Model : NS-2104A User Manual
This wattmeter offer many innovative features typically not found at this price level
• DC Grounded Antenna connector prevents electrostatic buildup.
• True Directional Coupler for increased accuracy over frequency.
• Low Bias Schottky Diode Detectors for increased linearity.
• Precision, 2.5” (64mm) Cross Needle Meter simultaneously display.
• Individual Meter Scales for each power range increase reading accuracy.
• Triple LED Backlighting provides smooth, even illumination.
• Three Color Scale for improved readability.
• LED Range Indicator.
• High performance Active Peak Detectors* accurately captures a single “dit”.
• Single knob Variable Peak Hold Time* for both Forward and Reflected axis.
• Mounting Bracket and DC Power Cable Included.
Frequency Range
Power Range/Scale
Max. Power
Duty Cycle:
Insertion SWR:
Input Power:
Power Connector :
1.5-60 MHz (HF/6m cal)
1.5-30 MHz (HF cal)
100% Continuous Duty at 1500W at 1:1 SWR
Derate above 25° C ambient temperature.
Less than 1.2 : 1
± 5% of Full Scale or better (HF cal).
± 10% of Full Scale or better (HF/6m cal)
9-14 VDC 200 mA maximum
"M" type
100 H x 210 W x 110 D (mm)
2.2 lbs (1 Kg)
2. Front Panel:
1.Meter Display: Indicates FWD/REV power in watts and VSWR ratio.
2.Function "AVG"/"PEP" switch: Select average power (AVG) or SSB PEP.
3.Range Switch: Select the proper meter multiplier ( x1,x10,x100 )
4.Power Switch: This switch supplies DC power from the back panel
power connector to the meter backlight and active PEP measurement.
5.Peak Hold Knob: Controls the amount of time the maximum
detected displayed on meter movements.
3. Rear Panel:
6.TX connector: Coax connector to transmitter 50 ohm RF output.
7.ANT connector: coax connector to 50 ohm antenna system.
8.DC connector: via power supply for meter LED illumination.
Note: DC power is only required to run the " backlight" and "active circuitry".
The meter will function without DC power in the AVG mode,
even when switched off.
SWR Meter
DC power supply
1. Set the RANGE switch to the proper meter multiplier X1, X10, X100
for the expected power level of the intended measurement.
It corresponds to 20/200/2K Watts forward
and 5/50/500 watts reflected full scale.
2. Set the radio transceiver to transmit mode and read the scale
corresponding to the RANGE selected
3. When switch to "AVG", the meter reads average RF power.
switch to "PEP", the meter reads Peak Envelope Power
for use with SSB and AM transmissions.
In this mode, there will be a slow rise and decay time.
4.The beauty of cross needle meter is Forward,Reversed,
and VSWR ratio can be read simultaneously.
1.Since the meter movement is very sensitive, avoid excessive vibration or
mechanical shock to the meter.
2. Watch the absolute maximum power could be applied to the meter by
different models you bought.
3.The meter must never be reverse connected. Always observe the correct
connections to transmitter and antenna as indicated on the rear sockets.
4.Do not expose the meter to excessive temperatures, high humidity, or
strong magnetic fields.
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