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Unico Prod Broch 1028.qxd - Therma
About Therma-Flite
Therma-Flite is involved in the design,
manufacture, and supply of screw-type
heat exchangers such as the “Holo-Scru,”
“Holo-Wedge,” and “Electric-Scru”
processors. These processors are
custom engineered to meet the most
demanding specifications. Therma-Flite’s
quality and service ideals have made
us the world’s leading manufacturer
of custom-designed heat exchangers and
bulk processing equipment.
The Therma-Flite “Holo-Scru” Processor
Engineering for the New Millennium…
The Therma-Flite “Holo-Scru” is one of the most versatile answers
to the problem of processing bulk materials. It has evolved from the
standard hollow flight design commonly used for heating / drying
and cooling applications, while still retaining its basic features.
Advantages of the New “Holo-Scru” Processor
• Atmospheric Versatility – Operates under vacuum or
high pressure up to 350 psig
• Custom Specifications – Wide selection of sizes and designs
to suit your demanding application requirements
• Structural Flexibility – May be constructed from a variety
of materials, from plain carbon steel to specialized high
temperature and corrosion resistant alloys
• Wear Resistant – Increased abrasion
resistance due to technological
innovation in flight design
• Responsive Development – Portable
equipment design available for your
quick turnaround requirements
“Holo-Scru” Processor in service at a chemical plant
Final Assembly of a Jacketed Bi-Rotor “Holo-Scru” Processor
Cross-section of a “Holo-Scru” Rotor
The Therma-Flite
“Electric-Scru” Processor
The “Electric-Scru” Processor is a
continuous heater / dryer specifically
designed for low thermal desorption
applications. Similar to the “Holo-Scru”
Processor, the “Electric-Scru” Processor
has the same basic function except that it
uses electricity as the heating source,
rather than hot oil or steam. The “ElectricScru” Processor is an efficient way to indirectly thermally process
bulk flowable materials such as contaminated soils and sludges.
Unique to the “Electric-Scru” Processor is its patented use of electric
heating elements within the rotor and housing which generate
process temperatures over 1000° F without the excessive volume of
off-gases associated with direct-fired technologies. For safety and
portability the “Electric-Scru” Dryer is fully insulated and can be skid
mounted to facilitate on-site remediation. Depending on the
application, the “Electric-Scru” Dryer is designed with single, double
or quadruple rotors, 12" to 24" in diameter and can be supplied with
purge fittings for injection of inert gas into the process chamber.
Typical “Electric-Scru” Engineered Systems
The Therma-Flite “Holo-Wedge”
Paddle Dryer / Cooler
Versatile for Your Special Needs
The Therma-Flite “Holo-Wedge” Paddle Dryer / Cooler is designed for
indirect heat exchange processing of cake or powdery materials.
Applications include the drying of monomer resins, pellets, starch
and various organic and inorganic filter cakes. The “Holo-Wedge”
Processor contains heating or cooling media that uniformly circulates
through a series of non-continuous hollow wedge flights, to heat or
cool the product indirectly, while slowly agitating and increasing particle
relocation. The “Holo-Wedge”
Processor is available in a
single, twin, or a quadruple
configuration. The rotors are
arranged in parallel and are
intermeshing, with each
rotating in the direction
opposite to the adjacent rotor.
The combined unit may be
encased in a jacketed housing
Therma-Flite “Holo-Wedge” Processor
for additional heat transfer.
Therma-Flite Thermal & Bulk
Processing Equipment –
Partial Customer Listing
Air Products
Allen Bradley Company
Allis Chalmers
Alstom Power
Applied Veneers, Inc.
Arizona Public Service
Babcock & Wilcox Co.
Beaumont Birch
Bechtel Petroleum, Inc.
Bethlehem Corporation
Boise Cascade
Bussman Corporation
C&H Sugar
Cabot Corporation
Chemical Waste
Chevron Research
Climax Molybdenum
Coal Technology
Combustion Engineering
Compania Minera El Indio
Conoco Phillips
Dead Sea Works Ltd., Israel
Dedert Corp./Thermal
Processing Division
Denver Equipment
Detroit Stoker Company
Diamond Shamrock
Dow Chemical USA
Energy Factors
Energy Products of Idaho
Exxon Research &
Engineering Co.
Fluor Daniel Corporation
Fluor Engineering
Foster Wheeler
Boiler Corp.
Foster Wheeler
Energy Corp.
General Mills
Greenfield Environmental
Gulf Chemical
Gulf Coast Transit
Gulf Oil
Guntert & Zimmerman
Heat & Control
Hershey Chocolate
Hewlett Packard
Heyl Patterson
Intenco Incorporated
Kaiser Aluminum &
Kellogg Salada Canada Ltd.
M&M Mars Candy
Mearl Corporation
Nassau Metals
Nichols Engineering
Owens Corning Fiberglass
Patterson Equipment
Peterson Manufacturing Co.
Pfizer Corporation
Phoenix Metals
Proctor & Gamble
Pyropower Corp.
Rollins Environmental
Shaklee Corporation
Shredding Systems
Solar Turbines
South Lake Tahoe Public
Utility District
Stauffer Chemical
Stearns and Rogers
Tenneco Oil Exploration &
Thermal Processes, Inc.
Timet Metals Corporation
Union Carbide Agriculture
Products Company, Inc.
Union Oil
U.S. Bureau of Mines
Utility Engineers, Inc.
Wausau Paper Mills
Westinghouse – Haztech
Westward Seafood
Wyoming Mineral
Xerox Corporation
P.O. Box 847 • 945 T yler St., Bldg. 55
Benicia, California 94510
707-747-5949 • Fax 707-747-5951
Therma-Flite Steam Blanchers
Built Tough for the Long Haul
Therma-Flite Steam Blanchers are durable, and are rigidly
constructed from plain carbon steel, or high temperature
corrosion resistant alloys. Therma-Flite Steam Blanchers are
custom built to handle each application requirement.
Advantages of the Therma-Flite Steam Blancher
Paddle / Ribbon Designs Available
Available To a Polished 3A Standard
Replacement Parts Available For Any Type or Brand
Corrosion or Abrasive Resistant Units Available for Extreme Conditions
Designed to Meet ASME Code Requirements
Wide Range of Drive Configurations
Jacketed Housings
Therma-Flite Steam Blancher Outfitted with Steam Headers
Custom Built Screw Conveyors / Feeders
Avoid the High Costs Associated with Shutdowns by Utilizing
Therma-Flite’s Heavy Duty Screw Conveyors and Feeders
Don’t make the mistake of putting a catalog Screw Conveyor into
a harsh environment where the life will be short. The conventional
Screw Conveyor has thin flighting which allows for only minimal
wear before replacement.
Therma-Flite manufactures the widest variety of innovative solutions
surrounding bulk conveying and thermal processing. One example is
the use of manganese alloy for the flighting which has been known to
last 10 – 20 times as long as a conventional Screw Conveyor. A must-have
when handling cement materials, slurries, clinker, slag, ore, coke, ashes,
trough aggregates, crusher output and process feeds.
Hydraulically Driven Screw Feeder Used for Solid Waste Recycling
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