Product Information Demotex FT-2

Product Information Demotex FT-2
Product Information Demotex FT-2
Thin release, silicone free agent to spray on mould pattern.
Demotex FT-2 is a highly refined paraffinic mineral oil.
Field of use
Moulding – green sand casting.
Demotex FT-2 is suitable for the moulding of models.
The release film is resistant to moisture.
Sand adhesion is largely avoided.
Demotex FT-2 is to use undiluted in supply condition.
The release agent should be sprayed thinly and evenly on the clean pattern
surface. The coat is usually done after every demoulding - by hand or
automatically by spray units.
Density (15 °C):
Kinematic viscosity (40°C):
Flash point acc. DIN 51755:
light yellow
0,84 g/cm³
6,3 mm²/s
140 °C
Demotex FT-2 is classified as hazardous according to the EC-preparation
directive 1999/45/EG.
Information about transport regulations, fire-fighting measures,
accidental release, ecology etc. can be found in the material safety data sheet.
One-way drum á 174 kg
Store Demotex FT-2 tightly closed and frost-free in a dry, well-ventilated
place; protect from heat and direct sunlight.
Shelf life 6 months when properly stored inside in original unopened container.
All information in this data sheet are based on our current knowledge and experience. A legally binding assurance of certain
properties or suitability for a specific purpose cannot be derived. Each user of our products has to verify the usability for its
specific purpose in his personal responsibility. Rights must be observed if required.
status 02/15
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