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Dear Friends,
A remark was recently made on an online home school discussion
group that a mom feels like she needs to buy everything Timberdoodle
sells, our catalog copy was that enticing. Oops, that is in no way our
intent. Of course, we fancy everything we sell, but I hope our passion
for matching the right tools to the right families is what shines through.
If you ever have any questions about any of our products, please do not
hesitate to contact us either via the phone, or email. In a nutshell we are
here to give you the tools that will help your home school to flourish.
In spite of this, should you ever receive a product that just does
not work for your family, do not forget that we have a 60-day return policy, one of the longest in the home school industry.
Looking forward to serving you honestly, accurately, and for His glory,
Dan and Deb, with Joy, Hope, Grace, Abel and Pearl
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hen some children are bored they are at their creative best. Others revert to a “seek and
destroy” mode. Whether your child is prone to physical, mental or spiritual mischief, or
you are looking for a dynamic way to engage both sides of your
child’s brain, The Never-Bored Kid Books is the series for you.
Packed with a masterful blend of creative and critical thinking
skills in a manner that will appeal to any child, these are the
perfect books both for home and away from home use. Children
will be practicing important age-appropriate skills such as visual discrimination, sequencing, and fine motor skills through
the use of hidden pictures, puzzles, dot-to-dots, drawing lessons,
crafts and much more. Plus each book is organized around a variety of appealing topics. All you need to provide are scissors,
glue, tape, crayons, or color pencils. Retail is $19.98 a set.
The Never-Bored Kid Books Ages 4 and 5
Visual discrimination, sequencing, and fine motor skills are developed via topics like teddy bears, pets, rainbows, fruit, chickens, rabbits, and much more. Books 1 and 2, over 300 pages total.
215-242 ages 4 and 5 $15.00
The Never-Bored Kid Books Ages 5-6
Along with visual discrimination, sequencing, and fine motor skills,
this book introduces following directions, and beginning reading.
Topics include pandas , banks, wild animals, merry-go-rounds, ice
cream, trains, and more. Books 1 and 2, over 300 pages total.
215-252 ages 5 and 6 $15.00
1 2 (800) 478-0672
The Never-Bored Kids Books Ages 6-7
Visual discrimination, sequencing, fine motor skills, reading and
the introduction of math using 16 age-appropriate themes like monkeys, dogs, insects, bears, the firehouse, chickens, and more. Books 1
and 2, over 300 pages total.
215-262 ages 6 and 7 $15.00
The Never-Bored Kids Books Ages 7-8
Math, critical thinking, and more advanced reading skills are emphasized. 15 age-appropriate themes include soup, outer space, rainforest animals, pirate's treasure, earth movers, unusual fish and flightless birds. Books 1 and 2, over 300 pages total.
215-272 ages 7 and 8 $15.00
The Never-Bored Kids Books Ages 8-9
Following directions, math and reading comprehension skills, are highlighted with the following 20 age-appropriate themes: marsupials, hearts,
knights, foxes, and helicopters. Books 1 and 2, over 300 pages total.
215-282 ages 8 and 9 $15.00
Preschool Workbooks
ver 20 years ago, when our family began this delightful home school adventure, workbooks for toddlers and preschoolers
were hard to find. But that was just as well
because the ones that were available were
inane, insipid or intolerable. (Why would we
choose to prohibit watching corrupting television, then turn around and use workbooks
with those same characters depicted in them?)
Workbooks are not appropriate for all
young children; many are simply not ready
for the fine motor skills that are necessary.
Let those children continue to learn at their
God-ordained pace and in a way that encourages a love of learning. But when your
children are ready to move to focused learning, reach for Kumon Workbooks. The
captivating illustrations are child-friendly
and the scope and sequence are just what
educating parents have been looking for.
Kumon centers have been helping children master fundamental skills for over 50
years. Originating in Japan, they have excelled in their primary emphasis of math and
reading instruction. With the exception of a
page or two of nonsense, these are outstanding books, worthy of any child's time and effort. The skills taught are essential and appropriate, and their presentation can entice
even the most hesitant learner. The assignments are short and easy each is slightly more
challenging than the last so that your child
progresses at a gradual, comfortable pace.
Increase Concentration Skills
What a unique, but very Japanese, method to
develop children's fine motor and focus skills.
These books of folding paper crafts incrementally increase the number of folding lines, developing the child's ability to concentrate and
be motivated by requiring attainable goals.
I'm not thrilled with the occasional genie and
witch-type project, but you can easily rip out
and discard them. 5 ⁷/₈ x 8 ¹/₄ inches, paperback,
40 pages each. For ages 2+.Retail is $5.95.
401-757 let's fold! $5.00
401-819 more let's fold! $5.00
Attention to Detail is Required
Develop manual dexterity and improve attentiveness with the cutting exercises in these
workbooks. Starting with straight lines and
then gradually progressing to the more difficult
zigzags and curves, this incremental approach
will help your child acquire necessary fine motor
skills. 5 ⁷/₈ x 8 ¹/₄ inches, paperback, 40 pages
each. Retail is $5.95. For ages 2+.
401-756 let's cut paper $5.00
401-821 more let's cut paper $5.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 Preschool Workbooks
Award Winning Workbook
2005 Finalist for the Association
of Educational Publishers' Distinguished Achievement Award, this
third cutting workbook gives children more opportunities to practice using scissors.
Cutting exactly on the lines is
a fairly difficult fine motor skill,
but Kumon makes it painless by
having children start cutting on
thick lines before moving gradually to thin ones. Step-by-step
they will become more comfortable cutting straight lines, curves,
and circles. Improving manual dexterity through activities such as
paper cutting aids the development of the fine motor skills children
need to control pencils and crayons. 8 ¹/₄ x 11 ²/₃ inches, paperback,
80 pages. For ages 3-5. Retail is $6.95.
401-752 cutting $6.00
Beginning Penmanship
Starts Here
Drawing lines accurately can be a surprisingly hard task for many children.
This entry-level book provides beginning
wordsmiths with opportunities to learn to
manipulate a pencil skillfully. With some
tracing and some guided drawing, children
begin with straight lines, and then move
progressively to more difficult lines, such
as curves and zigzags. This workbook
provides children with an ideal preparation for
learning to write letters and numbers. Regrettably a couple pages of
space aliens and ghosts mar an otherwise wonderful book. 8 ¹/₄ x 11 ²/₃
inches, paperback, 80 pages. For ages 2-4. Retail is $6.95.
401-749 tracing $6.00
20 Colorful Puzzles
This is a very ingenious way to incorporate two necessary skills in one assignment. The use of scissors through
incrementally harder pages develops fine
motor skills necessary for legible penmanship. And because your child will
need to first visualize the picture as it will
look completed and then determine the
correct placement of the pieces, his reasoning skills will also be improved.
There are 20 colorful puzzles in this
book; many of them are child-pleasing photographs of animals and
food. The rest are cartoon type puzzles, a couple of which may not
be suitable for every family. Each puzzle consists of two pages, one
full color page for cutting out the pieces and one for pasting the
pieces onto. In keeping with the Kumon quality, My Book of Pasting
– Jigsaw Puzzles uses carefully selected, sturdy paper to ensure your
child’s cutting success. 8 ¹/4 x 11 ²/₃ inches, paperback. Ages 4 - 6. Retail
is $6.95.
401-771 my book of pasting – jigsaw puzzles $6.00
1 2 (800) 478-0672
Develop Fine Motor Skills
What child doesn't love the challenge of a maze? Mazes allow
your child the opportunity to practice basic pencil
control in an enjoyable, exciting way. These pencil
skills are necessary for the legible writing of letters
and numbers. Plus because mazes are naturally
absorbing they help your child acquire the ability
to reason, interpret, understand and concentrate.
Once your child has mastered the easier maze
books, they will want to move on to the more intricate patterns of the advanced maze workbooks. The increased level of difficulty will
refine your child's motor skills and further
sharpen their reasoning and critical thinking skills. These elemental skills are some of
the bedrock essentials for later academics.
8 1/4 x 11 2/3 inches, paperback, 80 pages.
Retail is $6.95.
Super Easy Mazes
For ages 2 –4
401-772 my book of easy mazes $6.00
Preschool Mazes
For ages 3 - 5
401-753 mazes $6.00
Advanced Preschool Mazes
For ages 4 - 6.
401-758 amazing mazes $6.00
Amusing Animal Mazes
For ages 5 – 7
401-773 mazes – animals $6.00
Car, Train, and Plane Mazes
For ages 5 - 7
401-774 mazes - things that go $6.00
Phonics-based Reading Programs
t is hard not to be troubled by how arduous many phonics
programs are, particularly those geared to children
under the age of 10. Tedious workbooks, endless word
lists, insipid writing assignments, all sadden us when we
think of eager learners being buried under such senseless drudgery. We knew that there had to be a better way, now there is.
Essential for all Pre-readers and Their Parents
If you are looking for a complete, effective phonics program, Phonics Pathways is just the ticket.
Simple layout, steady progress, this no frills, straightforward approach to phonics tutoring is easy
enough for even novice parent/teachers to understand and use. Phonics Pathways is logically laid out
with virtually no teacher preparation involved.
Large print and uncluttered pages make this an ideal program for young children who are easily distracted.
Multi-sensory approach means all learning types can benefit from this book. With a mere 10 to 15 minutes a day, usually one or
two pages, your child will be reading before you know it. Built-in reviews to aid retention include sentences that can be sounded out based
entirely on the lessons previously taught, which eliminates guessing.
Phonics Pathways includes the phonics rules that other phonics-based programs do not. It also contains spelling rules in the lessons as well
as quick-reference spelling and pronunciation charts. (It also has inane maxims on many pages that can be used as discussion starters, or
completely ignored.) This book is essential for all pre-readers and their parents. 288 pages. Retail is $29.95.
866-345 phonics pathways $24.00
Excellent Resource for Teaching Decoding and Building Fluency
As many of you know, for nearly a year we have been enjoying the company of a
very special guest, Krissy. Living with Kris has been a hoot; our home is filled with
laughter and we have learned a lot about autism. For Krissy, autism has meant a
daily struggle with academics. By means of Phonics Pathway, she made tremendous
progress in her reading abilities, but we see that she is a child in need of systematic
review. Sure, we could just repeat the same lessons over many days; she might even
prefer that. But Kris has an amazing ability both to memorize and bluff, so to ensure
she really knows the subject, it is best to use new materials during instruction.
Reading Pathways gave us the review Krissy needed, with all new drills and stories.
An excellent resource for teaching decoding and building fluency, it dovetails nicely
with Phonics Pathways. Regardless of what reading program you are using, Reading
Pathways will help any child who would benefit from additional practice. Progressive
reading exercises begin with single syllable short vowel words and end with words of
several syllables and sentences of gradually increasing complexity.
The type in the book is very large, which will appeal to any child who is laboring to
read. The format is unique to this program; at the top of each page the student reads
a word on the first line, then a short phrase on the second line, then a longer phrase
on the third line, adding words until he reads a long, complex sentence at the bottom
of the page. The stories are predictably silly making them a natural, built-in reward.
Reading Pathways is not a stand-alone phonics program. Your child should know
letter sounds, including all of the short-vowel sounds, before beginning Reading
Pathways. If your child has already completed a reading program, but does not have
fluent oral reading skills, Reading Pathways would be an ideal program to bring him
up to speed.
This new expanded version contains more than 20% more material including more
mini-pyramids, and an all-new, challenging Brainbusters section for advanced reading
practice using many multisyllable words. Also included is a completely indexed summary of multisyllable words in
back of the book for quick and easy reference. This outstanding program is suitable for children and adults, children with special needs and anyone learning to read English as a second language. Retail is $24.95
866-346 Reading Pathways $21.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 Computerized Reading Programs
or some children, a simple phonics
program is enough. But after selling reading materials for many years we
came to the realization that for some children, a simple approach will not be sufficient.
We have had the sad experience of counseling moms whose children's education has
been all but been obliterated because they are
not competent readers. Twenty years ago, we
were scornful of the need for high-priced phoSerious Phonics Training for the
Older Child
As a teaching parent, you know that
the most important educational tool
you will ever give your child is the
ability to read fluently. Failing that,
your child will experience a lifetime of
missed opportunities. For many children, the reading process is a thrilling adventure. For other children, the
process is a wearisome journey. If your
older child has never mastered reading,
or needs a little remedial help, may we
suggest PhonicsTutor?
After months investigating many other
phonics programs, both written and computerized, we found that nearly every other
reading program is geared for 4 - to 7-yearolds. By the time you realize that you have
a potential problem in your home, your
child will have outgrown the silliness of many of these programs.
With no dancing bears or racing bunnies, PhonicsTutor is a proven,
interactive Orton-Gillingham software tutorial that requires a minimum of hands-on instruction by parents, and meets the needs of the
reluctant or non-reading older child. PhonicsTutor is a step-by-step
computerized teaching tool with 128 lessons and seven activities within each lesson to instruct and reinforce the main topic. It takes 270
twenty-minute sessions to complete this program. All 3,500 words are
presented orally along with associated spelling rules. Phonetic analysis, reading, word spelling and diction activities make PhonicsTutor appealing to all learning modalities. No other program we examined has
matched PhonicsTutor for thoroughness and ease of use. It is a perfect
format for the older non-reader or special needs child.
And, since such a large percentage of spelling is the ability to correlate sounds to a series of letters, PhonicsTutor likewise excels as a
spelling program. If your child agonizes over horrendous spelling or
the pronunciation of unfamiliar words, you won't find a better program. Retail is $99.95.
042-142 windows $90.00
042-242 mac $95.00
1 2 (800) 478-0672
nics programs; now we are advocates of using
whatever it takes to get a child to read fluently.
Reading does not have to be an arduous, painful task that has to be achieved on anyone else's
timetable but your own, but it does have to be
achieved. If you think that you have a child who
needs help in this area, and is ready for this assistance, then that should be your one goal this
year. We believe PhonicsTutor can help even
the most desperate reader to build competency.
Teacher's Manual Saves Time
PhonicsTutor Teacher's Manual documents everything presented/
taught in PhonicsTutor CD-ROM. You can easily see if a lesson is
long or short, and what words are taught. All dictated sentences are
included for easy reference, as are all rules and additional information that are taught to the student orally via the CD-ROM. If you
have a child who is already reading, but not smoothly, you can pick
and choose lessons that will teach the necessary information. You
will find a list of goals, special information to make the teaching of
the material more effective, help for students who are having difficulties, and more. There is even a helpful chart of the 300 Most Frequent
Words. It lists words alphabetically and includes the lesson number
where the word is or can be introduced in PhonicsTutor. Extremely
helpful. If you, like me, were not taught to read phonetically, you'll
find the PhonicsTutor Teacher's Manual invaluable. Retail is $49.95.
042-146 teacher’s manual only $45.00
042-145 phonicstutor windows + teacher’s manual $125.00
042-245 phonicstutor mac + teacher’s manual $130.00
Phonics for the
Older Non-Reader
If you would like to give your child the
full sweep of phonics without boring
him with repetition, Frequent Words by
PhonicsTutor is just what you need. This
program is similar in scope and sequence
to PhonicsTutor, but geared more for the
quick learners with 100 twenty-minute
sessions to complete this program. Still
no dancing bears or racing bunnies, Frequent Words is a perfect format for the
eager reader. Based upon some of the
most frequently used words in English, Frequent Words teaches phonograms and spelling rules. The recommended age for Frequent Words
is 7+ because of the more difficult vocabulary words but the sequence
of teaching phonograms parallels the sequence in Phonics-Tutor. Retail
is $99.95. Windows platform only.
042-347 frequent words software $90.00
042-366 frequent words teacher's manual $45.00
042-367 software + manual $125.00
Third Grade Set
Includes 2 readers: New Friends, More
New Friends, 600 pages total.
480-017 $14.00
Fifth Grade 274 pages
425-254 $9.00 $8.50
Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade 330 pages
425-261 $9.00 $8.50
Living Together, 526 pages. (Contains a
derogatory word on pages 508 and 509.)
480-019 $8.00
Sixth Grade
Step By Step, 411 pages.
480-020 $8.00
First Grade Set
Set of 3 readers: First Steps, Days Go By,
More Days Go By, 500 pages total.
480-015 $18.00
Second Grade Set
Set of 3 readers: Busy Times, More Busy
Times, Climbing Higher, 749 pages total.
480-016 $21.00
Calls to Courage
Road Less Travelled
Seventh Grade 265 pages
425-273 $9.00 $8.50
Where Roads Diverge
Seventh Grade
Many years ago, when our children were
beginning readers, we used the Pathway
Readers to successfully monitor and encourage an on going reading program. Designed
to be used in Amish classrooms, these basal
readers are solidly wholesome, with none
of the fantasy that is commonplace in both
Christian and secular readers. If you are
weary of the brashness that is evident in
readers with contemporary story lines, you’ll
find these a refreshing alternative. Here the
children are expected to obey their parents,
respect their teachers, ask forgiveness when
they do what is wrong, and humbly submit
to the discipline of those in authority! And
they still enjoy life!!
Because the Amish don’t use electricity, you won’t find stories dealing with the
latest in films, computers or TV’s. Instead
the stories are centered around farm life,
with horse auctions, harvests and LARGE
families. We have compared these books to
several home school basal readers, and have
found that they are more challenging in the
lower grades and infinitely more interesting.
With simple typesetting and a few blackand-white sketches, these hardback books
are not splashy, but are lovely in their simplicity.
Open Windows
Fourth Grade
Building Our Lives, 496 pages.
480-018 $8.00
Family-centered Readers,
used in Amish Classrooms
Bridges Beyond
Fourth Grade 264 pages
425-241 $9.00 $8.50
Seeking True Values, 462 pages.
480-021 $8.00
Eighth Grade 301 pages
425-287 $9.00 $8.50
Eighth Grade
Our Heritage, 476 pages.
480-022 $8.00
Wholesome Mennonite Readers
The Reading to
Learn series is from
a Conservative Mennonite viewpoint, so
nonresistance and
are two of the many
sterling qualities that
shine forth. Although
some families will want to use this series as
a reading program, I think that these books
are just as valuable as age-appropriate wholesome reading material.
Be forewarned, Reading to Learn seems to
be more advanced than your typical government school readers, so you may need to ease
your beginning readers into these books.
Each hardback book contains short stories
with a sprinkling of poetry. Enjoy!
I Wonder
First Grade 223 pages
425-211 $7.00 $6.50
Helping Hands
Second Grade Book 1 269 pages
425-221 $8.00 $7.50
Happy Hearts
Second Grade Book 2 324 pages
425-222 $8.00 $7.50
Doors to Discovery
Third Grade 382 pages
425-231 $9.00 $8.50
Help for Struggling Readers
Reading comprehension is the process of
understanding and constructing meaning
from a piece of text. Sounds easy, but we all
know children who find this a daunting task.
And for many of them, this problem does
not become apparent until they are older
because the demand for comprehension increases in the higher grades. Problems with
comprehension reveal themselves in not being able to understand the written text or
misreading the text, and as a consequence
changing its meaning.
If you know a child like this, Puzzle Hunts
for Reading Comprehension is for him. This
book of reproducible assignments provides
intriguing reading material, visual support,
and a goal. Every task will require your child
to follow step-by-step written instructions
while referring to a specific drawing. Puzzle
Hunts for Reading Comprehension builds vocabulary, keeps struggling readers on task, assesses skills, and identifies ability level. This is
a remarkably interesting way to foster reading
comprehension in an older child. Grades 6 –
8, 80 pages with answer key. Retail is $14.95
221-217 puzzle hunts $12.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 Reading Drill and Assessment
A Proven Way to Develop Reading Proficiency
I have yet to meet a fast reader who hated to read, but I have met
countless children and adults alike who confess that they don't like to
read because they are slow readers. If you also have seen that reluctant
readers are slow readers, then perhaps you have already seen the need
for a program to help your child learn to read with more speed. Even
children who already read effortlessly can improve their speed and ability
to absorb more material in a shorter amount of time.
There are two things slow readers need to eliminate: the tendency to
pronounce words in their mind while they read, and letting their eyes
wander back so that they pointlessly re-read text. AceReader Pro Deluxe
deals with both issues. It will also expand their ability to take in a wider
amount of text and do so at increasingly higher speeds.
AceReader is not designed to teach your child how to read, but instead
focuses on helping him be more proficient at his reading. After taking
a self-paced reading comprehension test to determine his base reading
speed, your child will then work at reading drills and play skill-building
games. Both tests and drills for grade levels 1-12+ are included. Detailed
Top Winner of
records, program settings and test results will be maintained in a separate
database for multiple users. The program can even be customized if you
Technology & Learnwould like to use your own drills and tests. In fact, if you choose to use the
ing Magazine's 2006
Comprehension Test Editor to create and edit your own comprehension
Awards of Excellence
tests or drills you'll be delighted to know that AceReader Pro Deluxe also
includes a readability analysis tool to help you determine the grade level
and complexity of text you have added.
While AceReader Pro Deluxe is a fairly frill-less program, emphasizing
straightforward skill practice, it does have a couple nifty features. For the child looking for a challenge,
AceReader Pro Deluxe can be used to flash whole pages of text at desired speeds to develop PhotoReading techniques. Better yet, AceReader
Pro Deluxe can also be used as a memorization tool because it can repeat material over and over while gradually increasing the speed. Of course
you can input whatever you would like your children to memorize, but Scripture suits our fancy. Because we can change the fonts, colors,
number of words or lines, and speed, we avoid much of the monotony of repetition, and enhance memory by presenting different views of the
same text. System requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Vista, Mac, OS9.2.2- OSX Support. Retail is $79.95.
665-025 pc acereader pro deluxe version 4 $75.00
665-027 mac acereader pro deluxe version 4 $75.00
Know Immediately How Well Your Child is Reading
Reading is a necessary, but not a necessarily natural skill for many children. If you
have many children, or a child with special needs, you may have felt that reading for
that particular child would never happen. But finally, after much effort on both your
parts, he is beginning to read. But how well? Sometimes we are so elated to see any
progress that we gloss over missing components. For children who read easily, those
critical elements will be acquired over time, but for a child that labors to read, it is not
advisable to take such a casual approach. When our children were emergent readers,
there was no way to assess their reading skills but now there is. Reading Assessment
Tasks is a book of easily administered activities that quickly assesses your child's skills
and lets you know immediately any holes in his reading and/or reading comprehension. Designed as a performance-based tool for teachers if you have access to Internet,
you will also be able to find each assessment task correlated to a specific grade-level
standard defined by your state. With the student checklists, Reading Assessment Tasks
makes it easy to assess your child’s level and to see where additional practice is needed.
And because it is a resource designed for teachers, there is plenty of space to keep
records of assessments for up to 25 children. Task cards and sheets for your children,
scripted instructions for you, assessment has never been easier or more complete.
Retail is $24.99.
215-077 Reading Assessment Tasks grade k $18.75
215-177 Reading Assessment Tasks grade 1 $18.75
215-277 Reading Assessment Tasks grade 2 $18.75
1 2 (800) 478-0672
Language Arts & Handwriting
Handwriting, especially in this era of word
processors, is a fairly low priority compared
to other subjects. However, if you are going to
make handwriting a part of your curriculum,
here is something to think about. For over a
dozen years we sold and used another handwriting program. While the end result for us
was less than stellar, even if their handwriting
had duplicated what was pictured in the exercise books I would question the time spent on
copying meaningless sentences. Because we
know that handwriting is a learned motor skill
requiring regular practice doesn't it seem that if
your child is going to labor over something with
his mind and hands, he should also engage his
heart? A Reason for Writing does all three.
With each 10 - to 15-minute daily lesson built around
Bible verses, content is not only instructional, but also
inspirational. Plus, at the end of each week your children will be given the opportunity to apply excellence
to their work as they copy their verse-of-the-week onto
their choice of "Scripture Border Sheets.” Done with
care these completed sheets are worthy of sharing with
friends and family.
A Reason for Writing uses a Living Bible paraphrase
for its verses. For those dyed-in-the-wool-KJV only
families, let me suggest that even this Scriptural rendition is better for your child to toil over than the trivial
sentence about the environment common in other
handwriting programs. Each workbook is full color.
Retail is $12.99.
Full-color manuscript workbook focuses
on one letter per lesson built around a Creation theme. 144 pages. This is the only
workbook that does not include verses and
border sheets.
765-579 kindergarten $10.50
Manuscript A (1st Grade)
Verses are taken from Psalms and Proverbs. 160 pages.
765-581 manuscript a $10.50
Manuscript B (2nd Grade)
Verses are taken from the Gospels. Does
NOT include transition or cursive lessons.
144 pages.
765-582 manuscript b $10.50
This book should replace either book B or
C. There are extra exercises for both manuscript and cursive. If your second grader is
ready for cursive then you should use this
book and follow it with book C. If your third
grader needs more work on manuscript before tackling cursive, use this book and then
follow with book D. Scripture verses are
taken from the Gospels and New Testament
Epistles. 240 pages.
765-590 transition $10.50
Cursive C (3rd Grade)
Verses are taken from the New Testament
Epistles. Does NOT include transition or
manuscript lessons. 144 pages.
765-583 cursive c $10.50
Preschool Wrap-ups
A convenient learning tool for the younger crowd!
Each set of Wrap-Ups contains 10 self-correcting
joined-at-the-top boards (about 1 1/2” x 5”) with a colorful, attached string. The string wraps around from
the problem on the left to the answer on the right. If
the answers are correct, the string will cover the lines
on the back of the board. Because of the portability
of Wrap-Ups, they can be practiced anywhere.
Develop eye/hand coordination, left-to-right concept, tracking, numbers, shapes, upper/ lower-case
letters, and more! Excellent for drill-work, WrapUps challenge your children as they race to complete
each board. This is a wonderful tool for younger
children who tend to be predominately hands-on.
Because it is self-correcting, your children will have immediate feedback for checking accuracy. Retail is $8.99 each.
380-238 numbers $6.50
380-239 alphabet (regrettably includes 1 unicorn) $6.50
380-240 shapes & logic $6.50
Cursive D (4th Grade)
Verses taken from the Gospels. 144 pages.
765-584 cursive d $10.50
Cursive E (5th Grade)
Verses taken from the Psalms. 144 pages.
765-585 cursive e $10.50
Cursive F (6th Grade)
Verses taken from Proverbs. 144 pages.
765-586 cursive f $10.50
Home School Teacher Guidebook
Over 100 pages of teaching tips and techniques. The only Guidebook homeschooling
parents need for teaching the entire series,
Kindergarten through 6th grade. Retail is
765-587 teacher guide $12.50
Award-winning, Portable, Magnetic Game
There are few families who do not experience down time now
and then, especially during traveling. Instead of letting this time
degenerate into bicker-fests, throw a couple of Word Spins in
your purse or pocket and you will have a go-anywhere game for
the entire family. Winner of six international awards, Word Spin
consists of eight interlocking magnetic Spin Wheels, each with 10
different assorted letters. All consonants have
numeric values. Players compete for highest
score by keeping track of the letter values for
all words appearing anywhere on their deck of
wheels. You can make the games as easy or as difficult as you desire. Lots of challenge for beginning
and experienced readers alike. Mini Word Spin
includes eight interlocking magnetic wheels,
directions, and a cleverly designed key chain
fob with spindle to secure wheels when
not in use. Retail $5.50.
740-740 mini word spin $4.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 Language Arts - Spelling
Bible-Based Spelling Drills For
Older Children
Do you have an older child that still
struggles with spelling? You are not
alone. Instead of berating yourself for
the mistaken assumption that you have
somehow failed your student, solve the
problem. There are dozens of spelling
programs available to home educators,
many of them excellent, if that is how
you want to spend your day. I don't.
Face it; if your child is an atrocious
speller anyway, spending considerable
amounts of time on a spelling program
is not going to make his day. This is a
large part of the appeal of the Apples
program. Ten minutes a day is all that is
required, with virtually no preparation
on the part of the teaching parent. The
program consists of daily drills that
emphasize phonics rules by applying them in sentences, Bible verses
and puzzles. No long lists to memorize and no tests makes Apples a
winner with any reluctant student. Designed by a teaching parent,
Apples shows a sensitivity toward practicality that few other spelling
programs do. Some children will always struggle with spelling, but
with the right foundation any child can become more capable. 162
pages. Retail is $14.95.
395-395 apples $12.00
Better Spelling in Just 10 Minutes a Day
Reviews some of the phonics rules learned in Apples
and introduces new rules. Still just 10 minutes a day!
163 pages.
395-396 apples 2 $12.00
Computerized Spelling Drill
To me the nuisance of the typical spelling program is that virtually all of them
require you, or your child, to maintain a
list of drill words. I don't know why, but
just the mention of spelling lists leaves
me feeling deeply lethargic. To wake up
every day knowing that I would have to
spend even a small part of it mindlessly
reeling off word after word, would make
me shudder. But there probably wouldn't
be all those spelling programs with this common denominator if in
fact it did not work. So what's a lazy mom like me to do? Delegate!
Thanks to Dr. Aardsma's Spelling Drill software I don't have to
dread spelling lists. This computer software drills spelling through
real human voice drills and automatically modifies each drill based
on missed words, efficiently devoting more time to your child's areas of weakness. Nearly 8,000 spelling words are covered in grades
1 through 6. Because each word is given in context in a meaningful
sentence, your child is getting a bonus vocabulary lesson as well. A
decidedly Christian product, the sentences not only drill spelling,
but Christian morals. Easy to install, easy to use, Dr. Aardsma's
Spelling Drill comes in six difficulty levels with two levels on each
CD. Retail is $19.95.
775-121 Grades 1 and 2 $16.75
775-143 Grades 3 and 4 $16.75
775-165 Grades 5 and 6 $16.75
Requires Windows (95, 98, 2000, ME, or XP), a CD-ROM drive, sound
card, and speakers. Runs from the CD (10 MB free space required) or
your computer's hard drive (up to 625 MB free space required)
Versatile, Award-Winning Spelling Game for All Ages
Some educational games can be an oxymoron, meaning that they are so educational they are not a game, or that they are so much of a game
that there is little to no educational value. But Wordigo fits that
narrow classification of being a genuinely educational game.
Winner of many awards, Wordigo looks similar
to other word-board games, but differs greatly in
how it is played. Typically word-board games are an
utter bore to fellow players as they painfully wait
their turns. But with Wordigo, everyone plays at the
same time.
Everyone gets his own set of tiles and his own playing
board. There are 4 game boards from which to choose with as
few as 8 or as many as 17 words on the board. If players of different
abilities are playing together, it is easy to level the playing field through the use of different boards. Play is simultaneous so no one has to wait
for other players to complete their turns.
Start with 8 tiles. Turn the sand timer over and form a word on Path 1 before moving on to Path 2. Finish all the paths before the time is up
to gain completion points. Be the first one to finish to gain bonus points. Dictionary use is allowed but looking something up in a dictionary
while the time is ticking away would give me an ulcer. Our family encourages dictionary use only when the child is playing alone without a
timer, one of the many options to this very versatile game. Wordigo is a game of strategy and builds not only spelling skills, but also math and
critical thinking skills. It is a great game that no family will ever outgrow. Wordigo comes with four sets of letter tiles with pouches, four sets
of four different game boards, a sand timer and a score pad. Retail is $24.95.
855-866 wordigo $20.00
10 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Language Arts - Grammar
Easy Grammar - The Title Says it All
Welcome back to an old, but improved, friend. Our three oldest
grew up doing Easy Grammar and it is with great memories that
we introduced it to the two youngest in the family. Most children
dread grammar study because it is too complex. But Easy Grammar is just that, easy.
What sets Easy Grammar apart from other grammar programs
is the memorization of prepositions. This is the first step because
once the student can identify and eliminate the prepositional
phrases in a sentence, then determining the subject, verb and other parts of speech is much easier. If you lack an adequate grammar
background and find even the preceding sentence to be intimidating, relax. The hardest part will be memorizing the prepositions.
After that, everything falls into place.
By deleting and marking certain words or phases, Easy Grammar employs a virtually "hands on" approach. The vocabulary has
been kept simple and, in most cases, the sentences rather short.
This very logical, simple, no nonsense grammar program is easy
to use because each lesson focuses on just one topic. It is straightforward for the students to understand and provides a logical sequence of language arts skills. Additional strategies and tips that
have helped the author's students are also provided. Lots of review
helps to ensure comprehensive learning with excellent results.
Each Teacher's Manual has teaching instructions, worksheet
pages that can be copied, an answer key that is on each facing
page, unit reviews, cumulative reviews, unit tests, and cumulative
tests. You can also order workbooks if you don't want to copy the
pages out of the Teacher's Manual, but our family has taken an
even more miserly approach by using the Teacher's Manual with a
piece of opaque construction paper to cover the answers on the facing page. We are strong proponents of independent study, which means
each child receives a Teacher's Manual instead of a student workbook. That way they can read the teaching instructions, do the worksheets
and correct their own work. This option does not work as well if you have a couple of children who need the same level book. In that case, photocopying the worksheets from the Teacher's Manual or using the workbooks (which may not be photocopied) may be more cost effective.
Note: Workbooks contain worksheets and instruction sheets found in the teacher text. Teacher Guides include that along with unit reviews,
unit tests, cumulative reviews, and cumulative tests answer keys and teaching strategies. Additional test booklets are available online.
Grade 3 Teacher Guide
Grade 5 Teacher Guide
In this text, capitalization, punctuation,
and parts of speech are presented in units.
Only 28 prepositions need to be memorized.
480 pages.
622-347 $27.95 $25.00
53 prepositions emphasized in addition to
grammar concepts, capitalization, punctuation, sentence types, and phrases/clauses. 611
622-567 $32.95 $29.50
Easy Grammar Workbook 3
Easy Grammar Workbook 5
For student use. 230 pages.
622-348 $13.95 $12.50
Grade 4 Teacher Guide
40 prepositions emphasized. Capitalization and punctuation rules presented a few
at a time with lots of practice. 525 pages.
622-457 $27.95 $25.00
Easy Grammar Workbook 4
For student use. 252 pages
622-458 $13.95 $12.50
For student use. 342 pages.
622-568 $13.95 $12.50
Grade 6 Teacher Guide
53 prepositions emphasized. In addition
grammar concepts, capitalization, punctuation, sentence types, phrases/clauses
and friendly/business letters are reviewed
throughout. 611 pages.
622-607 $32.95 $29.50
Easy Grammar Workbook 6
For student use. 342 pages.
622-608 $13.95 $12.50
Easy Grammar Plus Teacher Guide
For 7th grade through high school. Contains everything taught in the other books
plus additional higher-level concepts such
as gerunds and the perfect and progressive
tenses. 663 pages.
622-707 $32.95 $29.50
Easy Grammar Plus Workbook
For student use. 350 pages.
622-708 $13.95 $12.50
(800) 478-0672 1 2 11
Language Arts - Grammar
Multi-Level, Mom-Friendly Grammar Curriculum
Many of you pleaded with us to carry an alternative grammar curriculum, one that is complete but not arduous. I admit
that because of my own antipathy towards this subject I am
probably not the best qualified to evaluate the slew of grammar
curricula available to home educators. However, I do know
what I like, and I do like this book.
With concise and uncomplicated lessons, it is incredibly
simple to implement. It lends itself well to oral or group participation, which is a blessing when you are trying to teach
several grade levels at the same time. It does not require gobs of
valuable time either to prepare or to implement. Plus it has 50
large antique illustrations that give it a sense of elegance.
For those of you who are impressed by name dropping, this is a
revised and expanded edition of First Grammar Lessons by Charlotte Mason a founder of
the Home School Movement in the late 1890’s - see side bar. This is a superb program for any
child lacking 4th through 8th grade grammar skills. Retail is $24.95.
211-201 simply grammar $20.75
College Prep Grammar
Longtime Timberdoodle patrons know about our aversion to
grammar. But disliking a subject will not make it go away, nor will
it diminish its importance. As your children reach junior and senior
high school, a working grasp of grammar becomes more crucial. But if
your children find studying grammar mildly loathsome then you will
want a program that is complete, but as painless as possible. I think
Jensen's Grammar is it.
With Jensen's Grammar you get solid instruction with logically
spaced repetition for long-term retention. Incremental introduction
of information ensures success and prevents the 'I'm overwhelmed'
meltdowns. Written for grades 7 - 12, your child will learn handy
information like: testing for prepositions and their phrases, two letters that
identify almost all adverbs, the trick that fixes correct usage of lie and lay, a quick way to
tell linking from active verbs, and a simple procedure to reduce the number of words in a
sentence to help you search for subjects and verbs. Plus the more standard material like
how to make subjects and verbs agree, how to make plurals correctly, how modifiers can
always be identified and much more. With 75 lessons, Jensen's Grammar can be completed
in one year. Everything you need is included: lessons, exercises, tests, answers and teaching helps. The softbound book is copyrighted but the author has given permission to
photocopy the tests. If you want multiple children to use the book, they will need to write
their answers on a separate sheet of paper. We think you will find that Jensen's Grammar
presents the fundamentals of grammar in such a way that your children will not forget
them. For Grades 7 - 12. This book is a bit harder than Easy Grammar and is best suited for
an advanced student. Includes separate 64-page test and answer book. Retail is $30.00.
655-560 jensen's grammar $25.00
Punctuation Drill for High School Students
If your teen needs a major overhaul on his punctuation skills, try Jensen's
Punctuation. With only a few minutes a day, Jensen's Punctuation teaches
and gives plenty of practice of the five basic rules that cover 75-90% of
punctuation errors in writing. Systematic and easy to master, Jensen's
Punctuation covers all aspects of punctuation and it contains all the rules
for every punctuation mark from the period to the dash. Everything is
included: rules, examples, explanations, exercises, a final test, answers,
teacher helps and an index. This book is best used after Jensen's Grammar.
Retail is $22.00.
655-565 jensen's punctuation $18.75
12 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Exemplary Masterpiece
On Home Schooling
Most how-to books for home educators are
adequate, some of them are good, a very few of
them noteworthy, but this was the first home
education book that we read that was exemplary. It is not hard to write a book that a novice can glean from, but when you pull together
over 350 pages that will both instruct the beginner and revitalize the expert, then you truly
have a masterpiece. This is such a book.
Most home educators have heard of Charlotte Mason and her philosophy on the gentle
art of learning. But nearly all of us, myself included, have never been able to drag ourselves
through her books, written before our own
grandparents toddled on this earth. And while
the author encourages us to make the effort
to go back to Charlotte’s own books, I am delighted to be able to read how to implement
Charlotte’s philosophy without the “superhuman” effort reading the original books would
Charlotte Mason Companion will help you
to recognize a living book, give you a common sense approach to spelling and phonics,
show you the importance of great art and classical music, and so much more. The chapters
are short, easy to read and profusely adorned
with charming drawings from a century ago.
Nearly every chapter ends with thought-provoking questions for personal study, or ideally for group study where you could exchange
thoughts and resources.
You may not desire to implement everything
you read; I still have reservations concerning
the appropriateness of fantasy. Still, there is
such a wealth of wisdom here, you will not be
disappointed. One warning applies though to
those of you who are enmeshed in a primarily
workbook/textbook curriculum with no desire to change. This book will open your eyes
to what home education could be; and what
the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve for.
Retail is $19.99.
211-200 c mason companion $17.00
Language Arts-Writing
e have been swamped with creative writing programs here at
Timberdoodle Co, and candidly, after awhile
they all look pretty much the same. So why are
we carrying the Wordsmith line? Ultimately,
we chose this series because the author is honest in her claims and does not promise you the
moon. She acknowledges that these books will
not always produce an enthusiastic and prolific
writer, but instead, that the skills of creative writing can be acquired by anyone. If your language
arts program does not address creative writing
in any depth, these books nicely plug that hole.
Beginning Skills for
the Budding Writer
With a unique approach of using a fullpage comic-strip "editor" to introduce each
major new section, Wordsmith Apprentice
covers all the basic skills with practical
exercises in paragraph writing, reporting,
sentence review, parts of speech, opinion
writing and so much more. The answers are
included. Grades 4 - 6. Retail is $16.00.
045-114 apprentice $12.50
User-friendly for the
Reluctant Writer
The exercises are student-friendly,
with a hint of humor, just right for your
reluctant writers. If you have a child who
needs to develop his writing skills, stepby-step instructions are provided that
will help him improve his techniques.
After a brief review of grammar there
is instruction on building stronger sentences, exercises in descriptive and narrative writing, practice in proofreading
and revising and much more. Grades 7+.
045-085 student $16.00 $12.50
045-080 teacher book $5.50
Writing Skills for the
College-Bound Student
This self-directed program focuses
on building, integrating, and polishing practical writing skills. Ideal for the
child heading for college, it addresses
practical, everyday writing, the power
of language, writing techniques, essay
writing and much more. These are skills
that every graduating home school child
should have. Grades 10 - 12. Retail is
045-379 craftsman $12.50
How To Solve The Mysteries Of Weak Writing
If you ever want to feel intimidated, write the review for a book about weak writing,
knowing that the author, who has been a professional copy editor and proofreader for
many years, will no doubt read it. Was that too wordy? Should I have split it into two
sentences? Were my verbs robust enough? Just the fact that I am asking myself these
questions points to the walk-away effectiveness of The Curious Case of the Misplaced
Modifier. Using a different mystery vignette at the beginning of each chapter, this
book will thoroughly but painlessly instruct your children on seven common grammatical mistakes writers often make. Not only will they learn to recognize them, but
will also be taught how to avoid them, or in some cases to allow them. For their assignment your children will be asked to correct each error-ridden vignettes. Answers
are included, as is a glossary index and a bonus explanation of 10 additional Writing
Misdemeanors. Communication via writing is one of those must-have skills wherever
God leads you. Curious Case of the Misplaced Modifier is the most interesting method
I have seen for acquiring clear, readable, and if you will work at it, electrifying writing.
Hardback, 150 pages. Retail is $16.99
222-224 curious case of the misplaced modifier $11.50
(800) 478-0672 1 2 13
Language Arts - Writing
Unique, Complete Writing Program
- Treasure or Terror?
I'm really going to be fence-sitting on this product because, unlike other curriculum products
that we sell, I can go either way with your decision
to invest in this course or pass it up. If you have
children who love to write, as a couple of ours do,
you will not find a better, more complete program
than Learn to Write the Novel Way. Because this is
a complete, comprehensive language arts curriculum, in the process
of producing his own novel your child will practice all his writing
skills. (Although you should not need anything else for the year, if
your child is not functioning at grade level in spelling you will need
to address that issue.) Thoroughly Christian in its perspective, Learn
to Write the Novel Way is a nice blend of humor, grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure and the mechanics of writing. Broken into
13 manageable sections to be completed over the course of a year, or
galloped through in one semester for the older well-motivated child,
parental involvement is minimal, but required. From coming up with
a story to publishing the book, there is nothing author Carole Thaxton has left out. This unique, finely done program will fill a hole in
many home education programs.
However - and this is where I hop over to the other side - contrary
to what others may say, not all children are meant to write novels. I
do not believe in catering a curriculum to what a child wants to do,
but rather what his or her God-given bent is. There are children who
can write but are too lazy; that is a discipline issue. But there are
children who struggle with writing of any sort, and a project of this
magnitude can be demoralizing. Carefully consider the bent of your
child. If it is toward writing, you've just discovered a treasure. But if
otherwise, we would encourage you to consider another language
arts program.
Not reproducible, but easily adapts to being used with a notebook
so that other family members can also benefit from the same book.
Teacher's Guide contains answers, hints, activity explanations and
reference resources. A must-have if you are using this program. For
grades 5 - 12.
515-515 learn to write the novel way $39.95 $32.00
515-516 teacher's guide $5.95 $5.00
Family History - A Complete
Language Arts Program
“Let this be recorded for a generation to come, so that
a people yet to be created may praise the LORD…”
“One generation shall commend Your works to another, and shall declare Your mighty acts.”
“…that the next generation might know them, the children yet
unborn, and arise and tell them to their children…”
The Bible tells us to tell our story, so what better way for your child
to spend an academic year than recording family history. This amazing program contains 30 weeks of lessons and is the only language
arts curriculum needed for the year. Not only will your child grow
in writing skills, you will end up with a collection of stories worth
keeping. Unlike some other writing assignments, these are the stories God wants to be told. For grades 5 - 12.
515-517 $39.95 write your roots $32.00
515-518 $5.95 teacher’s guide $5.00
14 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Teen's Journal From the 1950's
Looking for an example of excellent writing by a parent-taught teenager? Then you will want to get a copy
of Ten P's in a Pod. Based on the journals of a then
17-to 19-year-old son, and compiled when he was just
21, Ten P's in a Pod portrays life from a young man's
perspective, full of adventure and just a bit of mischief. Perfect as a captivating read-aloud book, Ten
P's in a Pod is a book that will delight the entire family. Written by
the third of eight children, this is the true story of the Arnold Pent
family, which traveled a million miles in the 1950's and '60's to share
the gospel via music and Scripture recitation. Many of the children
could recite from memory whole books of the New Testament, and
one son in particular will amaze you with his Scripture knowledge.
As you can well imagine, traveling as a family of 10 was not without
its share of incidents, including getting through Canadian customs,
resolving car problems, and dealing with extremes in weather. Traveling would wreak havoc on most families' commitments to healthy
eating and daily exercise, but not when you are as disciplined as the
Pent family. Perhaps you wouldn't make the same choices this family
did, but you have to respect the devotion and trust they daily exhibited in their Sovereign Lord. Reprinted by the fine folks at Vision
Forum. Hardback. 198 pages. Retail is $18.00.
375-676 ten p's in a pod $12.00
Spelling Game for Travelers
Letterflip, the anyplaceanytime word game, is a
fast-paced challenge for
your family. Play a complete game in less than 30
minutes and know that you have
spent that time profitably developing spelling and
deductive reasoning skills. Even the poor spellers in your family will
wait eagerly for their turn with this ingenious word game.
Letterflip consists of two plastic trays with hinged tiles on top. The
object of the game is to guess the concealed words on your opponent's word card before he guesses those on yours. You guess a letter,
and if your guess is right you leave that letter up, but if not that tile
is laid flat. Once you have all the necessary letters, you still need to
deduce the word without writing it down. (When Grace got the
letters AAIFSR, it took her a number of guesses before she arrived
at safari!)
There are lots of great features to this game, portability being one
of them. Because the two boards and the word cards are all you need
to play, it is a wonderfully handy game in the car, as it will hold its
own against hairpin turns and fidgety seat mates. But to me portability is not limited to car trips. Gone forever are the days I used
to belly flop on the floor for games, and even bending over a dining
room table at the end of the day can be uncomfortable for this not-asyoung-as-I-used-to-be mom. So I love how I can play this game in my
recliner. You will want to be aware that because a secular company
created Letterflip, some families may end up throwing out a card or
two. Or better yet, just black out the offending word and both players skip to the next word. For more about Letterflip, see our web site!
Retail is $19.95.
127-034 letterflip $17.50
Math For Preschoolers
Teach Number Recognition with Kumon
Here is an enjoyable approach for developing the
basic math skills of number
recognition and counting.
The first book, Numbers 1
– 30, includes tracing thick
numbers or white numbers
on a colored background
and moving gradually towards less visual clues.
Children are encouraged to count objects on
the page and this, in combination with the tracing, will lead to the association of numbers with
In Number Games 1 – 70, all odd-numbered
pages are dot-to-dot exercises. This perennial
favorite provides an effortless way to reinforce
both number recognition and counting. The color-by-number exercises on the even- numbered pages are another way to develop number recognition. Depending on where your family draws their lines, a
couple of holiday-related pages may not be suitable for your family.
Numbers 1 – 120 utilizes various child-pleasing activities to teach
upper level numbers. Tracing, fill in the blank, and dot-to-dot exercises that walk the fine line of challenging without exasperating.
Children need to be proficient in number recognition and counting
before you can move on to the basics of addition and subtraction.
These books will help get them there. 8¹/₄ x 11 ²/₃ inches, paperback,
80 pages. Retail is $6.95.
401-775 numbers 1 - 30 $6.00
401-751 my book of number games $6.00
401-776 numbers 1-120 $6.00
Learning about Hours and Half-Hours
Using the typical Kumon step-by-step style,
this workbook familiarizes your children to the
concept of telling time by concentrating on the
hours first, and then incrementally introducing
them to half- and quarter-hours. Telling time is
one of the skills you can give your child to reinforce how useful it is to learn number skills.
401-779 Easy Telling Time $6.00
Learning about Minutes
If your child can count from one to sixty, he
is ready to tell time, right down to the minute.
Slow, systematic approach helps children learn
this difficult, but vital skill with minimal frustration.
401-796 Telling Time $6.00
Better than Drill Work
Most parents know that a child who
only memorizes math facts without
really understanding math will find
progressively complex concepts more
and more difficult to understand. But
what they erroneously think is that
such problems arise about the time a
child is memorizing the multiplication table. Not so. Unlike reading,
an integral skill that is tightly woven throughout our entire day, math
tends to be a more sporadic subject, essential when you need it, and
then easily set aside. That is why it is imperative that a child is able to
reason their way through any mathematical problem.
Mathematical Reasoning is a great place to start. With 264
pages of quick, straightforward problems to build mathematical
reasoning skills in first and second graders, these highly motivational activities will take your child beyond mere drill work by using step-by-step discussion-based problem solving. Concepts spiral
gradually so that children do not forget as they go and are written
to the standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Non-Reproducible.
410-136 mathematical reasoning grade 1 $30.00
410-236 grade 2 available may 2007
(800) 478-0672 1 2 15
Mathematics - Cuisenaire Rods
sed in classrooms around the world for over 40 years;
Cuisenaire Rods are the ideal math manipulative.
Fixed units of length depict numerical values, and each length is represented by one of 10 bright colors. Now children can easily see a multitude of mathematical concepts as they manipulate the rods. An essential mathematical learning tool for toddlers through 8th graders.
Complete Cuisenaire Rod Kit
Complete set with 155 sturdy plastic Cuisenaire Rods. The smallest rod
is a 1 cm cube, the largest is 10 cm long. Designed for use with 1-3 children.
Retail is $17.95.
170-364 cuisenaire rods $14.00
Favorite Cuisenaire Book for Over 20 Years
This was my favorite Cuisenaire book when I was a teaching neophyte. Joy
was 3, and Hope 2, when I latched on to this book, and even while juggling
an animated 1-year-old Grace, I found this book exceedingly easy to use and
thorough in its approach. If you see the value of exposing your children to a
concrete mathematical model, but you are stumped as to how to give a solid
math foundation to a 3-year old, this is where you start. It includes 86 learning experiences, each page clearly outlining the materials needed, settings and
underlying mathematics. With 22 worksheets, access to a copier will make this
book even easier to use. 120-pages, ages 3 to 7. Retail is $14.95.
047-029 idea book for cuisenaire rods $11.50
Wonderful Supplement to All Math Curriculums
Here is another great all-in-one resource for teaching parents. This 120-page
book explores numbers and operations, measurement, algebra, geometry, data
analysis and probability. If your child is using another curriculum, and you are
just looking for a hands-on way to explain various mathematical operations, this
is the book for you. Learning experiences, hands-on work sheets and activities,
what a grand way to learn math! Ages 8 to 10. Retail is $14.95.
047-033 intermediate idea book for cuisenaire rods $11.50
Terrific Introduction to Cuisenaire Rods
Here is a great way to introduce your child to Cuisenaire Rods. It uses a simple two-page format for each letter of the alphabet. The left-hand page shows an
outline of a letter with instructions to cover it in different ways, using the rods.
Objects whose names begin with the corresponding letter are on the right-hand
side, and these are also to be covered with rods. There are questions that involve
counting, spatial relationships, addition sentences, early multiplication and
problem solving. Grades K-4. 64 pages. Reproducible. Retail is $9.95.
170-030 cuisenaire alphabet book $7.75
Cuisenaire Activity Cards
Sometimes children need just a bit more help with certain math topics, and
nothing helps the visual or hands-on learner more than Cuisenaire Rods. Now
with these 48 double-sided activity cards your child will see an illustrated example of a math problem and then can use their rods to solve the eight additional
problems. Watch their learning take-off as they finally understand the concepts.
047-101 addition & subtraction activity cards $19.95 $16.50
047-102 multiplication & division activity cards $19.95 $16.50
047-103 fractions & decimals activity cards $19.95 $16.50
16 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Mathematics - Miquon Math
uisenaire Rod support materials, on
the previous page, can be great supplements but do not provide a complete year's
curriculum. If you have seen the benefits
of Cuisenaire Rods as a visual/manipulative aid and would like them to be naturally
incorporated into a comprehensive math
program, this is the curriculum for you.
Cuisenaire Rods are the basis of and
used throughout Miquon Math. Originally utilized in the 1960's for first
through third grades, however because
of the "dumbing down" of most texts and
national tests, in many ways Miquon covers what are now considered 5th and 6th
grade topics. Miquon remains one of our
favorites for teaching elementary math
because of price, scope and sequence,
and most importantly, the skills taught.
Sample Page from the Orange Book.
The Miquon Math Lab Program
Miquon Math introduces all four arithmetic operations and fractions in the first year! By the third year children are graphing algebraic equations!
With Cuisenaire Rods as concrete models, Miquon Math is able
to teach even young children fractions, factoring, squaring, area and
volume, mapping, clock arithmetic and much more long before traditional curricula approach it.
No tedious exercises means more material is covered but also leads
to a weakness on drill work, so you may want to supplement with any
of our outstanding tools listed on pages 23 - 24.
Over 100 lively pages, printed on newsprint, even our daughter who
typically loathes workbooks enjoyed Miquon Math. The handy chart
at the back of the book allows your child to keep track of his progress.
A secular company publishes this program, but we have found only
a handful of pages that were unsuitable for our family. Retail price is
$6.75. Note: there are 2 books per grade level.
First 1/2 of First Grade
345-039 orange book $5.50
Second 1/2 of First Grade
345-040 red book $5.50
First 1/2 of Second Grade
345-041 blue book $5.50
Second 1/2 of Second Grade
345-042 green book $5.50
First 1/2 of Third Grade
345-043 yellow book $5.50
Second 1/2 of Third Grade
345-044 purple book $5.50
Miquon Lesson Plans And Teaching Suggestions
This one book explains the objectives of all the workbooks. Although
the actual Miquon workbook pages have no explanations on them,
most lessons can be done intuitively. However a few will be perplexing.
This is an inexpensive and thorough book with lesson plans and teaching suggestions for all six of the workbooks, but only the answers to the
most difficult or complex problems are provided. So many moms have
found themselves putting in a rush order for this book that we hesitate
to say that you will not appreciate it too. Retail is $16.00.
345-045 miquon lab sheet annotations $13.00
Miquon Insights and Tips for Use
The history and reason for Miquon Math is told in this 50-page
booklet. There are also handy tips on how to best use the Miquon
materials, appendixes that detail the hows and whys of beginning
play with Cuisenaire Rods, insights into common errors children
make and much more. First published in 1964, the author’s view may
not always agree with yours, but you’ll find this a perceptive book,
well worth the price! Retail is $6.75.
345-046 miquon notes to teachers $5.50
Grooved Ruler for Cuisenaire Rods
Here is a nifty little tool that looks like a 30 centimeter ruler with
a 1 cm groove down its center. It is particularly helpful for early practice of addition and subtraction with Cuisenaire Rods.
560-026 rod track $2.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 17
Sample pages from Level 4
Developmental Math
Concepts with drawings of real objects
Concepts with drawings and mathematical symbols
Applies the concept to word problems.
Portable, Self-Correcting Drill Work
Finally, a learning manipulative that is truly portable! Your children can use Wrap-Ups in the car, at the
beach, at the doctor’s office, or even during a home school meeting; the possibilities are endless!
Because of the portability of Wrap-Ups, they can be practiced anywhere. Wrap-Ups are excellent
for drill-work. Challenge your children to complete a board in less than a minute before they start
the next board.
Each set of Wrap-Ups contains 10 self-correcting joined-at-the-top boards (about 1 ¹/₂” x 5”) with
a colorful, attached string. The string wraps around from the problem on the left to the answer on the
right. If the answers are correct, the string will cover the lines on the back of the board.
This is a wonderful tool for visual and kinesthetic children, and if you encourage them to say the problems aloud, it is equally marvelous
for the auditory child. Because it is self-correcting, your children will have immediate feedback for checking accuracy. (Plus it takes you out
of the picture as the bearer of “bad news!”). Retail is $8.99 each.
380-048 addition $6.50
380-050 multiplication $6.50
380-049 subtraction $6.50
380-057 division $6.50
380-058 fractions $6.50
18 1 2 (800) 478-0672
t is hard to believe that after us-
For the child that intuitively
ing the Miquon program for more understands
than 16 years, we could find another and is bored with lots of repetition, Mimath program that we are equally im- quon will still be the program of choice.
pressed with. A program that, dare I adBut if you regularly experience the
mit, may have worked better with at least deer-in-the-headlights look from your
one of our children than Miquon did. child whenever new mathematical topNot that we have had any major concerns ics are introduced, you will be relieved
about Miquon, but let's be candid, some chil- to know that there is a more systematic,
dren grasp math more easily than others. precept upon precept math program.
Precept upon Precept, Line upon Line
With simple, uncluttered pages, Developmental Mathematics is a
series that first teaches concepts with drawings of real objects, and
next with mathematical symbols, then drills for speed and finally
applies the concept to word problems.
New ideas are introduced step by step in logical order while concepts that have been mastered are reviewed periodically. This pro-
Each Level includes 1 workbook plus
a Teacher’s Manual. One level per
semester is suggested.
gram is so straightforward that the teacher's manual is little more
than a student book with answers.
If you want to give your child an exceptionally solid mathematical foundation, if you are looking for a program that is student
driven with minimal parental involvement, if your child is shaky
on the basics or if you are just looking for an inexpensive, no frills,
common sense program, you are sure to be pleased with Developmental Mathematics. Free Placement Test available online at www.
385-901 level 1 concepts and symbols $12.00
385-902 level 2 addition concepts and basic facts $12.00
385-903 level 3 subtraction concepts and basic facts $12.00
385-904 level 4 concepts, addition and subtraction with tens $12.00
385-905 level 5 simple addition and subtraction without grouping $12.00
385-906 level 6 adding in horizontal and vertical forms $12.00
385-907 level 7 subtracting in both horizontal and vertical forms $12.00
385-908 level 8 multiplication concepts and facts $12.00
385-909 level 9 division concepts and facts $12.00
385-910 level 10 addition facts and skills to three-unit numbers $17.00
385-911 level 11 multiplying and dividing up to three-unit numbers $17.00
385-912 level 12 large numbers: concepts and skills $17.00
385-913 level 13 decimals, fractions, and the metric system $17.00
385-914 level 14 fractions concepts and skills $17.00
385-915 level 15 fractions advanced skills $17.00
385-916 level 16 ratio, percent, graphs and more $17.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 19
Mathematics - Teaching Textbooks
number of years ago
we did the unthinkable
and took a poke at a sacred cow
when we said that we didn't like
Saxon math. Though some families were stoic in their defense,
there has since been a ground
swelling of families who have
come to realize that Saxon, designed to be used in government
schools, is wholly inadequate to
meet the needs of home educators. With their recent sale to a
major publisher, concerns are
continuing to escalate and many
families who are not required to
use Saxon are jumping ship.
Although we sold Saxon in the
past, with the continual expansion of Teaching Textbooks, we
no longer feel the need to do that.
Like Saxon, Teaching Textbooks uses the review method
because they feel that it is a
basic yet extremely important
innovation, which has helped
and will continue to help students master difficult subjects
like Algebra and Geometry.
But Teaching Textbooks is
different in a couple of crucial
areas. First, because school texts
assume a knowledgeable teacher, the explanations are often
meager and brief. If you double
as a math teacher, this will present no problem to you. However
many parents either did not
take upper level math as a teen,
or if they did the process is just a
distant, unpleasant memory. So
sparse explanations can be frustrating to both child and parent.
Secondly, government schools'
math texts often contain excessive use of terminology making simple ideas seem complex.
Teaching Textbooks curriculum tackles those issues head-on
in a rather innovative way, by
combining a teacher and a textbook into one. First their textbooks, since they were designed
specifically for independent
learners, contain far more explanation than any on the market, and the tone is friendly and
conversational. And because
the Teaching Textbooks series
was designed for homeschoolers studying independently, it
uses far less irrelevant jargon
than other textbooks, while still
retaining all the terms that students need to know for those
important standardized tests.
The textbook comes with an
answer key and a test bank.
Wonderful Introduction to the Teaching Textbook Series
Secondly, and ultimately what
sold me on this program, is their
computer CDs with down-toearth, step-by-step multimedia
solutions for every single one of
the problems in the book, plus
an additional CD with complete
step-by-step solutions for every
test problem. The lectures - one
for each lesson in the textbook
- provide hours of instruction,
covering the same material as
the written lessons in the textbook, but many students prefer
to listen to (and watch) an explanation for each lesson rather
than read it out of a book. (Note
that you'll still need the textbook,
because it has all the homework
assignments and answer key).
This is a brilliant idea, long
overdue and skillfully done
with many hours of instruction.
Teaching Textbooks has been
field-tested with outstanding
results. Students using Teaching Textbooks are fully prepared for College Board examinations and college courses.
Enjoyable, efficient, and effective, what more could you
want from a math program?
The Math 7 Teaching Textbook is one level below Pre-Algebra. It includes basic arithmetic, geometry, statistics and probability, simple graphing concepts, and several chapters of real-world applications. As Teaching
Textbook's focus shifts to meet the needs of younger children, this program just gets better and better.
830-070 math 7 lectures, practice and solutions cds with workbook $170.00
830-071 consumable workbook only (for additional students) $30.00
20 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Mathematics - Teaching Textbook
Introduction to the
Teaching Textbook Series
Eighth graders and
students not quite
ready for Algebra 1
will enjoy the conversational tone to this
book; no other math
book we have seen has
been this user-friendly. Pearl has gone from
tolerating math, to actually enjoying it! The
600-page Pre-Algebra
Teaching Textbook
will provide a wonderful foundation for any
child. The CD Combo
includes approximately 116 hours of
multimedia help, perfect for the independent learner.
830-061 pre-algebra - textbook only $70.00
Best Algebra Program
on the Market
The approximately 650-page
textbook contains more studentfriendly explanations than any
others on the market. It comes
with an answer key and a test
The set of computer CDs contains 129 lectures, step-by-step
multimedia explanations to the
650 practice problems as well as
for every single one of the almost
3,500 problems in the book, plus
an additional CD with complete
step-by-step solutions for every
test problem. With approximately 120 hours of multimedia help this is an incredible program.
830-130 algebra 1 textbook only $70.00
Most Thorough
Algebra 2 College Prep
Algebra 2 Teaching Textbook
is designed specifically for independent learners with more
explanations than many other
Algebra 2 programs. The 750page textbook covers the terms
that students need to know for
standardized tests. If your child
has started, but not completed an
Algebra 1 program, you will find
that there is enough review that
they can just begin with Algebra
2. Answer key and a test bank are included. In addition parents may purchase a set of
CDs that contains lectures (one for each of the 131 lessons in the textbook) and step-by-step explanations to the 5 practice problems that
begin each problem set, plus solutions to the almost 3,000 homework
problems and every test problem! This is a remarkable method to
teach a complex topic.
830-213 algebra 2 textbook only $70.00
College Prep Geometry for
Home Educators
Moms take heart. You do not
have to relearn tedious geometric
proofs, because this program is
designed specifically for independent learners. Plus in addition to
covering all standard school geometry topics, the 757-page book also
emphasizes problems found on
the SAT and ACT. In fact, nearly
every problem set includes several
problems that were modeled after
those found on actual SAT and
ACT exams. The Geometry Teaching Textbook is also alive with real-world examples
that make the math concepts worth learning. Each lesson includes 5
practice problems and 20-24 assigned problems, for a total of almost
3500 problems in the book. The set of CDs has all the solutions, the
lectures and the practice problems, about 145 hours of multimedia
assistance - wow!
830-380 geometry textbook only $70.00
Computer CDs
Step-by-step multimedia solutions for every single one of the problems in the book, plus an additional CD
with complete step-by-step solutions for every test problem. The lectures - one for each lesson in the textbook
- provide hours of instruction, covering the same material as the written lessons in the textbook, but many
students prefer to listen to (and watch) an explanation for each lesson rather than read it out of a book.
(Note that you'll still need the textbook, because it has all the homework assignments and answer key).
830-062 pre-algebra lectures, practice & solutions cds only $115.00
830-140 algebra 1 lectures, practice & solutions cds only $115.00
830-214 algebra 2 lectures, practice and solutions cds only $115.00
830-381 geometry lectures, practice & solutions cds only $115.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 21
Mathematics - Key To...
he Key To... series was developed by the
same folks who produce Miquon Math, see
page 17. Though not manipulative dependent, there
are scads of illustrations to make the concepts crystal clear. There is also a lot of white space, large type,
and only one concept is presented per page. The Key
to ... books are not only easy to learn from, but also to
follow along with if you, the teacher, are a little foggy
Length, Volume,
Time, Weight
and More
Here is an excellent
way for your child
to learn English or
metric measurements: units of
length, perimeter, area, volume,
weight, temperature and time. A note to
our USA customers: because no one knows
with certainty just where the Lord will place
our children in the future, we think that it
is our responsibility to make sure that they
are equally comfortable with either system
of measurement. Each series consists of four
books, with separate teacher’s guide, 196
pages total. Grades 4-9. Retail is $18.45.
345-492 key to measurement $15.00
345-493 metric measurement $15.00
Decimals - Be Prepared
for the State Tests
Basic concepts to
real world uses of
decimals in pricing, sports, metrics
and science. Use of
a scientific calculator
is required for two
pages in book 4, and
any calculator is beneficial for exercises
in the other books. In case you are unaware,
a knowledge of decimals is required in most
state tests. Four books, 180 pages total, with
separate teacher’s guide. Grades 4-9. Retail is
345-496 key to decimals $15.00
on these topics! These books are self-directed, which
means your child works independently at his own
pace. What will you do with all your spare time?!?
Answer books are included in each pack, and the answers are clearly worked out. More than 5 million of
these workbooks have been bought since their creation
over 25 years ago! Great helps for those difficult topics. Most workbooks are printed on recycled paper.
Approach to
Learning Fractions
Here is an excellent
way for your child
to learn fractions,
from basic concepts
to mixed numbers.
With lots of white space, large type, and
the use of only one new concept per page,
these books are decidedly user-friendly.
Four books, 148 pages total, with a separate
teacher’s guide. Grades 4-9. Retail is $18.45.
345-497 key to fractions $15.00
Word Problems
Using Percents
This series starts
out by emphasizing
mental computation
and estimation, and
by the end children
are taught to solve
percent word problems in a variety of
applications. This series assumes your child
has knowledge of fractions and decimals.
Three books, 135 pages, with separate
teacher’s guide. Grades 4-9. Retail is $14.90.
345-498 key to percents $12.00
Introductory Geometry Course
for Younger Children
Why wait until high school to introduce your children to geometry? Key To
Geometry can teach children as young as 10
years old how to bisect angles, reproduce
segments, do sophisticated constructions
and introduce them to over 130 geometric
terms. In short, it is geometry without those
tiresome proofs! Though this is not a text
for the college-bound student, it will more
22 1 2 (800) 478-0672
than prepare them
for the “real thing”
and is used by
many high schools
for children not
university bound.
Kit includes eight
student workbooks,
600+ pages, four
teacher guides, and
a unique 3-in-1 drawing compass with no
sharp points! Grades 4-12. Retail is $55.35.
345-499 key to geometry kit $45.00
A Pre-Algebra Program
for Elementary Grades
Many years ago, this was the Key to... that I
most looked forward
to starting with
Joy. I really enjoyed
algebra as a student.
Each problem was a
riddle to ponder, a
mystery to be solved.
But I have been to
enough conferences
and talked to enough
moms to realize my appreciation for algebra
is not equally shared. So I am pleased to
be able to offer what I consider the best
introductory algebra program for anxious
moms and their apprehensive children. This
full-year course also has all of the positive
qualities listed above: new concepts are
explained in simple language, examples are
easy to follow, lots of white space and word
problems that will help students relate what
they are learning to real-life situations. Ten
workbooks, 360+ pages, three teacher’s
guides. Grades 5-12. Retail is $48.10.
345-500 key to algebra $39.00
Math Worksheets
Completely Customized Worksheets
Why do children have such a difficult time with math? Because,
unlike reading, a child can go through an entire day never using math
and function just fine. Admittedly, we do use math unconsciously for
many of our tasks, from baking to stacking wood, but when is the
last time you had to identify an isosceles triangle, or figure out the
square root of a number. Those don’t tend to be daily concerns and
so the skills to solve those problems often disappear. Our children
face the same setbacks, but, until their formal education is complete,
they are on the line to be ready with an answer for anyone who asks.
This is why daily drill sheets are so important and why a subscription
to The Math Worksheet Site meets a need for every home school
family. While we have carried drillsheet books in the past, our commitment to offering what is currently the best has led us to this fine
We were originally contacted by the designer at a time that our
daughter Joy was in need of math worksheets to use for tutoring
autistic children. When she subscribed and saw all that The Math
Worksheet Site could do she knew it was a winner. Her enthusiasm was contagious and it wasn’t long before the rest of us were on
The Math Worksheet Site is an online math worksheet generator located at The Math Worksheet
Site subscription area currently has over 190
different types of worksheets with more added regularly. Each worksheet is unique and randomly generated within parameters that you
select. Your child could work the same type of problems every day
and each time have different problems, or have the same problems
in a different order so he wouldn’t simply memorize the placement.
Topics currently covered include the basic addition, subtraction,
multiplication and division. However, you get much more than just
that: counting, fractions, sequencing, place value, percents, money,
geometry, Roman numerals, exponents, graphing, telling time, area,
volume, and much, much more. Not only that, but each worksheet is
very easy to customize. For instance, are you adding decimal numbers? Select how many digits you want to the left of the decimal,
how many digits to the right, how many addends and print. Answer
keys are readily available and even show the problems worked out.
Since you choose the type of worksheet and the selections for each
worksheet you print, this is the most flexible worksheet program
Unlike anything else we recommend, we don’t directly sell subscriptions to The Math Worksheet Site. Instead, purchase it directly
from them, at using this referral code: SpringTD2007 for a savings of
almost 10%; or simply follow the link on our website. Retail $25.00
With this code you pay just $23 for an entire year of unlimited worksheets.
Quality Hardwood Blocks have Multiple Uses
It is hard to imagine a math manipulative more versatile than Pattern Blocks. With these blocks your child will
be able to learn about sorting, matching, geometric forms and relationships, patterns, symmetry, congruence and
similarity, problem solving, fraction work, and area measurement. Our children really enjoyed these blocks as we
tried to duplicate each other's original ideas, design quilt patterns and make symbolic scenes. This is schoolwork?
Of course it is! Set of 250 one-cm-thick hardwood blocks - enough for 4-6 children! Retail is $21.95.
170-065 wooden pattern blocks $18.25
Problem-Solving Worksheets for Use with Pattern Blocks
This is Cuisenaire’s companion book to the pattern blocks and it is wonderful! It contains 26 animal problem-solving
puzzles, one for each letter of the alphabet. Our girls loved to figure out what blocks were necessary to cover each animal.
This book also comes with directions for 20 activities relating to the animals that involve counting, estimating, sorting,
symmetry, sequencing and visual/spatial awareness. This book, for grades 1-3, is a real gem and is reproducible! Retail is
170-066 pattern animals book $7.75
(800) 478-0672 1 2 23
Mathematics - Drill Work
Math Drillwork Your Child Will
Want to Do
Used in all 1000+
"All Star Award"
Children's Software Review
"Cream of the crop"
Instructor Magazine
“Best Software”
Old Schoolhouse Magazine
We have offered a number of math drillwork computer programs in the last 10 years.
What has been fairly common in all of them
is the lack of a game mode. It is apparent to
us that those programs that involve playing
an adventure game spend a proportionally
small amount of time doing math.
In the past the only alternative was computerized flashcards, not entirely mesmerizing, but certainly effective. So now we are
delighted to be able to bring you The Quarter Mile Math Program, unquestionably the
best blend of entertainment and education
that we have seen.
First, the educational side: you will find
the scope of The Quarter Mile Math Program to be vaster than any that you have
ever investigated. The topics covered go
way beyond the basic addition, subtraction,
multiplication and division. For younger
children topics include counting and place
value. For older children the subject matter
contains fractional coefficients and concepts
through pre-algebra, with all manner of topics in between.
Remember though, this is drill work only.
Your child will need to learn the subjects another way. Nevertheless, you will find this
program to be beneficial for day-to-day drill
and indispensable if your child needs to pre-
For Grades K - 3
With 174 topics and over 22,000 problems, this program is incredibly
thorough! Includes the four operations plus counting, place value, whole
number estimation topics and also some alphabet topics.
335-101 level 1 $40.00
For Grades 4 - 6
Contains 214 topics and over 33,000 problems: whole numbers,
fractions, decimals, percents, estimation and of course the four main
math functions. Your child will even learn some math tricks.
335-134 level 2 $40.00
System Requirements: Windows
95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, 486/33 mHz
(minimum), 16MB RAM (minimum),
Macintosh: Mac systems 7.1
through OS X (OS X with System
9), 8MB RAM (minimum).
For Grades 6 - 9/Pre-Algebra
With only 44 Topics, but over 21,000 problems, this program’s
broad spectrum of topics includes decimals, percents, and topics from
the simplest negative number concepts through pre-algebra.
335-137 level 3 $40.00
Complete Program
This bundle contains all 325 topics from the "Grades K-3", "Grades
4-6" and "Grades 6-9 / Pre-Algebra" programs. Every topic in the
entire product line all on one CD-ROM.!
335-302 levels 1 - 3 bundle $90.00
Simple, Fast-Paced Math Game for Beginning Mathematicians
This fast-paced game is great for little ones who need to reinforce
their beginning math skills, and because it is a game of 'chance', it
is not dullsville for those who don't need the practice. The goal is to
collect exactly 6 of each item. But if you get too greedy and collect more
than 6, you will lose all those cards. Surprisingly enjoyable for such
a simple game. Retail is $7.95.
875-189 gopher it! $6.00
24 1 2 (800) 478-0672
pare for the state math tests that include time
The entertainment side involves the choosing of a car or horse to represent the player.
His horse or car accelerates with each correct
answer to a “flashcard-type” problem. The
horses or cars in the other five lanes are the
exact replays of his top five previous races.
Therefore, the child is constantly motivated
to compete against his own personal best. Because elapsed times are calculated to 1/1000th
of a second, even the slightest improvement is
registered, but displayed in a way that a young
child can understand.
There is an additional savings if you choose
to purchase the entire program at once, but
our suggestion is to buy only what you will
use for the next 2 - 3 years. Technology is
changing so rapidly; it is really not wise to
buy a computer program today that you anticipate your child will “grow” into. However,
those of you blessed with a houseful of children will find that the bundled set will be a
very cost effective way for you to go.
Thinking Skills - Curriculum
hese thinking skills books are among
our favorites because of their tremendous scope. They develop four basic
analytical skills (similarities/differences,
sequences, classification and analogies)
through both figural and verbal problems.
Studies have shown that students using these
books have raised their national test scores significantly in both content and cognitive tests!
What’s more, these books are never boring!
The Teacher’s manual contains the answers,
lesson plans and applications and is optionIn addition, there are problems deal- al, but helpful if your thinking skills are a bit
ing with deductive reasoning, map skills, rusty or if time at your house is at a premium!
Venn diagrams, mental manipulation of
two-dimensional objects and much more.
Comprehensive Thinking Skills
Program for Grades 2 - 4
A very few pages in Book 1 do utilize
manipulatives. However, certainly not
enough pages to justify any additional
expense. Unless you already have these
manipulatives, we suggest that you either be creative, or skip those pages.
Book 1 is for grades 2-4 and includes
answer guide with objectives, and focus questions. 370 pages.
410-107 book 1 $30.00
Comprehensive Thinking Skills
Program for Grades 4 - 7
Working with four basic analytical skills (similarities/differences,
sequences, classification, and analogies) through both figural and verbal
problems, Book 2 is much like Book 1
in scope. Useful for grades 4-7, there
are problems dealing with deductive
reasoning, map skills, Venn diagrams,
mental manipulation of two-dimensional objects and much more. Now
includes answer guide with objectives,
and focus questions. 416 pages.
410-205 book 2 $30.00
Comprehensive Figural Thinking Skills
Program for Grades 7+
Features complex figural and spatial perception
exercises for Jr High students and pre-vocational
instruction in graphics, drafting or design. Divided
into four chapters: similarities, sequences, classifications and analogies. Teacher’s manual includes
answers and lesson plans. 259 pages, grades 7+.
410-115 book 3 figural $26.00
410-116 book 3 figural teacher’s $19.00
Comprehensive Verbal Thinking Skills Program for Grades 7+
The publisher assures us that this is their best book ever. There may be
a sample or two that I would have edited differently, but we have not hesitated to put this into the hands of our children. It covers verbal similarities,
sequences, classifications and analogies. 350 pages, grades 7+.
410-554 book 3 verbal $26.00
410-555 book 3 verbal teacher's $19.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 25
Thinking Skills - Preschool
Mental Organization Skills for Children as Young as Four
When I was about 10 years old, my parents with their 6 daughters ages 2 - 11
spent the summer driving a Dodge van from Panama to Oregon and then onward to Michigan. Cars in those days did not have media centers, and if ours had
a working radio or air conditioner, it was a well-guarded secret. But what we did
have were several large tote bags of puzzle books. It was on this trip that I was
first introduced to this type of puzzle. Mind Benders are deductive thinking
puzzles that develop vital logic, reading comprehension, and mental organization skills necessary for solving real-life problems.
Until now, Mind Benders were designed for older children only. But recently
a whole new line of Mind Benders was introduced for the younger child. Mind
Benders Beginning Book 1 and Mind Benders Beginning Book 2 are intended for children as young as four years old. With your assistance, your child will think about
each story and its clues, identify logical associations between people, places, and
things, and then deduce how it all fits together. A child that can master these skills
at 4 or 5 years of age, will almost certainly find that the twin academic plights,
reading comprehension and mathematical story problems, will be non-issues in
the years to come. 48 pages.
410-068 mind benders beginning book 1 $10.00
410-072 mind benders beginning book 2 $10.00
Visual Perception - A Most Necessary Skill
Visual perception is among the last skills a child develops, yet it is a skill that
he will use for a lifetime. Whether your child is reading, finishing a puzzle or
doing open heart surgery, a proficiency in visual perception is mandatory.
Aimed at a younger child, these exercises are presented in a clear, uncluttered
format, perfect for the easily distracted preschooler. With sections on mazes
(Book 1 only), visual discrimination, and visual sequencing, along with five other
topics, preschoolers will enjoy this so much that they won’t know that they are
learning. Each topic begins with a pretest and ends with a post test so that you
can marvel at the progress that your child made. The winter Pearl was 4 she
loved doing "schoolwork" and Visual Perceptual Skill Building Book 1 was one of
the reasons why.
410-035 visual perception book 1 pre k - grade 2 $24.00
410-095 visual perception book 2 grade 2 - 4 $24.00
Everyone Plays on Every Turn
This simplified version of the award-winning Squint uses transparent shape
cards to build straightforward pictures. Once mastered, simple lines and shapes
develop into surprisingly easy images. An oval, a couple of lines and a tiny circle become a golf club and golf ball. By promoting visual skills your child’s
recognition of shapes and patterns will improve as will his ability to recreate a given illustration. Plus,
Squint Jr. will reinforce, or in some cases teach, the understanding of using symbolism to convey an
Just that alone makes this a good investment for children who need to work on their visual skills, but Squint Jr. is also a great family game.
I will admit it can be a bit loud as the rest of the family simultaneously races to guess what the picture is. But don’t you love games where
everyone plays on every turn? No chance for boredom here! Although recommended by the publisher for ages 8+, I think younger children
could, with a bit of practice, be equally successful. Squint Jr. is an easy to learn, engaging family game for three to eight players. Includes 42
Transparent Shape Cards, 168 Squint Jr. Cards (a few you may want to edit out), Timer and Quick Play Rules. Retail is $16.95.
127-047 squint jr $12.75
26 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Thinking Skills - Preschool
Thinking Skills for the Crayon Crowd
In the last couple years our family has had the privilege of hosting
a wide variety of children, for a wide variety of reasons. In every case,
regardless if the child was intellectually gifted or at some point on
the autism spectrum, we could see a need for that child to learn how
to think. Somehow parents have received the mistaken notion that if
their children are proficient in the 3 r’s, they were successful, but that is
woefully untrue. Children need to be taught how to think and how to
reason and the sooner the better as 75% of a child's IQ will be developed before seven years of age.
Likewise, many thinking skills programs emphasize a couple of
the essential perception skills but until now, none had systematically
tackled them all. But Developing the Early Learner fleshes out all four
fundamental perception skills - visual, auditory, motor and comprehension- via a gently progressive sequence of enjoyable activities. This
proven system boosts these important skill areas through 245 exercises in 4 straightforward workbooks. Very easy to use, this series of
workbooks helps you discover your children's learning weaknesses
while there is plenty of time to make improvement. Each book contains a diagnostic progress chart so you can track progress. Although
there is a page or two that contains either a gun or a ghost, overall
the artwork is charming and the activities are presented in a way that
holds a young child’s attention. Arizona State University tested this
series of workbooks and found that 95% of children who took the program significantly increased in their learning abilities. If your child is
able to manipulate a crayon, he is old enough for Developing the Early
Learner. Retail is $39.92.
218-218 developing the early learner all 4 books $35.00
Tool for Developing Critical Spatial Skills
In their rush to teach their children how to read and do math, many parents overlook the necessity of teaching their children how to think. That is akin to putting the cart before the horse, as thinking skills are a
vital part of reading and math. By neglecting to teach children how to think either before or concurrently
with other academics, parents and children will find learning a more arduous process. MightyMind is
the game psychologists who administer IQ tests have recommended to parents whose 3- to 6-year-olds
didn't do well on the spatial relations part of the exam. MightyMind is more than a toy; it is a tool
for learning how to think. MightyMind has been cited by child development experts
and educators as a tool that develops essential skills every child needs. MightyMind
encourages children to think, explore and discover the way shapes can be combined
to form intricate designs. When done in order, the 30 puzzles in MightyMind progress
in difficulty from using two semi-circles to make a circle, to making a train with cowcatcher! No reading is required. The set contains 32 colorful durable design tiles, neatly contained
in a plastic storage tray with sequentially numbered puzzle cards. Ages 3-8. Retail is $16.99.
127-012 mightymind $12.75
Learn Categorizing and Decision-Making Skills
This sequel to MightyMind, is a tool that encourages a child to explore and discover the way shapes can be
combined to make a design. Teaching children how to make pictures out of various shapes sharpens their ability
to recognize how different forms can come together to create a whole. These skills are the bases for children to
learn sorting, categorizing, observing and decision-making abilities. SuperMind also reinforces fine motor skills,
as children must carefully place the shapes on the card to create the designs. As children compare their tile shapes
to images on the cards and arrange the shape pieces to match the images, they will learn all the skills necessary to
solve complex jigsaw puzzles. SuperMind is composed of 32 geometric shapes in primary colors, 30 progressively harder
design cards, and a plastic storage tray. While the targeted age is 5 to 9, it would not surprise us if your older children, and
dare we say adults, find SuperMind a mental workout. Retail is $16.99.
127-028 supermind $12.75
(800) 478-0672 1 2 27
Thinking Skills - Logic
o excited were we about discovering
The Fallacy Detective, we immediately assigned it to all five of our children.
But with just one book, scheduling was one
more task I didn't need. So we opted to make
it part of our read-aloud time at night. Now
in our best moments, none of us are especially sharp, and evenings just seemed to exacerbate our already humble condition, but
to the authors' credit, this book was abundantly easy to use, and engaging to boot.
Thirty-Six Lessons on How to
Recognize Bad Reasoning
Before you can appreciate this book, you have
to be able to understand the need for it. Just
what is a fallacy? A fallacy occurs when someone has made a mistake in his thinking. Tragically, fallacies and their spread are becoming
more commonplace even in the Christian community as bogus emails and the like make the
rounds among well-intended believers. What
can/should you do? Here is a great place to start because,
while The Fallacy Detective deals only with misleading notions, this
is the most practical segment in the study of logic.
The authors have divided the most common fallacies and propaganda techniques into 36 easy-to-understand lessons. The Fallacy
Detective is self-teaching, meaning no other resources are needed, but
it is intended for children and parents to use together. By using short
chapters, clear examples, a touch of humor, and interesting exercises,
even reluctant scholars will enjoy learning how to identify fallacies. A
full answer key is included at the back of the book.
Presented from a decidedly Christian perspective, with examples
that concern conservative families, like abortion and politics, the authors recommend the book for ages 13 and up. The practice and terminology will lay a great foundation for all other logic study. 226 pages.
770-770 the fallacy detective $22.00
Systematic Logic Skills for Young Children
Reading it as a family gave us some friendly competition as we raced to answer the questions. It also allowed us to be on the 'same page'
as we encounter and discuss the fallacies we
confront every day. Although the authors recommend this book for older children, Pearl was
8 when we started it and we did not feel any of
the topics were inappropriate - heartbreaking
perhaps, but not improper. You may feel differently, so we urge you to stay one chapter ahead if
you are using this book with younger children.
Written by Nathaniel and Hans Bluedorn,
the same young men who wrote the widely
popular The Fallacy Detective, above, The Thinking Toolbox is destined to be one of those rare
must-have books for all homes where thinking skills are prized. Lessons cover (1) When
it is dumb to argue, (2) Using the scientific
method, (3) Five rules of brainstorming, (4)
Who has a reason to lie? (5) How to analyze opposing viewpoints,
(6) How to analyze evidence and sources, (7) How to list reasons
why you believe something, and much more. Once again these
brothers have taken what could be an intimidating topic and
brought it down-to-earth. The humorous illustrations give this
book a friendly feel. Written with the teen in mind, but I didn't
hesitate to use this with our then 11-year old. The concepts are
vital and with discussion could easily be within most preteens’
grasp. 226 pages.
770-750 the thinking toolbox $22.00
I love logic games for children, and will always choose them over games
of chance. Meta-forms is an outstanding game for developing logic skills
in your children. The object of the game is to place 9 wooden shapes onto
a 3 x 3 grid using logic and a given set of clues. Because the initial puzzles
are very straightforward, four year olds can play Meta-forms right out of
the box.
Beginning with some fundamental logic principles, new concepts are introduced in a measured manner, each additional concept requiring the child to use more complex reasoning
skills. This gradual progression encourages each child to advance at his own pace. However,
you may find that the most difficult puzzles will test the logic skills of even the parents! 60
puzzles make this an excellent hands-on introduction to logic. For ages 4+. Retail is $24.95.
265-860 meta-forms $16.00
28 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Thirty-Five Lessons to
Build Your Reasoning Skills
Thinking Skills
ho hasn’t heard of Sudoku? I have read that there are Sudoku clubs, strategy books, videos, mobile phone games, card games,
competitions and even a Sudoku game show. The immense surge in popularity of Sudoku internationally has led to it being
named the "fastest growing puzzle in the world."
The attraction of the puzzle is that you play against yourself, the rules are simple, and yet completing the puzzle does require logical
ability. Sudoku is being recommended by teachers as a good cerebral workout in logical reasoning, teaching children to work out strategies
for problems they have not seen before. It has even been suggested that it can slow the progression of conditions such as Alzheimer's.
A Sudoku Puzzle consists of a grid of 9 squares wide and 9 squares deep; some of which already have numbers in them. The task is to fill
in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9
However, the numerals in Sudoku puzzles are merely used for convenience; arithmetic relationships between numerals are not
important. Any set of distinct symbols will do - letters, shapes, or colors. If you limit Sudoku to a paper and pencil numerals puzzle,
you ignore those who could be particularly enriched by learning to master this very commonsense puzzle - younger children. Many
children who lack the fine motor skills to write in a book could still have the ability to master the concepts of Sudoku, if we would
make it accessible via a manipulative. With that in mind, we offer you several ways to give your family some outstanding exercise for
their brains.
Family Friendly
Sudoku for Preschoolers
The use of color rather than traditional numbers makes Colorku
much more accessible to Sudoku novices, children intimidated by
numbers or just lovers of beauty. The gorgeous wooden playing board
is a generous 131/2" x 131/2" and comes with 81 wooden marbles in 9
intense colors. The included dimpled plastic tray pulls double duty
as both a cover when Colorku is not being used or as a ball holder
while playing Colorku . Over 100 puzzle cards are included with difficulty ratings from easy to challenging. Thankfully the answer to each
puzzle is also provided. You can readily convert any Sudoku puzzle
into a Colorku puzzle with the addition of their color conversion card.
Colorku is such a visually beautiful game that we often leave our board
out and have found that it is perfect as an importune diversion for
restless visitors whose parents are preoccupied. We fill the board and
then, depending on the child’s cognitive ability to handle challenges,
remove an appropriate number of wooden marbles, and let them figure out where the missing pieces belong. Additional card decks will
also be available on our website. Please note: due to some very small
pieces, this teaching tool could pose a hazard to children under 3
years of age, or any child prone to putting things in his mouth. Retail
is $29.99.
160-162 colorku $27.50
Not only ideal for a
child who lacks writing skills, the Sudoku
Board is perfect for a
child who thinks better by manipulating
his hands. Though
not as elegant as Colorku, this is a nicely
done board for older
children and adults
who prefer a manipulative to endless erasing in a book. Plus, unlike
Colorku, the Sudoku Board also includes smaller number tiles, which
can be used as temporary markers as you work through your options.
This is an important feature for any upper level puzzles. Please note:
due to some very small pieces, this teaching tool could pose a hazard
to children under 3 years of age, or any child prone to putting things
in his mouth.
136-126 sudoku board $30.00
Sudoku for Your Computer
With 20,000 unique puzzles you will
never lack for fresh material and you can
expect to see marked improvement in your
child’s ability to solve these logic puzzles
through regular practice. Use the puzzles
with Colorku or your Sudoku Board, or
solve them on your computer. Included is
a handy hint helper and an option to have the answer revealed. Pencil Mode allows you to make notes or erase. This program can also
flag a number that has already been placed. And if you are feeling
exceptionally sharp, try solving the puzzles with the optional timer
turned on.
644-674 sudoku unlimited edition cd-rom $9.00
Requirements: Windows 98/2000/XP, 166mhz, 128mb ram, 16-bit color display
800x600 screen resolution, printer(optional)
(800) 478-0672 1 2 29
Thinking Skills - Hands- on Curriculum
he scope and sequence of this program is phenomenal.
Using just 18 blocks your children will experiment with
construction, geometry, logical analysis, perspectives, design,
and spatial logic. Each spiral-bound book is systematic in its presentation, with multiple levels and escalating complexities. Spatial
proficiencies are vital for everyone, but today’s sedentary children often lack a natural way to develop this ability. The following
three books and blocks provide an enjoyable and successful approach to making sure your child acquires this essential skill.
It Starts With Fine Motor Skills
Canadian Toy Testing Council awarded Equilibrio their 2006 Best Bet Award, and for
good reason. Using 18 sturdy, precisely cut, solid plastic blocks, your children build the
structures illustrated. Each successive structure is more complex to build
and more difficult to balance, requiring the use of fine motor skills, creativity and perseverance. As an educational bonus, while accomplishing these tasks,
children will subconsciously be experimenting with basic concepts of geometry and
balance. While the beginning pages may be easy enough for a 4-year-old, the more difficult
pages will challenge any adult. This is the beginning set in the series and the only one that comes
with the blocks. For ages 4+.
265-820 equilibrio $24.00
Second Step - Translate 2-D into 3-D
In this volume your child uses the blocks from Equilibrio to construct one of 50 illustrated three-dimensional structures. For each model, the type and number of blocks required
are indicated at the bottom of the page. There are six levels of difficulty, and your child will
find that the most grueling level requires fairly advanced logical analysis and
spatial perception. Thankfully answers are included. Equilibrio is required. For
ages 6+.
265-830 architecto book only $15.00
Perspective, Depth and Geometric Forms
This is the most challenging book in the series. Given
an illustration that mimics what you would see through
a camera’s viewfinder, and the type and number of blocks
required, your child will be asked to construct a three dimensional structure that conforms to the image. As he
works through the exercises, and the illustrations become
exceedingly difficult, your child will be given additional
views of the illustration for help and clarity. Answers are included for the faint
of heart, but participants are encouraged instead to develop perseverance with the goal of increasing
these necessary skills. If this doesn’t give your child a profound understanding of perspective, depth
and geometric forms I don’t know what will. Equilibrio is required.
265-840 clicko book only $15.00
30 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Thinking Skills Games
Lonpos 303
Looking for a pocket-sized cognitive workout that is travel friendly? Lonpos 303, with over
300 puzzles guarantees that regardless of age, your brain will be challenged.
The Lonpos 303 consists of 12 multi-colored, multi-geometric connected beads lying
on a divot-like rectangular playing tray. These high contrasting colorful pieces
are housed in a very lightweight black box which doubles as two playing boards and includes 2 full color manuals with a total of 256
Rectangle 2D and 47 Pyramid 3D challenges.
Lonpos 303’s clearly written instruction booklet presents puzzle
problems with illustrations that are a bit small but still quite clear.
Your child begins play by placing one or more of his 12 pieces onto
the board in specified positions, and then uses his remaining pieces
to fill in the board. I love how the game slowly but effectively develops
children’s visual-spatial skills through a series of very logical building
steps. As children complete each puzzle they improve their concentration, analytical skills, memory, fine motor skills and more.
The Lonpos 303 is self-contained within a compact 3 x 5.5, sturdy,
latching plastic case, making it a natural to toss in the car for cross
country trips and unexpected delays. Purchasing more than one Lonpos 303 allows children to race each other to the solutions. Lonpos
303 has won many awards like the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold
Award 2006, Dr. Toy Best Vacation Children's Product and Creative Child Magazine's Top Toy of the Year Award in the brainteaser
games category. Marketed for children 8 years old and older, I think
that with occasional parental participation, Lonpos 303 could be used
with home taught children as young as 3 or 4. Because of small pieces,
it could be a choking hazard for children under 3 years of age. Retail
is $24.99.
403-303 lonpos 303 $20.00
Memory Game Plays in Just 10 Minutes
If you are looking for a very ingenious memory game that plays fast, Little Trackers is
for you. Using 48 sturdy square tiles with animal tracks printed on both sides, and 4
chunky wooden animal playing pieces (bear, rabbit, raccoon and bird) players flip and
move cards to find the appropriate animal footprints so their animal can move ahead.
An animal can only move forward when the correct track is directly in front of him. The
first one to land on their last tile, wins.
Because the tiles are 2-sided those blessed with a good memory will make faster progress, but Little Trackers is also a game of strategy, because you can move a necessary tile from your
opponent’s path and delay his progress. A typical game plays in just 10 minutes, making this game a
perfect diversion for restaurant, doctor, or airport delays. Don’t be fooled by the sweet illustrations,
this game is challenging for tikes, teens and even, or maybe especially, those who love them. Retail is $9.95.
720-726 little trackers $7.50
The Game that Teaches Logical Progression
We bought a case of Rush Hour games several years ago because they were our gift of choice whenever we knew
someone was hospital-bound or slated for an extended, but tedious, trip. Our own set has received quite a
workout amusing cranky invalids, bored children, and restless teens waiting for a foal to be born. The
new Rush Hour Deluxe has propelled itself from a delightful amusement into a position of redeeming educational value. Easy to learn, yet very challenging at the expert level, Rush Hour Deluxe
teaches problem solving skills. In this challenging, one-player, strategy game, players set up the
traffic on a game grid to match one of the cards, then try to maneuver the designated car to
escape the gridlock. The 60 cards are color-coded for four levels of play, from Beginner to Expert, with solutions included. Rush Hour Deluxe includes game board,
15 metallic-looking cars and trucks, 1 fiery red escape car, 60 specially selected
challenges with solutions and a collector’s storage box for easy travel. Ages 8 to
adult, retail is $20.00.
485-490 rush hour deluxe $16.50
(800) 478-0672 1 2 31
Thinking Skills - Games
The Game of the Medieval City
This gorgeous hardwood game, an international favorite for nearly 3 decades, is now
available in a travel edition. The game begins when a player places the Cathedral
piece anywhere in the city. Two players then place as many of their light or dark
hardwood buildings of various shapes within the walls of a medieval city.
The goal is to position their buildings while blocking and out-maneuvering their opponent’s placements. The winner is the player
who situates all or most of his buildings. Because
the initial placement of the Cathedral can vary tremendously, no two games are the same. The result
of a game of Cathedral is akin to a two-person puzzle that must be thoughtfully pieced together.
If your family enjoys chess, they will love the
strategy of Cathedral. Played very quickly, a
full match typically takes ten minutes or less.
In the travel version of Cathedral all the beautifully crafted pieces have magnetic bases and are played
on and stored in a sturdy wooden carrying case. Includes: 1
board, 28 high quality wooden buildings, 1 wooden cathedral
& instructions. For 2 players, age 8+, or maybe a bit younger with
patience and practice. Retail is $29.99.
200-291 cathedral travel edition $26.00
Easy-to-pack Strategy Game
Quoridor is a game where each and every play has the potential of upsetting the outcome of the game.
Should you move your pawn or construct a fence that will impede your opponent's progress? Because
fences are limited you need to plan your tactics based on how many fences each player has left. Failure to think far enough ahead will result in defeat. The rules are simple but the abstract strategy of
award-winning Quoridor is unexpectedly complex. Note: The number of available fences will make
an enormous difference so if you are playing a younger child, transfer some of your fences to him
and level the playing field.
Quoridor is a 2-person strategy game with 3- and 4-player variations. This easy-topack travel edition includes attractive wooden board, cloth bag, 20 wooden fences,
and 4 player pieces each a different color stain of wood. Impressive warranty covers free replacement pieces for 10 years. Retail is $19.99.
200-294 quoridor travel edition $17.50
Family-Pleasing Tile-Laying Game
Tile-laying games have been popular in Europe for many years and are gaining popularity here in
the USA. Of all the tile-laying games we have tried, Wooly Bully has the most family-pleasing potential. Not only is it a bit simpler to play than many, it readily lends itself to minor rule tweaking, making it even more user friendly for everyone. (See our family's suggested tweaks on our website.)
Wooly Bully is an edge-matching, tile-laying game. The thick, laminated tiles are nice to handle
and the delightful artwork pictures the sheep with many appealing expressions. The game
rules are stated very simply, and include full-color illustrations and helpful hints.
In Wooly Bully, players are shepherds, each with a flock of sheep that they have to
care for and protect from becoming prey to packs of wolves. The object of the game
is to build an enclosed field with as many sheep of your color in it as possible while
blocking your opponents' similar plans. When the wolf tiles are placed in a forest, they will
disqualify any adjacent fields that would otherwise score. Suddenly, you discover the game is not as easy as it looks.
Wooly Bully was awarded Game of the Year 2003 (France), Triple Star (highest rating) Canadian Toy Testing Council, and was recommended by Today's Parent Magazine (2004). Wooly Bully contains one cloth bag, 77 double-sided field tiles and a rule book. Recommended
for ages 7 and up, number of players is 2-4. Retail is $19.99.
495-494 wooly bully $12.50
32 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Thinking Skill Games For The Family
A Game for All Ages
The overarching value in Batik is that it is truly a game
for all generations. Yes, it is a beautifully executed game
with high quality wood pieces and yes, you will find that
both visual and logic skills will be necessary to ensure
a win. But how many games do you own that can be
enjoyed by both ends of the spectrum, your preschoolers and your grandparents? Some grandparents keep
both their wits and their patience to the very end, but
many more begin to exhibit cognitive and relational difficulties. Long games exhaust their physical, mental and
emotional well-being. The same holds true for your preschoolers. Batik is an easy, fast-paced game that all age
groups will find engrossing. Irregularly-shaped pieces
are dropped between two sheets of parallel plexiglass.
They may land right side up, up side down, or on their
side. Once a player’s piece sticks out above the board’s
edge, that player loses the game. Then you just lift up
the walls, let the pieces fall out the bottom and
begin another game. This game is easy to learn,
and may be just what you need to build relationships within your family circle. Batik has
won awards in France and Belgium This 2 player game is suitable for ages 3+. Retail is $29.99.
200-292 batik $26.00
Heirloom Quality Game For Teaching
Strategy to Children
One of the first strategy games a child is taught is tic-tac-toe. And
while it is exciting to see their delight when they finally 'get it,' it
doesn't take many games before they experience the disappointment
of a game that ends in a draw. Now Gobblet incorporates the ease of
tic-tac-toe with a twist that virtually eliminates stalemates. While
this variation makes Gobblet a bit chess-like, it plays in a fraction of
the time, leaving plenty of time for a rematch!
The difference that sets Gobblet apart from traditional tic-tac-toe
is that in this game you can move any of your pieces that are on the
board or add a new piece. Better still, you can gobble up either your
own or the other player's pieces of a smaller size. But can you always
remember what color your larger piece is covering? Lift the wrong
piece and your opponent could win!
Made completely of birch, the entire game is heirloom quality. The
wooden box is designed to be both the playing board and the storage
area for the 24 Gobblet pieces. For 2 players ages 7+. Retail is $29.95.
430-430 gobblet $25.00
Gobblet for the Little Guys
In this colorful version of Gobblet you try to place three pieces in a row
instead of four, making it much more suitable for younger children. We have
successfully played Gobblet Jr with 3-year-olds who were immediately entranced
with the gobbling aspect of the game. Includes sturdy wooden playing board, 12
colorful pieces and illustrated rules. For 2 players. Retail is $19.95.
430-420 gobblet junior $16.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 33
Thinking Skills - Games
Strategy with a Twist
Quarto! is a game of attributes and anticipation. Played with 16 pieces, each with four
physical attributes: color, height, shape and
hollow or solid. The object is to place the
fourth piece in a row where then all four
pieces have at least one attribute in common. The challenge is your opponent gets
to choose the piece you place on the board.
This feature is why Quarto! is such an out
of the ordinary game. As each player tries
to outmaneuver the other there is a constant need to anticipate each other’s move.
Not for the fainthearted, or for those who
take losing personally. The Quarto! Travel
Edition board is 7 inches square and the
pieces are magnetized. Although the game
is strategically rich, it is easy to set up and
plays quickly, making it an ideal take-along
game. Quarto! can even be played with a
younger child if you allow him to choose all
the pieces, or if you limit the adult to wins
that only include predetermined attribute(s).
Retail is $19.99.
200-293 quarto! travel $17.50
Visual Discrimination Game for Preschoolers
This nifty pattern recognition game can be both a thinking skill tool
and a challenging game. The 15 very sturdy cards all have the same
objects on each card, however each object is in different colors and
various locations on the cards. Any two cards always have one (and
only one) object that is exactly identical. For a young child, it will be
challenging enough to find the matching items. But older children
through adults will find themselves on equal footing as they try to
be the first to find the identical pairs. This is a great first game for
preschoolers. Retail is $7.95.
875-187 catch the match $6.00
Mental Calisthenics for Kindergartners
I love mysteries, and while Sherlock is not a mystery in the truest sense, it did not disappoint
me. To play the game, eight cards are placed facedown in a circle. Whenever a player (Sherlock)
travels from one card to another and encounters a facedown card, the player has to guess or
remember which object is on that card. If you remember correctly you continue to move. When
you encounter a face-up card, you keep it. The first player to collect six cards wins! Sounds easy,
doesn't it? Maybe for those with a photographic memory it will be, but for the rest of us it is a
real mental workout. The beauty of this game, besides the sweet illustrations, is that everyone is
on equal footing. It is hard to find games that challenge children without boring their parents.
Sherlock is a game that will keep all of you on your toes. Retail is $7.95.
875-188 sherlock $6.00
34 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Thinking Skill Games For The Family
Plan - Build - Win
Unlike most of our other games, Zoob the Game has a very limited range of suitability, but for those to whom it is suited, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything better.
Little boys, ages 4 – 8 love to play games, but they need action or you’ll soon find
them draped all over the table as they wait their turn. When games are just games of
chance, there is little for these young men to do but fidget or fuss. Zoob seems to recognize this by giving them goals that entail planning strategy, even while other players are
taking their turns.
Zoob cards have a picture of a Zoob creation and the exact number of Zoob pieces
needed to build it. After receiving a Zoob card, players plan their travel around the board
collecting the Zoob pieces they need to put together their secret Zoob creation. The first player
that completes his design wins, but be careful as fellow players may be allowed to take your pieces!
The instructions ask the players to keep their design cards private, but if you are playing with younger children, or children easily prone to
frustration, just leave the card face-up. There may be more swiping of critical pieces, but that can only add to the excitement of the game.
Five different Zoob units connect more than 20 different ways to form joints that rotate, limbs that extend and axles that spin, so there is no
limit to what your child can build. Game comes with 37 Zoob pieces, 24 Zoob Creation Cards (some of which we will either toss out or alter),
1 Game board, 4 playing pieces, 1 die, and game instructions. For 2 - 4 players, ages 6 and up. Retail is $19.95.
127-055 zoob the game $16.00
See the Picture; Build the Picture.
All children need to fine-tune their ability to translate 2-D into 3-D. Make 'N Break provides
an exciting way to build spatial and logical skills in an enjoyable way. In this exciting dexterity game, players turn over a card and using the 10 colored blocks, quickly build the pictured
model before the timer runs out. Ordinarily one would have no trouble stacking the blocks
as pictured, but add the stress of a timer and even the most ardent builder becomes all
thumbs. Make 'N Break cards can be either black and white, allowing the player to
build the model anyway he can, or in color, which would require the player to match
the blocks to the card exactly. See how many designs you can successfully complete
before the timer runs out. All completed designs score points; the more difficult the
design, the more points awarded. In the advanced mode players are allowed to pass
undesirable plans to their neighbor. As a klutzy player, I loved this option! Unlike
other games where fellow players tend to zone out, the fact that the completed
structure needs to be verified keeps everyone engaged.
Make 'N Break's 10 large colorful wooden blocks are a nice size with enough weight to stay where they are put. The 80 Make 'N Break Building Cards are of good quality cardstock. The only thing I don't like about this game is the obnoxious timer. It is grating to listen to, but just
as we were about to replace it, we realized that there was some purpose behind its annoying sound. The subtle differences in its irritating
noise were cluing the builder to how much time he had left. So, for now, the timer stays. Multiple Award Winner, including Parents’ Choice
and Creative Toy Award Seal of Excellence. For 2 – 4 players ages 8+, although I think children as young as 4 could
participate if allowances were made for their age. Retail is $29.95
127-056 make n break $24.00
Tactical Game for Two
I am not a chess or a checkers fan, partly because I am not very skilled at it, but mostly because of its monotony.
This is especially apparent in family play where we all have our favorite lines of attack that we follow ad nauseam.
So I was thrilled to discover Tally Ho!, a game of strategy with chess-like maneuvering, but where
every game you play is unique.
In this 2-player game, one player takes the role of the hunters and the lumberjacks; the other
takes the role of the foxes and bears, but both players pursue each other. The light-hearted
illustrations on the sturdy cardboard tiles are colorful, crisp, and clear, and the rules are
easy to understand.
At the start of the game all of the tiles are placed face down on the board. On
your turn you can either flip a tile or move a tile. As in chess each character moves
distinctively and has different objectives. The more tiles that get turned over, the
more tactical it gets.
Knowing that you can't repeat a move, you are constantly analyzing your’s and your opponent's options. Plus
you need to factor in what could be beneath the remaining facedown tiles. It takes a lot of strategy and planning, making
Tally Ho! an exhilarating way to use your brain. 2 players. For ages 8+. Retail is $22.95.
225-235 tally ho! $17.50
(800) 478-0672 1 2 35
Thinking Skills - Games For The Family
The World's Most-Awarded Strategy Game
We like games that make us think, but don't necessarily bog us
down with continual analysis paralysis. Blokus, though an exceptional, highly interactive strategic game, still plays fast. The rules
are so extraordinarily simple, that it takes less than a minute to
learn. To play you place as many of your 21 bright and vividly colored translucent tiles on the slightly raised grid-board, corner to
corner. When no one can make another move, the game ends and
the person whose remaining pieces have the smallest total area wins.
Within this very straightforward process there is deep strategy involved and you will find that your own tiles are far more restrictive
to you than are your opponents' tiles. The more you play the more
you learn but the real beauty of Blokus is that there is no one strategy
that will win every time. You constantly have to adjust your tactic
to what your opponents are doing. Simple, addictive, with good replay ability, Blokus is a deserved recipient of its many awards. Ages
5 through adult. Designed for 4 players, with variations for 2 or 3
players. Retail is $29.99.
103-103 blokus $24.00
Original Blokus is the Winner of:
Europe's 2003 game of the year!
Parents' Choice Gold Award, 2003
Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Products, 2003
Astra Good Toy Award, 2003
Mensa Select Award, 2003
2003 Parent's Choice Gold Award
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio 2004 Platinum Award
2004 Teacher's Choice Award
Best Strategy Games Finalist, 2004 Games Magazine
Easy to Learn, Hard to Master
Blokus for Two
Our family loves to play Blokus, but not everyone is free to do so at
the same time. And while in theory it is possible to play both Blokus
and Blokus Trigon with just 2 people, for us it is more work than fun.
That is why Blokus-Travel Edition is a hit at our house. Similar to
Blokus but with a smaller game board (14 squares x 14 squares) and
specifically designed for 2 players. Like the original, the simple rules
take less than a minute to learn; yet the game has the depth to challenge both beginners and experts forever.
In Blokus-Travel Edition two pieces must begin at a designated spot.
If you are used to the original Blokus then this will call for some
slightly different strategy and tactics. As you would expect you work
to put down your pieces in a way that confounds the competition
and keeps your options open. The game ends when both players are
blocked from laying down any more of their pieces. This travel version of the award-winning game Blokus is the perfect strategy game
for two! Faster playing than the original Blokus, with just 2 players
there is very little lag before it is your turn to play again. Set includes
game board with 196 recessed squares, 42 game pieces in vibrant,
translucent colors, and a guide. For 2 players. Ages 5 to Adult.
103-104 blokus-travel edition $15.00
36 1 2 (800) 478-0672
In this version of the award winning
abstract strategy game the pieces have
changed. Instead of the usual square
game pieces, “Trigon” pieces are made
of one to six triangles. It plays just
like the original Blokus, only now
you must place your pieces so
that they touch at
the points of the
triangles as you
fill this hexagonally shaped board.
Angles project in
every direction, so new strategies are always surfacing as you block
others while you yourself try to escape being blocked. Like all the
other Blokus games, Blokus Trigon is easy to learn, hard to master, yet
playable by almost anyone. The set includes a recessed game board,
88 Trigon pieces in four translucent colors and a guide. Designed for
two to four players.
103-105 blokus trigon $24.00
Thinking Skills for Christians
12-week Interactive
Bible-based Worldview
Here is an easy-to-use
Biblical Worldview course
for teens that will equip
them with the weapons
they need to battle the
secular ideas that permeate
our society. This 12-week
interactive Bible-based
study addresses how the
Bible relates to all areas of
life - theology, philosophy,
biology, psychology, ethics, sociology, law, politics,
economics and history. By
relating the Bible to current social issues, we show our children that
the Bible does have "Timeless Truths" that are relevant today.
Each chapter in the textbook corresponds to daily assignments
in the Thinking Like a Christian Student Journal. The journal work
should take no more than 10 or 15 minutes a day and will really develop your child's grasp of the subject as he answers the questions and
studies the Scripture. Written by Chuck Edwards and David Noebel
of Colorado-based Summit Ministries, this is an especially important course for young adults leaving home because, while the main
emphasis of this course is on developing a Biblical worldview, the
opposing worldviews will be briefly mentioned in contrast. Included
is a Teacher's Manual on CD-ROM. Although it has detailed lesson
plans, instructions for using the course, reproducible activities and
worksheets, it seems a bit much for the typical homeschool family
but could be a terrific aid in a weekly church-sponsored study.
With home schooling, a demanding mini-farm, and Timberdoodle just a stone’s throw from our front door, we feel fairly cocooned
and protected from the appalling influences of the world. But as our
children mature we realize that the best way to permanently immunize them from the corrosive effects of the world is to teach them a
Christian worldview. There are many fine books available that will
help accomplish this, but most use bizarre sins as examples of how
humankind has strayed from the Word of Truth. How could we put
them into the hands of the children we have worked so hard to keep
'innocent as doves?' However, with the exception of the chapter on
sociology, there is nothing in this coursework that would have been
inappropriate for our then 8-year-old to read, and even that chapter
is innocuous enough that it should cause few families any problems.
But if you tend to be as prudish as we are, you may want to pre-read
that section in both the text and the workbook. Apart from that
marginal lapse, this is an exceptional, vitally important course for all
teens, home taught or not.
695-701 thinking like... student journal $15.99 $12.00
695-702 textbook with cd-rom teacher’s manual $19.99 $15.00
Equip your Teens to Make a Stand for Biblical Principles
It is very frustrating
when friends and family
assume that because your
children embrace Christianity, they are intellectual
idiots. More distressing
than a false assumption
should be the realization of
a possible truth. We would
never advocate the 'wood,
hay and stubble' type intelligence that the world idolizes, but we do know that
the wisdom from above
includes being reasonable
and unwavering. To do
both, your child needs to
be up to date on worldview
analysis. Countering Culture will equip your teens to take a reasoned stand for Biblical principles. This follow up to Thinking Like a Christian introduces students
to the worldviews and ideas that are shaping our culture. Looking
at topics like Secular Humanism, Neo-Marxism, and New Age, it
will be obvious to your child how Biblical Christianity is the only
solution to countering the appalling trends seen in our culture. The
Countering Culture book contains a CD-ROM of all of the materials
needed for each of the four different teaching tracks: homeschool,
youth group or classroom, college, and adult studies. Busy parents
will love the scripted lessons, activity sheets, lesson helps and more.
For homeschoolers, this curriculum is a complete 12-week study with
daily assignments, weekly projects, and interactive times with parents. Also included on the CD-ROM are additional midterm and
final exam tests. Retail is $29.99.
695-703 countering culture $20.00
Ideal For Anyone on the Threshold of Change
The writings and teachings of John Piper have challenged and inspired our family, stirring in us a zeal for God and a
longing to see Him glorified. If you or your older children struggle to see how pursuing God's glory is, in effect, the same
as pursuing our joy, Don't Waste Your Life is our book of choice. Don't be like the world that squanders their lives pursuing
the seductive, tragic promises of happiness. Instead discover God-given joy, truly satisfying joy, as you seek to glorify Him.
Don't Waste Your Life is the ideal book for any person on the threshold of change: be it chronic or terminal illness, graduation, marriage, career choice, or retirement. Is your singular passion revealing the glory of God? Nothing else matters! You
are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). Note: for those
of you who share with us an aversion to any 'bad language,’ on page 127 is a quote from a military officer who uses a biblical
term in a non-biblical manner. Having spent most of my childhood on military bases, I can attest to the genuineness of
this type of quote, however decency compelled me to use a touch of white-out in our own copy of Don't Waste Your Life.
191 pages, softcover book. Retail $13.99.
535-535 don’t waste your life $10.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 37
Computer Programming
Programming for Children
If your children use a computer, they
should learn the basics on how computer
programming works, and it doesn’t get
any easier than Terrapin Logo. Logo is an
ideal first programming language that responds immediately to simple commands
that your child creates. This easily understood computer language enables even
younger children to break down projects
into smaller solvable parts.
After mastering simple drawings your
children will learn how to effortlessly animate using their Logo graphics. Terrapin
Logo’s new music system also allows your
children to create and play tunes with
ease in multiple voices on multiple instruments.
This updated version of Terrapin Logo
introduces the Logo Toolbox that contains
commonly used Logo tools and resources.
Add your own resources to the toolbox
and customize your Logo environment by
putting your favorite tools at your fingertips.
Many of us cut our programming teeth on Logo, but this recently revised edition is incredible. Even if your family is new to the language of Logo, Terrapin Logo’s crystal clear tutorial
will give you the tools you need to start programming with little computer gobbledygook.
Terrapin Logo comes on a dual Windows/Macintosh CD ROM and includes complete
on-line Help in HTML format along with a Getting Started Guide, Quick Reference Guide,
Terrapin Logo Tutorial and Terrapin Logo Reference Manual.
Plus, all Timberdoodle Terrapin Logo orders will also receive Logo Works, an incredibly
comprehensive resource for introducing computer literacy to 4th to 8th graders. By using
Logo Works, your child will explore Logo in a systematic way and gain a greater command
of the concepts presented. Logo Works contains 46 lessons with over 250 activities to challenge students at all levels, plus example procedures for Logo Works are available as a free
download from Terrapin’s website. A separate Teacher’s Guide is also available, and
helpful if computer programming is a totally new venture for your family.
This new 32-bit version of Logo is designed for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and
Value XP, and Macintosh OS8, OS9, OS10 and OSX. Dual format for Macintosh/
Included Free!
Windows computers - Terrapin Logo runs on both Macintosh and Windows
computers. All files saved by Logo on either a Macintosh or Windows computer,
including binary environment files, text program listings, and graphics files, can
be loaded by Logo on the other operating system. Retail of both the software and
book is $123.95.
805-865 terrapin logo $95.00
Logo Works Teacher Guide
This guide provides objectives for each lesson, new vocabulary, points to emphasize, potential problem areas, possible solutions to activities,
reproducible masters and more.
805-867 teacher guide $19.00
38 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Switched-On Schoolhouse Software
Home school curriculum is a little like bread. There are those of
us who grind our own wheat within minutes of kneading it (pun
intended). Our eggs are still warm from the hen, our honey harvested
from our own hives. We experiment with the ingredients, adding a
handful of seeds for flavor, maybe a little cracked 7 grain mix for texture. We even try making the flour extra course to save time grinding,
but only once. Most of the time we make standard loaves, but sometimes we make mini-loaves, sometimes buns, and even an occasional
cinnamon roll. When the bread emerges from the oven, we cut our
slices to suit our individual tastes, heels for those who like the sturdy
crusts, thick slices for the famished, thinner slices for those counting
calories. Often it takes longer to grind enough wheat for a loaf of
bread than it does to eat the same loaf.
grade 3
grade 4
grade 5
grade 6
grade 7
Then there are those who buy their bread from
the store. It is customarily pre-sliced, often
enriched, always convenient. There are some
choices available, but never as wide a selection,
and never as nutritious as what can be done
at home. Still, when time is at a premium, a
slice of store-bought bread with a spoonful of
peanut butter will satisfy your hunger just as
nicely as any home-ground, home-baked slice
will. And isn’t satisfying hunger the overall
reason for bread anyway?
In much the same way, we are grind-yourown educators. We prefer to have complete
control over what our children are consuming. We are fussy about what they are feeding
their minds and hearts on. We are particular about what we are giving them a taste for.
It often seems as if we spend more time researching materials than they do using them.
But there are many parents that are just as
committed to their children, and would love
to home educate, but feel that they cannot for
many reasons: illness, singleness, siblings with
special needs or any number of upheavals that
families of today must weather. For them we
are offering what we consider the best “slicedbread” option on the market today.
Switched-On Schoolhouse is a full CD-ROM
curriculum where children learn, study and
do their schoolwork right on the computer.
All the core subjects are included: Math, Language Arts, Science, History, Geography, and
Bible. SOS automatically guides the rate of
student work, drills automatically and sets
the level of mastery achievement. You will also
appreciate the built-in review and tutoring. Alpha Omega Publications seems to have it all covered with automatic grading and
record keeping. I cannot imagine an easier way to teach your
child at home. This program will be a treasure for any parent
who wants to home educate but feels inadequate for the task
because of time, talent or resources. Retail for each grade’s set
of 5 units is $299.95.
Recommended Minimum System Requirements: CD-ROM Multimedia PC • 500 MHz or higher processor • (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows ME, or Windows 98 Second Edition) • 256MB
of memory • 250MB of hard disk space • 800 x 600 or higher resolution monitor, 16 bit color • CD-ROM drive • Printer recommended
grade 8 $265.00
grade 9 $265.00
grade 10 $265.00
grade 11 $265.00
grade 12 $265.00
Individual Subjects
are available online!
(800) 478-0672 1 2 39
Construction Kits - Wedgits
hese brightly colored plastic open squares called Wedgits nest, stack, and balance in such
surprising and satisfying ways!
As your children explore this open-ended manipulative they will be amazed with how the plastic molded pieces fit perfectly together without interlocking, allowing them to build and balance
structures or stack and nest them. They will find that it's possible to make the blocks "wedge"
together and form solid structures and very complex models.
Squeezy-Soft Blocks
With Rounded Edges
Now even your youngest can benefit from this
open-ended manipulative masterpiece. Rubberducky-soft, nontoxic, polyvinyl blocks with rounded
edges lend themselves to stacking in traditional or
even unusual ways. Because there is no peg to fall
on, Wee Wedgits are far safer than the traditional
stacking rings on peg that our children grew up
with. Because of the unique design of Wee Wedgits,
even tiny children can progress from a simple stacking
pyramid to amazing geometric designs. Manipulating Wee Wedgits can develop both dexterity and the understanding of size relationships.
All the fun of Wedgits but made safer for those little guys.
Note: while we have given Wee Wedgits as baby gifts, the box clearly states it is for ages 1+. However the manufacture assures me that this is
not a safety issue, but merely one of appropriateness. Some children under 12 months may find the pieces too bulky to manipulate. But if you
have a physically precocious child who can not only grasp the pieces, but delights in chewing on them, rest assured that they will not present
a choking hazard. In fact they comply with US Consumer Safety Codes - ASTM specifications, and are not only phthalate-free, this poly
vinyl product is dishwasher safe! So it is never too early to be a Wee Wedgits owner. Special price for gift giving! Retail is $29.99.
845-882 wee wedgits $25.00
Sturdy Tote Packed with Wedgit Goodies
If you are fascinated with the idea of Wedgits, but are not sure if your children will be, or if you
are looking for an incredible gift for a friend or relative, Wedgits To Go is a wonderful solution.
Packaged in its own sturdy plastic tote-case, this 35-piece kit includes a couple eXpansion pieces,
design ideas, and 10 sample design cards on a Wedgits keychain. Because of the small octahedrons,
this set is unsuitable for children under 3 years. Retail is $44.99.
845-879 wedgits to go $36.50
40 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Construction Kits - Wedgits
While simple in design, using Wedgits will test
your child's dexterity as well as his spatial skills and
stretch his cognitive thinking abilities. Opposing
forces, levers, and fulcrums are all problems your
child will need to resolve as he reproduces the complex structures. Is it any wonder that Wedgits have
been awarded the "Teachers Choice Award" as well
as being named "Best Learning Product" by leading family and educationally oriented magazines?
Brilliant First Construction Set
As preschoolers our children thrived on short
bursts of structured learning, and eagerly
looked forward to each session. But it can
be difficult to find appropriate tools for
teaching toddlers and preschoolers.
Wedgits is one of those rare finds.
A multi-dimensional building set,
Wedgits pieces fit perfectly together
without interlocking help. Most
children are immediately drawn to
the sturdy plastic pieces and eagerly
explore the various stacking, nesting and
balancing patterns. With your assistance,
they will see the relationships between horizontal and vertical construction. And when they run out of their own
designs, present the 10 examples pictured in the enclosed booklet.
These puzzles will challenge your children's dexterity as well as
their creative thinking skills. There is an amazing amount of spatial
and geometric learning to be discovered with the use of Wedgits.
This special Wedgits set, with slightly larger pieces for little hands,
is designed especially for 2 - and 3-year-olds. But Wedgits universal
appeal explains why even teenagers in our home have spent a fair bit
of time fooling around with them. Available as a single 15-piece set
of primary colors building blocks or as a double set of 30 pieces, see
below. Retail is $20.99.
845-845 15-piece primary-colored starter set $17.50
Finally I would challenge him by building a unique structure, having
him study it as long as necessary, then covering it while he tries to
reconstruct it from memory. I'm sure many of you will find equally
enriching activities to do with this one-of-a-kind educational tool.
Suitable and appealing to all ages! Same set as above, just a special
price for two.
845-846 2 primary colored starter sets $32.00
46 Cards to Challenge Your
Child's Reasoning and
Building Skills
What a blessing for busy moms!
Now there are 46 design cards specifically for the Primary - Colored
Wedgits Starter Set. From simple
recognition of the pieces to complex
designs, the design cards are grouped
into 4 graduated building levels. Each level's
growing complexity allows continual challenge to your child's reasoning and manipulative skills. The front side of each Design Card offers
a color picture of the design while the backside offers a detailed black
and white pictorial listing of what is required to build the design. If
you have loved using the Wedgits to enhance your preschooler's thinking skills, but have found that when it comes to fresh challenges you
have been constrained by either time or creativity, this is the card deck
for you. Please note that the designs will require the use of the jumbo
green rhombus and the jumbo white octahedron pieces that are only
included in the Primary - Colored Wedgits set listed above, and that you
only need one set to complete each of the designs. Retail is $5.99.
845-847 starter set design cards $5.00
More Pieces, More Opportunities
Why two sets? To squeeze out all
the educational value you can from
Wedgits, you're going to want your
toddler to do more than just fiddle
with them. If I had a 2 - to 5-year-old
in my home again, I would really want
to pursue all the learning that is possible with this tool, so here is the plan
of action I would use.
Initially I would need to walk my
young child through the various steps of
construction and the easiest way to do this is to
demonstrate with an identical set. Later, after much practice, I would
simply talk him through construction. Still later, he should be able to
study a picture, or one of my creations, and “follow the directions.”
Colors for Everyone's Tastes
These sets have the same quantity of pieces as primary-colored
Starter Set but the piece selection is not the same. Most importantly,
these Junior sets include a small octahedron which could present a
choking hazard, making the Junior sets inappropriate for children
under 3 years old. Also, the Junior sets do not include the largest
rhombus that's part of the Starter set. The Translucent Set is akin
to 2 Junior sets.
845-922 15-piece pink wedgits jr set $19.99 $17.00
845-923 15-piece purple wedgits jr set $19.99 $17.00
845-884 30-piece translucent deluxe set $36.99 $30.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 41
Construction Kits - Wedgits
Deluxe Set With Glow-in-the-Dark Parts and Design Cards
With 125 pieces, this is the largest set of Wedgits currently available. Not
only that, this set contains 36 glow-in-the-dark octahedral parts, an especially nifty feature for those who want to continue to enjoy their Wedgits
creation when the lights are off. Included is a hands-on instruction guide
that offers "Wedging Tips & Techniques," and step-by-step instructions pictured on the high-gloss instruction booklet. Plus, included for free in this deluxe
set is a 48-card set with block recognition cards, tips and techniques cards and an introduction / instruction card.
The design cards are rated according to difficulty so you can evaluate your child's
reasoning and manipulative skills. The front side of each design card offers a color
picture of the design while the backside offers a gray-scale to encourage size and
shape recognition. Because of small pieces, this set is not recommended for
children under the age of 3. Retail is $105.98.
845-848 wedgits eXplorer deluxe $80.00
Large Wheels Get Your Wedgits Moving
Used in hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers, and of course homes,
Wedgits have been proven to be one of the most creative toys for families.
Children of all ages are fascinated with the endless ways that Wedgits
nest, link and lock together. With Wedgits on Wheels, this innovative building block set can move!
With translucent colors children can see into their designs for a better understanding of the mechanics of
wedging-together the intricate wheel, hub and frame
assembly. (A sparse instruction guide includes suggestions.) Once the wheels and axles are joined, the
child is free to construct any number of unique rolling vehicles.
Wedgits on Wheels offers a creative challenge for the
whole family as they work together to invent sporty mobile designs. With 60 pieces children are able to build larger, more challenging projects. And because it is compatible
with all other Wedgits collections, it can work as a stand-alone, beginning or add-on set.
Wedgits have been awarded the "Teachers Choice Award”, named "Toy of the Year", and the "Best Learning Product" by leading magazines and
have been labeled by educators as a manipulative masterpiece for stretching cognitive thinking. Wedgits on Wheels with its translucent base
blocks, expansion framing parts and 4 large wheels continues that legacy. Ages 6+. Retail price is $79.99.
845-881 wedgits on wheels $65.00
Base Plate Builds Confidence
This 2 sided building board works with all Wedgits sets and allows you
to build what you never could have built before. A real confidence boost
for the very young. No Wedgits blocks or instructions are included.
Retail is $12.99.
845-874 building board $11.00
Link and Expand Wedgits Designs
With 2 short links, 2 medium links and 2 angled links
Wedgits Stix adds another dimension to this award-winning construction set. Compatible with all Wedgits sets.
See sample models on our website. Retail is $9.99.
845-883 wedgits stix $7.50
42 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Construction Kits - Duplo
e are excited to have the educational side of Duplos back in our catalog. Personally
we have owned Duplos for nearly 25 years and in all that time, only a small handful
have ever broken. Their quality has always been outstanding. If you tend to think of Duplos as
toys, you need to readjust your thinking. Duplos, because of their ease of assembly, allow young
children to engage the creative side of their brain. Plus, by giving young children a number of
workable models to build, the educational side of Duplo works to develop their ability to build
in 3-D what they see in 2-D. And as we immerse ourselves more and more in the autism arena
we see the deep need for flexible tools to engage the child in social stories. You will find many of
their other sets on our website, but these 3 are so outstanding, they deserved to be highlighted.
Experimenting with Tubes
Unless you are just learning to walk, gravity is one of God’s most amusing forces.
Without gravity, what would be the fun in throwing your food off the highchair,
or your toys out of the crib? Duplo’s Tubes Experiment Set capitalizes on this
universal pleasure, and takes it a step further by encouraging a child as young
as 18 months to build 4 different slides, plus an assortment of other delightful
creations. Specially designed pieces clip together to form tubes, some with holes
in them so your child can observe the ball as it completes its path. This is the
perfect sibling bonding set, since an older child will have as much fun building
the projects as the younger will have watching the end results. 153 pieces in a
sturdy plastic bin. For ages 18 months and older. (Shipping restrictions may
apply, please see our website for details.)
232-144 duplo’s tubes experiment set $72.00
Kindergartner Technology
The beauty of Duplos has always been their ease of assembly, so why buy a fairly
expensive set dedicated to building structures? The Duplo Early Structures Set is
a 5 unit hands-on course that investigates different aspects of technology in a very
child-friendly manner. They will explore balance within structures, how to use a
buttress to make a structure stable, how to create movement with hinges, a variety
of bridges, and more. By building a variety of models, your child will soon see what
is the best structure for different purposes. In addition to the 107 elements, we
include teacher notes with support for 16 activities, 14 investigation and problem-solving cards, and an inventory list.
Your kindergartner will love doing this for ‘school work.’ For ages 5+.(Shipping restrictions may apply, please see our
website for details.)
232-149 duplo early structures set $80.00
Engineering Curriculum for Kindergartners
As an engineer graduate, I naturally gravitate to anything that teaches engineering.
If I could have had access to this set when our children were younger, it would have
been required learning, and they would have loved it. By building items that have
lots of child appeal, like seesaws, cranes and merry-go-rounds, your child will
learn about pulleys, levers, crown gears, worm gears, and wheels and axles. Early
Simple Machines includes 99 elements, full-color activity cards with pictorial
instructions for 14 models and a plastic bin for storage. Also includes a splendid
teachers guide with background information for each of the models. The guide comes
with reproducible worksheets to help plan structured lessons. For ages 5 – 8. (Shipping
restrictions may apply, please see our website for details.)
232-153 early simple machines $120.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 43
Construction Kits - Fischertechnik
ts hard to believe that we've been using
Fischertechnik for nearly 20 years, but
it's true. With my engineering bent, as soon
as I was told there were engineer-quality sets
available to teach engineering principles I
had to have them. Although at that time our
oldest were too young to get into pneumatics
and robotics, they could build the simplest of
models and be rewarded for their efforts by
having a smoothly running piece of machinery. At least that was our thought. But when
we added Fischertechnik to our curriculum,
we quickly realized that one of our daughters
was incapable of intuiting even the most fundamental aspects of construction. In other
words, translating from 2-D to 3-D was not
an automatic skill for her. Instead of shrug-
ging our shoulders and hoping that maturity
would resolve those issues, we instead embarked on a plan to learn and build that very
necessary skill and Fischertechnik was the process we used. She got to pick the project, and
then every day we would have her complete
just one step of the task. Initially it was not
easy for her, but the end goal pushed her forward and I am happy to say that translating
from 2-D to 3-D is no longer an issue for her.
Because Fischertechnik has blessed our
family in more than one way, and because
we know that there are other children with
visual processing issues, we are delighted
to offer you a couple of sets prepared especially for the younger aspiring engineer.
Engineer Quality for the Kindergarten Crowd
Children as young as 5 years old can build up to four simple Fischertechnik models at the same time. The
instruction leaflet also contains suggestions for making up to 6 more advanced models. With
the identical pieces engineers use to build prototypes, this is an ideal introduction Fischertechnik for the kindergarten crowd. Over 130 pieces and instructions for 14 models
including a dump truck, cargo vehicle, tow truck, simple airplane, sailplane and train
with two train cars. Retail is $60.50.
250-250 jumbo pack junior $55.00
Fischertechnik for the Farmer
If your child finds farming enthralling,
this extensive kit for tractors
and agricultural machines from
Fischertechnik will be a huge hit.
He will build 2 powerful tractors,
hay wagons with twin-axle trailers,
a potato lifter, plow and even more.
Over 550 parts and detailed assembly
instructions for 12 models. For ages 7+.
Can be motorized with an additional add-on set. See website for options. Retail is $105.99.
250-265 power tractors $90.00
Fischertechnik on the Move
44 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Build a working cable car, mountain railway and freight elevator with this fascinating Fischertechnik kit. 130 components and instructions for all 3 models.
250-290 cable car $35.00
Construction Kits - Fischertechnik
ischertechnik began making world-renowned components nearly 50 years ago for engineering companies. The components were used in their designs to simulate new installations, to debug them, and to train those who
would operate the new equipment. Designed with quality
and realism in mind, they are still used in the industry today.
Engineer Quality, Realistic Models
From a company that has become world-renowned for its engineering components comes the Fischertechnik Universal.
If your family is looking for a hands-on way to round out what your 7- to 12-year-old students are learning about physics,
here it is.
Choose from over 24 fascinating models to build including a garage door, sewing machine, transmission, or a hand blender. The models are among the most realistic we have seen, and unlike common
construction toys, these models stay together until you take them
apart. Indeed, with over 450 colorful, injection-molded pieces in
the Fischertechnik Universal, your children can continue to create
their own innovations for many years to come.
Wordless manual means that even your reluctant readers will not
have to miss out. Also a curriculum manual is included that
will help teach concepts of mechanical advantage:
inclined planes, gear or pulley systems, fulcrums, wheels, and
axles. Now you’ll have help explaining why
Sewing Machine
each great project was selected to illustrate
specific engineering principles. Retail value is $84.99.
250-450 universal & manual $65.00
Combination Kit Gives a Great Overview of Physics
If you are planning on getting only one Fischertechnik kit,
this would be a dandy. A combination of the
Universal and the Mechanic + Static, it covers
a lot of ground. In the separate kits there are
more projects, especially complicated projects, but for an overview on basic technology using engineer-quality components, Universal 2 is a hard kit to beat.
A wordless manual is included with
this set, but no curriculum guide is
available. More than 400 pieces, 48
models. Retail is $79.99.
250-470 universal 2 $70.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 45
Construction Kits - Fischertechnik
Planetary Gear
ver the past few years, Project Lead The
Way, a USA not-for-profit organization that promotes pre-engineering courses for
middle and high school students, has awarded
the manufacturers of Fischertechnik orders
totaling more than a million dollars. Project
Lead The Way has joined with 1300 schools
in 45 states to increase the quantity and quality of engineers and engineering technologists
graduating from the U.S. education system.
Engineered to scientific precision and manufactured using high strength nylon, plastic, and
steel, Fischertechnik components are built to last for
decades. The unique design of these components results in stronger and more reliable connections when building than any other manipulatives. Equally valuable in a home school curriculum, Fischertechnik
gives children a modern and proven advantage in learning technology.
Demonstrate Mechanical and Structural Engineering Principles
Introducing the latest technology kit for all future mechanical engineers. Does your
child want to know how a manual gearbox works or what a planetary gear is? What design makes a bridge sturdy? Sure, your child can just read about mechanics, but he will
remember more when he builds what he is studying. That is why Fischertechnik has him
build a turntable when he is studying worm gears, various vehicles/models when learning
about toothed gearing, steering, and differential gears, a lathe when discovering spindle drives, a variety
of bridges to gain knowledge of strength and stability, and many more projects. Over 30 different models demonstrate both mechanical and structural engineering principles. Kit contains an activity booklet on the subjects of "Mechanical and Structural
Engineering,” a separate book with detailed assembly instructions, mini motor, switch, battery holder for 9V block battery (not included),
numerous gear wheels and other gearbox parts. More than 550 components! Covers much of the same ground as the Universal, page 45, but
with more complexity, and with a motor included, best suited for children 9 years and older. Retail is $119.99.
250-870 mechanic + static $100.00
Over 400 Components and Activity Book to Teach Pneumatics
This set uses numerous examples to show the operation of pneumatic valves and
cylinders in connection with compressors and air cells. It contains four doubleacting pneumatic cylinders, three 4/3-way manual valves and an electrically driven
(9 volt) air compressor with air cell. Includes detailed instructions for six models,
over 400 components, and an activity booklet on “Pneumatics-Movements with
compressed air." Ages 9+. Requires 9-volt battery or a portable power source like
the Accu Set, below. Retail is $132.99.
250-267 profi pneumatic 2 $125.00
Better Than Batteries
NiCad battery pack (8.4 volt, 940 MAH) with improved charging using
microcontroller to monitor rate of charge and prevent overcharging. Fast 1.8 hour
charge time. This works perfectly to supply the computing interface for longer periods
of time (than 9-volt battery) and yet retain mobility. Also works well with any motorized
Fischertechnik sets, and you will find the extra cost up front will pay you back quickly with
no more batteries to buy. Retail $72.99.
250-755 ft accu set $60.00
46 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Construction Kits - Fischertechnik
Build a Water Wheel Generator, a Wind Powered Fan and More
Eco Power presents another opportunity for your children to be in on the technology of the future.
This building kit from the Fischertechnik professional series addresses the subject of renewable energy,
or as the German manual translates it, "Regenerative Power." The eight models and numerous experiments explain the production, storage, and use of energy from water, wind, and sun. Projects include
a small water wheel generator and a wind powered fan using the solar micro-motor as a generator, a
simple crane using solar cells, and more. Includes detailed building instructions, a
solar motor, two solar cells, the time-tested Gold Cap as energy store, light diodes,
and more than 150 parts. For ages 9+. Retail is $110.00.
250-268 fischertechnik eco power $100.00
Electrical Engineering for Ages 11+
Introducing a 'constructive' step-by-step way to introduce your children to
the world of electronics. Beginning with the basics of how an electrical circuit works, they move on to relays, phototransistors and reed contacts. By
building and experimenting with 12 models they will begin to get a grasp of
electrical control and electrical engineering. Models include alarms, turn
signals, hand dryer, motor control, garage gate, traffic light control, etc
with the E-Tec module that provides logic and switching control. Also included
is an efficient s-engine, a buzzer, a photoelectric cell, several small lamps, a magnet
sensor, and more. Over 260 pieces, detailed assembly instructions and an activity booklet on
the subject of "Electrical Engineering". For ages 11 years and older.
250-266 e-tec $130.00
Fischertechnik Robots
Unlike many other childhood construction kits, Fischertechnik kits will grow
with and challenge your children through their teens and into adulthood.
Robo Mobile Set is such a kit, designed for the serious amateur robot builder;
it is perfect for the teen looking for something to sink his teeth into.
With Robo Pro, your child can build and control his own robot without
learning a complex programming language. The instructions will show him
how to build 7 mobile robots and one walking robot. The mobile robots feature edge detection, useful if your mobile robot is wandering on a tabletop,
and obstacle detection for your floor-bound models. Your child begins
by constructing a simple programmable robot, and then learns how
to add sensors to his robot. These sensors are what enable the robot
to sense edges, obstacles, and lights and even follow a path drawn on
the floor. The final project is the construction of an insect-like walking
robot with 6 legs that can move forwards, backwards, and to the left
and the right.
The kit includes over 480 pieces including 2 power motors, 4 microswitch
contact sensors, 2 phototransistors and a lens tip lamp. The kit includes a 50-page
full color assembly manual with detailed plans for 8 robots, 84-page software manual and
a 28-page tutorial on Robo Mobile technology. An activities manual provides basic information on
robots and the various components in addition to exercises for all 8 models. The parts in this kit are
compatible with all other Fischertechnik building sets.
For ages 12 years plus. An additional power supply, the Accu Set, page 46, is required.
250-920 robo mobile set $320.00
System requirements: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, a minimum of Pentium II 500 MHz, 64
MB RAM, 20 MB free space on the hard drive. A minimum of 1024 x 768 high color 16 bit. One
free USB or serial interface.
(800) 478-0672 1 2 47
Construction Kits - K'nex
f your children struggle with
visualizing physical science,
or if you are looking for a special
treat for that child who thrives
with hands-on instruction, you
may find the following sets quite
suitable. Please note that due to
the number of pieces, only one
model can be built at a time.
182 Pieces, Real-Life Photos, Key Facts and More
Can your child identify different types of gear configurations and test them to determine how they operate; discuss
what a gear ratio is and how it is calculated; compare
and contrast how different gear configurations function; determine how different gear configurations
change the amount of applied force, speed or direction of movement; and identify appropriate places
where different types of gears are used? Can you?
Well, you both will be able to after completing
K'nex's Gears set. This set includes building instructions for six different real-world models, each model
with relevant photo and key facts. Models include: eggbeater, chainsaw, car window and more. 182 pieces for
grades 3 - 5. Retail is $25.00.
890-896 gears $23.50
8 Real-World Models
By the end of this course your child will be able
to identify all three classes of levers and different types of pulley systems and test them
to determine how they operate. By comparing and contrasting how different levers and pulley systems function your children will more easily identify appropriate places where levers
and pulley systems should be used. Real-life photos and key facts enhance the building
instructions for the eight different real-world models. Models include: scissors, wheelbarrow, sailboat, block & tackle and more. 161 pieces for grades 3 - 5. Retail is $25.00
890-898 levers and pulleys $23.50
Build a Paddleboat, Drill and More
Does the wheel turn the axle, or the axle the wheel? How does the size of a wheel and
axle affect the work performed? Why are inclined planes, wedges and screws categorized
together and how do they make work easier? By building seven different real-world models, like a well, paddleboat, and hand drill, your children will learn the answer to these and
other pre-engineering questions. 194 pieces for grades 3 - 5. Retail is $25.00.
890-897 wheels/axles and inclined planes $23.50
207 Pieces Build 13 Different Bridges
This scaled-down bridge set from K'nex
may be all you need to teach this fascinating subject. It builds 13 different bridge
models, demonstrating seven key bridge
types, and includes building instructions
with real-life photos and key facts. This set
briefly covers characteristics and purposes
of bridge types, investigates how different
bridge types hold their loads, and evaluates
the strength and stability of each bridge type
through experimentation. 207 pieces means
just one bridge can be built at a time. For
grades 3-6. Retail is $25.00.
890-893 intro to bridges $23.50
48 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Construction Kits - K'nex
A Timberdoodle Exclusive!
If you are new to K’nex, we've got an extraordinary deal for you. This virtually
all-in-one set is the largest, most complete set we have ever sold. A budget-buster to
be sure, but when you hear all it contains and will do, you will realize that this is truly an incredible
First up is the documentation to the Simple Machines Master set. In all the years we have been selling
construction sets there has never been such thorough, interesting documentation, ever! And the models
they construct will knock your socks off.
If you are looking for educational activities
that children can do all by themselves, Simple Machines Master can certainly meet
that criterion. The excellent Reference
Cards pertaining to levers, pulleys, wheels and axles, gears, or inclined planes begin
with basic information. After they build the project, using the explicit multi-colored
directions for building the models, they perform whatever extension activities the
cards ask them to do. All you have to do is exclaim over each masterpiece, an easy assignment for these are truly impressive projects. And, yes, there are several very detailed, incredible, useful educators' guides that have general
information, helpful hints and teacher's notes about each project if you like to squeeze additional educational value out of the assignments.
Designed for a classroom, the size is definitely overkill for most families. However, with more than
enough components, several children can work independently of each other without hoarding pieces.
The materials cover levers, pulleys, gears, screws, wedges, inclined planes and more, with activity cards
for 60 models and appropriate teacher's guides, all packaged in a sturdy storage tub. Grades 1 - 9+.
Second in line is the documentation to the K'NEX Bridges Deluxe set. This outstanding bridge curriculum is unequaled by any we have seen. With brightly colored K'NEX, children design, build, test
and modify bridge structures in minutes. Easy to assemble pieces stay together nicely, making these
some of the best irritation-free bridge constructions available. The 174-page curriculum guide is packed
with detailed lesson plans and fascinating activities involving an assortment of bridge varieties and
constructions. From simple beams to suspension bridges, children will discover bridge history, design,
structure, function and performance. Over 20 lesson plans, and activity cards for 30 bridge models of
varying complexity are included. For grades 1 - 6.
Last of all is the documentation to K'nex's massive Big Ball Factory. This complicated building system
shows levers, gears, and pulleys in action. The challenge is to build a 5-foot-tall science-fair quality coaster.
A hand crank lifts several balls up to the tower of the structure. When the balls reach the top, they travel
down a network of tracks and passageways that activate several actions. The balls take one
of four different routes, including a tunnel, a loop, a spiral, and a chute. Bonus models can be built
separately. The building of this model will test your child's problem-solving, fine motor, and spatial skills in
a way that he will find appealing. This entire set contains over 3,400 K'NEX pieces, a 12-Volt Motor and Adaptor, plus
more activities and teacher’s guides than you can shake a stick at. Original retail
value was $335.00. Please note that due to the weight of this set, sales
overseas and to postal addresses can only be placed on our website
where actual shipping charges can be calculated.
890-921 k’nex extravaganza $275.00
In 2003 K'nex decided to
discontinue a number of brightly colored sets, among them Simple
Machine Master Set and Bridges Deluxe. As they
depleted their inventory they discovered an imbalance
in documentation and parts. Because the trend is towards metallic color pieces, and the documentation is
based on the color of the pieces, they were left with a dilemma. Their solution was to put all the documentation and necessary parts into one set, exclusively for us.
(800) 478-0672 1 2 49
Construction Kits - K'nex
Required Curriculum
Forces, energy and motion are the usual science and technology concepts
taught in grades 5 - 7 school curricula and tested for in most state tests. This
translates into a need-to-know subject, but you don’t need to make the instruction painful. With K'nex’s newest educational set your children can investigate potential and kinetic energy, inertia, speed, velocity, and much more.
Eleven unique, easy-to-build models use gravity, rubber bands, spring motors, electric motors, flywheels, and wind as energy sources. Most children
will have a blast just building the models because, with the flexibility of
K’nex, design options and variations are limitless.
But to make the most of the program they also will need to run trials, collect and chart data, graph and ultimately analyze their findings. And, because it is K'nex and not some jury-rigged construction
of mousetraps and popsicle sticks, models are easily duplicated to
ensure valid, consistent, reliable test results.
K’nex Forces Energy and Motion includes 442 K'nex Rods and
Connectors plus 2 battery motors, 2 flywheels motors, and 4
transparent spring motors, comprehensive 3-hole punched
teachers guide with 7 inquiry-based lesson plans, instructions to build 11 models, (4 of most can be built simultaneously) all packaged in a strong, stackable storage case with
removable dividers and snap-on lid. A list of additional, common, items needed for the course is posted on our website.
Retail is $124.95.
890-905 forces energy and motion $110.00
Build 5 - 6 Foot Bridges
If you are looking for a way to add 'wow' to your science program this year look at this set.
With over 2200 pieces, Real Bridge Building will enable your children to build seven different
bridge types, each bridge 5 - 6 feet long! If you have the room, K'nex has the wow. Models include
some bridges from around the world like the Sydney Harbor Arch Bridge (Australia) and the
Tower Bascule Bridge (London), plus local favorites like the Astoria Truss Bridge (Oregon) and
of course the well-known Golden Gate Suspension Bridge (San Francisco).
Because these easy to assemble pieces stay together nicely, this is one of the best irritation-free
bridge construction sets available. Curriculum included offers key features and characteristics
of each bridge type, background information and statistics on each, and investigative activities and building challenges for each of the bridge types written to Middle School National
Standards in Science and Technology. Succinctly, that means the history, characteristics and
differences between the seven real world bridges, and the strength and stability of each bridge
type, are all defined, explored or evaluated through experimentation.
Packaged in two strong storage cases, this set also comes with a CD ROM to facilitate printing extra building instructions. While only
one model of each bridge can be built at a time, there is enough variety in the pieces that two different bridges can be built at the same time.
Can't you envision how exciting it would be racing to see who could build their bridge first? While a kit this size may be overkill for some
families, it is a wonderfully sized kit for homeschool group activities. Retail is $165.00.
890-899 real bridge building $145.00
1600 Pieces, Full Color Activity Cards, Educator Guide and Much More
If you have an older child who is nuts about K'nex and is looking for a challenge, this is it. Using the theme of space
explorations your children will consider accomplishments in space travel; examine the progression in the development
of rocketry; study Space Shuttle components, missions and crew; and investigate the Hubble Space Telescope. With
over 1,600 pieces, you'll find that up to four children can be building models simultaneously, a real plus for home educators. Ten full-color activity cards include detailed instructions on how to build a Saturn V Rocket, an Apollo LuLander, an International Space Station, a Hubble Telescope and more. The 136-page Educator Guide provides nine
extensive lesson plans, reproducible student worksheets, NASA links and charts. K'nex Space Explorations correlates to NSTA standards. Because of the complexity, K'nex Space Explorations is typically best suited for children in
grades 5 - 9, but we know our home taught children are anything but typical, right? Retail is $148.00.
890-894 k'nex space explorations $130.00
50 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Science Kits
Study Anatomy While
Solving a 100-pc. Floor Puzzle
Puzzles are often an underrated teaching tool,
and that is a shame. Their tactile nature makes
them an ideal means for teaching kinesthetic learners, and visual learners derive great fulfillment as
the parts become whole. For younger learners,
few things beat a floor puzzle, and what could be
more perfect than a life-size, (if you are 4 feet tall)
puzzle of the human body? Putting together this
unique, double-sided floor puzzle will teach your
children about their skeletal structure on one side and
their internal organs and major arteries on the other side. No gender-sensitive details to make you
uncomfortable! The 100 durable cardboard pieces are 20% thicker than other puzzles and the easyclean surface will help keep the puzzle looking great for successive children. Large puzzle piece size
makes construction more doable for small hands. Learning the basics of anatomy is easier when the
details are child-sized and accurately portrayed in simple, clear components. Measures 18" x 50" when
completed. For ages 3 yrs. and up.
173-273 human body floor puzzle $9.00
Our Most Popular Anatomy Game for over 15 Years
What a neat way to learn about our innards, what they are, and what they
do. There are four SomeBody game boards, each with a child and appropriate
outlines that 20 different body part stickers are placed on. The stickers are
made of transparent vinyl so you can reuse them indefinitely.
You receive two different sets of cards, one with just the names of body parts
for younger children, and one card deck listing their functions. For those of
us who prefer to know, a bladder is depicted, but no gender-related details are
featured. Recommended age is 6 -10, but Grace enjoyed it at 4! Now with 50 more cards pertaining to bones and muscles, Somebody is able to
challenge even an older child. 2 - 4 players. Retail $25.00.
035-148 somebody $20.00
Construct Inner Ears, Spinal Columns, Respiratory Systems and Much More
This is an unbeatable way to teach some of the major parts and functions of the human body. All
your family will need to use The Body Book are simple household supplies like tape and scissors, and
access to a photocopy machine.
With detailed, easy-to-follow instructions, your children will have a wonderful time coloring and
constructing inner ears, spinal columns, respiratory systems and much more. Not only will they
learn more using this method, but they will retain more too.
Lots of suggested projects and follow-up topics, so even in a multi-grade-level home children can
be working simultaneously on the same subject matter, at different difficulty levels. Because this is
published for classroom use, there is the obligatory information on the damaging effects of drugs,
nicotine and alcohol. You can either skip over the information or cover it depending on your own
family’s situation. This book is recommended for grades 3-6, but some older children would gain tremendously by this hands-on approach.
Even a younger child could learn a wealth of information if you were willing to help him with the cutting and construction. Retail $18.95.
019-013 the body book $13.50
(800) 478-0672 1 2 51
Science Kits - Electronics
60+ Color-Coded Parts and 300 Projects
Make a Fine Introduction to Electronics
Being a Timberdoodle 'chick' (a Timberdoodle is a bird) is not an easy
assignment. Sure, you have immediate access to all sorts of leading
edge educational materials. But that more often than not means previewing new curriculum while also keeping up with the old program.
So when Pearl, then 8, saw that Electronic Snap Circuits Kit had over
300 projects, she panicked. "Couldn't I just hope that I marry a man
that already knows electronics?," she pleaded. Nope. The box said for
ages 8 and older and we had to know if the typical 8-year-old can follow
the instructions and build the projects. We not only found out that an 8-year-old can
utilize this kit, but that our initially reluctant 8-year-old loved it!
The Electronic Snap Circuits Kit, with simple-to-construct projects, uses 60+ color coded parts
with snaps to assemble the different electrical and electronic circuits. Includes a switch, lamp, battery
and different length wire blocks, plus such nifty items as a whistle chip, photosensitive resistor, speaker,
fan, music-integrated circuit and alarm integrated circuit. As your child progresses through the 300+ projects
many important design concepts are introduced and developed. With all the bells and whistles, and believe me there is no lack of clanging
bells or ear piercing whistles in this set, your child is sure to find electronics as captivating as Pearl did. Recommended for ages 8+. Retail is
$59.95. 76 page Student and Teacher Guide available separately.
125-135 electronic snap circuits kit $47.00
125-163 student and teacher guide $15.00 $12.00
500+ Projects Teach Electronics in a Memorable Way
Bigger and better than ever! This Electronic Snap Circuits Kit comes with instructions on how to build over 500 simple-to-construct projects, and contains more
color-coded parts, over 75, to assemble the different electrical and electronic
circuits. Includes a lamp, battery, and different length wire blocks, plus such
nifty items as a whistle chip, photosensitive resistor, speaker, fan, musicintegrated circuit, voice recording IC, FM radio module, analog meter,
7-segment LED display, and alarm integrated circuit. Recommended
for ages 8+. Retail is $89.95. 112 page Student and Teacher Guide available separately.
125-150 snap circuits pro $72.50
125-172 student and teacher guide $22.85 $18.50
Build a RC Rover with Lights and Sound
For nearly five years Electronic Snap Circuits Kits have been instrumental for teaching electronics to countless home school children.
Remote Control Snap Rover takes the learning in another direction by
enabling these same young people to build a working remote control
vehicle. Using the familiar Snap Circuits parts that snap together with
ease (absolutely no soldering or tools are required), your child will
soon find himself engrossed in one of 23 different objectives including
building a rotating rover with light, building a rover with two sound
levels, or using the rover to send Morse Code.
RC Snap Rover is a complete, stand alone kit. But if you already own
one of our other Snap Circuit sets, you'll be happy to know that there
are a couple bonus projects included just for you, like building a night
rover that measures available light and responds with a machine gun
sound. RC Snap Rover comes with a user-friendly wireless remote
control. This uncomplicated multi- function remote control allows
the rover to move forward, backward, to the left and to the right. A
full color assembly manual is included, but you will need to supply the
required (1) 9V and (6) AA batteries. For ages 8+, retail is $74.95.
125-155 snap circuit rc rover $60.00
52 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Science Kits
New, Improved Antworks
I love the flexibility of this new and improved AntWorks! Now there are even more ways for us
to take seriously God's proposal to consider the ant and be wise. Ant farms in my day were messy
and prone to leaks. Plus there was the ongoing question of what and how much to feed the ants.
But AntWorks uses a state-of-the-art nutritious gel that will provide both food and water. AntWorks TunnelVision can be used as a stand-alone unit, or thanks to the new ports, it
can also be joined to other TunnelVisions and create either a circle or
a wave. With escape-proof AntDocks located in the upper and lower
portions of the nutritious aqua-blue gel, your ants may now have the
option to eat and build intricate tunnels in more than one unit.
Each AntWorks TunnelVision includes 1 AntWorks TunnelVision
with AntDocks, translucent tubing, magnifying lens, and zoom lens.
The included instruction booklet has a couple of evolutionary statements that logic would say seem to point more to Intelligent Design
than evolution; go figure. Ants are sold separately or they can be gathered from around your property. If you find the circle option as intriguing as we do, you will need 6 AntWorks TunnelVision to create
a complete circle. Not just for home entertainment, AntWorks also
makes a great desktop conversation starter at the office! 6.5 inches by
5.5 inches. Retail is $25.00.
605-609 antworks tunnelvision $20.00
Legos with an Educational Flair
Lego pieces are as common in a teaching home as fleas
on a dog. That is why we knew that the Lego Action
Contraptions would be an instant success. Published
by that zany company Klutz Press, the humor in the
Lego Action Contraptions can be somewhat adolescent, but we were wowed by the variety of the projects and the smooth construction process. As any Lego fan knows, Lego creations are notorious for
falling apart half-way through the construction process, but these projects are
so well engineered that the fun heavily out-weighs the frustration.
The manual is very clear and easy to use, and there is an attached pouch
with 60 Lego Technic pieces, probably unlike what you currently have. These
pieces will allow your child to build five models ranging from a simple top to
a more complex balloon-powered car. Then, with the addition of some of the
standard Lego bricks you step on every night, there are five more models your
child can build, all fairly complex. My favorite was the Trapdoor Cable Car
Parachute Machine, but for some odd reason, the children seemed to prefer
the candy machine. Mmmm. Suggested for ages 7+, small pieces make it
unsuitable for children younger than 3 years old. Retail is $19.95.
350-166 lego action contraptions $14.50
600 Bits of Information
Whoa! Chemistry, Astronomy, Life Science, Geology and Physics? These are the Wrap-ups
for your older children. A bit more difficult than other Wrap-ups, this kit includes five sets and
covers 600 key bits of information. Perfect review for those end-of-the-year tests. Answers are
included, whew! Retail $39.99.
380-113 science wrap-ups $28.25
(800) 478-0672 1 2 53
Basic Chemistry for Grades 4 - 8
Chemistry for younger children? While I've loved the idea, until now it has been impossible to find
an adequate resource. But the kind folks that publish the widely acclaimed Christian Kids Explore
Biology, sent us a copy of Christian Kids Explore Chemistry and it is everything I was looking for.
Well organized and easy-to-use, Christian Kids Explore Chemistry is all you need to teach a basic
chemistry course to children in grades 4 - 8. Each of the 30 weeks of straightforward lessons builds
upon the last allowing the child to develop a thorough command of the concepts. The 384-page book
explains chemistry terms, notations, and rules in a conversational style most children find appealing.
But even more appealing than the engaging text, are the hands-on activities that include building
atomic and molecular models, hunting for acids and bases, and evaluating products for macromolecules. I am quite impressed with the scope of this book and believe that children who master these
concepts before high school chemistry will have a definite edge. List price is $29.95.
088-917 christian kids explore chemistry $23.00
hames and Kosmos is our hands-down
favorite science kit company. Their
outstanding documentation is complete and
their choices of topics never fail to engage the
interests of children. If you are tired of enter-
tainment-driven quasi-scientific kits, these
kits will thrill you. Your children will not
only be eager participants, but they will also
learn the hows and whys of what they did.
Systematic Approach To Chemistry
32 Classic Experiments For a Foundation in Chemistry
There are lots of chemistry-type kits available, but this is one of the
best. Easy to understand, but no nonsense in its approach, C500 has
32 experiments that will lay a foundation into what exactly chemistry
is. Recommended for children 10 and older with adult supervision, as
the kit contains some potentially dangerous chemicals. Comes with
everything you will need except for a 9 volt battery and other common items. Age 10+. Please note that C500 replaces the last year's C101
with more experiments and an even better manual. Retail $31.95.
645-640 chem c500 $26.00
54 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Bigger and better than ever, Chem C1000 will lead your child
through 75 diverse experiments, as it lays the groundwork for understanding chemistry. The 40-page, full-color Experiment Manual
introduces young scientists to a broad range of chemical phenomena
and hands-on laboratory experience. Using a magic tricks theme as
an enticement to master some of the experiments, I appreciate the
declaration that all magic is merely deception, and that scientists
should not allow themselves to be deceived. Children are even encouraged to share with their audiences why the tricks work. Not all
the experiments have wow-appeal, but this is a systematic program
that does more than excite, it educates. Recommended for children
10 and older. I strongly recommend adult supervision as the kit contains some potentially scary chemicals. Retail is $82.95.
645-705 chem c1000 $68.00
Science Kits - Solar
hames and Kosmos seems to have the corner on exceptional science kits because nothing else we have seen compares to their documentation both for
its completeness and its ability to engage the mind of the child. Ordinary science kits
are less educational and more entertainment driven. Not so with these Thames and
Kosmos kits, as your children learn the hows and whys of what they did. Secular
in nature, but not improper, these sets are conceived in Germany, made in China.
Children as Young as Eight
can Understand Solar Energy
Did you know that in less than 1 hour the sun delivers
as much free energy as will be consumed by earth’s population for one entire year? Solar energy is not only unending, the amount produced is staggering. As the cost for
producing solar energy drops, and the costs of fossil fuel
rises, producing energy from the sun will become more
widespread. Give your children a working knowledge of
this vast resource with Physics Solar Workshop.
Physics Solar Workshop takes the basic laws of physics to
application by addressing the topic of solar power. Each
kit includes a solar panel that connects to and powers
various models. Focusing on photovoltaic cells, Physics
Solar Workshop enables children as young as 8 to get a
real grasp of solar energy.
By building 12 models, like a solar-powered tractor, elevator, drawbridge, fan, airplane, and construction crane, as well as conducting 30
experiments, they will learn how solar cells transform light into electrical energy. There are 320 reusable parts, many of which slide or snap
together. The 64-page book offers illustrated instructions for the projects. Ages 8 and up. Retail is $59.95.
645-840 physics solar workshop $50.00
70 Experiments Integrating Science and Mathematics
This exceptional kit with its experiments in sustainable alternative energy is not
only technologically forward-looking, but also excels in making a difficult topic clear
to students. This is accomplished through an engaging storyline and the extensive
use of 70 experiments integrating science and mathematics.
The setting has the grown descendants of Robinson Crusoe landing on an island that
is fairly bereft of modern technology. To survive, they must learn how to harness the
power of the sun and the wind as well as discover electrochemical and plant energy.
By the end of the course your child will have built 20 different small-scale models
including a model house complete with solar panels, a windmill, greenhouse and
desalination system. They will learn how to convert sunlight into energy, build a
hygrometer, test a refrigerator, split water into hydrogen and oxygen, lift pencils
with the sun, learn to sail with the wind, by the wind, and against the wind and examine a mixed energy vehicle. They will also build and
operate a solar cooker, electric motor, power hoist, sail car and much more! Kit, with solar house and greenhouse parts, LED, solar motor,
propellers, iron core, ring magnet, thermometer, test tube holder, copper foil, zinc plate and literally dozens of other parts, provides you
with virtually everything you need. All that is lacking are a few common household items. The 96-page Experiment Manual abounds with
clear full-color illustrations.
Is there anything we didn't like about this kit? Well, yes, we did have a couple quibbles, mostly the result of Power House being produced
by a secular company. You should expect a sporadic reference to evolutionary dating, mild politically/ecologically correct statements and an
occasional plea from some of the participants to live for the fun of today. Unlike their famous ancestor, these young adults are more concerned
about living ecologically than living Biblically. Those of you who enjoyed Robinson Crusoe for both his ingenuity and his reliance on God,
will be disappointed if you look for a similar dependence here. Ages 12 and up due to the complexity of the models and the delicate nature of
some of the components. Retail is $149.95.
645-655 power house kit $130.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 55
Science Kits
arents' Choice Foundation awarded Fuel
Cell Car & Experiment Kit
the Silver Award in the Foundation's 2002 fall selection
of "doing and learning toys."
Reviewers at Parents' Choice
wrote: "Wow! Usually when toys
say there are 30 experiments,
there are a few basic experiments and the others amount
to small changes and variations
on the basic ones. Not so here.
The experiments, based on
building a model car that runs
on water, are versatile and cover a wide range of phenomena.
The background for each phenomenon is extensive. The lab
manual and experiment guide is
a 96-page fount of information - from how fuel cells work as an
energy source, to the social effects
of cars powered by fuel cells...”
Learn Tomorrow's Technology Today
One of the blessings of home education is the ability to teach our
children cutting edge technology, today, while it is still new. How
many government schools, or even private schools, do you know of
where children are building and experimenting with fuel cells? And
what exactly is a fuel cell? It is any device where a chemical reaction
is converted into electricity. Energy leaders foresee a future where
individual homes will meet their own electrical needs through the
use of fuel cells. Air pollution, caused by combustible engines, can
also be eliminated through the use of fuel cells. Far more efficient
than a generator, since the fuel is converted more directly to electricity, and much, much quieter because the fuel cell itself has no moving
parts, fuel cells do not run down or require recharging, and operate
as long as the fuel and an oxidizer are supplied continuously from
outside the cell.
Obviously, having a working knowledge of fuel cells could give
your children an advantage in this technologically driven world. The
Thames & Kosmos Fuel Cell Kit provides a fascinating introduction to this most significant technology.
The hallmark of this kit is its incredibly comprehensive lab
manual with more than 30 experiments and demonstrations.
By constructing his own reversible fuel cell car model that actually runs on water and a solar cell, your child will learn how a reversible fuel
cell performs electrolysis as well as how it produces electricity.
The electricity required to activate electrolysis is created with the
3-volt crystalline silicon solar cell that is included. The kit also contains the complete reversible fuel cell (hydrocycle system), car parts,
gas collector, protective goggles, small electronic parts, digital multimeter and more.
Additional experiments include effects of direct and indirect radiation, characteristics of a solar module, electrolysis and its effect on water,
decomposition of water in the fuel cell, how efficient is electrolysis, solar
electrolysis, and many more. The more than 30 experiments and demonstrations explain the physics upon which this exciting technology is based.
As absorbing as the projects are, it is not an easy subject and will be most
successful in the hands of teens. Everything you need is included except for
distilled water that you will need to provide. Retail is $149.95.
645-645 fuel cell $130.00
Complete Electronics Course for Your Teen
If you have an older child who would like to learn electronics, we have found what we think is the best at-home course currently available. Similar to sets that used to be readily available at electronics stores, the 500-in-1 Electronic Lab is by far the
superstar of them all.
As the name implies, there are over 500 electronic experiments in a wide range of topics ranging from special lighting
effects to radio transmitter and receivers, electronic sound effects, even simple computer programming. Using a built-in
breadboard for easy wiring and connection of components and an LCD to indicate information during the experiment in
process, your child will build knowledge by exploring analog and digital circuits and learn how to read schematic diagrams.
Kit includes three of what the supplier terms as easy-to-read illustrated lab-style manuals. They are illustrated, and the text is friendly
and personal, but I would hesitate to label them easy. I suppose that a lot will depend on your background, but initially you should plan
to spend some introductory time with any child new to electronics. The first book, the entry course, is an introduction to familiarize your child
with the basics of electronics. It has over 250 experiments pertaining to both analog and digital circuits. Book 2, the advanced course, will increase
the depth of their understanding of analog and digital circuits with over 140 additional experiments. Book 3 is the programming course, wherein
your child will learn the fundamentals of computer programming.
Do you, like us, think that knowing electronics is an essential, not optional, skill for our sons? (I suppose my gender bias is showing.) In this fastpaced, electronics-driven world it is no longer enough to learn the basics of electronics. You need to know how to put this knowledge to work, and
500-in-1 Electronic Lab will give you that necessary information. If your child does not share your enthusiasm for electronics, we suggest starting this
program when your son is a young teen so that he will be able to complete all the experiments without the pressure of time. The 500-in-1 Electronic
Lab includes transistors, transformers, diodes, resistors, capacitors, phototransistors, integrated circuits, speaker, earphone, 8 LEDs, and LED
digit display. No soldering required and everything is battery powered. Requires 6 "AA" batteries, not included. This is an extremely complex
course. Suggested for children 10 and older, but I probably wouldn't even consider it for any child younger than 12. Retail is $202.95.
125-131 500-in-1 electronic lab $185.00
56 1 2 (800) 478-0672
4. Children as young as 8 who love science and are bored with
juvenile science courses.
But with some initiative Biology 101 can also be used as a fullblown accredited biology course. Towards that end a 12-page Course
Accreditation Program booklet is included.
While Biology 101 was designed specifically for ages 15 years old
and up, if you have younger children in your home you will be relieved to know that every word, graphic and picture in Biology 101 is
appropriate for the entire family. In fact, while this may be technically geared for high school students, there is no reason whatsoever
that a younger child couldn’t glean a massive amount of biology
knowledge from this course and be further ahead for it.
A printable pdf with quizzes and discussion questions is included.
Retail is $69.95
101-365 biology 101 $50.00
Teaching Biology
with a Classical Approach
Biblically Sound, Accurate Biology
In the Christian home school realm, too often what appeals about a
product is its religiosity, and not its excellence. For example, you know
that you cannot do an honest job of teaching biology, unless you use
a resource that is both scientifically accurate, and God glorifying. Yet
many times a teaching parent may have to sacrifice one for the other.
Not so with Biology 101. Two years ago the preview short film
From Genesis to Genes was the first-place winner in the
Creation Category at the 2004 San Antonio Independent Christian
Film Festival, sponsored by Vision Forum Ministries. Now the expanded version, consisting of 4 DVDs, is available to teach your entire
family high school level biology in a systematic way.
Developed and hosted by homeschooling father, Multnomah Bible
College graduate, and 15-year veteran filmmaker Wes Olson, Biology
101 approaches teaching biology by classifying all of life according
to the days of creation. Individual segments include classification,
plants, aquatic creatures, avian creatures, land animals, mankind,
cells, and genetics. Upon its completion it was submitted to the Institute of Creation Research where it was intensely scrutinized and
was found to be scientifically accurate. Nearly 4500 hours were spent
researching and developing Biology 101.
Biblically sound and scientific, but is it appealing? Absolutely! In
fact, we have never seen a more engaging approach to biology. Using
eye-catching video footage supported by hundreds of captivating
visuals and graphics, Wes does an excellent job of explaining even
the most complex of topics. And if retention is important to you, you
will especially appreciate Wes' effort to cement any new vocabulary
through the use of word pictures.
Biology 101 is best for students who;
1. Would benefit from an overview before an intense biology
2. Struggle with textbook learning but readily learn via discussions.
3. Are not college-bound but need the basics of biology.
This nifty book is quite versatile,
adaptable for children from grades 1 - 6
and even beyond as a review tool. While
Christian Kids Explore Biology is a 35week course targeted for grades 3 - 6, the
informative text has an appealing conversational tone that younger children will
find understandable.
Based on a classical and "living books"
approach, Christian Kids Explore Biology
covers the basics of biology, plants, birds,
mammals, humans, reptiles, insects, and water creatures. Because
there are many opportunities for children to demonstrate their new
knowledge through the use of review quizzes and periodic writing
assignments, Jr High children for whom biology has somehow fallen
between the cracks, can work through Christian Kids Explore Biology
on their own. Just reading the information and answering the questions will lay an essential foundation for them. But younger children
will enjoy the appealing supplemental projects sprinkled throughout
the book. Unless your family is strictly 'roots and shoots' in eating,
your children are sure to love the edible 3-D cell.
Christian Kids Explore Biology is incredibly user-friendly, supplying ideas for suggested extra reading, even recommendations about
topic-appropriate videos. Plus, at the start of each unit is a list of
materials needed for the hands-on portion, much of which you will
already have or will be inexpensive to purchase. There are detailed
illustrations and useful diagrams to color and while you may decide
that coloring a picture of a platypus is unnecessary for your child,
you will both be glad for the many highly informative illustrations
of subjects like plant anatomy and human skin. Save the seemingly
unessential illustrations for engaging younger children during a
multi-level session. In addition there are age-appropriate hands-on
projects, and suggested field trips for the younger age group. For
those of you who would like to know, there is a section on human
reproduction. Nothing graphic, no illustrations and probably one of
the nicest presentations available if you, like me, appreciate ambiguity for this age group. Over 290 pages, Christian Kids Explore Biology
may forever change the way you approach science. Retail is $29.95.
088-088 christian kids explore biology $23.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 57
Science Text
College Preparatory Biology Course
The Principles, Theories & Precepts of Biology is a text so new, we were only
able to preview a portion of the text before we went to press, but what we saw
we liked. Similar in format to Integrated Physics and Chemistry, see below, this
college preparatory course consists of six chapters of text and six companion
student activity books. The very design of the texts and activity books enables a home-taught student to absorb the material without the need of any
supplemental materials or labs. The Principle, Theories & Precepts of Biology
is intended to satisfy most state requirements for one high school biology
transcript credit. Students who complete this course will have a strong foundation for college studies in science and theories about the origin of life. The
publisher takes a refreshingly bold approach by challenging popular theories
using the scientific method, application of DNA, and recent research to
point out strengths and weaknesses of theories. Lab experiences are not
necessary to fulfill the requirements of this course, making this an ideal
program for most home-taught students. The Principles, Theories & Precepts
of Biology includes six soft-cover 8-1/2" by 11" textbooks and six companion
student activity books and is designed for one high school transcript credit.
Included is a Teacher's Resource Kit with all the answers, quizzes, and tests
both on loose sheets of paper and on a CD. Retail is $108.75. Available 7/07
570-573 principles, theories & precepts of biology $105.00
Basic Physics and Chemistry Course Qualifies for 2 High School Credits
The availability of quality products for home educators has really improved in recent years,
particularly for teens. Integrated Physics and Chemistry is one program that I regret our older
children did not have the opportunity to use. It would have been perfect for them because it
introduces both physics and chemistry in a way that they would not have found intimidating.
This entry level applied course gives teens a thorough grounding in basic chemistry and physics.
Science concepts are repeated in different ways throughout the sections and content-rich illustrations, numerous charts, graphs, and data tables assist them in grasping the subject matter.
This method is highly engaging and motivates them to learn about application of physics and
chemistry to daily life.
Created to meet the needs of Texas science teachers and students, IPC consists of twelve chapters of text and twelve companion student activity books, 180 lessons. While deliberately avoiding complex mathematical equations, this self-paced, high school level science course introduces
students to the people, places and principles of physics and chemistry. Written by internationally
respected scientist/author, John Hudson Tiner, this is the same author of some of our popular
science books on page 60. Tiner effectively draws teens into the IPC text by using a story approach to teaching these complicated topics.
Carefully selected narratives profile positive role models, real people of noble character, while offering bite-sized, easily digestible science
information. IPC structures every lesson in a sequential order, with companion activity exercises, allowing your child to advance as rapidly
as desired or as slowly as needed. Quizzes and tests include questions and problems patterned like those that appear on state academic
assessment exams so actual assessment questions are familiar and less threatening. IPC textbooks are aligned specifically with the state
standards of Texas but meet or exceed standards of most states.
One oddity about this program that you may or may not like is that each chapter includes a life principle, a quote, that the publisher hopes
will build high character. While the founder is Baptist, very few of the principles are Biblical, leaving one to wonder why they are even there.
They do make for interesting discussions, but I hope that your teens are gathering their life principles from a Greater Source than this!
This course includes twelve soft-cover 8-¹/₂" by 11" textbooks and twelve companion student activity books and is designed for two high
school transcript credits. Included is a Teacher's Resource Kit with all the answers, quizzes, and tests both on loose sheets of paper and on
a CD. Retail is $211.25.
570-572 integrated physics and chemistry $200.00
58 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Science Curriculum
God’s Design series
For younger children, science can be a mind-boggling smorgasbord of subject matter. Every topic is fresh, every experiment breathtaking. But for many children, science becomes a drudgery to plow
through. This happens, in part, when parents rely too heavily on
textbooks that may provide age-appropriate science information, but
are shallow in their overall approach. Textbooks can be great reference materials, especially if you are nervous about covering all the
state-required materials. But for teaching science, more importantly,
teaching a love of God through the wonder of science, we have found
unit studies based on your child’s passion an unbeatable solution.
God’s Design for Science not only has one of the largest assortment of
topics, but is also the most adaptable program available.
Not only endorsed, but also published by Answers in Genesis,
God’s Design for Science has been well researched as far as scientific accuracy and Biblical soundness. Easily used with multiple age
groups, this non-consumable, reproducible curriculum uses short,
enjoyable, and flexible lessons to teach.
Wholly different than a student textbook, each of these ungraded books is actually a teacher text; the parent presents the instruction by following the lesson plans in the books. Each lesson
opens with a short parental read-aloud section. However, if you
are teaching only younger children, you may find that some scientific
terminology is problematic. If that is the case, you can either stop as
you read and painstakingly define, by illustration, each troublesome
word. Or better yet, skip the introduction and go immediately to the
hands-on activities/experiments using the experiments to discuss
the principles. Afterwards you can follow-up with the read-aloud
section as a review, or omit it entirely. Activities are followed by a
few key questions for the parent to ask to ensure that the children
understand the main points of the lesson.
Many attempts are made to show the contrasts between evolutionist and creationist views with the ultimate goal of strengthening your
child’s faith by showing where modern science supports Intelligent
Each book also has articles about scientists or special topics and
your children will look forward to the entertaining facts included in
each lesson. All books include reproducible activity pages, quizzes
and a test. Appendices include answer keys to quizzes and tests, lists
of suggested resource books and videos, sources for science supplies,
and more. The master supply list in each book enables a parent to acquire the necessary supplies before starting the course. You will find
a complete list of what is required for each book on our website.
With about 35 lessons per book, a weekly 45-minute lesson completes
a book in one year, while three weekly lessons complete three books
yearly. For younger children, one book a year is just right. Older children
may want to tackle more than one book. See our website for more details
about each book. Softcover.
Our Planet Earth
Rocks, volcanoes, earthquakes, glaciers, and fossils. For grades 1-6
400-801 earth $22.99 $20.00
Weather and Water
How meteorologists study and predict weather. For grades 1-6
400-802 weather $22.99 $20.00
Our Universe
Stars, comets, meteors, the planets
and why Earth is special. Grades 1 - 6
400-803 universe $22.99 $20.00
Seeds, leaves, flowers ,meat-eating plants,
fungi, algae, and more. Grades 1 - 6.
400-804 plants $22.99 $20.00
Human Body
See how God designed our bodies
to be truly amazing. Grades 1 - 6.
400-806 human $22.99 $20.00
Measure and classify matter, and
explore solutions and mixtures.
Grades 3 - 7.
400-807 matter $22.99 $20.00
Atoms & Molecules
Periodic table, the structures of
atoms and applications of chemistry.
Grades 3 - 7.
400-808 atoms $22.99 $20.00
Heat & Energy
From fossil fuels to nuclear power
plants, see how God provides for our
energy needs. Grades 3 - 8.
400-809 heat $22.99 $21.50
Machines & Motion
Simple machines, levers, inclined
planes, and the laws of motion.
Grades 3 - 8.
400-810 machines $22.99 $21.50
Explore every facet of the animal
kingdom in this book. Grades 1 - 6
400-805 animals $22.99 $20.00
Gain an appreciation for the ingenuity given to man by a very creative God.
Grades 3 - 8.
400-811 inventions $22.99 $21.50
(800) 478-0672 1 2 59
Science Books
Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Glaciers - Oh My!
We recently hosted a 5-year old boy who, having never lived through one, found
the idea of earthquakes fascinating. We were scratching our heads on how to explain this incredible God-based wonder, if only we had read Christian Kids Explore
Earth and Space. It would have graphically shown him what an earthquake is all
about and even what can be done to make our structures more earthquake-proof.
And that is just one of 24 fascinating topics covered in this book. Others include
hurricanes, glaciers, volcanoes, planets and more. Christian Kids Explore Earth and
Space consists of preplanned lessons, easy-to-do experiments, worksheets, coloring
pages, vocabulary lists, timelines, memorization lists, and lists of optional supplemental resources. And everything is reproducible making this a very cost-effective
program. Each of the 24 lessons is easy to teach and fascinating to learn. Children
love hands-on activities and in Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space they abound including making edible sedimentary rock, a glacier, a tornado in a bottle, and a rain
gauge. 30 weeks of science lessons for grades 3 – 6, but can be adapted for younger
children without too much effort. Check our website for a complete materials list,
but most items you will already have or can get easily. A study of the universe is an
excellent introduction to God’s glory and Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space
makes such a study as effortless as we have ever seen. Retail is $29.95.
088-929 christian kids explore earth and space $23.00
There is much more to science than poking, prodding, swirling, stirring, creating or constructing.
There is the history behind the science.
While most kids would far rather learn with their
hands, Master Books has made reading the history of
science as painless as possible. The illustrations may be
black and white, but accounts are quite colorful, resulting in a surprisingly appealing text for some potentially
dreary topics.
Christian families will especially appreciate the God honoring perspective presented throughout each book.
And for those of you who like chapter tests, you will be delighted to know that they are included also. This is a
great series from a fine Christian publisher. Paperback 8-¹/₂ x 11. Each retails for $13.99. Check our website for
more details about each title.
400-508 exploring the history of medicine $11.50
400-511 exploring the world around you $11.50
400-510 exploring planet earth $11.50
400-509 exploring the world of chemistry $11.50
400-507 exploring the world of physics $11.50
Wonders of Creation Books - Real Science
Free Study Guide
& Workbook!
What makes a great science book? It is not just dramatic pictures, colorful illustrations to explain complex
subject matter, and attention-grabbing text. It needs to tell the truth. Of what value is a science book that is
based on lies? Unlike some home educators, we are very fussy about what science books we place in our children's
hands. If you are as selective, you will be pleased with the following titles from Master Books. Striking pictures,
vivid graphics and remarkable text that you can trust to be real and honest. Each book is hardcover, 80 pages and
for grades 5 - 8. Retail is $15.99. Check our website for more details about each title.
400-513 ocean book $13.00
400-800 weather book $13.00
400-416 astronomy book $13.00
400-422 geology book $13.00
400-417 fossil book $13.00
Now each book comes with a free companion workbook/study guide. Each chapter has questions for discussion, terms to define, and activities. An answer key is included. 44 pages, softcover. Retail is $3.99.
60 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Creation Science
Great Devotional Book
We have never seen such a unique and fascinating devotion book. It is one of very few that we have used
that tempt us to read on ahead! A Closer Look at the Evidence presents straightforward evidence, primarily
scientific, for the existence of our Creator.
Organized into 26 different subject areas and drawing from over 50 expert sources, each of the 400+
pages highlights knowledge from a biblical perspective. Each day's devotion is a full page of concise, wellresearched, factual information with reference material noted if you desire more specifics.
The authors, Rich and Tina Kleiss, public school science teachers for many years, discovered that scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports creation. But evolution continues to be presented as a fact in the
media and textbooks, even as the evidence for creation is being systematically excluded.
By daily using and discussing A Closer Look at the Evidence your family should not only learn the credible
reasons for your belief in the Creator but also equip them to share this truth with others. Each page ends
with an appropriate or related Bible verse.
Written for the older child, if you are reading this aloud, you will only need an occasional editing to
make it suitable for your younger children. When we bought this book it quickly became the highlight of
our evening devotions! Retail is $11.95.
100-100 a closer look at the evidence $8.50
Child-Friendly Powerful Evidence for Creation
Until now most creation-type films seemed to fall into one of two
categories. Some are too simplistic, resulting in a film worthless for
teaching and useless as a convincing argument for creation opponents. Others are too complicated, making them more ideal for adult
skeptics, but tediously complex for most families. Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution fills the gap between the two, the 'missing
link' as it were. This fascinating series presents powerful evidence
that proves that animal designs cannot possibly be explained by evolution, there had to have been a Creator.
You may have never wondered why the giraffe's blood flow doesn't
blow its brains out when it bends to drink water, or how geckos can
walk upside down on glass, or even how the incubator bird knew it
needed the ability to always keep its eggs at 91°F. By using these and
other remarkable animals, Dr. Jobe Martin reveals sophisticated and
complex designs of the marvelous hand of a brilliant Creator.
Evolution simply cannot explain the origin of these unique animals. Spectacular animal footage will delight even younger children.
Straightforward explanations will fascinate and inspire the rest of us,
giving us solid information to share with evolutionist theory friends.
This is an astonishing set of 3 DVDs that belongs in every Christian
home and church lending library. 180 minutes total.
346-349 incredible creatures 3 dvds $50.00
Visually Stunning Support for Creation
What an incredible gem! With absolutely
breathtaking footage, you could mute the sound,
and just watch the wildlife program, it is that
outstanding. But if you do that you'll miss some
of the most exciting information available about
how science is proving that evolution is impossible. Through the
examples of parrotfish, dolphins, ostriches, wildebeest, cheetahs,
giraffes and lions, this program examines Darwin's theories and exposes the infeasibility of them.
What does the design of living creatures today reveal about their
history? Filmed and researched over a five-year period in more than
10 different countries, Life's Story is one of the most visually stunning
and informative wildlife productions available today. Suggested for
ages 13+, but children of all ages will be mesmerized with the great
variety of animals. Thoroughly Biblical. 56 minutes.
346-357 life's story vol 1 dvd $20.00
Life’s Story 2
A very rare lizard called the sun-gazer eats giant millipedes whose glands produce hydrocyanic acid, iodine and quinine. By eating them it
somehow extracts cyanide, which it converts into
a defense mechanism. How could evolutionary
theory explain a process like this? Was life intelligently designed or the result of a continuing
series of accidental modifications? As we observe creation we are
overwhelmed with the diversity and obvious beauty. A world filled
with such diverse and elaborate designs is ample evidence of a designer, limitless in creative ability and power.
This factual and visually stunning DVD visits various places in the
world to solve some of the most incredible mysteries in the natural
world. Animal behavior never seen before, together with footage of
unusual, rare and endangered species makes this a must see for any
animal enthusiast. Two notes of warning for those who would like to
know. First, in our opinion, Life's Story 2 works a bit too hard to draw
spiritual analogies through the use of creation. While this tends to
be a foible with many Christians anyway, we need to guard against
its overuse. In light of that, Life's Story 2 would not be a good DVD
to lend to your evolutionist friends. Secondly, there are a couple very
discrete, and brief, courting and mating scenes. The existence of both
males and females is important proof of a Creator, so their inclusion
is essential, and tasteful. DVD extras include on-location insights
and the making of Life's Story 2. Perfect addition to any church library! Running time is 2 hours.
346-362 life's story 2 dvd $20.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 61
Biblical Training for Tiny Tots
12 Classic Episodes
Only a few of you will love this DVD as much as we have. You need to have children who are not already satiated with raucous videos that are loud and flamboyant. They need to be children who would be content with
a stimulating storyline without any stimulating images. They must be satisfied with muted drawings, but not
muted messages. This DVD has no singing vegetables or heroic comic conquerors, just a simple devout man,
with a love for God and children.
Mr. Fixit's Repair shop is the setting where children with troubled hearts and child-size problems can discover answers based on relevant Biblical truths.
In this 1950s classic series, Mr Fixit uses his captivating storytelling skills and colorful illustrations to convey
biblical truths from his trademark "big red book." Your child will return again and again to Mr Fixit's shop and
to the timeless truths that are taught there. 149 minutes. Retail is $19.95.
419-344 mr. fixit $12.50
Hiding God's Word in Little Hearts
This is an incredibly rich book. Written for 3- to 5-year-olds, it simplifies profound spiritual truths
without compromising accuracy. Each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding Bible verse and is accompanied by stories of children to illustrate the Scriptural passage. The children's behavior and subsequent
consequences tend to be too good to be true, but I would far rather hold up to my children a lofty ideal than
have them aiming at a lower standard. Memorizing Scripture underscores all the stories, what a treat! This
Biblically solid title is perfect for family devotions. Retail is $14.99.
275-542 my abc bible verses $11.00
Gorgeous, Washable
Bible Felts
If you are going to buy a Bible visual program, make
it one of these. What makes Betty Lukens’ Bible Felts
so special?
1. The 600 characters and objects are printed in full color on high-quality felt; the art
work is outstanding. These are not flocked
pictures, but actual air-brushed felt!
2. A teacher’s manual to help you
present the Bible in a three-year sequence (once a week) is also included. The teacher’s manual contains
two pictures for each story, memory
verses, Scripture references, an alphabetical
index, a numerical index of all the pieces, and
additional helps.
3. The set is so versatile and complete that
it can illustrate virtually every story in the
The File System is wonderful for storing
and organizing your felts. Each 18” x 24” cardboard box is 2” deep. It contains velour sheets
on which are printed the outline and number of
each figure in numerical order. If you buy a Bible
Set without this box, you’ll be frustrated!
Maybe you’re asking yourself, “How can they
do all this at such fantastic prices?” Because
you cut all the figures out!! Yes, it is a lot of
work, but with the money you save by buying it through us, you should be able to
62 1 2 (800) 478-0672
buy yourself a fairly decent pair of scissors! We recommend the Large Bible Set (12” figures) for churches
where the children are at a distance from you. For
homes, the Small Bible Set (6 1/2” figures) is perfect.
12-inch Bible Story Set
12” figures, 600 pieces, hillside overlay, and a manual.
Retail is $159.95.
007-303 large felts $120.00
File System for 12-inch Figures
See shipping note below. Retail is $69.95.
007-304 large file system $60.00
6 ¹/₂-inch Bible Story Set
6 ¹/₂” figures, 600 pieces, hillside overlay, and a manual. Retail is $74.95.
007-305 small bible felts $60.00
File System for 6 ¹/₂-inch Figures
See shipping note below. Retail is $32.95.
007-306 small file system $30.00
See our website for more
Betty Lukens Felts!
Please note, due to oversize boxes we
ship files via UPS or FedEx ground only,
not USPS or express shipping.
Biblical Training - Ages 5 - 8
Application-Driven Devotional Book
When our children were younger, it was our family's practice to begin and end each day
with devotions. Typically the morning devotions were theological and meaty, whereas the
evening devotions were more application-driven. Not too surprisingly it was the evening
devotions that our kids were most drawn to. Discovering Jesus in Genesis is an excellent
application-driven devotional book. What the authors wish to convey with this delightful
book is 5-fold. First, God made a covenant promise to redeem a people for Himself. Second,
God is the reference point for all of life. Third, God gives His children His Holy Spirit to
empower us to trust and obey. Fourth, a covenantal approach to faith and life recognizes
that when God adopts us as His children, we become part of His family. And finally, a
covenantal approach to faith and life is outward focused.
Any family that can grasp and apply these principals will 'shine as lights in the world.’ But,
lest you think that this is some dusty tome that your children will find painful, let me hasten
to say that the authors wisely chose a captivating approach by letting us see how these deep
truths play out in the lives of 2 children and their friends. Their credible, real-life storyline
shows how to live a triumphant daily life regardless of the circumstances. Each of the 36
chapters ends with questions that will help you evaluate your children's comprehension, and
a short Scripture passage to memorize. While the first part of the book lays the foundation,
it is the second half that is so very rich as it explores radical covenant values that do not exalt
self but rather glorify God. For ages 4 - 12. Softback. Retail is $16.99.
275-541 discovering Jesus in genesis $13.00
275-543 discovering Jesus in exodus $13.00
(See our website for a review of this title)
Teaching Your Children to Live for God
Was a mom, on the brink of 50 years of age, allowed to have a children's title as her favorite book for 2004?
I sure hope so because I was totally excited about this book and we didn't even have a child in the targeted
age range!
Why was I so thrilled about this devotional book? Because, most devotional books for young children
allow distortion to creep in for the sake of simplicity. Not so here. This is solid Biblical teaching at its
finest. If you are looking for a way to present your young children the essentials of theology in an easy to
digest format, look no further.
Each of the 36 chapters begins with simplified questions from the Westminster catechism, followed
by a realistic story children can easily relate to. Each story links to the next as a godly family endeavors
to teach their children Biblical truths.
Any blemishes to be aware of? Only a couple. The chapter on infant baptism reflects Presbyterian doctrine, though it mentions both types of
baptism. I think this would generate a wonderful discussion, but I know that for some of you, infant baptism is heresy, so I thought it would be
best to mention it. Too, though the illustrations of the children are charming, they are dressed contemporarily, meaning there are some children
wearing swimsuits or shorts. While modest dress is certainly our desire, I sincerely hope that something so minor will not stop any of you from
considering this jewel of a book. Recommended for ages 5 - 8, but I think many 3 year olds could grasp the truths. 160 pages, hardback. Don’t
forget to check out Training Hearts, Teaching Minds on page 64 is for a slightly older version of the same catechism. Retail is $15.99.
275-540 big truths for little kids $12.00
Missionary Stories from Islamic Iran
Having spent the bulk of my high school years in Iran, I was immensely interested in what the author, William
Miller, had to say about this mysterious country. I was not disappointed.
William Miller, a former homeschooler, spent forty-three years as a missionary to Iran where he translated and
prepared several books and Bible commentaries in Farsi. Infused with an obvious love for the Iranian people, Tales
of Persia provides children with first-hand insights into Islam, what it is, how it differs from Christianity, and why
people need to be saved from it. Since Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in this century it would behoove
all Christian families to understand what it is about. This timely devotional book of missionary tales is indispensable for introducing this topic to children ages 9+. Retail is $9.99.
780-778 tales of persia $8.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 63
Family Devotions
Family Devotions Based on the Shorter Catechism
We've had a daily devotion time with our children ever since they were old enough to sit up and point
to pictures on a page. While there are a fair number of options for the 6 - to 12-year-old crowd, most are
worldly, weird, shallow or boring. Training Hearts, Teaching Minds is none of those.
Using the well-known Westminster Shorter Catechism, compiled over 350 years ago, Training Hearts,
Teaching Minds provides a doable means of studying sound Christian doctrine, and in fact can be one of
the best methods of teaching why we believe what we believe to young children. Each week a new question
is presented and for six days the devotional uses brief readings and pertinent Scripture to explore how
God's Word answers that question. I loved that Pearl was looking up and reading the verses and I think
that to get the full benefit of this program, it is best started when your child is a competent reader.
Because only the Bible itself is without error, you or I may not agree with every aspect of the Westminster
Shorter Catechism. Although few will quibble over the doctrine of the Lord's Prayer or the Ten Commandments, some, depending on their theological bent, may object to the handful of questions pertaining to
the sacraments. Keep in mind, this is primarily a tool to discuss a widely accepted historical document,
and if you find yourself uncomfortable with the leaning of these few questions, use this as a prime opportunity to explain to your children how these great men of long ago came to the conclusions they did.
With over 100 questions, you'll find this book will serve your family for nearly two years. If you desire to
daily teach historic Christian faith to your children and have been looking for a book with a theologically
sound foundation, Training Hearts, Teaching Minds is for you. If your children don't know how to explain
with Scripture what they believe, or worse yet, if they don't even know what they should believe, we strongly urge you to add this
book to your daily routine. Each actual lesson is only about 10 minutes long, but the benefits will last a lifetime. Retail is $14.99.
780-782 training hearts, teaching minds $11.50
Retelling the Biblical Story of Redemption
We have so appreciated Starr's book Training Hearts, Teaching Minds which was part of our family's morning devotions for 4 years. So we were delighted when the publisher sent us her latest manuscript to preview. It's a keeper.
While still devotional in purpose, Grandpa's Box is a completely different format than Training Hearts, Teaching
Minds. Grandpa spends his retirement reclaiming treasures from people's trash. His two grandchildren, Marc
and Amy, are his constant after-school companions. Marc, a military buff, is fascinated with war stories and the
men who play a part in them. Grandpa capitalizes on that passion and introduces the children to the concept of
spiritual warfare as it is played out in Scripture. Initially Marc and Amy were unenthusiastic about hearing again
the same Bible stories that they grew up with. But as Grandpa skillfully weaves military terminology with solid
theology, the stories take on fresh meanings and insights. From Genesis to Revelation, Grandpa carefully shows
how each story fits as an episode in the story of God's redemption of His people. This is a marvelous read-aloud
book, sure to impact your family and generate lots of discussion. For ages 9-12. 240 pages. Retail is $13.99.
780-777 grandpa's box $10.50
Puritan Prayer Book
Joy loved this book so much she bought a copy for a friend dying of cancer, who also loved it. Then she gifted
me with a copy, and my first reaction was, "Canned prayers? I don't need that." I let the gift languish for a time
and then felt guilty that I hadn't even taken the plastic wrap off it to peek inside. Settling down with the goal
of skimming through it, I was so bowled over by the introductory prayer, I could go no further. Powerful inadequately describes it. The title has been lifted from that first prayer; "Thou hast brought me to the valley of
vision, where I live in the depths but see Thee in the heights..." These prayers are collected from the journals
of Puritan fathers such as Thomas Watson, Richard Baxter, John Bunyan, Isaac Watts, etc. Each individual
prayer is not attributed to its corresponding author, but don't you suspect the authors would have preferred
anonymity anyway?
Now, before you react to scripted prayer, ask yourself if the songs you worship with are any less worshipful
because someone else wrote them and you have sung them before. Of course they are not. Likewise, the prayers
of these godly men seem to express the desires of our heart better than we often can. They create in us a deeper
yearning for repentance, holiness and the presence of God. This small bonded-leather book, with a bound-in
ribbon bookmark, is over 400 pages, each prayer slightly over a page in length. Ideal for private devotions, this
is the one book besides our Bibles that we use virtually every day. No other book has influenced the content of
our prayers as much as Valley of Vision. Retail is $25.99.
274-274 valley of vision $22.00
64 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Family Devotions
Building a Man
Written to preteen boys, these principles are applicable for males of virtually
any age. The author, Bob Schultz, uses
personal anecdotes and Biblical insight
to impress upon tender hearts what it
means to live as a man of God.
Because of the engaging conversational
tone of the book, it can be easily read and
understood by sons as young as nine, but
to get an even better benefit we encourage you to read and discuss the chapters aloud. There are no awkward topics
raised, and daughters could also benefit
by hearing how godly manhood should
be lived out.
With about 30 chapters your son will learn about such diverse topics as
how to forgive, when is hunting OK, what is leadership, and overcoming
pain. An incredible book. 219 pages, softcover. Retail is $10.99.
212-212 boyhood and beyond $9.00
Working For God's Glory
God continues to use this Bible-saturated
craftsman carpenter to write powerful books
that address significant battlefields in the lives
of young men. His original book, Boyhood and
Beyond, has been a favorite among Timberdoodle customers for a couple years. Now Bob
Schultz addresses a challenge in all of our lives:
how do we glorify God in our work?
A good education does not assume a good
work ethic. Timberdoodle has hired many teenage boys over the
years and has seen some startling differences among them, but none
of them as a result of their education or even lack of it. This then begs
the question, is book learning enough? This is the very question Bob
addresses in Created For Work.
Each short chapter includes anecdotes from Bob’s own life as he
labors to glorify God as he works. Not a pie-in-the-sky discourse
on a perfect life, instead you will appreciate Bob’s transparency as
he shares his triumphs as well as his failures. While this is a timeless book for boys of all ages, there is a lot of wisdom and common
sense for girls to glean from also. Like Bob’s first book, Boyhood and
Beyond, Created For Work is a book worthy of being read aloud and
discussed with your entire family. Paperback, 191 pages, with an occasional illustration by the author’s daughter. Retail is $10.99.
212-218 created for work $9.00
Accounts of Believers
who Sacrificed Everything for Christ
Our family tends to be
devotional nuts. We start
every January with a huge
stack of daily devotionals.
By February some have
been tossed into the discard pile, by March we have
decided preferences. Even
when we were reading from
such church greats as Jonathan Edwards and Martin
Luther, Extreme Devotion
was our 2006 favorite devotional book.
Using ancient stories
from Foxe's Book of Martyrs
and more contemporary
accounts provided by the
Voice of the Martyrs organization, each of the daily readings presents a brief heroic story of a believer who has faced challenges that
most of us never will. These true testimonies, some in print for the
first time, will not only stir your hearts, but will also inspire, and
ideally embolden you. Several stories are of children as young as five,
who willingly proclaim Christ and die as a result. What a challenge
as parents to look at your own children and ask, "Would they make
the same decision? Do they have the same passion?"
While these are staggering accounts of extraordinary Christians,
this is more than a collection of gruesome tales. Nearly as impressive
to our family have been the inspiring take-home messages that wrap
up each story. The applications are challenging, but relevant to all of
us. They clarify that extreme devotion is not merely the laying down
of our lives, but can also be daily, boldly taking up the cross that God
has given us.
If starting a daily devotional in the middle of the year vexes you,
you will be happy to hear that the 1-page readings are numbered,
instead of dated, so that you can easily start using this devotional any
day of the year. Start today to give your children a glimpse of what a
passion for God looks like. Paperback, 365 pages. Retail is $19.99.
105-098 extreme devotion $14.75
ESV Bible on MP3
The Listener's® MP3 Bible is the entire Bible on MP3. It is perfect for commuters, joggers and anyone else who wants
to saturate their minds with God's Word. For years families with young children have used audio Bibles to lull their
young children to sleep. Now it is even easier and more affordable to do so.
The ESV Bible combines an accurate word-for-word translation approach with a literary magnificence that is perfect
for the oral expression of God's Word. Our family has been using the ESV Bible both for studying and memorizing.
But memorization does not come easy to me. Now I have a painless way to keep up with our family goals by listening to the verses over and over
What a blessing to use today's technology to memorize God's timeless truths. The Listener's® MP3 Bible will play on MP3 enabled CD players and
computers. It can also be downloaded onto iPods and MP3 capable PDAs. 75 hours of audio on 4 MP3 CD’s. Read by Max McLean. Retail is $49.95.
185-195 the listener's® mp3 Bible (esv) $44.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 65
Family Devotions
e are thrilled to be able to offer you these
three devotional series, imported from
Scotland. Each series has its own special appeal; rare
animal tales for the wildlife enthusiast, page 67, noble
accounts for the future soldiers of the Lord and inspiring stories for the young maidservants of Christ.
How God Uses Man's
Talents and Gifts for
His Glory
Whether it is an amazing knowledge of insects,
compassion towards lepers,
or the ability to play worldclass cricket, God always
uses the talents and gifts of
His people for His glory. In
this, the latest and currently
our favorite, addition to the
internationally best-selling
series, snippets of 10 men’s
childhoods show how incidents in their early years affected the choices they made
as adults. While these men include the well known George
Washington Carver and John Bunyan, they also include some
of the more obscure like James Clerk Maxwell and Ghillean
Prance. While written for ages 7-12 children and adults alike
will find the fascinating accounts of these 10 men inspiring.
Because each chapter concludes with additional facts and
questions to mull over, Ten Boys Who Used Their Talents
makes a fine addition to your family’s devotional time.
870-388 boys who used their talents $6.99 $6.00
Devotions For Young Warriors
How did these warriors for Christ live as boys? It is amazing to read how God can change both incredible sinners and lackluster boys into great champions of the Gospel. Making a stand for Jesus was not easy for them,
yet they chose to do the right thing instead of the easy thing. Ten Boys Who Didn’t Give In highlights the lives
of martyred reformation leaders, and missionaries like Dietrich Bonhoffer, Nate Saint and Graham Staines.
Ten Boys Who Changed the World includes such notables as David Livingston, Luis Palau, Eric Liddell and
John Newton. Ten Boys Who Made A Difference contains the stories of Martin Luther, William Tyndale and
Ulrich Zwingli. Ten Boys Who Made History recalls the childhoods of A W Tozer, Jonathan Edwards, D L
Moody and seven others. Each book is about 150 pages long and concludes each chapter with interesting facts,
keynotes, and something to think about. For ages 8 - 11. Retail is $27.96.
870-361 ten boys devotional series $22.00
Devotions for Lively Maidservants
As a mother of 4 daughters, I have seen firsthand the struggle to find God's
will in a woman's life. The road our daughters choose is radically different than
the one the world is promoting, but it is the one they know God is placing
them on. Throughout the centuries, women have made difficult, many times
unpopular, decisions. Not all of them would I support, but historically, you
cannot deny that these are women who have impacted the world for Christ.
Ten Girls Who Didn’t Give In tells the stories of Blandina, Lysken Dirks,
Betty Stam, and other martyred reformation women or missionaries. Ten
Girls Who Changed the World includes the childhoods of Amy Carmichael,
Corrie Ten Boom, and Gladys Aylward. Ten Girls Who Made a Difference
highlights the early days of some of the wives and mothers of great men, like
Katherine Luther, Sabina Wurmbrand, and Susanna Wesley. Ten Girls Who
Made History recounts the youth of such notables as Elisabeth Elliot, Betty
Green, Lottie Moon and more. Like the boy's series each book is about 150
pages long and concludes each chapter with interesting facts, keynotes, and something to think about. For
ages 8 - 11. Retail is $27.96.
870-362 ten girls devotional series $22.00
66 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Family Devotions
Building on the Rock
We are always on the lookout for devotional materials that accurately teach about who God
is and what He requires. Not a easy task for adult readers, and nearly impossible for ages 7 - 12.
At this age children are tired of the same Bible stories that more often than not erroneously give
glory to man and not God. So, because they sense the boredom, authors feel like this age group
will respond best when presented with God as a cosmic Santa Claus and Christianity as fun,
fun, fun. They forget that we are involved in a spiritual war and we need to be equipping our
children for combat.
Have you forgotten? If not and you are looking for daily devotional books based on historical
adventure, God-glorifying instances of conversion and moving rescues from danger, treat your
children to any one of these books. The authors have pulled together a collection of stories based
on real events and developed them into an unbeatable series of children's devotional books. Read
them together as a family and plan on lots of discussion as you arm your loved ones for battle.
Scriptural references throughout the books use the King James Version of the Bible. Paperback,
about 160 pages each. Each set of 5 includes the following;
How God Used a Thunderstorm
The themes of this book include living for God, honoring God, the value of Scripture, missionary tales, God's care, and many more.
How God Stopped the Pirates
Only One could stop the pirates, and that was God. With 26 inspiring stories of pirates,
burglars and faithful missionaries your child will gain an accurate picture of how God can
change lives.
How God Used a Snowdrift
A hostile army is rapidly approaching. Karl prepares a barricade, his mother reads the
Bible. In the end God uses a snowdrift to protect them. That is one of the 35 stories from
around the world including missionary stories, personal testimonies, and many more dramatic rescue stories.
How God Used a Drought and an Umbrella
It was the longest drought that anyone in the county had ever seen, but one little girl
really believed that God would answer her prayer. Read her story and 30 others based
on true events, most of which occurred in the 19th century.
How God Sent a Dog to Save a Family
Read the story of how God uses a dog to answer the prayer of a faithful mother.
That and 26 other stories including flying bread and a stolen sleigh will bring home
the point that God cares for us every day.
870-357 set of 5 $30.00
True-Life Missionary Stories from Around the World
These enthralling true-life missionary stories are full of adventure, humor, and faith. In
Africa the missionaries lose their way in the bush, and are stalked by lions in their camp. The
Amazon is bursting with exotic wildlife, tapirs, beetles as big as mice, and kinkajous. The
Outback in Australia is still fairly untamed, and yet kangaroos, wallabys, and emus all live
and thrive there. Even in the tamer Rocky Mountains there are missionary adventures with
mountain bears, black panthers, deadly spiders and poisonous snakes. The only living object
that can be seen from the moon, the Great Barrier Reef has over 2500 categories of fish, 400
categories of mollusks, and 500 varieties of seaweed, stunning examples of God’s creation.
The Himalayas is more than a range of mountains. It includes the mythological yeti, a bossy
monkey with pierced ears, alcoholic elephants, and folks whom Christ died for. Rainforest
Adventures contains stories about tree frogs, anteaters, piranha fish, snakes, jaguars and many
more wonders of God's creation. Wild West adventures are stories based in the western USA
and consist of stories of wild critters and of people of faith who were inspired by Jesus! Each
book is written for 7- to 12-year-old children and includes black and white illustrations, so
they could also be a great read-aloud for the younger children. Set of 7. Retail $63.92.
870-385 around the world deluxe $50.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 67
Family Bible Study
Bible Study for the Entire Family
I didn’t think I would like this program. Read and regurgitate is not
our typical method of operation, because in most cases all that is required is shallow short-term memory at best. Dan was equally sure he
would not like this program, fearing that knowing the facts of Scripture,
without the understanding of Scripture would result in a houseful of
Pharisees. Thankfully the author was persistent, because we were pleasantly surprised to discover that this is a jewel of a product appropriate
for a wide range of ages. First let me tell you what it is, then how I think
it could be a blessing for any home.
Balancing the Sword (BTS) includes two immense hardback books
with over 7,000 questions and almost 13,000 parts (with answer keys)
targeting every 2.7 verses on average. Even more mind-boggling are the
nearly 54,000 cross references, averaging 7.6 references per question.
BTS is designed to give you a comprehensive working knowledge of what
the Bible actually says.
Developed around the KJV version of the Bible, but other Bible translations can be used. Where version ‘conflict’ arises over details, alternative answers are given in BTS. Differing from the typical ‘touchy-feely’type studies, BTS asks you only what the passage actually says, leaving the interpretation and application up to the Holy Spirit, you, and your
spiritual leader. Answer keys provide the answer to each question.
Interestingly, each volume covers all 1,189 chapters of the Bible but both are completely different in questions, and quotes. The two volumes
combine to directly or indirectly deal with almost every key element in every chapter. Because you study from only one volume at a time this
study program allows a structured reading of the Bible twice and ultimately a comprehensive working knowledge of every book of the Bible.
One of the most appealing features is the multitude of images that are
throughout the volumes. With over 1,000 of them illustrating biblical events,
literal depictions, charts, and maps, these are very, very helpful.
Thoughts from the Author
From the time they could read, most of our children dabbled in Bible reading. But it wasn’t until they were about 10 that they buckled down to read
through the Bible in a year. However I’m a realist and I know that there
were many passages that went over their heads, and many more that, quite
honestly, caused their eyes to glaze over. Sure, they may have eyeballed the
text, but did they really read it? If I had it to do over, as soon as I thought it
appropriate, I would have assigned my child to read though the Bible with a
BTS book by their side. And they would have loved the challenge of finding
the right answers. In the process, they would have cemented the facts of the
biblical events, and because we talk Bible incessantly, the discussions would
have had more foundation and less speculation.
y philosophy aligns with the
Reformers in that I feel a pressing urgency for people to get into the Word. If
Christians will focus their daily meditations in
the Scriptures, they will reflect the strength God
intended. Heretical theology will lose its place.
Sin will be corrected. Fear will turn to boldness. Weakness will transform into strength.
An even more exciting approach to using BTS is with younger children. I
can’t imagine a more valuable project than for a parent and child to slowly
work their way through the Bible using a BTS as a keepsake and a memorial.
Even children too young to read can listen, answer questions, and watch as
mommy or daddy records their answers for posterity. Many families routinely read the Bible aloud to their children, but were the children listening?
Knowing that they will be asked to answer questions would encourage them
to focus and pay more attention.
"If Christians will be healthy, they must
study the Bible. They cannot depend exclusively on their pastors' sermons for their spiritual
nourishment. Each person must be regularly
reading the Scriptures for himself. If we really
love the Lord, we will want to please Him. If we
want to please Him, we must know His will."
Of course, this is a wonderful program for older children and adults, but
what a blessing it would be to have these truths absorbed while your children
are still young. Each book is a Smythe-sown hardback with over 600 pages.
155-255 balancing the sword volumes 1 and 2 $60.00
68 1 2 (800) 478-0672
God - Glorifying Reading
Mr. Pipes Series
"The theologian is for the educated few; the preacher is for one generation; the hymn writer speaks an imperishable language."
This provocative quote provides you with the essence of the Mr. Pipes
series. Mr. Pipes, an elderly man, takes it upon himself to instruct two
young teens not only on the origins of many hymns but also to nurture
them in their newfound faith. It is exciting to watch these teens mature
spiritually as they eagerly learn more about their Savior by studying
both their Bible and great hymns of faith.
With accurate recounting, Mr. Pipes makes both the hymn writers and the hymns come alive. Better still are the theological morsels sprinkled throughout the books, tidbits designed to address the
teens' behaviors and beliefs. What a great way to challenge your child
to ask himself, what music is worshipful vs what music is written for
man's glorification. If you have an aspiring musician or songwriter,
this set of books would make a lovely gift. Books of this caliber are
a rare find for this age group. For ages 12+. The collection of 4 titles
British Hymn Makers
Two young Americans, Annie and Drew, who are on vacation in
England, learn a great deal about famous British hymn writers as
they are befriended by an elderly Mr. Pipes. They also learn about
the value of traditional worship and praise. 256 pages.
Hymns of the Reformation
The second book in the Mr. Pipes series introduces Annie and
Drew to the backgrounds of several hymns from the sixteenth century. 256 pages.
Mr. Pipes to America
In the third volume in the Mr. Pipes series Annie and Drew continue their fast-moving adventures as Mr. Pipes visits America and
teaches them about great hymns from American history. 224 pages.
Accidental Voyage
During a series of lively adventures across Europe, Mr. Pipes introduces Annie and Drew to sixteen hymns from the early centuries. 264 pages.
781-862 all 4 titles $30.00
Captivating Missionary Stories
If you enjoy biographies as much as I (Joy) do you will be delighted with these 21 'snapshot' stories
of missionary adventures. Most of these missionaries were unfamiliar to us, adding to the pleasure of
reading about them. The adventures vary widely and a short biographical entry precedes each story so
as to set it in its proper perspective. While there are many different ways to employ a book like Missionary Heroism, here are three to get you started:
1. Because these stories are organized by location (Asia, Africa, America, and the South Pacific) they
could be an excellent supplement to any geography program.
2. This is also an outstanding resource for history with the life spans of these explorers falling
between 1794-1947. What an easy way to introduce your children to the people and customs of the
culture at that time. Many also show some of the extraordinary changes that the gospel makes upon
the barbarous practices once so common.
3. Finally, and my personal favorite, make this a part of your family devotions. The stories themselves
are captivating and the passion for God is displayed in a wonderfully contagious manner. As you would
expect, not every choice made by these Christians is a choice you would want to endorse. So talk about it,
learn from it, and marvel together at God's sovereign hand that blessed each of these lives in their ministry.
Retail is $24.00.
375-393 the adventures of missionary heroism $15.50
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God - Glorifying Reading
A Story of Usurpation, Treachery, and Betrayal
I tend to be very fussy about historical fiction. It must be historically accurate, without bogging down
in excruciating details. Furthermore it needs to be engaging without straying from historical truth. And
when it is Christian historical fiction, I am fussier still. I don't want to be preached at, but I do want to
see genuine human responses to the gospel and I must see Biblically accurate theology. With all this
fussiness, is it any wonder that few titles make it through the Timberdoodle screening process? Hostage
Lands is one of the few for many excellent reasons.
The main character, 15 year old Neil, disdains his Latin teacher yet must rely on her help when he
discovers an ancient Latin manuscript buried on his family farm. As he begins to translate this ancient
journal you will find yourself caught up in an electrifying adventure involving Roman centurions and
Celtic warriors. This fast-paced story includes insights on Celtic and Roman lifestyles as well as a peek
at the depravity in the Roman Coliseum.
Written for children ages 10 and older, the text is by no means dumbed down, a fact I value. Indeed,
there were a couple of words I was unfamiliar with so I greatly appreciated the glossary of terms included
at the back of the book. Author Douglas Bond does not mince words as he deals with the Roman treachery
portrayed in this third century account, so families with more genteel reading habits may find such a brutal
book unsuitable for their younger children. Retail $9.99.
780-869 hostage lands $8.00
'Guest' Book Review
This series is really cool and because I enjoyed it so much, mom asked me,
Pearl, then 11 years old, to tell you about it. This three-volume set is as much
about history as it is about adventure, so your history lovers will especially
enjoy them.
The first book in the series, Duncan's War, concerns a Scottish boy named
Duncan in the 1660's. Although the book begins with him acting out an imaginary battle while watching his sheep, real battles erupt when news of Sir James
Turner and King Charles II reaches their neighborhood. Duncan's father is a
peace-loving man, but when some British soldiers plan to roast their neighbor
alive, father and son take action with Duncan's faithful dog Brodie assisting
him fearlessly. At the Battle of Rullion Green, Duncan's father is taken prisoner by the Royalists. As he searches for his father, Duncan learns to trust in
his heavenly Father. Jam-packed with theological and historical information, this book is wonderful.
Equally wonderful are the sequels, King's Arrow and Rebel's Keep. While Duncan's War is seen through the eyes of Duncan, the other two
books are about his brother, Angus, and his son, Malcolm. Eleven years the younger, Angus is not as athletic as Duncan. Instead, he prefers
to read books and play chess, and always chooses a bow and arrow over a musket. Yet the brothers are alike in this: they are soldiers, armed
not only with sword and spear, but also with the full armor of God. Amazing acts of Providence are shown in the way He uses Angus' archery
skills to proclaim God's sovereignty. Eventually the battles, skirmishes, and mass murdering lead to a point where all must unite in their trust
in God. Each one of them learns the important message that through it all, God is both sovereign and loving. These books are perfect for
children ages 10 - 14. 720 pages total. Retail is $26.99
780-813 crown and covenant $21.50
Faith & Freedom Book 1
Set in 1740, this new historical novel is an absorbing look at pre- Revolutionary War Connecticut from
the perspective of Scottish Covenanter immigrants. Seventy-three year-old Malcolm M'Kethe is the family
patriarch, and since the death of his son, has become a priceless spiritual leader to his daughter-in-law and
her three children. Ian, the oldest son, in his early teens, finds that stepping into man-size chores is not his
only struggle. Due to political unrest between the Colonists, the French, and their Indian allies, Ian is faced
with two decisions. What is God's will in this conflict; does He condone killing in these circumstances?
And can he can trust the friendship of the supposedly converted Christian Watookoog? As is characteristic
of other Douglas Bond books, Guns of Thunder weaves together fictional characters and historical figures.
In this novel, readers are not only introduced to familiar military men, but also such notable preachers
as George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards. If you would like to expose your child to biblically sound
historical fiction, Guns of Thunder is an excellent choice. Enthusiasts of Bond's previous series, Crown &
Covenant, will be happy to discover that the godliness that characterized this family line has successfully
been imparted from generation to generation and across the ocean. Retail is $11.99.
780-868 Guns of Thunder $10.00
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God - Glorifying Reading
ety were a part of everyday
living. These six books introduce a different culture and
historical period, yet Ivan and
his sister Katya face the same
struggles all children face. Do
they want to please God more
than man? Do they believe
God can keep them safe? Do
they believe in His sovereignty? The gospel is explained in
simple language and scripture is woven throughout the
books in a natural, not contrived manner.
Circumstances in Russia have changed in 30 years,
yet communistic oppression,
regardless of the country,
remains the same. If your
children enjoy action-packed
historical fiction, and you
want them to read books that
reinforce your Christian values, you will
both be happy with the Ivan series. Highly
recommended, these stories about Ivan and
his family are ideal for children aged seven
to 11 years. Spine-tingling, each book does
stand alone, but your children will be glad you
bought the series. This collection includes;
Ivan And The Moscow Circus
While on a trip, Ivan meets a circus performer whose uncle has been imprisoned
for criticizing the Communist government.
Read how God uses a Canadian journalist
Classic Historical Fiction
Originally published about 30 years ago,
the author of this series of books is recognized for her deep knowledge of the suffering
church under communistic rule. The plight
of Christians behind what was then called
the Iron Curtain was a great concern to Myrna Grant and she wrote many novels describing the daily lives of these suffering saints.
The Ivan series was designed to give children
a glimpse of what it meant to be a believer
under such terrifying conditions where secrecy, fear of discovery, interrogations, and
the injustice of a communist/atheistic soci-
to help Ivan’s family face the powerful Secret
Police. 160 pages.
Ivan And The Daring Escape
God uses Ivan’s skill at football to outwit the Moscow Secret Police and help his
friend, Pyotr, escape imprisonment at a children’s home. 128 pages.
Ivan And The Informer
Ivan is taken in for questioning by the police
after he attends a secret Bible study. Thinking that he is now an informer, his Christian
friends no longer trust him. Ivan knows there
is an informer, but who? How can Ivan clear
his name? What should he do? 128 pages.
Ivan And The Hidden Bible
Ivan and his sister Katya get the chance to
work on a Lenin Collective Farm, the farm
that once belonged to their grandfather. The
best part? There just might be a hidden Bible
somewhere on the farm! 128 pages.
Ivan And The Secret In The Suitcase
While taking much-needed warm clothing
back to his desperate friends, Ivan attempts to
smuggle Bibles right under the noses of the suspicious government officials in Soviet Russia.
160 pages.
Ivan And The American Journey
Ivan wrestles with the Christian’s role in helping Soviet defectors. Will he tell the authorities
about the defectors or will he help them even if
it means risking his own life? 144 pages.
This set of six paperback
books retails for $41.94.
870-435 set of 6 ivan books $33.00
How Egyptian Archaeology Confirms the Biblical Timeline
Children are naturally fascinated with pyramids and mummies. Now you can take that natural interest
in these significant links to the past and use it as opportunity to understand mid-east history in light of
Old Testament records.
Egyptian dynasties have been among the most powerful testimonies of the authenticity of the Bible.
But when society rejects the Bible, it seeks to use ancient history to undermine the truth of Biblical accounts, accounts such as we find in Exodus.
Unwrapping the Pharaohs uses Bible-based chronology to confirm the Old Testament accounts of Moses,
the Exodus and Joseph. There is even evidence pointing to the actual name of the Queen of Sheba. This
unique resource proves that Biblical history can be complemented and brought alive by historical facts and
archeological discoveries. Believe the Bible, get the chronology right and history neatly meshes together.
Unwrapping the Pharaohs is a hardback book with over 300 beautiful full-color photographs. Included
is a DVD with 86 minutes of footage filmed on location at actual archaeological sites in Egypt. David
Down, an archaeologist and dramatic storyteller, escorts you on an amazing journey through the pyramids and ancient tombs of Egypt. Regardless if your family is reading though the Bible or planning a study of the Old Testament, this exciting
book/DVD combination will give you insights into this important era.
A note of caution: one of the pharaohs went against the traditional standards of modesty and had a statue carved of him without clothing.
Typically we would not sell a DVD that showed that, but in this case, this particular pharaoh’s likeness was without any parts that would
reveal gender. In other words, there was no more detail shown than you would see on a traditional baby doll, so this was not an issue for our
family, but we thought you’d like to know. Retail is $34.99.
400-825 unwrapping the pharaohs $27.50
(800) 478-0672 1 2 71
Mesmerizing World History for Grades 1 - 6
This captivating read-aloud series will introduce your children
to the marvelous history of the world presented chronologically
from the beginning of time. Each volume of The Story of the
World includes the details of battles, kingdoms, cultures and
customs from every continent and major people group woven
together into a story that children will find mesmerizing. With
short chapters, many less than 7 pages, The Story of the World
presents history in small easily digestible chunks. Of particular
appeal to all children will be the occasional story about a hypothetical child in the culture of that time and fictional stories
that were popular during that time.
The Story of the World is intended to be a read-aloud program
for the 1 - 6th grade but it can work equally well as independent
reading by an older child. Don't restrict your scope of history
to just American History. These are what we consider the best
world history books for this age group. If you have ever found history
to be dull and humdrum, these books just may change that opinion!
Note: please do not consider this series a Providential view of history which recognizes God's Hand in history. It is first and foremost
a history text that attempts to include all significant historical and
cultural accounts. If you are a conservative Christian, you may want
to opt out of a couple activities. And where you find details with Biblical references that are inaccurate because of sparseness, use this opportunity to interject more of His story. Bible history is best taught
with a Bible so we encourage your family to read through the Bible
every year. These are very minor issues that are easily addressed,
and shouldn't keep you from this overall excellent program. Retail
is $16.95.
The Modern Age
The Modern Age is the last book of the series covering major historical events in the years 1850-2000. Because of the topic matter, this book
is best introduced to children a bit older, 4th grade and up. 503 pages.
181-288 Volume 4 $14.00
Activity Books and Guides for
The Story of the World
Comprehensive activity books and
curriculum guides for The Story of the
World Volumes 1 - 4 contain review
questions, coloring pages, maps, suggested literature and history readings,
and projects for grades 1 - 6 from each
chapter. An incredible resource! Reproducible. Retail for Book 1 and 2 is $34.95.
Retail for Book 3 and 4 is $32.95.
Ancient Times
This is the first of a four-volume series and covers the major historical events beginning with the earliest nomads and ending with the last
Roman emperor. Grades 1 - 4. 334 pages.
181-276 volume 1 $14.00
The Middle Ages
The Middle Ages covers the major
historical events in the years 400
to 1600 CE. Grades 2 - 5. 424
181-277 volume 2 $14.00
book 1: ancient times $28.00
book 2: the middle ages $28.00
book 3: early modern times $27.00
book 4: the modern age $27.00
The Story of the
World on CD
Professionally rendered audio edition with no music, sound effects, or
other distractions. If your children
like repetition, or if your life is especially harried, you'll love this added
convenience. On audio CD’s.
Early Modern Times
Early Modern Times is the third of a four volume series and covers the
major historical events in the years 1600 to 1850. 421 pages. Grades 3 - 6.
181-283 volume 3 $14.00
72 1 2 (800) 478-0672
vol 1
vol 2
vol 3
vol 4
7 audio CD’s $39.95 $31.00
check website for availability
10 audio CD’s $55.95 $43.00
11 audio CD’s $54.95 $43.00
Chronological History
for Grades 4 - 8
Written by home school
mom Linda Hobar, this
is one spectacular masterpiece. It is all your family
will need to teach Ancient
Civilizations through the
time of Christ. Written in a
conversational style for the
4th - 8th grade reader, it can
also be used as a read-aloud
with younger children.
Not just a textbook, it is
brimming with multi-age
activities, book and video
lists, memory helps and timeline suggestions. What appealed to us
most about this program is its worldwide approach to history.
Did you know that less than 10 years after Jonah's trial in a fish,
Rome was being established? Or that the last book of the Old Testament was written about the time of Alexander the Great and that the
Great Wall of China was built 200 years before the birth of Christ?
As they read the Bible, Christians tend to forget that there were
other civilizations warring, struggling and searching for truth also.
So this history program is written with both Biblical and secular history combined. And while decidedly Christian in bent, other cultures
and faiths are presented with deference. The Mystery of History was
designed with a 36-week school year in mind. Each week includes a
pre-test, three lessons, a review and an exercise or quiz. If your family
is ready to study history in an in-depth, Bible-centered, chronological
fashion, The Mystery of History is for you. 472 softbound pages, this
book is ideal for the 4th - 8th grader, but readily adaptable for younger
and older children. Retail is $44.95.
088-888 volume 1 $38.00
Pentecost to the Printing Press
Mystery of History Volume 2
The Mystery of History Volume 2 provides
a historically accurate, Bible-centered approach to learning about the Early Church
and the Middle Ages from Pentecost to
the printing press! User-friendly format
contains three lessons per week, hands-on
activities, quizzes, tests, weekly timeline,
mapping assignments and supplemental
reading and resource list. Grades 4 to 8. 704 pages,
soft cover and reproducible. Retail is $49.95. Volume 1 is not
required but highly recommended.
088-889 volume 2 $42.00
Radio Drama at its Best
Do you remember what you
were doing when JFK was shot?
When man first stepped on
the moon? Or for you younger
parents, when 9/11 happened?
If you do, you remember it because you were there. You lived
what is now history. That is the
concept behind this classic, old time radio series.
Using real network correspondents to report “live” events from days well before the invention of radio, You Are There was, and still is one of the most memorable ways to teach history. You Are There takes historic events and
dramatizes them as if they were in fact covered by "live radio". Each
show begins with background coverage of the events. Then the characters involved step in. In some cases participants are interviewed;
in others another reporter offers his perspective of the historical
event. The dialogue is believable, as factual as possible, and very
much in character. The entire coverage is presented in an exciting
and thought-provoking way.
Originally broadcast between 1947 and 1950 when each episode
opened with "...All things are as they were then, except for one thing:
when CBS is there, You Are There! You Are There is based on authentic historical fact and quotations. And now, on to our story....."
Then, as well as now, auditory stories actively engage the listener as
he imaginatively participates in the world's major historical events.
And because he has been engaged, there is more likelihood that he
will remember what he heard.
You Are There comes in 2 volumes. World History encompasses
The Last Day of Pompeii, The Fall of Troy, The Hanging of Captain
Kidd, The Trial of Marie Antoinette, The Charge of the Light Brigade
and many more important events. US History includes, Columbus
Discovers America, Ann Hutchinson's Trial, The Battles of Lexington
and Concord, The Trial of Aaron Burr, The Monitor and the Merrimac,
Surrender of Sitting Bull and many more events that have shaped US
history. Each volume has about 30 half hour programs, over 14 hours
of solid history on each MP3. Not every show will be appropriate for
all ages, particularly ones involving violent death. The producer himself issues a warning about the episode concerning Socrates taking
his own life. Because it is presented as a somewhat noble act it will
need a more godly interpretation of the situation.
This is a wonderful way to introduce your children to so many significant historical events, but it is not flawless. Because the originals
are over 50 years old, the recordings are fraught with some whooshing and static. For those children who are auditory-sensitive, it will
drive them nuts. Likewise, because it lacks the crystal clarity that
this generation has become accustomed to, you may find yourself
occasionally straining to interpret what exactly is happening. In
spite of all that, this is a worthwhile series, and a history class your
children will look forward to. These computer CD's will play in any
computer CD drive, DVD or on any MP3 compatible CD player.
They will not play on a standard CD player. Retail is $25.00.
615-686 you are there - world history $17.50
615-688 you are there - US history $17.50
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Blackline Maps of World History CD-ROM
With a yaaaawn, name like this I wouldn't be surprised to have most parents flip right by this
jewel and that would be a shame. The ideal maps for teaching world history are maps that reflect
the political boundaries of that historical period. Since common blackline maps (or outline
maps, as they are more commonly referred to) are nearly always drawn with current political
boundary lines, they can be frustrating to use. But these maps, newly revised and updated in
2004, follow a chronological progression of history and are broken down into four major time
periods: The Ancients (5000BC-400AD), The Middle Ages (400AD-1600AD), The New
World (1600AD-1850AD), and The Modern World (1850AD-Present including 9/11). Each map
is actually two maps; one unlabeled and the other with some features noted and labeled.
Also included are suggested lesson plans for studying each map and the associated time
period. Because Blackline Maps of World History is a CD-ROM you can print only the maps
you need, in the quantities that are appropriate for your family. Using historical outline maps
reinforces historical and geographical facts for students and gives students an edge in their
learning. Over 200 World History maps, Mac and Windows compatible. All documents are in
PDF format. Retail is $29.95.
257-258 blackline maps of world history cd-rom $24.00
Leif Ericson to Early 19th-Century Culture
It has been a number of years since we have offered an American History curriculum, and
never in 20 years have we offered one so complete, so captivating, so well conceived. Similar in
many ways to the highly popular Mystery of History series, All American History reads more
like a novel than a dreary curriculum.
Extravagant with hundreds of first-rate black and white illustrations and plenty of useful
maps, this is a thorough introduction to American history for children in grades 5 – 8. But by
using the teacher’s guide, this is a program that could be easily adapted for both younger and
older children, a huge blessing for families that are teaching more than one grade level.
All American History makes USA history come alive for children as they investigate the cultural, political, religious, and economic events that have impacted and formed this country. Much
more thorough than typical curriculums, All American History spends 32 weeks studying not
only the events themselves, but also the environment in which the event occurred and the impact
this event has had on America.
Why All American History and not a history book from a mainstream publisher? First and
foremost, the author, Celeste Rakes, has homeschooled since 1987, and in addition, has shared
her love of history with many students in homeschool classes. Admittedly this fact alone is
not always a positive feature; we have rejected countless programs from homeschooling parents because they were embarrassingly inferior to what was already available on the market.
Not so here. Apart from a handful of typos, All American History is a quality product through and through. And it
has thankfully steered clear of the government school flavor many of the conventional history books adopt that make simple ideas seem complex.
Too, writing as a homeschool mom for homeschool parents and homeschool co-ops, Celeste has avoided the assumption that teaching history
is all we do and so her teacher’s guide is succinct with just enough explanations to propel you along and not so much as to overwhelm you.
This first volume covers Exploration through 1840. Each week includes a chapter from the Reader,
maps, forms, and review questions in the Activity Book, and plenty of hands-on and research ideas in
the Teacher Guide. The Teacher’s Guide also includes answers, as well as valuable teaching tips, ideas
for including younger students, games, activities, and more. The activity book is more of a workbook
with reviews, unit wrap-ups, map work, and more. The Student Reader is hard cover, and 352 pages. The
Teacher's Guide is soft cover and 268 pages. The Activity Book is soft cover, perfectbound, 3-hole punched
and perforated, and 228 pages.
088-926 american history vol. 1 reader $36.00
088-927 american history vol. 1 teacher's guide $15.00
088-928 american history vol. 1 activity book $14.00
Volume 2 will be available Summer '07. Check our website for details.
74 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Henty Historical Novels
hile we stock nearly 50 Henty
titles on our web site, here are a
couple best sellers to whet your appetite.
Cat of Bubastes
Tale of Ancient Egypt - 1250 BC
630-630 $14.75
The Young Carthaginian
Times of Hannibal - 220 B.C.
630-631 $14.75
For the Temple
The Fall of Jerusalem - 70 A.D
630-635 $14.75
The Dragon & the Raven
Days of King Alfred - 870 A.D.
630-637 $14.75
Wulf the Saxon
The Norman Conquest-1066 A.D.
630-653 $14.75
Winning His Spurs
The Crusades - 1190 A.D.
630-638 $14.75
In Freedom's Cause
Wallace and Bruce - 1314 A.D.
630-646 $14.75
After digesting Charlotte Mason Companion, featured on page 12, I was
moved to reevaluate the reading materials of our children. If you also are looking for history books for your older children, books that will be historically
accurate and will stretch their minds, but will not compromise your family’s
standard of decency, you will be very pleased to learn about the works of G.A.
Henty (1832-1902).
Known as "The Boy’s Own Historian," his historical epics are profoundly
factual stories that highlight some of the greatest people and moments in history. Written to satisfy young men’s insatiable hunger for adventure, Henty’s
stories can be equally riveting for your daughters.
Each story revolves around a fictional boy hero who is diligent, courageous,
and intelligent. Where needed, these boys fought wars, sailed seas, prospected
for gold and aided in the overthrow of evil empires. Through Henty’s heroes
your child will meet historically strategic leaders and acquire an awareness of
the culture of various European and pagan civilizations.
Each volume of Henty’s series is a library bound hard cover edition, designed
to endure to the next generation. Each book ranges from 200 to 398 pages.
Note: in accordance with the period in which they were written, there are
a couple books where an occasional derogatory term is used, or inappropriate dress, or rather lack of it is illustrated. Preview the books with a bottle
of white-out, or train your eldest to search out these problems and eradicate
them. Also, because these are reprinted books, occasionally a title goes back
out of print for several months. We will refund for those books as we cannot
afford to backorder them. Retail is $20.99.
The Lion of St. Mark
Venice in the 14th Century
630-663 $14.75
Both Sides the Border
Hotspur and Glendower - 1400 AD
630-698 $14.75
By Sheer Pluck
The Ashanti War - 1873
630-624 $14.75
Additional Henty titles
are available on-line!
At Agincourt
White Hoods of Paris 1413 A.D.
630-641 $14.75
Knight of the White Cross
The Siege of Rhodes - 1470 A.D
630-664 $14.75
When London Burned
Restoration Times and the Great Fire
1665-1666 AD
630-634 $14.75
With Frederick the Great
Seven Year’s War - 1760
630-626 $14.75
True to the Old Flag
American War of Independence - 1776-1781
630-704 $14.75
Guide to Henty's Historical Novels
We are tickled that Vision Forum has allowed us to offer this valuable resource to
our customers. Not only does this 126-page
guide provide an account of the life of Henty,
but it also offers both a plot summary and a
historical overview of each of the more than
70 of his works. An indispensable tool for
families that value historical fiction. Paperback. Retail is $10.00.
375-675 boy's guide of henty $7.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 75
physically, exhausting. If so, Wonders of Old Timeline may be what
you are looking for. This blank timeline book is divided into four
historical time periods: ancient, medieval, new world and modern.
While there are many ways to use this book, I recommend it as a
record-keeping book for tracking family reading. As you or your children read about a certain period in history, you make a note of the
title on the appropriate place. Soon you will be able to see at a glance
where the holes are in your teaching of history. Children will enjoy
the challenge of filling those gaps and creating a family keepsake
in the process. This elegant hardcover book measures 9x12 and is
printed on extra thick 70# paper for durability. A lovely addition to
any family bookshelf. Retail is $21.95.
257-257 wonders of old timeline $18.00
1260+ Timeline Figures
Henty Audio
Do you have a child who hates reading, especially reading about
history? If so, your solution may be to read the books out loud to
your children - a wonderful answer, though a bit taxing on the parent.
Besides, what teaching parent is looking for more work? Here is an
even better solution that will free you from reading aloud while still
giving your children access to Henty's excellent literature. Each lively,
professionally recorded, and unabridged edition includes a single
MP3 compatible CD for a total of 13 HOURS of listening time PER
BOOK. Professionally read by Jim Hodges. Now you can have your
children listen and learn, while you tackle your never-ending “to-do”
list. Retail is $25.00 for MP3’s. (MP3 version: These are MP3 file,
computer CDs. The audio on these CDs can only be played on your
computer or an MP3 compatible CD player. They will not play on a
regular CD player.)
615-782 beric the briton mp3 $17.50
615-781 with lee in virginia mp3 $17.50
615-783 in freedom’s cause mp3 $17.50
615-787 for the temple mp3 $17.50
615-789 winning his spurs mp3 $17.50
615-791 under drake’s flag mp3 $17.50
615-792 with wolfe in canada mp3 $17.50
615-797 by right of conquest mp3 $17.50
615-793 true to the old flag mp3 $17.50
615-784 dragon and the raven mp3 $17.50
615-793 true to the old flag mp3 $17.50
The Most Practical Timeline We
Have Ever Seen
Our family has never done a timeline.
Not that we have never seen the merits of
one, just that when it would have been most
profitable for us, housing precluded it. And,
though I dreamed of long circular stairways,
neatly outfitted with figures and dates, it
never happened. Maybe you are in the same
predicament. Or maybe you are a family on
the move who finds the idea of setting up and
taking down a timeline to be mentally, if not
76 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Our older children did not grow up
with a timeline, which is quite
unfortunate. Timelines
give children a visual,
concrete way to view
world history. It can be
fascinating to step back
from studying a particular event in history and
see what was happening concurrently in
the world.
about the time that
Amos was delivering
a message of rebuke
from God to the people
of Judah, the Olympic games
were happening; and Confucius and Buddhism were gathering followers while the Temple was being rebuilt in Jerusalem. While our
two world history series, Story of the World and Mystery of History do
a great job of presenting complete overviews, if you are looking for a
way to track the events, then a timeline is what you need.
History Through the Ages is the most complete timeline collection
we have seen to date. With over 1,260 black and white timeline figures
on 2 CDs, this is a very affordable way to incorporate a timeline into
virtually any curriculum. A brief summary of the person or event,
title, date, and description is included and can be printed with each
figure, or leave it blank and have your children supply the necessary
information. Each detailed illustration has been rendered by homeschooling mom Amy Pak and can be enlarged and colored. The CDs
are organized into categories; Creation to Christ, Resurrection to
Revolution (0-1799 AD, World History), Napoleon to Now (1750
AD – Present, World History), and America’s History (1000 AD
– 21 Century). On the CDs are ideas on how to make a variety of
timelines, guidelines on how to color the figures, suggestion on what
adhesives to use, even game ideas based on the figures. You will have
to work hard to run out of ways to use these CDs. If you are teaching
history, consider this an indispensable component.
205-225 history through the ages timeline cds $75.00
Geography Puzzle for Preschoolers
When our eldest was almost 3 (many years ago!),
we started looking for map puzzles and were increasingly frustrated that instead of all 50 states
as separate pieces, most puzzle makers grouped
the states. To us, that defeated one of the main
functions of the puzzle, learning the shape and
location of each state. We were excited to find
what we were looking for in such a high quality,
crepe-foam puzzle. This LAURI puzzle offers
the family with young children a chance to get
a “feel” for geography. Because LAURI will
replace lost pieces for a nominal fee, parents
are more relaxed about allowing their little
ones to play with this 50-piece puzzle. The
Hawaiian Islands are all one piece. 11”x17” in
size. Retail is $19.99.
360-152 lauri usa puzzle $15.00
Geography Puzzles for 4 - to 12 -Year Olds
Our Global Puzzle, next page, is an incredible teaching tool, but why wait until your child is
10 years old to teach him geography when children as young as 4 can learn with amazing accuracy the countries of Europe, Africa, Latin America, and Asia with our new Geopuzzles? Just
like The Global Puzzle, pieces of Geopuzzles are shaped like individual countries, so children
learn as they put the puzzle together. Jumbo sized and brightly colored Geopuzzle pieces are
easy for chubby hands to manipulate. Winner of a Dr. Toy Smart Play/Smart Toys Award,
these puzzles are perfect for ages 4-12. As children assemble the puzzles, they learn not only
each country's name, shape, and capital, but where they are located and how the entire continent fits together. The Africa and Middle East Geopuzzle has 65 pieces and is 17" x 17". The
Asia Geopuzzle has 50 pieces covering all the countries from Afghanistan to Vietnam and is
19"x16". The Europe GeoPuzzle has 58 pieces and is 19"x16". The United States/Canada Geopuzzle
had 70 pieces and is 17" x 17". The Latin America Geopuzzle has 50 pieces and is 17" x17". Retail
of each is $14.99.
120-410 africa puzzle $12.00
120-400 asia puzzle $12.00
120-405 europe puzzle $12.00
120-390 usa/canada puzzle $12.00
120-395 latin america puzzle $12.00
120-415 set of 5 puzzles $55.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 77
Same Great Results with an Animal Version
A Proven Way to Teach Country Locations
We home educators do a great job with our children and their
academic achievements reflect that. So when it comes to geography
perhaps your child knows more than the average individual who can
only place 18 of the world's 193 countries. But wouldn't it be nice if he
could locate all 193?
Knowing that by looking at maps most people are only able to retain a very small percentage of what they see, we set out on a quest for
a tool that would do more, and The Global Puzzle may be it.
Unlike other world puzzles, The Global Puzzle has pieces shaped
like individual countries. Instead of matching color to color, you must
be able to work each country piece into the bordering countries, making a lasting mental connection as you go. After completing this puzzle, people on average were able to identify 103 countries, an increase
of 400%. After completing the puzzle a second time, they were, on
average, able to identify 130 countries. The Global Puzzle includes all
193 countries and their capitals, all 50 states of the US, and all 13 territories and provinces of Canada, 600 pieces in all!
Recently, the makers of The Global Puzzle tried to address concerns
that others have shared. For example, because pieces are shaped like
countries, there are virtually no interlocking pieces between each
country, as then you would be back to matching color to color. Entire
continents with countries, or in the case of North America, States,
which adjoin each other, but do not interconnect, made for some
frustrated children. All it took was a casual bump of the table from
a preoccupied passerby and the pieces would shift to their original
disjoined state. So, in this newer version some of the incredibly small
pieces are grouped together. Also, this latest version contains larger
countries and oceans that do interconnect like your traditional jigsaw puzzle, and helpful information about each country is printed
on the oceans. And, because so many families have asked for it, this
most recent version does have the solution on the box, but we would
encourage you to use it only as a last resort.
Clearly there is more to geography than just country placement,
but nothing more fundamental. If you are looking for a tremendously
effective way to teach this subject, you'll want The Global Puzzle. 600
pieces, 18 inches x 36 inches assembled. Retail is $14.95.
635-615 the global puzzle $12.50
78 1 2 (800) 478-0672
This is the same great puzzle with the singular exception that
100 skillfully rendered animals are superimposed over areas where
they would be found naturally. The advantage of course is that the
puzzle now becomes a bit easier as a child is able to match a bit of
an animal to the rest of his parts. Is that good or bad? It would seem
that relying on an artificial aid would hamper the learning process.
On the plus side, it may help a balky puzzler stay on task, and over
time grasp the information. Would we use this puzzle? Absolutely,
especially with children under the age of 12 who might otherwise be
overwhelmed with the original Global Puzzle. 600 pieces, 18 inches x
36 inches assembled. Retail is $14.95.
635-620 animal version global puzzle $12.50
Up-to-Date Outline
Looking for a straightforward way to assess
your child's knowledge of
country locations? I can't
imagine an easier, more
accurate method than an
outline map for them to
fill in. Outline maps are a
foundational part of teaching geography. Guessing
or multiple choice won't
work here. In addition
these outline maps can be
utilized for a great deal
more than country location. Obviously they can
be used to mark other geological features like waterways and mountain ranges, but also consider using them to plot historical events or
to track weather. If you have a goal of reading stories from around the
world, outline maps can even function as a record-keeper.
These 180+ maps include the 50 United States, plus countries, continents, regions and global maps with and without boundary lines.
twenty-one additional maps include shaded relief maps of the world
and each continent and also maps of each Canadian Province and
Territory. Print out as many of these little jewels as you need and you
will save yourself the hours of drudgery that would be necessary to
create your own outline maps. After all, the goal is to challenge your
children, not your time commitments! Added to this edition are 50
Color Labeled USA State Maps with a hurricane tracking map! Mac
and PC compatible. Pdf files, uses Acrobat Reader. Retail is $26.95.
577-577 uncle josh's outline map cd-rom $21.50
Accurate, Unbreakable Globe
Every home needs a globe, but if your home is full of lively children, the standard globe may not be up to their buoyant nature. In
that case, this colorful, informative globe will do just nicely. Twelve
inches in diameter, with over 600 accurate, up to date labeled places
Hugg-A-Planet’s World Globe received the "Best 25 of Past 25 Years"
award from the Parents' Choice Foundation. Not only is it practical,
this globe is incredibly durable. Machine washable.
179-229 hugg-a-planet $20.00
Learn Strategy and Major European Cities
Just like TransAmerica, players work together building a railroad
network, but this time it is across Europe instead of the United States.
Each player draws five city cards and tries to connect those cities with
a shared network of tracks. Again this is more a game of tactic than
geography, but your children can't help but learn where the major European cities are, an important ability in these tenuous days of international unrest. A fast-paced game of strategy for 2-6 players, aged 8
and older. Retail is $27.95.
225-248 trans europa $22.00
Game of Tactics
With a Bit of Geography
The setting is America in
the 19th century when railroads crisscrossed the landscape. Now your child can experience the decision-making
dilemmas that the original
train tycoons faced. In TransAmerica, each player draws a
set of five city cards and must
build a railroad to connect all
five cities. Players may branch off from their own track, connect with
any other player's track and then use that track as his own.
With rules that are simple and easy to learn your family will be
playing within minutes of opening the box. The game board is printed in full-color on linen-textured cardboard and illustrates the United States with a triangular grid superimposed on it. 35 cities in five
different regions are shown. The tracks are all good quality painted
wood, typical of the quality you'd expect for German components.
The city cards are very thick, uncoated cards that should easily hold
up to many years of play. More a game of tactic than geography, your
children can't help but learn where these 35 major cities are! This fastpaced game of strategy won the Mensa Select Mind Game 2003. 2-6
players, aged 8 and older. Retail is $27.95.
225-244 transamerica $22.00
Memorize Those States and Capitals
Traditionally, most canned curriculum for 5th graders requires
them to memorize the states and their capital cities. Here is a great
drill tool, plus, as a bonus, they will also learn the two letter postal
abbreviations for all 50 states.
380-156 states & capitals wrap-ups $6.50
Memorize American Geographical Features
This set of Wrap-ups covers a good portion of the significant geographical features of America. It covers states and their general geographic locations, non-capital cities, location of major rivers, lakes,
mountain peaks and even national parks. It comes with 10 self-correcting boards, instructions and string.
380-178 all about america $6.50
(800) 478-0672 1 2 79
Complete, Multi Grade
Level Unit Study on the
United States
Now children in grades one
to six can learn about each
state as they work through
this unit study course that includes language arts, history,
science, Bible and of course,
geography. While science includes the study of state flowers, trees, birds and minerals,
history encompasses the famous people and events from
each state.
Children who pine for mail will especially enjoy having the tourism contact information from each state at their fingertips. Those
packets of information are not only fun to receive, but also a wealth of
information, often with maps and gorgeous booklets that highlight
the best the state has to offer. Cantering the Country incorporates
crossword puzzles, mazes, word searches and much more in this enjoyable approach to learning more about the USA. Included with the
book is a CD-ROM with activity sheets and state maps from which
teachers can conveniently print multiple copies. Needs some outside
sources. Grades 1 - 6. Retail is $39.95.
577-591 cantering the country $32.50
Discovery Learning of
World Geography
Here is an exciting geography program for the younger
scholars. Using appealing
techniques like word searches,
mazes, maps and puzzles, this
geography program is discovery learning at its best.
Integrating geography,
literature, history, science,
Bible, art and even more, Galloping the Globe's variety of
lessons will appeal to every
learning style. Organized by
continent, this K - 4th grade
book is an excellent reference
resource as well. As with all unitstudy-type books, Galloping the Globe does encourage
the use of outside sources to complete every project. Designed to be
used for 1 - 3 years, depending upon how much detail you want to
cover, your children are sure to find this a captivating introduction
to geography. Retail is $24.95.
577-578 galloping the globe $20.00
80 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Geography at its
Admit it, unless geography is your passion,
the need to remember
which was longitude
and which was latitude
has long since faded.
Realizing that, The Ultimate Geography... begins with a wonderful
refresher course, not
because the terms have
changed much since
grade school, but because the perspective
has. It is also brimming
with grade-appropriate lesson plans, games
and activities, and over
100 pages of valuable reproducibles.
Plus, tucked into the back of the nearly 350page book is a reproducible timeline and a couple of timeline games.
In addition The Ultimate Geography... suggests appropriate tools
for teaching geography and how to teach geography through unit
studies, which is a more natural approach. And because sometimes
situations call for a more intense approach to geography, The Ultimate Geography... also contains a Pure Geography section with gradeappropriate scope and sequences. Whatever your approach, The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide could be the only book you will
need to teach geography for grades K - 12, and at less than $3.00 a
year that is a great value!
576-576 the ultimate geography $30.00
The geography courses
on this page rely on outside
resources. Most information is readily available on
the internet, but there is
something nice about
being able to pore over
an atlas, or flip though
a series of country
facts. If you agree, Answer Atlas, 176 pages,
is best for The UltiNEW
mate Geography and
Cantering the Country
while Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, 380 pages, is
helpful for Galloping the Globe. See our website for more details.
Both are softcover books.
187-203 answer atlas $12.95 $11.00
178-209 afghanistan to zimbabwe $12.95 $11.00
Foreign Languages - ASL
Signing Time
We have been ASL advocates ever since
Pearl was a baby and we saw first hand the
benefits of teaching sign language to a baby.
ASL opens up a world of communication
not only for the deaf, but also for pre-verbal
infants, toddlers, and children with special
needs like Autism and Down Syndrome - all
of whom may be able to hear, but may not yet
be able to communicate with speech. Over
the past 11 years we have sampled and sold
a variety of ASL materials, most aimed at
an older child or parent. They are good and
serve their purpose well, but miss the mark
My First Signs
Presents 18 basic American Sign Language
(ASL) signs to your family in a memorable way.
930-931 volume 1 $17.50
as far as kid-appeal. As soon as we saw our
first Signing Time DVD we knew it had both
kid-appeal and educational value.
The history of the Signing Time DVDs is
nearly as appealing as the DVDs themselves.
When Rachel Coleman, a professional singer, found out her first-born, Leah, was deaf,
she and her husband began to learn sign
language together, completely immersing
themselves in the silent speech that would
enable them to communicate with their
young daughter. Over time Rachel realized
that while they could understand Leah, others could not, including Leah's cousins. So,
using Leah, her cousin Alex, and a host of
other children, Rachel and her sister Emilie
made a music video to teach signs to the children in Leah's extended family. That project
has expanded now to 12 DVDs with more
on the horizon. And not only has Leah benefited, so has her younger sister Lucy, whose
cerebral palsy has made communication
apart from ASL difficult.
Why do these DVDs work better than
others? I think, and many parents have confirmed, that it is the inclusion of many children that makes the difference. Seeing other
children signing, and enjoying the process,
encourages the reluctant child to experiment
and learn this new skill.
Since the release of the first DVD in 2002,
the quality of the production has improved
slightly. If you get more recent DVDs, you'll
My Favorite Things
Playtime Signs
Join Alex, Leah, and friends as they show
ASL signs for fruits, vegetables, colors of the
rainbow, and activities.
930-936 volume 6 $20.00
Everyday Signs
Learn signs for all your favorite barnyard
animals and critters.
930-937 volume 7 $20.00
Family, Feelings & Fun
Learn the signs for animals, bugs, activities,
and objects you encounter in your backyard.
930-938 volume 8 $20.00
ABC Signs
Learn signs for animals that you could see
at the zoo.
930-939 volume 9 $20.00
Alex, Leah and friends share playtime
signs with your family.
930-932 volume 2 $20.00
Watch as Alex, Leah and all their friends
share everyday signs, mostly about food.
930-933 volume 3 $20.00
Teaches ASL signs for family members,
feelings, and things outside.
930-934 volume 4 $20.00
ABC Signs teaches the alphabet in American Sign Language, and introduces more
than 50 signs for words corresponding to
different letters.
930-935 volume 5 $20.00
notice a bit of difference, but the basics remain
the same. On each DVD you see the word,
you hear it spoken and then you see Rachel
clearly teaching each sign, followed by a vast
array of children practicing the sign. I am a
nut when it comes to children so I really like
watching these little bitty children signing
and enjoying themselves. I also like the inclusion of special needs children in a production;
so appropriate! There is lots of animation and
live-action to make sure a young child plainly
understands the meaning of the sign.
If your family is very conservative in nature, you may not like the catchy secular
songs, dancing or attire on these DVDs, but
before you totally rule them out, there is an
option on the DVD menu that allows you
to watch the signs only. In fact, regardless of
where you sit on the conservative spectrum,
watching “signs only” is a prudent option.
Most children do not benefit from unlimited
media, so we would encourage you to watch
“signs-only” and save the complete program
as an occasional treat. And what a treat!
These children are absolutely captivating.
See our website for the exact signs taught on
each DVD.
Preschool teachers, speech-language pathologists and pediatricians are recommending Signing Time as the best sign language
video series for young children.
Leah's Farm
My Neighborhood
The Great Outdoors
Teaches signs for playground activities, vehicles, police officer, doctor and fireman.
930-967 volume 11 $20.00
The Zoo Train
You will learn signs for food served at
breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
930-968 volume 12 $20.00
My Day
Be sure to check our website for
special pricing on bundled DVDs.
Time to Eat
Learn signs for waking up, getting dressed,
playing, cleaning up, and going to bed.
930-966 volume 10 $20.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 81
Foreign Languages - Sign Language
Multi-level, Whole Family Sign Language Program
What a great program! Through her 2-video/DVD course, Jennifer Lamp, with her sweet,
gentle manner, does an outstanding job of making the most incompetent want to try. And,
although you know she cannot see you, you cannot help but beam whenever she praises your
The complete course teaches over 500 signs through the use of videos or DVD and a standard workbook with lessons, helpful hints, and important principles. Each lesson is worked
around a character quality and you are challenged to evaluate your life in light of the lesson’s
character quality.
There are three layers to each lesson. My favorite is the first layer, Little Ones. This is where
everyone, but especially tiny children, learn a few words and then a simple song. These uncomplicated songs really help me to remember the words. The next layer is for slightly older
children who will learn a few more words and a verse. The final layer is for the serious student
who will learn even more words and some sign language principles.
If your family desires to learn sign language, and your heart warms to any subject matter
that is drenched in Biblical truths, you will be as enthusiastic about Signs for His Glory as
we are. Each course includes either 2 videos or one DVD as well as one standard workbook.
Additional supplies are available separately. PSE, pidgin sign language, uses signs from both
ASL and SEE, with many ASL principles. Those who learn PSE will have little difficulty
communicating with both ASL and SEE.
715-715 signs for His glory (2 videos) $59.95 $55.00
715-714 signs for His glory dvd $69.95 $63.00
Additional Standard Workbooks
This contains the entire course and is
recommended for serious students.
Ages 12 - adult. Requires the use of the
videos or DVD.
715-717 $12.00
Children’s Workbook
Includes 17 words per lesson, practice
sentences, character questions appropriate for this age group and a song.
For ages 7 - 11. Requires the use of the
videos or DVD.
715-718 $11.00
Little One’s Workbook
Contains the first eight words of every lesson and the lesson’s song. For ages 4 - 7. Requires the use of the videos or DVD.
715-719 $9.00
Signs for His Glory Volume 2
Volume 2 offers 10 new lessons to expand on the 500-plus signs learned in volume 1 on the previous page. Each
lesson begins with a review from the first volume, then Jennifer presents a Biblical character lesson before continuing
on with the lesson's new words and a new song. Then Jennifer has a friend join her, who discusses a signing principle.
A new feature of volume 2 is the telling of a short story completely in sign language to test how well you can "read" the
signs you're learning.
Another change in volume 2 is that the lessons are no longer divided up into three layers for different age groups.
What is lost here is having a segment really focused on the youngest child. But Jennifer does such a good job of presenting lessons in such a simple, friendly way that the whole family could still benefit from this course. Available in
DVD format only, includes one workbook. Retail is $69.95.
715-724 volume 2 signs for his glory dvd $63.00
82 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Foreign Languages - Sign Language
Interax Video Sign Language Course
Because most school districts and universities now recognize American
Sign Language as a foreign language, more and more families are looking for a thorough approach to teaching their children ASL. Timberdoodle is pleased to offer the Interax Video Sign Language Course.
Used by individuals, universities, churches, home schools and
businesses since 1989, the Interax Video Sign Language Course
allows your children to develop signing skills at their own pace
and convenience. Better than books, video has had the ability
to show the motion, speed, direction and even important facial
expressions of each sign.
Even the busiest household will find that the Interax Video
Sign Language Course easily adapts to fit any schedule. The video
course is divided into 57 subject-related lessons on six one-hourlong DVDs. On each DVD, lesson and sign numbers will aid the
student in finding a particular section of the course; so multiple
family members can use the series at the same time.
Upon completion of the course you will have learned over 1200
signs of American Sign Language (ASL), giving you an excellent
foundation for communicating effectively with the deaf. Note:
This program was chosen for captioning by the National Association of the Deaf with funding from the U.S. Department of Education and
is closed - captioned! Includes six DVDs, study guide and test DVD--a $215.00 retail value.
710-611 interax dvd $195.00
55 Important Everyday Signs
If your family would like to learn basic signing skills, but you are bothered by contemporary music and
present-day dress codes, you will appreciate the effort Jennifer Lamp, see below, has made to assemble together 55 of the most important everyday signs. Conservative in presentation, each sign is clearly shown,
making learning them effortless. If your church group includes people with special needs, knowing ASL
should be more than entertaining, it should be a matter of personal courtesy. This is the video to stock
in every church library, and at this price, why not? DVD version available soon, check our website for
715-716 special signs video $14.00
he current statistic is that one out of every 150 children has autism. That is an
unbelievable statistic, unless you are the parent of a child with autism. For the
last couple years many in our family have been soaking up as much information as we can
about autism, the pros and cons of various treatments and not only what can be done to
reach these children but how can we give the families of autistic children hope. If you do not
have a child with autism, you probably know one. If so, keep our website in mind. In the
next several months we will be launching a branch company, especially designed to meet
the needs of families who are facing this, one of the most puzzling childhood disorders.
(800) 478-0672 1 2 83
Foreign Languages
Le Français Facile
As mentioned elsewhere in this catalog, I am a foreign language nut. Not that I speak one
with any measure of fluency, but I have always loved the challenge of mastering what little
I could. All those years of dabbling in Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Farsi gave
me the bug and the boldness to think that I could acquaint my own children with other
languages. And so I have, starting with Chinese when they were quite young and moving
on to Spanish and French.
Had The Easy French (Le Français Facile) been available when our children were younger,
it would have been a natural, for it not only has many of the features I was looking for as a
mom, but many that appeal to young children as well. Parents, particularly parents with
no French background, will be relieved to learn that The Easy French uses phonetic, incremental, conversational French and high frequency words. In fact, one of The Easy French’s
biggest strengths is that it is based on an explicit phonics model. The sounds of the language
are all clearly defined, with the language rules for spelling and grammar being introduced
as needed.
The professionally rendered CD-ROMs contain not only the audio portions of the program, but also printable activity sheets so that you do not need to purchase additional
activity books.
The lessons are clearly laid out, with weekly and quarterly lessons. The Easy French will
take about 3 years to complete. The first year consists of 36 weeks of daily audio exercises.
In the 2nd and 3rd years, lessons are scheduled biweekly.
The Easy French is one of very few French programs that is decidedly Christian, meaning
not only will the stories and songs be wholesome, but that there is an emphasis on learning
French scripture. Children will enjoy the songs, games, coloring pages, and especially the
stories. Parents too will find the narratives captivating as French words are woven into the fabric of each
story. Because the stories are in English with French words intermixed, you will find that this is a very natural
way to learn French. The Easy French includes a nearly 400-page manual and 2 CD ROM's. Retail is $129.95.
For ages 3+.
285-181 the easy french $110.00
French for the Very Young
Have a household of lap-dwellers? Than The Easy French! Junior may be just right for you. With 34 all new lessons written
to a younger audience, and 2 CD’s with native speakers, it is targeted at K-3. With less focus on grammar and writing and
more focus on the stories and songs, this is a wonderful program for younger children. Approximately 200 pages, even the
character illustrations have been redrawn as younger versions of the Level I characters. Retail is $65.00
285-182 le français facile! junior $55.00
El Espanol Facil
Phonetic, incremental, conversational Spanish - this is the same high quality program as
Easy French. Scriptures in Spanish, songs, games and coloring pages on printable activity sheets so you do not have
to purchase consumable activity books or photocopy. Does not require prior knowledge of Spanish and teaches
language and grammar through literature-based entertaining storylines. There is a 3 year program for younger students, 2 year program for older students and 1 year fast track option for teens. Study the cultural flavor of Mexico
and South America with optional projects. Edited by and featuring the recorded voices of Native Spanish Speakers
from Nicaragua and Venezuela. Retail is $129.95.
285-081 the easy spanish $110.00
Practice Spanish in Your Kitchen
The Kids' Spanish Kit features over 200 double-sided magnets with Spanish on one side and an English
translation on the other. This is a neat way for your children to practice what they are learning. Magnets
are ³/₈'' high. Retail is $15.00.
209-060 kids spanish magnet kit $10.50
84 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Foreign Languages
From the time I was 6, I have loved learning foreign languages.
Beginning with four years of Spanish while in Panama, progressing to French while in Michigan, and more Spanish in California,
my high school years in Iran allowed me to study both Farsi and
German. Finally, college in Oregon included a year of Russian. Sad to say,
old age has taken its toll and much of what I learned has vanished from my memory. Yet
I will always remember with fondness the thrill of mastering a mysterious language. Therefore it is
only natural for me to want to share that excitement with our children, and towards that end I am continually
evaluating foreign language programs. Rosetta Stone seems to be the best program available for older children, ages 10 and older, particularly
those who live in a state that requires proof of mastery for high school graduation.
Currently in use in more than 7,000 schools and 55 countries, Rosetta Stone’s computerized foreign language program provides instruction
in more than 24 languages. Rosetta Stone's step-by-step presentation utilizes photos
and pictures that portray real world situations. By matching the spoken phrase and
image correctly children learn a foreign language the natural way, by associating
sounds and later written words with objects and ideas. There is no translation, no
memorization of vocabulary words, no grammar drills or any of the other dreary
methods typically associated with learning a new language.
Rosetta Stone is a first-class program, outstanding in many ways. But every program
has its warts and Rosetta Stone is no exception. Because the program is based on reallife photos you should expect to see photos of people in various manners of dress,
participating in all types of activities. Honestly, most children are exposed to more
flesh in a simple trip to the grocery store, and the lively pace of the program does
not encourage lingering over these types of pictures. Nothing vulgar here, but if you
blanche at the sight of a child in shorts, or a woman wearing a sleeveless dress, you
should be aware of this potential concern.
The first level of the Rosetta Stone software program has 92 lessons, and 3500 real-life images. Visual aids plus written text will appeal
strongly to the visual child. However with 400 hours of mastery instruction in Listening Comprehension, an auditory learner will do just
as well using this program.
The second level of Rosetta Stone’s computerized foreign language program adds an additional 400 hours of accelerated study, with over
4500 real-life images, video clips and phrases in 118 lessons.
We currently stock the following languages, other languages are available on our website. A FREE Rosetta Stone
demo CD is also available with any order.
For more about Rosetta Stone, and the many awards it has generated, be sure to read our expanded review
on our website.
System Requirements: Windows - Windows XP/2000/; 500 MHz processor 256 MB RAM, 450
MB free hard drive space, 16X CD-ROM drive, 32-bit color display; Windows compatible
sound card, Speech Recognition feature requires a usb or analog headset microphone.
Rosetta Stone
rosetta stone demo FREE with any order
spanish 1 $199.00
spanish 2 $229.00
spanish 1 + spanish 2 $339.00
french 1 $199.00
french 2 $229.00
french 1 + french 2 $339.00
german 1 $199.00
Macintosh Mac OS X 10.3 or later, PowerPC G3 400 MHz processor, PowerPC G3 256 MB RAM, 450 MB free hard
drive space, 16X CD-ROM drive, 32-bit color display; Speech Recognition feature requires a usb or analog headset
(800) 478-0672 1 2 85
Foreign Languages
Complete Greek Program for Children
We often refer to Joy and Pearl as our bookends. Not only because they are the start
and finish of our family, and not just because of their identical addictions to books, but
also because they are alike in so many ways, it is creepy! Joy has been studying Greek
on her own for awhile, using a number of good and not so good programs, so when
this course arrived, she was elected to preview it for us. Not only did she like it, she
thought it would be perfect for Pearl. Of course.
Elementary Greek is designed to be used as a complete parent-assisted oral koine
Greek course for children as young as 10, or even better as a self-teaching written
program for older children and adults. There are 30 weeks of daily incremental
lessons which introduce the Greek alphabet, basic vocabulary, grammar, memory work, and translation. The workbook provides practice and application
and the CD aids in pronunciation of individual letters, words, and passages.
Students are encouraged to practice listening and repeating Greek words and
sounds along with the text so that they begin to hear and recognize the various
Greek words, endings, and phrases they are learning.
No previous Greek knowledge is necessary because each concept is covered thoroughly and reviewed regularly throughout the course. Each course includes one non-consumable textbook, one
workbook, one audio companion CD, and one set of flashcards. Additional workbooks are available separately. This is a nifty program, and Joy was right, it has been perfect
for Pearl! Retail is $57.80.
Year 3 will
810-295 elementary greek year 1 complete set $46.00
be available
810-296 year 1 additional workbooks $11.00
810-297 elementary greek year 2 complete set $48.00
online soon!
810-298 year 2 additional workbooks $13.00
Learn Greek and Latin Roots and
Understand English Better
What did we hope to achieve by teaching Latin? Not that our children would
become fluent in a dead language! What
we wanted was for them to be able to look
at a word they had never seen before, and
because of their grasp of Latin and Greek,
to be able to discern the gist of the word.
How did we want to accomplish that?
Well we definitely didn't want something too dull, too schoolish,
too intense, or based too heavily on mythology. With those objectives clarified, it was not too difficult to decide that English from
the Roots Up was an ideal program for us. Designed by elementary
school teacher Joegil Lundquist, this program teaches children 100
Greek and Latin words and their derivatives. Each child compiles
their own file of 3 X 5 index cards with the root word on the front
and the definitions and derivatives on the reverse. The cards need to
be color-coded with markers, green for Greek and red for Latin. The
teacher's manual not only includes the root word, derivatives, and
sample words, but also lots of great ideas in the teaching notes.
This program could not be easier to implement and is ideal for
multilevel teaching. If your children have had no exposure to Latin
and Greek root study, you are going to be very impressed with the
results. This is the kind of program that can expand reading and
spelling skills and should improve your children's scores in their
yearly state test. Unless your children are getting this information
through another program, we feel this is a crucial book for every
home educating family. Appropriate for 2nd grade through high
school. Retail is $29.95.
219-219 english from the roots up vol I $24.00
86 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Learn More Greek and Latin Roots
Here is the logical advancement from English
from the Roots Up. With 100 new roots being
introduced, this book underscores the enabling
value of understanding word origins. Because
of its complexity, Vol II is best suited for grades
4 - 12. Retail is $29.95.
219-223 from the roots up vol II $24.00
Supplemental Cards
Many moms have far
more urgent things to do
than supervise the making of Latin or Greek
cards, but because you
will need a set of cards
for each child, this task
can be overwhelming. If
card making is holding
you back from using
this program, here is a solution. I preferred having each of my children make and maintain their own card files, so I used these cards
only for them to copy from. It certainly saved me considerable
amounts of time and is more cost effective than buying a separate
card set for each child. English from the Roots Up Cards contains
100 cards in a box. It couldn't be easier! Retail is $18.00.
219-220 english from the roots up volume 1 cards $14.25
219-221 english from the roots up volume 11 cards $14.25
Foreign Languages - Latin
Engaging, Incremental Latin Textbooks
I am not the best candidate to review a Latin program. Unlike Spanish, of which I had 8 years
of ‘formal’ instruction, my instruction of Latin was sporadic at best. Between grades 1 and 12 I
attended 8 different schools each with their own scholastic goals, some which paralleled what
is now called classical education and some which just tried to keep the kids off the street. To
those who took the effort to teach Latin, I am indebted, as what little I picked up has been invaluable.
Over the years we have had the opportunity to review a number of Latin programs. Academically they may have been marvelous programs, but they looked so dreary, I didn’t even try to
pitch them to our kids, as it would have been a no sale. On the flip side, as I was previewing Latin
for Children, a number of my kids came out of the woodwork to ask
if they could use it to learn Latin. Even I anticipate using this
program myself as I continue to see a need to know Latin. Not
only is it the root of many popular foreign languages, nearly
50% of English words are derived from Latin words.
I suppose what makes Latin for Children so appealing to us
is that it is idiot-proof. With easy to understand grammar sections learning Latin is not only painless but also enjoyable.
Who uses Latin? Doctors, theologians, botanists and lawyers to name just a few; not too bad for a dead language!
If your children are interested in learning Latin, Latin for
Children is an excellent place to start. Engaging and incremental, these textbooks are filled with clear explanations,
illustrations, exercises, and tests. Workbook format, each of
the 32 chapters contains songs and chants that enable
students to easily learn over 240 of the most frequently
occurring words and grammar. The collaborative efforts
of three Latin teachers, these books are the fruit of seven
years of research and testing.
Bundles A, B and C include 1 of each: Primer workbook, Answer Keys (the actual text with answers
in bold print), History Reader (Latin stories from history), Activity Book (games and puzzles that
reinforce the new Latin vocabulary and grammar), and a Chant CD with all vocabulary words accurately pronounced. Each child will need their own Primer workbook and Activity Book, so if you are
teaching more than one child at a time, you will need to purchase these additional items. If you have
never studied Latin, we recommend starting with Bundle A.
Level A
Primer A workbook (198 pages), Answer Keys, History Reader (50 pages), Activity Book (166 pages)
and a Chant CD. For grades 3+.
025-101 latin for children book a bundle $60.00
025-112 additional level a workbook $21.00
025-118 additional level a activity book $16.25
025-127 chant cd - a $6.75
Level B
Primer B workbook (285 pages), Answer Keys, History Reader (146 pages), Activity Book (204
pages.), and a Chant CD. For grades 4+.
025-104 latin for children book b bundle $65.00
025-122 additional level b workbook $24.00
025-128 additional level b activity book $16.25
025-131 chant cd - b $6.75
Level C
Includes Primer C workbook (296 pages) and Answer Key, History Reader, and Activity Book,
and a Chant CD. For grades 5+.
025-106 latin for children book c bundle $68.00
025-232 additional level c workbook $24.00
025-233 additional level c activity book $16.25
(800) 478-0672 1 2 87
38 Two-Dimensional Line Art Projects
This is a simple project book that has incomplete drawings that
need to be finished. Each page shows a small, completed picture
in the corner of the page. The balance of the page shows the same
image with parts of the lines missing, but with critical intersections
and line ends to define the image to be drawn. Designed by a teaching dad for his home taught son, these "technical art" lessons offer
an interesting challenge for children to draw what they see. With
no formal teaching, your child will be motivated to take on his first
drawings, and he will be rewarded with almost instant success. This
book of 38 projects will be a great starting place before completing more formal instruction in manual drafting. This first volume
focuses on flat 2-dimensional line art and is suitable for children as
young as 5 years old. Our whole family loves this series. Reproducible for family use. Retail is $10.00.
108-361 complete - a - sketch #1 $8.00
Focus on Isometric, 3-D Line Art
Same format as Complete-A-Sketch #1, except this volume focuses
on the isometric, three-dimensional line art. After basic shapes, your
child will move on to increasingly more complex sketches. Suitable
for children as young as 7. Completion of volume 1 is not required.
Reproducible for family use. Retail is $10.00.
108-363 complete - a - sketch #2 $8.00
Drawing Perspective Line Art
This volume focuses on perspective drawing, three dimensional
line art. Like the other volumes, it starts with basic shapes and one
point perspective. Then it builds on the new skills to move on to
increasingly more complex sketches. Impressive results! Start at age
8 or older. Prior completion of volumes 1 and 2 is not required. Reproducible for family use. Retail is $10.00.
108-593 complete - a - sketch #3 $8.00
All-In-One Volume for Vision-Dexterity-Focus
If you have a child with vision, dexterity or focus difficulties this
book was written just for him. Complete-A-Sketch Vision-Dexterity-Focus
covers all three skills, flat two-dimensional line art, isometric, threedimensional line art, and perspective drawing all in a single volume.
Written with input from vision therapists and parents that have children with vision and focus challenges. All of the art in this book is
larger, bolder and has less fine detail so the student can see the lines
and intersections more clearly. This book is suitable for any child over
the age of 5. Retail is $18.00.
108-594 vision-dexterity-focus $14.50
88 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Applied Engineering Graphics
Using the same method of instruction as our very popular Complete-A-Sketch books (facing page), students learn by observing, reasoning and doing. Designed to be an overview
of many different applications to drafting, this book can be used by students without any
outside instruction - a real plus to teaching parents who have no drafting background.
Is drafting a necessary skill? Some aspects are not as essential as others, but the ability
to draw 2D what you see 3D is something your child will use designing a chicken coop,
sketching a raised vegetable bed, or illustrating a warm layette. Children will all show
different proficiencies in completing this course work, but, unlike historical dates and
chemical equations, this is knowledge that is pertinent for a lifetime.
This book requires the use of many different drafting tools and supplies that you will need
to obtain. We elected not to supply them because many families already have most of these
tools in their home. Those that do not can often borrow them from a friend or relative. If
you will have many children using this book, or if any of your children show a great desire to
pursue drafting, it will be worth your while to invest in the best quality tools you can afford.
Otherwise, inexpensive drafting tools are as close as your local office supply store. Retail is
$38.00. For ages 12+. Reproducible for family use.
108-208 practical drafting $32.00
Tools you will need:
English and metric scales
Isometric circle template
Triangle 45 x 45 x 90 degrees
Triangle 30 x 60 x 90 degrees
Bow compass with center adjust
Mechanical pencil with .9mm, .7mm,
.5mm and .3mm leads
Eraser and eraser shield
Drafting tape
11” x 17” paper
These highly acclaimed books are a collection of drawing and handwriting lessons for children. Each
lesson contains a colorful easy-to-follow drawing lesson, sample text for handwriting practice, ideas to
ignite children’s imaginations and much more. Here’s the biggest plus yet: all the illustrations were done
with Prismacolors, see page 93. Your children will be motivated when they see what they can do with
these pencils. Available in eight different titles, we have found these books an inspiration when we use our
Prismacolor pencils. Book 1 is recommended first for beginners, then any book in any order. Each book
retails for $12.99.
On the Farm - Kids & Critters
Animals & Habitats
Christopher Columbus - Harvest
Animals of the World Book 1
Native Americans - Pilgrims
Animals of the World Book 2
085-271 book 1 $10.00
085-282 book 2 $10.00
085-293 book 3 $10.00
The Polar Regions
085-606 book 6 $10.00
085-700 book 7 $10.00
085-880 book 8 $10.00
Boxed Set Special
085-404 book 4 $10.00
USA - From Sea to Sea
085-505 book 5 $10.00
All 8 Draw • Write • Now books in a convenient slipcase. Retail is $89.99.
085-885 books 1 - 8 $70.00
Workbooks for Draw•Write•Now
These handy workbooks, printed with a horizontal format,
give children a long line on which to write and a large drawing area. Each 32-page workbook will hold 15 lessons (enough
to complete an entire unit study plus a few practice pages).
Timberdoodle is currently bundling one Draw•Write•Now
Workbook with every Draw•Write•Now book (except boxed
sets). What a deal!
Pencils on
page 93.
(800) 478-0672 1 2 89
There are some children consumed with the
desire to create. Given the opportunity, they will
create with colored pencils, paper and glue, or
dirt, toothpaste or mashed potatoes. We have a
daughter who is this way. From early toddlerhood
she has lived for art. While 3 years old she was
designing things out of paper that really worked!
ated to be so clear and precise that anyone can be
successful. Ideal for home educators who want to
give their children the basics of art, but are easily intimidated by their own lack of ability. As
a sometimes harried home educator, I especially
appreciate an occasional program that does my
thinking for me. It is simple for me to assign a
One of the blessings about having such a daugh- number of lessons to be completed during the
ter is that she has really inspired me to spend a lot week, and it is easy for them to follow through.
of time considering art. I’ve been challenged to see
Each spiral-bound workbook has places for
if I’m modeling a desire to grow creatively. You children to practice their assignment on. While
don’t have to win a Pulitzer to enjoy writing, or you may prefer to purchase additional sketchto be able to teach writing. Likewise a mom who books for extra practice, I appreciate having evwill never be a “real” artist should not feel hin- erything all together so that I can see any progress
dered from enjoying the process with her children. at a glance. As may be obvious by the title, Barry
We are delighted to be able to offer to our fellow Stebbing teaches from a Christian perspective,
home educators a marvelous series of art instruc- and fellow believers will be delighted to see the
tion books. Of course when we saw that Prisma- emphasis on Godliness throughout the program.
colors Premier were recommended for portions of In all levels you will need to purchase supplementhe assignments, we knew we had a good program! tary art supplies to implement this program to its
fullest, but all are inexpensive and easy to acquire.
Developed by former public school teacher
Barry Stebbing, the daily lessons have been cre-
2 -3 Year Art Program for Ages 6 - 11
A basic beginning text and sketchbook in one. Includes over 145 lessons targeted
for ages 6 -11. If drawing and painting intimidate you, here is the place to start.
Subjects include beginning drawing and painting, with instruction on how to use
colored pencils, markers and acrylic paints. Most students will take 2-3 years to
complete this program.
195-765 i can do all things $40.00
Full Curriculum Plus Artist-Quality Pencils
I Can Do All Things text + 36-Piece Prismacolor Pencils.
197-785 i can do all things + 36 prismacolor pencils $62.00
90 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Unit Study Plus Art Lesson on Horses
If you have a child who loves to draw horses but is frustrated
with her efforts, this may be a solution for her. The Wonderful Art of Drawing Horses is more than just a book about
drawing horses. It includes brief writing and research
assignments, horse anatomical terminology, the history of
horses and horse artists, how to cartoon horses and so much more.
Over 75 daily lessons in a spiral bound soft cover text, chock-full of horse drawings
done by children. Teach them what they want to know and you'll take the work out
of schoolwork. Lessons may be done directly in the text or copied for in-home use.
Ages 8 & up.
195-801 wonderful art of drawing horses $13.00
197-871 drawing horses + 12 prismacolor pencils. $19.00
45+ Art Lessons
for 4 - to 8 - Year-Olds
What a nifty approach to art! This
charming tale of a Canada goose with
a broken wing and a lonely old farmer
includes over 45 lessons/100 pages in a
spiralbound softcover text. Lessons may
be done directly in the text or copied for
in-home use. Ages 4-8.
195-802 joseph goose $13.00
197-872 joseph goose+ 12 prismacolor pencils $19.00
65 Lessons for 3rd - 6th Graders
This award winning 1-year curriculum teaches
color theory, drawing, perspective, nature studies, anatomy, portraits, cartooning, lettering, creative writing and more. Designed especially for students in grades 3 thru 6, it
includes over 65 lessons in a softcover text. Also includes a 20-page sketchbook built into the
back of the text. Lessons may be done directly in the text or copied for in-home use. Recommended materials are colored pencils, drawing pencil set, fine black pen, pencil sharpener &
a kneaded eraser.
195-885 lambs book of art i $13.00
197-874 book i + 12 prismacolors $19.00
70 Lessons for 3rd - 6th Graders
Lamb's Book of ART II is simply more lessons pertaining to lettering, drawing, color
theory, perspective, cartooning, etc. Includes
over 70 lessons in a softcover text. Also includes a 20-page sketchbook built into the
back of the text. Lessons may be done directly
in the text or copied for in-home use. Recommended materials are colored pencils, drawing pencil set, fine black pen, pencil sharpener
& a kneaded eraser.
195-886 lambs art ii $13.00
197-875 book ii + 12 prismacolors $19.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 91
Inexpensive, Comprehensive Drawing
Program for All Ages
With the encouragement of many of you,
we have looked at lots of drawing programs, but absolutely
none of them compares to
this one! This teacher’s guide
contains 222 drawing exercises
that teach and give practice to
what the author describes as
the seven elements of drawing
and alignment. It is so basic
that even those of us who despair of ever learning to draw,
can learn. Each lesson is simple
and comes with clear step-bystep explanations. There is so
much to learn; plan on making
this your basic art curriculum
for many years! EVERY home
should have it. The inexpensive
printing means only black line
drawings and a flimsy cover—admittedly trifles for such a superior
book. By Bruce McIntyre. Retail $8.00.
040-173 drawing textbook $7.50
Superb Sharpener
Imported from Germany
Imported from Germany this nifty little
sharpener does double duty. One opening
is for harder leads, like your #2 pencil or
Prismacolor's Verithin. The other opening is
specially designed for professional color pencils with
their softer leads, like any of the other Prismacolor
sets. The Color Combi's razor-sharp, ultra-hard high-carbon steel
blade is curved, not flat. As it is cutting the pencil, it weaves slightly
up and down, dynamically adapting to the fibrous structure of the
wood instead of ripping straight through it. The cutting friction is
reduced, and therefore the pencil is easier to turn. In order to reduce
wobble while turning the pencil, the sharpening hole is prolonged by
an extra sleeve just forward of the inner cone. While the pencil is turning, that sleeve holds the outer pencil case, adding to the support provided by the cone-shaped part of the hole. This is a superb sharpener
for any of the Prismacolor line of pencils. Colors vary. Retail is $4.35.
861-873 color combi pencil sharpener $3.25
ther videocassette, see
our website, or
DVD, there are
also 5 workbooks,
with a total of
over 400 pages.
And, as is typical
of Alpha Omega
programs, there
is also a massive
Teacher's Guide
included. Surprisingly enough, this
Teacher's Guide
is a significant resource with information, tips, and
alternative tests.
At first tests in an art program
seems odd, but it certainly adds to the thoroughness of this program.
While Thomas Kinkade is concerned that children learn the traditional skills of drawing the real world so that it looks like the real
world, he does devote a bit of time to drawing imaginative creatures.
Because the Lord has already richly blessed us with an abundance
of creatures to draw, I'm hard-pressed to see a need for imaginative
creatures, but I like the way he handles the assignment.
Although primarily intended for students in grades 3 through 5, the
publisher states that this course also includes activities for students up
to grade 8. However, we believe that while the lessons themselves may be
mesmerizing to even adults, the additional activities beyond the drawing
assignments may seem juvenile to an older child.
002-176 dvd with workbooks $51.95 $45.75
002-179 additional workbooks - set of 5 $19.50 $18.00
Learn to Draw with Thomas Kinkade
If you are looking for an incredibly thorough, activity-based, idiotproof drawing program for children 8 years and older, here it is. This
introductory set with renowned Christian artist Thomas Kinkade
will tutor your children on the basics of realistic drawing. Beginning
with just two shapes, your children will learn to draw things as they
appear. Skill-building exercises, key elements of art, and principles
of design will help them learn to observe and re-create the world
around them. While there are technically only five lessons on ei92 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Complete Artistic Quality Drawing Kit
This is the perfect addition to any drawing program. The blue art
box is brimming with tools any budding artist would appreciate: 12
Prismacolor Pencils, plus 2 each of the following drawing pencils:
6B, 4B, 2B, HB and Ebony, four kinds of erasers, pencil sharpener,
mechanical pencil, black micro-pen, black fine marker and more.
Retail value is $35.29.
961-569 prismacolor drawing kit $21.75
hy colored pencils? Colored pencils are
convenient, easy to transport and practical to work with anywhere. Colored pencils will allow you lots of control so that it is easy to keep your
lines clean and where you want them. Unlike painting, your child can work all day with the vibrant
colors in colored pencils, without any of the mess.
parent, the hue of one pencil applied over another will
combine visually to create a new hue. Such complex compositions are pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, unmixed colors often convey rawness and lack of subtlety.
So where does a mom with little art background go to
find a high quality colored pencil? As with all our products, the first step was research. No matter where we
If you grew up with the same colored pencils I grew turned, resource books, art courses, artists, even sales
up with, you may be thinking, “I don’t remember col- representatives for competing manufacturers, the recomored pencils having particularly vivid pigments.” Don’t mendations were all the same: Prismacolors Premier.
let the typical school-quality colored pencils influThese pencils are so much better than the “garden
ence you. Those inexpensive pencils are of poor qual- variety” available at your local grocery store. A word of
ity with hard, gritty leads. They will not only waste caution about these or other quality pencils: they can’t
your money, but also your child’s time and effort. be excessively dropped or tossed around. The wax-based
Top-flight colored pencils are a lot like painting with pigments of some colors will fragment inside if they are
water colors. Because the pigment is somewhat trans- treated roughly. Treat these as the artists’ tools they are.
“I recommend Berol
Prismacolor pencils
because they are versatile and of high quality
and because their color
numbering system makes
each color easily recognizable.” – Bernard Poulin,
author of Colored Pencil
“After working with oils
for many years, I now
enjoy the clean economy
of Berol Verithin colored
pencils on paper. I am
able to work all day
without mess and without variation of color.”
– Dorothy Roussaki
“There are many things
about Berol Prismacolor
that I like; mainly the brilliant colors, the fantastic
way the colors blend, and
the control I have when
using them.” –Esky
36 Artist Quality Pencils with Thick Leads
36 brilliant, blendable, permanent colors. Lead texture is soft and provides a smooth “feel” with excellent lay-down of color. These pencils are
thick enough that, using a blunt point, larger areas are covered quickly.
Ideal for younger children. A Combi Pencil Sharpener, next page, is included! Retail is $52.61
961-136 36 piece prismacolor pencils $32.00
Thinner Leads for More
Precise Work
36 vibrant colors with a specially formulated strong and
durable lead. Its point won’t
easily snap under pressure
and its colors won’t smear
when wet. This set is best
for the older child interested in detailed work. Includes the Color Combi
Pencil Sharpener on the facing page. Retail $25.59.
961-243 prismacolor verithin $16.00
Professional Watercolor Pencils
If you like the look of watercolors, but cringe at the mess, you are in
for a treat. Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils are professional quality, watersoluble pencils that will allow your child to “paint” in a more controlled,
pleasing manner. Of course Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils match the
rest of the Prismacolor line, unleashing a lot of possibilities for the creative child. This 36-piece set is packaged in an attractive and durable tin.
Draw using a water-dipped pencil for striking bright-colored effects or
use a dry pencil and then use a brush to “melt” the water soluble colors
into beautiful watercolor artwork. Retail value is $48.92.
961-336 prismacolor watercolor pencils $32.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 93
How-To Book Includes 8 Pieces
of Brightly Colored Sculpey
When our children were just toddlers, they were always amazed at
their mother’s artistic talent that allowed her to take a simple piece
of clay and mysteriously turn a worm of clay into a pot. But if you or
your children are ready to move beyond the worm-into-a-pot stage
with clay, Create Anything with Clay is the book for you.
Packaged with eight pieces of Sculpey, bright, non-fading, polymer
clay, Create Anything with Clay is jam-packed with tips that are easy
enough for a child to understand, and projects experts would be
pleased with. Starting with the basics, your family will learn what
tools are helpful and how to mix colors. Then you are on to the projects: making a mold, forming all kinds of critters, designing a claymobile, making puppets, fashioning doll house furniture, food and
so much more. There are activities that lend themselves to gift giving, like critters to stick into plants, snow globes, cards and frames.
Not all projects are useful for all families (we are not interested in
making mermaids or bears dressed for Halloween) but there are so
many ideas here, you can ignore a few and still end up with a wealth of
ideas. This easy-to-use modeling medium bakes to a smooth, matte
finish in your home oven. Pick and choose your favorite projects, or
buy more Sculpey and do them all! 58 pages. Retail is $19.95.
350-120 create anything with clay $15.50
Sculpey in 30 Vivid Colors
You can never have too much Sculpey. What is
Sculpey? It is a polymer clay that is non-toxic, works and
feels like ceramic clay, but won’t dry out when exposed
to the air and becomes permanently hard after baking in
a regular oven at 275 degree F.
It is a wonderfully relaxing activity that the entire
family could participate in regardless of age or ability.
In fact, part of our Christmas celebration for the past
years has included adding on to a crèche
made of Sculpey. Using a 30-piece
Sculpey set we made lustrous purple
robes for the wise men, shimmering
gold gowns for the angels and donkeys with gleaming coats of gray. And
Sculpey III can be easily mixed to form your own custom colors. Sculpey III bakes hard and takes on a matte, bisquetype finish. However, due to our lack of knowledge, we lost a few arms and other appendages in the baking process, some
of our shepherds looked more like cucumbers than shepherds, and our sheep had a decidedly bedraggled appearance.
Create Anything with Clay provided solutions to the problems we encountered. New Liquid Sculpey, next page, is even
more helpful for repairs. Free Sculpting Tools are included with Timberdoodle’s Sculpey III Sampler Pack. Made from
sturdy polystyrene, these tools are useful for smoothing and carving unbaked clay items. Retail is $30.98. Includes
1-oz bars of 30 different colors.
355-141 sculpey III sampler pack $22.00
94 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Sculpey That Floats
Out of the wrapper, Sculpey UltraLight is so soft and bright white,
you’ll feel like you are working with a not-so-sticky marshmallow fluff. But
bake it and like regular Sculpey, it hardens enough for sanding and drilling. However, unlike original Sculpey, Sculpey UltraLight floats. Imagine
how much fun you and your children will have making and designing
your own bath toys. And if you, like us, have been using tinfoil as a filler
for large sculpting project, you’ll discover Sculpey UltraLight is a perfect
replacement for it. Plus if you roll it thin, baked Sculpey UltraLight remains flexible so it is ideal for many craft projects. Lightweight enough for
handmade cards, Sculpey UltraLight is available only in a stark white but
it can be colored by mixing it with other Sculpey clays. This is a wonderful
addition to the Sculpey line of polymer clays.
355-190 10.3 oz sculpey ultralight $10.99 $8.00
355-191 1.85 lb sculpey ultralight $29.99 $22.00
Sculpey Clay in Liquid Form
Grace is the one who discovered this little gem, and what an indispensable craft supply it is. Translucent Liquid Sculpey is liquid polymer clay that when baked, it is opaque, flexible, and strong. We have
yet to see anything like it in the craft arena. First, it is a terrific adhesive for those Sculpey creations that
occasionally lose an appendage. Use like glue, bake and it is as if the sculpture never broke. It can also be
used between raw layers of clay, or when adding raw layers to previously baked layers. Translucent Liquid
Sculpey can be mixed with solid polymer clay to soften solid polymer clay. Best of all, to us at least, Translucent Liquid Sculpey can be used to create very thin, flexible, translucent transfers from photocopies, or
magazines. Just spread an even coat of Translucent Liquid Sculpey, place the picture on top, bake and peel
to have a lovely translucent image. If you are using black and white images, you have the option of coloring
the image with Prismacolor pencils, page 93 first. Although initially translucent, the Liquid Sculpey can
be tinted to any color with a variety of pigments which just increases the many ways this product can be
used. Once you try Translucent Liquid Sculpey, you’ll be hooked. Retail is $7.99.
355-192 2 oz translucent liquid sculpey $6.00
19 Interchangeable Discs add Realism to Your Sculptures
Your children will love this tool! There is just something irresistible about squeezing
clay through tiny holes. This tool has 19 interchangeable discs for making leaves, clovers,
rope, braid, bricks, tubes, hair and more! Die cast steel, this extruding tool is a versatile
and simple way to add attractive and professional-looking details to your Sculpey III
projects. Squeezing the clay through the tiny holes is not for the fainthearted though.
But because Sculpey Clay Gun is indispensable for making grass and hair, we think that
you will find it well worth this additional labor to achieve more realistic results. The tool
breaks down into three parts for cleanup. Surprisingly, you bake it in the oven and then tap
out the excess. Couldn't be easier! Retail is $11.99.
355-124 sculpey clay gun $8.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 95
Practical Life Skills
Keepers of the Faith
Yes! This is the organization that you have heard so many good things about. Dedicated to providing a system for
children to record new home and family skills, with an emphasis on Christian values, Keepers of the Faith undertook the grueling task of setting up “yardsticks” for measuring well over 100 skills. Thankfully, Keepers of the
Faith is not just relegated to large groups.
Individual families can also benefit from the materials. Each child needs his own handbook. Contenders
for the Faith is for your sons ages 6 to 16. It provides guidelines for 89 different skills, each an important
component to preparing our sons to be godly men. Keepers at Home is typically for daughters 6 - 14, but
with guidelines for over 100 different skills, some older daughters will continue to find their handbooks
quite useful. Because there are no real age limitations, older children are free to participate. Each handbook
is organized according to topic; Family Life, Nature, Homemaking, Crafts, Leadership, Sports and others,
with outlines of what Keepers of the Faith has felt were the minimum requirements to master that skill. You, of
course, may wish to modify their list by adding to or removing some of the requirements.
Over the years these handbooks have grown from about 100 pages to over 350 pages. There is more depth to the skills,
more practical skills and more challenging skills to master. There are even more how-to’s included, although for crafts in
particular, you will want to augment the handbook; there is just not enough space to teach it all. Some of the newer topics
for the girls are camping, fire safety, home decorating, organization, sign language and scheduling. The Contender’s manual
follows the same format changes of adding additional practical skills, with more scope and complexity for the older boys.
Topics include organization, foreign language, fishing and small engine repair.
The skills for each book follow the traditional guidelines of masculine and feminine behavior. We will make no apologies
for that, but merely suggest that if you feel your son or daughter should acquire proficiencies not traditionally ascribed to
boys or girls, then teach them. These handbooks should in no way limit what your children learn, but instead, they will free
you up from thinking through the steps of each skill. If you would like to mix and match from both books, you will not be
prevented from doing so. For children that complete the requirements, pins are available. One sample pin is included with each handbook,
so that you can see the outstanding quality. To order additional pins you will need to contact Keepers of the Faith. Information on how to do
that is included with each handbook.
Pins are not a necessary requirement to use this program; you can acknowledge your child's achievement in any other
fashion. And yes, boys can earn badges from the girl's handbook and visa versa. Please note that while many helps are
included in each handbook these are not complete how-to books. You may, in many cases, need to find an outside source
for teaching some of the subjects. This program is, without question, a valuable addition to your family's curriculum.
Retail value - $16.45 with pin.
479-164 keepers at home book & pin $14.00
479-174 contenders for the faith book & pin $14.00
Parents' Guide to Productive Pursuits
& Practical Skills for Children
This guide to the Keepers of the Faith program contains ideas, resources and tips to get you started
and keep you going. Plus, the authors have included some common sense chapters pertaining to godly child rearing that
will challenge many of us. 157 pages.
479-175 parent's guide $11.00
Homemaking in a Box
Have you ever thought that because of their years of hands-on experience, your home-taught daughters
have a distinct advantage over their government-schooled peers in the home economics department? Well,
that is not always true. Our girls had been sewing and cooking for more than 10 years and I still got questions like, "Is corn a protein?" and "How do I change the darts in this dress?"
Even the best of teachers will have undetected gaps in their lessons, which may not be as critical when
teaching geography as it is for home economics. If you would like to introduce your 12- to 18 -year-old
daughter to the homemaking skills that they will need, Christian Light's Home Economics course is a great
first step. Rich with hands-on learning opportunities, this course covers food preparation, sewing, child
development, homemaking and Godly womanhood. Ten economically printed workbooks in a handy
slipcase make it easy for a parent to customize the coursework for a child if necessary. For instance, there
is some information in the workbook on womanhood that I would not find necessary to share with any
young teen.
Published by Mennonites, I love the gentle and peaceful perspective that these workbooks display.
Highly recommended. Because the coursework assumes virtually no prior experience, this program can be suitable for students as young
as 12. Retail is $37.40.
425-300 home ec $36.00
96 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Practical Life Skills
Your Children Can Learn to Use a Sewing Machine
Hurray, the award-winning Sewing Machine Fun series is now available in a
single convenient volume! Twice as much information and nearly double the
projects as its predecessor, means that The Best of Sewing Machine Fun for Kids is
not only an outstanding course but also an exceptional value. If a proficiency in
sewing is a part of your required curriculum, and if you would like your children
to learn how to sew but either don't know how yourself or don't know where to
start, this is the book for you. The Best of Sewing Machine Fun for Kids requires
minimal adult supervision and is very strong on the essentials. Not only does
the book use lots of great techniques, like puzzles and riddles, to teach the
basics, but it also contains numerous ideas for successful sewing projects. All
projects build on newly acquired skills and many can be used for gift ideas. For
ages 5+. Retail is $16.95.
701-110 the best of sewing machine fun for kids $10.00
Kid Tested Projects for Hand or Machine Sewing
Sewing with a purpose, what more could a busy family want? From simple wall hangings and place
mats to pillows and quilts, there is sure to be a suitable project for whoever is on your gift list. There
are lots of exercises before the projects to reinforce safe practices and step-by-step instructions making
each project a success. Detailed supply lists ensure you have what you need before you start. While
each project will go together faster with a sewing machine, if your child is smitten with the pioneer
lifestyle she will be thrilled to know that many of the items can be sewn by hand. Included at the back
of the book are reusable, clear plastic templates so that each patchwork piece fits together precisely.
For ages 7 and up. Retail is $16.95.
701-111 patchwork, gifts and more $10.00
Simple, Useful Sewing Projects
Pearl is following in the footsteps of both her grandmothers because she loves to sew. But with
the cost of material these days, I can’t see sewing for sewing's sake. If she is going to sew, I want
the end results to be something functional, something of value. If you share my concerns, then
you will be pleased at the number of sensible, useful projects in Catch the Sewing Bug.
Designed for use by beginning seamstresses, this book is written so that even parents
with no sewing skills can still be successful teachers. Plus, as your child works through
each project, she will also be building skills as a seamstress. Complete patterns &
instructions are included for all 25 projects. Our favorite projects include a baby
receiving blanket, a hot-weather-cool-wrap, baby bib and fleece mittens. Retail
is $8.95.
690-275 catch the sewing bug $6.50
(800) 478-0672 1 2 97
Practical Life Skills
The Most Thorough Typing Program Available
If you are looking for the best typing program available for your family, look no further. We spent
countless hours evaluating the competition, but everything else we tried was juvenile, stressful,
violent, or just plain dumb.
As a busy teaching parent, and with children who feel equally occupied with commitments, we
were looking for a no-nonsense approach to typing. Being able to get in, get the lesson done and
move on is a tremendous benefit and with Typing Instructor Deluxe version 16 you can.
Typing Instructor Deluxe offers a variety of typing plans that can be tailored to your skill level and
preferences, including a typing plan just for children. Plus
with the 'dynamic learning' technology, your child will
improve faster because his weak areas will be automatically targeted. With this version you will be able to create your own lessons, add your own music,
even build your own typing plans. Finally, the clincher for us was the dictation feature. Here your
child will improve his touch-typing skills, by typing as the computer reads aloud a passage to him.
As you can guess, some passages are better than others, but this is a great, practical skill, so sort
through the essays to find ones that you are comfortable with.
No typing program is perfect and Typing Instructor Deluxe is no exception. We don’t care for the arcade games,
and some of the music drives us nuts. But you can skip
the games and turn off the music and it will not affect the efficiency of the program.
Being a competent typist gives children greater job flexibility and allows them to be more productive. Typing Instructor Deluxe Version 16 is the easiest, most cost effective method to teach this
vital skill. Retail is $29.95.
080-138 typing instructor deluxe version 16 $10.00
System requirements: Pentium 133 MHz or faster processor, Microsoft Windows 98, Me, 2000, or XP,
32 MB RAM, 15 MB hard disk space to run from CD-ROM (435 MB for full installation), 4x or faster
CD-ROM drive, 16-bit video card, 16-bit sound card, mouse and speakers or headphones. Not compatible
with Vista or with Windows 95. Vista users have another option available on our website.
98 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Practical Life Skills - Music
Activities For Ear
Training, Sight Reading, and So Much
This is one of those CDROM's that should be in
the library of every home
educator. Here you have
a masterful blend of solid
instruction, engaging
drillwork through the
use of games, and the opportunity to be creative.
Music Ace Deluxe is
designed to provide an
introduction to music
fundamentals for beginning
music students of all ages. Users participate
in a series of self-paced lessons that reinforce fundamental
music skills and an understanding of music theory. Comprehensive
lessons feature such topics as: keyboard basics, pitch identification,
note reading, sharps & flats, introduction to key signature, major
scales and much more. Challenging games, one per lesson, sharpen
music skills and improve retention of important lesson concepts.
The new deluxe version also features more than 2,000 musical
examples from 75 composers to reinforce traditional music instruction, both vocal and instrumental. Using visual and auditory clues,
children develop hundreds of music skills, including beat and pitch
discrimination, staff and keyboard relationships, and the meanings
of important musical terms. Instruction is tailored to children's
responses, giving them just the right amount of help while they're
learning. Interactive activities (games to your children) reinforce
ear training, sight reading, rhythmic dictation, composing rhythms
and melodies, distinguishing harmonies and melodies, and so much
more. And your child can take what he has learned to the Music
Doodle Pad and easily compose and listen to his own music using
a variety of instrument sounds. These creative compositions can
even be saved and played back for others. (I'll let you decide if this
is a plus or not!) This remarkable software has received more than
28 awards and honors and has the rare distinction of being placed
in the Timberdoodle family library. Not many CD-ROMs make it
that far! Recommended for ages 8 to adult, however we would not
hesitate to recommend it for younger children if they are reading at
a third grade level or better.
System requirements: Music Ace Deluxe ships on a hybrid CDROM that runs on both Windows and Macintosh platforms.
WINDOWS: Windows 98/2000/Me/NT4/XP, Pentium 166
MHz or faster, 32 MB free RAM, 640x480 256-color display, 60
MB free hard disk space, 16-bit sound, CD-ROM drive and mouse,
General MIDI keyboard OPTIONAL. MACINTOSH: PowerPC/iMac/G3/G4, System 9 or OS X, 32 MB free RAM, 640x480
256-color display, 60 MB free hard disk space, CD-ROM drive and
mouse, General MIDI keyboard OPTIONAL.
661-205 music ace deluxe $50.00
The Game That Teaches You How to Listen
For young children to truly learn music appreciation they need to
do more than passively listen, they need to be actively engaged. Hearing Music introduces children to the skill of recognizing the nuances
in a melody or the modification in a rhythm through a series of enjoyable computer activities.
From beginner to advanced, Hearing Music gives children the opportunity to train their ears to the difference between a major and
minor chord, changes in tempo and what the same music sounds like
played backwards or upside-down.
Hearing Music involves four very unique games, each with multiple
levels of difficulty and each adjusting to the capabilities of the player,
making the games progressively harder or easier as necessary.
The first game, Comparing Game, asks your child to listen to two
pieces of music and determine if they are the same or different. Later,
he will be asked how the pieces are different.
The Matching game initially requires your child to find the matching musical phrase, while in level four he will be asked to find a pair
that is similar, but not the same.
The third game, The Reading Game, is more difficult than the first
two. Here your child will listen to a section of music while looking at
two pieces of music notation, and choose which set of written notes
corresponds to what has been played. If your child has had no experience reading music, you will either have to help him work it through,
or skip it altogether. If your family uses a hymnal at church you know
that there is great value in being able to recognize the connection between the melodies they hear and the ones they see written down.
The most complicated game, the Ordering Game, presents a short
section of music for your child to memorize. That section is then divided into four portions and your child will be challenged to place the
pieces back into the right order. As each portion can be very similar
to one another, this can be quite a challenge. Thankfully all the music
is classical, so you will not mind hearing them played over and over as
your child puzzles through to a solution.
Hearing Music is a terrific program not only because of the musical
skills it teaches, but also because concentration
skills in general improve. For ages 5 – 105, if you
are not proficient in this area, this is the most
effortless, idiot-proof way I know to acquire that
235-435 hearing music $27.00
System Requirements: Windows 95/98/NT/XP or MAC System 7 or later, 486DX-2 or faster processor, 16 MB of installed
RAM 13 inch (640X480) or larger color monitor 2X or faster
CD-ROM drive sound card with speakers or headphones
(800) 478-0672 1 2 99
Practical Life Skills - Music
Learn to Play the Piano at Home
A Proven Method
Are you one of the 20 million Americans who took piano lessons
in their youth but never became proficient? Dan and I are, and a
seemingly common denominator amongst us quitters is that piano
teachers within the last 100 years have relied too much on rigid
teaching methods that result in months, or even years of drudgery
before a child is adept at making music.
In this video course, Mark Almond dispenses with this modern
view of learning music. Instead he takes the learner back to the
classical method of instruction, the way the composers and pianists
of the past learned, teaching piano with chords and harmony. His
goal is to produce more musical, less mechanical playing. Thanks to
the clarity of his instruction, your children will quickly learn how
to form any major or minor chord and apply the simple rules of
harmony even before they can read music. Understanding harmony
is the key to understanding pleasant music.
Lest you fear that this is some oddball approach to teaching piano, the method has been accepted by professional musicians, piano
teachers, college professors, schools and libraries. Before the course
is complete your children will learn all the standard chord symbols
and traditional sight-reading, but in a more natural way, reducing
difficulty and confusion.
Initially Mark starts with two three-note chords. He demonstrates, via an overhead camera aimed at the keys of a grand piano or
electronic keyboard, how to experiment with the tones of the chords.
Immediately even your most reluctant learner is making satisfying
sounds on the piano. Chord progressions are based on logical, easyto-learn connections without mind-numbing hours spent trying to
decipher sheet music. Subsequent lessons build on this skill while
also covering such essential concepts as musical notation, timing, and
expressive playing. And, of course, because this is video/DVD, each
child can progress at his own pace. Four and a half hours of professionally done, straightforward instruction will give your children a
clear understanding of the fundamental ideas of music theory. After completing
the course, viewers will be able to improvise a little and play some by ear.
Designed for beginning to intermediate students of all ages, but children younger than 12 years old may need adult assistance. All students do need to be completely familiarized with the names of the keys on the piano.
675-076 piano for life video $59.95 $45.00
675-086 piano for life dvd $64.95 $45.00
Music Drills for On-The-Go Children
Need a portable alternative to music flash cards and drill sheets?
Wrap-Ups Music Theory Intro Kit covers fundamental musical
information about Keys, Notes, Signs, Symbols, Rhythm, Basic
Vocabulary, Chords and Intervals. Retail is $32.99.
380-117 music theory intro kit $23.50
100 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Practical Life - Social Skills
Everyone Needs to Learn to Fight
If you are in a family you gotta learn to fight. Dan
and I stepped into our marriage not having a clue
on how to resolve clashes. Contrary to what outsiders may think, Christian homes are not immune to
conflict, and we longed desperately for someone to
show us the Biblical way to disagree. We watched
how other families handled conflict. Most were
peace-breakers, resolving conflicts by manipulation. Others performed as peace-fakers, denying
that there were any conflicts. But we didn't find many who knew
how to operate as peacemakers, responding to conflicts in a Biblically faithful manner. If you believe peacemaking is essential to your
Christian witness then shouldn't it have a profound effect on how you
raise your children?
Ken Sande, with the help of credible real-life stories, explains how
to build a harmonious home based on basic conflict resolution skills
found in Scripture. Through Scripture, we see that relationships invariably involve conflict. God, through His Word, teaches us how to
respond to these conflicts in a variety of constructive ways. The Scriptures were given to us not because we intuitively respond right, but because we don't. We need commands about love because we instinctively
hate, submission because we desire to rule, and obedience because we
are naturally inclined to rebel. Knowing how to be a peacemaker will
equip you and your children for a victorious life in your careers, church
fellowship and homes. After nearly 30 years of marriage, we still don't
have it right, but we are getting closer, thanks to exceptional books like
Peacemaking for Families. Retail is $12.99.
008-014 peacemaking for families $10.00
Teach Them Crucial Life Skills
After reading Peacemaking for Families, above,
you’ll appreciate the convenience of this great follow-up course. Peacemaker materials teach children
how to prevent and resolve conflict in a constructive and Biblically faithful manner. Their method
of resolution emphasizes principles of confession,
forgiveness and communication, each such a
vital quality and the development of each a
large stepping-stone to maturity.
Fully illustrated Student Activity Booklets
are included with the teacher's manual, each
booklet corresponding to the one of twelve lessons presented in The
Young Peacemaker. These 10-page booklets have the look and feel of
a comic book. They are a little loud for our tastes, and some of the
name-calling is new to us, but the realistic storylines are engaging,
and the practical applications are both Biblical and memorable. As
reinforcements to the teacher text, you will find them very useful.
If you wish to photocopy the appendices and Student Activity books for
your children’s or class's use, you will be delighted to know that permission to photocopy the materials is granted to the purchaser. Although
the material is designed for 4th through 8th grades, it has also been successfully used with pre-school and high school students. Because there
will always be conflict, the ability to resolve it is a skill that will last a
lifetime. Endorsed by Tedd Tripp, author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart
(see page 104). Retail is $29.95.
790-790 young peacemaker $22.00
790-815 workbooks only $13.95 $10.00
Teach Manners Systematically
Let's be realistic. Home taught children are scrutinized like no others, with
the possible exception of the pastor's
children. Of course, our children are
always poised and brimming with exceptional interpersonal skills. At home,
when no one is looking! In public, well,
we are working on it. And now we have
a more systematic approach to teaching
manners, Manners Made Easy.
This is an outstanding tool for teaching children etiquette. Using interactive exercises, creative demonstrations and question and answer sections, Manners Made Easy
teaches practical life skills in a memorable way. Topics include introductions, polite conversation, how to set a table, cell phone manners,
and so much more.
Taking manners to a deeper level, Scripture-based learning activities are incorporated at the end of each chapter. Manners Made Easy
is divided into two sections: a teacher's guide with helpful teaching
tips and answers, and easily reproducible student worksheets with
perforated pages. Unless you have an aversion to photocopying, only
one book is needed per family or classroom. Manners still count; how
do yours add up? Retail $9.99.
695-695 manners made easy $7.00
Teaching Teen
Even if your
children excelled
in Manners 101,
see above, their
education is not
over. Children face
new, different, and
sometimes frightening social situations as they mature. We cannot
buffer them from
all the social uncertainties to come,
but we make sure
they have a sound
Biblical foundation
as they make their
way through the
maze we call culture.
Manners Made Easy for Teens tackles many key teen topics like job
interviews, cell phones and e-mail, eating etiquette, public manners,
and more. And regardless of your family’s stand on dating, the suggestions offered there work equally well in any mixed gender setting,
be it a date, or on the job. Parents are encouraged to aid in various
interactive role-playing exercises. Quizzes, demonstrations, tips, and
a question and answer session are included. We all know teens who
would benefit from this information. Paperback, 112 pages.
695-696 Manners Made Easy for Teens $8.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 101
Outside Education
Child-sized Legos
Twenty years ago, when our three oldest would spend
hours designing and building with Duplos, it occurred
to us how nice it would be for them to have a building
set that would allow them to construct child-size structures. How amazing to see that bit of whimsy become
The award-winning Lego Soft blocks are 6 times the
size of a Lego Basic bricks! Smaller blocks measure 3 ½”
x 3 ½” and the large blocks measure 7 ½” x 3 ½”, a handful regardless of your size!
Using standard, decorated, and curved Lego Soft elements your child can build child-size furniture, fences
for their pets, forts or houses for imaginative play. Because Lego Soft can be used outside as well as in, you
may find your children using them for an obstacle course
with hurdles to leap over, or crawlways to creep through.
Or maybe they will build mazes and time each other
as they crawl through. Most children love to test their
balancing skills. With Lego Soft they can build ‘snakes’
to balance on, or ‘lily pads’ to leap to.
Made from a unique pliable material, Lego Soft is safe,
quiet, durable and washable. 84-piece set includes decorated bricks with eyes and mouth, roof tile bricks, and,
of course lots of basic bricks in the standard four colors.
And because no Lego Soft brick has sharp edges, you
will find that they are not as painful to step on at night!
For ages 2+. Retail is $299.95. (Because of the enormous
size of this set, we can only ship this item to the lower 48
states and only via UPS, no PO boxes.)
232-129 lego soft $290.00
A Blend of Badminton, Tennis and
Racquetball for Two or Four Players
Easy to set up when friends visit, and a snap to haul along to
picnics and reunions, Speedminton has become one of our favorite outdoor activities.
Imported from Germany, Speedminton is a blend of badminton, tennis and racquetball. Easy to learn, hard to master, when
we played Speedminton for the first time we were delighted with
how high-energy it was to play. (It is hard to find exciting two-person aerobic games to play on a farm.) As we became more adept we discovered that it is also a complex game of strategy.
Net-free, Speedminton can be played anywhere that you can mark out two boxes that are 18 feet by 18 feet and are 42 feet apart. Using a
shorter, springier racquet and bouncier birdie than badminton, the key to Speedminton is a unique shuttlecock, called a Speeder, designed to
fly fast and straight, then brake slightly at the end of its flight. Three different Speeders allow for different types of play. Beginners should
use Fun Speeder, Match Speeder is for fast and competitive play, and Night Speeder is modified so that a Speedlight, which glows for up to
3 hours, can be inserted at the base.
The idea is to volley between the two boxes without letting the Speeder hit the ground. This can be a vigorous sport especially if you spend
your time, as I do, chasing after errant hits! For the less skilled you can shorten the distance between boxes. Speedminton Family Set includes: four
Speedracquets, high quality extruded aluminum for lightness and maximum durability. Each weighs just 6 oz, and is 23" long. (Speedracquet
colors may vary.) One each of the assorted Speeders made from patented, aerodynamic materials. Four Speedlights, though frankly, unless your
night vision is that of a youngster, this option may not work for you. 1 Wind Ring for play in windy conditions and a. Speedminton Easy Court
(rope and sandbags to define a court). Timberdoodle Exclusive!
445-447 speedminton family set $42.50
445-446 additional speeders $6.50
102 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Test Prep Books
Revised and
Prepare Your Child for the Test
Home taught children that are not prepared for their yearly standardized tests are
at a distinct disadvantage to government and
privately taught children. If you reside in a
state that requires standardized tests you
should know that a vast majority of certified
teachers 'teach for the test.' In other words,
knowing the types of questions that will
appear on the standardized tests, they will
spend the weeks preceding the tests covering the necessary information. If you do not
do likewise, your children stand a chance of
performing poorly in comparison. For those
of us in a state where some form of testing is
required, but never scrutinized, preparing is
not as critical. But for those of you in states
where the test results are not only analyzed
but are used as a basis for whether you may
continue to home educate, why not make sure
your children are 'playing on a level playing
field?' Spectrum Test Prep offers students
the essential groundwork needed to prepare
for standardized tests.
This brand new version of Spectrum Test
Prep series offers children a comprehensive
and sequential way to practice the content
areas offered on the following standardized
tests: the California Achievement Tests®
(CAT/5), the Comprehensive Tests of Basic
Skills (CTBS/4), the Iowa Tests of Basic
Skills® (ITBS, Form K), the Metropolitan
Achievement Test (MAT/7), and the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT/9). The up-todate content reflects national standards and
includes practice tests in the following subject areas: reading, language arts and math.
Each book offers examples, with directions
and sample test items, tips about test-taking
strategies, a practice test section with actual
test questions in reading, language arts and
math, and a progress chart to note and record their own progress. Clear instructions
and an answer key are included. Help your
children to face the tests with the same confidence that their peers will have. Retail is
Note: Although presently there are test
preparation books that also cover science and
history, there are a couple of reasons we have
elected not to carry them at this time. Our
main concern is that their format is more
entertaining and not as nuts and bolts, nor
as comprehensive about covering the main
topics of reading, language arts and math
as we have found in Spectrum Test Prep.
Moreover, because in many states history
and science are option subjects tested at the
parent's discretion, it seemed more prudent
to offer the best tool for preparing your child
for what is essential: reading, language arts
and math.
331-741 grade 1 test $7.50
331-742 grade 2 test $7.50
331-743 grade 3 test $7.50
331-744 grade 4 test $7.50
331-745 grade 5 test $7.50
331-746 grade 6 test $7.50
331-747 grade 7 test $7.50
331-748 grade 8 test $7.50
331-749 aep high school $5.00
Why a GED?
As our children progressed from wobbly toddlers to steadfast teens, what they considered necessary aspirations have been tested and refined, usually by those of us who love
them most. Take the matter of high school graduation. Even within the home education
movement it is considered shocking to graduate a child without a formal diploma, be
it from a correspondence school, a cooperative high school, or a local organization. We
mildly disagree with that sentiment as we have seen first-hand children who have made it
through the system but cannot put on paper an intelligent thought, or work out the most
basic of math calculations. Yet, they have that all important certificate that implies what it
cannot prove. The GED, on the other hand, has long been thought of as the mobile home
of higher education: I.E., Okay if that is the best you can do.
Our generation has yet to shuck of the stigma of GED’s being the path of the unwed
mother or the juvenile delinquent. Timberdoodle, however, sees it in a slightly different
light. When a child takes the GED, he knows how he scores nationwide in such basics as
math, English composition, social studies, science, and literature. A national norm, not a
score arrived at by a beleaguered teacher, a well-meaning organization, or a biased parent.
And while we typically abhor tests, it does seem prudent to have a means to confirm that
a particular child has mastered what the world deems significant. As employers of numerous teens and young adults, it would be helpful for us to know the scholastic level of each
potential employee before hiring. In this realm a GED score, and not a graduation diploma,
can be a more handy tool.
Towards that end we offer you one of the finest, most up-to-date, GED preparatory books currently available. Retail is $18.00.
117-617 cracking the ged $15.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 103
Parenting Helps
f you are grieving that your children speak only one language, are atrocious spellers, and can't
locate Nigeria to save their lives, then you don't know real grief. Look around you; troubled
families are dealing with bigger issues than just scholastics, they are dealing with issues of the heart.
In our more than 20 years of parenting we have read scores of how-to books,
but none have compared to the books written by the Tripp brothers. If you don't
yet have a handle on your children's behavior issues, set everything else aside.
No academic prowess can substitute for a child at peace with God and himself.
Learn to Address Heart
Issues in Your Child's Life
“A change in behavior that
does not stem from a change in
heart is not commendable; it is
condemnable.” So begins one of
the most penetrating parenting
books Dan and I have read. The
author, Tedd Tripp, builds a solid, Biblical argument for getting
to the heart of your child’s behavior with the ultimate goal of
your child living to please God,
not man. If your child outwardly
obeys but inwardly seethes, he
is living life like a Pharisee, behavior that was condemned by
Jesus. Tedd also points out that
if we have low expectations for
our children’s behavior, then they
will never experience failure and the need
for what only Jesus through the Holy Spirit can do for them.
There is a lot to this meaty book, one that has profoundly altered the
way we look at parenting. Application questions at the end of each
chapter make Shepherding a Child's Heart a natural for your local
church group to utilize. It is never too late to seek God’s best for your
family. Paperback, 237 pgs. Retail $13.95.
789-654 shepherding a child’s heart $10.00
Shepherding a Child's Heart Audio CDs
Unabridged series read by Tedd Tripp, perfect for busy dads with
long commutes, or industrious moms catching up on their mending.
Digitally mastered. Retail is $35.00.
789-794 shepherding cds $33.50
Parent's Handbook Includes Applications
I thought that there was no way to improve on the inspirational
Shepherding a Child's Heart, until I saw the corresponding handbook
with lots of strategic questions and application. Shepherding a Child's
Heart is one of the most important books we sell. This workbook
will be valuable for those of us who really want to apply what we have
789-795 parent's handbook $7.50
104 1 2 (800) 478-0672
Perfect Gift for the Busy Parent
Do you consider yourself a successful
parent because your children are not in
jail, on drugs or involved in immorality?
Do you know how many children could
pass that test and still be hell-bound?
How do you define successful parenting,
by the world's standards or by God's?
And when your child blows it big time,
do you praise God that He loved your
child enough to reveal his sin, or do you rant and rave, then fall into
a deep depression. Discipline is not about rules, rewards or punishments; that is how the world, which walks in darkness, operates.
Discipline is about dealing with heart issues. It is about teaching
our children how to look at themselves in the accurate mirror of the
Word, which is able to expose and judge the heart.
In this special audiotape series, brothers Paul and Tedd Tripp
team up to present the essential sections from each of their books,
Shepherding a Child’s Heart and Age of Opportunity. While Paul reveals the heart issues affecting parents and their teenagers during the
often-chaotic adolescent years, Tedd focuses on the shepherding of
the younger ages. While the individual books are more complete, this
set of audiotapes is perfect for your busy parenting friends, especially
those parents who have a lot of “windshield time.” Retail is $49.95.
795-597 the case for kids audiotapes $42.50
A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens
If you have a burning desire to see your teens at
peace with God and yourself, and you know you
don't have all the answers, you may find the key in
this helpful book. Because Tedd and Paul Tripp
are brothers there is some overlap between Shepherding a Child's Heart and Age of Opportunity.
However, there seems to be more and more of a
need for solid, Biblical advice to address issues
that are specific to teenagers, and that is where
Age of Opportunity excels. Paul Tripp is refreshingly real, so you never feel that he is preaching
at you, and is so practical you can immediately
apply the principles taught. If you or a loved one have a teen that is
engaged in spiritually destructive behavior, the knowledge gained
here could enable you to help that child turn toward godly living.
Retail is $14.99.
780-780 age of opportunity $11.25
Parenting Helps
Move Beyond Your Child's Behavior and Focus on Issues of the Heart
After over 20 years of hands-on parenting and countless how-to books, it would have been easy for
me to dismiss any new parenting book as a rehash of what we already know and sell. If I had, we both
might have missed out on a truly amazing book. While this can be a stand-alone title, I like to think of
it as Shepherding a Child's Heart - The Rest of the Story. Whereas Shepherding a Child's Heart, page 105,
lays a great foundation for why dealing with actions and not the heart is ultimately futile, Don't Make
Me Count to Three! builds on that by giving sensible tips on how to address heart problems. With the
practical application of Scripture, Ginger Plowman teaches both experienced and inexperienced moms
how to move beyond their children's seen behavior and instead focus on issues of the heart. Divided
into three sections, this book covers in detail ways to reach our children's hearts, how to give a Biblical
reproof, and what is the Biblical use of a rod. Also included is Wise Words for Moms, an indispensable
resource for those moms who sincerely desire to respond biblically to discipline issues. With its
calendar-like format, it is easy to scan this guide for your child's misbehavior, find the suitable
heart questions to ask, and see at a glance the appropriate Bible verses for reproof and encouragement. Retail is $16.99.
790-816 don’t make me count to three combo $12.00
People in Need of Change Helping People in Need of Change
Could there be a more poignant verse in 2 Timothy than Paul's request to Timothy to come before winter?
While Bible scholars differ somewhat on the interpretation of this verse, most agree that Paul knew that he
would not escape execution. So was his primary concern that if Timothy delayed and winter weather prevented
travel, he would not get his cloak before the weather changed? Or was it a plea for intimate fellowship as the
end of his life drew near?
All around us we have people pleading with us to 'come before winter.' Come before I meltdown, before I
divorce, before I look to the creation and not the Creator for fulfillment. If you are baffled on what to do, Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands will give you insights and direction. If your family has a desire for a deeper
walk with God and intimate fellowship with other believers, this book will give you the information you need
to turn shallow friendships into nurturing fellowships based on a mutual faith. Working from the premise that
God uses even the untrained as tools of change in the lives of others, Paul Tripp explains the "all of my people,
all of the time" model. God's plan is that through the faithful ministry of every believer, the whole body will
grow to maturity in Christ. Be forewarned this is not light reading. This is electrifying but serious information,
definitely not for those content with a mediocre Christian life. In terms of challenging and relevant books Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands
was our favorite book for 2003. Retail is $16.99.
780-783 instruments in the redeemer's hands $12.75
Dealing with the Heart on Issues of Communication
I suppose there are as many reasons for crying at weddings as there are criers, but for countless people it is the
sorrowful knowledge that this wholly joyous occasion lasts but a moment. And while any couple can weather unexpected difficulties, it is much harder to recover from those skirmishes involving the heart.
There are lots of books written on communication techniques, but few deal with the heart issues, and as the Bible
teaches, it is out of the overflow of the heart that the mouth speaks. War of Words does deal with the heart issues of
communication and in the process touches on so much more.
Writing with a passionate desire for godly obedience, Paul Tripp communicates Biblical truth clearly and practically through his use of illustrations from his own family and his counseling ministry. If your family has relationship/communication struggles, we highly recommend reading War of Words together. The questions at the end of
each chapter are practical and life changing.
Highly recommended, this book is among a handful that has permanently impacted our lives. Retail is $14.99.
780-781 war of words $11.25
(800) 478-0672 1 2 105
Parenting Helps
Unlocking Your Child's
Unique Learning Style
If you have ever emailed Timberdoodle a question concerning curriculum recommendations, the odds are good that our return email
asked what we consider the most pivotal of questions: how does your
child learn best? And typically the parents' response will be puzzled,
vague, or uncertain. My friends, these things ought not to be this
Every teaching parent needs to be an expert on his child's learning
style. Why? Because children, and adults for that matter, have very
definite ways that they best learn.
While most learners can gradually adapt to another style, often
that of their teacher, when under stress, i.e. every new learning opportunity, they will learn better employing their own God-ordained
learning style. And for those children that are less adaptable, learning opportunities can become major battlefields when they are forced
to learn in a way that seems impossible to them. You can have the
most glorious curriculum, identical to what your friend with brilliant
children used, and it will be a dud for your child if the learning style
is not correct for him.
In Talkers, Watchers, and Doers Cheri Fuller not only helps you to
identify learning styles, as auditory, visual, or kinesthetic, more importantly she helps you target teaching techniques that will be most effective for your child. Aimed at the family with school-bound children, the
author also does a thorough job of covering the flexibility of the home
school situation with many practical suggestions. Once you know how
your children think and learn, then you will know how to help them
succeed scholastically. 144 pages. Retail is $11.99.
440-440 talk, watch, do $8.00
Since our children began to read, we
have had a love/hate relationship with
book lights. While they made a trip to
Grandma's more pleasant, maintaining the bulbs was not. More nerveracking than that was the fear that
they would inadvertently shine
the lights in the rear-view mirror or at another car, temporarily blinding/distracting the driver. After
a few hair-raising episodes we had to limit book lights
to older children only. Had the LightWedge been available it would
have eliminated both issues. The LED illumination means no bulbs
to burn out. The distortion-free optical-grade acrylic lens spills the
light onto the page, not into anyone's eyes. The thin lens sits flat over
the page you wish to read, is hefty enough to hold open the pages
of many books, and can also double as a bookmark. Weighing just
8 ¹/₂ ounces, the LightWedge is easy to pack and carry. At
6 ³/₄"x 9 ¹/₄" the LightWedge seems bigger than the typical clip-on book
light, but once you start to use it you will be pleased with how much
easier it is to manage than the bulkier flashlight on a clip.
Originally we envisioned these being used as the perfect book
lights in the car, but immediately after they arrived we realized that
their potential was even greater. They are great for late night reading
in bed, especially when some roommates would rather sleep than
read. They are nifty tools for those campers who like to read and are
frustrated by the irregular lighting that lanterns provide, or annoyed
106 1 2 (800) 478-0672
with trying to read by flashlight. They would make a thoughtful gift
to families facing extended hospital stays with a loved one. And for
those of us traveling with aging eyes, it could be just the boost we
need when the lighting may not be adequate at a relative’s home.
Operating up to 40 hours on four AAA batteries (not included), LightWedge turns on with a switch that's effortless enough for even small
children to operate. With nothing to move, attach or break, it is simple
to operate, easy to handle and painless to pack. Retail is $34.95.
158-158 $25.75
The LightWedge Paperback
Designed specifically for paperback books, this book light is conveniently sized, 7.4" x 5.5", to pack into small spaces. No bulbs to burn
out, 40 hours of light on four AAA batteries (not included), onetouch operation, and a price that is affordable! Retail is $24.95.
158-167 $18.50
LightWedge Soft Cases
Made of neoprene and lined with a
microfiber polishing cloth, the LightWedge Soft Case is designed to protect
your LightWedge. Compact and not
too bulky, there is just enough padding
to protect.
LightWedge Soft Case (Original Size) fits LightWedge Original and LightWedge Soft Case (Paperback Size) fits LightWedge Paperback model.
158-259 original case $8.95 $7.00
158-269 paperback case $7.95 $6.50
Parenting Helps
Comfort for the Dying
and Their Loved Ones
For five years our family was enrolled in
the real-life course of geriatric care for
Dan’s 100+ year-old grandmother. While
our initial role was to provide respite
care, as her condition worsened we were
assigned to more and more of her day-today treatment. When hospice stepped
in, instead of taking over her nursing,
they trained our family how to provide it.
Honestly, we learned more than we ever
wanted to know! However, underlying all this
instruction were some creepy philosophical ideas that left us feeling
very unsettled about using hospice.
After Grammy’s death I stumbled upon this eye-opening book,
authored by Deborah Howard, an RN and a CHPN (Certified
Hospice and Palliative Nurse). While her primary purpose in writing this book is to help those who are trying to cope with the suffering and death of someone they love, in the process she explains
in detail the medical aspect of the dying process and the function
of the hospice organization, all in the context of a clear message of
hope in Christ. This book has caused us to do a 180 in our attitude
with respect to hospice and to regret that we didn’t read this book
in the final year of Grammy’s life. It would have made a huge difference in our care efforts, addressed our fears, and prepared us for
those final days.
There are many home educators who are finding themselves a
part of the sandwich generation, caring for both their children
and their parents. I know God is glorified when we choose to put
aside creature comforts and desires to minister to the elderly and
infirmed. Should you find yourselves in the heart-breaking situation of watching a loved one step from mortality to immortality, be
they the elderly, or more heartrending, a young child, Sunsets can
inform, prepare and give you a God-glorifying perspective. Because
it is appointed unto all of us to die, this is an essential book that
belongs in every well-stocked home library. Trade Paperback, 336
pages. Retail is $17.99.
275-539 sunsets $13.50
Reading in our
Last year, when
it looked like my
sister was about to
succumb to lupus, I
sent her One Minute after You Die
for what I thought
would be her last
birthday. Odd gift?
Hardly, because
what could be a
more appropriate
gift to a traveler
than a travel guide
about their destination? Death is
inevitable for all of
us, but most of us
put more thought
into planning the
ultimate vacation holiday, which lasts a brief
seven days, than into what happens when we
die, which will be for eternity.
In One Minute after You Die Dr. Lutzer, honestly discusses what
the Bible has to say about life after death in easily manageable chapters. For the first time I saw death as the blessing it was, and how
without it we would be doomed to an eternity with sin-filled lives.
Tackling such popular beliefs as reincarnation, purgatory, and near
death experiences, he clearly, but compassionately lays such options
to rest. Because these popular beliefs are so prevalent, One Minute
after You Die is required reading in our home. Because eternity is
not another tourist destination where upon arrival you can change
your plans, we need to be absolutely sure our children know the truth
about what life looks like one minute after they die. Trade paperback, 144 pages. Retail is $6.99
420-092 one minute after you die $4.75
How to Have God-centered, Bible-saturated Traditions
Noël Piper and I must be kindred spirits. When her husband John, in the introduction to this book, describes her as "velvet
steel, a no-nonsense, suck-it-up, thick-skinned doer," I suspected we were cut from the same cloth. But when I read her book,
especially when I saw her zeal for family devotions, I knew that we shared the same passion for living a God-centered life,
including evaluating family traditions.
Although just over 100 pages, Treasuring God in our Traditions is not lightweight fluff. So don't look here for 101 tips to avoid frantic holidays or a dozen ways to use leftover turkey. Instead Noel brings the focus where it should be, challenging us to ask what our
traditions teach our children about God. God-centered, Bible-saturated traditions are among the best ways to show children that
God is our greatest treasure. How are we reflecting Christ in our everyday habits, special occasions and of course the holidays?
If you are at a crossroads with this issue you will find that Noel gives wonderfully sensible suggestions about keeping, changing, or dropping
the traditions we inherit or marry into. Treasuring God in our Traditions not only guides the reader into a deeper understanding of the crucial
role tradition plays in a family that sincerely desires to glorify God, it also presents an intimate glimpse into the family of respected pastor
and theologian John Piper. Particularly insightful is their joint article on family worship in the church. Outstanding!
Our children have been raised in a home that is willing to throw out what is the norm and begin from scratch to establish God-centered
family traditions. If your family has a passion for raising children who ache to glorify God with every fiber of their being, you will appreciate
this book as much as I have. Retail is $15.99.
275-530 treasuring God $12.00
(800) 478-0672 1 2 107
Extras to Make Life Easier
Reusable - Removable - Non-Marking
When all your horizontal surfaces are buried beneath layers of
papers, books and magazines, how do you keep track of interesting
articles, stunning photos, and necessary invoices? Magnets on a refrigerator are standard favorites but even they have their limits. And
if you have young or special needs children, you probably hesitate to
use thumbtacks on a bulletin board because they can present a safety
hazard. But Cling Thing is the perfect addition for every active childfilled home. Clingy on both sides, it grips the wall with no additional
adhesive, while messages, notes, and pictures are placed on its soft
sticky surface. Not only will Cling Thing stick to walls without any
damage to wall surfaces, nearly everything that you place on Cling
Thing, comes off it with no residue. Occasionally newspaper will leave
lint-like marks, but should it ever interfere with Cling Things gripping ability, a quick rinse with a bit of soap and water will resolve it.
Because of its safety feature Cling Thing is the perfect bulletin board
for toddlers and special needs children who want to arrange personal
pictures, birthday cards and the like. A simple pat to the Cling Thing
and it sticks until it is removed. Older children and adults, who in
the past have had to hunt for available magnets, love how quickly an
item can be secured with no damage to the item. No more thumbtack
holes through those treasured photos or birth announcements! Get a
Cling Thing for everyone in the house and get organized. Dimensions:
12" x 17". See our website for special prices on 2 or more Cling Things.
137-154 grey cling thing $9.50
137-157 blue cling thing $9.50
137-139 red cling thing $9.50
12 Foot Display Strip
All the qualities of the Cling Thing, but
in a 11/2" by 12 foot strip. That’s a lot of Cling
Thing! Use it for your timelines, job charts,
photos, bills or whatever else needs to
be hung. Cut off a piece and place it by
your phone for messages, if you have an
inch and a half of wall you have space
for a spot of the Cling Thing Display
Strip. A perfect addition to most home
offices. 11/2" by 12 foot, in a roll.
137-194 grey cling thing strip $7.25
137-197 blue cling thing strip $7.25
137-199 red cling thing strip $7.25
Removable Highlighting Tape
Highlighters are wonderful, but they have their limitations. Years ago we purchased a Bible to use
as a record of verses the family had memorized. The goal was to highlight each memorized verse
but everything we tried was either too anemic to see or bled through the delicate pages. Now we
have a wonderful way to commemorate our commitment to Scripture memory without damaging
our Bible.
Not only that, research seems to indicate that by adding color to printed information, the likelihood that the information will be recalled and stored in long-term memory increases by 25%. We
know some children will learn best by highlighting. But what one child will highlight is not what
another would, and there is nothing so distracting as to study with an already highlighted book
- ask any poor college student who has purchased used texts. So if you have multiple children that
you expect will share a text, or if you anticipate reselling your schoolbooks, you will be delighted
with Highlighter Tape. Transparent, removable, damage-free tape allows you to highlight without
leaving a mark! You can even write on it!
But don’t limit yourself to schoolbooks; Highlighter Tape can also be used to highlight individual
parts on a borrowed script, rows or columns of numbers, recipes in a library cookbook, difficult
passages on sheet music, key points on a map, and as a place keeper for intricate knitting or x-stitch
patterns. Highlighter Tape can also be used to mark for your children important facts and dates,
vocabulary words, and what information is expected on tests.
Highlighter Tape sticks securely, yet removes easily without damage to most surfaces. Vivid
colors can't be missed, yet its transparency allows you to see what is underneath. (Warning - if your hands are damp when you apply it, you
may smear the color a bit.) The one-line tape is 1/6 inch by 393 inches per roll. The two-line tape is 1/3 inch by 393 inches per roll. The threeline tape is 1/2 inch by 720 inches per roll.
Economical - use as much or as little as you want and if you peel it 180-161 6 rolls of one-line yellow tape $11.94 $8.00
carefully, you can even reuse it a couple of times. One- and two-line 180-132 6 rolls of two-line yellow tape $13.50 $9.00
tape is available only in yellow; three-line tape comes in an assortment 180-123 6 rolls 3-line fluorescent tape $15.85 $12.00
of colors; yellow, green, orange, pink, blue, and purple.
108 1 2 (800) 478-0672
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Sculpey 94-95
Curriculum 90-91
Bible Tools
Betty Lukens Felts 62
Bible on MP3 65
Devotional Books 62-67
Christian Worldview 37
Bible Study 68
Page 41
Duplo 43, 102
Fischertechnik 44 - 47
K'nex 48 - 50
Wedgits 40 - 42
Complete-A-Sketch 88
Practical Drafting 89
Foreign Languages
Easy French/Spanish 84
Greek 86
Latin 87
Rosetta Stone 85
Sign Language 81 - 83
Page 86
Geography 79
Speedminton 102
Spelling 10, 14
Sudoku 29
Thinking 31-36
Curriculum 80
Games 79
Puzzles 77-78
Page 32 American History 74
Henty 75 - 76
Mystery of History 73
Story of the World 72
Home Economics 96
Keepers Of the Faith 96
Language Arts
Page 50
Grammar 11 - 12
Greek & Latin 86 - 87
Handwriting 9
Spelling 10
Writing 13 - 14
Cuisenaire Rods/Books 16
Developmental Math 18 - 19
Drillwork 23 - 24
Key to Math 22
Miquon Math 17
Preschool Math 15
Teaching Textbooks 20 - 21
Music Ace Deluxe 99
Piano for Life 100
Page 102
Parenting Helps 101, 103 - 108
Phonics Pathways 5
PhonicsTutor 6
Readers 7
Reading Comprehension 7 - 8 Page 44
Speed Reading 8
Storybooks 69 - 71
Kumon Workbooks 3 - 4, 15
Beginning Phonics 5
Creation Science 61
Curriculum 57 - 60
Electronics 52
Kits 51, 53-56
Sewing 97
Page 2
AceReader 8
Music 99 - 100
PhonicsTutor 6
Spelling 10
Switch-On Schoolhouse 39
Terrapin Logo 38
Typing 98
Quarter Mile Math 24
Page 35
Test Prep Books 103
Thinking Skills
Curriculum 25 - 28
Games 26 - 29, 30 - 36
Logic 28
Never Bored Books 2
Sudoku 29
Page 35
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shipped via surface rate.
The Timberdoodle Guarantee:
Our policy is simple: we want you pleased. If for any reason you
are unhappy with your purchase, just return the new, unused item
to us, in the original shipping box, within 60 days. It is easy and the
instructions are in your box. For a replacement copy, please call,
write or click the “Company Info” tab at
You help us keep our prices low by adhering to these basic requirements. Please allow 6 weeks to process your return. Thank you!
Note: Shipping costs are not refundable.
Prices are subject to change without notice. After 9/21/07 please
call, write, or check our website for prices.
1510 East Spencer Lake Road
Shelton, WA 98584
Check here if this order is a gift and we will not include prices.
1510 E Spencer Lk Rd
Shelton WA 98584
O rdered B y :
S hip T o : ( if
different )
Street Address _______________________________________
Street Address ________________________________________________
PO Box____________________________________________
PO Box_____________________________________________________
State __________
P hone
Item #
3 -7 business days
$8.50 for Any Size Order!
(USA lower 48 states only)
Visit our
website for
other shipping
Foreign Orders
Shipped surface mail
See our website for rates.
Method of Payment
State __________
American Express
Discover Card
Check or Money Order
A ddress _______________________________________
Includes APO/FPO
AK & HI and PO
Box Addresses
See our website
or call for rates
Price Ea.
Tax - 8.3% if shipped
to a WA address only
Credit Card Number____________________________________________
Expiration Date____/____
Authorized Signature___________________________________________
All prices are subject to change without notice.
Total Price
1510 E Spencer Lk Rd
Shelton WA 98584
Change Service Requested
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