Pegasus | 5806L | Installation guide | Pegasus 5806L Installation Guide

Self Rimming
Drop-In Sinks
Tools Needed
• Pencil • Tube Cutter • Socket Wrench • Jigsaw • Wrench • Hammer • Screwdriver • Drill & 3/8” Bit •
Materials Needed
• Sink • Faucet • Drain Assembly • Supply Pipe & Fittings • Drain Pipe, Trap & Fittings • Silicone Sealant •
1. Using a template 1/2” narrower than the sink rim, mark the counter top cut out. Drill a starter hole 3/8” inside of
circle and then use a jigsaw to finish cutting the opening for the sink.
2. Around the cut out opening, place a bead of silicone caulk. Before placing sink in place, attach the faucet, drain
piece, flange, and pop up drain assembly. Set the sink into the opening, press the rim down firmly. Then hook up
the drain and water supply fittings.
3. Tighten all connections, being careful not to over tighten. Check for leaks. Small leaks can be corrected by
tightening the nuts.
DO NOT tighten too much or you may damage bowl.
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