Kaspersky Security for File Server

Kaspersky Security for File Server
Reliable protection
for intellectual property
A single infected file on your corporate server can spread to every computer on your
network. Proper file server security not only ensures that your important data is
protected, but also eliminates the danger of malware penetrating backup copies of
files, leading to repeated outbreaks.
Kaspersky Security for File Server provides cost-effective, reliable, scalable security
for shared file storage with no discernable impact on systems performance.
• Supports
– Windows®, Linux
and FreeBSD
– Citrix and Microsoft®
terminal servers
– Cluster servers
– Hyper-V
– VMware
• Real-time anti-malware
• Intelligent scan
• Flexible scan settings
• Trusted zones
• Quarantine and storage
• Centrally managed
through Kaspersky
Security Center
• Comprehensive reporting
Kaspersky’s award-winning anti-malware engine provides powerful
server protection, blocking even the latest known and potential
malware threats from entering the local network via malicious or
dangerous programs. The direct result is minimal disruption to
business operations and a reduction in associated costs.
Kaspersky Security for File Server will not noticeably slow your
system down or interfere with business operations even under
heavy network load conditions. Expect ultra-reliable performance
and stability, however complex you IT infrastructure.
A single, effective security solution for heterogeneous server
networks, supporting the latest platforms and servers including
terminal, cluster and virtual servers, with no compatibility issues.
Effective, user-friendly management tools, information about
server protection status, flexible time settings for scans and an
extensive reporting system provide efficient control of file server
security, all helping reduce the cost of ownership.
• Real-time anti-malware protection for file servers
running the latest versions of Windows ® (including
Windows ® Server 2012/R2), Linux and FreeBSD
(both including Samba).
• Citrix and Microsoft terminal server protection.
ully supports cluster servers.
calability — ready to grow as you grow,
supporting and securing even the most complex
heterogeneous infrastructures with ease.
eliability, stability and high fault tolerance.
ptimized, intelligent scan technology including
on-demand and critical system area scanning, with
flexible scan settings.
• Trusted zones — exclusions for trusted processes
and directories — help increase security
performance while reducing resource levels needed
for scanning.
• Quarantine and back-up of data prior to disinfection
or deletion, so data can be recalled for investigative
• Isolation of infected workstations.
• Centralized installation, management and updates
with choice of methods.
• Flexible incident response scenarios.
• C omprehensive reports on network
protection status.
• Application status notification system.
• Support for Hierarchical Storage Management
(HSM) systems.
• Proven Hyper-V and Xen Desktop support.
• VMware Ready.
• Support for ReFS.
• Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows
aspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Servers
Enterprise Edition
aspersky Anti-Virus for Linux File Server
• Kaspersky Security Center
How to buy
Kaspersky Security for File Server can be purchased as
part of:
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business — Select
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business — Advanced
Kaspersky Total Security for Business
It can also be purchased as a separate targeted solution.
To help you choose the most suitable product, please
consult a Kaspersky reseller.
KS-FileServ/Version 0.3/June14/Global
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