Copyright @2010 by this company. No. Part of this publication may

Copyright @2010 by this company. No. Part of this publication may
Copyright @2010 by this company. No. Part of this publication may be reproduced,
6. Security notes
transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system or translated into any language
The unit is only suitable for indoor use. The heat being generated in the unit has
or computer language, in any form or any means Electronic, mechanical, magnetic,
to be removed via air circulation. Therefore the circulation vents at the housings
optical, chemical, manual or otherwise, without the prior written permission of this
must not be covered with any objects. Do not insert or drop anything into the air
vents ! This could result in a short-circuit. If the unit is used for purposes other
than originally intended, if it is connected in the wrong way or not repaired by
authorized skilled personnel, there is no liability accepted whatsoever. For
cleaning only use a dry, soft cloth, do not use chemicals or water. .If the unit is
to be put out of operation permanently, take it to a local recycling plant for
1. Never push objects of any kind, or spill liquid into this product.
2. Do not attempt to service this product yourself, as opening or removing covers
may expose you to dangerous voltage points or other risks. Refer all servicing to
7. Technical Data
qualified service personnel. If there is any misuse as mentioned above the monitor
LCD technology: TFT active matrix
has been dropped, or has been misused the warranty will be void.
Display size: 8.0” Diagonally measured.
Colour system: NTSC and PAL Dual System
Sync: Horizontal. 15 625 Hz, Vertical: 50 Hz.
Resolution: 800 x 600
Audio level: 1V/10k
Power supply:
Model No: LM0855
Dimensions 270.0 x 180.0 x 38.5 mm
Weight: Unit: 0.9 Kg. Carton: 1.84 Kg.
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12V 800mA
4. Operation
1) To Switch on the Monitor press the Main power button (short press) ○
2 ,
A Long press will turn the monitor Off.
8.0” Monitor x 1, Power supply x 1, User Manual x 1, Stand x 1,
Phono Cable x 1, VGA Cable x 1 (Optional), BNC to Phone adaptors x 3
2) To Select the Video input Source press button (short press) ○
2 again.
3 then buttons ○
5 or ○
6 to
3) For the OSD Control Menu press button ○
increase or decrease the Brightness, Contrast and other settings to get the
desired picture.
4) Select the screen brightness with button ○
4 . Light / Dark / Normal.
3 then “Option” and adjust using
5) To Adjust the Volume select the OSD Menu ○
5 or ○
6 to increase or decrease.
buttons ○
6) To select Image Rotation select the OSD Menu ○
3 then “Option” then Mirror or
Reverse to get rotated images.
CAUTION: When using the Volume control do not adjust to a high volume.
Permanent high volumes may damage a person’s hearing! The human
ear gets accustomed to high volumes which do not seem to be that high
after some time. Therefore, do not further increase a high volume after
getting used to it.
Fig. 1 Connectors and Controls
5. Application range
The LCD colour monitor offers a sharp and high contrast display. They can be
universally applied in surveillance systems, reverse monitoring car systems or for
multimedia applications.
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3. Controls and Operating Functions
2. Connections
Fig.2 Connections Rear View.
1) Connect a 12 Volt DC regulated power supply to socket into ○
The Positive pole must be connected to the centre pin.
2) Connect the PC VGA input to socket ○
9 .
3) Connect the S-video input to socket ○
Fig. 3 Controls Front View
1 LED Power Indicator. ○
2 Power On/Off (also used as Input Source selector)
3 OSD Menu
4 Dimmer Control – Light / Dark / Normal
5 □
- Decrease (Brightness) ○
6 □
+ Increase (Brightness )
7 Speakers.
4) Connect the Composite Video input to socket ○
12 and Right to socket ○
13 .
5) Connector the Audio input Left to socket ○
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LM -0855
8” Color TFT LCD M onitor
User’s M anual
Version 6.0
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