ending the game clean-up phase game overview and object watch

ending the game clean-up phase game overview and object watch
Ages 10+
2-5 Players
You may turn in more Elements than necessary for a set, but you will
not get “change.” For example, you could turn in two cards with three
Snails each, but even though only five Snails are needed, you will not
get a Snail back.
You do not have to turn in all of an Element type if you do not need to.
For example, if you have two cards that show two Flowers each, and a
token that shows one Flower, you only need to turn in the two cards to
complete the set. You may keep the token to complete another set later.
You do not have to turn in a set if you do not wish to. For example, if
you have two cards that show three Flowers each, you have a total of
six Flowers. Only four Flowers are needed for a set. You may wait until
you play two more Flowers (either one card or two tokens), which would
give you eight total Flowers. Then you could turn them all in for two
complete sets, which would get you two rewards!
After all players have taken their turn (everyone will have a Character
Tile in front of them and will have taken all of the Character’s actions),
the Action Phase is over.
Now, each player looks at the number shown on their Character Tile
(Queen is 1, Oracle is 2, and so on) and places their Turn Marker on that
number on the Turn Order Track. This will determine the turn order for
the next round. Return all Character Tiles to the Character Row
and start the next round’s Action Phase.
Each round, each player will choose a Character and perform the
Character’s actions. Actions include drawing cards and tokens, and
playing them to complete Element Sets. Completing sets will allow
players to Level Up and put Gems into the all-powerful Bag of Fate.
If you are using the Wizard, and you
draw your own colored Gem out of the
Bag of Fate, you win the game!
OBJECT: The player who draws their own Gem from the Bag of Fate
while performing the role of the Wizard wins the game!
Big G Creative | P.O. Box 1405 | Antioch, TN 37011
Game by Prospero Hall | Game and instructions: © 2017 Forrest-Pruzan Creative, LLC.
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3. TURN IN ELEMENT SETS (optional)
After performing your Character’s actions, if you have completed
any Element Sets, you may turn them in and receive the rewards.
60 Element Cards
7 Character Tiles
5 Turn Markers
5 Level Dials
40 Gem Tokens, hereafter
called “Gems”
(8 each of 5 different colors)
5 Reference Cards
1 Game Board
25 Element Tokens
(5 each of 5
different Elements)
Sets are completed with Element Tokens and Element Cards that have
been played face up in front of you. Cards in your hand do
not count toward completing sets. You may use any mix of cards
and tokens to complete a set.
Each Element Set has a different reward and requires a different
number of Elements to complete.
x4 =
4 Flowers: Turn your Level
x5 =
5 Snails: Put 1 of your Gems in
Dial up 1 Level.
the Bag of Fate.
x6 =
x7 =
x8 =
3 Add-a-Gem Tokens
1 Bag of Fate
3 Level-Up Tokens
1. Place the Game Board in the center of the playing area.
6 Bones: Turn your Level Dial
up 2 Levels.
7 Mushrooms: Turn your
Level Dial up 1 Level and put 1
of your Gems in the Bag of Fate.
8 Potions: Put 2 of your Gems
in the Bag of Fate.
2. Each player chooses a color and takes the matching Level Dial and
Turn Marker. Set the Level on each Level Dial to 1.
3. Each player takes their 8 Gems and stacks them on the matching
space on the Game Board. Put any unused Gem Tokens back in
the box.
4. Put the other Tokens (25 Element Tokens, 3 Add-a-Gem Tokens, and
3 Level-Up Tokens) in the Bag of Fate and mix them up thoroughly.
5. Shuffle the Element Cards and deal a hand of three cards to each
player. You may look at your own cards, but keep them secret from
the other players. Put the remaining cards face down in a draw
deck where all players can reach it. Leave room for a discard pile.
PIPE_WAW_Rules_E1.indd 4-5
When completing sets, count the number of times the Element
appears on the card or token.
Some examples
of how you might
complete a set of
Snails (5 Snails
are needed).
After turning in a set, discard all of the cards and tokens that were
used. If the card deck runs out, shuffle the discards to create a new
draw deck. The discarded tokens will not be used again.
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6. Place the seven Character Tiles in a row in numerical order, with
Like his haircut, the Wizard is all business. He cares only
about Gems of your color. Because he’s all about winning!
When performing the Wizard’s action, look at the number
your Level Dial is currently set to and blindly pull that many
tokens out of the Bag of Fate. If you draw a Gem of your
own color, you win the game!
Increasing your Level and adding Gems to the Bag of Fate will give
you a better chance of winning when you choose the Wizard!
All other tokens mean nothing to the Wizard and have no effect.
After drawing tokens, if the game is not over, return ALL of the
tokens back to the Bag of Fate. Your turn is over.
Add 1 of your Gems
to the Bag of Fate.
No effect.
Turn your Level Dial
up 1 Level.
No effect.
Keep the token in front
of you to complete sets.
No effect.
No effect.
If it’s a Gem of your
color, YOU WIN!
Otherwise... no effect.
Keep Element Tokens.
Return ALL other tokens
to the Bag of Fate.
If the game is not over,
to the Bag of Fate.
Come to me when you’re ready to WIN! That can be any
time, as long as you have put at least one Gem into the
Bag of Fate. With just a Gem or two in the bag, your odds
are slim, but it can happen! Or maybe you want to wait
until you have more Gems in the bag, and a higher Level
for more token pulls? It’s entirely up to you, my friends!
PIPE_WAW_Rules_E1.indd 6-7
the Queen (1) on the far left and the Wizard (7) on the far right,
forming the Character Row.
7. Collect the players’ Turn Markers. Randomly choose one Turn
Marker and place it on the 1 space on the Turn Order Track on
the Game Board. Choose the next Turn Marker and place it on the
2 space, and so on, until all players’ Turn Markers have been
placed on the Turn Order Track. This will determine the turn order
for the first round. (The turn order will change for each round.)
8. Give each player 1 Reference Card to keep in front of them.
The game is played in rounds. Each round consists of two phases:
ACTION PHASE: Each player chooses a Character Tile, performs the
Character’s actions, and turns in completed Element Sets (optional).
CLEAN-UP PHASE: All Character Tiles are returned to the Character
Row and the turn order for the next round is determined.
I dig the Action Phase.
Why, you ask?
Because I dig action.
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During the Action Phase, each player will take a turn choosing a
Character and immediately performing that Character’s actions. The
turn order is determined by where each player’s Turn Marker is located
on the Turn Order Track. The player whose Turn Marker is on the space
with the LOWEST number will go first, followed by the player on the
next lowest number, and so on, until all players have taken one turn.
Each Character has different abilities that you can use to your
advantage. Most of them will help you complete Element Sets
(explained later), which will help you Level Up and add Gems to the
Bag of Fate.
After choosing your Character, immediately perform the actions shown
on the Character Tile (before the next player chooses their Character).
Increasing your Level allows you to draw more tokens when you are
the Wizard or Apprentice!
In this example, the red Turn
Marker is on the number 3 space,
the blue Turn Marker is on the
number 5 space, and the yellow
Turn Marker is on the number 6
space. Therefore, in this round,
the red player goes first, blue goes
second, and yellow goes last.
Determines the turn order for the
next round (see CLEAN-UP PHASE).
Follow these steps, in this order:
1. Choose a Character.
2. Perform the Character’s Actions.
3. Turn in Element Sets (optional).
Choose ONE of the available Character
Tiles and place it in front of you.
With Character Tiles,
worry not! Cultivate a State
of Chilldom. Starting out, you
may not grasp the full power of
each Character when making your
choice. But the benefits of each
one will quickly be learned.
For now, dive in and
Each Character may only be used by one
player in each round. The first player will
have all seven Characters to choose from.
Each Character taken becomes unavailable
until the next round.
It’s good to know who you’re
dealing with!
Perform these actions in
the order shown.
If your Character Tile says to:
Draw a Card: Take the top Element Card from the deck
and add it to your hand.
Play a Card: Choose an Element Card from your hand and turn it
face up in front of you. This is how you will build sets.
Draw a Token: Blindly pull a token out of the Bag of Fate and
resolve its effect according to the chart on the next page.
Draw Tokens Equal to Your Level: Look at the number your Level
Every round, you will have the opportunity to
choose a different Character!
PIPE_WAW_Rules_E1.indd 8-9
Dial is currently set to and blindly pull that many tokens out of
the Bag of Fate. Pull the tokens out first, then resolve each effect.
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