StreetWalker™ Instructions
Instructions for using the waistbelt,
optional Modular belt, sternum
strap, and tripod or monopod
attachment for StreetWalker,
StreetWalker Pro and StreetWalker
Removable Waistbelt
Adjustable Sternum Strap
The included waistbelt is removable by
unthreading the webbing through the
The sternum strap can be raised or lowered,
to accommodate a photographer’s unique
height or torso length.
Tripod or Monopod Attachment
Locate the two adjustable “tripod straps”
in the StreetWalker.
Attach the tripod straps to the webbing
loops at the top and near the bottom of
the StreetWalker.
Push the open Slik Clip through the
webbing loops and snap it shut with your
fingers on both sides.
Carrying a Tripod
Insert two tripod legs into the outside
lower pocket.
Carrying a Monopod
Unlock the adjustable strap then pull the
strap tight around the top of the tripod.
Tighten the lower strap around the exposed
tripod leg for additional stability.
Attaching a monopod requires the use of
only the top tripod strap. Close the zipper
as much as possible for additional stability.
StreetWalker™ Pro Instructions
Using the Tripod Cup
Attach a Modular Belt
Locate the blue tab with tripod icon
near the bottom of the StreetWalker
Pro or StreetWalker HardDrive. Pull tab
downward to deploy the tripod cup. Use
the included tripod straps to secure the
tripod onto the backpack.
Remove the StreetWalker waistbelt.
Then open the “hook & loop” panel at
the bottom of the backpack to slide a
Think Tank Pro Speed Belt™ or Skin™
Belt into place.
StreetWalker™ HardDrive Instructions
Carrying Pro-size DSLRs
Laptop Compartment Opening
Fold the “Pro SLR Body Hinge” 90 degrees
and seal in place to accommodate a
pro-size DSLR body. Keep the Body Hinge
vertical to hold a regular size DSLR body.
Up to a 15.4” laptop can be carried in the
StreetWalker HardDrive with a pro-size
DSLR. Check the size of your laptop to
verify compatibility.
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