HHRC 2010 Annual Report

HHRC 2010 Annual Report
Harbord Harlequins Rugby
annual report 2010
Management Committee
President’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Independent Review
Financial Report
Sponsorship Report
10th Anniversary Ball
Grand Final Results
Age Group Reports
For the Record
Honour Board
Great mates in U10s
U14 on the charge
U8s good sports
U16s Drive that scrum
management committee
Sean Richardson
David Duke (Juniors)
Campbell Forsyth (Minis)
David Bacon (Juniors)
Troy Cortis (Minis)
John Burgman
U9 Kings of the Hill
Sponsorship Coordinator
David Grayling
Fundraising Coordinator
Paddy Douneen
Social Coordinator
Andrew Sidery
Website Administrator
Campbell Forsyth
Laurence Cronin (Juniors)
Paula & Jim Beach (Minis)
U10A Grand Final action
Gear Steward
David Grayling (Juniors)
Peter Gow (MInis)
Referee Liaison Officer
Chris Hedge
U11A Premiers
president’s report
Our 10th season in existence
commenced with a seasonlaunch black-tie ball at Le Kiosk
Restaurant at Shelly Beach.
With over 140 guests, including
the mayors of both Manly and
Warringah, together with our
State Member of Parliament,
Mike Baird, an enjoyable and
successful evening was had
by all. What a way to start the
Reflecting now on another
year of growth in player
numbers – now around 400,
20% more than last year –
we entered 14 teams in the Manly Warringah Minis
competition and 13 teams in the Sydney Juniors graded
competition. What we learned was that the Harlequins
are blessed with an abundance of natural talent in both
the playing and coaching ranks. You only need to see
the dedication of our Minis coaches with their young
charges at training on a Tuesday afternoon to see that
the Harlequins are in great shape now and in the future.
At the conclusion of the 2010 season, we have seen
a number of teams compete at the highest level:
Under 8s
Runners up – Harlequins Cup
Under 9sWinners – King of the Hills
Winners – Harlequins Cup
Under 10A
Grand Final winners
Under 10B
Preliminary Finalist
Under 10E
Grand Final winners
Under 11A
Grand Final winners
Under 12sSemi-Finalist – TAS Armidale
Tournament (A grade)
Under 12A
Preliminary Finalist
Under 14A
Preliminary Finalist
Under 15B
Preliminary Finalist
One of the consequences of having so many teams
in the Junior ranks has been an increase in the number of
home games the club is required to host. This season saw
Harlequins families committing to ground set-ups and
pack-ups, and BBQ and canteen duties, every weekend
of the season. The effort required became especially
onerous this season and the club’s responsibilities in
this area are now under review by your committee in
an effort to avoid volunteer burn-out.
The Harlequins are now solidifying their position
within the Sydney metropolitan area as a club that can
host and operate events. The Harlequins Cup gala day for
Under 8s & 9s on Sunday 15 August was no exception,
attracting 2,500 players and parents. The weather gods
were a little unkind leading into the event, resulting in
a decision to transfer the day from Nolan Reserve to
three fields across Old Reub Hudson, Reub Hudson
and Denzel Joyce Oval. This was possible thanks to
the support of North Curl Curl Knights Rugby League
Club who provided access to these grounds and helped
supply the equipment needed to stage the event. Our
organising team somehow take this annual event to
another level each year and we again received many
congratulatory notes afterwards.
The Harlequins were asked by Sydney Juniors to
host Grand Finals on Sunday 29 August across these
same three fields for the age groups Under 10s, 13s, 16s
and Opens. The day saw us run 22 Grand Finals and
host around 4,000 people. The Harlequins committee
generously donated our hosting rights to the Manly Rep
Under 11 & 12 NZ Tour party, who in return gratefully
volunteered for BBQ, canteen, sign-on table and ground
marshal duties. Special mention must also be made of
Laurence Cronin, Michael Harradine, Blithe Robinson,
Matthew Harradine (an U16s player and also U10E cocoach) and Rohan Hedge (an U15s player and referee)
for their assistance on the day. The NZ tourists were
extremely grateful for this contribution.
The Harlequins remain an important community
organisation, providing professional and structured
competitions in which our boys can compete safely,
with an emphasis on both having fun and skills
development. Our game relies upon parents and older
players contributing their time and energy. This year
has shown like no other the enormous contribution the
Harlequins family makes to our rugby community. One
of our two life members, Chris Hedge, has developed
an academy of budding young referees over the past
two years, allowing some of our more mature referees to
retire gracefully. In 2010, the Harlequins contributed 14
current players to this academy, with each contributing
their time on Saturday mornings to referee 121 U8 and
U9 Minis games to refine their new trade. In addition to
this Minis involvement, three current and one former
Harlequins player also refereed in the Junior rugby
For the first year, we had a number of boys
commemorate their 10th year playing with the Harlequins.
These players are the remaining ‘originals’ who
commenced in our inaugural 2001 season – Matthew
Harradine, Adrian Knaap, Liam Routledge, and Dylan
and Jayden Whitehair. Congratulations gentlemen!
The finalisation of the 2010 playing year also sees
long-standing committee people – David Duke, David
Bacon and John Burgman – complete their three years
of service to our club. While none of them will be lost to
the club completely, Dave Duke, after nine long years, has
finally decided to step out of all committee positions and
take a much-deserved break from rugby administration.
In my first year with the club, ‘DD’ provided me with
outstanding guidance and counsel through some
challenging issues and has always been available to offer
sage advice. David Bacon stands down after three years
of pulling the levers of registration, game management
with Sydney Juniors, and home game catering. As
a dedicated club man, he has agreed to assist with
sponsorship and to mentor our next Juniors Secretary.
That gets me to John Burgman, JB, our own Rowan
Atkinson, a numbers man with a sense of humour, as well
as a keen sense for maintaining profitability. JB has kindly
offered to assist us next year with our social functions,
an area in which he has considerable natural talent.
With such a large club, we are constantly challenged
by the needs and wants of many. In order to get a clearer
picture of our direction over the next five years, we will
soon be undertaking a strategy day with a cross-section
of members to work through what our priorities need
to be for our growing club. Once all the thoughts have
been tabled, we will communicate our vision for the
future and seek feedback from all.
… the Harlequins are blessed
with an abundance of natural
talent in both the playing and
coaching ranks.
U9s bring home the King of the Hills crown
Sean Richardson
treasurer’s report
The club recorded a net surplus for the current year
of $20,410 (2009 $25,362). This enabled the club to
increase its bank balance and term deposits to $130,028
(2009 $110,553).
The club’s income increased by 5% to $73,852 (2009
$70,547), derived from:
registration & membership fees
gross profit from trading
Key factors in the derivation of this income were:
• H
igher registration fees $34,801 (2009 $30,400) due
to record player registration numbers.
• Significant increase in sponsorship $19,350 (2009
$9,500) due to the addition of new sponsors
Macquarie and Assetlink (tent purchase) and a
higher contribution from existing sponsor Freshwater
Financial Services.
• Lower gross profit from trading $12,551 (2009
$16,088) due to more washed-out games and lower
revenue from semi finals.
• Lower fundraising income $6,635 (2009 $12,532) as
no income from Harlequins Golf Day or merchandise
auctions/raffles, however the Harlequins Cup gala day
and Freshwater Fair remained significant fundraising
Club expenses increased by 19% to $56,432 (2009
$47,544). The main drivers of this increase were:
• H
igher insurance and levies $12,852 (2009 $9,878)
due to a 70% increase in sports injury insurance
(clubs now paying for Minis players, previously paid
by ARU).
• Increase in social function expenses $2,052 (2009
$1,157) with additional expenses relating to the club’s
10th anniversary ball.
• Increase in training costs $1,780 (2009 $190) largely
related to First Aid training for coaches and managers.
• Increase in support payments for our rep players
$2,750 (2009 $1,840) due to more Harlequins players
selected at representative level, particularly U10s and
• A new investment into our website design and stability
• Donations of $2,269 in support of two club members.
These expense increases were partially offset by a
20% reduction in trophy expenses due to a number of
one-off purchases in 2009.
This is my last year as Treasurer and I am proud to
leave this role having seen a continued improvement in
our balance sheet in each of the last three years. During
this period, we experienced some difficult economic
circumstances, yet were able to support members
by not increasing player registration fees, significantly
reducing registration fees for U6 players and maintaining
canteen prices.
I would like to thank all club members and contributors
for their help in sustaining our financial performance
during my three-year tenure. I would especially like to
thank my fellow committee members for their support
and ‘Assistant Treasurer’ Allison Burgman for all her
assistance and running around throughout the year.
Finally I would like to again thank Andrew Gourley for
his fantastic club support and for his ongoing advice
and assistance, including his independent review of
our accounts.
In accordance with the Associations Incorporations
Act 1984 Section 26(6), financial accounts as set out
on the following pages have been prepared. The club
committee considers these are not misleading and give
a true and fair view of the:
(a) income and expenditure of the club for the year
ended 30 September 2010; and
(b)assets and liabilities of the club as at 30 September
In addition, the club committee confirms that there
are no mortgages, charges or other securities of any
description affecting any of the property of the club as
at 30 September 2010.
John Burgman
independent review
Of the Harbord Harlequins Rugby Club
2010 Financial Report
I have reviewed the Income and Expenditure
Statement and Balance Sheet (2010 Financial Report)
of Harbord Harlequins Rugby Club as set out on the
following pages. The Club’s Committee are responsible
for the 2010 Financial Report. I have performed an
independent review of the 2010 Financial Report in
order to state whether, on the basis of the procedures
set out below, anything has come to my attention that
would indicate that the 2010 Financial Report is not
presented fairly.
My review has been conducted in accordance with
Australian Auditing Standards applicable to review
engagements. A review is limited primarily to inquiries
of the Club’s Committee and agreement of the 2010
Financial Report to the Club’s books and records on
a test basis. These procedures do not provide all the
evidence that would be required in an audit, thus the
level of assurance is less than given in an audit.
Based on my review, I have not become aware of
any matter that makes me believe that the 2010 Financial
Report of Harbord Harlequins Rugby Club does not give
a true and fair view of the Club’s financial position as at
30 September 2010 and of its performance for the year
ended on that date.
Andrew Gourley
Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants
in Australia
financial report for the year ended 30 September 2010
Income & Expenditure Statement for the Year Ended 30 September 2010
Sales - home games
Sales - merchandise
748 1,850
Commissions received
1,490 1,905 2,067
29,388 27,114 20,749
Purchases - home games
Purchases - merchandise
Gross Profit
Trading income
Less: cost of sales
Add: Other income
Registration fees
19,350 9,500
6,635 12,532
175 1,627 –
Sales - jerseys
Total GP & other income
Jerseys, shirts, shorts & socks
Insurance & levies
Less: Expenses
Training & playing equipment
Medallions & trophies
Rep payments
Coaching fees
Social functions
Bank charges
Training expenses
Website expenses
Miscellaneous 4,989
Operating income
Non-operating income & expenses
Interest income
Depreciation expense
Net Surplus
Balance Sheet as at 30 September 2010
Cash & Receivables
Bank balance
Term deposit
Merchandise stock on hand
Less: Accumulated depreciation
Equipment at written down value
Other Current Assets
Non-Current Assets
Equipment at cost
Total Assets
Less: Liabilities
Current Liabilities
Net Assets
Accumulated Surplus
Surplus - brought forward
Surplus - current year
Total Accumulated Surplus
A balanced front row provides a stable platform!
sponsorship report
Given the tough economic conditions of the last
12 months, the club was especially grateful for the
addition of our newest and now biggest financial sponsor
Macquarie Leasing, as well as the ongoing support of
loyal sponsors LJ Hooker Freshwater, Bendigo Bank,
Freshwater Financial Services and RI Advice Brookvale.
We also had our second year of support from
Complete Framing and the addition of Le Kiosk, Payroll
Paper Solutions and PPS Office, who have assisted in
the way of cash and contributions.
I would also like to mention the support of Assetlink,
which enabled the club to update our big tent. I am sure
all within the club have noticed this new heavy duty tent,
which should see us right for years to come.
A special mention to Cranston Schwartz of LJ Hooker
Freshwater, who also provided a boot bag and drink
bottle for all players at registration at the beginning of
the season.
I urge all players and their families to support the
businesses that support the club, as without their support
the club could not operate as it does.
On behalf of all Harlequins players and supporters,
I extend a big thank you to all our sponsors and we
look forward to continuing a strong relationship in 2011
and beyond.
Dave Grayling
Sponsorship Coordinator
Macquarie Leasing
LJ Hooker Freshwater
Bendigo Bank
Freshwater Financial Services
RI Advice
Complete Framing
Select Asset Management
More 4 Life Financial Services (prizes)
Northside Embroidery (shorts)
Payroll Paper Solutions (printing)
Le Kiosk (lunch vouchers)
Complete Framing (awards)
Community Bank®
Other Sponsors:
10th anniversary ball
Season launch on 13 March 2010 – Le Kiosk Restaurant
grand final results
Harbord Harlequins
U10A - Plate
Seaforth Raiders Black
vEasts McAuley 1
U10BLane Cove Gold
vLindfield Highlanders U10CDee Why Red
vNarrabeen Gold
U10C - Plate
U10DNarrabeen Black
vNewport Dolphins 12
U10D - Plate
KWP Blue
vLindfield Bucks
Harbord Harlequins
U10E - Plate
Chatswood 4
vLindfield Stags
Seaforth Raiders Gold
Harbord Harlequins 14
Manly Roos Blue
U11A - PlateLindfield Tartans
vNewport Breakers
U11BLane Cove Gold
Mosman Dolphins
vLindfield Highlanders
U11DDrummoyne Red
vNarrabeen Black
U11E - PlateNorths Red 15
vLindfield Bucks
Chatswood Stags
Mosman Whales
U12A - PlateNewport Breakers
Wahroonga Black
U12BLindfield Tartans
Hunters Hill White
Mosman Dolphins
vLindfield Highlanders U12C - Plate
Wakehurst Blue 17
Raiders White
U12DDrummoyne Gold
vNewport Sharks
U13ANewport Breakers
vEasts Wallaroos 12
U11B - Plate
Chatswood Highlanders
U11CNarrabeen Gold
Chatswood Highlanders
Wahroonga Gold
Wahroonga Black
Hunters Hill Black
Wahroonga Green
Hunters Hill White
Forest Green
U13CLindfield 2
vDee Why
Beecroft B
U13D - Plate
Mosman Dolphins
Wahroonga Gold
Mosman Whales
Hillview 1
Hunters Hill White
U14B - PlateLane Cove 27
vLindfield Tartans
U14CEasts Wallaroos
U14C - Plate
Roseville 21
vNorth Rocks
vNarrabeen Black
U14D - Plate
Wakehurst Gold 22
Seaforth Raiders
U15ANorths Black
U15A - Plate
U15B - Plate
St Ives
Beecroft A
vDrummoyne 0
vDee Why 12
Open ANorths 36
vNorth Rocks 22
Open B
Mosman Wahroonga
walla rugby and mini rugby
For younger children, rugby is played with modified
rules that specifically cater to the physical development
of children at different ages.
The U6s and U7s play Walla Rugby, a non-tackle
game with some non-competitive scrums and lineouts.
The U8s and U9s play Mini Rugby, which is a tackling
game where non-competitive scrums and lineouts
become a routine part of the game.
The Manly JRU and the Warringah JRU jointly
organise and stage weekly games in which the Harlequins
U6, U7, U8 and U9 teams participate. The emphasis is
on fun and on learning how to play rugby properly, so
there is no competition as such, so results of individual
games are not recorded.
In 2010, the Harlequins entered 14 teams to play in
these weekly games. We are the largest Minis club in the
Manly JRU, and second only to Newport in the combined
Manly and Warringah JRUs.
Under 6 – 4 teams
Under 7 – 2 teams
Under 8 – 4 teams
Under 9 – 4 teams
age group reports
Well, with a bit of emotion and that empty feeling
you get when the footy season comes to an end, it is
with a heavy heart I write the final match report of the
season, already looking forward to the smell of cut
grass and Dencorub – signs to me that the next footy
season has begun.
Anyway, enough about me. What a great match to
finish the season! The Boys and Sophia came across a
well-drilled outfit in the form of Seaforth White and had
to fight hard for their points, in the end grinding out a
4-all draw. Despite the slow start, like most of our recent
games, we came home like a runaway train, and by
full-time were showing the skills and talent that had us
voted by all parents in the U6 competition as the team
most likely to have the most Wallaby representatives
in the 2026 World Cup. Let’s hope that prediction is
correct. The try-scorers this week were Zac, Billy and
Kai. Well done boys.
As this is the final match report, I would like to
reflect on the season and the great contributions made
by all players in the team, and fondly look back on
their achievements, proud of the way they conducted
themselves at training and on game day. The team
developed into a group of players that each week gave
it everything and had a rapport with each other that was
founded on respect and friendship.
When looking back on the team’s performance over
the year, each player made valuable contributions at
critical times in every match. The highlights for me were
Kai and his turn of speed and ability to step off both
feet, leading to may devastating runs over the year and
several tries; Oli, his speed in attack, determined and at
times desperate defensive efforts; Nick ‘the Axe’ Walsh,
pound-for-pound the strongest defensive player in the
competition who, week in week out, showed great guts
and determination; Zac and his strong running, elusive
stepping and ever-present, rock solid defence; Jack G
and his speed in attack and ability to swerve and step
when in top gear, at times looking like his feet were only
just touching the ground; Jesse, our team’s work horse
(every team needs one), who fronts up each week and
competes, always making several decisive runs in attack
and putting his body on the line in defence; Sophia,
our most improved player of the year, who started the
season as a shy, quite achiever and, after showing us
her pace, developed into a try-scoring machine, as well
as someone in defence who never went missing and
always stood her ground; James and his hard, straight
running and fringe defence that ensured any player who
ran wide would be brought down, all the while never
losing his huge smile; Billy, who never let anyone down
all season and gave the most try assists (passes in
play) of any player; Jack A, who despite his shy nature,
turned into a hard-running attacker and always made
valuable yards; and Sam, who joined the team late in
the year yet quickly got the hang of it, whose defence
around the ruck never gave the opposition easy yards.
A winning season is always marked by off-field
support and we had that in truckloads. I would like to
thank all the dads who put their hand up each week to
referee the boys and Sophia, a quite contribution that
did not go unnoticed, and our supporters who fronted
up each week to cheer on the team. You can see how
much the players enjoy your support.
I would also like to thank our coach, the person who
made it all happen, taking a team of players who at the
start of the season had never played rugby and did
not have much of an idea about the game or its rules,
and turned them into a well-drilled unit that worked
well together and did themselves and their families
proud. Thanks Richard – without you, we could not
have achieved everything we did.
Finally, on behalf of Richard and myself, I want to
thank all the parents for our gift, it was really appreciated.
So, for the last time in 2010, go the Harbord
Harlequins U6 Gold team!
See you all next year at pre-season (or at nippers,
if that is your chosen summer activity).
Mark James, Manager
The Axe (Max) - the big man with the big step. Some
likened it to a bygone era befitting Axe Senior (aka Rivers
of Gold), although he scored more tries in his rookie
year than his father scored bacon and egg bacon rolls,
which was quite a few.
The Pressure Cooker (Finn) - shone when the heat
was on. Could always be counted on to manifest the
best from himself and his team-mates when the going
got tough.
Thanks to all the parents for their enthusiasm and
assistance, and for even supporting what turned out to
be inspired cross-training run on Freshie Beach. Thanks
also to Mitch (completing his Duke of Edinburgh Award)
for his eagerness, reliability and assistance in teaching
the boys the finer points of rugby, while tolerating the
The U6 Blues had a great season. Considering only
two boys had played rugby before, they quickly picked
up the necessary skills - most importantly, choosing the
correct direction to run – and prevailed in every game.
Our boys:
The Bolter (Tom) - was shy at first, but came into
his own as the season progressed. A great improver in
both attack and defence.
The Ripper (Jack) - displayed amazing gymnastic
techniques (clearly his dad’s influence). Skilled in finding
the gaps and taking the ball across the line.
The Flyer (Harry) - has been earmarked for wing in
the future as he displayed great pace. Always showed
a clean pair of heels and, once through the gap, was
The Artful Dodger (James) - possibly the most
enthusiastic 6-year-old in Sydney rugby. Rumoured to
sleep with his footy six out of seven nights. Has a great
passion for rugby.
Take it Up (Ewen) - the dark horse of the season.
A testament to his ability was taking an opportunistic
pass to score the last try of the season.
The Dancer (Will) - will he or will he not? That was
not the question. With his mesmerising footwork, he
had the X-factor, always in the line-up to put points on
the board, his particular skill being the aerial try. His
sidestep would put David Campese to shame.
The Enforcer (Eli) - no attacker was safe, they couldn’t
run or hide. His forceful, two-handed ‘touch’ left no-one
in doubt. Never one to give up, legend has it he once
chased the opposition off the field and back to their
parents’ cars!
James Walker-Powell, Coach
Nick Austin, Manager
David Morrisey, Manager
… legend has it he once
chased the opposition
off the field and back
to their parents’ cars!
age group reports
Brandon Ward, Coach
The U6 Maroons had a very excitable and enjoyable
season. This team was made up of 11 enthusiastic boys
ranging from 4 to 6 years old. Four of the boys were
playing in their second season, while the rest of the boys
were having their first year of rugby.
There were many highlights throughout the year,
One player scored a try and was so excited after
the crossing the try line that he continued halfway up
the next field before putting the ball down.
The boys were so pumped before playing the Dee
Why Pinks, an all-girl team. If only we could have bottled
that enthusiasm and commitment for when they start
playing finals.
After one of the younger players scored his first try
in our final game of the season at Keirle Park, he ran up
the sideline high-fiving all the parents, then continued
straight on into the jumping castle, not to be seen again
until after the game had finished.
On the family side, we had a great day at a team BBQ
that most people were able to attend. It gave everyone,
including players, parents and siblings, the chance to
get to know each other for more than the 15 minutes
before and after the game or training.
There was also the boys’ reality check when they
challenged their mums to a game of Minis Rugby on the
last training session of the year. After running out very
confident, they were quickly brought down to earth after
the mums scored two quick tries, although the boys did
rally to make it a more-than-competitive encounter. It
was quite amusing watching how competitive the mums
became against their sons. Enjoy it while you can, mums!
Overall for me, the highlight was watching - and being
lucky enough to be involved in - the development of the
players throughout the year. As a first-time coach, I didn’t
know what to expect, and was certainly surprised by
the commitment the boys showed, week in week out.
It was fantastic to see the boys go from not being able
to catch and pass, to running confidently and passing
in general play by the end of the season.
A special thanks to our manager and all the parents
and families who helped and supported throughout the
year. I look forward to seeing you all next year. Go the
…he ran up the sideline
high-fiving all the parents,
then continued straight on
into the jumping castle, not
to be seen again until after
the game had finished.
Rolfe Cohen, Coach
2010 was a great season for the U6 White team,
with plenty of enjoyment for all the players, parents,
managers and coach. The season started with many
first-timers and enthusiasm was exceptionally high. Early
games were a ton of fun, with players scoring tries on
sidelines instead of try lines, and many unscheduled
‘team meetings’ in back play. As the season progressed,
fun remained a key component of play, with new skills
evolving week by week.
It was exciting to see the players’ ‘firsts’, like the
first time a kick-off was caught on the full, or the first try
that included a pass in the lead-up play. When the team
clicked - and all ran in the right direction - we pulled off
some entertaining running rugby!
Towards the end of the season, conversions were
thrown into the mix and the boys excitedly lined up for
attempts. Kicking off or having a shot at conversion
was definitely a favourite exercise for the White players.
The last game of the season was played on a nice
sunny day and allowed for our first experiment with
lineouts and scrums. The players seemed to enjoy their
first taste of these components and had some success,
with a few tries scored off these set (or not-so-set) pieces.
Another notable skill development was our defence.
In the latter part of the season, the players were forming
a defensive line and effectively repelling attacking raids.
Tagging skills also improved dramatically, rounding
out a steady overall improvement of all players, both
individually and as a team.
Thanks to all the parents who managed, coached,
refereed, ran the interchange bench, and supplied
oranges and snakes. I know the players all appreciated
your support. And thank you from all the Whites to the
Harbord Harlequins and all the people who make the
club happen. I am sure the club hospitality and great
atmosphere will ensure that most, if not all, of the U6
Whites will be back for more next season.
… a ton of fun, with players
scoring tries on sidelines
instead of try lines, and many
unscheduled ‘team meetings’
in back play.”
age group reports
Having only arrived in Australia and settled into the
northern beaches at the start of the year, it was with
some trepidation that I undertook the coaching of the
U7 Blues, having volunteered my services while signing
my son up for the season.
The season was one of contrasts, but was definitely
enjoyed by all involved. We went from sweltering heat at
the start of the season to torrential rain in the middle –
which lost us many games and some momentum with
missed games – then back to heat and dust at the end.
It was great to see the team progress skill-wise, from
just about being able to pass the ball once at the start
of the season, through to one game where I swear we
passed the ball to everyone twice in one passage of
play, with much cheering from the adults on the sideline.
There were some wonderful sidesteps and great tries
scored throughout the year, and every player crossed the
line at some point. We just need to work on grounding
the ball over the line next year, as I’m sure the video ref
would have ruled no try on more than a few occasions.
I was especially pleased with the way the boys
enthusiastically embraced tackling for the last couple
of games of the season. It was good to see the boys
all with their mouthguards in, and some with headgear.
Something seemed to click with the team and it all
started to make sense to them. I for one am already
looking forward to seeing all the boys back next year
for a full season of tackling. Let’s hope Mother Nature
disrupts things a little less.
Thanks to all the parents for their enthusiastic support
and especially to those parents who stepped up when
I couldn’t make training – which was far too often near
the end of the season – to keep the momentum going.
Keep practicing throughout the summer boys and
we’ll see you all stronger, taller and faster next year.
Craig Poynton, Coach
Richard Smith, Coach
Seven willing boys turned up for the new season and,
after the first training session, it was clear a lot of fun lay
ahead. Turning up each Tuesday at 4pm and asking a
bunch of 7-year-old boys to pay attention for one hour
is a challenge in itself. Most have an attention span of
about five minutes, so to keep the boys interested, we
played a few different games, some with a rugby theme,
while others were played just to mix it up. In conversation,
some of the stories the boys told me were amazing,
interesting and eye-opening… but always funny.
Our squad grew from 7 to 10 during the season
and each player brought their own unique ‘thing’ to the
team. It’s amazing to look back on the season and see
just how far the boys progressed. In the first few training
sessions and games, we concentrated on the basics,
like catching, passing and running with the ball. Towards
the end of the season, the boys were stringing passes
together, passing backwards (it’s amazing how hard that
is for them to do!), running forward and making twohanded tags on the shorts – incredible stuff!
For the last few games, tackle was introduced, and
didn’t the boys LOVE that! To put it simply, young boys
love to RUN and WRESTLE. And rugby is a combination
of these two skills, with a few extra bits thrown in. So
how good is that?
Every single boy, and their mum and dad, should
be very proud of what was achieved this season. We
had some wins and we had some losses, but most of
all we had a heap of fun!
Can’t wait until next year.
To put it simply, young boys
love to run and wrestle.
And rugby is a combination
of these two skills
age group reports
Success is measured in many ways – scoring 25
tries in a season; scoring one try in a season; making
a try-saving tackle; making a tackle; having a run or
running the length of the field; winning the Skill of the
Week or the Player of the Week award.
You know when you have attained success when you
find yourself coaching the U8 Harbord Harlequins Gold
team. Formed from novice players, this team became a
team of champions, although it didn’t help when their
pool in the Harlequins Cup had a few champion teams!
They were smart too. When asked by the referee in
which hand he held the whistle, the captain responded,
“I don’t know. You’ve got your hands behind your back.”
Of course, some contributions were a little misleading.
At half-time, when a player told the coach that he’d
lost a tooth, the coach’s concern was allayed when it
transpired that the poor lad had already got $2 for it
from the tooth fairy the night before!
Enjoyment is the biggest measure of success. Every
boy had fun. They all got to run and tackle and dodge
and weave. There were sidesteps and flick passes
(which sometimes scared the coach, but admittedly did
often work). There were balls tossed over heads, tucked
under arms and completely ignored as the players would
ruck… just as coach had told them.
What did the boys take away with them from the
season? For starters, there are the key rings – made by
one of the parents – with their names and the Harlequins
Most of the boys knew each other from school or
other sports, but they all got to make new friends and
earn the respect of their mates.
All in all, a very beautiful group of players played a
beautiful and ever-improving game.
Steven Callow, Coach
The Blues started their season with the X-factor. In
addition to having some seasoned veterans, the team
was largely composed of ex-leaguies and ex-soccer
For the first few games, the team’s generosity
towards the opposition in allowing them to score multiple
points was admirable and indeed somewhat endearing.
Similarly, their ‘school of fish’ technique in having all 10
players follow the ball to every ruck, maul and tackle
showed some great adherence to the philosophy of
‘support, support, support’. But these tactics soon
became less desirable and the boys began to play a
more competitive and orthodox style.
Somewhat akin to the Wallabies, the boys were
placed in all manner of positions until things started
to settle down towards the end of the season. We
developed our hard-hitters, dodgers, cover tacklers and
rugby enthusiasts, as well as those who seemed happy
to observe the game at arm’s length and contribute when
they felt comfortable. This style seemed to suit the team
as all boys appeared to enjoy their games.
We were definitely an ‘after-10 team’, playing our
best games after 10am and maximising our abilities on
the warmer Saturdays. That said, our first victory was
in weather that you would probably find in the Scottish
Highlands, and this victory was symbolic of the courage,
effort and never-give-up attitude that the boys played
with all season.
Training seemed to provide a great way to release
much of the energy pent up after sitting in a classroom all
day. Starting with a jog, a stretch and the obligatory game
of bull rush, the boys went through a range of drills. Well
assisted by some dads, the boys liked the tackle bags
the most. It often took 10 minutes to get the bags out
of the shed and onto the field as they threw themselves
on top of them, threw them at each other, tried to stand
on them like barrels or clubbed any unsuspecting teammate with them, usually collecting a mate or two along
the way and ending up in a fit of laughter.
The team was well supported by a band of everfaithful parents. Clapping and cheering every tackle,
every try and, in some of the less memorable games,
every pass, the parents helped create a positive,
supportive and fun culture. As always, the kids loved
having mum and dad watch, with a call of a boy’s name
from his parents always adding an extra burst of energy
to whatever was occurring.
It was my prediction from the first game that this
would be a good team. I was wrong; this was a great
team. If success in rugby is measured in sportsmanship,
enthusiasm, commitment and determination, then it was
also a very successful team. My key goal in coaching
this team was for the boys to learn and to have fun. In
the words of George Bush: “Mission accomplished”.
Ross Whitfeld, Coach
There were plenty of pleasing aspects to the season.
It was great to see the boys’ skills develop from making
one-out runs to great team-based rugby. Some tries
came after strong forward play, when the ball found
its way through the hands out the backline to a flying
winger who went over in the corner!
Our team also had some tricky times this season.
Some teams we played had been together for the last
couple of years, while others had one or two kids who
were a bit bigger and a little intimidating for our guys.
But the boys never gave up, even when the opposition
were running in plenty of tries.
Highlights were regular – a first tackle, first run, or
even first try. Perhaps the finest ‘first try’ effort was in
the last game against the Harlequin Barbarians. It had
been a very ‘competitive’ game and the Blues were
attacking the opposition try line. The ball was advanced
closer and closer until, in true rugby fashion, almost the
entire team got behind the ball-carrier to push him over
for a well deserved try.
Other highlights always seemed to be half-time (when
the oranges came out) and full-time (when the lolly bag
went around). It was also great to see the smile on a
player’s face when he was awarded the Player of the
Week trophy. All the boys seemed to have at least one
great game in them this year, which was well recognised
by the coach.
Many thanks to all the parents for getting the boys to
training and games, especially on those cold Saturday
mornings and that extra-special, cold, wet, muddy day
at Bantry Bay! And the biggest thanks must go to coach
Ross, who introduced many boys to the skills of the game
they play in heaven, and always remained patient while
doing so, even when the boys really deserved a rev-up!
It was a really rewarding season for all involved and
it’s been great to see the team’s improvement. Next
year will hopefully see the boys capitalise on the skills
they learned with the U8 Blues.
Ben Elvy, Manager
age group reports
Sean Southwell, Co-coach
The U8 Maroon team had a very enjoyable year of
rugby under the committed guidance of coach Ryan
Blieden. We were lucky in that we retained about half
our playing roster from last year’s team and the bulk of
the new boys in the team were school friends, so the
team quickly bonded really well as a group.
As the first full year of tackle rugby, U8s is always a
steep learning curve, but our team showed right from
the start they were ready to get stuck into the task. It’s
only when you now reflect on where they were at the
start of the season, that you realise how far the boys
have progressed in just a few months.
In a season marked by quite a few wash-outs, the
team had some impressive wins - times when everything
just clicked for us. I remember a couple of times
marvelling at how we had simply blown our opposition
off the park - with relentless ‘go forward’ from the pack
and some amazing stepping by the backs.
Overall the year was one of mixed success. In the
games where we did not come out on top, most were
keenly-fought tussles against very well-drilled opposition.
A number of times, after letting things slip in the first
half, the boys took stock and came back to win the
second half.
A highlight of the season for many was competing
in the Harlequins Cup gala day, which was very well
organised and enjoyed by all. The boys got some
invaluable experience playing against teams from both
inside and well outside our local competition. Although
we did not quite get into the semis, we played much of
our best rugby of the season against some really tough
opponents, without a great deal of luck.
It was very heartening this year to see the enthusiasm
of not just our team, but also the parents. We always had
a number of dads at training to help out, which was very
much appreciated by coach and manager. A big thank
you to coach Ryan, who worked tirelessly throughout
the year for the team. He has a wonderful rapport with
the boys and is developing into a great coach. Last
but not least, well done to all the boys, including the
ring-ins from time to time. I have no doubt everyone is
looking forward to another year of rugby in 2011. Go
the Harlequins!
As the first full year of tackle
rugby, U8s is always a steep
learning curve, but our team
showed right from the start
they were ready
AKA the Mighty Whities! 2010 was again another
highly enjoyable and rewarding season for all involved
with this wonderful bunch of young men. The Mighty
Whities achieved wonderful things both on and off the
rugby field.
As far as results go, the ledger of wins v losses
certainly stacked up into a positive balance. One of
only two defeats was suffered in the Harlequins Cup
when the Manly Roos took the trophy with a 3-tries-to-1
victory in the Final. However, as a completely biased and
one-eyed supporter, I think it necessary to note that the
Roos fielded a team comprising the best players from
their entire age group. Our boys competed very bravely
on the day and only narrowly fell short.
It was very pleasing to observe the team’s skills
continue to flourish. Their ability to recycle ball and
maintain possession was well above expectations at
this age. Their understanding of the basics enabled
the team to play an extremely positive style of rugby.
As with all good rugby sides, the players come in all
shapes and sizes, with each member contributing his
own special skill, such as:
– Running straight
– Tackling around the legs
– Scoring length-of-the-field tries
– Helping a team-mate up after a heavy tackle
– Asking “Can I kick off?” with monotonous regularity
– Complimenting parents on the half-time oranges
– Managing to fit four jelly snakes into their mouths
–Sharing abovementioned oranges and snakes with
little brothers and sisters
The season and character of this team can be
summarised in one simple story. As the season’s end
was fast approaching and the ‘no-try nudie run’ loomed
heavily for one of our stars, all seemed to be going to
plan as he burst through the opposition defensive line.
However, just as the try line came into view, so too did
a speedy Newport cover defender. All of a sudden,
disaster struck, and our stocky charger was held up
just short of the line. The nudie run was back on the
table. Should he drop to the ground and place the
ball as coached? Or perhaps pop that miracle ball to
a team-mate? No, stand your ground young man, the
cavalry is on its way – in a flash of maroon, gold, blue
and white, four team-mates arrived to drive him over the
line, planting the ball down for a certain try. The sound
of the ref’s whistle awarding the try brought jubilation
from the sideline and the broadest of smiles from our
boys’ faces. This is why rugby is so rewarding and this
typifies the attitude of the team.
I am sure I speak for all involved when I congratulate
each player on a job well done. Special thanks to all
the parents and families for their endless support. Rest
assured, the future of Harlequins rugby is in very safe
Yours in Rugby
Kieren Bird, Coach
Brendan Foley, Manager
age group reports
Randwick / Easts Wallaroos Gala Day
Saturday 3 July, Nagle Park
This was the first year the Harlequins had entered
a team in this revived Gala Day. We were represented
by an U6 team, and the U8 White team supported
by a few U8 Maroon players (Ethan Blieden, Jeremy
Southwell and Max Grayling) to make a squad of 14.
Kieren, our White team coach, who returned early from
China especially for the event, supported by Ryan,
coach of the U8 Maroons. Luckily we also had the
services of Jack throughout the day, who went straight
from the rugby field to the airport to catch a plane to
Ireland, such is the dedication of the modern-day rugby
player and his entourage!
Undefeated and having scored 90 tries to 21
in the regular Saturday comp, it was always going
to be interesting to see how U8 White performed
against more fancied sides from further afield.
The results were:
v Clovelly
v South Coogee
v Ryde
v Chatswood won 5 tries to 3
won 6 tries to 2
lost 2 tries to 6
drew 3 tries all
So there you have it - we finally lost a game. Against
a very well-drilled Ryde team that plays rugby union on
Saturday and rugby league on Sunday, who all knew their
positions, came up in a line in defence, and ran lines
at angles that our boys hadn’t seen before. Even so,
we defended manfully and it was only in the second
half that they got away from us. A new benchmark
has been set for the players.
Chatswood were also very good, but our boys,
especially Max, were determined not to lose to a side
with a girl in it, even though she seems destined to
make the Wallaroos! All credit to the boys for lifting
themselves for this game after the Ryde loss.
All our boys played well and contributed throughout
the day, as they always do. The photos here tell the story
far better than I could in words. In the end, a fun and
successful day was had by all, and the boys yet again
made us proud!
Brendan Foley, U8 White Manager
Our boys have come to the end of a thoroughly
enjoyable time in Minis and are very excited by the
prospect of graded rugby next year. Ready for the next
stage, they have developed solid skills, as well as an
excellent sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Lots of
our boys told their mates about the fun they were having
playing rugby and our numbers in U9s increased to an
all-time high of 55 players.
Across each of the four teams, our players exhibited
different skills and we hope that individually they each
felt they had something to contribute to their team. The
coaches worked hard to ensure they developed great
teams, not teams with individual stars. This contributed
greatly to the achievements of each team and their
enjoyment of the season.
The U9s developed a good work ethic and respect
for the rules and officials, on and off the field. We
focused on some basic techniques, both in play and at
training, to lay a solid foundation for next year. Effective
tackling, cleaning-out at the breakdown, catching and
passing, and decision-making when going into contact,
were some basic areas that we instilled to ensure their
development and love of the game continues. No-one will
forget the cries of “clean out, clean out” from a certain
coach with a booming voice on the sideline at the King
of the Hills gala day!
We all wondered how the teams would perform when
the coach was removed from the field half-way through
the season, but like typical 9-year-olds they rose to the
occasion and most took to the added responsibility with
aplomb, especially once they had some confidence and
knowledge under their belt. They proved they could
conduct themselves competitively, constructively and
in the right spirit.
All four teams were highly regarded within the
competition and also developed a healthy rivalry with
each other. A consistent approach to the development of
all teams meant the selection of the team to represent the
club at the King of the Hills gala day and the Harlequins
Cup gala day was a tough one for the coaches. We
were able to field strong squads due to the abilities of
the players and the cooperation of all the coaches, and
thanks to all the hard work, we enjoyed success at both
gala days. This was the result of constantly reinforcing
the basics at training, going through the same
drills and repeating the advice on game day
– all of which may seem very repetitive, but
it worked for the U9s in 2010.
And of course, nothing works without
a good manager and a good organiser!
Kristen Gallacher, U9 White
age group reports
The U10s competition is the first year of graded
football, the first year of contested scrums, line-outs
and kickoffs, and the first year of playing on a full-length
field, so the transition from Minis to Juniors is a step
into the unknown for the players, parents and coaches.
Looking back, 2010 was a great year for our U10s.
However, at the beginning of the season, while always
hopeful, we didn’t think it would pan out as well as it did.
We started with 47 players, 14 new to the club, including
11 newcomers to rugby. With such large numbers, and
with the knowledge gained from the experiences of those
in previous years, we decided to have the boys graded
by independent selectors. This made the transition
easier on all involved, more transparent for the parents,
and helped the boys by putting them on an even keel
to grow and develop their skills and really enjoy their
footy. It would be fair to say we got it right overall and
the process helped lay the foundations for the season,
contributing to our success.
There were many highlights for the three teams, but
there were three notable events for the age group as a
whole. The first came about early in the year when we
took a squad of boys to represent the club as Guard of
Honour for the Waratahs v Sharks Super 14 game at
the Sydney Football Stadium. Many of the boys hadn’t
played rugby before and some hadn’t been to a Super
14 match before. They made an appearance on the
Fox Sports channel with Rod Kafer and to see their
excitement was priceless.
The second event was the school holiday activities
sessions run in July. This was opened up to the U9s as
well and the boys who participated got a big kick out
of the session run by celebrity trainer Shannon Ponton
from The Biggest Loser TV show.
U10E scrum – just mind my feet boys!
The third was being a significant part of the club’s
biggest ever event – hosting 40 teams at Old Reub
Hudson on Grand Final day at the end of August.
Finally, it was very satisfying to have all three teams
make it to the Finals, with two teams winning their
Grand Finals.
For the U10s age group this season, the game of
rugby itself was the big winner. The way the players
conducted themselves, in the spirit of the game, is to
be commended. Good work boys and keep it up. Thank
you to the coaches, managers and everyone who helped
out through the year, but most importantly thank you to
the boys for their efforts, and to their parents for making
them available to play. I hope to see you all next year.
Blithe Robinson, U10 Age Group Manager
U10E - Liam and Ryan on the fly!
U10A - Premiers for 2010
U10A Gold
U10E Maroon
A well-drilled side. Gold were undefeated this season.
11 players made the U10s Representative Development
Squad for Manly Juniors Rugby Union. The rep squad
competed in the two-day state gala weekend in July
at Pittwater Park and were undefeated, with only 10
points scored against them over the entire weekend.
The Gold team also took a squad of 12 players to the
annual sevens tournament at T G Milner Field hosted by
Marist Brothers Eastwood. Again the boys came away
undefeated. The benchmark for next year has been set.
Clappy’s Heroes. The Maroon team largely comprised
players new to the rugby experience, along with a few
notable club veterans. To see the transformation of these
boys was just amazing. The expression ‘like herding cats’
comes to mind when you look back at their focus at the
beginning of the season, but the boys soon gained an
understanding of how to achieve success by working
as a team. To finish as Minor Premiers, then go on to
win the Grand Final, was a great success story and a
wonderful achievement.
U10B Blue
Seasoned campaigners. Always had a challenge on
their hands after finding themselves in B division, where
all their opposition teams were their respective club’s top
graded team. They found their feet by Round 5 and went
close to winning the Minor Premiership. Lost narrowly in
their Preliminary Final, just missing the chance of being
Grand Finalists, but all the players should be very proud
of their achievements this season.
age group reports
Once again this team of talented young footballers
defied all odds, with an emphatic Grand Final victory
against a Roos team that had beaten them twice out of
three games this season. Anyone who witnessed our
GF would have been very impressed by the Harlequins
courage and determination, epitomising the boy’s attitude
this season. The referee told me after the game that he
was very impressed with both team’s discipline and
talent, and he thought it was an outstanding display of
rugby for this age group.
After many post-mortems by very proud parents and
coaches, we decided the most outstanding attribute of
this team is their mateship and camaraderie. Training
was a special time for the boys as they had a chance to
catch up with their mates for a laugh and a great time,
much to the chagrin of their coaches, who at times
nearly burst a blood vessel trying to get their attention.
The team is characterised by a very strong pack
of forwards, with probably the finest front row in the
competition. Complementing the forwards was an
outstanding backline full of talent, speed and courage.
Many of the boys had to learn new positions; we even
had boys who had never played a game before, so it
was a steep learning curve for all involved, but it was
very satisfying to see these boys achieve. We had great
depth and many boys covered at least two positions,
sometimes three or four.
Parents always play a large role in the success of
any schoolboy team. The U11A parents are all are very
U11A Grand Final line-up
passionate about the boys and always willing to help
out in any way they can. There was never any trouble
getting information circulated, even at late notice. Many
families will walk away from this year with the Harlequins
with many more friends than they arrived with.
A big thank you to all involved for a fantastic season,
especially those who helped touch judge, set up playing
fields, carry water, help on BBQ or shop, transported
kids (their own and those of other families), provided
medical assistance, brought electrical tape, refereed
trial games, picked up cones or just cheered loudly…
in the face of the opposition!
To Andrew Sidery, who worked tirelessly and
without complaint in organising and managing all
the communication – thanks mate, it was very much
Dave Tonkin & Tim Herbert, Coaches
What a season! What a great group we had this year.
Some of our players were veterans of Harlequins footy,
while others were in their first year of playing rugby, with
four boys venturing over from the world of rugby league.
It gave us a really great mix of experience, enthusiasm…
and an opportunity.
A big thanks to a great group of supportive parents
who were dedicated to ensuring we were always on
time, that we always had drinks for half-time, and that
there were plenty of jelly snakes to go around at full-time.
While we occasionally provided a few of our guys to
bolster the numbers for the Gold team, we were mostly
able to settle players into regular playing positions and
watch as they increased their skills through the season.
This saw us win more then we lost, and rack up the
occasional big win. Of note was our ‘hang in there’
defence, ensuring no team did too much damage to
us on the scoreboard.
We were defeated in a tough game in the Minor
Semi-Final, the highest-placed B team in the competition.
Well done!
We look forward to seeing all the boys back again
next season - bigger, faster, keener and stronger.
This was a challenging year for the boys. The U11s
started the season with that perennial dilemma – too
many players for two teams, but not enough for three
teams. Our first couple of games in the U11Ds saw us
borrowing players from other Harlequins teams (thanks
boys!) to help make up the numbers and avoid having
to forfeit. This meant sometimes running on with less
than a full team, as well as never really getting to train
as a team. Nonetheless, in true Harlequins style, the
boys tried their hardest and played with intensity and
with smiles on their faces.
It soon came to light that Manly Roos had an U11E
team also low on numbers. After a brief discussion
and in the true spirit of rugby, the two teams combined
to form one. Playing in Manly Marlins rep jumpers, a
Barbarians team was entered into the U11D competition.
Coaches from both Manly Roos and the Harlequins
worked together with the boys and new friendships were
established and new team-mates discovered.
Considering these early difficulties and the ongoing
problem of trying to get all the boys together for training,
we generally had a pretty good year. An entourage of
enthusiastic parents on the sideline always ensured the
boys played to their fullest potential. Although we didn’t
win many games, we certainly did enjoy our rugby and
played ‘with style’ every week.
On behalf of the coaching staff, I extend our
congratulations to all the boys (and the parents) on
their enthusiasm and commitment during the season.
We hope to see you all back again in 2011.
Grahame White, Co-coach
Jim Beach, Co-coach
age group reports
The transition from Primary School to High School
inevitably leads to some boys pulling out of rugby, and
unfortunately we lost three players from the U11A Platewinning side, including that team’s winner of the George
Smith Award. However, we were fortunate to get three
new players who had moved into the North Curl Curl area.
Our Harlequins team has always battled larger
opponents and this season was no exception, with the
teams above us in the table having boys more physically
mature. As such, our game plan was to try and play a
wide, expansive game, relying on our greater mobility
and numbers at the breakdown.
At the start of the season, despite losing five boys to
the St Augustine’s U12 school side, we patched together
a squad from the As and Bs, plus some of last year’s U12
side, to participate in the annual Armidale Tournament
hosted by the TAS School. The boys played well above
their weight in the top division and had a great time, and
it was a great way for them to refresh their rugby skills.
The season was punctuated by long periods of
wet weather, resulting in washouts of both training and
games, which made it hard to adequately prepare the
boys for matches. We finished equal 7th in a 12-team
competition, which was about where we deserved to
be. Highlights for the season were our tight win over
Wahroonga (our first ever) in the wet at Old Reub Hudson;
the character shown by the boys and the quality of rugby
played against a massive Hunters Hill side; and also
against eventual premiers Chatswood, when we only had
15 players against their 20. Lowlights were the loss to
Newport in the Finals; our inconsistency; the challenge
of getting enough players available to play in games
scheduled in the school holidays; and the weather!
Award-winners for the season were Cameron
Signorini (George Smith Award), Kai Stuart (Team Player)
and Calum Druery (Most Improved). Isaac Smith also
deserves a mention for his strong performances during
the season, and Ben Pickering a mention for his attitude
and commitment to the team. I hope all the boys enjoyed
their season, as I have, and come back next year. I
would like to thank my co-coaches, Richard Trapp and
David Lind, for all their help and work over the season.
Doug Signorini, Coach
2010 started with some old blood, some new blood…
and a lot of sweat at training as we made sure the team
was at least fit enough to take on the season.
A third of the team was new to Harlequins, with a
couple of boys not having played the game before, but
we faced these challenges and moulded a team that
went from strength to strength.
We certainly had some great talent, with a good
mix of speed and skill, plus some grunt up front, but
we were a little lacking in depth at times when needing
to cover absences. It’s a testament to the boys that,
although we transferred to a lower division in the early
part of the season, they kept improving with every game
and kept trying. Their reward was a number of wins and
some close results that could have gone either way.
They made the Finals and had the opportunity to go
through against Burraneer for the second time in a few
weeks. Although they came up short in the end, they
more than matched the opposition in most ways, and
substantially diminished the margin on the scoreboard
from their previous outing.
To their credit, as always, these young Harlequins
showed great determination throughout the year. They
dramatically improved individual skills and formed
a strong team attitude. In spite of the complicated
structure of training and coaching, and the original varied
composition of experience, the boys approached their
challenges with the right attitude, overcame obstacles
and, importantly, enjoyed the game and each other’s
company as they went in to battle together to play this
great game we all love.
Sun Sui, when he coached the Beijing First 15,
wrote that a war isn’t won in a single battle, nor a team
formed in single season (just ask Robbie Deans!), but
that a good side is made when they all fight together
for the sake of each other. The Harlequins U12s Blues
formed a good team this year; hopefully they will enjoy
making it a great team next year.
I for one will enjoy watching them as much as the
Peter Irvin, Manager
age group reports
This year’s U14A competition started with 8 teams,
but by round 4 both Dee Why and Lane Cove had
dropped out of the comp. Dee Why could not field a
whole team and approached us to consider a merger,
but with over 40 players across our Gold and Blue teams,
we were unable to do so.
The competition was truly played out by four teams
- Harlequins, Newport, Chatswood and Mosman - with
every game a hard-fought battle and scores reflecting
how evenly matched these four teams were. We had
a very large group of boys in the U14s and there was
quite a bit of movement between the two teams as we
both tried to field our strongest teams.
Of course, rain dogged us all season and match
fitness is always a challenge when dealing with three
washouts in a row. From an injury perspective, we fared
well relative to last year, with a broken foot in round one
and a couple of flu victims, but all else good. Our boys
put in a valiant effort against Mosman in the Major SemiFinal, but were outplayed on the day.
The skills learnt this year are evident in the maturity
of the boys in understanding and predicting the run of
play and responding accordingly. Phil Reber and Scott
Gourley continue to educate the boys well in the rules
of safe rugby and, most importantly, sportsmanship and
player conduct, of which we are very proud.
Special thanks must go to the Coram, Kaplan, Evans
and Cronin families for their touch duties and willingness
to assist.
The plan for 2011 is an end-of-season tour to Fiji,
with all the families tagging along for moral support.
Next year also commemorates 10 years that some of the
boys have been playing rugby together and the tenure
of Phil and Scott as coaches.
Well done boys.
Mary Gourley, Manager
U14A Semi – Erik freeds it to the back
U14A Semi – Will takes it up himself
Well what a season we had! As the boys came
together for another season, some old familiar faces were
welcomed back and an even bigger welcome given to our
new players. This year the U13s joined up with the U14s
to form a team and we had an extraordinary outcome.
The boys welcomed new coach Karl Trask, who
came to us with a wealth of rugby under his belt. Karl
unleashed a side of the boys we had not seen before.
He connected so well with them and immediately won
their respect, starting a journey filled with many great
memories they will keep forever.
This season saw our boys go through some very
tough times, but their show of camaraderie was amazing
and brought them all very close. We suffered a few early
injuries, which saw a couple of the boys out for most of
the season, leaving them on the sideline each week to
cheer on their mates and deliver water when needed.
We managed to make our way to the Semis, only
to be knocked out by Mosman. Even then the boys still
managed to smile and enjoy the game of rugby. They
consistently showed great sportsmanship through the
season, which was commendable and enjoyable to
watch and be a part of.
Although we struggled with the many washouts, the
boys always stepped up, even with no pre-game training
on board, and gave their all every match.
A trip to Fiji is in the pipeline for next season, which
should be a lot of fun and another amazing experience
for the boys.
A very warm and heartfelt thanks to Karl for all
his dedication and hard work, to all the families from
both the U13s and U14s for turning up each week for
training, travelling to all the games, helping with canteen,
BBQ and touch judging, and of course for supporting
a wonderful club.
Stay safe through the summer and see you next year.
Pip Candrick, Manager
U14C Ross I’m comin’ through
age group reports
The second full year of the combined HarlequinsRaiders started with the usual games of Dads v Sons
touch at Passmore Oval one Sunday afternoon.
Exceptional skills were again on show from the old
blokes. Unfortunately, summer activities had not helped
the fitness and the moments of brilliance were shortlived and nowhere near enough to compensate for
young legs. Even Gabe O’Shea’s liberal interpretation
of the rules didn’t help. However, commitment was not
the problem, with the old men throwing themselves
around to salvage some credibility with no thought of
self-preservation, Pizzie Senior breaking his shoulder
diving low to his right, and hamstrings going all over
the place. But enough about the dads.
The real boys were in great touch, starting from
where they left off last season and playing some great
footy. You wouldn’t know from watching that they were
two separate clubs just on a year ago, with all boys
mixing together well - a real credit to the coaches who
have worked so hard to make these joint teams work.
Thanks to Dave Duke, the boys played the second
half of the season in a combined jersey - Harlequins on
the front and Raiders on the back - which completed
our transition from two separate clubs to one squad.
By the time we had played our trials against Newport
and Forest, it was clear we wouldn’t have the numbers
to field three teams. After losing 17 players and only
gaining three, the squad dropped to around 40 players,
so we opted for two teams, one in the A comp and the
other in the B comp.
With some early injuries to key players, a couple of
new players, and quite a few of the old crew putting on
some serious size over summer, the A side was looking
quite a bit different to last year. The composition of the
A comp was also looking different, with an increase in
the number of teams to 10 and the inclusion of teams
from the Western and Southern Zones, which made
things interesting. Dave Duke was back coaching with
Gabe O’Shea.
After a great lead-up, the team was brought back
down to earth with a first-up loss to Hunters Hill, playing
nowhere near their best footy.
The second round surprised everyone; the boys
really fired up against a massive Merrylands side, more
than holding their own and scoring some great tries and
putting in some desperate defence. Troops were down
with a line-up of injured on the sideline, so we had to
ask one of our brave U14s to take the field and he was
immediately in the thick of it, taking an earth-shattering
hit from the kick-off, but fighting on. The game of the
year went from end to end, with both teams swapping
tries, until we received a penalty right on full-time, which
was kicked to seal the game.
The next game against Norths (Manly Roos) was
tight, although not the result we were looking for as we
went down 22-0, but our forwards looked really good.
A run of three good wins followed, then the rain set in
and two rounds were washed out.
The rest of the season had its ups and downs, with
good wins over Dural and Wahroonga, and losses to
Merrylands and Norths. Unfortunately the season ended
prematurely with a disappointing Semi-Final loss to Hills.
Overall, a good year, with a number of players really
improving and all players enjoying themselves. Next year!
The U15B team started the year with a strong line-up
of players and a familiar coaching combination of Crispy
and Clarkey. When the U15s were rationalised to just
three 10-team comps, our boys were promoted to the
B comp and had a big job ahead of them.
As with the A team, some of the new players really
improved and played some great rugby, with most games
going down to the wire. Early wins against Lindfield
and St Ives were promising, but were followed by six
straight losses, leaving the team at the wrong end of
the competition table come Semi-Final time.
Despite finishing 9th, the introduction of the Plate
competition meant their season wasn’t over. The first
Semi was against 10th-placed Norths, who had got the
better of us a few weeks earlier, with a little help
from their A side. It was great to turn the tables
and get one back with a big win, progressing to
the second week of the Finals with a trip down
south to play Oatley. Another great win from the
boys and they were on a roll, one game away
from the Plate GF. Unfortunately, despite a great
start against Lindfield, they just couldn’t hold on,
going down narrowly.
Thanks to all the boys and their coaches.
Andrew Gourley, Age Group Manager
Glad I’m not the ball!
age group reports
At first glance, it may not seem that the Harlequins
U16s share much in common with the Wallabies.
However, upon closer analysis:
– both are capable of moments of brilliance
– both can struggle for consistency
–both can turn commanding leads into
devastating defeat
We are contacting Robbie Deans to form a support
The U16s had a disappointing season results-wise,
especially given some of the talent in the team. However,
the results belie the fact that the boys often played
some very good and exciting rugby, being dubbed
‘The Entertainers’ by some. We consistently challenged
some of the better teams for long periods. We led most
games at some stage, but didn’t finish off, letting the
opposition back into the game before storming home
late, yet coming up just short. At the time of writing, this
is also somewhat similar to the Marlins in recent games.
One of the on-field season highlights was leading
the competition finalists for the first half when we were
down to 13, and then 12, players.
Due to illness and injury, numbers were an issue.
Although we were only short once, we often played
without reserves. At least there were no complaints
about lack of game time in the U16s. Several players
played all of every game, sometimes injured, putting in
an outstanding effort.
The season nadir was a horrible 10 minutes in which
30 unanswered points were conceded. To put this in
context, the rest of the game was a draw, and apart
from that 10 minutes we were competitive. This was
one area in which we were consistent – sleepy time at
some stage!
The U16s are a great group of young men. Off-field
activities feature highly and team members can usually
be counted on to form a group to whatever band event
is occurring across Sydney. Friendships have been
formed between those who would not otherwise have
met. The boys had their first outing to the Harbord
Hilton (alcohol-free) and their behaviour was exemplary,
receiving several compliments from staff and patrons.
(The coaches and managers were sure it would have
been rather different in their day).
Perhaps the best measure of this team is that, in
an age group where participation was sometimes an
issue, we welcomed five new players to the team, and
players sought by other clubs preferred to play with the
Harlequins. Sometimes results aren’t everything. It’s a
good team to be a part of.
Patrick Rodgers, Coach
Karl goes straight over the top
U16 pre-match Huddle
Aaron gets it away
You can’t catch Johnny
for the record
1 Jack Arnold
2 Jesse Dixon
3 Kai Garlick
4 Jack Grattan
5Oliver James
6 Sophia Ratcliffe
7 Zachary Reid
8Nicholas Walsh
9 Billy Ward
10 Samuel Ward
11 James Wathen
12 Finley York
1 Harry Austin
2Eli Brady
3 Finn Currie
4Ewen McBean
5 James Morrisey
6 Will Phillips
7 Thomas Porter
8 Jack Walker-Powell
9 Max Westbury
1Lucas Bennett
2 Tom Bridgewood
3 Jack Colbran
4Oliver Cummins
5 Finnegan Hearn
6 Paddy Hearn
7 George Lawson
8 Will Meakin
9 Tom Sawyer
10Daniel Ward
11 Harry Whiston
1Darcy Bowen
2Nicholas Clancy
3 Cooper Cohen
4 Ben Di Staso
5 Cohen Ferguson
6 Flynn Grady
7 Joshua Hagen
8 Finlay Hagen
9 William Kelaher
10Oisin McKay
11Nicholas Reeve
12 Flynn Simpson
1 Angus Beaumont
2 Jesse Blaikie
3 Josh Clark
4Logan Cortis
5 Ben Kennedy
6 Jed Langby
7 Max Poynton
1 Tom Arnold
2 Jason Dobes
3 Joshua Eakin
4Daniel Mallender
5Luke Nieuwenhof
6 Koby Paull
7Oscar Smith
8 Jed Walsh
9 Scott Walters
10 George Ward
1 Griffin Bamford
2 Anton Callow
3Lachlan Canham
4 Myles Davidson
5 Samuel Greenland
6 Thomas Jarrett
7 Hugo Jeffery
8 Matthew McGuire
9 Samuel Rankin
10 Jed Walsh
11Ethan Williams
1 Kai Dene
2 Ryan Elvy
3 Rory Keary
4 Jackson Mooratoff
5 Zac O’Gorman
6Lachlan Pietor
7 Harry Prowse
8 Justin Schmidt
9 Rory Smyth
10 Zeke Whitfeld
11 Joshua Withers
12 Sonny Wood
1Ethan Blieden
2 Harrison Bright
3 Conor Fagan
4 Maxwell Grayling
5 Cooper Hatvany
6 Kelsey Ingram
7 Zac Lawler
8 Vincent Miller
9 Riley Roebuck
10 Jeremy Southwell
11 Axel Spriggs
12Luca Thompson
1 Clancy Bird
2 Adam Eglesz
3 Gabriel Foley
4 Charlie Forsyth
5 James Gow
6 Sam Heaton
7Oliver Little
8 Jed Putaansuu
9 Jack Reid
10 Caleb Ripley
11 Harrison Stewart
12 Teddy Wilson
1Lachlan Bamford
2 Patrick Canham
3Langi Gleeson
4 Corey Grace
5 Jodicea Hau
6 Matthew Lewis
7 Archie Macmillan
8 Flynn Martin
9 Matthew Palome
10 Ben Porter
11 Gilbert Pybus
12 Campbell Richardson
13Liam Riggs
14Oscar Simons
1 Paddy Bamford
2Oscar Blaikie
3 Jack Clancy
4 Boston Cortis
5Ethan Dickey
6 Tasman Forest
7 Harry Hall
8Noah Perego
9Nicholas Sidery
10 Harry Smyth
11 Kai Spriggs
12Declan Suttie
13 Ky Williamson
1 Aidan Campbell
2 Josh Cuddy
3 Jared Edelman
4 Billy Franks
5 Peter Hapeta
6 Mitchell Hardaker
7 Thomas Latu
8 Zac Lowery
9Lewis Milner
10 Sam Newlinds
11 Josh Reid
12 William Satalic
13 Josiah Tea
14 Max Von Appen
1 Harry Andrew
2 Joshua Blank
3 Jordan Dixon
4 Tom Douglas
5 Benjamin Gallacher
6Liam Grady
7 Carter Harris
8 Rory Keeping
9 Jack Kennedy
10 Max Lowry
11 Angus McBean
12Luke O’Shannessy
13 Jacob Ratcliff
14Edward Waddington
1 Blake Beveridge
2 Joshua Cox
3Ethan Cutler
4 Max Douglas
5 Robert Grant
6 Mitchell Lockie
7 Freddy Lussick
8Dylan Martin
9 Matthew Melhuish
10 Jacob O’Sullivan
11 Campbell Robinson
12 Ben Walsh
13 Brian Walsh
14 Jack Walsh
15 Harry Wilson
1 Will Abbey
2Lachlan Batton
3Noah Blake
4Luke Ellis
5Lachlan Foster
6 Samuel Hansen
7 Gabriel Harris
8Liam House
9Daniel Jackson
10 Flynn Morgan-Smith
11 Aiden Pashley
12 Jake Reid
13 Campbell Robinson
14 Kyle Spiteri
15 Sam Stevenson
16 Tom Troy
1Nicholas Albertini
2 Patrick Boyle
3 Timothy Brigden
4 Charlie Clapp
5 Tom Cullen
7Lachlan Foster
8 Zac Fulton
9 RyanHamilton
10 Connor Hearn
11Dylan Heckenberg
12 Harrison Hoffman
13Daniel Jackson
14Levi Moger
15 Jonah Putaansuu
16 Taj Ralph
17 Callum Stiggants
18 Maxwell Stiggants
19Dylan Sullivan
1 Jakson Andrew
2 James Boland
3 Justin Brown
4 Mitchell Chalmers
5 Benjamin Douneen
6 Thomas Flower
7 Ben Gleeson
8 Tyson Head
9 Thomas Herbert
10 William O’Shannessy
11 Jack Perkins
12Luke Ratclifff
13Noah Richardson
14 James Roach
15 James Sidery
16 Harry Tonkin
17 Harry Waddington
1 Rory Adams
2 Mitchell Beach
3 Ben Blakeney
4 Jake Burgman
5 Samuel Cryan
6Ethan Fairlie-Sutton
7 Travis Jolley
8 Patrick Kiely
9 Hamish Lennon
10 Sebastian Liell-Cock
11 Ciaran Macmillan
12 Thomas McGregor
13 Jackson Millard
14Ethan O’Neill
15 Samuel Porter
16Nathan Rowley-Bates
17 Trent Settree
18 Cadel Sumner
1 Flynn Barnard
2 Seamus Clarke
3 Brandon Dobes
4Nick Doyle
5 Jack Edwards
6Noah Kelly
7 Connor Lowe
8Dominic Mackenzie
9 Jordan Marks
10 Jack Montague-Jones
11 Harrison White
1Daniel Ashley-Wilson
2 Spencer Brown
3 Jordan Burmeister
4 Calum Druery
5 Mitchell Edelman
6 Cameron Foley
7 Keegan Lind
8 Samuel Lowery
9 Kristofer Martyn
10 Harrison Mayhew
11 Benjamin Pickering
12 Harry Pietor
13 Thomas Pizzie
14Nason Pybus
15 Harley Ross-Webster
16 Cameron Signorini
17 Isaac Smith
18 Matthew Stirrat
19 Kai Stuart
20 Joshua Trapp
1 Cooper Anderson
2 Matthew Bavin
3 Jimmy Broadbent
4 Mitchell Edelman
5 Zachary Harvey
6 Joshua Holmes
7 Thomas Hoy
8 Ross McKinlay
9Lachlan Moyes
10 Zac Murray-Irvin
11Elliot Nash
12 Tobias Pack
13Drew Preece
14 Zane Ralph
15 Cooper Roebuck
16 Tom Smyth
17 Jack Stewart
18 Zac Tilley
19 Jarad Travers
20 Isacc Williams
1 Soane Alamoti
2 Ross Bacon
3 Samuel Coram
4 William Cronin
5 Andras Eglesz
6 Samuel Evans
7Elia Faatui
8 Henri Gourley
9Dylan Grant
10 Jonte Kaplan
11Nathan Lucas
12 Paul Maiolo
13 Jeremy Myers
14 Mitchell Osborn
15 Jayden Reber
16 James Reid
17Erik Rodgers
18 Harry Sherwood
19 Charlie Smith
20 Zac Von Appen
21 Scott Williams
1Erik Ah-Kam
2 Ross Bacon
3Lachlan Beattie
4 Jacob Beton
5 Fraser Bullock
6 Jesse Cahalan
7 Matthew Candrick
8Nicholas Dobrijevich
9 Corey Fehily
10 Henry Ferguson
11Nelson Graham
12Daniel Hayman
13 Cameron Hines
14 Austin Kirby
15 Adriaan Knaap
16 Matthew McDonald
17 Jack Riley
18 Jackson Roebuck
19 Matthew Saunders
20 Ben Sawyer
21 Calvin Simpson
22 Harry Stretton
23 Angus Waddington
24Nicolas White
1Ellis Abrahams
2 Mitch Beattie
3 Bradley Clarke
4 Samuel Duke
5 Ryan Farrell
6 James Gourley
7 William Gulliford
8 Rohan Hedge
9 Harry Hyslop
10Nathan Kira
11Dan Koopman
12 Jamie Mason
13 Craig McMurrich
14 Isaac O’Shea
15 Sean O’Sullivan
16 James Pizzie
17 Jonathon Ross
18Liam Routledge
19Liam Ryan
20 Bradley Spasojevic
21 Jacob Watts
22 Scott White
1Dan Agius
2 Rohan Arneil
3 Mitch Beattie
4 James Bernasconi
5 Jake Booker
6Dylan Chant
7 Bradley Clarke
8Liam Cormack
9 Tom Crisp
10 Talan Doyle
11 Patrick Flakelar
12 Calvin Galloway
13 Ryan Greves
14 William Gulliford
15 Rohan Hedge
16 Shane Leviton
17 Jack Lo Russo
18 Michael Martin
19Oscar Mason
20 Isaac O’Shea
21Liam Routledge
22 Joshua Stacey
23 Tom Stano
24Dylan Sutherland
25 Marc Taylor
1 Tim Beale
2 Joshua Buckingham
3 James Delgaty
4 Jonathan Eade
5 Jack Gibbon
6 Riley Graham
7 John Grant
8 Matt Harradine
9Declan Hewton
10 Jarrad Hines
11 Jack Hislop
12 Phillip Keyzer
13David Li
14 Aaron Lucas
15Lucas Mailey
16 Karl Rodgers
17 Adam Spiteri
18 Corey Warne
19 Jack Wheatley
20Dylan Whitehair
21 Jayden Whitehair
No of
for the record
Manly Representative Players
Joshua Cox
Ethan Cutler
Maxwell Douglas
Robbie Grant
Mitchell Lockie
Freddy Lussick
Dylan Martin
Mathew Melhuish
Jacob O’Sullivan
Campbell Robinson
Harry Wilson
Jak Andrew
Ben Douneen
Thomas Flower
Jack Perkins
Luke Ratcliff
Noah Richardson
James Sidery
Harry Tonkin
Harry Waddington
Jordan Burmeister
Elia Faatui
Sam Lowery
Harrison Mayhew
Nason Pybus
Cameron Signorini
Isaac Smith
Henry Ferguson
Matt Saunders
Cyprus Tutunoa
Zac Von Appen
Soane Alamoti
Sam Coram
Will Cronin
Andris Eglesz
Sam Evans
Henri Gourley
Jonte Kaplan
Nathan Lucas
Paul Maiolo
Mitchell Osborn
James Reid
Erik Rodgers
Charlie Smith
Scott Williams
Mitch Beattie
Sam Duke
Ryan Farrell
James Gourley
Rohan Hedge
Craig McMurrich
James Pizzie
Jon Ross
Brad Spasojevic
Jake Watts
Scott White
MJRU Reps 2010 - U10 Gold Harlequins Players
Manly JRU - Junior Referees
Minis (Saturdays)
Juniors (Sundays)
14 current Harlequins
players refereed a total of
121 games this season.
3 current Harlequins
players and 1
ex-Harlequins player
refereed many games
this season.
Will Cronin
Patrick Flakelar
Cameron Foley
Henri Gourley
Matt Harradine
Daniel Hayman
Jonte Kaplan
Adriaan Knaap
Nason Pybus
Jayden Reber
Harry Sherwood
Ollie Signorini
Nic White
Scott Williams
Harlequins 2010 Premiers
Life Members
Harlequins U10A
Harlequins U10E
Harlequins U11A
Michael Harradine (2006)
Chris Hedge (2009)
Peter Bowers
Hamish Ferguson
Rohan Hedge
Shane Leviton
honour board
Coach of the Year: Minis
Rob Gallacher and Matt Dixon (U9 White – Joint Winners)
Coach of the Year: Juniors
Karl Trask (U14C)
Manager of the Year
Blithe Robinson (U10 Age Group Manager)
Supporter/s of the Year
Signorini family
Player Awards
George Smith
(Best & Fairest)
Team Player
Most Improved
U10A Gold
Harry WilsonDylan Martin
Mitchell Lockie
U10B Blue
Will Abbey
Flynn Morgan-Smith
Aiden Pashley
U10E Maroon
Ryan Hamilton
Charlie Clapp
Tom Cullen
U11A GoldLuke Ratcliff
Harry Tonkin
Ben Gleeson
U11B Blue
Ciaran Macmillan
Jackson Millard
Rory Adams
U11D Barbarians
Jordan Marks
Jack Edwards
Seamus Clarke
U12A Gold
Cameron Signorini
Kai Stuart
Calum Druery
U12D Blue
Zac Tilley
James BroadbentLachlan Moyes
U14A GoldErik Rodgers
Jayden Reber
Paul Maiolo
U14C Blue
Ross Bacon
Ben SawyerDaniel Hayman
U15A Harlequins-RaidersDan KoopmanLiam Ryan
Mitch Beattie
U15B Harlequins-Raiders Jack Lo RussoDan Agius
Tom Crisp
U16 Gold
Jack Wheatley
Jonathon Eade
Jarrad Hines
10-Year Badges
5-Year Badges
Lachlan Beattie
Oscar Blaikie
Jack Boyle
Mitchell Brennan
Justin Brown
Jake Burgman
Joel Burgman
Caleb Cambridge
Lachlan Challender
Charlie Clapp
Hayden Cox
Cameron Currie
Liam Davidson
Tom Dodd
Mitchell Edelman
Samuel Evans
James Fogarty
Bailley Frost
Benjamin Gillespie
Samuel Hansen
Connor Hearn
Harry Herbert
Thomas Herbert
Declan Hewton
Ben Hickey
Ethan Hughes
Ryan Jones
Zachary Kennard
Hamish Lennon
Billy Leonard
Thomas Lewis
Sebastian Liell-Cock
Keegan Lind
Samuel Lowery
Felix Lush
Danyon Pages
Noah Perego
Benjamin Pickering
Thomas Piggott
Benjamin Powe
Gilbert Pybus
Taj Ralph
Jake Reid
Campbell Richardson
James Roach
Hamish Robertson
Campbell Robinson
Ben Sawyer
James Sidery
Nicholas Sidery
Harry Smyth
Declan Suttie
Joshua Trapp
Harry Waddington
Brian Walsh
Harry White
Nicolas White
Timothy Williams
Matt Harradine
Adriaan Knapp
Liam Routledge
Dylan Whitehair
Jayden Whitehair
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