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An Intelligent Battery System Designed
for Modern Acquisition Demands
PAGlink in action (photo courtesy of Damian Wilson, UKIP).
PAG has developed a new system of high-power linking
batteries, designed to power all types of digital video camera
used for broadcast news acquisition, video production and
digital cinematography.
PAGlink is the first battery system that allows you to link as many
as eight Lithium-Ion batteries, in parallel, for charge or discharge.
Linking batteries and combining their capacities greatly extends
the run-time for power-hungry modern professional cameras, and
allows currents of up to 12A to be drawn for simultaneously
powering the camera and its accessories.
More Power Required
Developments in camera technology have seen an increase in the
power demands being made on Li-Ion batteries. In addition, there
is a greater number of camera accessories to be powered
simultaneously. The cameras alone are likely to have a power
consumption of 40W to 50W, and the accessories can increase
the total power consumption to around 100W.
Many companies, including PAG, have introduced larger Li-Ion
batteries that have capacities greater than 160 watt-hours.
These batteries have been banned by air transport authorities from
passenger aircraft, because they are considered potentially
Lithium Manganese batteries that allow higher currents to be
drawn are offered by some companies as a solution, but this
technology is significantly more expensive.
Link-Up and Power-Up
If the power demand is great it is safer to spread it across more
than one Li-Ion battery by linking them in parallel. It is more
economic, more convenient and more flexible to link the batteries
directly without the need for an additional mounting plate. For air
transportation it is preferable if the batteries being linked have
capacities that do not exceed 100 watt-hours. These are classified
as ‘flight friendly’ by the air transport authorities, and can be
transported inside the aircraft cabin, without quantity restriction.
PAGlink Innovation
PAG’s innovation is the introduction of a linking battery system that
allows multiple battery units to be linked, and one that is capable of
providing a higher current. The PAGlink system offers unique
features, such as linked charging, built-in run-time indication,
multi-viewfinder data system compatibility, and external software
The First Truly Digital Battery System
PAGlink batteries create a high-speed serial network, allowing
them to communicate with each other and manage output. The
system elects the battery nearest to the camera (or load) to be the
‘master’ and ensures that this battery is always active (but not
necessarily delivering current). The system makes the most
efficient use of the energy available, and prevents a transfer of
charge between batteries. As discharge progresses, the system
electronically adds or subtracts batteries from the power rail to
deliver the current required. The status of individual batteries and
total run-time can be viewed via the battery displays. As long as
the ‘master’ remains connected, batteries may be added to or
removed from the stack (hot-swapped) in order to achieve
continuous running. The system ensures that the maximum linked
output is managed to a safe level. This is not the only aspect of the
PAGlink system that is unique.
Made for High Loads
The PAGlink connector system incorporates high-current pin
contacts, rather than the blade contacts used by other
manufacturers. The pin contacts contribute to the higher current
capability of the batteries. Up to 12A can be drawn from PAGlink
batteries when linked, or 8A individually. Other manufacturers’
systems have a current-draw capability of only 10A maximum,
when linked.
Smaller and Lighter Batteries
PAGlink batteries are smaller and lighter for their capacity than
those of other manufacturers. Individually, PAGlink batteries offer
approximately 96 watt-hours capacity (14.8V 6.5Ah). They mount
to the camera via the Sony V-Mount connector. Three linked
PAGlink batteries, weighing less than 2.2kg, create a single power
source of 288 watt-hours (more than four and a half hours run-time
for a camera that consumes 60W).
Power More Camera Accessories
PAGlink is the first battery system where power is also available
from the battery linking contacts. The power can be accessed by
attaching the PAGlink PowerHub which is used to power audio,
lighting, monitoring and transmission accessories. The PowerHub
can be used sandwiched between two PAGlink batteries, to
maintain the system’s hot-swap feature, or connected to the rear
PAGlink battery on the camera, to allow an accessory bracket to
be mounted to its face. The PowerHub provides four 12V DC
outputs via D-Tap connectors (other connector types, such as
PP90 and Hirose, will be available). The interchangeable plug-in
connectors allow you to reposition the output to the left or right side
of the camera. A USB output module (1 amp) is also included for
charging your smartphone or powering suitable accessories.
Run-Time for All Batteries
Uniquely, all PAGlink batteries feature built-in run-time indication,
expressed in hours and minutes, relative to the power
consumption of the camera set-up. The run-time prediction is
recalculated if the power consumption is increased or decreased.
When the batteries are linked, the individual displays provide total
run-time data for the combined batteries, and capacity data for the
individual packs. All PAGlink batteries maintain an accurate stateof-charge display by tracking their performance, and adjusting
calibration values to compensate for the ageing of the cells.
PAGlink Battery Reader
A PAGlink Battery Reader is available that will read data stored in
the battery’s microprocessor.
The Reader is slid onto the battery contacts and will automatically
display the battery state of charge as a percentage. Pressing the
up and down buttons will reveal the next or the previous category.
The categories are as follows:
1. State of charge as a percentage
2. Available capacity in ampere-hours
3. Cell temperature in degrees Celsius
4. Number of charge/discharge cycles
5. Voltage
6. Full capacity in ampere-hours
7. Date of birth (manufacture)
8. Software version
This information is extremely useful for tracking battery usage and
performance. ‘Software version’ will help tell you if the battery is
running the latest program.
Programmable in the Field
PAGlink batteries and chargers are externally programmable and
can be easily updated in the field, by the user, via a software
update tool, available from PAG or your PAG dealer. This feature
ensures that your batteries are future proof.
In-Viewfinder Battery Status
PAGlink batteries will display their charge status as a percentage
of available capacity in the viewfinders of cameras designed to
accept this data. Different data standards are used by camera and
battery manufacturers; PAGlink batteries automatically adjust the
data output standard to support the following: SMB (Sony), I2C
(IDX) and analogue 0V to 5V (Anton/Bauer). They can also be
programmed by the user to provide capacity data in the viewfinders
of RED cameras. When the batteries are linked, the data displayed
in the viewfinder is for the combined capacity available.
Linked Battery Charging - An Industry First
PAGlink PL16 Charger
The PAGlink system allows up to eight batteries to be charged
whilst linked, which is an industry first. PAG has introduced a
compact, two-position charger that will simultaneously charge up to
16 PAGlink batteries (8 on each position), efficiently and
automatically, from any state of charge. Eight fully-discharged
PAGlink batteries will be fully charged in 10 hours. Priority is given
to batteries that are more discharged. Fully charged batteries turn
off automatically and independently. The charge status of each
battery is shown on its own display, so that you can see at a glance
which batteries are ready for use.
PAGlink Micro charger
Additionally, PAG has introduced an ultra-compact charger which
will fit in any kit bag, and suit any budget. The PAGlink Micro
Charger will charge two linked batteries in approximately 8 hours,
or one battery, to 80% charged, in approximately 3 hours.
The previous generation of PAG chargers can be used without
modification, to charge PAGlink batteries whilst linked.
Alternatively, the V-Mount Li-Ion chargers of other reputable
manufacturers are also suitable. In order to charge whilst linked,
non-PAGlink chargers require that batteries are within 40% stateof-charge of each other.
Improved Low Temperature Performance
Batteries, and cameras for that matter, do not perform well at subzero temperatures. It is important that they are not left in extremely
cold environments overnight or exposed to them during use.
PAGlink batteries have an enhanced low temperature performance
that means they will still operate at -20°C, however, the optimum
battery discharge temperature is +10°C to +45°C.
Replaceable Linking Mechanism
A unique feature of PAGlink batteries is the design of the battery
linking mechanism. If linked batteries suffer an excessive
mechanical blow the linking mechanism will allow them to separate
safely, protecting the battery packs from irreparable damage.
The battery linking mechanism can be replaced, without opening
the sealed battery case. It is a mandatory requirement for Li-Ion
batteries to be sealed in order to preserve the original build
standard of the UN certified device, and for this reason Li-Ion
batteries should never be tampered with, let alone recelled.
Although PAGlink batteries are designed to survive the rigours of
everyday use in a professional environment, it is common sense to
handle batteries with care and to avoid subjecting them to severe
The 96 watt-hour PAGlink battery packs have been independently
tested in accordance with UN transport safety regulations, and are
IATA compliant for shipping on passenger aircraft in hand luggage,
without quantity restriction.
The Industry’s Best Value Battery System
PAGlink is a high-quality battery system that is competitively
priced. PAG’s total battery design philosophy ensures that you
achieve the longest possible working life from your PAGlink
batteries. Some customers have reported good capacity from their
PAG Li-Ion batteries even after 7 years use. This is well in excess
of the industry average life. PAG guarantees its Li-Ion batteries for
2 years, with no restrictions on the conditions of use. When the
already attractive price is divided by the number of years service
provided, we believe that PAG batteries offer the best value for
money in the industry.
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