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Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge  Microsoft Edge is the new streamlined Internet browser intended to replace Internet Explorer. o But Internet Explorer is still available should you prefer to use it.  As Edge still has its deficiencies, now not expected to be remedied until late in the year.  Restore it by first searching with the Start menu or search box.  Type internet and the program appears.  Right‐click to add (Pin) it to the Taskbar.  Restore Internet Explorer as the default browser if desired by:  Right‐click the Start button and choose Control Panel and choose Default programs.  Select Set your Default programs.  Then select Internet Explorer from the list on the left and set this program as default.  Click OK. o You can also import your Favorites from Internet Explorer or another browser.  Display the Favorites bar if desired (by clicking the ellipsis menu|Settings|Favorite Settings and Turn on Favorites bar button. o Edge introduces a Reading view. o Find Favorites, History, and Downloads with the “Hub” (the hamburger menu, top right). o Mark up by writing (talk bubble) or highlighting items on a web page, then share that marked up webpage.  Must use Mail (app provided by Windows 10). o Also, Cortana can help when surfing the web. A blue Cortana icon appears in the browser bar (on the right) with "I've got more info," when Cortana can provide more information about the website (Such as Yelp info on a restaurant, such as Sneaky Pete's .  Open multiple instances of Edge: o Click on the ellipsis (…) menu and choose new window. o Right‐click edge icon on the taskbar and choose Microsoft Edge.  This function was added by the recent update. o Or drag an existing tab downward. Microsoft Edge 
Set up Microsoft Edge o Choose a theme, light or dark. o Import your Favorites from Internet Explorer or Chrome.  Open Edge Settings by clicking on the ellipsis ( … ) menu and choosing Settings at the bottom of the list, then Favorite settings (2nd section).  Click on the "Import favorites from another browser" link.  Choose IE or Chrome, etc.)  Turn on the Favorites bar if desired (by clicking the button. o Decide what Microsoft Edge opens with.  By default, Edge opens with the "about:start page, providing news and optional material.  Change or Add a page or pages Edge opens with.  Change the radio button to the "A specific page or pages".  Choose Custom from the drop‐down list.  By doing so, an " Enter a web address " box appears  In the "Enter a web address box, type or copy the URL for the desired page.  It may be easier to first go to that page, and Copy the URL from the address line.  Once entered, be sure to click on the Plus sign (to the right of the box) to add it.  You can add as many pages as you want to open.  Remove pages by clicking the "X" to the right of the address. o Put a home button on the Navigation bar.  On the Settings list, scroll to the bottom and use the "View advanced settings button, and turn on "Show the home button" (top option). o Have a Start page, but set a separate SINGLE home page.  You can set a home page which opens ONLY with the Home button.  It does not open unless you click the Home button. o Please note: You may be warned by Norton or other antivirus programs that Edge is not currently capable of having "Extensions", which makes it less secure.  Just ignore the warning for now, or click the "Don't remind me about this again" link to the left of the warning. Microsoft Edge 
Further Customization of Microsoft Edge o Rearrange icons in the Favorites, or on the Favorite Bar  Open Microsoft Edge.  On the Favorites bar icons will drag back and forth since the last Windows update  But not from the drop‐down list.  Otherwise open the Favorites list by clicking the "Hub" (three bars to the right of the star).  Pin it to the side with the horizontal stick pin.  Now you can drag items to the desired locations.  In this way you can get Favorites bar items towards the front.  Unfortunately, Edge has not yet offered a way of simple alphabetizing of favorites. o Make Microsoft Edge search result open in new tab.  Perform a search, any search.  On the search window, click the sprocket (upper right within the search window, not Title bar area) and choose Settings.  Within Settings go to the Web tab.  On the Web settings, put a check in "Open links in a new browser window".  Click Save (lower left). o Customize the about:start page weather  Click on the ellipsis … menu to the right of the current named location.  Search for your location by zip code, name, or use location finder.  Pick City from the displayed list and Save.  Clicking on the weather opens the Weather app. o Side note about the Weather app:  Set "Launch" location by:  Open Places (hamburger menu on the top left).  Right‐click the item in the Launch location area and choose "change launch location".  Provide name or zip and choose city.  This will now be the location which opens by default.  Also add multiple locations to the Favorites. Microsoft Edge 
Microsoft Edge Shortcuts o Many of these work also with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome o F3 ‐ Find on page  Same as CTRL‐F o F4 ‐ Jump to address bar  Same as ALT‐D o F5 – Refreshes the webpage o F7 ‐ Turns on or off Caret Browsing  Places a cursor in the webpage that allows you to select text with your keyboard (SHIFT + Arrow keys) similarly to a word processing o Ctrl + Click in a paragraph, selects the entire paragraph. o Ctrl + Click on link ‐ Opens link in new tab o Ctrl + Tab ‐ Switches forward between tabs o Ctrl + Shift + Tab ‐ Switches backwards between tabs o Ctrl + W – Closes the active tab o Ctrl + T – Opens a new Tab o Ctrl + I ‐ Open Favorites o Ctrl + H ‐ Open browsing history o Ctrl + P ‐ Print o Ctrl + D ‐ Add current site as a favorite o Ctrl + L ‐ Jump to address bar o Ctrl + N ‐ Open new browser window (not Tab) o Ctrl + Shift + R ‐ Open page in reading mode o Ctrl + Shift + N ‐ Break out current tab into a new window o Backspace ‐ Go back a page 
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