Epicureanist | EP-SHOT001 | Use and Care Manual | Epicureanist EP-SHOT001 Use and Care Manual

Ice Shooters Tray
Remove lids from each Ice Shooter mould cup.
Fill cup ¾ from the top with water or other non -alcoholic
Carefully replace lid on the cup.
Place filled mould into a freezer for at least 5 -6 hours. For
best results, place on a flat, level surface.
Remove Ice Shooter mould from freezer.
To remove Ice Shooter from mould: Run room temperature
water over the outside of the mould (not inside) to loosen the
frozen Ice Shooter. NOTE: Using hot or warm water will melt
the Ice Shooters.
It is recommended that the Ice Shooter be removed from the freezer and
mould just a few minutes before use.
To reduce melting, it is best to pour a chilled beverage into the Ice
Attempting to remove Ice Shooters from mould without applying water to
the outside of the cup will cause the ice to crack during removal.
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