STT 700 SmartLine Temperature Transmitter

STT 700 SmartLine Temperature Transmitter
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Connected Industrial
Connected Plant
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Improve Your Business Performance
Honeywell’s comprehensive portfolio of measurement
and control products, combined with our software
solutions and open interfaces for data access,
enable you to manage your plant assets and optimize
your enterprise by providing the bedrock system
critical measurement, control and data acquisition.
From the sensor to the control room–and everything
in between–we can help you to improve your
quality and productivity and reduce total costs.
The elements of a total control solution.
Networked or stand alone. We have them all.
Your Complete Provider
Versatile products that are easy to configure,
easy to operate and easy to maintain.
Pressure Measurement
Honeywell’s modular SmartLine® pressure
offering includes differential pressure, absolute
pressure, gauge pressure, flange, remote seal
and multivariable transmitter solutions with
global agency and SIL certifications backed by
an industry leading 15-year warranty.
Honeywell single and dual loop digital
controllers and indicators provide precise
control and indication of process variables with
a wide choice of functionality. With Honeywell’s
complete line, we can offer a versatile solution
for a variety of applications. All Honeywell
controllers and indicators are highly reliable,
easy to configure, flexible and versatile.
Multivariable Measurement
The SmartLine Multivariable Transmitter
measures static pressure, differential pressure
and process temperature with minimal process
intrusions and lowers the total cost of
ownership delivering superior performance for
an accurate and fail safe flow measurement.
Temperature Measurement
Honeywell’s Smart Temperature Transmitter
line, including the new SmartLine, provides a
three-tiered solution, providing the right mix of
price and performance to meet application
needs. They are available in OEM packages and
ready-to-install assemblies with globally
accepted approvals, communications and
Level Measurement
Programmers and Indicators
Digital control programmers perform predetermined processing or testing schedules on
a time-versus-set point program. Honeywell
offers programmers that perform basic to
complex recipes and feature universal inputs,
and multi-channel models.
Recorders and Data Acquisition
Honeywell offers a comprehensive portfolio for
all of your recording and data acquisition needs.
Choose your format: strip chart, circular chart or
paperless recorders for viewing, storing and
managing your process data. In addition,
Honeywell’s powerful software suite provides
networking capability and real time archiving.
SmartLine Level Transmitter allows reliable
measurement of liquid level and interfaces in
dynamic process conditions. The SmartLine
Application Validation Tool eliminates model
selection errors while providing fully preconfigured transmitters on site to reduce
commissioning time.
Wireless Solutions
Flow Meters
A range of flexible automation and control
solutions meeting the needs of many different
industries like specialty chemicals,
pharmaceuticals, metals, water/waste-water
and pharmaceuticals, while avoiding the
overhead of complex, non-integrated
automation systems.
VersaFlow flow meters are built to our exacting
standards for quality, performance and reliability
backed up by a comprehensive global support
Configuration and Device Management
A flexible suite of configuration and device
management tools enable easy and reliable
device configuration, monitoring, diagnosis
and health management, for smart devices
from Honeywell and other suppliers.
Analytical Instruments
Honeywell offers a broad line of advanced sensors
and instruments for measuring pH, ORP,
conductivity and dissolved oxygen. Unique
Analytical solutions keep plant operations
running, smoothly, efficiently and safely.
Honeywell provides a single wireless network
which supports multiple industrial protocols
and applications simultaneously. Wireless
solutions are simple to manage and efficient
to operate.
Modular Systems
Connectivity Solutions
OPC connectivity products and applications
integrate Honeywell products with third-party
SCADA, historians and human machine interfaces
to provide secure, reliable open data connectivity.
Electric Actuators
With over 100 years in the control industry,
Honeywell offers an innovative portfolio to
reliably manage and control your plant or mill
measurements and reduce your total cost of
Smart Pressure Transmitters
SmartLine Pressure Transmitters
Modular, accurate and robust for the lowest cost of ownership
ST800 Pressure
The highest performance offering features:
• Suitable for critical process control loops,
custody transfer and SIL2 safety
• Industry leading stability up to 0.01% span
per year for ten years
• Accuracy up to 0.0375% of span standard
and 0.025% span optional
• Wide range of materials and measurement spans
• Turndown ratios up to 400:1
Honeywell’s SmartLine smart pressure measurement
• Available lifetime warranty
system sets the standard for total performance in harsh
ST700 Pressure
process environments, featuring the industry’s most
Smart performance at conventional prices.
modular and robust pressure transmitters.
• Suitable for monitoring,critical process control loops,
and SIL2 safety
With better performance, modular construction, an
advanced graphic display and the best integration features
• Stability up to 0.02% span per year for five years
available when used with Experion® PKS, Honeywell helps
• Accuracy up to 0.05% of span
our customers reduce project costs and startup time,
• Turndown rations up to 100:1
avoid unplanned downtime, improve product quality,
reduce spare parts inventory and shorten time to repair.
The line includes two performance tiers with absolute,
differential, gauge, remote seal, flanged (level) and
multivariable transmitters as well as remote indicator
All are available with:
• Temperature and static pressure compensation
• Universal terminal
• Modular design components
• SIL2 certified/SIL 3 capable standard
• Dual seal compliance
SmartLine Accessories
• SmartLine Connection Advantage options,
such as the ability to display maintenance mode
and messages from the control room
Honeywell SmartLine Pressure accessories include a
wide range of manifolds in different configurations to suit
pressure, differential pressure and level measurement.
Honeywell manifolds come with built in safety mechanisms
to ensure safe, reliable and efficient operations and
maintenance of SmartLine pressure transmitters. These
include block and bleed, 2-valve, 3-valve and 5-valve
These are available as standalone parts or as a part of
integrated and pretested assembly along with SmartLine
pressure transmitters in order to minimize total cost of
ownership for the users, original equipment manufacturers
and EPC contractors.
Smart Multivariable Transmitters
SmartLine Multivariable Transmitters
Discover the smart power of 3-in-1: it is easy, accurate and reliable
SMV 800
Key Features:
The SmartLine SMV800 has the ability to calculate
• Used to measure the flow of virtually any liquid, gas,
steam or slurry for which a primary flow element exists to
provide a differential measurement
compensated mass or volume flow rate as a fourth
process variable. Meter body-only components are
also available to support third party and OEM metering
solutions. In addition, it offers simple modularity,
universal input for process temperature and advanced
display with fail safe measurement helping users
• OEM Multivariable Pressure Transducers – measure both
differential pressure and static pressure (absolute or
• Accuracies – up to 0.04% for differential pressure
improve availability, reduce their inventory by up to 70%
• Accuracies – up to 0.1 °C for temperature
and maintenance cost by up to 30%.
• Accuracies – up to 0.6% for flow
It is compliant with Experion® PKS and HART7 providing
• Built in static pressure and temperature compensation
the highest level of compatibility assurance and
• Range ability – up to 400:1
integration capabilities.
• Compensated flow response time-up to 2x/sec
• Multiple local display capabilities
• Universal transmitter terminals
SmartLine Multivariable Transmitter leverages the proven
SmartLine technology to measure three separate process
variables by combining sensor technologies for static
pressure, differential pressure and process temperature for
air, gases, steam and liquids, with minimal process intrusions,
lower total cost of ownership and superior performance for
accurate and fail safe flow measurement.
• Simple modular design
• Universal process temperature input option
• HART7/DE protocol support
With the addition of the SmartLine Multivariable
Transmitter SMV800, the Honeywell SmartLine Pressure
transmitter family now offers a complete range of absolute,
differential, gauge pressure, including flanged and remote
seal transmitters to suit every application need.
Smart Temperature Transmitters
SmartLine Transmitters Temperature and STT 3000 Series
Precision devices, proven in the field
STT850 / STT750
Similar to SmartLine Pressure,
The STT700 features a combination
of price and performance thus making
it suitable transmitter for the bulk of
your temperature sensing needs. With
performance suitable for control at
a price typical of those transmitters
used for monitoring, the STT700
can be the site’s go-to temperature
• Cost-effective, solution with
4-20 mA communications
a wide range of industrial process
control and safety applications.
• Universal sensor inputs
SmartLine Temperature Transmitters
deliver value with industry-leading
performance, unique features that
lower your total cost of ownership
and the most efficient control system
integration. With innovative modularity
and an intuitive advanced graphics
display, these products are ideal for
SmartLine Temperature also offers:
• Comprehensive on-board diagnostic
capabilities for the sensor and the
• Built-in digital output option
• Universal terminal
• Sensor health trend through
advanced display
• Single and dual input options
• HART 7 protocol
• DE protocol
• Compact size allows for direct head
• Available in single compartment
housing and DIN rail mount
• Available in single compartment
• Ultra compact size fits into the
smallest DIN B head mount housing
• FF DTM Support
• Universal sensor inputs
• Compact size allows direct head
• Available with integral engineering
units meter
• Sensor matching function
• TÜV SIL2 certification
STT800 Measurement Assembly
• Dual compartment housing
STT650 DIN Rail Transmitter
• Single and dual input options
The SmartLine STT650 DIN
• TÜV SIL2 certified
rail mounted high performance
• STT750 is a cost effective and
performant SmartLine Temperature
Transmitter with many of the same
features of as the STT850
temperature transmitter offers high
measurement accuracy, stability and
reliability over a wide range of process
and ambient temperatures.
STT650 Portfolio
• Input Types
−− RTD input
−− Universal input type
−− Single and dual channel options
• Output/Communication protocol
−− 4-20ma/PC-based
−− HART 7 protocol
−− Fieldbus protocol
−− Profibus PA protocol
• Universally PC programmable for
both RTDs and thermocouples
An installation-ready temperature
measurement assembly is offered
with sensor heads, sensors, thermo
wells and process connections. It
is available in short delivery cycles
and comes with custom calibration
and agency approvals. These have
an exceptional level of support
that provide ease of engineering,
procurement and installation.
The assembly is offered in
three models:
• Rigid probe assembly
• Threaded and socket weld thermo
well assembly
• Drilled and flanged thermo well
• ATEX, CSA, FM Approvals available
on all the STT800 Assemblies
Smart Level Transmitters
SmartLine Level Transmitters
A new standard for total performance and user experience
Honeywell Transmitters are Recognized for Their
Unsurpassed Performance and Accuracy:
• Able to measure liquids and interfaces
• Accuracy: ±3mm or 0.03% of measured distance
• Repeatability: ±1mm
• Pressure range: -1 bar to 400 bar (-14 psi to 5801 psi)
• Temperature range: -60 to 450C (-76 F to 842 F)
• Full scope of process connections:
−− Flanges starting from DN40 and 1-1/2 inch
−− NPT thread starting from 3/4 inch
• Wetted materials for corrosive environments:
Alloy C-276 and SS316
• Resolution: 1mm
• Pressure range: 1 bar to 400 bar (-14 psi to 5801 psi)
• Temperature range: -60 to 450C (-76 F to 842 F)
• Full scope of process connections:
−− Flanges starting from DN40 and 1-1/2 inch
−− NPT thread starting from 3/4 inch
• Wetted materials for corrosive environments:
Alloy C-276 and SS316
• 2-wire, 4-20mA loop power
• HART, Foundation Fieldbus output options
• Transmitter configuration write protection
SmartLine Level Transmitters
• 2 kV electrical transient immunity
In addition SmartLine Level Transmitter offers a new user
• Unequaled local display capabilities
experience from the start of using a new online tool or
profiling the targeted tank application to the moment when
the SmartLine Level Transmitter is installed and ready for
The SmartLine Application Validation Tool prevents costly
• Field calibration and configuration through external
three-button facility
• Recall capability of last good calibration
• Universal terminal
errors upfront by validating the SmartLine Level Transmitter
• Comprehensive on-board diagnostic capabilities
against the specified process tank. The tool interfaces to
• Full compliance to SIL 2/3 requirements as a standard
Honeywell’s order management system ensuring that the
transmitter is built to the right specifications.
SmartLine Level offers:
• Leading performance and user experience
• Unique features that lower your total cost of ownership
• Efficient control system integration
• Advanced display supports:
−− Up to 8 screens with three formats: process
variable, bar graph and trend
−− Full library of engineering units with the ability to
add custom units
−− Configurable screen rotation timing
−− Multiple languages
−− Two diagnostic indications
−− 90-degree position adjustments
Level Measurement
Non-Contact Radar
Stable level measurements that also deliver a low total cost of ownership
The Universal Radar Solution
Non-Contact Radar Level Meter
The Non-Contact Radar (FMCW) is for level measurement of
liquids and can be used to calculate for volume assessment.
Non-Contact Radar provides a more stable measurement
than pulse radar and they are well suited for agitated process
• Standard accuracy ±3 mm (±0.04 in)
• Reliable measurement in difficult process conditions
• Operates up to a flange temperature of 200°C (390°F)
and 40 barg (580 psig)
• Measuring range up to 80 m (260 ft)
• Long antenna versions can be extended to suit nozzle length
• Configuration software and HART DTMs included as standard
• Optional second current output
• Direct-accessible graphic touchscreen/wizard (option)
• Converter rotates 360°
• Triple barrier gas-tight protection available for working
with dangerous gases (using pre-stressed fused glass)
• Chemicals
• Food & Beverage
• Iron, Steel and Metals
• Minerals & Mining
• Oil & Gas
• Petrochemical
1. Optional touch screen with 4-button
• Pulp & Paper
• Water and Wastewater
2. Two-wire level meter
3. Same housing for Ex and Non-Ex
• Tanks with agitators
4. One converter for all applications
• Process tanks
5. Rotatable housing
• Storage tanks
6. Optional Metaglas barrier
7. Antenna extension (for long nozzles)
Flow Measurement
VersaFlow Flow Meters
Accurate and reliable flow measurements for the most demanding applications
Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
Vortex Flow Meter
Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Proven technology
Expanded application capabilities
Wide range of process conditions
Easy to install and operate
Sizes to fit your requirements
Improved safety
A wide range of flow applications
Reduced maintenance cost and worry
Improved performance
Reduced maintenance time and cost
Reduced installation cost and improved
Rugged, long-lasting design for the
toughest applications
Easy to install and maintain
Multiple parameter monitoring
Reduced installed cost and improved
Low cost to service and maintain
Resistant to acids and alkalis 250,000
units in operation
Conductivity down to 1µS/cm
Temperature up to 180°C (356°F)
Easy to select, fit and forget
Available sizes: 0.1 to 80 inches
(DN 2.5 - 3000)
Various electrode materials available
Standard liners: PTFE, PFA, ETFE, hard
rubber and polyurethane
Secondary pressure containment
around sensor
Pressure-resistant jacket up to 100 bar
(1450 psi)
0.3 to 430,000 kg/h of flow
Easily drained and easy to clean
Excellent zero stability
Rapid signal processing even with
product and temperature changes and
sudden changes in density
Modular electronics concept and data
redundancy–sensor and plug-and-play
electronics easy to replace
2-wire device with integrated pressure
and temperature compensation
Non-wearing, fully welded stainless
steel construction with high corrosion,
pressure and temperature resistance
Optimal process reliability thanks
to ISP (Intelligent stable readings,
free of external signal processing)
Ready to use–plug-and-play
Maintenance-free sensor design
Pressure and temperature can be called
up via HART
Minimized uncertainty
Easy sensor mounting
Optimized reliability
Installation wizard
Minimal maintenance
All in one system
Efficient regreasing concept
Portable configuration is available
Suitable for all conductive applications
From clean liquids to slurries and pastes
with high solids content
Abrasion, chemical and vacuum
Suitable for high temperatures
Custody Transfer Applications
Viscous or shear-sensitive products
Products requiring low flow velocities
In homogeneous mixtures
Products with entrained solids or gas
Flow and purity measurement
Density, temperature and concentration
Custody Transfer Applications
Superheated and saturated steam
Steam boiler monitoring
Monitoring of compressor output
Measurement of consumption in
compressed air systems
Measurement of consumption of
industrial gases
SIP and CIP processes in the food,
beverage and pharmaceutical
Measurement of conductive and
non-conductive liquids
Chemical addition
Potable water
General process control
Purified water
Broad range of refined hydrocarbons
Sanitary flow rate measurements
De-ionized and demineralized water
Cooling water/district heating water
Food & Beverage
Minerals & Mining
Oil & Gas
Power Plants
Pulp & Paper
Iron, Steel & Metals
Wireless Solutions
Wireless Field Devices
Simple and efficient network that enables increased safety, reliability and efficiency
The Honeywell OneWireless™ Network is a multi-application
network that can be tailored to offer the wireless coverage
needed for industrial applications; from a simple field
instrument network (ISA 100 Wireless) to a completely
integrated, plant-wide multi-application network
(Wi-Fi and ISA100 Wireless). OneWireless Solutions offer
several benefits beyond avoiding wiring costs such as
helping customers optimize plant productivity, ensuring
safety, meeting regulatory compliance and improving
asset reliability. Supporting Honeywell XYR™ 6000
wireless transmitters and the Honeywell OneWireless
Adapter, this network delivers a global solution with robust
security, predictable power management and multi-speed
monitoring. Attributes and benefits include:
• Single plant wide wireless infrastructure for lowest
total cost of ownership
• Open, standards based system providing choice
of product and supplier
• Best integrated industrial security available today
• Extremely reliable mesh system—field proven
for best uptime
• Flexible and scalable for designing the network
that best fits the application need
OneWireless XYR 6000 Transmitters
OneWireless Adapter
The OneWireless Adapter (OWA) transforms a HART
device into an ISA100 Wireless compliant wireless device,
transmitting this valuable information back to a host system
wirelessly. The OWA provides access to: 4 HART dynamic
variables (PV, SV, TV, FV), multivariable data, calibration and
diagnostic information, device configuration parameters.
OneWireless XYR 6000 Transmitters provide highly
XYR 3000 Wireless Multiplexer I/O, Modems and
accurate pressure, temperature, analog input, valve
Honeywell XYR 3000 products provide a simple and reliable
position, digital input measurements or a digital output,
and transmit the measured value wirelessly using the 2.4
GHz ISM band and ISA100 Wireless open protocol to a
Honeywell access point. XYR 6000 transmitters provide
the ability to obtain data from remote and hazardous
measurement locations without the need to run wires.
means of implementing a wireless solution for applications
with high-density I/O concentrations, providing the
lowest cost per wireless measurement point, enabling
new applications. Gateway and modem products provide
wireless interfaces between data buses such as Ethernet,
RS232 and RS485.
Wireless Transmitters
XYR 6000
Simple and efficient network that enables increased safety, reliability and efficiency
XYR 6000 Transmitters (condensed specifications)
Radio Frequency:
2.4 GHz, License Free, Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) Technology; ISA100.11a Compliant
Sensors Radio Power:
125-400 mW
305 m (1000 ft) with Integral 2 dBi Antenna
Transmitter Power:
2 “D” size 3.6 V Li - Non Rechargeable Batteries
Battery Life:
Up to 10 years
Extensive Device Status Capability
Wireless Solutions:
OneWireless Compatible and ISA100 Compliant
Local and Software Configurable
LCD Display:
Local, Alpha Numeric, 8 Segment, Always On
Operating Temperature:
-40° to 85°C (-40° to 185°F)
Hazardous Approvals:
NEMA Type 4X, IP 66/67 and NEMA 8 (Explosion Proof), Stainless Steel Housing Available
Optional 4dBi Integral, Remote 8 dBi Omni Directional or 14dBi Directional antennas
Differential Pressure
400” H2O (1,000 mbar), 100 psi (7,000 mbar),3000 psi (210,000 mbar)
Gauge Pressure
500, 3000, 6000 and 10,000 psi (35, 210, 415 and 690 bar) In-Line Meter Body; 500 and 3000 psi, Dual-Head Meter Body
Absolute Pressure
500 psia (35 barA)
Flange Mount:
400” H2O (1000 mbar), Pseudo Flange, 100 psi (7000 mbar)
Remote Seal:
Remote Probe:
Analog Input
400” H2O (1000 mbar), 100 psi (7000 mbar) DP; 500 psi (35 bar), 3000 psi (210 bar) GP; 500 psia (35 barA) AP
Temperature + DI; 3 TC Max, 2 RTD Max, 3 DIs Max
Integral and Remote Probe Configurations Available
4-20 or 0-20ma/0-5 or 1-5V
Discrete Inputs
Three Inputs; Dry Contact Only, No Voltage or Current; 1 Kohm Maximum Impedance
Provides position monitoring for items like linear distances or valve position
Not Available
Base Radio:
FDAP, Multinode/Gateway; 2-802.11 a/b/g (Wi-Fi/Wireless Ethernet)
1-(ISA100 Compliant) Sensor Radio
2-Ethernet Cables for Optional Connections to Wired Devices
24 VDC ±10% at 25 Watts; -40° to 75°C (-40° to 167°F); IP 66, NEMA 4X Enclosure;
Class 1 Div2/ATEX Zone II Certified; Integral and Remote Antennas Available
Software Tools
Configuration and Management Tools
Trouble-free and reliable device management
SCT 3000 Smartline Configuration Toolkit
Field Device Manager Express
Smartline Configuration Toolkit is a PC-based engineering
Field Device Manager Express software is versatile and
and maintenance tool designed specifically for use with
flexible, enabling process plant engineers and operators to
Honeywell’s family of smart field devices based on the
perform on-the-go smart device maintenance anywhere
DE protocol.
in the plant. It operates with Windows™ 7 laptop or
• Access to configuration database parameters
desktop operating systems and is used for managing and
• Verifies all parameters are correct
• Enables “Management of Change”
• Microsoft Windows 95b, 98, NT (4.0), 2000 and XP
configuring smart HART and Profibus field instruments.
• Provides full access to device parameters, configuration
wizards, diagnosis procedures
• On-line and off-line device configuration and
maintenance information support using both EDDL
and DTM technologies
• Simplifies commissioning and maintenance with an
easy-to-use interface for common tasks
• Automatic device discovery
• Provides device history as a way to easily compare today’s
configuration with last week’s or last month’s known setup
Honeywell MC Toolkit
The MC Toolkit handles multiple communication protocols,
letting you configure, monitor, diagnose, and manage
smart devices from Honeywell and other suppliers. This
handheld configurator is available in intrinsic as well as non
intrinsic safe versions suitable for usage in safe as well as
hazardous areas.
• Configures both DE and HART protocols and provisions
Honeywell ISA100 Wireless devices
• Automatically verifies device identification and
database configuration
• Provides full self-diagnostic and device
diagnostic support
• Configures any HART device with a published HART Device
Descriptions (DD), regardless of device manufacturer
Honeywell’s software tools help users configure, install,
manage and maintain smart field devices efficiently. All
products are intuitive and feature rich and easy-to-use
interfaces for plant maintenance engineers, managers and
instrument technicians to manage field devices.
Analytical Instruments
Smart Sensors
Unique measurement technology
High Performance HB/HBD Series
Unique, rugged reference technology extends the lifetime in
harsh process applications. This saves on maintenance and
replacement costs.­
• Durafet non-glass sensor option with HBD Series
• Prevents Sensor Poisoning
• Prevent Internal Leaks and Plugging
• Allows Extreme Temperature and Pressure Tolerance
• Allows for Long Life in Low and High pH Applications
Hydrogen Purity Concentration
The principles of thermal conductivity are used to
determine the concentration of a specific gas in a binary
gas mixture. This measurement is used to determine the
concentration of the coolant and purge gases (H2 and CO2)
used on start-up and operating cycles on hydrogen cooled
Durafet® pH Electrodes
Honeywell pioneered innovative pH measurement with the
first industrial, non-glass, ISFET (Ion Sensitive Field Effect
Transistor) based pH sensor–the Durafet pH electrode.
• Waterproof Vario Pin Connector Options
• Rugged Non-glass Design Lowers Replacement Costs
turbine generators.
• Long Term Stability Reduces Calibration Frequency
• Low Drift Reduces Need for Frequent Calibrations
• 3-A Sanitary Design for On-line pH Measurement
in Food & Dairy
• Rapid Response Provides Immediate Indication
of Process Changes
• Time Proven, Reliable Measurement Ensures Safe
Start-up and Operation
• On-line Measurement Helps Increase Efficiency
and Save Operating Costs
DL5000 Dissolved Oxygen
Accurate and stable dissolved oxygen measurements
can be made using Honeywell’s unique equilibrium probe
technology. This unique technology provides excellent
performance in low parts per billion (ppb) as well as parts
Meredian® Glass pH Electrodes
per million (ppm) applications.
Honeywell’s traditional glass sensor electrodes offer time
• Unique Equilibrium Probe Technology
proven reliable pH measurement for selected applications.
• No Replacement of Membrane, Electrolyte or Electrode
Designs include combination electrodes, as well as separate
• Unaffected by Fouling
measuring and reference electrodes.
• Not Flow Sensitive
• High Purity Water Assembly for Accurate pH
Measurement in Low Conductivity Sample
• Separate Measuring and Reference Electrodes
Lowers Replacement Costs
• Platinum and Gold Electrodes for Accurate
Measurement of ORP
Unique Innovations
Honeywell is an industry proven leader for analytical
products and solutions with unique technologies.
Innovations in analytical measurements lead to more reliable
systems, lower total cost solutions and safer environments.
This results in process control that maximizes up-time and
minimizes cost to add to your bottom line.
Analytical Instruments
Multiple Input Analyzer
Greater value and enhanced performance
pH Input
The pH input will accept a wide variety of sensors–non-glass
Durafet®, HB high performance pH series and traditional
glass Meredian® electrodes, ORP combination electrodes
and the HPW700 high purity system. In addition to the
basic unit the pH input has:
• Auto Buffer Calibration
• High Purity Water Solution Compensation
• 0.2 sec Update Rate for Fast Responding Durafet pH
Conductivity Input
The conductivity input will accept signals from Honeywell’s
UDA2182 Series Analyzers
The UDA2182 Series is a versatile, dual or single input
analyzer that measures pH, ORP, contacting conductivity
and dissolved oxygen. The “mix-and-match” input design
offers the user flexibility for a wide range of applications. Its
common form, fit and function to older Honeywell analyzers
make it a quick and easy retrofit into existing panels and
• Versatile Multiple Input Analyzer
standard selection of contacting conductivity cells. The
conductivity unit also has:
• Temperature Compensation Curves
• Calculation of % Rejection/Passage
and Difference of Two Cells
• Conversions to ppm, ppb or ppt Total
Dissolved Solids (TDS)
• CO2 Concentration Algorithm
• pH from Differential Conductivity
• Mix and Match Process Measurements
Dissolved Oxygen Input
• Entire Status at a Glance–Graphic LED Display
The dissolved oxygen input is from Honeywell’s unique
• Fast and Easy Commissioning–Even Wireless
equilibrium probe. It has these additional features:
• Remote Monitoring Using Web Pages
• Single or Dual Input for pH, ORP, Contacting
Conductivity or Dissolved Oxygen
• Dual Input in any Measurement Combination
• PID Control Option
• Up to 3 Analog Outputs
• Up to 4 Alarm Relays
• Backlit Graphical LED Display
• Type 4 Case
• Infrared PC and Pocket PC Configuration
• FM/CSA Class 1, Div 2 Approval
• Event History Log
• Real Time Clock
• Auto Clean/Auto Calibration Functions
• Ethernet/Modbus Communications
• Eastern European Languages
• ppm or ppb Measurement
• Automatic or Manual Calibration
• Ambient Temperature and Atmospheric
Pressure Compensation
Analytical Instruments
Improved accuracy to optimize your process
A range of analyzers and transmitters for use with Honeywell glass and non-glass sensors and mountings to measure pH
and ORP. Included in this offering is the Durafet pH electrode, the only industrial, solid state pH electrode on the market.
For sanitary applications in the food and dairy industries, the Sanitary Durafet is authorized to use the 3A symbol. For pure
water applications, the HPW7000 Hi-pHurity pH measurement system guarantees a 0.1 pH accuracy in water samples
with conductivity less than 10 uS. All the below mentioned measurements can be used in process, wastewater and pure water
UDA2182 Universal Dual Analyzer
DirectLine® Model DL421/422
APT 2000/4000pH Transmitter/Analyzer
Case (HxWxD)
Plastic Enclosure Made of GE Valox® 357 CSA
Type 4X (NEMA 4X)
Plastic Polysulfone Enclosure, NEMA4X,
123 x 48 x 46 mm (4.84 x 1.89 1.81 in)
Plastic Enclosure Made of PBT NEMA4X,
IP65 rating
LCD Dot Matrix, 128 x 64 dpi
LCD 4-digit, 7-segment
7-segment LCD Display
Display Accuracy
0.05% of Reading
pH: ±0.02, Temp: ±1.0 (C or F)
pH: ±0.02 pH, Temp: ±0.1°C (±0.1°F)
Control capabilities/
advanced features
PID Control, Ethernet/Modbus
Communications, Pocket PC and Infrared
Configuration, Auto-buffer Calibration, High
Purity Water Solution Compensation, 0.2 sec
Update Rate, E. European Languages
Integral Electronics/Sensor Design,
One or Two Point Calibration,
Auto Buffer Recognition
Electronics and Sensor Diagnostics,
Auto Buffer Recognition,
HART communication for Transmitter
Operating Conditions
0° to 60°C (32° to 140°F)
-20° to 85°C (-4° to 185°F)
-20° to 55°C (-4° to 131°F)
Operating Voltage
90-264 Vac
47-63 Hz
16-42 Vdc
2000: 14-40 Vdc
4000: 20-253 Vdc
Analog Outputs
Up to Three 4 to 20mA
One 4 to 20 mA
2000: One 4 to 20 mA
4000: Two 4 to 20 mA
(One Dedicated to Temp)
Up to 4 Relays
2000: N/A
4000: Hi/Lo Alarm Relays
Pipe, Wall, or Panel
Integral: No Electronics Mounting Needed.
Remote: Pipe, Wall or DIN Rail
Pipe, Wall, or Panel
CE; FM Class 1, Div. 2;
UL/CSA General Purpose
CE for Industrial Applications, UL-General
Purpose; CSA General Purpose FM Class I, Div 1,
Groups A-D (IS); FM Class I, Div 2, Groups A-D
(N.I. Field Wiring)
CE; FM Class 1, Div. 2 (APT4000);
FM Class I, Div. 1 IS (APT2000) and Cenelec
Analytical Instruments
Multiple Input Analyzer
Greater value and enhanced performance
Durafet® Solid State
pH Electrode
Meredian II Glass
pH Electrode
Oxidation Reduction
Potential (ORP) Electrode
HPW7000 Hi-pHurity pH
Measurement System
Measurement Range
0-14 pH
0-14 pH
1999 to 1999 mV
4-10 pH
Temperature Range
-10° to 130°C (14° to 266°F)
0° to 110°C (32° to 230°F)
-5° to 110°C (23° to 230°F)
10° to 80°C (40° to 176°F)
Pressure & Temp
Depends on sensor
Depends on sensor
Depends on sensor
1 to -10 in. WC (0.249 to -2.49 kPa)
10° to 80°C (40° to 176°F)
Materials of
Ryton body, solid state electrode, viton
and EPDM seals
Ryton body, glass electrode, EPDM
Ryton body, gold or platinum
electrode, EPDM seals
316L SS flow chamber, glass
electrodes, 316 SS temp sensor
Special Features
Response 10X faster than glass,
replaceable reference junction,
VarioPin waterproof connector option
Long lasting combination
reference electrode, integral cable
Quick Disconnect cable options
0.1 pH accuracy in process with
conductivity <10 uS/cm
See mounting types
See mounting types
See mounting types
Panel mounting option
7773 Mounting
7774 Mounting
7777 Mounting
7794 Mounting
HB/HBD Series
Measurement Range
0-14 pH
±1600 mV ORP
0-14 pH
±1600 mV ORP
0-14 pH
±1600 mV ORP
0-14 pH
0-14 pH
±1600 mV ORP
Temperature Range
Depends on sensor
Depends on sensor
Depends on sensor
-10° to 110°C
(14° to 230°F)
Depends on sensor
Pressure & Temp
689 kPa @ 60°C
(100 psig @ 140°F)
316 SS:
Determined by electrode
Up to
689 kPa @ 50°C
(100 psig @ 122°F)
Up to
689 kPa @ 100°C
(100 psig @ 212°F)
CPVC and Polypropylene:
689 kPa @ 100°C (100 psig @212°F)
316 SS:
689 kPa @ 80°C
(100 psig @ 176°F)
689 kPa @ 50°C
(100 psig @ 122°F)
1034 kPA @ 140°C
(150 psig @ 284°F)
689 kPa @ 60°C
(100 psig @ 140°F)
316 SS:
515 kPa @ 80°C
(150 psig @ 176°F
Materials of
Polypropylene, Ryton,
or 316 SS
Ball valve, mounting nipple
& extension tube, 316 SS
or CPVC o-rings: EPDM &
Special Features
Allows separate measuring
and reference electrodes in
one mounting
Insertion/removal under
pressure without
interrupting process
Immersion or
1 1/4 in. NPT (316 SS) or
1 1/2 in. NPT (CPVC) pipe
nipple through ball valve
Durafet and glass electrode
bodies: Ryton
Immersion or in-line tee
(3/4 in. NPT fitting)
Body: Polysulfone
Body: CPVC, Polypropylene,
Kynar, Durafet non-glass
sensor option with HBD Series
Sanitary 3-A approval for
food & dairy applications
Rugged reference design
minimizes fouling a poisoning
in harsh environments
1 1/2, 2 or 3 inch
tri-clamp flange mounting
Model 546: In-line or
Model 547: Ball valve
Model 551: Nut-loc
Analytical Instruments
Proven technology for reliable measurements
A range of analyzers and transmitters for use with Honeywell contacting and toroidal conductivity cells and mountings
to measure conductivity, resistivity, salinity and chemical concentrations. These measurements can be made in many
industrial process and pure water applications.
Universal Dual Analyzer
Model DL423
APT 2000/4000CC
Contacting Conductivity
APT 2000/4000TC
Toroidal Conductivity
Case (HxWxD)
Plastic enclosure made of GE Valox®
357 CSA Type 4X (NEMA 4X
Plastic polysulfone enclosure, IP66,
123 x 48 x 46 mm
(4.84 x 1.89 x 1.81 in)
Plastic enclosure made of PBT
NEMA4X, IP65 rating
Plastic enclosure made of PBT
NEMA4X, IP65 rating
LCD dot matrix, 128 x 64 dpi
LCD 4-digit, 7-segment
7-segment LCD display
7-segment LCD display
Display Accuracy
0.05% of reading Temperature:
0.1% from -10° to 100°C ±1.0°C
from 101° to 140°C
Conductivity/resistivity: greater
of ±2 counts or ±0.5% of reading.
Concentration: ±0.5% of reading.
Temperature: ±0.1°C from -10° to
99°C, ±1°C from 100° to 140°C
1% of measured value or
±(0.4 microS/cm* cell constant)
1% of measured value
±(0.2 microS/cm
±1 Significant digit)
Control Capabilities
/Advanced Features
PID control; Pocket PC and infrared
configuration, temp. compensation
curves; CO2 concentration;
ppm, ppb or TDS conversions,
Ethernet/Modbus communications,
E. European languages
Integral electronics/sensor design;
trim value or 1 point solution
Measures conductivity, resistivity,
or salinity; electronics and sensor
diagnostics, HART communication
for transmitter
Measures conductivity, or
chemical concentration;
electronics and sensor diagnostics,
HART communication option
0° to 60°C (32° to 140°F)
-20° to 85°C (-4° to 185°F)
-20° to 55°C (-4° to 131°F)
-20° to 55°C (-4° to 13°F)
Operating Voltage
90-264 Vac
47-63 Hz
16-42 Vdc
2000: 14-42 Vdc
4000: 20-253 V, AC or DC
2000: 14-42 Vdc
4000: 20-253 V, AC or DC
Analog Outputs
Up to three 4 to 20mA
One 4 to 20 mA
2000: One 4 to 20 mA; 4000: Two
4 to 20 mA (one dedicated to temp)
One 4 to 20 mA
Up to 4 relays
2000: N/A; 4000: Hi/Lo alarm relays 2000: N/A; 4000: Hi/Lo alarm relays
Pipe, wall, or panel
Remote: pipe, wall or DIN rail
Pipe, wall or panel
Pipe, wall or panel
CE; FM Class 1, Div. 2;
UL/CSA general purpose
CE for industrial applications;
UL/CSA general purpose FM
CE; FM Class 1, Div. 2 (APT4000);
FM Class 1, Div. 1 IS (APT2000);
CE; FM Class 1, Div. 2 (APT4000)
4973 Contacting
Conductivity Cells
4905 Contacting
Conductivity Cells
4909 Contacting
Conductivity Cells
5000TC Toroidal
Conductivity Cells
Measurement Range
0.01, 0.1, 1.0, 10.0 cell constants,
0.055μS/cm to 250 mS/cm
0.01, 0.1, 10.0, 50 cell constants,
0.055μS/cm to 1S/cm
0.01, 0.1, 10.0, 50 cell constants,
0.055μS/cm to 1S/cm
0.2 to 200 milliSiemens/cm
Pressure and
1724 kPa @ 140°C
(250 psig @ 284°F)
1034 kPa @ 130°C
(150 psig @ 266°F)
SS: 3.45 bar @ 140°C (50psi @
284°F); CPVC: 2.07 bar @ 140°C
(30psi @ 284°F)
Polypropylene: 6.9 bar @ 100°C (100psi
@ 212°F); PVDF: 6.9 bar @ 120°C
(100psi @ 248°F); PEEK: 13.8 bar @
150°C (200psi @ 302°F); PFA Teflon:
13.8 bar @ 150°C (200psi @ 302°F)
Materials of
Titanium or graphite
Nickel or platinum
Nickel or platinum
Polypropylene, PVDF, PEEK, PFA
3/4 inch NPT threaded fitting
1 inch NPT threaded fitting
Insertion/Removal ball valve
assembly in CPVC or SS allows
insertion/removal of cell without
stopping process
Immersion, union adapter, sanitary
2 inch flange or insertion/removal
Analytical Instruments
Dissolved Oxygen & Gas Analyzers
Greater value and enhanced performance
These analyzers/probe systems determine the levels of d
­ issolved oxygen in water. The patented equilibrium dissolved
oxygen probe design is unaffected by inert fouling or changes in flow conditions. The system’s analyzer/controller
measures either ppb DO levels in power plant and semiconductor ­applications for corrosion detection or dearator efficiency
or ppm DO levels in wastewater, environmental and process applications for control and compliance.
Universal Dual Analyzer
DL425 ppb
DL5000 Equilibrium Probe
for ppm & ppm application
Plastic enclosure made of GE Valox®
357 CSA Type 4X (NEMA 4X)
Plastic polysulfone enclosure, IP66,
123 x 48 x 46 mm (4.84 x 1.89 x
1.81 in)
Measurement Range
0-20,000 ppb or 0-20 ppm
Temperature Range
2° to 60°C (35.6° to 140°F)
LCD dot matrix, 128 x 64 dpi
LCD 4-digit, 7 segment
Display Accuracy
D.O.: 0.5% of reading
Temp.: ±1.0°C
0.1 ppb in 0-20 ppb range
1.0 ppb in 0-200 ppb range
Pressure and
Temperature Ratings
316SS: 50 psi (345 kPa)
CPVC: 30 psi (207 kPa)
316SS or CPVC housing
Operating Conditions
0° to 60°C (32° to 140°F)
-20° to 60°C (-4° to 185°F)
Materials of
Control Capabilities/
Advanced Features
PID control; Pocket PC and infrared
configuration; ppb or ppm measurement,
automatic or manual calibration; temp. and
pressure compensation, Ethernet/Modbus
communications, E. European languages
Integral electronics/sensor design
Special Features
Equilibrium probe design requires
no internal probe maintenance
Immersion in tank, in-line
or sample flow chamber
Dimensions (OD)
Operating Voltage
90-264 Vac; 47-63 Hz
16-42 Vdc
Analog Outputs
Up to three 4 to 20mA
One (1) 4 to 20 ma
219 x 34 mm (8.62 x 1.32 in),1 inch
NPT pipe size, 20 feet waterproof
Up to 4 relays
Response Time
85% in 60 seconds
Pipe, wall, or panel
Integral, no electronics mounting
needed Remote: pipe, wall or DIN rail
CE; FM Class 1, Div. 2; UL/CSA General
UL and CSA general purpose
7866 Digital Thermal Conductivity Analyzer
Thermal Conductivity
The 7866 Thermal Conductivity Analyzer is designed to provide a
A thermal conductivity system that measures concentrations of
highly sensitive and accurate analysis of a binary (2-component)
hydrogen purity and CO2 gas. This measurement is typically made
mixture of gases. The analyzer can also be calibrated to measure a
in hydrogen-cooled generators.
single component of a multicomponent gas mixture, providing the
background gases constitute a stable mixture (such as air), or have
approximately the same thermal conductivity. It uses the principles
of thermal conductivity, to determine the concentration of a
sample gas through the measurement of thermal losses from two
highly stable, matched thermistor probes inserted in a stainless
steel block.
H2 Purity Gas Analyzer
7866 Analyzer
±2% of span
Response Time (for H2)
Initial, <1 sec 63%,13 sec, 90%,
23 sec, 99%, 40 sec
Measuring Range
1, 2 or 3 as specified
Sample Requirement (Sensing Unit)
0.2 to 4.2 cfh flow 37 mm Hg Pressure min.
Power Requirement (Control Unit)
Universal 90 to 264 Vac, 50 to 60 Hz
Weight (Sensing Unit/Control Unit)
8.5 kg (18 3/4 lb)/1.3 kg (3.0 lbs)
Easy to use prompts
Security code protected
Reliable solid state design
High speed of response
High sensitivity
Excellent stability
Low maintenance requirement
Low installation costs through
optional remote mounting
capability of the sensing unit
• Explosion-proof housing on
the sensing unit available for
Class1, Div1 areas
• Signal transmission from the
sensing unit up to 1000 feet
over unshielded lead wires
• Panel-mounted 1/4 DIN control
unit with easy-to-read display
• Current output signal from
the control unit representing
measured PV
• Single or dual alarms
• A triple range analyzer for
hydrogen-cooled generator
applications is available
• Optional Modbus communications
supports configuration and
data acquisition
Digital Controllers
Simple to install, easy to configure and easy to operate
EasySet Digital Temp
Panel mounted industrial temperature controllers
providing precise control with Honeywell
Accutune III algorithms, auto tuning for
determining optimum PID parameters, vivid and
large 4-digit displays and keypad buttons for
intuitive product use and configuration.
Panel mounted industrial temperature controllers
providing precise control with Honeywell
Accutune III algorithms, auto tuning for
determining optimum PID parameters, vivid and
large 4-digit displays and keypad buttons for
intuitive product use and configuration.
Panel mounted industrial temperature controllers
providing precise control with Honeywell
Accutune III algorithms, auto tuning for
determining optimum PID parameters, vivid and
large 4-digit displays and keypad buttons for
intuitive product use and configuration.
Panel Cutou
45x45 mm (1/16 DIN)
45x92 mm (1/8 DIN)
92x92 mm (1/4 DIN)
Analog Inputs
Input Signal Types
Thermocouples, RTDs
Thermocouples, RTDs
Thermocouples, RTDs
Digital Inputs
Control Outputs
1 (5A/30VDC dry contact relay
or 24V DC SSR driver)
1 (5A/30VDC dry contact relay
or 24V DC SSR driver)
1 (5A/30VDC dry contact relay
or 24V DC SSR driver)
Alarm Outputs
1 (5A/30VDC dry contact relay)
2 (5A/30VDC dry contact relay)
2 (5A/30VDC dry contact relay)
Universal Digital
DC 1000
UDC 700
UDC 1200
Product Description
DC 1000 family of microprocessor based
controllers combine a high degree of
functionality and reliability at a very low price in
4 different DIN sizes.
The UDC 700 is a 1/32 DIN format, OEM
con­­­troller designed for a large number of
The UDC 1200 provides a high degree of
functionality and reliability in a small format
(1/16 DIN) at a very low price. A limit control
model is also available.
Front Face Format
48 x 48 mm (1.89 x 1.89 in)
48 x 96 mm (1.89 x 3.78 in)
72 x 72 mm (2.83 x 2.83 in)
96 x 96 mm (3.78 x 3.78 in)
49 x 25 mm (1.93 x 0.98 in)
48 x 48 mm (1.89 x 1.89 in)
Analog Inputs
1 or 2
Input Signal Types
Thermocouples, RTDs, mV, V, mA
Thermocouples, RTDs, mV, mA
Thermocouples, RTDs, mV, V, mA
Digital Inputs
Analog Outputs
Up to 2
Up to 3
Digital Outputs
Up to 2
Up to 2
Up to 2
Digital Outputs Alarm
Up to 3
Up to 2
Up to 2
Accuracy (at ref. cond.)
±0.2% of F.S.
±0.1% of span
±0.1% of span
RS232 or RS485 ASCII
RS485 Modbus
RS485 ASCII or Modbus
Universal Digital Controllers
Simple to install, easy to configure and easy to operate
Universal Digital
UDC 1700
UDC 2500
UDC 3200
UDC 3500
Product Description
The UDC 1700 is a 1/8 DIN
microprocessor based controller. It
provides high quality and
performance at low cost
The UDC 2500 is a low-cost digital
controller providing multi-language
prompts (FR, EN, GE, IT, SP) and
code for unmatched operating
The UDC 3200 is a 1/4 DIN general
purpose digital controller offering a
high degree of functionality and
operating simplicity
The UDC 3500 with dual loop
and math capability is ideal
for process applications
Front Face Format
48 x 96 mm (1.89 x 3.78 in)
96 x 96 mm (3.78 x 3.78 in)
96 x 96 mm (3.78 x 3.78 in)
96 x 96 mm (3.78 x 3.78 in)
Analog Inputs
1 high level, 1 universal
2 universal
4 high levels, 1 universal
Input Signal Types
Thermocouples, RTDs, mV, V, mA
Thermocouples, RTDs, mV, V, mA,
RH, Radiamatic
Thermocouples, RTDs, mV, V, mA,
RH, Radiamatic, carbon, oxygen
Thermocouples, RTDs, mV, V, mA,
RH, Radiamatic, carbon, oxygen
Digital Inputs
Analog Outputs
Up to 3
2 (4 to 20 mA)
2 (4 to 20 mA)
3 (4 to 20 mA)
Digital Outputs
Up to 2
Up to 2
Up to 2
Up to 4
Digital Outputs
Up to 2
Up to 2
Up to 2
Up to 4
Accuracy (at ref.
±0.1% of span
±0.25% of span
±0.2% of span
±0.10% of span
RS485 ASCII or Modbus
Ethernet or Modbus RTU
Ethernet or Modbus RTU
Ethernet or Modbus RTU
Infrared Port
Honeywell Controller Value
Process Instrument Explore (P.I.E.) Software
Every Honeywell Controller, Programmer and Indicator
P.I.E. is a PC based, intuitive software program that runs on
offers you the best price/performance ratio compared with
a Pocket PC, desktop or laptop. It can be used either online
any competitive instrument in its class. Our complete line
or offline to create UDC2500, UDC3200 and UDC3500
is engineered to provide you with “targeted functionality”–
configurations. Configurations can be easily downloaded to
solutions tailored to your specific process control
the controller via its communication or infrared port.
requirements–so you only buy what you need.
• Clear and informative operator interface
• Easy to setup and operate
• Straightforward installation and maintenance
Infrared Communication Port
Each UDC2500, UDC3200 and UDC3500 has an infrared
communications port that provides a non-intrusive
connection to the controller while maintaining Type 4X
• Single-button turning for precise control
and IP66 integrity. You can duplicate an instrument’s
• Fuzzy logic overshoot suppression
configuration, obtain maintenance information just by
• Unsurpassed quality and support
pointing your IR interface device in the direction of the
Programmers and Indicators
Digital Controller Programmers and Indicators
Simple to install, easy to configure and easy to operate
Digital Controller
DCP 50
DCP 300
DCP 551
Product Description
The low-cost DCP 50 is ideal for set point
programming applications where space is
at a premium.
The general-purpose DCP
300 programmer is fully dedicated to execute
control of temperature, humidity, pressure, flow
and other variables.
The high-performance DCP 551 programmer
provides advanced setpoint programming,
sensing, SP generation, ramp and soak
switching and timing in one unit.
Front Face Format
48 x 48 mm (1.89 x 1.89 in)
96 x 96 mm (3.78 x 3.78 in)
144 x 144 mm (5.67 x 5.67 in)
Segments Per Program
99 (2000 total max)
Analog Inputs
1 or 2
1 or 2
Digital Inputs
Analog Outputs
Up to 3
Up to 3
Up to 3
Digital Outputs
Up to 2
16 events
Accuracy (at ref. cond.)
±0.25% of span
±0.1% of span
±0.1% of span
1 or 2
1 or 2
PID Group
RS485 Modbus
DCP 250
UDC 703
UDI 1700
Product Description
¼ DIN format, a graphic/text LCD display is an
affordable temperature and process controller
with advanced functionality including profiling
and datalogging options
Product Description
The UDC 703 is a 1/32 DIN
format indicator for small
space requirements.
The UDI 1700 is a horizontal,
1/8 DIN format, low-cost
indicator for most process
variable types.
Front Face Format
96 x 96 mm (3.78 x 3.78 in)
Size (L x H x D)
48 x 25 x 100 mm
(1.93 x 0.98 x 3.94 in)
96 x 48 x 100 mm
(3.78 x 1.89 x 3.94 in)
Segments Per Program
±0.10% of span
±0.10% of span
Analog Inputs
Analog Inputs
1 universal
1 universal
Digital Inputs
Input Signal Types
Thermocouples, RTDs,
mV, V, mA
Thermocouples, RTDs,
mV, V, mA
Analog Outputs
Up to 3
Display Types
4 digits-LED (red)
4 digits-LED (red)
Digital Outputs
Alarm Set Points
Digital Input
1 or 2
Transmitter Power
PID Group
RS485 Modbus
RS485 ASCII or Modbus
RS232, RS485, Ethernet
Recorders and Data Acquisition
Circular, Strip Chart & Paperless Recorders and Data Acquisition
Dependable, versatile and low maintenance. Electronic data for improved decision-making
Circular Chart Recorders
Honeywell Circular Chart Recorders are preferred for batch processes. The circular chart record displays the entire batch
operation over a specific unit of time, from one hour to 31 days. An additional advantage of the circular chart record is easy
filing and copying for reference. Compared to the strip chart record, the circular chart has a shorter calibrated chart width.
Circular Chart
DR4300 Basic
DR4500 Classic
DR4500 Truline
Chart Size
254 mm (10 in)
254 mm (10 in)
305 mm (12 in)
305 mm (12 in)
Reference Accuracy
Analog Inputs
Digital Display
Chart Type
Self-printing thermal paper
2 loops
2 loops
2 loops
Modbus RTU
Modbus RTU
Modbus RTU
Optional Software
Trend Manager Pro/Specview
Trend Manager Pro/Specview
Trend Manager Pro/Specview
Paperless Recorders
Experience the flexibility, security and networking capabilities of Honeywell’s X-Series paperless recorders. The eZtrend,
Minitrend, Multitrend and DR Graphic recorders feature easy configuration, remote viewing and control, touch-screen
navigation, high-capacity storage, custom screen design, diagnostics, software support and more.
Paperless Recorders
DR Graphic
145 mm (5.7 in)
Color LCD (Active TFT) QVGA
145 mm (5.7 in)
Color LCD (Active TFT) VGA
307 mm (12.1 in)
Color LCD (Active TFT) XGA
307 mm (12.1 in)
Color LCD (Active TFT) XGA
Analog Inputs
Up to 12
Up to 16
Up to 48
Up to 16
Data Storage
SD card / USB memory key
SD card / USB memory key
SD card / USB memory key
SD card / USB memory key
Sample Rate
20 ms (linear input)* / 100 ms
20 ms (linear input) / 100 ms
20 ms (linear input) / 100 ms
Digital I/O
Up to 8DI/8DO
Up to 16DI/16DO
Up to 48DI/48DO
Up to 16DI/16DO
Ethernet / RS485
Ethernet / RS485
Ethernet / RS485
Math Functions/
Math Scripts
Reference Accuracy
0.1% Typical-T/C
0.1% Typical-TC
0.1% Typical-TC
0.1% Typical-TC
PC or front panel
PC or front panel
PC or front panel
PC or front panel
Remote Viewing
Recorders and Data Acquisition
Paperless Recorders and Data Acquisition
Electronic data for improved decision-making
TrendManager Software Suite
Trendview’s reliable paperless recorders and software
makes recording easier and the data more accessible to
improve decision making. The TrendManager Software Suite
includes the standard TrendViewer software package; the
TrendManager Pro advanced data analysis and archiving
software; the TrendServer Pro fully network aware software
for communications with recorders; and the Screen
Designer software for creating customized screen layouts.
This low-cost, flexible, easy-to-use software suite sets the
• View, graph and print stored data
• Print configurations and process data
“-trend” recorders apart from all the others.
The Paperless Advantage
Easy to Use
Dedicated display keys and full screen menus allow
operators to quickly access and interpret information.
TrendManager Pro
Industry leading PC based data analysis package
that support:
• Importing data from any recorder
• Importing data from any Honeywell solutions
such as DPR180, DPR250 and HC900 controller
• Archiving data
• Multi-level, multi-user passwords
• Graph, plot & export data across any recorder,
pen or time frame
• Audit trails
• Configuration of recorders
• Batch recorder management
• Export data files in CSV format
TrendServer Pro
Industry leading PC based communications s
Improved Decision Making
oftware to network your recorder:
On-line data analysis allows fast operator response
during process upsets.
Meets Documentation Requirements
Permanent archived records of process and configuration
data can be stored to disk and easily replayed on the recorder
or personal computer using the data analysis software.
Easy to Operate and Maintain
Handles client/server architecture
Schedule downloads of recorder data (FTP transfers)
Remotely configure recorders
Real time data acquisitions
Communicate via RS485 and/or Ethernet
Integrated OPC Server support
Modbus, FTP, web browser
Batch Report Tool
IQ/OQ Protocol Tool
Reduced maintenance costs, elimination of consumable
pens and paper and increased reliability since
Database Management Tool
mechanical print assemblies have been eliminated.
• Provides safe administration of data
• Archive, sort, move, copy or delete data
in local or remote database
• Use tree structure for easy understanding
of where files are located
• Data viewed by recorders or monthly archive
• Allows storage of data to secure server
Easy to Own
Paperless recorders offer significant improvements
over traditional paper recorders. Their inexpensive
storage media and full-color LCD display reduces
operating costs and improves data analysis. The lack
of vulnerable print mechanisms and other mechanical
parts improves reliability.
Easy to Network
Products can be connected directly to the Local Area
Network (LAN) via Ethernet using Modbus TCP/IP
protocol. Using the LAN, multiple departments can
access these instruments for real time data acquisition.
Provided with TrendServer Pro
Screen Designer
Custom displays to exactly suit your application
• Total design flexibility to produce customized
screen layouts
• Design the screen that will best monitor your process
• Includes bitmap picture input for easy process
• AMS2750D Report Tool
• Generate Survey Reports
Scalable Control Solutions
Experion Solutions
Scalable solutions for diverse control requirements
Experion LX
Experion HS SCADA Systems
Experion LX is a proven, easy to use and purpose-built
Experion HS is a powerful software platform that
distributed control system.
incorporates innovative applications for human machine
Experion LX manages all continuous process control
interface applications (HMI) and supervisory control
applications and optimizes batch and sequence-oriented
applications. Experion LX incorporates Honeywell’s latest
C300 controller technology and an innovative Series 8 I/O
and data acquisition (SCADA). Built upon the proven
technologies of the Experion platform, Experion HS
is an integrated and affordable solution for smaller
unit operations.
• Maximize plant uptime
• HMI including 300 pre-built displays
• Improve plant reliability
• On-board historian and trending
• Optimize plant efficiency
• Alarm and event subsystem
• Boost plant performance and agility to respond to
business changes
• Reports
• Enhance operator effectiveness through alarm
management and displays
• SCADA support for a wide variety of devices
• Communicate effortlessly with third-party devices
and drives
• eServer for casual browser view
• Drive down costs through a low total cost of ownership
• Ensure scalability and future expansion
• 10 dual-window client stations
• OPC Suite and open standard communication protocols
Scalable Control Solutions
MasterLogic Programmable Logic Controllers
Greater versatility, easier engineering
Advanced Technology—Available at a Competitive Cost
MasterLogic’s advanced technology enables higher speed
processing and better control in applications of all types,
particularly smaller unit operations. This compact and
modular PLC offers all of the redundancy architecture
options needed for most industrial operations—and at a
competitive cost. A versatile family of I/O modules and
networking options offers flexibility in how MasterLogic fits
into an entire automation scheme.
Available through Honeywell’s expansive global
organization, the MasterLogic PLC features:
• Powerful and versatile processors for high-speed
applications (provides 42 ns/step, 7 MB program
memory, 4 MB system memory, 2 MB data memory
and 16 MB built-in flash memory for program and data
• Full redundancy for CPU, power and network
• Compact pocket-size modules to optimize space
• IEC61131-3 standard programming with LD/SFC/ST/IL
language options
• Vast library of standard function blocks and support for
creating new or user-defined function blocks
• Over 50 types of I/O modules including High Speed
Counter and Sequence-of-Event modules
• Open network protocols with field devices (Profibus DP,
DeviceNet, HART, “Modbus TCP/RTU/ASCII”) and userdefined frame option
• Open communication with external systems through
10/100Mbps fast Ethernet and serial RS232C/RS422
• Peer-to-peer communications between PLCs with either
dedicated 100 Mbps Ethernet or fiber-optic
The MasterLogic PLC is a powerful and scalable rack-based
programmable logic controller. It can be installed in either
a stand-alone or distributed architecture. A range of CPUs,
power supplies and different rack sizes are available, to
meet the requirements of a broad range of applications.
Honeywell’s Integrated Approach
MasterLogic is much more than just a better PLC; it comes
from a company focused on the “system” of automation—
not just the parts. Honeywell has always thought about
automation problems in their entirety. Its holistic systems
strategy, first developed in the 1970s with the introduction
of the distributed control system (DCS), supports an
integrated architecture with unified sensing, control,
operations and information management.
The various elements of a plant automation system can be
installed, started and operated together in a prepackaged
manner without excessive tuning and adjustment by the
implementation project engineer. Hardware and software
components continue to operate with high reliability
because they were engineered to be compatible. And when
it’s time to expand or upgrade the system, that task is made
easy as well.
The core aspects of Honeywell’s systems include:
• Standard displays, faceplates and detail displays that
provide a consistent look and feel to operators even when
used with non-Honeywell controllers
• Embedding of MasterLogic alarms and events into the
Experion HS alarm and event sub-system, including
Sequence of Event information
• Hot swapping, online editing, user-defined interrupt
• Critical functionality unifying the real-time, processconnected world of the controller with graphical user
interface (GUI) and plant supervisory functions such as
monitoring and alarm management
• Integration with Experion PKS, Experion HS, or Experion
LX architecture and SCADA systems
• Data management functions that derive from history
collection and reporting
• Self-diagnostics including network diagnostics, system
logs, auto-scan and system monitoring
• Program simulator to test programs offline without
Scalable Control Solutions
HC900 Process & Safety System
Single flexible system for safety and process control
HC900 Controller
The HC900 offers an integrated solution that provides a single
flexible system for process control and safety with faster
start-up time, common engineering tools, reduced training,
simplified training and low cost of ownership. The combination
of analog control loops, setpoint programs, function block
configuration, data acquisition and an extensive assortment
of predefined analog and digital blocks make the HC900 the
ideal choice for thermal ­processing, water treatment, food
& beverage processing, power generation, pharmaceutical,
manufactured goods, semiconductor industries and other
safety related applications such as burner management
systems, combustion control, pipeline monitoring, spill
prevention, and emergency shutdown.
The rack-based HC900 is a modular, scalable platform
available in 3 rack sizes (4, 8 and 12 I/O slots) and three
CPU performance choices to handle a wide range of
automation requirements. The CPU options available for
the HC900 Controller include ones for non-redundant
applications, redundant networking and for both redundant
CPU applications and redundant networking. To maximize
installation flexibility, up to 4 remote I/O racks may be
connected to a single controller to reduce wiring and
installation costs.
The HC900 Process and Safety Control System is:
• High Performance - enhances quality
• Easiest to Use and Engineer- improves productivity
• Low Total Cost of Ownership -maximizes profitability
HC900 Controller
Analog Inputs
Up to 480 universal analog inputs, 960 high level
±0.1% of span (field calibration to ±0.05% of span)
Analog Outputs
Up to 200; user specified span from 0 to 20 mA
maximum, 12 bits, 0.1% Accuracy
Digital Inputs/Outputs
Up to 1920, contact DI, 24 Vdc DI/DO
120 Vac DI/DO, 240 Vac DI/DO, relay DO
The versatile HC900 Controller is the perfect solution for unit
control requiring integrated loop and logic processing. It is also
the ideal data acquisition package with up to 480 universal
analog inputs, extensive math and free form calculations.
Intuitive function block software allows you to quickly get
up and running, saving you time and money. Ethernet Open
Connectivity simplifies plant network integration. Redundant
CPU’s, Power Supplies and Networks maximize process
Function Blocks
C70, C75 CPU-5000; C50 CPU-2000; C30 CPU-400
I/O Racks Per System
Up to 5 total
Control Loops
PID, on/off, cascade, ratio, %C, RH, dewpoint
Control Output Types
Current, time-proportioning, position proportioning,
three-position step
Setpoint Programmers
50 segments each, 16 event outputs, profiles stored in
Setpoint Scheduler
50 segments, 8 ramp/soak outputs, 8 auxiliary outputs,
16 events, schedules stored in controller
The HC900 consists of three components: a powerful
controller (either process or safety) with modular I/O; a
hardened operator interface with color display compact flash
card (4GB); and intuitive configuration software.
50 variables each
Ethernet 10BASE-T; Modbus/TCP protocol; up to 5
Ethernet hosts; up to 32 peer to peer controllers; Serial
Modbus RTU, RS485 or RS232, Slave (up to 16) or
master operation
The HC900 system is also available with similar hardware that
Power Supply
120 Vac to 240 Vac or 24Vdc
is TÜV certified for safety applications.
Operating Temp.
0° to 60°C (0° to 140°F)
10% RH to 90% RH, non-condensing
Rack Size
4 Slot
266.7 mm (10.5 in)
8 Slot
419.1 mm (16.5 in)
12 Slot
571.5 mm (22.5 in)
Control Designer Software:
• Modular I/O design
• Multiloop PID Control
• Setpoint programmers,
• Process logic, timers, counters
• Process algorithms,
• Universal analog inputs
• Stores setpoint profiles,
• Remote Terminal Panels (RTP)
• Redundant CPU’s, power
• Drag and drop soft wiring of
function block objects
• Load configuration
via Ethernet,serial
communication modem
• Graphic hard copy records
• Load/upload, monitor
configuration via modem
• Database export in CSV or
HC900 Control Designer Software
Off-line, with run mode editing
Operating Environment
Windows Vista, XP SP2 Professional support, Windows™ 7
Minimum–Pentium 1 GHz with 64MB of RAM
(2.5 GHz with 512MB recommended)
Screen resolution–SVGA (1024x768 recommended)
9-pin RS232 null modem cable to configuration port
or Ethernet 10BASE-T
Modem Support
Monitor, upload, download configuration
Scalable Control Solutions
HC900 Process & Safety System
Single flexible system for safety and process control
Operator Interface
The 900 Control Station operator interface from Honeywell
compliments the HC900 Controller with a unique
combination of predefined display features and custom
display development tools to deliver ease of use and high
flexibility in an efficient and affordable package. The color
display and finger touch user interface enhances process
monitoring while simplifying online controller changes. The
Station Designer software used to configure the interface
works in conjunction with the HC900 Process Controller
configuration software to automatically build a Control
Station database that exactly matches the unique, user
configured, controller database. This highly integrated
operation eliminates the time consuming task of assigning
controller communication register addresses to the
operator interface parameters used to build displays. The
standard database of the Control Station allows all available
controller tags to be imported without restriction or costly
price adders, eliminating the risk of running out of tag
resources in the middle of your project. The hardware of the
900 Control Station is designed to handle tough industrial
environments with a full metal case design and water tight,
type 4X, front bezel assembly. Hardware push buttons on
the front panel supplement touch screen software buttons
for common interface tasks such as user log-off, display
last screen and main menu access.
The 900 Control Station is available with either a 10.4 inch
or 15 inch display size. Both models are configured using
Station Designer PC configuration software.
• Modbus/TCP Protocol
• USB Ports: Adhere to USB specification 2.0
Model 900CS10-00
Model 900CS15-00
Size: 264 mm (10.4 in)
Pixels: 640 X 480; Color LCD
381 mm (15 in) Pixels: 1024
X 768; Color LCD
Data Logging
Media: Volatile RAM memory,
optional non-volatile flash card
memory or removable USB
memory module, Secure Data
Archiving; Data Types: Process
history, alarms, events, diagnostics,
user changes; Export format: CSV
Media: Volatile RAM memory,
optional non-volatile flash card
memory or removable USB
memory module, Secure Data
Archiving; Data Types: Process
history, alarms, events,
diagnostics, user changes;
Export format: CSV
Power Supply
+24 VDC ±20% @ 29 W max.
Requires Class 2 or SELV rated
power supply. Front panel LED
indication of power on
+24 VDC ±20% @ 46 W max.
Without options. Requires
Class 2 or SELV rated power
supply. Front panel LED
indication of power on
ANSI/UL 61010-1 – 2005,
Second Edition. General
Purpose (Ordinary Location)
Safety. UL evaluated to CSA
C22.2 No. 61010-1-2004Second Edition. General;
Purpose (Ordinary Location)
Safety; UL, CSA and FM Class I,
Div 2 Groups A,B,C and D Hazardous (Classified; Location
Safety for USA and Canada
ANSI/UL 61010-1 – 2005,
Second Edition. General
Purpose (Ordinary Location)
Safety; UL evaluated to CSA
C22.2 No. 61010-1-2004Second Edition; General
Purpose (Ordinary Location)
Safety; UL, CSA and FM Class
I, Div 2 Groups A,B,C and D Hazardous (Classified);
Location Safety for USA and
Operating Temperature Range:
0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Storage Temperature Range:
-20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Operating Temperature Range:
0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Storage Temperature Range:
-20 to 70 °C (-4 to 158°F)
Operating and Storage Humidity:
80% maximum relative humidity
(non-condensing) from 0 to
Operating and Storage
Humidity: 80% maximum
relative humidity (noncondensing) from 0 to 50°C.
Operator Interface:
• Fully manage HC900 controller function blocks
such as PID, setpoint programmers, etc.
• Load/monitor setpoint programs, recipes
• View analog and digital status
• View bar graph groups
• View trends
• View alarm and event status
• Initiate operator push-button actions
• Expandable memory with Flash Memory socket
for record keeping & configuration transfer
• Configuration stored in non-volatile memory
for secure operation
• RS232 Serial Ports (RJ12 connectors)
• Integrate HC900 controller alarms/events or
build them into the interface
• RS485 Comm. Port (RJ45 connector)
• Emulator
• Ethernet Port: (RJ45 connector)–wired as a NIC
(Network Interface Card)
• Multilingual (5 languages including English,
German, French, Spanish and Italian)
• Batch Reporting
• Redundant Networks
Connectivity Solutions
Secure, reliable open data connectivity
MatrikonOPC offers the industry’s most extensive portfolio
of OPC connectivity products along with unmatched global
domain expertise. Its solutions integrate Honeywell’s
products such as the HC900 Controller, MasterLogic PLC,
single loop controllers, control systems, actuators and
analyzers with third-party SCADA, historians and human
machine interfaces (HMIs) to provide secure, reliable open
data connectivity.
The following MatrikonOPC products are available with
Honeywell products:
Universal PLC Server
The MatrikonOPC Universal PLC Server is a single OPC
Server that provides connectivity to multiple devices,
protocols and APIs. MatrikonOPC Universal PLC Server
offers a wide range of plug-ins to support the most popular
PLC protocols.
OPC Server for Modbus
The Modbus OPC Server provides secure and reliable
real-time data access between all modbus-capable devices
to OPC-enabled applications such as historians, HMIs and
SCADA systems, etc.
OPC Redundancy Broker
OPC Redundancy Broker (ORB) easily enables
implementing redundancy in systems that take advantage
of OPC technology, such as Honeywell’s Experion® HS.
Easy OPC Trender
Easy OPC Trender is an intuitive and powerful OPC Trending
Client. With OPC-HDA, you can connect to any process
historian data source.
OPC Security Gateway
MatrikonOPC Security Gateway secures all real-time OPC
architectures. Unlike OPC solutions that rely only on DCOM
security, Security Gateway controls who can browse, add,
read and/or write to a tag on a per-user-per-tag basis on
any OPC DA or HDA server.
OPC Tunneller
OPC Tunneller provides an easy, reliable and secure way
to communicate between networked computers. OPC
Tunneller even allows for user configurable time-outs, thus
giving you complete control.
OPC Data Manager
OPC Data Manager (ODM) is a software application that
transfers data from one OPC server to another. Use ODM
when you need to share, map, and bridge OPC data between
two or more control systems (e.g. PLC and a DCS). With
ODM this connectivity can be accomplished with standard,
off-the-shelf software.
OPC Excel Reporter
OPC Excel Reporter is an OPC Client for Excel that
transforms Excel into a reporting tool for your process and
equipment data. Connect to any real-time (OPC DA) or
historical (OPC-HDA) data source. With its simple and easy
to use interface, Excel sheets and cells can be linked to
specific I/O point(s) in the PLC in a matter of seconds.
OPC Micro Historian is ideal for storing data from individual
PLCs, in small plants, or for simple processes for analysis
and reporting.
Remote Terminal Unit
Realize the production potential of your oil & gas assets
Key Features:
• Stand-alone lowest power consumption in its category
at a typical 1.8W
• Temperature range -40 to 75°C (-40 to 167°F).
Up to 75°C, not 70°C like other units
• High reliability with well designed thermal paths
• HART enabled onboard and expansion I/Os. No extra
hardware required. Digital HART data & diagnostics
are available locally for use in RTU program & remote
• HART IP allowing remote asset management of HART
devices via Honeywell’s Field Device Manager Express
The Honeywell RTU2020 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is
a modular, powerful and scalable controller capable of all
remote automation & control applications. When combined
with Experion® LX and its radically simplified SCADA
configuration with superior operator experience, it solves
the most challenging remote automation requirements for
the oil & gas industry.
• Efficient wiring & configuration saving installation and
maintenance time
With our modern RTU2020 Remote Terminal Unit, you have
perfect 20/20 vision to realize the production potential of
your oil & gas assets through safe, reliable and efficient
remote monitoring, diagnosis and asset management, while
ensuring low total cost of ownership.
• Flexible communication options for uplink & downlink
The Lowest Power Consumption
• Hazardous area certified
The RTU2020 has one of the lowest power consumptions
on the market at a typical tiny 1.8 Watts, even when
using HART. When HART is required, other RTUs require
additional hardware, consuming even more power, whereas
RTU2020 has HART onboard. Even in tropical and desert
environments, either minimal or no cooling is required.
Efficient Wiring and Assembly
RTU2020 comes with removable field terminals, allowing
the installer to hold the terminals in their hand for wiring
even with gloves on. In addition, the terminals are printed
with the I/O type and number giving the installer positive
identification. Combined, this saves upfront installation
• Modern, powerful CPU for now & into the future
• Transient suppression on every I/O channel & every
• A powerful IEC 61131-3 programming environment
• Liquids & gas calculations in the same controller
• Industry standard protocols of Modbus & DNP3 both
as master and slave
• Secure communications with authentication & encryption
• Data logging on board & optionally on local SD card
The Value of HART
RTU2020 helps eliminate maintenance trips to the
field with robust data logging, good sub-system
communications with local devices and smart device
integration with HART to enable better fault modeling, both
direct on the RTUs and at central locations.
Endures Tough Environments
RTU2020 has been designed to withstand the toughest
environments, with an operating temperature range of -40
to 75°C in humidity of 5% to 95%. RTU2020 has conformal
coating to G3 and is hazardous area certified.
cost and reduces wiring errors.
Flexible Communication Ports, Standard Protocols
High Performance RTU with
HART enabled Onboard I/O
RTUs need to efficiently manage unreliable, low bandwidth
networks and support remote, redundant and master/slave
communication scenarios to provide data buffering and
With a modern dual core 667MHz processor, RTU2020
has the power for today’s applications and spare reserve
to meet tomorrow’s needs. Importantly, by having built-in
HART, RTU2020 has no requirement for separate expensive
and power consuming HART I/O modules or third party
history backfill.
Robust Data Logging Ensures Data Availability
RTU2020 comes with data logging capabilities to record
values to data files in flash memory or the onboard SD card,
(optional), supporting up to a massive 32GB of data. This
ensures important data is never lost and is available for
future analysis.
Smart design for lower cost of ownership
HercuLine Electric
HercuLine 2000
HercuLine 2001 / HercuLine 2002
HercuLine 10260A / HercuLine 10260S
Product Description
Low torque electric actuator
Low torque electric actuator
Medium torque industrial electric actuator
50 to 400 in-lb (6 to 45 N-M)
50 to 400 in-lb (6 to 45 N-M)
10 to 300 lb-ft (14 to 400 N-M)
90° to 150°/6 to 75 sec
90° to 150°/7.5 to 120 sec
90°/10/20/40/60 sec
Input Signals
Floating, Pos. prop., Open/Close
1-5 Vdc, 4 to 20 mA
0/1-5 Vdc, 0/4-20 mA, Floating,
Pos. prop., Open/Close
Position Feedback
1000 ohms potentiometer
0/1-5 Vdc, 0-16 Vdc,
0/4-20 mA, SW emulation
0/1-5 Vdc, 0-16 Vdc, 0/4-20 mA, SW
emulation 1000 ohms potentiometer
Position Sensing
1000 ohms potentiometer
2001: slidewire
2002: contactless
-40° to 85°C (-40° to 185°F)
-40° to 75°C (-40° to 170°F)
-30° to 75°C (-20° to 170°F)
Duty Cycle
0.2% of 90° span
0.2% span
Adj. 2% to 5% span
Adj. 0.2% to 5% span
Local Auto/Man Switch
Local Keypad/Display
10260S: Optional
RS485 Modbus Comms.
10260S: Yes
HercuLine Electric Actuators
HercuLine Smart Actuators
HercuLine Electric Actuators are engineered for
exceptional reliability, accurate positioning, and low
maintenance. Designed for very precise positioning of
dampers and quarter-turn valves, they perform especially
well in extremely demanding environments requiring
continuous duty, high reliability and low maintenance.
With non-contact sensing, the main­tenance problems and
unexpected shutdowns associated with slidewires and
Honeywell’s new actuators incorporate all of the quality
and reliability features of the HercuLine actuators with the
added benefits of microprocessor-based electronics. These
benefits make it easier to install, set up and commission
the actuator, while allowing you to monitor the health
potentiometer wear are eliminated.
parameters for proactive maintenance planning.
• RS485/Modbus communications for remote access
• Programmable: Alarm and relay outputs;
Characterization, failsafe functions, dead-band, and
filtering; Direction of rotation
• Diagnostic Parameters: Maximum Hi and Lo temperature;
Stall and accumulated stall time; Total travel
HercuLine PC Software
• Lowers ownership cost
• Use your PC for calibration, configuration and
maintenance data
• Eliminates local display and keypad
Lifecycle Support
Global Services and Support
Streamline startup and optimize your automation investment
Global Service and Support Team
Count on Honeywell to help you streamline startup and
optimize the lifecycle of your automation investment.
Honeywell’s global service and support team will help you
maximize the return on your technology investment through
personalized service and assistance throughout the life of
your installation.
• Achieve faster and smoother startups
• Reduce engineering, procurement, installation and
commissioning costs by at least 10%
• Maintain continuity despite any turnover in your
organization’s personnel
• Maximize payback from your asset investments
• Avoid unplanned downtime
Service Professionals
Our service professionals are experts in their field and
have the necessary global certifications to safely
install and maintain customers’ equipment.
We offer the following services
at each lifecycle stage:
Before Installation
Site survey
Project planning
Function design specification
Product selection
During Installation
• Hardware/Software supply
• Supervision of installation
• Specific application development
• System configuration and integration
After Installation
Acceptance testing
System optimization
Remote and onsite service programs,
extended warranty, help desk and
emergency support
The result is streamlined startup operations and optimized
safety, reliability, efficiency and sustainability through the
life of the equipment.
Versatile and Modular Field Products
Scan this QR Code to see how Honeywell’s portfolio
of field measurement and control products enable
you to manage your plant assets and optimize
your entire enterprise with solutions that are easy
to configure, operate and maintain.
For more information
To learn more about Honeywell field products,
visit or
contact your Honeywell account manager.
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Honeywell Process Solutions
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