Autodos M1-M2-M3
Autodos M1-M2-M3
Automatic measuring and control unit in modern design with a new flow cell.
• Measures pH, redox, free chlorine and total chlorine
• Automatic dosing of chemicals
• A separate module for each electrode
• Easy access for calibration
• Built-in pre filter
• Temperature sensor
• Electronic flow meter
• Alarm and safety settings
• User access protection
• Easy installation
Pahlén Autodos - measuring and control unit
Autodos is the easy way to manage water quality
Highly intelligent Autodos for commercial pools.
The optimum solution for the public swimming pool is to install a Pahlén Autodos in the
system. The water quality is continuously monitored, which makes it easier to maintain a
clear and clean water. Through the use of automatic dosing, the chemical consumption is
controlled and optimized, as a result of a more even flow of chemicals.
Additional control and disinfection are obtained with a Pahlén CO2 unit and UV light.
Autodos is a well known, reliable and tested technology in it´s third generation when it
comes to measuring and monitoring. Autodos is available in a variety of versions and can
monitor pH and chlorine in the form of redox, free chlorine and combined chlorine.
Autodos offers a wide range of adjustments to suit all pool types. Chlorine, pH, flow and
temperature readings are shown in clear and easy to read LED displays. Autodos is easy
to use and provides exact readings for accurate monitoring and disinfection of pool water.
Furthermore it is very easy for the operator to overwiew and control the water quality.
Pahlén’s in-house developed Autodos is available for all requirements, from the
Autodos M1 which is a single-channel instrument for monitoring of pH, redox, free chlorine
or total chlorine, to the most advanced Autodos M3 which is a three-channel instrument
for monitoring of pH, free chlorine and combined chlorine.
The Autodos has a new flow cell. This new flow cell in transparent PVC has a separate
module for each electrode. Each module can be connected in series depending on the
application and the number of electrodes used. The starting module contains prefilter,
flow meter, flow guard, temperature sensor and a visual indication of the flow
through the flow cell.
The flow cell is neatly concealed with a transparent cover, that is easy to open when needed
e.g. for calibration and taking samples.
Electronic digital control panel
- Easy access to all functions from the control panel
- Clear overview of free chlorine, combined chlorine and pH values
- Clear display of temperature (°C)
- Clear display of the flow (l/h)
- Clear indication when a too low or too high value
The new designed Autodos has a flow cell module that is tiltable forward. This makes the maintenance easier than ever.
The Autodos is also equipped with a transparent cover in front of the flow cell module that makes it
easy to see that there is a flow through the unit. The flow rate can also be read on the display panel.
Klor dosering
Jet Swim
Syra/bas dosering
Autodos technical features
Digital control and display - Easy to set and operate.
New modern design and material - For easy handling and maintenance.
Tiltable flow cell module - Makes the maintenance easier than ever.
Transparent flow cell with flow meter - Clear view of the current flow.
Starting module with prefilter, flow meter, flow guard, temperature sensor - Everything in one place for easy maintenance.
User access protection, that can be activated when necessary - Prevents unauthorized access to the control unit.
Customized alarm levels - Easy to set your own values for pH, redox, chlorine and flow.
Built-in safety functions - Prevents dosing when there is a too low flow or the pH-values are beyond the set alarm levels.
Setting of maximum dosing time - Built-in safety function to prevent overdosing.
Accurate measuring of chemical levels - Optimized and economical consumption of chemicals.
Autodos M1
Autodos M1 has one measuring unit and can measure one of the
following: free chlorine, pH, redox or total chlorine.
Item no.
416500 Autodos M1 for free chlorine
416510 Autodos M1 for pH
416520 Autodos M1 for redox
416530 Autodos M1 for total chlorine
Autodos M2
Autodos M2 has two measuring units and can measure pH and
free chlorine alternatively pH and redox.
Item no.
416540 Autodos M2 for pH and free chlorine
416550 Autodos M2 for pH and redox
Autodos M3
Autodos M3 has three measuring units and measures pH, free
chlorine and redox alternatively pH, free and combined chlorine.
Item no.
416560 Autodos M3 for pH, free chlorine and redox
416570 Autodos M3 for pH, free and combined chlorine
Autologger is a unit that connects Autodos to a PC for logging pH and chlorine measurement values and for registering alarms.
The system consists of a datalogger and a communication module. Via a PC, measurement parameters such as nominal value and
alarm limits can be altered and alarms can be reset.
Item no. 41625
Real time clock
24 kB (4500 values) with average values per minute for 4 channels
8 kB events (255 pcs) e.g. alarm or calibration
Communication module
Item no. 41620
RS232-communication to PC, cables included
Two-wire communication to Autodos
External transformer 9VAC for voltage supply
Item no. 99985077
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