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Tanto Cuore - Japanime Games
■ 1. Game Overview
Tanto Cuore: Expanding the House is a sequel to Tanto Cuore for 2-4
players, which can be played separately or with the Tanto Cuore base set.
In Tanto Cuore: Expanding the House, players take the roles of “Masters
of the House," employ lots of cute maids, and are served by them while slowly
filling out their house.
When the game ends, the player who has the most Victory Points from
maids and buildings (new to this set) in his house is the “Perfect Master” and
winner of the game!
* Note: Tanto Cuore means "Much heart" in Italian.
■ 2. Game Components
This game consists of this rule book and 279 cards.
● 199 Maid Cards
・32 Maid Chiefs (green frame) of 2 types
・158 General Maids (blue frame) of 16 types
・9 Private Maids (black frame)
● 24 Building Cards (orange frame)
● 56 Love Cards (pink frame)
Symbols & Keywords
In this manual, we will use keywords that can also be represented by symbols.
Below are the symbols with their corresponding keywords.
=【Draw +1】
=【Serving +1】
=【Love +1】
=【Employment +1】
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■ 3. Setup and Terminology
Players are seated around the table. At the center of the table is the "Town,"
where all the available cards are placed. Each player should have enough space
in front of them to play their cards. This area is known as the player's "House."
Each player's house consists of the player's personal draw deck, discard pile,
play area, and Private Quarters (an area for cards that you own but which
are set aside).
• First, sort out the Maid Chiefs "Claudine" and "Aline" and place them in
one stack each in the middle of the table ("The Town").
• Second, sort out the building cards "Garden," "Estate," and "Lily
Garden," and place them in one stack each in the town.
• Third, sort out the three Love cards "1 Love," "2 Love," and "3 Love,"
and place them in one stack each in the town.
• Fourth, take all 9 Private Maids, shuffle them, and place them in one pile
face down in the town. Draw the top 2 cards from that pile and put them face
up beside the pile.
• Fifth, select 10 of the 16 General Maids, randomly or by choice, and place
them each in the town, preferably sorted by cost (the number in the top right
on each card). Any combination of General Maids is okay. Unused General
Maids go back in the box and are not used in the game.
• Finally, each player now takes 7 "1 Love" cards, and 3 "Aline" cards, and
shuffles them thoroughly. This is their deck. They then draw the top 5 cards
and keep them in their hand.
Recommended Selection for the First Game
Tiffany Wise
Carillon Vandoor
Amaretto Renard
Emily Raymond
Rutile der Sar
Phyllis Lumley
Lilac Hawkwind
Felicity Horn
Suzuna Kamikawa
Ririko Hiiragi
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Set-up Example
Player 1’s House
The Town
Player 4’s House
1 Love
2 Love
3 Love
Players’ Decks
Player 2’s House
(Face down)
Players’ Decks
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Player 3’s House
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■ 4. The Flow of the Game
Decide on the starting player in any suitable fashion. Each turn consists of
the following four phases (described in detail later in the rules):
1) Starting Phase
2) Serving Phase
3) Employ Phase
4) Dismiss Phase
When a player has finished all four phases, the next player clockwise from
them takes a turn. This continues until the game ends, at which point Victory
Points are calculated and the winner is decided.
■ 5. The Cards
There are three types of cards in this game: Maid Cards, Love
Cards, and Building Cards.
● Maid Cards
There are three types of Maids: Maid Chiefs, General Maids, and Private
Maid Chiefs (green frame) mainly serve to generate Victory Points, and
have little effect during the game.
General Maids (blue frame) are the cards that form the core game. You
play these during your Serving Phase.
Private Maids (black frame) are a bit special; they never enter the discard
pile or deck. Instead, they are always chambermaids, i.e. sitting beside your
play area. They are described later in the rules.
Playing a maid card from your hand (being served by a maid) costs one
"Serving." Each player has one serving per turn, so the player can only be
served by one maid per turn. Certain maids generate more "Servings," and
will thus allow the player to be able to be served by more maids.
① Maid's Title
② Card Name
③ Employ Cost
The amount of Love required to employ this maid from the town.
④ Victory Points
The number of Victory Points this maid is worth.
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⑤ Symbol: Draw
The number of extra cards the player will draw when being served by this
⑥ Symbol: Love
The amount of extra Love this maid generates when played. This Love is
used along with Love cards to Employ more maids.
⑦ Symbol: Serving
The number of extra Servings this maid generates. More Servings lets
you play more maids.
⑧ Symbol: Employment
The number of extra Employments this maid generates. Extra
Employments let you Employ multiple maids during your turn.
⑨ Maid Category
⑩ Maid Ability
A text describing the effect the maid has.
⑪ Flavor Text
Card Name
⑪ Flavor Text
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● Love Cards
Love cards generate Love points that are used to employ new staff (buy
new cards). They are mostly played during the Employ Phase, but can generally
be played at any time.
During a turn, the player may play as many Love cards as he wishes to add
to his available Love (he may have gained some Love from the maids he played
during the Serving Phase). No Servings are needed to play Love cards.
A ”1 Love” card will give 1 Love, a ”2 Love” card will give 2 Love, and a ”3
Love” card will give 3 Love.
Love is not kept between turns. Any unused Love is lost when the player’s
turn ends.
① Card Name
② Employ Cost
The amount of Love required to employ this card from the town.
Employ cost
Card name
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● Building Cards
Building cards never enter your deck. When employed, they are
immediately put in your Private Quarters. They generate a good amount
of Victory Points (VP) and some beneficial effects, but have certain
requirements that you must fulfill before they can be employed.
① Card Name
② Employ Cost
The amount of Love required to employ this building.
③ Victory Points (VP)
④ Building Effect
Any requirement for employing the building and/or the effect it will have
when owned.
Employ Cost
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Card Name
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■ 6. Phase Details
● 6 -1: Starting Phase
During this phase, effects from certain Private Maids and Event Cards take
place. Each Private Maid has the timing of her effect noted on the card, and
their effect can only take place once per turn. If you are going to use the set
with the previous Tanto Cuore set, also see Illness rules.
● 6 -2: Serving Phase
It’s during this phase that the player plays (is served by) General Maids (and
sometimes even Maid Chiefs) to gain their effects.
Being served by a maid costs (unless anything else is stated) one Serving,
and each player gets only one Serving at the start of his Serving Phase. This
means that each player can only be served by one maid per turn, unless he is
served by a maid that generates more Servings. Please note that only playing
maid cards from your hand costs a Serving.
When a player is served by a maid, he first receives the bonuses described
by the symbols on the card: Draw, Serving, Love, and Employments. Of
these, Draw is used immediately; the player must draw the specific number of
cards before taking any other actions, including resolving the text on the card
played. If there are any maids among the cards the player draws, they may be
used during the same Serving Phase (provided the player has Servings left).
Servings, Love and Employments, though, remain for the rest of your
turn. Servings must be used during the Serving Phase, and Employments
and Love are used during the Employ Phase, but they do not need to be used
immediately. However, no Servings, Love or Employments carry over
into the next turn; they are all lost in the players’ Discard Phase.
Any text on the maid card is resolved after the player has received the
symbol bonuses. Certain maids may, instead of serving the player, become
chambermaids. To chambermaid a maid means to set her aside from the
playing area, in the player’s Private Quarters (the area beside the play area,
reserved for set-aside cards). Chambermaids will not be discarded during
the Discard phase, but the player retains ownership. For details, see ”7.
The Serving Phase ends when you have run out of cards in your hand to play,
or you choose to end it. Any effects that must take place during the Serving
Phase can still be applied even if the player has no Servings left. As stated
earlier, no Servings are carried over to the next turn.
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● 6 -3:Employ Phase
After the player has been served by his maid(s), he may employ staff from
the town, which means to buy a card from the town. A player can only
employ 1 staff member per turn, unless maid effects have given him more
To employ a card, the player must have the necessary amount of Love to
give to the new staff member. During the Employ Phase, the player may play
any amount of Love cards from his hand to add to any Love he may have
gained from being served by maids during the Serving Phase. It does not cost
Servings to play Love cards.
Employing one staff member also costs 1 Employment. Each player gets
only 1 Employment at the start of each of his Employ Phases, which means
he may employ only 1 staff member per turn. However, if the player has gained
more Employments from maid effects, he may employ as many staff as his
number of available Employments and Love allow.
If a player wants a Private Maid, he can only employ one of the two face-up
Private Maids. As soon as anyone employs a Private Maid, draw the next card
from the Private Maid stack to replace her.
Newly employed General Maids and Love cards go to your discard pile, not
your hand. Private Maids go to your Private Quarters.
The Employ Phase ends when the player runs out of Employments or
Love, or when they decide to end it.
● 6 -4: Discard Phase
This is the final part of a player's turn. All staff that served the player, and all
cards still in their hand are discarded (i.e., all played cards and cards left in their
hand are put in the player’s discard pile). However, staff in the player’s Private
Quarters (Private Maids, Chambermaids, Building cards etc.) stay where they
are; they are not dismissed.
Next, the player draws 5 new cards from their deck. If the deck runs out
of cards, the player draws as many as they can, then shuffles all of the cards
in their discard pile together and draw the rest of the missing cards until they
have a hand of 5.
Any excess Love, Servings, or Employments are lost at this point. They do
not carry over to the next turn.
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Reshuffling the Deck:
You don’t reshuffle your discard pile until you
must draw a card and your deck is empty.
If you have zero cards left in your deck, do not
shuffle your discard pile until you are required to
draw a card.
■ 7. Details: Chambermaids
● 7 -1: Chambermaids
Certain maids have the title Chambermaid or Chambermaid Chief. These
may become Chambermaids, which means they can be set to the side of the
playing area, in the player’s Private Quarters, instead of serving the player.
None of their bonuses or effects will happen, and they will not be discarded
in the Discard Phase. They will stay in the player’s Private Quarters until the
end of the game or some effect removes them. The player retains ownership,
and any Victory Points (VP) are still valid.
● 7 - 2:How to Chambermaid
To Chambermaid a maid usually costs 1 Serving, but chambermaiding a
Maid Chief can cost 2 Servings; it’s noted on the card.
● 7 -3:Chambermaid Bonus
Some Chambermaids have a Chambermaid Bonus. The Chambermaid
bonus is not applicable unless the maid is a chambermaid, and can thus not be
activated if you are served by her normally or, in the case of end-game Victory
Point bonuses, she is in your deck, discard pile, or hand when the game ends.
● 7 -4:Black Maid - Domino Bonaparte
Please note that the Black Maid Domino Bonaparte, as an exception,
is chambermaided after her normal serving (provided the player has any
Servings left with which to chambermaid her), not instead of serving.
Also, she doesn’t become your chambermaid, but rather becomes the
chambermaid of another player of your choice.
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■ 8.Details: Private Maids and Building Cards
● 8 -1:Employing Private Maids and Buying Buildings
Private Maids and Building cards are not placed in the discard pile when
A player may only employ (or gain from a card effect) one of the two faceup Private Maids. When one of these is employed, draw the next Private Maid
from the stack in town (if possible).
Private Maids can be seen as instant chambermaids. Once employed, a
Private Maid goes straight to your Private Quarters and will generate her
effect once (and only once) each turn.
Buildings are, strictly speaking, Victory Point cards that do not enter
your deck. Instead, when bought they go in your Private Quarters, and will
remain there for the rest of the game unless some card effect removes them.
Buildings can generate some beneficial effects, but the player must meet
certain requirements in order to be able to buy them.
● 8 -2:Special Effects of Private Maids
Gaining the effect of a Private Maid does not cost any Servings. Each
Private Maid effect has its own timing; please refer to the card text. Also,
please note that the symbol bonuses on Private Maids sometimes are
conditional; again, refer to the card text.
A player may employ any number of Private Maids, but each player can only
have one active Private Maid at any given time. If a player with a Private Maid
gains a new Private Maid, the new maid is placed on top of his former one,
who loses all of her effects, except her VP and other end game bonuses. The
player may not change the order of his personal stack of Private Maids.
● 8 -3:Private Maid - Mika Yakushido
If you employ Mika Yakushido or gain her through a card effect, you may
place her in any player’s Private Quarters, on top of his Private Maid if he had
a previous one. A player who has Mika in his Private Quarters must discard
a 1 Love card from his hand at the beginning of each of his turns.
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■ 9.Example of Play
Raoul, Baron and Claris are playing the game. It’s Raoul’s turn.
Raoul has Emily, Suzuna, two 1 Love cards, and Carillon in his hand.
Raoul has no Private Maids or Chambermaids, so nothing happens during the
Starting Phase.
Now it's his Serving Phase. Raoul gets one Serving, and uses it to be served
by Emily. Her bonus is【Serving +2】and【Employment +1】.
Raoul now has 2 Servings. Raoul uses 1 Serving to chambermaid Suzuna.
He places her in his Private Quarters, beside his playing area.
He still has 1 Serving left. He decides to use that to play Carillon from his
hand. He receives【Draw +3】from her effect.
Raoul immidiately uses the【Draw +3】to draw three cards. He draws Lilac,
1 Love, and 2 Love.
He has now run out of Servings, so he continues to his Employ Phase.
He receives one Employment. Raoul has two ”1 Love” cards and two "2
Love" cards in his hand, and he plays all of them. He also received 1 additional
Employment from his maids during the Serving Phase. At this point, he has 6
Love and 2 Employments to work with.
He decides to get a Garden, the cost of which is reduced by 1 because of
Emily's effect. He spends 1 Employment and 3 Love for that, and puts the
card in his Private Quarters.
He still has 1 Employment and 3 Love, so he employs a Felicity, and sends
her to his discard pile.
He has run out of his Employments, so the Employ Phase ends.
Time for the Discard Phase. Raoul discards Emily, Carillon, two "1 Love"
cards, and two "2 Love" cards that he played. He also discards the Lilac that is
still in his hand.
They all go to the discard pile, but not the chambermaided Suzuna or
Garden that are in his Private Quarters.
Finally, he draws 5 new cards from his deck.
Raoul's turn is finished, and it's Baron's turn.
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■ 10. Game End and Victory
● 10 - 1: End of the Game
When two maid piles in the town have run out, the game ends when the
current player finishes their turn.
Please note that Buildings and Love cards are not maid cards. Also, the
Private Maid stack is regarded as depleted when the Private Maid draw pile is
empty, even if there are still face-up cards.
● 10 - 2: Victory Points (VP)
Each player counts up the number of Victory Points on all his cards. Victory
Points are marked in the top right of each card. Some cards have a question
mark (?) there; their Victory Points only count if the requirement is met. Also,
even cards that have a fixed VP number may have bonuses or penalties; don’t
forget to check for end game bonuses.
• All staff still in a player's hand and discard pile are combined with the
player's deck to match up (put all cards in hand and in the discard pile into the
• Count all Victory Points from the maids in your Private Quarters,
remembering any Chambermaid end game bonuses.
• Add to that all Victory Points from the maids in your deck. Don’t forget
any final bonuses that apply to both your Private Quarters and your deck, like
Aurélie's bonus that gives 4 VP if you have both Courtney and Aurélie.
The player with the most Victory Points is the winner. In the case of a tie,
the tied player with the most non-VP generating maids win. If it’s still a tie,
then it’s a tie.
The winner is crowned the "King of Maids"!
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■ 11.Optional Rules
Here are some optional rules we suggest.
●11 -1: Two-Player Games
For a speedier game when playing with 2 players, remove 3 cards from each
stack of General Maids, Maid Chiefs, and Buildings.
●11 - 2: Combining Expansion with the Base Set:
• Use both of the Event card stacks from the base set and the three Building
card stacks from the Expansion.
• Use either the set of 2 Maid Chiefs from the base set (Colette and
Marianne) or the two from the Expansion (Aline and Claudine).
• Use either set of Love cards (unless you’re playing with 5 or more players).
• Use both sets of Private Maids, shuffled into one pile of 19 cards.
• Select 10 General Maids, randomly or by choice, in any combination, from
one or both sets.
• The game end condition doesn’t change.
When playing with 5 or more players, you need to use two sets of
Love cards, either from two copies of this expansion, or one set from this
expansion and one set from the Tanto Cuore base set. Also, the game end
condition changes to when three (not two) maid piles are exhausted.
●11 -3: Optional Playing Rule
How much staff is left in each draw pile, how many maids are left in each
pile in town, as well as any face-up cards in a player's Private Quarters
(Chambermaids, Private Maids, etc.) are always open information to all. A
player's discard pile is not however; only the top card should be visible.
●11 -4: FAQ
FAQs and others can be found at the Tanto Cuore website:
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■ 12.Card Details
● 12 -1:Maid Chiefs
Claudine de La Rochelle (Qty: 8)
Details: The representative maid for this expansion
set. At then end of the game, each Claudine a player has
is worth 5 VP.
Aline Du Roy (Qty: 24)
Chambermaid ⇒【Serving -2】
Details: Making Aline into a Chambermaid costs
2 Servings. Aline is always worth 1 VP, regardless of
whether or not she is a Chambermaid.
● 12 -2:General Maids
Tiffany Wise (Qty: 8)
VP:2 【Love +3】
You may exchange the top of your Private Maids
for one of the Private Maids available in the
Town. The Private Maid you get rid of is put face
down on the bottom of the Private Maid pile.
Details: You may choose either of the 2 face-up Private
Maids in the town.
Carillon Vandoor (Qty: 10)
【Draw +3】
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Francine Barbier (Qty: 10)
【Serving +2】
You may return two “2 Love” cards from your
hand to town to get one Maid Chief of your
choice from the town.
Details: You may only apply this effect once per
Francine played. You may not take two Maid Chiefs for
four "2 Love" cards.
Renée R Rieussec (Qty: 10)
【Draw +2】
【Serving +1】
If you have 6 or more cards in your hand, you
must return a card from your hand to the top of
your deck.
Details: The active player first draws 2 cards. If he at
that point has 6 cards or more in hand, he must then put
one card back on the top of his deck.
Domino Bonaparte (Qty: 10)
【Draw +2】
【Employment +1】
After her serving, you may【Serving -1】to send
h e r t o a ny p l aye r 's Pr i v a t e Q u a r t e r s a s
- During your Employ Phase-
Return this card to town ⇒【Serving -2】
- Chambermaid Bonus-
Details: The active player first plays Domino as usual. After having played her,
the player can spend 1 additional Serving to chambermaid Domino in another
player’s Private Quarters. A player who has Domino in his house can spend 2
Servings during his Serving phase to return Domino to the town. At the end
of the game, each Domino that a player has as a chambermaid is worth –2 VP.
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Amaretto Renard (Qty: 10)
During this turn, you treat the "2 Love" cards as
cost 2 and the "3 Love" cards as cost 4.
Details: Amaretto’s effect is applied to all cards in the
game: those in your hand, in town, your deck, discard
pile, etc. If you play Lilac after having played Amaretto,
you may choose a ”3 Love” card.
Victoria Calderan (Qty: 10)
【Love +2】
Discard t he top card of your deck and an
opponent's deck. If your discarded card was of an
employ cost of 2 or more than that opponent's,
you may return one of their buildings to town.
Details: You must decide which player should discard his
top card before you apply Victoria’s effect.
Emily Raymond (Qty: 10)
【Serving +2】
【Employment +1】
During this turn, your cost for each building is
reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 1)
Details: If you play several Emilys, the cost is reduced
by 1 for each Emily you play. However, the cost for any
building cannot go below 1. Emily’s cost lowering effect is
applied after Ririko’s.
Rutile der Sar (Qty: 10)
Discard the top card of any player's deck. Gain
the following bonus based on the card type.
Love ⇒【Love +2】
General Maid ⇒【Serving +2】
Maid Chief ⇒【Draw +2】
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Phyllis Lumley (Qty: 10)
【Love +2】
You may discard the top card of your deck. If it
was a card with an employ cost 5 or more, you
gain an additional【Love +1】.
Details: If the discarded card had a cost of 5 or more,
the active player gains an extra +1 Love, totalling +3
Love from Phyllis.
Lilac Hawkwind (Qty: 10)
All players must discard the top card of their
deck. After that, put a love or maid card from
town costing 4 or less on the top of your deck.
Details: If you played Amaretto this turn, you may
choose a ”3 Love” card.
Felicity Horn (Qty: 10)
【Love +1】
You may chambermaid a "Chambermaid Chief"
from your hand for free.
Chambermaid ⇒【Serving - 1】
- Chambermaid Bonus-
4 Felicity=12VP / 3 Felicity=8VP / 2 Felicity=4VP
Details: The active player can choose to play Felicity
as normal or to make her a chambermaid. If he chooses to play her, he gains
+1 Love and may then chambermaid one Chambermaid Chief from his hand
without paying the 2 servings it costs. At the end of the game, players who have
2 or more Felicities as chambermaids, receive the VP bonus.
tc2r_englishManual UPDATED 2015.indd 18
5/2/16 1:20 PM
Suzuna Kamikawa (Qty: 10)
【Draw +1】
【Serving +1】
Chambermaid ⇒【Serving - 1】
- Chambermaid Bonus-
3 Suzuna = 5VP
Details: The active player can choose whether to play
Suzuna as normal, gaining her bonuses, or to make her a
chambermaid. At the end of the game, for each set of 3
Suzuna cards that the player has as chambermaids, he receives a bonus of 5 VP
total (not per card). 6 Suzuna counts as 2 sets. For example, having 2 Suzuna
cards is 2 VP, while having 3 Suzuna cards is 1+1+1+5=8 VP.
Grace Saulsbury (Qty: 10)
【Love +1】
You may place any maid costing 3 or less from
the town in any player's discard pile.
Details: You may target your own deck.
Pauline Dumond (Qty: 10)
【Serving +1】
You may discard two identical cards from your
hand. If you do, draw 3 cards.
Details: The effect can only be applied once per Pauline
played. You may not dismiss 4 identical cards to draw 6
extra cards.
Ririko Hiiragi (Qty: 10)
【Love +1】
Chambermaid ⇒【Serving -1】
- Chambermaid Bonus-
As long as Ririko is your chambermaid, you may
treat "Lily Gardens" as if they cost 5.
Details: The active player can choose whether to
play Ririko as normal, gaining her bonuses, or to make
her a chambermaid. Players who have at least one Ririko as chambermaid
may treat the Lily Garden Building cards as having a cost of 5. Emily’s effect
(lowering the building cost by 1) is applied after Ririko’s.
tc2r_englishManual UPDATED 2015.indd 19
5/2/16 1:20 PM
● 12 -3:Private Maids
Clymene Silvestri (Qty: 1)
Details: Despite her title, Clymene does not count as
a ”Maid Chief."
Mika Yakushido (Qty: 1)
This maid may be placed in any player's Private
- During your Starting Phase-
You must discard a "1 Love" from you hand. If
you can't, reveal your hand, and put Mika back
face down at the bottom of the Private Maid
Details: If you employ Mika or gain her through another card's effect, you may
place her in any player’s Private Quarters, on top of his Private Maid if he had
a previous one. A player who has Mika in his Private Quarters must discard a
”1 Love” card from his hand at the beginning of each of his turns.
Courtney Jewel (Qty: 1)
- During your Starting Phase-
You gain【Serving +1】
-At the end of the game-
If you have Aurélie in your Private Quarters, this
maid is worth an additional 4VP.
Details: A player who has both Courtney and Aurélie
receives a total of 10 VP (1+4+1+4).
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Aurélie Lambert (Qty: 1)
- During your Starting Phase-
【Draw +1】
――At the end of the game――
I f you have Cour t ney in your Pr ivate
Quarters, this maid is worth an additional
Details: A player who has both Courtney and Aurélie receives a total of 10
VP (1+4+1+4).
Roanne Shiraz (Qty: 1)
- During your Starting PhaseYou may discard one "2 Love" card from your
hand. If you do,【Draw +3】.
Details: You can’t use this ability once you’ve
entered the Serving Phase.
Shion Tsuwabuki (Qty: 1)
- During your Starting Phase-
You may discard all your entire hand. If you do,
【Draw +5】.
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Details: You can’t use this ability once you’ve
entered the Serving Phase.
Chrysta Antibes (Qty: 1)
- During your Starting PhaseYou may discard one Maid Chief card from
your hand. If you do,【Draw +2】.
Details: You can’t use this ability once you’ve
entered the Serving Phase.
5/2/16 1:20 PM
Eve Valentine (Qty: 1)
- During your Starting Phase-
You gain【Employment +1】.
Silk Amanohara (Qty: 1)
- During your Starting Phase-
If you have 3 or more buildings in your Private
Quarters, you may draw a card.
Details: You will only get to draw 1 card total, even if
you have 6+ buildings.
● 12 -4:Buildings
Lily Garden (Qty: 8)
You cannot buy a Lily Garden unless the total
number of Gardens and chambermaided Ririko
in your Private Quarters exceeds your number
of Lily Gardens.
Details: In order to buy a Lily Garden, you must either
have bought a Garden or have chambermaided a Ririko.
If card effects cause you to lose your Garden or Ririkos, you do not need to
return your Lily Garden, but you can’t buy any further Lily Gardens until you
have more Gardens/chambermaided Ririkos than you have Lily Gardens.
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Estate (Qty: 8)
You cannot buy an Estate unless you can place
a Maid Chief from your hand under it. The Maid
Chief is put beneath the Estate and cannot be
the target of an Event Card.
Details: Not only Aline, but also Claudine, Marianne, or
Colette from the base Tanto Cuore set may be placed beneath the Estates. If a
card effect returns your Estate to the town, the Maid Chief that was below it
is not returned to the town, but placed on your discard pile.
Garden (Qty: 8)
If you have 4 or more Gardens in your Private
Quarters, you cannot be the target of any
further Events.
Details: Events are included in the basic Tanto Cuore
set. Any events that you have when you buy your
fourth Garden still stay, but you cannot be the target
for any further Events.
● 12 -5:Love Cards
1 Love (Qty: 36)
tc2r_englishManual UPDATED 2015.indd 23
2 Love (Qty: 12)
3 Love (Qty: 8)
5/2/16 1:20 PM
Card Illustrations
Game Design
Masayuki Kudoh
Naoki Kubouchi
Tomohiko Sekine
Youhei Morizono
Jun-ichi Itoh
Yosito Huruya
Takatoyo Katoh
Development Assistance
Art Direction
Kazuna Shizukuishi
Graphic Design
Jun-ichi Narusawa (Media desk N)
Simon Lundstrom
English Production
Daisuke Kameno
Joe Timidaiski
David Sandell
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