Vinotemp VT-DIAMONDBIN Use and Care Manual

Vinotemp VT-DIAMONDBIN Use and Care Manual
Step 1, 2, & 3
Contents of Box:
12 Screws
8 Wood pegs
2 Side panels (smaller package)
2 Top/bottom panels (medium package)
2 X Panels (large package)
* A Phillips head screwdriver is required for asembly
Step 4
Step 5
1. Insert wood pegs into both side panels.
2. Connect top panels to the side panels using the wood
3. With a Phillips head screwdriver, screw the top and
bottom panel into the side panels using the 12 screws
4. Connect the two X panels together in an X pattern
as shown.
Place the assembled X panels into the finished frame.
If you have difficulty doing this, loosen the screws on
the top, place the X panels in the frame and then
tighten the screws again.
Finished X-Bin
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