New John Deere W-Series Combines

New John Deere W-Series Combines
New John Deere W-Series Combines
New W-Series Combines
You planted it. You fertilised it.
You protected it from insects, disease and weeds. Now that it’s time
to harvest, you need to harvest as
much of your crop as possible, with
the highest possible grain quality.
That’s why you need to harvest with
the new W-Series combines from
John Deere.
In addition to all the standard
features you expect from John Deere
equipment… proven reliability, a
responsive dealership network,
innovative features and options and
uncomplicated operation… the new
W-Series combines offer a higher
powered engine, along with a variety
of internal enhancements to help you
harvest more efficiently and with
better grain quality than you’ve had
with other walker combines.
Each new 6 walker W-Series model
is also available as an i-Series combine with the complete line of performance enhancements from
John Deere Ag Management Solutions
such as AutoTrac, HarvestSmart and
Harvest Doc.
Unlock your harvest potential
Table Of Contents
600R Series Platforms / CornStar Header
The W-Series Advantage
Cleaning and Hillmaster
Power, Grain Handling
Residue Management
Cab and Controls
W-i-Series combines/AMS
Service and Specifications
The new W-Series combines from
John Deere… ready to help you
unlock your crop’s potential. See your
John Deere dealer for more information or to arrange a demonstration.
600R Series Platform
Put one of the John Deere 600R
Series Platforms on your combine
and you’ll get lower, faster cutting
that you can easily adjust to suit your
conditions. Available in widths from
4.30 to 9.15 metres, the 600R platforms feature heavy duty components
like an 80 hp reverser that takes
power directly from the engine, along
with an automatic reel reverse so you
don’t have to raise the reel. Stainless
steel feed plates help keep crop
sliding smoothly into the four-way
adjustable auger, while the epicyclical
counterbalanced knife drive provides
vibration free cutting with less shatter
And to help you start quickly every
day, all 600R platforms feature
single-point attachment of electrical
and hydraulic lines, as well as locking
the platform in place.
Maximise harvest potential with the 600R Series platform
A positive, epicyclical gearcase
knife drive provides in-line knife
motion for vibration-free operation.
The counterbalanced drive provides
smoother cutting, less shatterloss.
Non-clog knife guards fully enclose
the knives for cleaner cutting.
Higher knife speed and longer knife
stroke enhance cutting capacity.
Knife sections are self-cleaning and
bolted for easy replacement in the
An 80 hp electro-hydraulically controlled mechanical reverser uses
direct engine power to put more torque into the job so you can maintain a
brisk harvest pace – even in difficult cutting conditions. With the automatic
reel reverser, you won’t even need to raise the reel to reverse the cutting
Stainless steel feed plates in front of
the auger will never rust. Crop is fed
smoothly to the intake auger, year after
year, season after season.
4.85 m (16 ft)
5.50 m (18 ft)
6.10 m (20 ft)
6.70 m (22 ft)
7.60 m (25 ft)
9.14 m (30 ft)
All 600R Series platforms can easily be
switched between any W-C-T-S Series or
appropriately equipped 1450/1550 combine.
Single-lever latching gives you the
ultimate in header hook-up convenience.
One lever connects the electro-hydraulic
multi-coupler and engages the platform
attachment pins. Fast, easy and clean.
Adjustable table length. Set the three position cutting table from 545
to 715 mm to maximise performance in all conditions… from short, dry
straw to long, wet crop.
A 660 mm intake auger provides plenty of
feeding capacity. Plus, you can adjust the
auger four ways (up/down and fore/aft) to
ensure smooth, high capacity material flow.
The John Deere Advantage
• Automatic cutting height and ground
pressure give you the versatility to
harvest in a wide range of conditions
• HeaderTrak system automatically
maintains cutting height, even over
uneven ground
• A variety of header widths lets you
choose the platform that matches your
The unique John Deere CornStar Rotary Corn Head allows true multi-direction
maize harvesting, while the innovative intake system reduces vibration and
promotes faster, smoother feeding with less grain loss. CornStar corn heads fold to
3.2 m for transport and are available in 6 and 8 row models.
Short and long folding crop
dividers. Simply fold the dividers into
the platform for transport – no need to
remove them before you drive on the
road. No need to carry heavy
attachments or to look for a storage
Retractable fingers
are positioned the
full length of the auger
to smooth out feeding
and boost capacity.
Breakaway grooves
and retainers are
standard; no chance
of a broken finger
entering the combine.
W-Series: Feederhouse
The feederhouse has one of the most
difficult jobs of any system on your
combine: feeding a crop which can
vary in yield from one metre to the
next in a consistent layer to the separating system. So how does the
John Deere W-Series feederhouse do
With components like the high
torque, high strength slip clutch,
which give you the capacity to handle
the toughest, greenest crops. With
features such as the 80 hp reverser,
which transmits power from the
engine for consistent, dependable
performance. And with designs like
the ‘straight-through’ feeding, which
means that the primary components –
feeding, threshing and separating –
are the same width, ensuring that
every centimetre of the combine is
The John Deere Advantage
• High strength components stand up to
the greenest, highest yielding crops
• Feederhouse reverser gearbox gets
80 hp straight from the engine for
consistent, dependable performance
• The long feederhouse gives you a
shallow angle of cut, with excellent
visibility over the platform and a thin,
uniform crop mat
High capacity feeding for high yielding fields
Straight through feeding –
The primary components (feederhouse, threshing area, cleaning
system and straw walkers) are the
same full width as the threshing
Plus, the feederhouse is set at
a flat angle to the threshing cylinder; there are no abrupt transition
areas, so crop flows smoothly.
The front plate features 9° of tilt and 4° of side-to-side pitch to match ground
conditions. The result? An even stubble height with less bulldozing, even in uneven
Excellent visibility. The
extra long feederhouse
positions the header far
out in front, so you can
see the platform and
stubble height without
leaning forward or
balancing on the edge of
your seat.
The shallow angle
created at the top and
bottom of the
feederhouse delivers a
thin, uniform crop mat to
the threshing area. There
are no sharp angles to
slow the crop flow.
With 80 hp of mechanical
power supplied from the
engine. Directly from the
cab you can remove the
worst plugs with pushbutton ease! Less downtime, more productive
harvesting. The reversing
reel further enhances
platform discharge for an
improved material flow.
Benefits of W-Series Technology
No matter what you grow, the
W-Series combines from John Deere
give you the ability to harvest your
crop’s full potential with the efficiency
you need and the high quality of grain
and straw you demand.
Threshing begins as the crop mat
passes through a primary and secondary cylinder and concave on its
way to the steep, 11-step walkers.
Once on the walkers, the John Deere
power separator drum combs the
straw mat, releasing trapped grain,
much like the tines on the John Deere
tine separation machines. Once the
powerful cleaning system blows away
straw and chaff, you have more clean
grain in the tank and a higher return
in your pocket.
Performance without compromise.
That’s the power of the new
John Deere W-Series combines.
W-Series Separation: Performance without compromise
Unbelievable comfort. The cab helps ease the
load of long days in the field. See pages 18−19
for more details.
W-Series Features
More grain in the tank. The Power Separator
combs the crop mat to release trapped grain
other machines might miss.
Cleaner grain. A dedicated precleaner,
combined with the advanced 11-step walker
design and innovative Power Separator, results
in vigorous separation and cleaner grain.
• Increased horsepower. Climb steep hills, even
with a full grain tank, thanks to higher engine
ACA – Automatic Combine Adjustment makes it
easy to match combine performance to crop
conditions. ACA includes an outstanding remote
shoe adjustment where all 6 elements (precleaner
and sieves) are connected directly to a dedicated
actuator, ensuring higher levels of accuracy.
• High precision moisture sensor. You’ll get
faster, more accurate readings with our
moisture sensor, located in the grain tank. So
accurate,t hat within seconds of starting a new
field, you can confirm crop moisture levels and
decide whether to continue harvesting or not.
• John Deere AutoTrac Assisted Steering.
Hands-free, satellite based guidance system
means you only steer at the headland or to
avoid obstacles. AutoTrac eliminates time
wasting passes with a partially full platform.
Excellent control. An array of simple in-cab
monitors and user friendly controls will have
you harvesting like a pro in no time… in any
crop or condition.
• John Deere HarvestSmart Auto Feedrate
Control. HarvestSmart automatically controls
feedrate for either maximum throughput
capacity or grain loss parameters – you choose.
Put HarvestSmart together with AutoTrac and
the combine operates almost by itself at peak
harvesting capacity hour by hour, day by day.
Lower power requirements. The
advanced threshing design features
an extra large cylinder that gets
threshing off to a strong start.
A single lever latching mechanism ensures
effective connection of both electrics and
hydraulics to the feederhouse and locks the
platform to the feederhouse.
• Automatic Combine Adjustment. The
Automatic Combine Adjustment feature allows
operators to choose one of 16 factory crop
settings; the system then adjusts rotor speed,
cleaning fan speed, concave clearance, main
chaffer opening and sieve opening. Operators
can fine-tune the existing settings or
programme up to 5 custom settings.
• John Deere HeaderTrak system continuously
measures and adjusts the header’s ground
clearance, giving you an even stubble height,
even over rolling or rough ground.
• Optional, exterior cameras and in-cab
colour monitor. Rear and auger mounted
cameras, along with a full-colour, in-cab
monitor, give you a view of residue spread width
and unloading operations.
Outstanding resale value. John Deere combines
are well known for their high resale value…
something you’ll appreciate at trade-in time.
W-Series Separation
Four-stage W-Series separation: Performance with quality
How do the W-Series combines
achieve their all-crop, all-condition
performance and outstanding grain
and straw quality? By using proven
separation technology, combined with
effective innovation.
Start with walker separation.
Proven in years of use and in a wide
variety of crops, walker separation
gives you the best balance of
performance and grain and straw
quality. But John Deere W-Series
separation adds a unique Power
Separator drum at the rear of the
11-step walkers; this drum combs,
thins and accelerates the crop mat,
allowing trapped grain to fall through.
It is this combination of separating
actions that gives you unbeatable performance in the widest possible range
of crops and conditions.
A single lever lets you raise the
secondary concave to aggressively
thresh difficult crops or lower the unit to
reduce straw break-up in dry or brittle
conditions or for long straw crops.
The large inertia drum and long concave
separation area can easily be set to
perform in a wide range of crops and
conditions. A speed differential between
the crop and drum speed results in
thorough initial separation.
A large diameter beater provides
excellent material handling and
additional separation, as the second
concave extends the separation area.
The concave can also be adjusted to
handle a wide variety of crops and
Long walkers provide excellent
separation in difficult crops, gentle
handling for higher straw quality and
lower power consumption. It’s the best
solution for growers with varying crops
and conditions. A grid design allows
active grain capturing.
The John Deere Power Separator
employs the same “pull and release”
technique found on C-Series combines.
As straw is pulled over the walker grids,
the tines comb the crop mat, opening
channels for trapped grain to fall to the
cleaning shoe. The Power Separator
tines comb through the straw mat,
accelerating the crop and thinning out
the straw layer. Ideal for heavy and
dense crops.
*Not for UK
Lever operated de-awning plates are
standard with all four concave options.
Standard cylinder drive ranges from
475 to 1030 rpm – ideal for small grain
crops and high moisture maize.
*Not for UK
The John Deere Advantage
• Excellent all-purpose separation for a
broad range of crops and conditions.
• Tackle heavy yielding and high moisture
crops with confidence
• High-flow walker design and unique tine
separation delivers maximum grain
savings with excellent straw quality
The advantages of W-Series
Separation technology:
• The whole separation length is used
to remove grain from the crop
• Full crop flow area is used
for threshing and separation
(maximising performance)
• Excellent grain and straw quality
• Low specific power requirement,
lower fuel consumption
• Simple adjustments, easy to finetune for maximum performance
• Easy to change from crop to crop
Posi-Torq drive senses
torque needs, then
transmits power without
belt slippage. Cylinder
speed stays constant. Belt
life is significantly extended.
Automatic Combine
Adjustment (ACA)
monitors let you change
from one crop to another or
fine-tune performance from
the comfort of the cab. ACA
is standard on all models.
A positive dampening stone trap
protects the cylinder and concave. Open
it easily and empty it completely with a
single lever.
W-Series: Cleaning
Advanced cleaning with easy adjustment
Hillmaster: Level land performance on 22% slopes
There are two things your combine’s
cleaning system needs to do: clean
the grain and operate with a minimum
of adjustment and attention from the
Obtain level land performance on
slopes. Hillmaster slope levelling recognises changes in slope and automatically oscillates the entire combine
body up to 15% to compensate. In
combination with the SlopeMaster
system, which maintains level land
capacity on slopes up to 7%,
Hillmaster is able to harvest on slopes
up to 22% with no loss in performance.
• Heavy duty axles provide the load carrying
capacity of level land models, letting you use the
full capacity of the grain tank
• Because the cab remains level, you won’t have
to fight gravity all day. You can concentrate on
harvesting with less stress and fatigue
• Equal weight distribution on both front wheels
enhances traction and safety
The Quadro-Flo Cleaning System
accomplishes both of these tasks,
thanks to a combination of proven
technology and innovative features.
First, the dedicated pre-cleaner
removes up to 25% of the chaff
before the grain ever reaches the
cleaning shoe. Once on the shoe, four
cleaning fans take care of removing
the rest of the debris.
You’ll fill the grain tank completely,
so you have fewer unloading stops.
Plus, since the cab remains level, you
won’t have to fight gravity all day. You
can concentrate on harvesting, with
less stress and fatigue.
And when it’s time to change the
settings, adjustments are quick and
The HeaderTrak system lets
you maintain an even stubble
height over every centimetre of
your platform, even in rolling
fields or on contours. No
bulldozing or gouging, even
when you’re cutting low to the
ground in laid crop. Plus, you
can work at faster field speeds
and put more grain in the
Also, operate with confidence
at night or in dusty conditions.
Dedicated pre-cleaner. Cleaning gets a head start as high
velocity air moves through the precleaner to lift chaff and
debris aloft, away from the lower part of the grain layer. In
fact, 25% of the chaff is blown out by the precleaner.
Around 1/3 of the grain is pre-separated, falling directly
onto the clean grain auger, reducing the volume of grain
and chaff that passes to the chaffer and sieve.
The John Deere Advantage
• Proven John Deere Quadro-Flo cleaning
system delivers high volume cleaning
action for extra clean, high quality
• Easy, fast adjustments let you quickly
match cleaning performance in all crops
and conditions
Hillmaster Levelling
Heavy duty conveyor augers handle
large volumes of grain with ease, ensuring
an even sieve load for efficient cleaning.
These augers are especially good when
you’re working on slopes or in damp
conditions and in a wide range of crops.
Four Dual-Flo cleaning fans blast a strong, constant stream
of chaff eliminating air in two directions. Using four separate
fans helps create a high pressure differential that blasts debris
away while allowing grain to fall to the shoe.
Chaffer/sieve. By the time grain and
residue reach the chaffer and sieve, a
large part of the straw and debris has
already been removed. The separated
grain is easily sorted through the chaffer
and sieve.
Resume button 1 can be
programmed to return to
preselected header height for
long stubble crops. Ideal for
harvesting crops like rape or
sunflowers or to raise the
platform at the end of the field.
Resume button 2 can be
used to maintain a preset
stubble height, for example, in
standing cereals, using the
mechanical height sensors.
Resume button 3 may be
programmed to maintain a
preset header ground pressure
for perfect contour following in
laid crops
The HeaderTrak
monitor displays
information on the
header functions at a
glance: active resume
button, HeaderTrak
operating mode,
stubble height or
ground pressure, reel
resume and the lateral
tilt angle of the header.
Two pairs of
mechanical height
sensors, (one under
each side of the
platform) continuously
measure the header
ground clearance. Their forward location
ensures a quick response.
The John Deere Advantage
• Hillmaster automatic levelling oscillates
the entire combine body up to 15% for
level-land performance on slopes
• In combination with SlopeMaster
harvest on slopes up to 22% with no
loss in performance, reduced unloading
time and reduce grain loss
PowerTech Plus Engines
The engine is the heart of the combine. That’s why every John Deere
W-Series combine is driven by a
dependable, fuel efficient, Tier IIIcompliant John Deere PowerTech Plus
engine connected to high torque
ground drives.
In addition to superior reliability,
John Deere engines offer you usable
power, with a horsepower boost
available for unloading and other
power hungry applications, plus
variable geometry turbo-charging and
exhaust gas recirculation for cleaner,
more usable power.
The perfect balance of power and performance
Torque curves matched to engine
application. Electronically controlled
John Deere engines provide extra
horsepower to maintain capacity in tough
conditions. Up to 17 additional horsepower
is also available for unloading.
Optional cameras and full
colour, in-cab monitor give
you a clear view of unloading
operations; rear mounted
camera lets you monitor
residue spread width.
8000 L
9000 L
800 L
800 L
John Deere power delivers the torque reserve and power needed
as engine speed lugs down below rated speed. Separator speed is
maintained at a constant level at varying grain tank loads and during
operation in undulated fields.
High precision moisture
sensor is located in the grain
tank for faster, more accurate
A hinged, high capacity
bubble up auger is linked to
the grain tank covers.
This reduces overall height of
the combine for easier transport
and storage.
The John Deere Advantage
• John Deere PowerTech Plus engines
provide an excellent balance of high
power output and fuel economy, plus
famous John Deere reliability
• Variable geometry turbocharging and
exhaust gas recirculation give clean,
usable power
Open grain tank covers from
the comfort of the operator’s
W-Series: Residue Management
Chop, drop or spread with John Deere residue systems
No matter what your goal – from finely chopped, evenly spread straw and
chaff to perfectly formed windrows –
the new John Deere W-Series
combines offer a residue management system that can meet your
To start, our standard chopper
spreads a uniform layer of straw and
chaff together, even with wider
headers. The twin-disc chaff spreader
allows you to adjust the deflectors –
from the cab – for heavy winds and
slopes. And if you need more options,
choose the Premium Chopper, which
allows you to windrow chaff and
straw together or spread chaff while
windrowing straw.
A twin-rotor chaff spreader features a
separate hydraulic drive for wider, more
consistent spread widths. There are no belts
to adjust, no maintenance is required.
To counter the effect side winds or slopes have on the
spread pattern, special deflectors can be adjusted
(electrically from the cab) to concentrate the residue to
either the right or the left of the machine.
Whichever system you choose,
you’ll find easy adjustment and
dependable, effective performance.
Wind compensation: > 50% of straw is directed to one side
The Premium chopper offers two windrowing possibilities
Now you can spread chaff as well as straw
with the same chopper. Chaff is blown into the
straw chopper with the straw and evenly
distributed. No more clumps in the field … just a
smooth, even layer of residue.
The Premium Chopper offers two windrowing
possibilities. One lever lets you switch from
blowing chaff to the sides or into the windrow.
Position the straw residue deflector
manually with a single lever. Or, choose
the optional, electrically controlled system
(as on the Premium Chopper).
The John Deere Advantage
• A variety of residue system options allow
you to choose your residue
management: chopping, spreading or
• With our Premium Chopper system, you
can windrow chaff and straw together,
drop straw while spreading chaff
Choose the twin disc chaff spreader to spread
chaff evenly over the full header width. If wind or
slope is affecting the spreader, it is also possible
to distribute the chaff to one side or the other via
the straw chopper.
One lever lets you adjust the chopper tailboard.
It doesn’t get any easier than this.
Windrow the chaff together with the straw.
This will ensue that all of the residue is removed
from the field – perfect for making bales for
power stations.
Spread the chaff to the sides while
simultaneously windrowing the straw.
Perfect for growers who bale straw.
W-Series: Cab and Controls
Comfort. Convenience. Control. All from John Deere.
You spend all day in the cab of your
combine. So we design all our cabs
with the features, options and adjustments you need to make operating
your combine as comfortable and
convenient as possible.
To start, the massive expanse of
glass gives you nearly unlimited
visibility to the front and sides of the
machine, while the optional in-cab
monitor gives you a view to the rear
and of the unloading process. The
cornerpost display gives you all the
information you need to ensure the
combine’s systems are running
properly. And a variety of adjustments
make it easy to fit the cab to your
The John Deere Advantages
• Spacious, well designed cab provides
excellent visibility, ease of control and
all-day comfort
• Simple, logical controls make it easier to
train new operators and obtain better
• Multi-function master control puts most
frequently used functions close at hand,
eases stress and fatigue
Over 5.2 m² of glass area provide a wide, unobstructed view to the
front of the feederhouse, the full width of the platform, the stubble
height and the sides of the combine.
ClimaTrak automatic temperature
control lets you dial in a specific
temperature which is maintained
Optional, in-cab monitor and exterior
cameras give you a view behind the
combine, as well as of the unloading auger.
Header resume
switches let you
quickly change
between one
of three preset
modes onthe-go.
The handy coolbox provides ample room
to store two 1.5 litre bottles and your
A standard tilt and telescoping
steering column adjusts perfectly
to your height and driving
Two large, 4 position
switches give you instant and
easy control of header and
reel functions. The right pad
controls header raise, lower
and lateral tilt. The left pad
controls reel lower and fore/
aft movement.
A dedicated training seat
provides a comfortable
place to sit when training
new operators. The seat
flips up and converts to a
field office with space for a
laptop computer.
This 5 position switch controls
unloading auger swing.
Detents let you manually
position the auger or fully
extend or retract the auger
Automatic Combine Adjustment (ACA)
gives you full, automatic adjustment of the
concave opening, cleaning fan speed,
cylinder speed and sieves.
Recommended chaffer and sieve
adjustments are indicated. You can use
the push buttons on the display (shown) or
push corresponding buttons on the
CommandArm Console. ACA provides
optimum combine capacity from the start,
even with inexperienced operators.
Quick stop disengages the
header and unloading auger
and stops the auger swing.
HeaderTrak display features a vertical
bar readout that provides a visual
representation of relative header height.
The header height resume setting is
shown in the lower left corner. The button
right of the display shows the header
position when the combine is equipped
with the HeaderTrak system.
VisionTrak display lets you monitor and
control the performance of the cleaning
shoe (left vertical bars) and separator
(right vertical bars) independently or
together. The horizontal bar shows tailings
volume. You get a much clearer idea of
shoe and separator performance to help
maximise grain savings.
The comfortable,
ergonomic operator’s
seat adjusts four ways to
fit you like a glove.
Lumbar adjustment gives
you just the right
amount of back
Controls are logically arranged, easy to
comprehend and close at hand. New
“soft-touch” switches make it easier to
fine tune combine performance.
Fingertip switches enable precise
adjustment of cylinder, fan speed and
concave opening. You can adjust the
armrest console up, down, fore and aft.
The triple display tachometer lets you
monitor three functions simultaneously.
In addition to ground speed (which is
always shown on the top line), you can
select engine rpm, cylinder rpm, concave
clearance or cleaning fan speed. Anytime
you touch or adjust any monitored
combine function, it’s automatically
displayed on the bottom line.
Infra-red halogen or optional xenon lamps
provide twice as much light as normal
lamps for unmatched night time visibility.
Row-finder lighting helps you easily
identify obstacles to the combine’s side
BEFORE you turn. They are very handy
when you’re lining up for your next pass.
W-i-Series combines
Boost your throughput by up to 23%*.
The new W-i-Series combines are
available with a package of intelligent,
innovative and integrated features:
AutoTrac Assisted Steering,
HarvestSmart Automatic Federate
Control, HarvestDoc harvesting data.
W-i-Series combines for maximum performance
HarvestSmart system
settings are displayed on
the cornerpost monitor
Ag Management Solutions
Integrated Solutions
John Deere’s precision agriculture
products and services are designed to
help you better manage information,
machine utilisation and increase your
overall profitability.
AutoTrac Assisted Steering gives you
precision guided, hands-free steering,
perfect for new operators or harvesting
at night. All you do is steer around
obstacles or through headland turns.
All integrated solutions are based
on the common components: the
StarFire iTC receiver the GREENSTAR
2 display.
*Note: not available on W540
HarvestSmart continually adjusts the
combine’s ground speed until either
the machine’s capacity limit or your
loss limits are reached.
The StarFire iTC receives satellite
signals from the Global Positioning
System (GPS) and from the
John Deere StarFire correction
network to provide the exact position
in the field.
AutoTrac uses satellite signals to steer
your combine with reduced overlaps to
ensure that you finish each pass or
bed with a full platform, increasing the
productivity of your combine.
HarvestDoc automatically collects all
harvesting data such as yield and
moisture content for later documentation and analysis.
All these help you boost your throughput by up to 23%*.
* Tests in collaboration with Weihenstephan University
of Applied Science (2006) showed that the combination of AutoTrac and HarvestSmart in capacity mode
delivers up to 23 % more throughput (measured in t/h)
over a manually steered and operated machine.
The Intelligent Advantage
Adding a yield monitoring system to your
combine is a cost effective way to determine
the variance of yields and moisture within
your fields. HarvestDoc expands on yield
mapping to record yield and crop harvest
information onto a PC card. Take it to your
office computer to generate yield maps, crop
summaries and reports. Precisely the
information you need to produce crops which
are proven to meet quality assurance scheme
• W-i-Series combines boost throughput
by up to 23%
• AutoTrac hands free steering reduces
overlap, increasing performance
• HarvestSmart maintains high levels of
combine output
comfortable, accurate operation. With the
GREENSTAR 2 system, you choose the type
of guidance you need – either manual, with
visual references or fully automatic steering
– and the level of accuracy, 2, 10 or
30 centimetres.
And because all current John Deere
combines are AutoTrac-ready, you don’t
have to worry about fitting a third-party
The high precision, grain tank mounted
moisture sensor has a faster fill and
cycle time for more accurate moisture
readings. So accurate that within
seconds of starting a new field you can
confirm crop moisture levels and decide
whether to continue harvesting or not.
• GUIDANCE. If you spend long hours in the
cab or if you must occasionally depend on
less skilled operators, a GREENSTAR 2
guidance system can pay you back in more
Intelligent − Innovative − Integrated
displays come pre-loaded with our
GreenStar Basics software, which includes
a variety of documentation tools for use
with your combine, sprayer, tractor or
SPFH. Applications include on-screen and
as-applied mapping, headland boundaries,
map-based prescriptions and more.
The GREENSTAR 2 display comes
with pre-installed GREENSTAR Basics
software to give you an unbeatable
documentation and guidance solution.
In addition it allows you to control
ISOBUS ready implements and to
monitor machine performance, combining four functionalities in one display.
Software Pro modules are available
to further enhance the capabilities
of your GREENSTAR 2 display. The
accuracy of the StarFire iTC receiver
can be tailored to your specific
requirements. The common components can be easily moved from one
vehicle to another, providing you fully
integrated, intelligent and innovative
agricultural management solutions.
W-Series: Service
Simple service means more harvesting time
Spend your valuable time harvesting, not adjusting belts and chains.
When your crop is ready, your combine must be ready, too. That’s why it
pays to invest in a reliable, new
John Deere W-Series combine.
When it comes to service, you’ll find
fewer belts, chains and hoses.
Accessibility is unmatched. Simply
unlatch the big side shields and you’ll
find everything you need for routine
maintenance is easily within your
You’ll also enjoy easy access to the
engine and power train. Simply climb
the new retractable steps and step
onto the wide service platform.
Open out service stairs offer stable, convenient access
to the engine and power-train. Everything you need to
check or service the engine is in front of you. Quickly
tuck the stairs under the platform when you’re finished.
A single electronic bank features printed boards for
quick and easy diagnostics.
Power shut-off switch and battery location are both
accessible from ground level.
The John Deere Advantage
• No daily grease points reduces service
time dramatically over the harvest
• Enjoy wide, open access to the walkers
and tine separator module, cleaning
shoe, engine compartment and all major
service points
Numerous service lights give you a better view for
easier trouble shooting and service at night or in low
light conditions. Lighting includes 2 stubble lights,
2 side finder lights, work lights in the grain tank and on
the unloading auger, 2 cleaning shoe lights, road lights
and side finder lights serving as exit lights, optional
service lights for both sides of the combine as well as
the engine compartment and 6 high intensity, infra-red
halogen headlamps.
Big side shields lift easily, giving you wide open access
to the main service points. The new side shields are
made from advanced composites. They’re lighter and
stronger than sheet metal shields. They are resistant to
dents and impact and have a smooth, gloss finish.
Toolbox design gives you easy access to plenty of
storage space.
Header reverser power (hp) Mechanical / Hydr. Actuated
Lateral tilt – Level land – standard (degrees)
Lateral tilt – HILLMASTER – option (percent)
Vertical tilt (header tilt) – standard (degrees)
Cylinder diameter (mm)
Cylinder width (mm)
Number of rasp bars
Cylinder speed range standard (m/sec.)
Cylinder dual range drive, option (m/sec.)
Concave area (sq. m)
Number of concave bars (small grain and universal)
Concave area (sq. m)
Second cylinder diameter (mm)
Second cylinder speed
Number of walkers
Walker length (m)
Total effective separation area (sq. m)
Number of steps
Drum diameter (mm)
Number of, type, pattern of fingers
Tip speed (m/sec.)
Dual-Flo cleaning
Fan speed range (rpm)
Volume (L)
Unloading height (with tyre 800/65 R32 and standard spout length)
Level land (cm)
Hillmaster (cm)
Unloading rate (L/sec)
John Deere PowerTech, 6 cylinder, turbocharged, air-to-air after-cooled, diesel
Engine type
Rated speed (rpm)
Maximum harvesting power (ECE R120) (kW/hp)*
*at engine speed (rpm)
Fuel tank capacity (L)
Transmission type
Level land (kg)
Hillmaster (kg)
Transport height (with tyre 800/65 R32 Michelin)
Level land (m)
Hillmaster (m)
Transport width (m) 650/75R32
Transport width (m) 800/75R32 Goodyear
*Specifications and design subject to change without notice
± 15
± 15
16.4 − 35.6
8.3 − 17.6
16.4 − 35.6
8.3 − 17.6
single speed rel. cyl.
single speed rel. cyl.
15 retractable, in-line
18 retractable, in-line
adjustable pre-cleaner
750 – 1600
adjustable pre-cleaner
750 – 1600
191 / 250
239 / 318
3 speeds
3 speeds
**Data vary depending on specifications
Intelligent service and support
A smarter operation starts here
More than 1000 independent dealerships. All John Deere combines are fully supported by one of the most powerful dealer networks in the agricultural business. John Deere customers do not
have to worry about finding advice, service and support, if needed,
when time is short and there’s crop to harvest.
John Deere trained technicians help provide “High-Low-High”
confidence: High uptime and Low maintenance costs on all
John Deere combines, resulting in high resale value.
Extended hours during harvest. Most John Deere dealerships
are open early and stay open late to provide the service you need,
when you need it.
Computer diagnosis speeds repairs. Service ADVISOR diagnostics provide John Deere technicians with instant access to your
combine’s electronics and recommend the steps necessary to correct any problems and return the machine to work-ready condition.
Around the clock parts support. John Deere dealers keep all
critical and maintenance parts you need in stock in their parts
department. A computerised global parts inventory allows dealers
to find and order those hard to find parts quickly for next day delivery.
“Take the credit for buying the best”
John Deere Credit – A range of finance options as powerful as our
products. Contact your John Deere dealer for a comprehensive
range of finance options to suit the specific needs of your business.
“Not available in all countries please consult your local dealers.”
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05800 Hyvinkää
Puh. 010 7683 000
Telefax 010 7683 094
This literature has been compiled for worldwide circulation. While general
information, pictures and descriptions are provided, some illustrations and text
may include finance, credit, insurance, product options and accessories NOT
DETAILS. John Deere reserves the right to change specification and design of
products described in this literature without notice. John Deere’s green and
yellow colour scheme, the leaping deer symbol and JOHN DEERE are
trademarks of Deere & Company.
More than a factory. Visit our combine factories in
Zweibruecken or Moline and you’ll find brand-new combine assembly lines and a long list of people who are as serious about agriculture as you are.
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