Compact high-tech! TKA Smart2Pure 12.
Everyday ultrapure water. Even for demanding lab applications.
Compact high-tech!
TKA Smart2Pure 12.
Two in one.
ASTM Types I/II water.
Instantly and fresh.
TKA Smart2Pure 12.
The password for converting normal
tap water to ultrapure water.
Ultrapure water.
For example, for:
• Molecular biology, microbiology,
PCR, inorganic and organic trace
• HPLC, ICP, TOC-analysis
Ultrapure water.
For example, for
• Rinsing laboratory glassware
• Preparing and diluting buffers, reagents, tissue culture media and dyes
• Sample preparation for analytical
methods such as flame AAS
More ideas = more
How TKA Smart2Pure 12 differs from
other compact class systems:
Powerful performance!
• Permeate flow 12 l/h
• Flow rate 1.0 l/min
Lasting economy!
• Water purification progresses through
separate modules, each with quick
connects for simple individual replacement
• Module 1
Pretreatment module with integrated
reverse osmosis membrane
• Module 2
Cartridge containing high-quality
ultrapure resins with very long
service intervals
Easiest to operate!
• Just press a button to get ultrapure
water – no adjustments necessary,
the microprocessor control is a selfcontrolling component
• Ultrapure water quality is ensured
by the limiting value input
• RS 232 Interface
• The display can be tilted to your
optimal reading position
Positioning anywhere in the laboratory
• Laboratory bench-top operated
or wall-mounted
Usable worldwide!
• Whether 220/230 V, 110/120 V or
other voltages – and even with
fluctuating voltages – the automatic
voltage regulator continually supplies
the system with a constant 24 volts
TKA Smart2Pure 12.
Ultrapure water at the press of a button! Position it, connect it, use it!
Two long-life cartridges. Each requires replacement only when really necessary!
One, two, three...
... rapid cartridge change due to quickconnects.
Space saving!
Simply stand it on the lab bench, or
mount it directly to the wall.
High performance filter!
Option of an integrated ultrafilter,
generously dimensioned for pyrogene-free and nuclease-free water.
The automatic self-cleaning gives
years of service.
UV Oxidation 185/254 nm!
Optionally with additional UV oxidation for reducing the content of
microorganisms and their metabolites.
Flow chart TKA Smart2Pure 12 UV/UF with external tank.
The result:
Ultrapure water of the quality required:
Production of ultrapure water for low volume requirements. The ultrapure
water is delivered via a sterile filter.
Conductivity in µS/cm: 0.055
Resistance in MW× cm at 25°C: 18.2
Bacterial content in CFU/ml: Particle content: <1
Flow rate per minute: 1.0 litre
12 litres per hour. Ready-to-take at any time from the 30 or 60 litre tank.
Absolutely sterile!
Ultrapure water is dispensed through
a standardly built-in sterile filter.
Swivel-mounted display – always easy
to read!
Conductivity in µS/cm: 0.067 – 0.1
Resistance in MW× cm at 25°C: 15 – 10
Percentage of germs, bacteria, particles
retained by the membrane: 99 %
Flow rate per minute: 1.0 litre
TKA Standard storage tanks. For 30 or 60 liters .
Store high purity
water safely and
An advanced and proven tank
construction with many beneficial
Large opening
•For easy and effective cleaning by
hand. Closed with a screw cap.
Sterile venting filter/tank overflow
•Contamination by microorganisms
in the environment is prevented by
two safety filters
•Option: A CO2 absorber that
prevents TOC value increases
from drawn-in CO2
Standard storage tanks
Volume: 30 liters
Material: water
PE acc. ME 8159 and NG2431 E, ultrapure
Outlet tap: 240 mm free headroom
Overflow: d8 hose connector
Diameter: 380 mm
Height: 598 mm
912 mm
Weight in kg
cat. no.
resistant, opaque to light, food-safe
Polyethylene tank
•Ultrapure water resistant, opaque
to light and food-safe
High purity water dispensing tap
•With 24 cm free space for practical
water drawing
Recirculation pump
•The recirculation pump protects
the high purity water from
bacterial growth during standstills
and maintains the low conductivity
Wall mount
•For simple and space-saving wall
Conical bottom outlet
•Allows complete draining and
efficient cleaning and disinfection
60 liters
Complementary accessories:
Sterile owerflow
CO2 absorber + Sterile
venting filter, 0.2 µm
sterile venting filter, 0.2 µm
UV Immersion lamp for Tank
Wall mount for
30 l storage tank
Wall mount for
60 l storage tank
TKA Smart2Pure 12 UV** TKA Smart2Pure 12 UF/UV
12 l/h
12 l/h
1.0 l/min
0.6 l/min
1 – 6 bar
1 – 6 bar
0.055 µS/cm
0.055 µS/cm
18.2 MW× cm
18.2 MW× cm
1 – 5 ppb
1 – 5 ppb
< 1
< 1
0.067 – 0.1 µS/cm
0.067 – 0.1 µS/cm
15 – 10 MW× cm
15 – 10 MΩ× cm
Automatic voltage regulation to 24 V
0.06 kW
0.06 kW
R 3/4“
R 3/4“
305 x 300 x 545
305 x 300 x 545
22 kg
22 kg
cat. no., 12 l/h version:
* supplemented with an ultrafilter
supplemented with UV-oxidation, 185/254 nm
Consumables and accessories
Pre-treatment (hardness stabilizing/activated carbon/prefilter 5 µm) Wall mounting bracket for Smart2Pure 12
Pretreatment module with RO-membrane, 12 l/h
Ultrapure water cartridge
Sterile filter
cat. no.
cat. no.
cat. no.
cat. no.
cat. no.
Status 02.2010
TKA Smart2Pure 12 Standard TKA Smart2Pure 12 UF*
Permeate performance at 15° C:
12 l/h
12 l/h
Flow rate:
1.0 l/min
0.6 l/min
Operating pressure in bar, min/max: 1 – 6 bar
1 – 6 bar
ASTM I conductivity:
0.055 µS/cm
0.055 µS/cm
Resistance at 25° C:
18.2 MW× cm
18.2 MW× cm
TOC Value:
5 – 10 ppb
5 – 10 ppb
Bacterial content in CFU/ml:
< 1
Particle content:
< 1
Endotoxines in EU/ml:
ASTM II conductivity:
0.067 – 0.1 µS/cm
0.067 – 0.1 µS/cm
Resistance at 25° C:
15 – 10 MΩ× cm
15 – 10 MΩ× cm
Supply voltage:
Automatic voltage regulation to 24 V
Power consumption:
0.06 kW
0.06 kW
Connector size:
R 3/4“
R 3/4“
Dimensions, W x D x H in mm:
305 x 300 x 545
305 x 300 x 545
22 kg
22 kg
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Technical Specifications
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