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Read Me
EuControl 3.2.2
for Artist Series, Pro Tools | S3, and Workstation Control
What’s New
Support for Mac OXS X 10.10 “Yosemite.”
A Soft Key Editor for S3 (see the PDF Soft Key Editor for S3 for instructions on using the Soft Key Editor).
For Pro Tools 12 and higher, a new preference for Mix and/or Edit windows to follow surface bank selection, and vice versa. In
Pro Tools, go to Pro Tools > Preferences > Mixing to enable or disable this functionality.
Important Installation Note for Artist Series and S3 Users
You must update the firmware on Artist Series and S3 control surfaces after installing EuControl Software 3.2.2.
To update firmware:
After installing EuControl 3.2.2, click (Mac) or double-click (Windows) the EuControl icon and select EuControl Settings.
If necessary, click Surfaces to display the Surfaces tab.
Click a surface in the My Surfaces list so it is highlighted. If multiple surfaces are present in the My Surfaces list, make sure only one
surface is highlighted.
Firmware must be updated on each surface separately. Updating firmware on multiple devices at the same time is not supported.
Click Update Firmware.
If the Update Firmware button is unresponsive, see Troubleshooting Firmware Updates.
Follow the instructions in the Update Firmware dialog box to proceed, and make sure to observe the following guidelines when updating firmware:
• Ensure that surface is connected to a trustworthy power source.
• Do not power off the surface during the update or attempt to interrupt the update.
• The status of the firmware update is shown in the EuControl dialog, and in the S3 displays.
Click Done when the firmware update is complete. Repeat this procedure for each surface in your system.
EuControl 3.2.2 — 3/26/15
9329-65545-00 REV A
Troubleshooting Firmware Updates
(Mac OS X 10.10.x “Yosemite” Only)
Use the following procedure to work around an unresponsive Firmware Update button. Alternatively, you can update the firmware using
a computer running Mac OS X 10.9.x “Mavericks” or Windows 7 or higher.
To work around an unresponsive Firmware Update button:
Power down any connected surfaces.
If you have more than one surface, power on one surface only.
Click the EuControl icon and choose Restart EUCON Applications.
Wait until the surface is added to My Surfaces, or manually add the surface to My Surfaces.
Wait until the name of the currently attached workstation computer appears in the Claimed By column of the All Surfaces list.
If “*available*” appears in the Claimed By column instead of the workstation computer name, repeat steps 1–4. Multiple attempts
may be necessary before the name of currently attached workstation computer appears in the Claimed By column of the All Surfaces
EuControl Claimed By column displaying *available* instead of name of currently attached workstation computer.
Once the Claimed By column displays the attached workstation computer name, select the surface in the My Surfaces list then click
Firmware Update. When the Update Firmware window appears, follow the on-screen instructions to update your surface’s firmware.
Update Firmware windRZ
Make sure to update the firmware on all surfaces in your system, repeating these troubleshooting steps as necessary.
EuControl 3.2.2 — 3/26/15
What’s Fixed
The following issues have been fixed since the previous release of EuControl software.
(S3 Only) Random faders no longer become unresponsive (EUCON-3522)
Option to auto-launch Studio Monitor Express is now removed from Mac System Preferences panel as Studio Monitor Express
is no longer supported on Mac (EUCON-3518).
S3 Channel Control EQ parameters now refresh correctly after auto-inserting a default EQ from the surface (EUCON-3505)
S3 Channel Control EQ parameters now display correctly after hiding/showing certain tracks on the surface (EUCON-3305)
S3 Channel Control Input parameters are now assigned to the proper encoders (EUCON-3461)
S3 Channel Strip LEDs now light correctly when the Channel Encoders are in Channel mode (EUCON-3024)
Improved EuControl icon in the Menu bar on Macs with Retina displays (EUCON-3381)
When editing a plug-in from the surface, the corresponding plug-in window in Pro Tools is now shown (EUCON-3263)
Pro Tools Solo mode no longer resets to Latch when EuControl is relaunched (EUCON-3257)
When quitting EuControl, you are no longer asked to save soft key assignments if no changes were made to the soft key
assignments (EUCON-2830)
Known Issues
The following issues are not addressed in EuControl 3.2.2. Where applicable, a workaround is provided.
S3 occasionally does not pass audio after rebooting the computer (EUCON-3482)
Workarounds–try any of the following as necessary:
• On the Pro Tools computer, go to Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup > Window > Show Network Device Browser and toggle the S3
in the Devices list off then on.
• Power-cycle the surface. After power-cycling, click the EuControl icon in the Menu bar and choose Restart EUCON Applications.
• Disconnect then reconnect the Ethernet cable. After reconnecting, click the EuControl icon in the Menu bar and choose Restart
EUCON Applications.
Connecting an S3 Network port to a network switch with BPDU (Bridge Protocol Data Unit) guard enabled can disable the port
on the switch the S3 is connected to (VSW-10570)
Do not connect S3 to any network switches that have BPDU guard enabled. If an S3 is to be connected to a network such as a corporate
network, make sure BPDU is disabled on all switches present in the network.
(S3 Only) When using Logic, channel strip meters may flicker and disappear if the signal on the corresponding track is clipping
EuControl 3.2.2 — 3/26/15
(S3 Only) When an S3 is in Config mode (CFG), after removing or adding a track to the current session Config mode actions
do not work (EUCON-3124)
Workaround: To restore Config Mode operation, press the Config (CFG) switch again.
(S3 Only) After deleting a strip from a custom Layout, the deleted strip remains on the surface (EUCON-3159)
Workaround: Recall a different Layout, then recall the original layout to show the proper channel strips.
(S3 Only) After assigning or re-assigning a VCA to a Group, the corresponding display does not show the updated group
assignments (3037)
Workaround: To show the updated group assignment, select a different track, then re-select the VCA. The display should now show the
correct group assignment.
(S3 Only) With the Inserts spilled to Channel Control or the Channel Encoders, surface displays do not update after removing
or deactivating the targeted plug-in (EUCON-3070)
Workaround: Select a different track, then select the original track to refresh the displays
(S3 on Windows Only) Using Application/Workstation + < Bank to cycle through open applications to the left does not work
Workaround: Only cycle through applications to the right using Application/Workstation + Bank >.
(S3 Only) When using S3 with Nuendo 6, the Channel Control Navigation In switch does not toggle EQ parameters on/off
Workaround: Toggle the EQ on/off on-screen.
Disconnecting the Ethernet cable from an Artist Series device can cause the device to freeze (EUCON-2844)
To reestablish communication:
Disconnect the power cable to the surface to power it down.
Power down your workstation computer.
Reconnect power to the surface.
Power the surface back on.
Power the workstation computer back on.
If a custom appset was created using Pro Tools 11.3 or lower, labels for S3 soft keys in the EuControl Settings > Soft Key tab
may be incorrect (EUCON-3574)
Workaround: In the EuControl Settings > Soft Key tab, click the Restore button to load the factory default Soft Key appset for the current version of Pro Tools.
(Pro Tools 12 and higher only) If an Artist Mix and an Artist Control are connected to Pro Tools, when the Mix and/or Edit
Window Follows Surface Bank preference is enabled, only banking on Artist Mix is followed in Pro Tools (EUCON-3599)
(Windows only) When on the EuControl Settings > Soft Keys tab, the Soft Keys tab turns blank after pressing Esc key on the
keyboard (EUCON-3530)
Workaround: Toggle to a different tab, then back to restore the label on the Soft Keys tab.
Attenuate faders until meter LEDs reappear.
Surface meters do not work with audio tracks in Media Composer 8 (EUCON-3144)
In certain cases after inserting a default EQ/Dyn plug-in, attentioning the track with the plug-in inserted may not automatically
open the plug-in window in Pro Tools (EUCON-2877)
Workaround: Depending on the type of plug-in inserted, press EQ or Dyn on the surface to open the plug-in window on-screen.
EuControl 3.2.2 — 3/26/15
(Mac Only) Redirect keyboard and mouse key command fails on first remote workstation connection (EUCON-3018)
When the keyboard and mouse are redirected to a second workstation, the keyboard and mouse redirect command
(Control + Option + \) fails.
Workaround: Click the EuControl icon in the Task Bar (Mac) or System Tray (Windows), then choose Restart EUCON Applications.
EuControl restarts, and the redirect key command operates as expected.
(Windows Only) On first launch of EuControl after initial installation, the No Ethernet Interface Selected dialog is shown, even
though a network interface is selected (EUCON-3155)
Workaround: Click OK to dismiss the dialog. EuControl properly connects to an available network interface.
A workstation attached to a surface using WSControl is not indicated as claimed in EuControl (EUCON-3288)
Uninstalling a EUCON application on a workstation with two EUCON applications installed (such as EuControl 3.2.1 and
WSControl 1.3) erroneously uninstalls shared components (EUCON-3269)
Workaround: After uninstalling one of the two EUCON applications, reinstall the desired application.
MC Client is mistakenly shown as “Not Responding” in Mac Activity Monitor (EUCON-2988)
Though MC Client is shown as “not responding,” this is purely cosmetic and does not affect performance.
EuControl 3.2.2 — 3/26/15
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