Double USB Car Charger
Double USB Car Charger
Supply voltage: 12 VDC
2x Output Voltage 5 VDC
Maximum power: 3100mA
(2100mA 1000mA +)
LED power indicator
Colors: Black, White
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Car Charger recharges your devices while
you are driving: it is a USB car charger with
cheerful and colourful styles available with
double plug.
Car Charger is a universal high power 5V
charger that recharges up to two devices
through a double USB plug. Its power reaches
3100mA and allows you to recharge two
devices at the same moment such as an iPad
(2100mA) and another device of 1000mA
such as iPhone, Smartphones, MP3 Players
and GPS. Protection from electric overloads is
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