Safety is a question of system

Safety is a question of system
Fire detection systems
Safety is a question of system
Flexible fire prevention concepts with the IQ8System
Fire detection systems
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Reliable prerequisites: competence and resp
Competence, innovation, as well as market and customer orientation have formed the
­successful development of the ESSER product brand for more than a quarter of a century.
We are the market leaders in fire detection technology and our qualified employees develop
and produce products and solutions for the all-encompassing safety of people and goods.
HighLight Munich
Business Towers
Fire detection systems
Melk Monastery
in Lower Austria
Castle Hotel
in Münchhausen
in Prague
Safety in system. There is an overall vision in our extensive
And thus our IQ8Control C, IQ8Control M and 8008 fire alarm
product range: full system integration. A customized overall
control panels as well as all detector series are tested and
concept of fire prevention can be planned and realized from
licensed according to European Standard EN 54 regulations.
separate, individually integrable system performances for every
requirement with products optimally aligned with each other:
This makes ESSER a vendor with national and international
with system solutions which enable more flexibility, economic
licenses for the entire product range in fire detection techno­
efficiency, and operational safety.
logy. With our innovative and adaptable products and system
solutions, technically demanding and large-scale projects are
Quality: the word gets around. Performance is in international
successfully implemented. At the same time we always offer
demand. International certifications and demanding reference
our partners the best possible technical support and work
objects show that we have earned ourselves a world-renowned
together to create the optimal system solution for every
reputation with quality products and powerful system solutions.
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IQ8System: safety that pays off
An optimally configured system makes full use of its entire potential. The use of every single
component aims not only at simply extending one’s own possibilities but also that of the
other system components. So the IQ8 fire alarm system increases its value as time goes on.
IQ8Quad with alarm
signaling device
IQ8System consists of:
n the economical bus systems:
­esserbus-PLus or esserbus
n the multi-functional speech-enabled
­IQ8Quad detectors with alarm signal­
n the IQ8Control fire alarm control panel
n the IQ8MCP
n the universal detector base for using
n the innovative IQ8Wireless
various fire detectors
(T, O, OT, OTblue, O2T, OTG)
ing device
Thanks to this constellation, the IQ8System is more flexible than
detector replacement additionally enable an uncomplicated
any other fire prevention system. Its detectors pick up on all
adjustment of the fire detection unit to changing environmental
known criteria and moreover possess alarm functions—also
conditions and object specifications at any time.
including speech alarm. The base construction and its easy
Fire detection systems
The control units: systematic control
Being perfectly aligned with each other, the 8008 and
costs, whether in stand-alone operation or as a complex system
­IQ8Control fire alarm control panels coordinate all system
in the technologically advanced essernet. Innovative software
­component activities. As practice-oriented systems, they offer
documents events to the second and enables exact analysis
the highest degree of flexibility and operational safety via loop
of all incoming reports. This diversified system selection opens
bus technology, modular design for future upgrades, free
all possibilities of realizing a customized and reliable overall fire
configurability, multilateral functionality, and connection possi-
alarm system for every object.
bilities to the latest detector technology. At the same time, they
are extremely economical due to low operational and follow-up
8008 Fire alarm control panel
n The universal, high-tech control unit for
large objects
n Up to 40 esserbus loops
n Full redundancy via the usage of a
second CPU
n For large building complexes with
up to 4,680 fire detectors – i.e. hotel,
industrial, or office complexes, clinics
IQ8Control M*
Fire alarm control panel
IQ8Control C
Fire alarm control panel
n The flexible high-tech control unit for
n The low-cost high-tech control unit for
mid-sized objects
smaller objects
n Up to seven esserbus loops
n Up to two esserbus loops
n Highest flexibility in already existing or
n Economical
changing object specifications
n Compact
n Multilevel buildings with up to 889 fire
n Smaller objects with up to 254 fire
detectors – for example administration
detectors where many people and/or
and office buildings, hotels, or small to
valuables are to be protected, for
mid-sized industrial objects
­example kindergartens, institutions,
car dealerships, or galleries
IQ8Control M
IQ8Control C
Modular design
Free configurability
esserbus-compatible with spurs
Networking of up to 31 control units
Conformity to standards and regulations,
­national and international
fire prevention with the highest degree
Display in plain text
of flexibility and future security.
Error diagnosis via PC, also long-distance
Easy installation and start-up
Fire department key box and operating panel
Extinguishing system control via standard
­interface “Extinguishing”
Direct extinguishing system control via ­­
bus-driven electric control systems
Number of loops
Fire alarm control panels for every
pur­pose: advanced system solutions
in which all components are optimally
aligned with each other. For effective
* One can connect up to seven ring loops and
889 detectors or esserbus terminals with the
IQ8Control M. Due to German planning and
installation guidelines (VdS and DIN VDE), there
is a limit of four ring loops and 512 detectors.
0 07
External devices
Max. 1 km
Max. 1 km
IQ8Control C
IQ8Control M
Max. 31 panels
Max. 1 km
IQ8Control M
Max. 1 km
The essernet – flexible and powerful
The essernet connects multiple control units and other display
Because of the modular design, all changes can be quickly and
and alarm devices to one non-hierarchical network for economic
uncomplicatedly programmed from one point. Synergy and
and convenient monitoring of extensively arranged building com-
­symbiosis – multiple fire alarm control panels communicate via
plexes. Depending on the object conditions, the essernet can be
essernet and visualize their reports on one joint display and
operated using all types of cable. Up to 31 panels can communi-
­operating panel for integrated alarm systems.
cate in the network.
Left: Repeaters amplify
the signal even over
distances stretching
Right: As a standard
cable, the I-Y(ST)Y
communication cable is
a low-cost alternative.
essernet ranges
Distances of up to 700 m between two terminals can be bridged
repeaters, the distance between the terminals can be tripled.
via a communication cable and with a data rate of 62.5 kbaud.
Even distances of up to 20 km between two panels can be
With twisted-pair data cables, up to 1,000 m can be bridged:
realized by using fiber-optics and corresponding converters.
and with a data rate of 500 kbaud. Through the usage of two
Fire detection systems
The loop: esserbus and esserbus-PLus
The esserbus-PLus is currently the most secure and economic
bus. The ring bus also feeds the alarm devices directly from the
form of alarm system. It follows a simple principle: all system
­double-wire analog ring loop; this feed can tolerate short circuits
components are not located on various spurs as is the usual
and interruptions. Additional components are not necessary. Up
case, they are exclusively and fully addressable on the ring
to 48 alarm devices can be operated on one loop.
Wireless MCP
IQ8Control M
Wireless gateway
esserbus transponder
Almost all of the advantages of the IQ8System – except for the
alarm signaling – can also be realized with the reliable esserbus.
The number of esserbus devices is subsequently expandable up
to 127 with little effort. With the esserbus-Transponder ­Concept,
controllers and additional ports are installed where they need to
be, and with minimal wiring.
n Up to 127 terminals on the ring bus
n 9200 series and IQ8Quad detectors on one loop
n Reduced installation effort
n esserbus-PLus, esserbus length: 3.5 km
0 09
Visionary system: compatibility, control, and mainten
tools 8000
With tools 8000, you can act independently of place and time. You program
your alarm system where and when you
want to. After you have defined all con­figurations entered, you can easily transfer
the data on site into the panel and to the
bus devices via the loop, respectively.
Thus tools 8000 is both customer data
editor and service software in one. It
replaces three previously needed programs in Windows and additionally
supports importing of old data created
with the DOS editor. It raises the user
comfort considerably and offers quick and
concise programming – from installation to
maintenance. With tools 8000, you not
only configure the control unit, you also
configure the ring. Even individual diag­nosis and parameterization of the detector
are possible. Especially convenient: you
hardly notice that you are sitting at the PC, as tools 8000 recre­­-
already in operation. From maintenance – including a user-friendly
ates the original control panel view on-screen and graphs all
event log – to preventative field strength measurement for
system components on a standard user interface. tools 8000
wireless components, tools 8000 does not leave any wish
complements the IQ8 fire alarm control panel and accompanies
unfulfilled in terms of system care and optimization.
an alarm system through all of its life cycle phases.
Thus, using tools 8000, it is possible at any time to check and
restore the configured desired state of a fire alarm control panel
Cost per detector call point throughout the entire life cycle
Planning · Consult­ing · Project Planning · Submission
Manufacturing · Distribution/Marketing ·
Service/Development · Other Costs
tation · Montage/
Installation · Start-up ·
Service · Expansion ·
Operating Costs/
Damages · Operating
Failure/Inspection ·
The maintenance
costs form the
largest cost factor of
a fire alarm system.
Here the employment
of tools 8000 effectively saves costs
and effort.
Fire detection systems
The more complex an alarm system becomes over the course
insertions in addition to dynamic graphics, tables, and visualiza-
of time, the more important it is to gather all required information
tions, and also on more than one operator station. Because of
into one place. All control units events are bundled by the hazard
its modular design, WINMAG delivers on both cost-effectiveness
management system software WINMAG – in a clear, concise,
and flexibility. Necessary modules can simply be added depend­
and user-friendly fashion. Moreover, WINMAG offers the user
ing on the user’s application. Via its open system architecture
the possibility to immediately initiate the proper measures with
and free programmability, it optimally adapts to the respective
active control possibilities. In this way, the software specifically
local environment. Thus the system can always be both custom­
prevents further dangers. Furthermore WINMAG offers video
ized and economical.
tools 8000
tools 8000
Downwards compatibility
Older generation control units
FACP 3007
Max. 1 km
Max. 1 km
FACP 3008
IQ8Control C
Max. 31 devices gateway
FACP 3010
External devices
FACP 4908
esserbus transponder
Downwards compatibility
This economical solution encompasses the connection of older
their freely programmable input and output ports. Thus, ESSER fire
control unit series as well as WINMAG, the flexible management
detection systems offer decades of planning reliability, yet are still
system which is the gateway to integrating older control units, as
always state-of-the-art.
well as the essernet interface for the bridging of large distances.
Large distances, short ways
Long-term investment protection
The essernet serial interface can securely connect to each other
Our concept of also connecting older generations of control units
in control panels separated by large distances and at the same
to newer systems is realized quite simply using the gateway.
time enable a convenient operation of the entire system. Thus
esserbus transponders are expansion components which are
it integrates especially complex connections in a technically
used for the controlling and monitoring of external devices or for
demanding yet simple way.
the connection of standard, diagnostic, or special detectors with
10 11
The plus in safety: recognize, report, and extinguish
Practical example 1
Above: Swift closure of automatically controlled
fire protection doors prevents the further spread­
ing of smoke as well as the spread of fire.
Left: Targeted elevator control helps to prevent
life-threatening situations in case of emergency.
Recognize and report. Control and activate.
It takes more than just plain reporting for systematic fire protec-
and ­greater damage is reliably prevented in this manner. Timer-
tion. Therefore various control possibilities are included in the
controlled alarm signaling helps in emergency cases to orderly
overall IQ8 fire detection system. In case of fire, these begin with
evacuate streams of people and to avoid panic. This is espe-
the controlling of elevators and continues with automatic closing
cially true for large building complexes, for example large hotels,
of fire protection doors further to the active on-site application
airports, train stations, shopping centers, and sporting venues,
of an extinguishing agent. There is a wide range of controlling
as well as exhibition/event halls. All of these buildings have one
options. All ESSER fire alarm control panels are equipped with
thing in common: the average visitor usually possesses little ­
digital controlling ports. Technical alarm components, designed
or no knowledge of the local layout, and is thus reliant on di-
for the acquisition, forwarding, and controlling of various techni-
rected guidance for his/her escape during emergencies.
cal alarm reports, form an important link for many applications to
With esserbus-PLus, addressable alarm devices and their
other maintenance groups in building services engineering.
various program­mable audible alarms and voice messages
(IQ8Alarm), even complex evacuation plans can be put into
All-round protection in the case of emergency. Advanced
active fire protection can be provided with multilateral control
possibil­ities. The spread of fire is slowed down systematically
action in a simple way.
Fire detection systems
Practical example 2
The 8010 fire alarm and extinguishing panel is ring-bus-compa­t­
In this application, each extinguishing area is controlled via one
ible and sets the standards for economical and flexible usage.
8010 fire alarm and extinguishing panel. Both extinguishing areas
With this integrated solution, simple and complex fire prevention
are equipped with automatic and manual detectors in connection
tasks are dealt with via electronic control systems for extinguish­
with an acoustic alarm device, but together use only one extin­
ing systems at low costs. A perfect safety system: the 8008 fire
guishing agent container.
alarm control panel with the esserbus (which includes the 8010
fire alarm and extinguishing panel) for direct on-site extinguishing.
Extinguishing area 2
Group 2
Manual call
stop MCP
Follow-up extinguishing MCP
Group 1
8008 Fire alarm
control panel
8010 Fire alarm and
­extinguishing panel
Extinguishing agent
Max. 8 extinguishing
8010 Fire alarm and
­extinguishing panel
Group 1
Group 2
Extinguishing area 1
Manual call
stop MCP
Follow-up extinguishing MCP
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