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Simplicity, quality and benefit – this is what we look for when introducing new lines of business and brands into
the Nashua group. It is what underpins our brand promise of putting our customers first – as well as saving them
time and money.
Over the past 40 years, our business has evolved with the market and its needs in order to ensure that we are
consistently in a position to support and add value, as well as offer our customers integrated solutions for every
aspect of their business and office environment.
Nashua ProAct
Nashua ProAct is an innovative fleet management solution that helps Nashua to increase our office efficiency and
productivity for all of our document output devices, through constant monitoring of your printers or MFP’s. Nashua
ProAct reports critical status and condition information to our technical data centres. Moreover, this solution is
provided to you at no cost as it allows us to deliver our best possible service!
So how does it work? Nashua ProAct collects data on an ongoing basis and delivers the information in the form of
customisable statistics and analysis reports, thus assisting our service departments’ efficient maintenance of your
print infrastructure, resulting in advanced performance levels. Meter readings are automatically synchronised with
Nashua’s ProAct server, eliminating manual capturing of the data while delivering increased billing accuracy. Lastly,
adaptive service management proactively manages your toner supplies, ensuring the right supplies are delivered
to you at the right time without you having to lift a finger!
Higher quality, more reliable, more versatile printing.
With enhanced paper-handling and much more, these
next-generation production printers open up even more
print-on-demand opportunities for your business.
The Nashua ProTM 8220s, 8210s and 8200s are high-end black and white production printers delivering nextgeneration performance to help you stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry. With high resolution (1200 x 4800dpi)
achieved by VCSEL* technology, these models offer outstanding reproductive capabilities. Featuring highly accurate
duplex registration and enhanced paper handling, they provide powerful support for a variety of production printing
operations, from short-run, on-demand production of books and materials, to business cards and direct mail. And,
as you’d expect of any “Pro” machine, these models offer the high robustness and reliability to dramatically expand
the opportunities for your business. *Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser
Designed to maximise your success
High productivity
• With a maximum monthly volume of 1000k (A4) the ProTM 8200 series
supports high-volume usage and seasonal peak printing volumes.
• Modified paper guides reduce static and coupled with a revised airflow
design, lowers internal temperatures ensuring long print runs.
• New belt-fusing technology incorporates a new paper separation plate
which does not contact the hot roller to prevent scratches and gloss
• New Process Control technology and stability of image density ensures
print quality is maintained even on long runs.
The latest laser technology
Our innovative VCSEL technology gives best-in-class resolution of
1200 x 4800dpi creating outstanding image quality. VCSEL has as many
as 40 laser beams emitting simultaneously to give exceptionally accurate,
smooth and professional quality
*Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser
• Designed to maximise uptime and ensure simple troubleshooting
• Status Light Pole – can see operational status even from a distance.
• Operational panel with customisable home screen.
• Enhanced ORU (Operator Replaceable Units) to minimise downtime.
Opens up new opportunities
Enhanced processing performance
The Pro™ 8200 series incorporates a high-performance 1.86 GHz Celeron
Processor, 2GB memory and 320 GB x 2 SATA. It delivers faster processing of
complex print jobs and supports finishing options to suit your requirements
and broaden your client offering.
Wider paper support
The Pro™ 8200 series gives your business more print opportunities to offer
your customers and more opportunities for profitability
• Superb printing performance on everything from carbonless paper and
textured and coated media to envelopes and pre-printed forms
• Accurate duplex registration.
• Easy setting of appropriate print requirements via enhanced
Paper Library.
Extend your markets
From textbooks and luxury books to office documents, manuals and poster
printing, the Pro™ 8200 series lets you drive new business. You can also
take advantage of a wide choice of peripherals including multi-folding
unit, decurl unit, perfect binder, ring binder, booklet finisher and more.
Widens your environment
Maximise uptime
• Improved flat paper path avoids occurrence of jams and paper tears.
• Double feed detection sensor avoids misfeeds of pre-printed paper –
so print quality is assured and problems avoided.
• Decurl Unit reduces risk of paper curl which could cause paper jams.
• Twin toner replacement mechanism, active tray indicators and operator
call light help minimise downtime.
Enhanced paper library
The extensive library holds over 200 profiles tested and proven by Nashua.
There’s also a custom library for personalised media profiles along with a
back-up capacity for an additional 1000 profiles. It gives real scope to take
advantage of a diverse range of print opportunities.
Energy saving
• Eco-friendly indicator helps increase paper usage awareness by
displaying the paper reduction and duplex ratios of each user.
• New recovery methods from energy save mode reduce power
• Power On/Off timer reduces TCO and energy costs.
New options. new opportunities
Vacuum Paper Feed
• Air vacuum to handle heavy media with a coated surface.
• Supports media weight (mainframe specific) 40gsm up to 350gsm.
• Delivers air to front and sides of the media so each sheet can be
delivered separately.
• Offers a high level of feeding accuracy for greater productivity.
• Up to two units can be combined.
Robust functionality for maximum
The Nashua Pro™ 8200 series are available with an advanced external EFI
Fiery server. With a new user interface and extended functionality, it offers
ease-of-use enhancements that help simplify file management and job
workflow for greater efficiency.
LCT and Active Tray Indicator
• The Large Capacity Trays have easy-to-see Active Tray Indicators.
• Paper trays indicate status of paper feed which prevents opening an
active tray so avoids possible paper jam.
• Allows users to know which trays are not in use so they can be refilled
for the next job to speed up operation.
• Supports up to 330 x 487mm paper size.
• Offers enhanced Paper Feed Capacity.
• Air-Assist Paper Feed enables ease of handling of various paper types
such as coated paper and paper thickness of 40gsm up to 350gsm.
More advantages and benefits
Standard Finisher and Booklet Finisher
Stack capability: media up to 330 x 487mm.
Media weight: 52 - 216gsm.
Up to 2500 sheets on Shift Tray (A4/LT, 80gsm).
100 sheets staple (B5-A3/215 x 279 - 279 x 431mm, 80gsm).
Book Finisher offers the same stack capacity with up to 25 sheet booklet
(B5-SRA3/215 x 279 - 330 x 487mm, 90gsm).
• Booklet Finisher has one-side edge trimmer as an option.
• Enables creation of professional booklets.
Multi-Folding Unit
• Offers six options for paper folding.
• Supports from 64gsm to 105gsm including coated paper.
• For 2-Fold, 3-Fold In and 3-Fold Out, multi-page folding is available up
to three pages from 64 - 90gsm.
• Ideal for direct mail opportunities.
Ring Binder
• Fully automates binding workflow, saving time and labour costs.
• Ease of operation as the system processes from printing to closing rings
without manual intervention.
• Two sizes of consumable rings are available for 50 or 100 A4 sheets.
• Black/white and colour rings available.
Increase output with ease
High Capacity interposer (HCI 3500)
Simplified production processes.
Increases productivity.
Ideal for adding in pre-printed colour cover or inserts.
Hold up to 3500 sheets of pre-printed stock.
Plockmatic Booklet Maker
• 50 sheet or 35 sheet Production Booklet Making System (80gsm paper).
• Creates high quality 200 page (or 140 page) saddle-stitched and square
folded booklets at rated engine speed.
• Optional Bleed trim and creasing capabilities eliminate manual processing.
• Supports up to 300gsm media - coated or uncoated - for a wide range
of applications.
• A newly designed precision face trimmer module allows you to trim the
shingle effect off the booklet as required for a clean, professional look.
• Off-line mode enables manual booklet making from documents produced
on other devices.
GBC Stream Punch Ultra
• Wide media range - up to 300gsm.
• Tab processing on the trailing edge of the sheet.
• World’s first ‘Double Punch’ capability supporting a wider variety of
standard sizes including A3/DLT.
• New Die Set design.
Saving time. Speeding up production
Paper Decurl Unit
• The optional Paper Decurl Unit uses two paths to deal with concavity
and convexity curls.
• It puts an end to the common problem of curling paper especially
when printing with high toner coverage, on thin paper and paper with
long grain.
High Capacity Stacker
• This new option stacks up to 5,000 sheets (SRA3, A4, LT size)
on shift tray and 250 sheets on one proof tray.
• Up to two stackers can be attached.
• Includes roll-away cart as standard.
• Ensures ease of high volume outputs.
Ring Binder
• Paper Trays and optional Stacker unit can be secured with a lock.
• Offers extra security for customers such as banks and security
companies handling sensitive data.
• Opportunity to provide this service to expand your offering.
*selected trays
All the options you need to succeed
1 Pro™ 8200 series
EFI Controller**
Colour LCD Panel
3000 sheet finisher**
4400 sheet vacuum feed
large capacity tray
Plockmatic Crease
Standard paper trays
Plockmatic Booklet Maker**
High Capacity Interposer
Ring Binder**
5000 sheet stacker
Booklet Trimmer**
Booklet Finisher
Multi Folding Unit**
Optional Bypass
Stream Punch Ultra**
Optional Decurl Unit*
Perfect Binder**
ARDF Document Feeder
Optional Decurl Unit is located inside
mainframe and not visible
Not illustrated
Pro™ 8200 series
Main Specifications
1-drum dry electrostatic transfer system with internal
transfer belt
Oil-less belt-fusing method
Toner Type:
Newly formulated pulverized toner
Print Speed:
Nashua Pro™ 8200S - 96 PPM
Nashua Pro™ 8210S - 111 PPM
Nashua Pro™ 8220S - 136 PPM
Scan Resolution:
600 x 600dpi
Max 1200 x 4800dpi VCSEL
Warm-up time:
360 seconds or less
Dimensions (WxDxH)
1,141 x 900 x 1,146mm
Power Source:
220-240V, 50/60Hz, 16A
Max Monthly Volume:
100/150/200/300/400/600dpi /200dpi as a default
Scan Speed:
(single pass duplex DF)
B&W 120(simplex)/220(duplex)
(A4/LET LEF/200dpi/300dpi-1bit)
Colour 120(simplex)/220(duplex)
(A4/LET LEF/200dpi-4bit/300dpi-4bit)
297 x 432mm
Paper Input Capacity:
Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10/Server 2008/2008
R2/2012/2012 R2
Unix: Sun Solaris, HP-UX, SCO
OpenServer, Red Hat Linux, IBM AIX ,Citrix Presentation
Server4.5/Citrix XenApp5.0, Mac OS X v.10.2 or later,
SAP R/3, NDPS Gateway, IBM iSeries/
AS/400-using OS/400 Host Print Transform
Network Protocol:
TCP/IP (IP v4, IP v6)
Adobe PostScript 3, IPDS
Supported Data Format:
Print Resolution:
1200 x 4800 (dpi)
PCL: 45 fonts, 13 International fonts
Network Interface:
Ethernet 1000Base-T/100Base-TX/10Base USB2.0
TypeA (2 port on back of the machine, 1 port on
operational panel), TypeB, SD Slot on operational panel
Max Scan Area:
Operating System:
1st tray (std) 1,100 sheets x 2
(Tandem Tray)
2nd tray (std) 550 sheets
3rd tray (std) 550 sheets
A4/LT LCT (op)
4th tray 1,100 sheets
5th tray 1,100 sheets
6th tray 2,800 sheets
A3/DLT LCT (op)
4th tray 1,100 sheets
5th tray 2,200 sheets
6th tray 1,100 sheets
Bypass Tray (op) 550 sheets
Vacuum Feed LCT (op)
T1 tray 2,200 sheets
T2 tray 2,200 sheets
Intel® Processor G850 2.9GHz
DVD-RW Drive:
Operating System:
Windows Embedded 8.1 Pro Embedded
Network Protocol:
TCP/IP (IP v4, IP v6), SMB
PostScript 3, PCL5e, PCL6
Supported Data Format:
Print Resolution:
1200dpi/1bit, 600dpi/1bit
600dpi in PCL5e
PS3 138, PCL 81
Network Interface:
Ethernet 1000/100/10Base-T x2
Max. Input Capacity:
(Max) 12,650 sheets (with options)
Max. Output Capacity:
13,750 (with options)
Paper size:
Maximum: 330 x 487.7 mm
A3/DLT Tray Kit, Vacuum Feed Large Capacity Tray (Vacuum Feed LCIT
RT5100), A4/LT Large Capacity Tray (RT5070), SRA3 Large Capacity Tray
(RT5080), Multi Bypass Tray (BY5010), High Capacity Stacker, 3,000 Sheets
Finisher With 100 Sheets Stapler (SR5050), Booklet Finisher (SR5060), Booklet
Trimmer (TR5040), Cover Interposer Tray (CI5030), Ring Binder (RB5020),
Perfect Binder (GB5010), Decurl Unit (DU5030), RPIP Interface Box Type S3,
Multi-Folding Unit (FD5020), Plockmatic Booklet Maker, GBC StreamPunch
Ultra, EFITM Fiery Controller, Plockmatic High Capacity Interposer (HCI 3500)
Printable Area:
320 x 480 mm
Paper Weight:
1st tray (std) 52.3 - 256gsm
2nd tray (std) 52.3 - 256gsm
3rd tray (std) 52.3 - 256gsm
A4/LT LCT (op)
4th tray 52.3 - 216gsm
5th tray 52.3 - 216gsm
6th tray 52.3 - 163gsm
A3/DLT LCT (op)
4th tray 52.3 - 256gsm
5th tray 40.0 - 300gsm
6th tray 52.3 - 256gsm
Bypass Tray (op) 52.3 - 256gsm
Vacuum Feed LCT (op)
T1 - T2 tray 40-350gsm
Nashua TotalFlow: Prep, Print Manager, Production Manager & Path.
Intel® Celeron® Processor P4505 1.86GHz
Standard: 640GB (320GB x 2)
DVD-ROM Drive:
Pro™ 8200 series complies with Energy Star 1.2 standards.
For availability of models, options and software, please consult your local Nashua supplier.
ISO9001 certified. Please note that the device you receive when ordering may vary from
product images depicted herein. Certain features are additional options and are not
included in the base price. Specifications and external appearance are subject to change
without notice. All rights reserved. This brochure, its contents and/or layout may not be
modified and/or adapted, copied in part or in whole and/or incorporated into other works
without the prior written permissions of Nashua (Pty) Limited.
E&OE Errors and Omissions Excepted.
For more information please visit
[email protected]
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