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Wireless N Adapter RNX-N250UBE
Quick Installation Guide
Wireless N Adapter RNX-N250UBE
Quick Installation Guide
1. Overview
Thank you for choosing Rosewill’s 802.11n 2T2R Wireless USB
adapter – RNX-N250UBE. RNX-N250UBE is a powerful 300Mbps
USB 2.0 Adapter into PCs or NB without any hassle. The Adapter
can be used in Ad-Hoc mode to connect directly with other cards for
peer-to-peer file sharing or in Infrastructure mode to connect with a
wireless access point or router for access to the Internet in your
office or home network. This chapter is to introduce you more about
this Wireless Adapter.
2. Package Content
Before getting started, please verify that your package includes the
following items:
1. Rosewill RNX-N250UBE Wireless USB Adapter x 1
2. 5 dBi Antenna x2
3. Quick Installation Guide x 1
4. Resource CD x 1, including:
• Rosewill Wireless N Client Utility and Driver
• User Manual
5. USB Cradle with 45" (114 cm) USB cable x1
Make sure that the package contains the above items. If any of the listed
items are damaged or missing, please contact with your distributor.
3. Overview of the Product
The adapter is an 802.11n client device; it is designed to provide a
high-speed and unrivaled wireless performance for your computer or
notebook. With a faster wireless connection, you can get a better
Internet experience, such as downloading, gaming, video streaming
and so on.
Wireless N Adapter RNX-N250UBE
Quick Installation Guide
With the 802.11n technology, higher throughput improvements using
MIMO (multiple input, multiple output antennas), the RNX-N250UBE’s
transfer rate up to 300Mbps for maximum throughput. It can also
interoperate with other wireless (802.11b, 802.11g) products. The
adapter supports 64/128-bit WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption to
prevent outside intrusion and protect your personal information from
being exposed.
The adapter is easy to install and manage. The Quick Setup Wizard
guides you step-by-step through the installation process; the Rosewill
Wireless N Client Utility helps you create a wireless connection
With unmatched wireless performance, reception, and security protection,
the RNX-N250UBE is the best choice for easily adding or upgrading
wireless connectivity to your notebook and computer.
4. Software Installation
• Insert the Driver and Utility CD-ROM into the CD-ROM driver.
• The Wizard should run automatically, and below window should appear.
If not, click the Start button and choose Run. In the field that appears,
enter D:\autorun.exe (if ‘’D’’ is the letter of your CD-ROM drive).
Smart wizard
Wireless N Adapter
Driver Installation
User Manual
Quick Installation Guide
Browse CD
Wireless Adapter
Next we use the USB
wireless adapter installation
steps as example. According
to the PCI wireless adapter
installation steps, you can
complete PCI wireless
adapter installing easily.
Wireless N Adapter RNX-N250UBE
Quick Installation Guide
► Click Install Driver & Utility
for USB Wireless Adapter
on the Wireless Client
Configuration Utility dialogue
box, and then select the
installing language from the
next screen and click Next
► Click Next
► Click Install to start
Wireless N Adapter RNX-N250UBE
Quick Installation Guide
► Follow the InstallShield
Wizard steps, and click
Finish when done.
► Now your PC or notebook will restart automatically.
5. Wireless Connection Guide
This chapter describes how to configure your Adapter for wireless
connectivity on your Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and use
the data security encryption features.
After Installing the Adapter, the Adapter’s tray icon will appear in your
system tray. It appears at the bottom of the screen, and shows the
signal strength using color and the received signal strength indication
- If the icon is purple, there is no connection.
- If the icon is white, the network is dropping off.
- If the icon is green, there is good signal strength.
- If the icon is green, there is excellent signal strength.
In the following instruction for making a network connection, we use
the provided Utility to configure your wireless network settings.
Note: You could use either the software we provide or Microsoft Zero
Configuration tool to configure this adapter.
Wireless N Adapter RNX-N250UBE
Quick Installation Guide
Connecting with Microsoft Zero
Configuration tool (Win XP)
After specifying the Microsoft Zero
Configuration tool to configure your
wireless network, right click on the
icon on system tray. Select “View
Available Wireless Networks” to specify
your wireless network.
The tool shows the available
wireless networks. Select
your demanding network to
connect with. To connect to
a wireless network, please
click Change advanced
settings to be compatible
with your wireless network
Connecting with Window 7
► You can easily access to wireless with Win7.
First, move your mouse to lower right hand
corner as below and click on the icon where
arrow pointing to.
Wireless N Adapter RNX-N250UBE
Quick Installation Guide
► Click Refresh to get an update of your
Wireless Network Connection. This
should help you search the SSID of
the network you want to connect to.
► Select your desired SSID, then Click
► You will be prompt to ask you
entering the network security
key. Once entered, please
click OK to complete.
► You should see below in a very short period and
find out whether you are connected or now.
Wireless N Adapter RNX-N250UBE
Quick Installation Guide
Connecting with Wireless LAN Utility
► Step 1:
Search Available Network
First Select the Available
Network option:
You will see a list of the
SSID that your wireless
adapter has scanned in
your surrounding area.
You can also “Refresh”
to see the most updated
► Step 2:
Select and Add to Profile
Select your desired SSID
(the one you want to link
with), then click Add to
After click “Add to Profile”,
you will see the next
window “Wireless Network
Properties” popup with
your current wireless
signal’s setting.
(RNX-N180PCe will detect the current setting of your SSID).
Wireless N Adapter RNX-N250UBE
Quick Installation Guide
► So after the “Wireless
Network Properties”
popup, all you need to
do is to enter the
password of your SSID
and click OK to continute.
► When done, your wireless
adapter will automatically
connect to this SSID.
However, Please do make
sure returning to “Profile”
and set your SSID Profile
as your default.
So your utility will remember for the future to link to this SSID when
computer is Power-On.
Now you have completed the setup of your wireless network. You
should be ready to surf!
Wireless N Adapter RNX-N250UBE
Quick Installation Guide
Thank you for purchasing a quality Rosewill Product.
Please register your product at: for
complete warranty information and future support for your product.
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