Suncast BMS8160 Use and Care Manual

Suncast BMS8160 Use and Care Manual
 Before You Begin
* Consult your local authorities for any permits required to construct shed.
Prior to the construction of your shed, check with the local building code official to review any required permits or
building limitations.
* A level and sturdy foundation is required before shed construction can begin.
Site preparation information is available on pages 19-22. A foundation that differs from the suggestions within this
manual could prevent proper assembly and may damage parts.
* Read instructions thoroughly prior to assembly.
This kit contains parts that can be damaged if assembled incorrectly or in the wrong sequence.
e Please follow instructions.
Suncast is not responsible for replacing parts lost or damaged due to incorrect assembly.
* Check for all parts before you begin assembly.
Using the provided parts check list on pages 5-18, verify that you have all the parts required to construct your
shed model.
* Assistance is required during entire assembly.
* Use a rubber mallet to “push” parts into locked position. Т
® Proper site preparation required.
* Shed not intended for use in extreme weather conditions.
* Shed not intended for storage of flammable or caustic chemicals.
e Store heavy items near the bottom of shed.
¢ Shed not intended for use by children.
* DO NOT stand, sit, or store items on storage shed roof.
e Treat carefully in extreme temperatures.
* Repair or replace broken parts immediately.
* Suncast is not responsible for damage caused by weather or misuse.
e Af regular intervals inspect your shed to make sure that assembly integrity has been maintained.
e Periodically check that the location you have chosen to set your shed is still level.
e [his kit contains parts with metal edges. Please be careful when handling.
Shed Safety and Care
e Hot items, such as recently used grills, blowtorches, etc., must not be stored in the shed.
* Heavy articles should not be leaned against the walls, as this may cause panel distortion and permanent damage.
* Keep roof clean of snow and leaves.
* The shed walls and roof sections have a textured exterior, much like vinyl home siding. Over time, dust may
accumulate in the texture. When combined with moisture, this could encourage the growth of moss or mold on the
shed. To maintain the look of your shed, we recommend cleaning it each year with mild soap and water. DO NOT
use bleach, ammonia, or other caustic cleaners, and DO NOT use stiff bristle brushes. Failure to perform annual
cleaning could result in permanent staining of the plastic. This is not a manufacturing defect and is not covered
under warranty.
Assembly Day Tips
e Complete site preparation and foundation construction before unpacking parts and beginning assembly.
e DO NOT attempt to assemble on a day with strong winds.
e DO NOT attempt to assemble on days when temperature is below 32 degrees.
* Set aside appropriate amount of time to completely assemble shed.
* Make sure you have assistance nearby to lift and secure parts in place.
e Wear light duty work gloves while assembling shed.
* Once roof is assembled, a flashlight may be of use when assembling smaller components inside shed.
* DO NOT use a torque wrench or hand drill to tighten provided Easy Bolts. Use 010210410 Easy Bolt Easy Driver
tool (provided) ONLY.
* Suncast provides extra hardware for small fasteners for customer convenience. In some cases, there will be extra
small fasteners once the assembly is complete.
Note: This product contains parts that are used in different orientations to construct the shed. Please take note of the
orientation of the parts shown throughout this instruction manual. Failure to follow instructions could result in damage to
parts. Suncast is not responsible for replacing parts lost or damaged due to incorrect assembly.
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