How to Set Up the Qumi`s 3D DLP® Link

How to Set Up the Qumi`s 3D DLP® Link
How to Set Up the Qumi’s 3D DLP® Link™
 Make sure you have a source that
features an NVidia Quadro FX
graphics card or equivalent. The
source must have quad-buffered
and Open GL 3D capability.
 Connect the video source (VGA) to the Qumi
projector (Universal I/O).
 Select source as “VGA” on the Qumi projector.
 Use the Qumi as the only/solo display
for the video source.
 Check in the Qumi projector’s menu to ensure the 3D function is on.
 Under “Installation II”, select “Advanced”
 Select “3D”
 Make sure “DLP-Link” is selected for “3D”
 Check the control panel settings on
the video source and ensure:
DLP Link
 “Stereo Enable” is ON
 Resolution is set to “1024x768”,
“800x600” or “1280x720” @120Hz
 Make sure the source’s 3D DLP Link
compatible media player is set-up.
 Check to see “Stereoscopic” function is set
for “Quad Buffered Open GL”.
 View the 3D content with DLP Link Active
Shutter glasses.
 Play the desired content via the media
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