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A3000 Aquverse Water Cooler Troubleshooting Instructions Supplement
****Warning do not plug water cooler in until water bottle is in place and dispensing water through the faucets****
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Parts Extraction:
To Remove Baffle From Top of the Water Cooler
a. Turn the Baffle counter clockwise till the open arrow meets the corresponding arrow on the top of the cooler body (see
figure A and B below)
Figure A
Figure B
Grip baffle from two opposite sides and pull upwards out of the cooler body (see figure C below)
Figure C
To Remove Faucets
a. Grip faucet in hand and unscrew faucet counter clockwise (see figure D below)
Figure D
General Information Helpful To Trouble Shooting
Note that your cooler is built with a no spill kit (see figure E below). This unit is designed to be used with a bottle that has a
cap made to be punctured by our probe (see figure F below). The bottle cap (see figure G below) can be taken off if you also
remove the no spill kit completely (see figure H below)
Figure E
Figure F
Figure G
Figure H
2. If cooler is not functioning make sure you are using a working outlet by testing it with a lamp
What To Do If:
Cooler Is Not Dispensing Water
a. Make sure water bottle is full
b. Make sure the water bottle is being properly pierced by the probe in the baffle
c. Confirm that cooler is not frozen by:
1. Removing baffle (see above instructions under Parts Removal section 3),
d. Check water bottle to determine if cap is jammed and not dispensing water (see figure I below)
Figure I
Check faucets to determine if water is able to flow through when in on position (see figure J and K below)
Figure J
Figure K
Cooler Is Not Dispensing Chilled Water
Check that cold water thermostat is not turned to the off position (see figure L below)
Figure L
Determine whether the compressor is working by putting your ear close to the top of the cooler with the bottle off (if
you hear silence, the compressor is not working, if you hear a humming noise the compressor is working)
Turn the thermostat all the way clock wise (see figure M below)
Figure M
Cooler Is Not Dispensing Hot Water
a. Check the back of the cooler, and make sure the hot tank switch is in the on position (see figure N below)
Figure N
Depress the hot tank reset button by:
1. Unplug water cooler
2. Turning the cooler around so you are facing the back (wire caged portion) of the cooler (see figure O below)
Figure O
Locate the hot tank through the back cage, and then locate the hot tank reset button on the right side of the hot
tank (see figure P and figure Q below)
Figure P
Figure Q
Using a chopstick or screwdriver, depress the hot tank reset button (water should be hot in 30 minutes time, see
figure R below which pictures hole used to access hot tank reset button)
Figure R
Water Is Leaking
a. Identify the source of the leak (i.e. internal, faucets, or top)
b. If the leak is coming from the top of the cooler check the water bottle to make sure there are no visible punctures, or
pinholes. If the water bottle appears to be intact, make sure the cap of the water bottle is secure (see note in General
Trouble Shooting 1. below)
c. If the faucets are the source of the leak, check to make sure the faucets have been screwed on completely. If still
leaking, drain the cooler of water and remove the faucets (see above instructions under Parts Removal section 3), and
make sure the gaskets around the water spigots are in good condition (see figure S). If leaking is occurring from the
nozzle of the faucets please contact customer service at 1-866-872-5722
Figure S
If the leak is internal, please contact customer service at 1-866-872-5722
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