believe that domestic investment may increase or there will
be no change in the shorter
“Thus there seems to be a
continuing lack of appetite for
new investment in the private
sector,” it said.
The problem of high debt
in certain key infrastructure
and commodity sectors continues to remain, it added.
“Fortunately, crude oil
prices continue to remain
muted despite threats of a
rebound earlier,” Assocham
Though fresh employment
generation has remained a
challenge, about 41 per cent of
the corporate respondents
expect pick up in job creation.
Over 65 per cent of the
respondents felt that wage costs
will increase in future.
Organisation (ICAO) for many
At the 38th Session of
ICAO Assembly in September
2013, a decision was taken to
develop a GMBM scheme to
limit CO2 emissions in the aviation sector.
“In the recent past, governments have shown willingness to come to an agreement
in the climate space area. In
December last year, we had the
Paris agreement on UNFCCC
and in February at ICAO,
encourage financial agents,
popularly called POP, to
promote pension schemes,
the PFRDA has allowed
them to collec t s er vice
charges between C5 and
C5,000 from subscribers
joining NPS via on line
ENPS platform has
been introduced to provide subscribers the facility to open NPS account
online and make contributions thereto.
The ser vice charges
would be applicable only to
the subscribers who are
associated with any of the
Points of Presence (POPs)
from and also to the subscribers who have opened
account through PAN and
bank KYC verification on
eNPS platform.
With a view to incentivising POPs to “actively
promote and distribute”
NPS, it was suggested that
P F R DA m a y c o n s i d e r
allowing some ser vice
=4F34;78) Aiming to tap the
upbeat investor sentiment, two
companies - Dilip Buildcon
and S P Apparels - will hit the
capital markets this week to
raise an estimated C1,100 crore
through IPOs.
The bidding for shares in
initial public offer (IPO) of
Dilip Buildcon will be open
between August 1-3, while the
same for S P Apparels would
begin on August 2 and close on
August 4.
The equity shares offered
through the IPOs are proposed to be listed on BSE and
Infrastructure firm Dilip
Buildcon’s IPO comprises fresh
issue of equity shares worth up
to C430 crore and an offer for
sale of up to 10,227,273 shares
(including anchor portion). It
has fixed a price band of C214219 per share.
At the upper end of the
price band, the public issue is
expected to fetch C654 crore.
Proceeds of the issue will
be utilised towards repayment
of debt and to meet working
capital requirements.
The lead managers are Axis
Capital, IIFL Holdings, JM
Financial Institutional Securities
and PNB Investment Services.
The public issue of S P
Apparels, manufacturers and
exporters of knitted garments
for children, consists of fresh
issue of equity shares aggregating up to C215 crore and an offer
for sale of up to 9 lakh equity
shares by New York Life
Investment Management India
Fund (FVCI) II LLC, the selling
The company has fixed the
price band of C258-268 per
equity share. At the upper end
of the price band, the public
issue is expected to fetch C456
The IPO is managed by
Motilal Oswal Investment
Advisors and Centrum Capital.
Since the beginning of 2016,
as many as 14 IPOs including
Larsen & Toubro Infotech,
Mahanagar Gas, TeamLease
Services and Infibeam
Incorporation have already hit
the capital markets.
?=BQ =4F34;7898=3
teel Authority of India Ltd
(SAIL) and Rashtriya Ispat
Ltd. (RINL), the two
=4F 34;78) Global airlines
body International Air
Transport Association (IATA)
has expressed confidence that
a consensus will be reached on
limiting the carbon emissions
in the aviation sector during
the forthcoming ICAO
Global Market Based
Measures (GMBMs), a potential means for limiting or
reducing carbon emissions,
have been under consideration
of International Civil Aviation
=4F 34;78) In order to
Governments agreed on a CO2
certification standard for new
“So we are confident that
the governments will again
show that willingness at the
forthcoming ICAO Assembly
in September to reach a consensus and an agreement (on
the issue),” Director for aviation
environment resolution at
IATA Michael Gill said.
Gill, however, said the
exercise was a political process
and in any such processes
there is no guarantee of a final
outcome until an agreement
has been signed.
“But we do see real
engagement from the governments in this process,” he said.
The proposed GMBMs are
to be implemented in the form
of an offsetting scheme which
require participants to offset
their CO2 emissions above an
agreed level by carbon emission
Aviation industry has
adopted a four-pronged strat-
egy-- improved technology,
more efficient aircraft operations, infrastructure improvements and a properly designed
market- based measures
(MBM)--to fill any remaining
emissions gap.
“Offsetting scheme is the
fourth pillar of strategy, it’s an
economic measure to allow us
to achieve this carbon-neutral
growth target of 2020 where the
other three pillars have not
quite got us to that target,” he
major steel PSUs under the
Ministry of Steel on Sunday
organised an interaction for
the Northern Region’s customers in Jind for increasing
steel use in Haryana. The
occasion was graced by Steel
Minister Chaudhary Birender
Singh. Haryana MLA Prem
Lata Singh also attended the
This customer’s meet was
arranged at a time when India
is amongst the few world markets where steel consumption
has better prospects and steel
demand is expected to grow
on back of government’s sustained spending on infrastructure, construction, housing, smart cities, Make in
India etc. initiatives. The aver-
age per capita consumption of
steel in India is below 60 kg
and in rural India a mere 12
Kg, thus providing ample
opportunity to boost steel
consumption. While the steel
market is globally challenging,
the domestic industry must
take innovative steps to
enhance country’s steel consumption and counter the
effects of cheap imports by its
cost effective and quality steel.
Domestic industry should use
design & product engineering
for enhancing steel consumption by establishing steel’s cost
effectiveness, quality & durability as a material for construction in sectors like infrastructure, transportation and
urban development.
f^a[S !
270=3860A7k<>=30H k0D6DBC ! %
7fcjRdEcf^a[VVcdRe 2[X]c^]b[P\bCad\_U^a Efc\ZdY]VRUVcScZ_Xd^Z]ZeRcj
RaXcXRXbX]VATc0a\h6T] ^`cVf_UVcTZgZ]ZR_RfeY`cZej
?C8Q F0B78=6C>=
onald Trump on Sunday
hit out at the father of a
fallen Pakistani-origin Muslim
American soldier over remarks
that he has “sacrificed nothing”
for the countr y as the
Republican presidential nominee mocked the mother for
keeping silent, triggering a
bipartisan backlash.
The reality TV star said he
“created thousands of jobs and
“made a lot of sacrifices” in
response to an impassioned
speech by Army Capt
Humayun Khan’s
father Khizr Khan at
Democratic National
The 70year-old real
estate tycoon
known for
making controversial
h o w e v e r,
drew sharp
from different
including from
his own party,
when he questioned whether
Khan’s wife was
even “allowed” to
speak, both for
mourning mother and because
many considered
them racist and anti-Muslim.
“Who wrote that? Did
(Democratic rival) Hillary
(Clinton)’s script writers write
it?” Trump said in an interview
with ABC News. “I think I’ve
made a lot of sacrifices. I work
very, very hard.”
Khizr Khan, in a moving
tribute to his son at the
Convention in Philadelphia
while posthumously receiving a
Bronze Star and a Purple Heart
after he was killed by a suicide
bomber in Iraq in 2004, stunned
a national audience with a
speech directly confronting
X] cfTTc\^RZTS
Trump, who has
called for a ban
on Muslims
entering the US.
He asked Trump
to “go look at the
graves of brave
patriots who
died defending
the United States
of America”. “You will see all
faiths, genders and ethnicities.
You have sacrificed nothing
and no one.”
Trump said, “I’ve created
thousands and thousands of
jobs, tens of thousands of jobs,
built great structures. Sure those
are sacrifices. “I think my popularity with the vets is through
the roof.”
Responding to a question,
Trump alleged that Khan’s wife
Ghazala, who was standing
besides him wearing a headscarf during the speech, was
not allowed to speak.
Washington: Republican presidential candidate Donald
Trump says opponent Hillary
Clinton and other Democrats
“are trying to rig” the fall
debates by scheduling two of
the events opposite NFL games.
The football league has complained to him about the debate
schedule in a letter, the billionaire says. The NFL and the
Commission on Presidential
Debates on Saturday rejected
both of Trump’s assertions.
Washington: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton
slammed her
Republican rival
Donald Trump
for calling a decorated retired
Army veteran as
a “failed general” in his fight
against the ISIS.
Gen (retd) John Allen is a
“distinguished Marine, a hero
and a patriot. Donald Trump
called him a failed general.
Why? Because he does not
believe Donald Trump should
be commander in chief,”
Clinton said at an election
rally in Pennsylvania.
Allen was critical of Trump
Washington: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on
Sunday said that if elected to power
a comprehensive immigration reform
with a path to citizenship would be her
top priority, but criminals and those having even remote links to terrorism
would be deported immediately.
“Whoever is president gets to
determine what the priorities are. My
priorities are deport criminals, violent criminals as fast as we can.
Deport anybody that we think even
has a passable link to terrorism,”
Clinton said. “But don’t go rounding up
hard-working mothers and fathers,
taking them out of the factories or the
hotels or the homes where they’re
working, making these disappear and
leaving their children alone,” she added.
05?Q A>D4=5A0=24
hurches across France
opened their doors to
Muslims today to join in prayer
with Catholics following the
jehadi murder of a priest, the
latest in a string of attacks.
More than 100 Muslims
were among the 2,000 faithful
who packed the Gothic cathedral of Rouen near the
Normandy town where two
jehadi teenagers brutally murdered 85-year-old Father
Jacques Hamel.
“This morning we extend a
special welcome to our Muslim
friends,” Rouen Archbishop
Dominique Lebrun said in his
homily. “I thank you in the
name of all Christians. In this
way you are affirming that you
reject death and violence in the
name of God.”
Outside the cathedral a
few policemen and soldiers
stood guard but did not conduct searches. The priest’s murder sparked renewed recriminations over perceived security lapses after the Bastille Day
truck massacre in southern
Nice claimed 84 lives.
The Executive Engineer South Building
(M) PWD, P.T.S., Malviya Nagar, New
Delhi re-invites on behalf of President of
India online Percentage/Item Rate
Tender/bid from approved and eligible
contractor of CPWD for Following work:NIT No. 42/EE/PWD/BUILDING SOUTH
2016_PWD_111165_1 Name of Work:A/R & M/O Residential Complex Saket
Court, New Delhi during 2016-17. (SH:
Repair and Misc. Civil work in Judge's
Flats and common area of complex). (3rd
Call) Estimated Cost :- Rs. 23,87,862/Earnest Money:- Rs.47,757/- Period of
completion :- 08(Eight) Months, Last Date
upload of Bid/Tender Through
https://govtprocurement.delhi.gov.in website 02/08/2016 :15:00 PM , Date and
Time of opening of Tender 02/08/2016
:15:30 PM.
The Bid/Tender form and other details
can be obtained from the website:https://govtprocurement.delhi.gov.in.
The Executive Engineer, Civil Division
No.V, Irrigation and Flood Control
Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.
Saidulajab Near Paryavaran Complex,
Saiduilajab New Delhi 110030 invites on
behalf of president of India, on line percentage rate tender form approved and eligible contractors registered with Irrigation
and Flood Control Department up to 3.00
P.M on 02.08.2016.
1. NIT41./2016-17/EE-V/Acs/(ID No.
2016_IFC_110926_1 ( Percentage
rate).H.O.A. MLALAD Fund
NOW:- Raising/Construction of existing
boundary wall of pocket 8 (Sec.8) of village Jasola in Okhla area.E.C.Rs.
30,05,345/- Earnest Money Rs. 60107/Period of Completion. 180 Days. (Date
of opening 02.08.2016).
Note:1). The enlistment of the contractors should
be valid on the last date of opening of
tenders. In case the last date of opening of tender is extended the enlistment
of contractor should be valid on the original date of opening of tenders.
2) Earnest Money in physical form i.e.
deposited at call receipts/FDR/pay
order/Banker cheque /Demand Draft of
schedule bank issue in favour of EE CD
V I&FC Deptt should be deposited in the
office of EE CD V I&FC Deptt Govt of
NCT of Delhi Saidulajab near Paryavaran
complex New Delhi 30. On or before the
last date and time.
3). Details of above mentioned work can be
seen and downloaded from website
4). Tender submitted through e-procurement portal shall be accepted only.
5) Corrigendum, if any will be published on
e-procurement web side only.
0?Q 148ADC
yrian activists say a hospital
in the southern province of
Daraa has been damaged in an
airstrike and put out of service.
The Local Coordination
Committees activist network
says an airstrike Sunday targeted the hospital in Jasem, an
opposition town some 35 miles
(57 kilometers) south of
Damascus. The group says six
people were killed in the
airstrikes in Jasem, blaming
them on government fighter jets.
The Britain-based Syrian
Observatory for Human Rights
monitoring group says the hospital strike killed a pharmacist
and put the facility out of service.
Hospitals are regularly
targeted in Syria’s war,
drawing condemnation from
the UN and the international
The New York-based
Physicians for Human Rights
says over 90 per cent of attacks
on medical facilities in Syria
were carried out by proGovernment forces.
Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi
1-A Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla Lane (1- Canning Lane)
K.G.Marg, New Delhi-110001.
Applications are invited from eligible voluntary organizations for the year 2016-17 under the schemes of 'The Grants
to Social Welfare Institutions/Organizations by the
Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi Rules,
2008'' processed by the Voluntary Action Cell of the
Department of Women & Child Development, Govt. of NCT of
Delhi. The last date for submission of applications is
The Details regarding scheme and procedural instructions are available at the hyperlink http://www.wcddel.in/delhigrant.html
Department of Women & Child Development
during the Democratic National
Convention in Philadelphia,
saying he is unfit to become the
commander-in-chief. A day
later, Trump described him as
a “failed general”. “He (Trump)
loses his cool at the slightest
provocation. Just on Saturday,
he went after General (retd)
John Allen, who commanded
our troops in Afghanistan.
“Our Commander-inChief shouldn’t insult and
deride our generals, retired or
otherwise. That really should
go without saying, but I’m
going to respond on behalf of
General Allen to those kinds of
insults,” she said.
0?Q 8BC0=1D;
urkish President Recep
Tayyip Erdogan issued a
new presidential decree on
Sunday that introduced sweeping changes to Turkey’s military
in the wake of a July 15 failed
coup, bringing the armed forces
further under civilian authority.
The decree, the third issued
under a three-month state of
emergency declared following
the attempted coup, gives the
President and Prime Minister
the authority to issue direct
orders to the commanders of
the Army, Air Force and Navy.
It also announces the discharge of 1,389 military personnel, including Erdogan’s
chief military adviser, who had
been arrested days after the
attempted coup, the Chief of
General Staff ’s charge d’affaires and the Defence
Minister’s chief secretary.
It puts the military commands directly under the
Defence Ministry, puts all military hospitals under the
authority of the Health
Ministry instead of the military,
and also expands the Supreme
Military Council, the body
that makes decisions on military affairs and appointments,
to include Turkey’s Deputy
Prime Ministers and its justice,
Foreign and Interior Ministers.
The document, published
in the official gazette, also
shuts down all military schools,
academies and non-commissioned officer training
institutes and establishes a new
national Defence university to
train officers.
CdaZXbW_T^_[T_PacXRX_PcTX]PST\^]bcaPcX^]X]2^[^V]T6Ta\P]h^]Bd]SPh 0?
05?Q 0=:0A0
urkey on Sunday conT
demned a German court
decision banning President
Recep Tayyip Erdogan from
addressing his supporters by
video link at a rally in Cologne.
Germany is home to
Turkey’s largest diaspora and
the rally scheduled for later
today was expected to attract
tens of thousands of people
opposed to the failed July 15
putsch. Several smaller
counter-demonstrations were
also planned, including one
billed “Stop Erdogan” and
another called by far-right
activists, raising concern the
demonstrators could clash.
Amid fears that the crowds
could be riled by live screenings of speeches from Turkey
by politicians including
Erdogan, Germany’s constitutional court banned an application for such broadcasts.
A statement from the
spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said
the ban was “unacceptable”.
“The practical and legal
effort to prevent an event that
advocates democracy, freedom
and the rule of law and stands
against the 15/7 coup attempt is
a violation of the freedom of
expression and the right to free
Assembly,” the statement said.
0?Q :A0:>F?>;0=3
ope Francis encouraged
hundreds of thousands of
young people gathered on
Poland to “believe in a new
humanity” which is stronger
than evil and refuses to use borders as barriers.
His appeal came at the
end of World Youth Day, a
weeklong event which draws
young Catholics from around
the world to a different city
every two to three years for a
spiritual pep rally.
The youth gathering was
Francis’ main focus during his
pilgrimage to Poland, but over
five days in this deeply Catholic
nation he also prayed at the former Auschwitz death camp
and implored God to keep
away a devastating wave of ter-
rorism. He also held meetings
with the country’s political and
church leaders.
For a second straight day,
0?Q B0=00
emen’s internationallyrecognised Government
agreed on Sunday to extend
peace talks with Shia rebels for
another week, reversing an earlier decision to quit the negotiations hosted by Kuwait, according to Yemeni state television.
It said President Abed
Rabbo Mansour Hadi, following consultations with top
aides, has agreed to proposals
by UN envoy Ismail Ould
Cheikh Ahmed for the rebels to
pull out of cities, including the
capital Sanaa, and hand over
weapons they looted from
army depots within 45 days.
News of the decision to
continue the talks was soon followed by a fresh wave of violence
that underlines the country’s
precarious security conditions.
In the southern port city of
Aden, a pro-government militia leader was killed and three
of his guards were wounded
Washington: Playing Pokemon
Go can now help students earn
course credits, thanks to a university in the US that has introduced a new class which will
incorporate the widely popular
augmented reality game. This
fall, students at the University
of Idaho (UI) in the US who opt
for the “Pop Culture Games”
class will wander around the
campus gathering Pokeballs
and searching for Pikachu,
Jigglypuff and Snorlax — while
earning course credits.
The physical activity class
will also teach students about
leading active lifestyles, building teamwork and exploring
their communities through
games like the megahit smartphone app Pokemon Go and
the live-action game Humans
versus Zombies.
Students will help organise
the campus Humans versus
Zombie club’s annual competition, which combines elements
of tag, hide-and-seek and other
games for a massive, multiplayer
event that lasts for days.
“I want it to be more than
people going, ‘I am going to go
catch a Pikachu,’” said course
instructor Steven Bird from UI.
“This app does more than
let you shoot a Pokeball. You
get to adventure around, seeing
different things, being active,
seeing the sun. It allows you to
move in large groups and a
team. You get not only physical activity, but you also get
team-building and leadership,”
said Bird.
when a bomb planted in their
car was remotely detonated,
security officials said. They
identified the militia commander as Saleh al-Geneidi,
leader of a pro-government
militia in Lawdar, in the southern Abyan province.
a huge crowd filled a vast field
Sunday in the gentle countryside outside of Krakow for
Francis, who was visiting
Eastern Europe for the first
time. Security was very high
through the pope’s visit, coming at a time of terror attacks
in Western Europe.
The faithful had camped
out overnight after an evening
of entertainment and prayer
with the pope there that drew
1.6 million people, according
World Youth Day organizers.
Sunday’s faithful numbered
at least in the hundreds of thousands, similar to the number
seen at the pope’s other public
appearances in the past days.
The Rev. Federico Lombardi,
the Vatican spokesman,
referred to an estimate by
Polish authorities of 1.5 million
at Sunday’s closing Mass.
Baghdad: It promises to be the
biggest and perhaps last major
battle against the Islamic State
group in Iraq.
Iraq’s Government is setting its sights on Mosul, Iraq’s
second-largest city that has
been under ISIS control since
June 2014, as its next major target. The assault is probably
months away, but fierce fighting already has been raging as
Iraqi forces try to clear the militants from villages and towns
south of the city.
The goal is to protect the
Qayara air base, which was
recaptured from the militants
July 9 and is to be a main hub
for the final move on Mosul.
Some 560 US militar y
personnel, mainly engineers
and logistics, security and com-
munications experts, are due to
be deployed at the base to
upgrade its facilities in preparation for the Mosul attacks,
according to US Defence
Secretary Ash Carter.
But that can’t happen yet
because Qayara base has come
under frequent rocket fire.
About two-thirds of the surrounding towns and villages are
controlled by IS fighters. Iraqi
forces need to clear a 20-kilometer (12-mile) radius around
the base and to retake the key
nearby towns of Qayara and
Shirqat, several Iraqi
military officials told The
Associated Press.
Retaking Mosul would be
far more significant, robbing
the IS of the jewel of its selfdeclared caliphate.
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remchand is as relevant now as he was
during the pre-independence era. His
literature, the characters he wrote, the
problems he talked about, we are still struggling to get over them. Be it the poverty or
the caste discrimination, these things are still
there in our society and the situation has even
gone worse. Hori and Dhaniya are still living
in our villages,” sighed Gulzar pointing out
the gender and caste-based biases that we still
hold I our minds.The celebrated poet-lyricist
was highlighting the universality of our vernacular authors at the launch of the screenplay format of Premchand’s classics Godan
and Nirmala which were penned by him.
Translated by Saba Mahmood Bashir,
the sreenplays are published by Roli
books. The screenplays were part of the
26-episode TV series Tehreer...
Munshi Premchand Ki and Gulzar
thought of bringing it in the format of a book, to make it
appealing to the youth.
Remembering modern Hindustani
literature, Gulzar mentioned
Premchand as one of the greatest
influences on him. “To bring
back our literature we have to
present it in the format which
appeals most to the young
generation living in metropolises. This is my effort to
bring back people to reading the literature which is
not looked for beyond
school or college books,”
he said. He seemed really concerned about the
social and economic
condition of 21stcentury India. He is true in
a sense that we are
moving towards a
capitalist society, still
sticking to the centuries-old discrimination. India
is still dealing with the problems
of poverty, discrimination (gender and caste based both). “I am
trying to talk about the political
and social situation of India
through Premchand,” he said.
Munshi Premchand was one of
the biggest influences in Gulzar’s
International chef
Jamie Foy says, “I
am passionate
about food and
love to be inventive.” Which is why
he has attached
himself to the
brand of grills that allows swift
delivery with wholesome cooking
in minutes. After serving mocktails to us, the ebullient chef has
us cook with him. With the
apron on, we cooked pizza, chicken, paneer and banana bread
with him. Jamie, who is also
Development Manager, taught
us few of his perplexing skills like
tossing pizza dough, flattening
dough with hands and grilling
chicken flawlessly. Talking about
his style of cooking, Jamie said,
“As I cook or present food, I like
to be quite exciting and make
people enjoy.” Nice, roasted, simple and great flavours you can call
this my style, he further
added.The international chef is
also a soccer player and confessed
his love for bikes. We were startled to know about his road trip
from Manali to Ladakh on a
Royal Enfield. Awarded with the
Young rising star at British cookery school, Jamie is responsible
for setting up Weber grill acade-
association with literature and the eminent
poet-lyricist feels his writings have not lost
its relevance even after a century. When asked
about the career of Munshi Premchand in
films, Gulzar said, “It is tough to be in the
industry and say what you want to in the
purest form. Premchand tried his hand, but
he was more inclined in the independence
movement. If a writer wants to be in the
industry they should not expect to be accepted without any changes being made to their
work. Only Sahir Ludhiyanvi and Pandit
Pradeep managed to go ahead with their originality.” Premchand tried his hands in cinema but couldn't continue with it because he
motive in life was different altogether.
Premchand had an ability to focus on the
problems faced by the country during
British Raj, without even pointing directly at the rulers and he has tried to maintain that. Gulzar also mentioned that
if Premchand had a translator, his work
would have been appreciated that
much more. He also pointed out the
lack of attention of Sahithya
Academy towards it. “It think they
should translate all the old works in
major Indian languages and English.
They have translated some, but the
books are in godowns," he pointed
We also talked toSaba, who has
translated Gulzar’s work in English.
He said working with the writer is
always a pleasure and a responsibility at the same time. She told us that
the copy came to her in Devnagiri
script. “It’s an honour to translate a
book which has names of both Munshi
Premchand and Gulzar sahab on it. It was
a pleasure, but with a sense of responsibility," she said. Talking about the relevance of language, the Delhi University professor said,
“There is a difference between major languages
and minor languages and there are certain privileged languages. Bridging the gap is a challege
for us.” The event ended with Gulzar and Saba
signing copies for the fans.
my across Asia.
When asked about one signature dish, after a pause Foy told
us that he enjoys cooking,
smoked Scotch eggs. “I also love
making desserts”, he said.
With a promise to try RajmaChawal, Jamie said, I love cook-
ver cooked a
pizza in five
m i n u t e s ?
ing Indian food. I like chicken
tikka and the sweet white water
balls (Rasgullas). Talking about
grill academy he said, “I have been
associated with Weber for about six
years. I live, breathe and eat this
brand. People come to grill academy and they have a perception
about grilling and barbecuing,
the whole point of coming here (in
North India) is to educate them.
Barbecuing at Weber is about lid
on cooking and getting people set
the barbecue properly.” I have
faith and confidence in the brand,
he added.
Over the past few days, it is
highly likely that you might
have come across some interesting photos which seem like artwork appear on social networks.These photos are created using the Prima app which
lets you turn any photo taken
on your phone camera into a
piece of art. The app is fairly
simple to use and lets you capture a new photo using your
phone's camera or use an existing image from your gallery.
From there, you can pick one of
the numerous filters each with
its unique touch.
The output image is quite
remarkable for most photos
and hence has become an internet craze. You can chose to
share the image on your social
networks or to your photo
gallery. The app claims to use
the painting styles famous
artists such as Van Gogh and
Picasso. It employs a combination of neural networks and
artificial intelligence to make
your photo look like a work of
art.The app is available for free
on both iOS and Android and
is free to download.
Xiaomi has announced the
Mi Notebook Air which is a
13.3 inch Windows laptop with great
design on
the outside
with powerful internals
such as a
9 4 0 M X
graphics card
on the inside. It
is powered by an
Intel i5 processor and
features a high speed solidstate drive and promises 9.5
hours of usage on a single
charge. The Notebook Air
weighs 1.28kg and is priced at
the Rs.50000 mark in China
and is expected to hit India
We often misplace our keys,
bags or other important items
either at home or at work.
Yoky Tag aims to solve this
problem with its Bluetooth
connected tag. You can attach
the tag to your bag, car keys,
luggage or any valuable which
you generally misplace and the
app will send you an alert
when you leave the item
behind. How the device does
this is by constantly maintaining a bluetooth connection
between the tags and your
phone and the moment
the connection is broken,
an alert is sounded on
both the phone and the
The tags have a maximum range of 150 feet and
feature a 500mAh
replaceable battery
which can last
up to a
year and
does not
require charging. You can
monitor the location
of your items using the
free Yoky Tag app and up
to 8 tags can
be connected at a time.The
only catch is that you need to
have bluetooth activated on
your phone which might
impact your smartphone's battery life but the company claims
to have addressed the issue. The
device is compatible with most
smartphones with Bluetooth 4
and above running.
Android 4.3+or iOS 8+
andretails for Rs.999 including
taxes and shipping and is currently available on www.yoky.io
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ccording to the annual Global Terrorism Index that was
released just days after the horrific terrorist attacks at
multiple locations in Paris that killed hundreds of inno-
he smile is a poignant tale of life
and loss, where even amidst the
desolation of death, life finds a
home. Like a smile that finds a place
in moments of joy as well as despair,
the short film The Strange Smile,
explores the duality of life that unites
life and death as two parts that complete a whole.
Director Arshad Iqbal’s short
film, which premiered at the Stein
Auditorium, follows the life of Barkati
played by theatre professional
Samridhi Dewan, and shows that
there is a story behind every smile.
Barkati is the granddaughter of
Jumman Shah, the caretaker of a
cemetery. As a young girl, death
always brought happiness to Barkati.
After all, she would get a new dress,
a new toy, even her favourite food,
whenever a body was brought to the
place where she lived - a graveyard.
At a very early age in her life, Barkati
realised that her family’s happiness
was linked to the arrival the bodies.
The director, Arshad Iqbal, who
has produced and directed many
social campaigns such as Pulse Polio
and corporate films for various
national and international companies,
says, “It’s a story that can be felt at a
level where mind does not interfere.
The idea is to tell stories which are
unique and have universal appeal.”
The story, however, unfolds in an
irony of spiritial when Barkati loses
her own child. Feeding off the loss of
others, this loss jolts her completely.
It is only then that her smile ends up
betraying her emotions. The film,
which was shot in a graveyard in Uttar
Pradesh’s Farrukhabad, is inspired by
Hindi writer Syed Mohammad
Mohsin’s short stor y, Anokhi
Muskurahat. “I was in class 11th when
I read the short story and have been
wanting to tell it since then. Also, I
think that we should tell stories
which are Indian and yet so universal. This is another thing that motivated me to make such a film,” said
Talking about short films, Arshad
said, “If short stories can make greats
like Saadat Hasan Manto, Ismat
Chugtai and Rajinder Singh Bedi, why
can’t we make great films? A story is
a story which should be told the way
it is. The length of the film doesn’t
matter.” The film has only one song,
O re manwa which is written by the
multi-talented Arshad Iqbal, himself
and sung by Vidhi Sharma. “Indian
movies are known for their songs and
that is one of the reasons why I wanted to keep one. The song comes
directly from the heart of the protagonist and shows the time lapse,” said
the director.
While Arshad has used Urdu
and Hindi, he has introduced some
elements to make the film more contemporary. “A dakiya (postman) coming to deliver a letter will not make
sense to most viewers now, while a
cellphone being used by the central
characters will be more easy to recognize,” says Eqbal. “The idea is to tell
Indian stories to the world,” he added.
omen who engaged on social
media after a breast cancer diagnosis expressed more deliberation
and satisfaction about their treatment
decision, says a study. The findings
showed that online communication
was more common in younger women
and those with more education. In the
study, 41 per cent of women reported
some or frequent use of online communication. Texting and email were
most common, with 35 per cent of
women using it. Twelve per cent of
women reported using Facebook,
Twitter or other social media sites, and
12 per cent used web-based support
“Our findings highlight an unmet
need in patients for decisional support
when they are going through breast
cancer treatment,” said lead author
Lauren P. Wallner, Assistant Professor
of General Medicine at the University
of Michigan, in the US.
Further, the women were also
found using all email, texting, social
media and web-based support groups
to deal with the negative emotions and
stress around their breast cancer diagnosis. They are using these communications to cope, the researchers said.
Women who frequently used online
communication had more positive
feelings about their treatment decision.
They were more likely to report a
deliberate decision and more likely to
be highly satisfied with their decision.
Moreover, the women also reported
separate reasons for using each of these
media outlets.
“Email and texting were primarily to let people know they had been
diagnosed. They tended to use social
media sites and web-based support
groups to interact about treatment
options and physician recommendations,” Wallner noted.
However, the study found significant barriers to social media for
some women, particularly older
women, those with less education
and minorities.
“At this point, leveraging social
media and online communication in
clinical practice is not going to reach
all patients. There are barriers that
need to be considered,” Wallner added,
in the paper appearing in the journal
JAMA Oncology. For the study, the
team surveyed 2,460 women newly
diagnosed with breast cancer about
their use of email, texting, social
media and web-based support groups
following their diagnosis.
Although for many women social
media may prove to be a helpful
resource. But one cannot rely on it as
a routine part of patient care, the
researchers cautioned. “We don't know
a lot about the type of information
women are finding online. What are
they sharing and what is the quality of
that information? We need to understand that before we can really harness
the potential of social media to better
support patients through their cancer
treatment and care,” Wallner said.
cent people there has been over a nine-fold increase in the
number of deaths from terrorism, rising from 3,329 in 2000
to 32,658 in 2014. Isn’t it scary? Where will it all stop? Is
there still more to come ? The havoc caused by the Paris
attacks in November 2015, shook not only the French capital and its northern suburb, Saint - Denis, but the psychological tremors, caused by these atttacks, reached every nook
and corner of the country. Everyone said that this was the
handiwork of the extremists or agents of the countries, who,
because of ill will and deep feelings of hatred, wish to destabilise some countries politically, shatter their economy,
plunge their people into panic and widen the gulf of suspicion and hatred among different religious communities.
Although various investigative and intelligence agencies have been working on whatever traces the crime has
left behind it, it would not be wrong or without merit to
look at the event from some other parameter which is, usually, outside the perspective of the investigative agencies
or intelligence bureaus or the politicians. This kind of look
at the event is not intended to replace the efforts of the official agencies nor to lessen the importance and urgency in
any way but it is meant to help mankind find a final solution to the problem of security, even though it would require
a longer period and different kinds of skills than the governments worldwide usually and routinely employ.
It’s a usual practice to increase vigilance, tighten overall security and deploy more police or para-military forces
at sensitive points after occurrence of such events. In other
words, security is always linked to employment of police,
military or para-military forces. But if we survey the history of even one century, we would find that the security
of a country lies, in fact, not in the armed state of readiness for defence or war but in friendliness, love, peace and
co-operation with others. We should understand very clearly that our real enemies are not some countries, communities, or men and women, but, suspicion, fear, hatred and
violence, and these enemies that lie in the minds of men
cannot be eliminated by military weapons. History is a witness that, in the 20th and 21st centuries, inspite of military forces, there have been as many as 264+ wars which
have been more and more costly than before. So, unless and
until the UN and such other world bodies take up vigorously the task of moral literacy and value-education so as
to eradicate the lust for power and territory and hatred, jealousy and enmity between neighbours, there cannot be any
true security.
While measures in the prevalent sense of the word
“security” are necessary and must be taken, there should
also be long-term measures to promote friendliness and
co-operation, for hatred and enmity are the real culprits.
So let us all come together and make a resolve that we will
defeat hatred with mass feelings of love, empathy and cooperation.
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avichandran Ashwin continued to bamboozle the West
Indies batsmen with another
five-wicket haul while Lokesh Rahul
scored an unbeaten half-century as
India took firm control on the first
day of the second cricket Test, here
on Sunday.
Ashwin grabbed 5 for 52 in 16
overs en route his 18th five-wicket
haul in longer format as West Indies
were all-out for 196 in 52.3 overs.
The off-spinner took centrestage after initial breakthroughs
from Ishant Sharma (2/53 in 10
overs) and Mohammed Shami
(2/23) as rival skipper Jason Holder
had decided to make first use of a
lively pitch.
The visitors then further consolidated their position by reaching 126
for 1 as they are now only 70 runs
short of the West Indies first innings
Opener Rahul (75 batting) coming in place of an injured Murli Vijay
made full use of the opportunity as
he not only looked compact but also
scored runs at a fair clip.
Rahul's innings had 10 boundaries in 114 balls as he added 87 runs
for the first wicket with a subdued
Shikhar Dhawan (27, 52 balls, 5x4).
Giving company was Cheteshwar
Pujara batting on (18 batting).
Earlier, in the West Indies
innings it was Jermaine Blackwood,
who showed some counter-attacking instincts with a run-a-ball 62
that had seven fours and four sixes.
Along with Marlon Samuels (37, 88
balls), Blackwood added 81 runs for
the fourth wicket after the
Caribbeans were reeling at 7 for 3
with Ishant and Shami polishing off
the top-order.
However, Ashwin held sway in
the second session where West
Indies lost six wickets for 108 runs
to get all-out for a score of less than
200 runs.
Ashwin now has 188 victims in
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cWT #cW\X]dcT:^\P[aTRTXeTSXcUa^\
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QTbc ^__^acd]Xch c^ ^_T]X]V cWT
V^P[\^dcW ^] $ \X]dcTb fWT] WXb
_T]P[ch ZXRZ W^eTaTS ^eTa cWT Ra^bbQPa
<^aT Wd\X[XPcX^] fPb [TUc U^a cWT
B_^acUaTd]ST BXTVT] Q^hb Pb APZX_
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34 matches. He also has the distinction of four five-wicket hauls in successive matches. He is only the third
Indian spinner to do so after
Bhagwat Chandrasekhar and Anil
The slide in the post-tea session
began when Samuels starting to
attack, was fooled by Ashwin's flight
lobbing a simple catch to KL Rahul
at short-leg.
Six overs later, Shane Dowrich
(5) edged one behind from the toeend of his bat, the batsman in half
mind whether to leave or play at the
At the other end, Shami got rid
of Chase, and he should have had
Devendra Bishoo's scalp too. But the
batsman was twice given not out off
successive deliveries in the 39th over,
even though he seemed to have
edged behind off both.
He was on 2 then, and added 10
runs to his individual score, before
Ashwin trapped him into playing a
sweep shot that leapt up in the air
and was safely pouched by Shikhar
Dhawan at short fine leg in the 44th
spinner R Ashwin said he was surprised with West Indies' decision to bat
on a sticky wicket, even as he returned
PTI n Kingston (Jamaica)
Dismissed for a paltry 196 in their first
innings, West Indies batsman Jermaine
Blackwood said his side will now look to
build pressure on the Indian batsmen to
make a come back in the second cricket Test.
West Indies skipper Jason Holder won the
toss and elected to bat first, only to see his
team being bowled out for just 196 runs but
Blackwood defended the decision and said
they should have batted for long period.
"Normally at Sabina Park, the wicket is
going to have a little bit in it for the pace
bowlers for a couple hours. This track is different and has some grass so they will get
assistance right through the match. It was0?
n't a wrong decision to bat first but we just 9Ta\PX]T1[PRZf^^SX]PRcX^]
didn't bat for a long period. I guess next time they had been reduced to 7/3.
"It is always good to play in front of my
we will have to do that," said Blackwood.
"We weren't in any hurry to score runs. home crowd. This is the second time I am
But you cannot just go there and keep los- playing for the West Indies in front of them.
ing wickets and not score runs. You have to I was feeling confident but I was also a bit
go there with a positive mind set and any tentative at the start because you always want
scoring opportunity that comes your way, to make runs at your home ground," he said.
"Tomorrow we just need to worry about
you need to take it. So that's what I did today,"
getting ten wickets. So the boys will go home
he added.
Blackwood scored a run-a-ball 62, and and have a good night's rest, come back fresh
his partnership with Marlon Samuels helped tomorrow morning and have a go at them
West Indies counter the Indian bowling after as we try to build some pressure," he said.
with a five-wicket haul on the opening day
to dismiss the hosts for a paltry 196 in the
second cricket Test here.
After Ashwin's 5-52, opener Lokesh
Rahul cracked an unbeaten 75 to guide
India to 126/1, within 70 runs of West
Indies' first innings score.
"I was pretty surprised that they won
the toss and batted first today. Like Virat
Kohli mentioned at the toss, there was a
bit in it, it was a bit sticky," said Ashwin
after the opening day's play.
"Maybe I would've batted as well. But
with their strengths, I thought it was a bit
surprising. They lost three wickets in front
quickly," he added.
The Indian pacers reduced the hosts
to 7/3, but Marlon Samuels and Jermain
Blackwood strung together a counterattacking partnership.
Ashwin broke through that partnership before lunch and then proceeded to
take his 18th five-wicket haul in 34 Tests.
"I was really taken aback by the
counter attack that Blackwood did. It sort
of put the game in the balance. And we had
to break twice and bring the game back.
It's clearly a game where the experienced
0?Q 1D;0F0H>
Zimbabwe, which had the consolation of Sean Williams hitting the
country's fastest test century.
With the Zimbabweans playing
their first test in nearly two years, and
New Zealandamassing 576-6 in its
first innings, the result was never really in doubt.
Zimbabwe resumed the fourth
day on 121-5 in its second innings
and Williams smashed 119 in 148
balls before being caught by Kane
Williamson off Mitchell Santner.
Trent Boult took 4-52 as the hosts
were dismissed for 295 at Queens
Sports Club.
New Zealand dismissed
Zimbabwe for 164 in its first innings
with Neil Wagner taking 6-41.
New Zealand's first-innings total
was set up by three centuries, from
opener Tom Latham, Ross Taylor and
wicketkeeper BJ Watling. Taylor topscored with 173 not out.
The second and final test starts
Saturday in Bulawayo.
Earlier, New Zealand was in
sight of an expected victory in the first
test against Zimbabwe after racking
up 576-6 and then reducing the
home team to 121-5 in its second
from the word go. The former in
particular was impressive with his
line and length, a marked improvement from the Antigua Test, as he
pitched the ball further up and got
it to move about.
He also used the bounce on offer,
and the rewards came quickly. Kraigg
Brathwaite (1) was unable to fend off
a short delivery in the 3rd over, lobbing an easy catch to Cheteshwar
Pujara at forward short leg.
Off the very next ball, Darren
Bravo (0) was forced to fend an
incoming delivery and skipper Virat
?C8Q :8=6BC>=90<0820
ew Zealand wrapped up the
first test with an innings and 117N
run victor y on Sunday over
3X_P :Pa\PZPa cWT f^\T]b W^RZTh
cTP\ P]S bW^^cTa 7TT]P BXSWd ^]
cWT AX^ 6P\Tb QTVX]]X]V ^] 0dVdbc $
fPb Vd]VW^ WPeX]V bTRdaTS WTa _[PRT
X]c^ cWT >[h\_XR 6P\Tb X] cWT bP\T
eT]dT SdaX]V cWT CTbc TeT]c U^a cWT
PSYdbc fXcWX] P SPh ^a cf^ P]S fX[[ VTc
et as the two local boys rescued their
team from a precarious position of
7 for 3.
This was after West Indies won
the toss on a damp pitch and elected to bat. They made one change to
their line-up, bringing in debutant
Miguel Cummins in place of Carlos
Brathwaite, while India were forced
to make a change as well. Rahul
came into the side in place of the
injured Murali Vijay.
Ishant and Shami then started
proceedings for India, and the two
bowlers were right on the money
fX[[ ]^c STUT]S cWTXa >[h\_XR S^dQ[Tb
0\TaXRP] cfX]b P]]^d]RTS cWTXa
fXcWSaPfP[ ^] 5PRTQ^^Z ^] BPcdaSPh
bPhX]V cWPc Pb WdbQP]Sb P]S UPcWTab
^da UP\X[hb WTP[cW Xb ]^f ^da c^_
_aX^aXch CWTh SXS]c \T]cX^] cWT IXZP
eXadb fWXRW WPb QTT] [X]ZTS c^ QXacW
^_cTS c^ bZX_ cWT Bd\\Ta 6P\Tb cWPc
0bb^RXPcX^] bPXS Xc fPb [^^ZX]V X]c^ Xcb
The off-spinner celebrated his
second successive five-wicket haul
in the series two overs later then, as
Jason Holder (13) was out caught
bat-pad at forward short leg.
At the stroke of tea then, Amit
Mishra (1-38) wrapped up the West
Indies' innings, but not before
Miguel Cummins (24 not out) and
Shannon Gabriel (15) threw their
bats around to add 38 runs for the
last wicket.
Earlier, Blackwood scored an
attacking half-century and put on 81
runs with Samuels for the 5th wick-
Kohli completed a brilliant diving
catch at second slip.
Three overs later, Shami got
Rajendra Chandrika (5) to drive,
only to find KL Rahul at gully as
West Indies were struggling within
the first 30 minutes of play.
Blackwood then joined Samuels
in the middle, and suddenly there
was a momentum shift as the former brought out his attacking shots.
It was in the 11th over that things
stepped into high gear, as he
smacked Ishant for 14 runs, the last
boundary a streaky four that Mishra
missed at backward point. He was
batting on 23 then.
Spin was introduced in the 12th
over as Ashwin came on, but
Blackwood went after him as well,
smacking 10 runs off his second over.
side is seizing the more opportune
moments. With a little bit of experience
and nailing the right moments, the game
could get closer," he said.
"Everybody wants to start playing
cricket one day to achieve what no body
else could achieve. I am happy to be there,
at some stage of my career where I am better than everybody else who has played the
game. It feels nice, but the only thing that
is constant is trying to improve from wherever you are. I think change is very
8=C>? ?C8Q ?0CC0H0C708;0=3
\XbbTS Rdc fXcW WXb UXabc c^_ UX]XbW
bX]RT <PaRW cWXb hTPa Pb WT T]STS fXcW P
a^d]S ^U %( WXb cWXaS bdRRTbbXeT a^d]S X]
%b Pc cWT :X]Vb 2d_ _aTbT]cTS Qh ?CC
0b 9TTe UX]XbWTS Pc bXgd]STa U^a cWT
fTTZ P]^cWTa _[PhTa bR^aX]V fT[[ ^] cWT
UX]P[ SPh U^a P STRT]c d_fPaS \^eT fPb
BWXe :P_da fXcW P fTTZb QTbc ^U %& cWPc
P]S fPb cXTS $cW 2WXaPVW :d\Pa &
>[h\_XR Q^d]S BB? 2WPfaPbXP & 6PVP]YTTc1Wd[[Pa&'b[X__TSc^cXTS"&cW
cXTS #"aS P]S cXTS %%cW fWX[T BWdQWP]ZPa
8c fPb P c^dVW UX]XbW U^a 1Wd[[Pa PUcTa
7PeX]V P[aTPSh f^] UXeT cX\Tb ^] cWT
U^daSPh c^cP[ ^U !d]STa_Pa !%' c^ fX]
2^\_PcaX^c ;X] FT]cP]V fPb P[b^ P[[
Zimbabwe still trailed by 291
runs and was staring at a big defeat
at stumps Saturday. Only Craig
Ervine resisted the New Zealanders
in Zimbabwe's second innings with
his 49 not out.
New Zealand's first-innings total
was set up by three centuries, from
opener Tom Latham, Ross Taylor and
wicketkeeper BJ Watling. Taylor topscored with 173 not out. Trent Boult
then led the New Zealand attack with
3-33 as Zimbabwe tumbled to 17-4.
New Zealand dismissed
Zimbabwe for 164 in its first innings
at Queens Sports Club.
Zimbabweans are playing their first
test in nearly two years.
Earlier, New Zealand moved to
315-4 and was in complete control of
the first test against Zimbabwe at
stumps on the second day on Friday.
important. This is good, but tomorrow is
a different day and you have to keep
improving," he added.
Rahul then put on 87 runs with
Shikhar Dhawan (27), and was at the
crease with Cheteshwar Pujara (18) at
stumps, as India took control of this second Test. Ashwin heaped praise on the
Karnataka opener, who was brought into
the side in place of injured Murali Vjay.
"He has two Test centuries in two
countries, and it doesn't really matter
because two Test centuries are huge. And
from what I think about Rahul, he's a fine
player. We all know that he's a quality
cricketer," he said.
"He's made a lot of runs in First Class
cricket. And when he has made hundreds
for us, it has been crucial knocks. He made
one in Sri Lanka, which is very memorable.
As a matter of fact, the way he played in
the IPL, it's just an extension. Everybody
wants Rahul to do well, which is a big tick
for him. I've nicknamed him batting
machine. He keeps batting all the time and
it's not a surprise that he's made runs and
I'm very happy for him," Ashwin added.
Talking about how the pitch played on
day one, Ashwin said, "A little bit of bounce
and speed variation, that was important I
thought. Most of the dismissals were
brought about by difference in speeds
rather than much of spin, actually.”
05?Q BH3=4H
electors left out all-rounder
Glenn Maxwell and includSed Moises
Henriques and Shaun
Marsh in their squad named on
Sunday for the one-day international series in Sri Lanka.
Bowling all-rounder
Henriques and batsman Marsh
were among two changes from
the 16-man squad that toured
the West Indies last month.
Marsh, who returns to the
squad following the birth of his
first child, joins his brother
Mitchell in the 15-man national ODI squad.
Maxwell, batsman Travis
Head and fast bowler Scott
Boland, who all toured the West
Indies, missed out on selection.
"We know Glenn can be a
match-winner for Australia but
his current form doesn't warrant
selection," chief selector Rod
Marsh said.
"He is averaging less than 10
runs in Australia's last 10 oneday internationals, so the numbers speak for themselves.
"We've asked Glenn to go
away and focus on consistent
performances for his state side
Victoria and Australia A to
earn his way back into the
Australian side."
Henriques makes his return
to the side after last playing for
Australia against England in
Hobart in January last year.
"Moises comes off some
great form in the Indian Premier
League and we think he is wellsuited to these conditions,"
Marsh said.
Australia will play five oneday-internationals against Sri
Lanka, beginning on August 21
in Colombo.
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?=BQ 7H34A0103
eepak Niwas Hooda produced a
terrific performance as Puneri
Paltan beat Telugu Titans 40-35
in the playoff to finish third in the Pro
Kabaddi League. Rahul Chaudhari's
superlative effort went in vain as he
scored 18 points but Telugu Titans fell
short in front of a boisterous home
Nitin Tomar scored Puneri Paltan's
first raid point in the third minute as they
led 2-1. Deepak Niwas Hooda scored a
raid point as Puneri Paltan led 4-1 after
five minutes. Telugu Titans' raider took
a while to get going and couldn't muster
a single raid point in the first five minutes. Sandeep Narwal finally opened
Titans' raid account in seventh minute
as his team trailed 2-4 Puneri Paltan
inflicted an all out in the eight minute
opened a sizeable gap to lead 10-3.
Rahul Chaudhari reached a momentous landmark with a super raid in the
ninth minute as he became the first man
to score 500 raid points in Pro Kabaddi
League. Telugu Titans trailed 7-11 in the
12th minute as Nilesh Salunke got a raid
point. The Titans' defence struggled in
the first 15 minutes as they failed to score
even a single tackle point.
Telugu Titans' substitute Athul M
forced three Pune defenders off the court
and scored three points in the 17th
minute to trail 11-16. Rahul Chaudhari
scored two raid points in the 20th
minute as Telugu Titans went into the
break trailing 14-17.
Puneri Paltan began the second
with just one man on the court and
Telugu Titans made them pay with an all
out in the 21st minute to level the game
at 17-17. Rahul Chaudhari scored another raid point in the 23rd minute as both
teams were tied at 19-19. Telugu Titans
took the lead in 25th minute with
Chaudhari getting points at will. Patna
Pirates were reduced to just one man in
26th minute but Joginder Narwal scored
two points to avert an immediate all out
as they trailed 22-23. However, Telugu
Titans inflicted the second all out in 27th
minute to lead 27-22.
With 10 minutes to go, Telugu
Titans led 29-25 and Rahul Chaudhari
tormented Puneri Paltan and scored his
13th point. Puneri Paltan came back to
level the game at 29-29 after 33 minutes.
:[email protected]]b
?=BQ 7H34A0103
ejaswini Bai produced a moment of magic as
Storm Queens survived a last-minute scare to
beat Fire Birds 24-23 in a pulsating encounter and
Puneri Paltan tackled Rahul Chaudhari
in the 35th minute. Deepak Niwas
Hooda scored two raid points to inflict
an all out on Telugu Titans as Puneri
Paltan led 34-30 with less than five minutes to go.
Rahul Chaudhari scored two points
with two raids as Telugu Titans trailed
32-24 in the 37th minute. With less than
three minutes to go, Puneri Paltan led 3532. Rahul Chaudhari, however, was in
scintillating form and scored with a twopoint raid in 39th minute as Titans
trailed 35-36. Deepak Niwas Hooda
came up with a superb raid and got three
points in the last minute to give Puneri
8>2 _P]T[c^STRXST
0?Q A8>3490=48A>
three-person International Olympic
Committee panel will make a final ruling on which individual Russian athletes are
allowed to compete in the Rio Games.
The IOC's ruling executive board, meeting Saturday for the final time before the
opening of the games next Friday, said the
panel will decide on the entry of Russian athletes whose names have been forwarded to
compete by their international sportsfederations and approved by an independent arbitrator. "This panel will decide whether to
accept or reject that final proposal," IOC
spokesman Mark Adams said. "We want to
make it absolutely clear that we are the ones
making the final call."
The move comes amid a doping scandal
that has led to the exclusion of more than 100
Russian athletes connected to state-sponsored
cheating. More than 250 Russian athletes
have been cleared to compete by the feder-
Paltan 39-35 lead and Titans' hopes of
finishing third evaporated. Puneri Paltan
won 40-35 in the end to finish the fourth
season of Pro Kabaddi League on a high.
=4F34;78)India will host the Kabaddi
World Cup this year, featuring 12 countries, in October. USA, Canada, UK,
Australia, Iran, Poland, Pakistan,
Bangladesh, Korea, Japan and Kenya will
be playing in the event the dates for which
will be declared later.
"The International Kabaddi
Federation is immensely proud that
Kabaddi is growing in popularity so fast
and is all set to breakthrough on a global stage with the 2016 Kabaddi World
Cup scheduled in India," said Janardan
Singh Gehlot, President, International
Kabaddi Federation. "We are committed
to nurturing the sport across the globe.
The phenomenal success of Star Sports
Pro Kabaddi and the participation of
players from around the world is a testament to kabaddi's promise as a global sport. We are delighted and proud to
have India host 12 countries for the 2016
Kabaddi World Cup."
IKF officials point out that they are
taking special care to ensure that the
selection of the participant teams for the
World Cup is representative of every
Olympic geography.
Drawing attention to this, Yeong Hak
Hoon, Secretary General - IKF, and
Secretary of the Korea Kabaddi
Federation said, "Kabaddi is growing in
popularity in Korea and several other
countries, especially due to the phenomenal Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League that
is being telecast across the world by Star
Kabaddi became a part of Asian
Games in the year 1990 and India have
won all the gold medals since.
Star Sports will be the official broadcaster of the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup.
became the first champions of Women's Kabaddi
Challenge. Storm Queens were cruising till the 29th
minute but Fire Birds made a dramatic come back
to score five points in the last minute to turn the
game on its head and made it a nail-biting finish.
However, it wasn't enough as TejaswiniBai scored
two points in the dying seconds to clinch it for
Storm Queens.
The Women's Kabaddi Challenge final began
with a bang as a super raid by Sakshi Kumari in
the fourth minute to give Storm Queens a 4-1 lead.
Fire Birds responded brilliantly with a super tackle in the fifth minute and trailed 3-4.
Fire Birds forced another super tackle in the
ninth minute to lead 7-6 as their skipper
MamthaPoojary struggled to get going in the first
half. Storm Queens' skipper TejaswiniBai scored
just one point in the first half. There was little to
chose between both teams in the first 15 minutes
and Fire Birds took a slender 10-8 lead at the break.
Storm Queens began the second half with a
super tackle as they trailed 10-11 in the 17th
minute. They got two more points in the 19th
minute to take a one-point lead. An all-out was
duly inflicted in the same minute as Storm
Queens led 18-12.
With less than five minutes to go, Storm Queens
led 20-13 and were cruising to be the inaugural
champions. Fire Birds turned the game on its head
in the last minute with a brilliant super raid as they
trailed just by two points. Fire Birds then inflicted
an all out to lead 23-22 in a dramatic last few seconds. Tejaswini Bair, however, got two points in the
dying seconds of the game as Storm Queens narrowly beat Fire Birds 24-23 to clinch the trophy.
fXcWcWTXaR^]SdRc)?< M
0?Q 7>2:4=748<
?C8 Q =4F34;78
rime Minister Narendra Modi on
Sunday wished luck to the Rio-bound
Indian contingent and exuded confidence
that they will not only clinch medals but
also win hearts with their conduct during the Olympic Games starting on
August 5.
Modi on Sunday flagged off 'Run for
Rio' event at the Major Dhyan Chand
National Stadium to cheer for the largest
ever Indian contingent who will be participating at the multi-sport event in Rio.
"Wherever our athletes go, India is
visible not only on the ground but in their
conduct as well. I am confident that these
players will win hearts with their behaviour during the Games. They will introduce the great Indian heritage to the
world," he said. "I want to convey this to
the members of Indian contingent that
there will be many athletes from all over
the world but there are 125 crore Indians
standing behind you. When we will hoist
ercedes driver Lewis Hamilton surged
into the lead at the start of the
German Grand Prix on Sunday and held
on to win the last race before the summer
break and increase his championship lead.
Hamilton, second on the grid, was
faster off the mark than teammate and title
rival Nico Rosberg, who started from pole
but dropped to fourth before the first corner. Hamilton, a three-time Formula One
champion who has won the title the last
two seasons, now takes a 19-point lead
over Rosberg into the four-week break.
Hamilton has won six of the past seven
races and now has 49 career victories.
Daniel Ricciardo was second, ahead of
Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen, the
the tri-colour here on the occasion of 70th first time these two Red Bull drivers shared
Independence Day, I am sure that our the podium. Red Bull pushed past Ferrari
national flag will also be hoisted in Rio into second place in the constructors'
during this period," said Modi.
He also urged the youth to work hard
Rosberg also picked up a five-second
for 2020 Olympics and said the focus penalty for pushing Verstappen off the
should be on sending more than 200- course and had to settle for fourth, after
member contingent to Tokyo.
winning the Hockenheim race two years
Modi also wished luck to the hosts ago from pole.
Rio de Jeneiro for a successful Games.
Sebastian Vettel finished fifth Sunday,
5A><;45C) ATS1d[[´b3P]XT[AXRRXPaS^<TaRTSTbSaXeTa;TfXb7P\X[c^]P]SATS1d[[´b<PgETabcP__T]
ahead of Ferrari teammate Kimi
The next race is the Belgian Grand
Prix on Aug. 28.
Hamilton got off to a super start, moving past Rosberg, who also saw the two
Red Bulls leave him behind. Verstappen
overtook Ricciardo from the outside as
they raced into the first corner but
Ricciardo later regained the second place
to finish 6.9 seconds behind Hamilton.
Sahara Force India drivers returned
with double points with Nico Hulkenberg
and Sergio Perez finishing seventh and 10th
respectively at the German Grand Prix.
Germany's Hulkenberg began the race
at eighth and overtook Williams driver
Valtteri Bottas towards the end to finish at
seventh and grab six points for Force India
at his home turf. His team-mate Perez
ended the race at 10th and took one point.
CZ`@]j^aZTdRZ]Z_XgV_fV K=2E2?E:>6368:?D2EFE5
0?Q 6>C74=1DA6
ations. The panel will have to make its ruling before the opening ceremony, just six days
away. "We're working on a very, very tight
timeline," Adams said. "It has to be finished
by Friday at the very latest."
The panel will consist of three executive
board members: Turkey's Ugur Erdener,
chairman of the IOC medical commission;
Germany's Claudia Bokel, head of the athletes' commission; and Spain's Juan Antonio
Samaranch Jr., a vice president of the modern pentathlon federation.
Adams said the panel will review every
athlete cleared by the federations, but would
not reopen the cases of those who have been
barred. An arbitrator from the Court of
Arbitration for Sport will make an initial ruling before the final decision goes to the IOC
panel. "This review board panel will look at
every single decision, every single athlete, to
make sure the IOC is happy with the decision that's been taken," Adams said.
Saturday's meeting came less than a week
after the IOC board decided not to ban
Russia's entire team from the games because
of state-sponsored doping. Rejecting calls by
more than a dozen anti-doping agencies for
a complete ban on Russia, the IOC left it to
the federations to vet which athletes could
compete or not.
80=BQ A8>3490=48A>
latan Ibrahimovic needed only 195 seconds on
Saturday to score in his first
winds and high seas
lashed structures at Rio
Olympic Games venues
as fresh doubts were raised
about the quality of local construction work.
The most serious incident
occurred on Saturday at the
Marina da Gloria, the starting
point for sailing events, where
waves partially destroyed the
main ramp for sailors to access
the water, reports Xinhua.
Organisers said the company responsible for building
the ramp was inspecting the
damage, but gave no estimate
on when it would be repaired.
Wild weather also hit
Copacabana beach, where the
tide reached TV studios built
on the sand.
Workers immediately
erected a wrought-iron levee to
stop waves from battering the
structure. Sand barriers were
also built to protect the beach
volleyball arena.
Rio's construction standards were questioned in April
when a new elevated bike track
collapsed into the sea, killing
two people.
Authorities in Rio de
Janeiro have stepped up security for Friday's Olympic
Games opening ceremony to
combat the threat of terrorism.
Some 38 streets around
Maracana stadium will be
closed for up to 20 hours
before the ceremony starts
while additional police officers
and soldiers will be deployed,
according to Rio's city govern-
The new plan follows a
recommendation by local security chiefs to "further restrict
the movement of people and
close loopholes for possible terrorist attacks", the Globo newspaper reported. "The planning
was altered and it will be
changed again, if necessary,"
city government spokesman
Leonardo Maciel said.
An opening ceremony
simulation drill will be conducted by security personnel at
the Maracana on Sunday, he
added, reports Xinhua.
game for Manchester
Swedish for ward met
Antonio Valencia's cross
with an acrobatic scissor
kick to score in the fourth
minute against Turkish side
Galatasaray — in front of a
Ibrahimovic, who was
substituted at halftime of
the pre-season friendly,
joined the 20-time English
champions at the start of
July on a one-year deal
with an option for an additional year.
Wayne Rooney got two
goals for United — one
from the penalty spot -—
and Marouane Fellaini and
Juan Mata also scored in
United's 5-2 victory.
B0=C0 2;0A0) Some 5,000
miles from home, the
sounds of "You'll Never
Walk Alone," Liverpool
FC's unofficial anthem, billowed from Levi's Stadium
during warm-ups.
Fan support for one of
the world's most popular
sports teams was apparent
throughout the night while
Divock Origi and Roberto
Firmino scored and
Liverpool beat AC Milan 20 in an International
Champions Cup exhibition
game Saturday night at
Levi's Stadium.
"It's all over the world
and that shows what a big
club it is," Liverpool midfielder James Milner said.
"It's great to come out
all the way to the other side
of America and be so far
away from home, it shows
that these guys are always
supporting us."
Origi opened the scoring in the 59th minute off
an assist from Alberto
Firmino scored 14 minutes later on a sliding kick
off a deflected pass from
Sheyl Ojo.
Origi's goal followed a
first half in which Liverpool
put heavy pressure on AC
Milan. The Reds outshot
AC Milan 5-2, had five
corner kicks to their opponent's one and had the only
two blocks in the half.
"I'm pleased with our
performance," Liverpool
coach Jürgen Klopp said,
"especially in the first half.
"We passed and we passed
and we passed until we
were through. We created
chances and we didn't score,
of course we need to finish."
6>80=80)Striker Gabriel and
defender Marquinhos
scored a goal each as Brazil
defeated Japan 2-0 on
Saturday in its final
warmup match ahead of the
Rio Games.
Brazil makes its
Thursday against South
Africa in Brasilia. Iraq and
Denmark are the other two
teams in Group A.
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