Data Sheet: Data Protection
Veritas NetBackup™ 6.5 Options
The Veritas NetBackup Platform—Next-Generation Data Protection
Veritas NetBackup provides a comprehensive selection of
innovative options to aid in customizing your backup and
recovery environment with tape, disk, or a combination of
both. Environments can be customized to better utilize disk
capacity, leverage specific architectures such as storage
area networks (SAN) or network-attached storage (NAS),
enable better disaster recovery practices, or add a new level
of data security for tapes being taken offsite.
• Better disk utilization. Disk is shared between multiple
media servers, allowing for higher utilization.
OpenStorage Disk Option (new)—Back up your data to
intelligent disk appliances with a Veritas NetBackup API.
Veritas NetBackup manages the backup through these
devices and also takes advantage of the unique capabilities
of each device, such as deduplication and replication. A
variety of Symantec Technology Enabled Program (STEP)
partners are participating and will be bringing unique
solutions to the market. Some key benefits include:
Innovative options unlock the power of disk
Veritas NetBackup delivers the ultimate in choice when it
comes to unlocking the power of disk-based data protection.
Whether you want to share disk in a SAN, leverage deduplication, or add protection for desktop or laptop systems to
an overall protection plan for your environment, Veritas
NetBackup can make it all happen from one management
console. There are three new Enterprise Disk Options to
help unlock the potential of disk in your backup and recovery
environment. They are the Flexible Disk Option, OpenStorage
Disk Option and the PureDisk™ Deduplication Option.
• Fully leveraged intelligent disk appliances. Take
advantage of high-speed backup and recovery over a
Fibre Channel or IP connection, along with disk sharing,
virtualization, and deduplication technologies.
• Enhanced disaster recovery. Fully leverage advanced
features such as backup image replication between
multiple data centers, eliminating the need to ship,
encrypt, or store tapes.
• Integrated solutions. Natively integrate intelligent disk
appliances with Veritas NetBackup to deliver a seamless
solution with additional functionality.
Flexible Disk Option (new)—This option enables you to
use commodity attached disk (direct-attached storage
[DAS], SAN, NAS) for open, shared, high-speed backup
and recovery. For additional performance, you can share
disk in a SAN for the ultimate disk-based backup solution
(utilizing the new Veritas NetBackup SAN client). Some key
benefits include:
• Reduced disk cost. All the features of backup appliances
leveraging commodity disk and servers are built into
Veritas NetBackup.
• Faster backups and restores. Avoid slow LAN backups
and restores and take advantage of high-speed backup
to disk over the SAN.
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PureDisk Deduplication Option (new)—Enable data
deduplication across Veritas NetBackup clients and backup
only the unique data to commodity disk. The result is elimination of redundant data and ultimately less data stored on
disk. Some key benefits include:
• Increased ROI of disk. Leverage PureDisk deduplication
designed to dramatically reduce space on standard disk,
allowing for months of backups to be kept online.
• Reduced disaster recovery cost. Cost-efficiently
replicate data to another data center, saving on tape
shipping and storage.
Data Sheet: Data Protection
Veritas NetBackup 6.5 Options
• Enhanced high availability. Using online failover for
Table 1. Enterprise Disk Foundation—Provides extra features to help
optimize disk or tape in your backup and recovery environments.
PureDisk environments with multiple servers, if the server
that controls PureDisk experiences an outage, failover
Enterprise Disk Foundation
Enabled with any of the
following options
can be executed in minutes.
Storage Lifecycle Policies
• Library Based Tape Drive
• Flexible Disk Option
Virtual Tape Option—This option enables the use of virtual
tape devices with NetBackup. With NetBackup 6.5, new
• OpenStorage Disk Option
Media Server Load Balancing
• PureDisk Storage Option
• Virtual Tape Option
enhancements deliver awareness of the duplication of backup
images, enabling the virtual tape library (VTL) to move the
Disk Capacity Management
• Flexible Disk Option
• OpenStorage Disk Option
data from virtual tape to physical tape or another VTL
• PureDisk Storage Option
device under the control of Veritas NetBackup. Some key
benefits include:
• Media Management. Leverage NetBackup's powerful
media management capabilities just like a standard
tape drive
• Enhanced functionality. Create physical tape copies of
virtual tape backups.
• Flexibility of restores. Since Veritas NetBackup catalogues the duplications, restores can be performed from
virtual or physical tape as needed.
Enterprise Disk Foundation—Some additional features are
enabled when one or more of the following new Enterprise
Disk Options or Tape Based Library Option are purchased.
They are summarized as follows:
NAS SnapVault Option—Allows the use of Veritas
NetBackup to create, manage, and schedule disk-to-disk
backups of multiple Network Appliance (NetApp) storage
systems to less expensive secondary storage such as a
NetApp® NearStore® solution. Seamless integration with
NetBackup provides a single pane of glass and a familiar
user interface for backup and restore of NAS filers. Some
key benefits include:
• Increased flexibility. With this Option, you have the flexibility to meet demanding backup windows with greater
granularity, and more scheduling options for Snapshot™
and SnapVault® transfers.
• Rapid recovery. Reduce the time and effort required for
end users’ restore requests with end user browse/restore
• Storage lifecycle policies. These allow the definition
of protection service levels to classify different types of
backup data based on its business value.
• Media Server load balancing. This capability delivers
the high availability and dynamic capacity optimization
of Veritas NetBackup Media Servers.
• Disk capacity management. Intelligently manage shared
disk pools for better optimization and reliability.
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• Easier administration of snapshots. Enhance snapshot
administration with improved naming conventions
and the elimination of cumbersome and error-prone
command-line operations.
Data Sheet: Data Protection
Veritas NetBackup 6.5 Options
Desktop and Laptop Option—This Option provides
NDMP Option—Provide reliable, high-performing backup
continuous disk-based protection and automated file
and recovery services for NDMP-enabled NAS to local
protection for desktops and laptops, whether on- or offline.
attached tape, tape attached to another NDMP-compliant
Files can be backed up continuously, on a schedule, or
NAS device, or to an existing Veritas NetBackup Media
manually. Some key benefits include:
Server. Some key benefits include:
• Offline backup and restore. When offline, files will
• Optimized NAS environments. Create point-in-time
be backed up to a local folder. When a connection is
snapshots of data on an NDMP-enabled NAS device and
restored, data will be moved from a local file to the
leverage the Shared Storage Option to share tape drives
network share.
between NAS devices and Veritas NetBackup Media
• Flexible user restore. Users can easily find and restore
their own data wherever and whenever they need it,
saving users’ and IT administrators’ time.
• Decreased total cost of ownership. Use the existing
network infrastructure to protect and synchronize files
• Decreased performance impact. Support for Direct
Access Recovery greatly reduces the time to restore a
single file from tape-resident backup images.
• Simplified setup. A wizard-driven device configurator
between multiple machines and have the flexibility to
reduces the complexity of discovering and configuring
select which files to back up, when to back them up,
NDMP-attached tape resources.
where data is stored, and how much bandwidth to use.
Media Server Encryption Option (MSEO)—Help ensure
that tapes being transported offsite cannot be read in the
Options to fully leverage tape environments
event they are lost, mishandled, or stolen. MSEO provides
Veritas NetBackup offers unparalleled media management
maximum flexibility and performance by providing
and control of the overall tape environment, including tape
parallelized and selectable encryption and compression
library and drive sharing capability, encryption of tapes,
and “set it and forget it” key management. Some key
and support for tape within a variety of storage network
benefits include:
• Easier management and control. Encrypt within the
Shared Storage Option—Share tape drives across Veritas
Veritas NetBackup policy, eliminating a separate process
NetBackup Media Servers and a SAN for enhanced perform-
or an extra dedicated device to manage.
ance and deliver a significant return on investment for tape
drive and library hardware. Some key benefits include:
• Minimized backup costs. Increase tape drive utilization
and lower the total number of drives required.
• Rapid deployment. Graphical wizards quickly discover
and configure shared tape drives.
• Increased fault tolerance. Access additional tape
resources in the event of a drive or network failure;
includes support for multiple paths to tape drives.
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• Maximum flexibility. Choose what data you want to
encrypt and then choose the appropriate compression
and encryption strength (AES 128-bit or AES 256-bit).
• Support for most common backup configurations.
Includes support for disk staging to tape, the creation of
tape copies for offsite purposes, and the backup of NAS
devices (via NDMP).
Data Sheet: Data Protection
Veritas NetBackup 6.5 Options
Table 2. NetBackup 6.5 Disk and Tape Option Overview
Choice of Encryption Points
Media Server
Tape Drive/Library
NetBackup Options for Disk
NetBackup Options for Tape
• Flexible Disk Option (new)
• Shared Storage Option
• OpenStorage Disk Option (new)
• NDMP Option
• PureDisk Deduplication Option (new)
• Media Server Encryption Option
• Virtual Tape Option
• Vault Option
Veritas NetBackup
• NAS SnapVault Option
• Desktop and Laptop Option
Note: The Bare Metal Restore™ and Client Encryption Options are now
part of the Veritas NetBackup standard client. In addition, the Snapshot
Client is available as part of the new Veritas NetBackup Enterprise client
software package.
Figure 1. The Media Server Encryption Option encrypts at the Veritas
NetBackup Media Server, which helps avoid impact to client operations.
Vault Option—Keep mission-critical data safely offsite
in the event of a disaster by automating the complex and
tedious process of backup duplication and offsite media
More information
Visit our Web site
To speak with a Product Specialist in the U.S.
Call toll-free 1 (800) 745 6054
management. You can set up profiles to control what,
when, and how backups are duplicated, and when tapes
To speak with a Product Specialist outside the U.S.
will be shipped to and from the offsite vault to help ensure
For specific country offices and contact numbers, please
minimal data loss in the event of a disaster. Some key
visit our Web site.
benefits include:
About Symantec
• Increased efficiency. Automate and track the movement
Symantec is a global leader in infrastructure software,
of backup tapes to and from an offsite storage facility.
enabling businesses and consumers to have confidence
• Simplified duplication tasks. The Option provides
in a connected world. The company helps customers
necessary redundancy in case the primary backup tape
protect their infrastructure, information, and interactions
is lost or destroyed, allowing for one copy to be kept
by delivering software and services that address risks
onsite and another offsite.
to security, availability, compliance, and performance.
• Manual ejection of tapes eliminated. Tape ejection is
Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., Symantec has
handled automatically based on profiles that determine
operations in 40 countries. More information is available
which tapes should be sent offsite each day.
Symantec World Headquarters
20330 Stevens Creek Boulevard
Cupertino, CA 95014 USA
+1 (408) 517 8000
1 (800) 721 3934
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