An example of installing Noptel Expert to Windows 8

An example of installing Noptel Expert to Windows 8
An example of installing Noptel Expert to Windows 8
Expert device can be connected to PC computer either using an USB cable or Bluetooth connection.
Before an application software can be started a device driver for both USB and Bluetooth connection
must be installed. This paper shows the steps of how to do the first time device driver installation in
Windows 8.1 operating system and review driver installation inside Windows.
Before you begin, open a traditional desktop view by pressing the “Desktop” box in the Windows
“Metro” view. The installation of the drivers should be done in the following order:
1. Internet
2. USB
3. Application
4. Bluetooth
1. Internet connection
First, connect the PC to Internet using a cable (or WiFi) connection. In fact, this is not compulsory to
do, but should be done for possible driver updates. Normally, both the drivers for USB connection and
Bluetooth should exist in the computer already. But, if the drivers cannot be found, Windows will
search and update the drivers automatically.
Please note that Noptel does not deliver any USB or Bluetooth drivers for Expert devices.
In addition, Windows may start to update itself, so you’ll have to wait until update is finished.
2. USB connection
Connect USB cable from the Expert device to the USB port of the PC. Look at the bottom of the PC
screen and notice a new “Device Setup” button, where the USB driver is installed automatically.
Please wait, until you see a full green progress bar here:
At first time the USB driver installation may take some time. Next time you connect the same device
the connection time will be much quicker.
Noptel, Oulu - Finland, 12th of November 2014.
3. Application Software (NOS Pro)
After installation of the USB drivers the application software can be started. First, Install the “NOS Pro”
application software by inserting the USB memory stick provided with the device to the computer.
Open and browse the memory stick, start “NoptelInstaller.exe” and select “Install NOS Pro” option
from the installer menu. A “Noptel Expert Application (NOS Pro) Setup” wizard will guide you through
the installation.
After application setup run the application by pressing the “NOS Pro” shortcut icon on the desktop.
Next, a full scan of USB ports is done and all Expert devices found are listed in the splash picture,
followed by start-up menu of the application. Look at the Expert icon in the start-up menu and notice
the number of connected devices.
Please note that in this example the device is connected to a (virtual serial) port number 8 (COM8).
The port number may be different in you system. 1-2 devices is recommended to be connected to one
computer. Now you can start setting shooting training. Please refer to the User’s Guide for more
details. If needed, you can download and update NOS Pro application from Noptel’s Internet site later
( > Rifle Shooting > Downloads > Software).
If you want to install Bluetooth connection next, quit the application now by pressing the button at
the lower right corner and disconnect the USB cable from the Expert device.
Noptel, Oulu - Finland, 12th of November 2014.
4. Bluetooth connection
First you’ll have to set PC’s Bluetooth radio on. You may have to study PC’s documentation for
keystrokes or setup of how to do it. Please note that some PC’s may have Bluetooth radio off as a
default. Next, disconnect the USB cable and set Expert device on by pressing the main button.
Look at the Expert’s display and notice the sign “Y” (an antenna) at lower
right corner. While this sign is present the Bluetooth radio of the Expert
device is listening of Bluetooth radio traffic and waiting for a few minutes
to be discovered or connected. When the time is over, the ‘Y’ sign
disappears and the Bluetooth module of the Expert is shut down to save
the battery.
Open “Control Panel > Devices and Printers” view. Select “Add a device” option to search for available
Bluetooth devices.
Wait for a moment and you’ll see a list of Bluetooth devices available for pairing. Usually, the Expert
device can be identified by a 4-digit code printed on a label on the back of the device. Select the
device, press “Next” and pair it with the PC using suggested paring code or enter passcode “1234”, if
it is requested. This depends on the computer.
Press: Next
Enter passcode: 1234
Noptel, Oulu - Finland, 12th of November 2014.
If there is a lot of Bluetooth devices around, scanning of Bluetooth devices and pairing process can be
very slow or fails. If this is the case, please consider to do this in more “quiet” environment with less
Bluetooth devices around.
Wait for a while for the installation to finish and review “Devices and Printers” to see a new Expert in
the “Unspecified” (devices) group. Please note that device status may be “Not connected” until the
application software is started. When you run the application, the status label may disappear
(meaning that the device is connected).
If you want to study Bluetooth driver installation more closely, press mouse right button on Noptel
Expert device logo and select “Properties” for more setup options.
Now you can start the application and see number connected Bluetooth devices in the start-up
window. If needed, a rescan to reconnect roaming devices can be started by clicking the device icon.
5. Advanced Setup
The number of simultaneously connected Bluetooth devices is limited to two by default. However, this limit may be overruled
by editing the “BluetoothPorts” setup in the “NOSPRO.settings.xml” file in the NOS Pro’s “Application data” folder.
Depending on system and environment increasing the number of simultaneous Bluetooth devices may cause some
connection or transmission issues. If you want to review USB driver installation more closely, please open “Control Panel >
Device Manager” first and look for “Ports (COM & LPT) > USB Serial Port (COMx) > Properties” setup options.
Noptel, Oulu - Finland, 12th of November 2014.
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