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Certified Wireless Network
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NO.1 When designing a WLAN infrastructure implementation for high client density at a public venue
such as a conference or stadium, what are common best practices? (Choose 2)
A. Use high-gain omnidirectional antennas to improve SNR
B. Use directional antennas to isolate the RF propagation
C. Configure APs to transmit at or near their maximum power setting
D. UseWPA2-Personal security for ease of deployment
E. Disable 802.11ac MCS rates to prevent high overhead protection mechanisms
F. Implement a band steering feature for dual-band clients
Answer: B,F
NO.2 What term correctly completes the following sentence?
802.11a/b/g used a mandatory 800ns guard interval. 802.11n introduced anoptional short
400ns guard interval. Guard intervals (GI) are necessary in OFDM to reduce the likelihood of
interference between two consecutive ____________.
A. Frames
B. Packets
C. Bits
D. Symbols
Answer: D
NO.3 ABC Company has thousands of Wi-Fi users accessing their network on a daily basis.
Their WLAN consists of 700 access points, 6 WLAN controllers, and a wireless network management
Whatnetwork functions are performed by the enterprise-class WNMS?
A. Radio management, fast roaming, key caching, and other centralized control plane operations
B. Centralized bridging of guest data traffic and application of firewall and QoS policies to data
C. Management of WLAN controller configuration and provisioning of firmware updates
D. Generating, encrypting, and decrypting 802.11 frames and collecting RF radio data.
Answer: C
NO.4 The IEEE 802.11-2012 standard requires VHT capabledevices to be backward compatible with
devices using which other 802.11 physical layer specifications (PHYs)? (Choose 2)
Answer: A,B
NO.5 What is an advantage of using WPA2-Personal instead of WEP-128 as a security solution for
802.11 networks?
A. WPA2-Personal uses 802.1X/EAP for authentication, and WEP-128 uses preshared keys.
B. WPA2-Personal is basedon IEEE 802.11 industry standards, but WEP is not.
C. WPA2-Personal uses CCMP for encryption, and WEP-128 uses TKIP for encryption.
D. WPA2-Personal usesdynamic encryption keys, and WEP-128 uses static keys.
Answer: D
IT Certification Guaranteed, The Easy Way!
NO.6 Which of the following frequency ranges are specified for use by IEEE 802.11 radios?
(Choose all that apply.)
A. 902 - 928 MHz
B. 2.4000 - 2.4835 GHz
C. 5.15 - 5.25 GHz
D. 5.470 - 5.725 GHz
E. 5.725 - 5.875 GHz
Answer: B,C,D,E
NO.7 What statement about the SSID is true?
A. The SSID is a security sessionidentifier used in RSNs.
B. The SSID must be included in an association request frame.
C. The SSID is an alphanumeric value assigned to devicemanufacturers by the IEEE.
D. The SSID is a pseudo-random number assigned to each client by an AP.
Answer: D
NO.8 When a client station sends a broadcast probe request frame with a wildcard SSID, how do APs
A. After waiting a SIFS, all APs reply at the same time witha probe response.
B. After waiting a SIFS, a designated AP sends an ACK, and then replies with a probe response.
C. Each AP checks with the DHCP server to see if it can respond and then acts accordingly.
D. For each probe request frame, only one AP may reply with a probe response.
E. Each AP responds in turn after preparing a probe response and winning contention.
Answer: E
NO.9 When using an RF splitter to connect one transceiver to sector antennas loss is incurred.
What is this loss called?
A. Conversion loss
B. Through loss
C. Active loss
D. Intentional loss
Answer: B
NO.10 XYZ Corporation is experiencing connectivity problems with their existing building-to- building
bridge link. A concrete wall on the roof of one building is partially blocking the
Fresnel Zone, and the connection is dropping many frames. The administrator moves the antenna to
an area not obstructed by the concrete wall and then realizes the RF cable cannot reach the new
If an extension cable is added to move the antenna, what are the likely results?
A. The data throughput rate will increase because VSWR will decrease.
B. The Equivalent Isotropically Radiated Power (EIRP) will decrease.
C. The antenna's azimuth beamwidth will decrease.
D. The size of the Fresnel zone will increase.
E. The likelihood of a direct lightning strike will increase.
Answer: B
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