HP 3PAR F-Class and T-Class Storage Systems

HP 3PAR F-Class and T-Class Storage Systems
HP 3PAR F-Class and T-Class Storage Systems
Family data sheet
HP 3PAR Storage Systems are designed to deliver enterprise IT as a resilient
utility service in order to drive agility and efficiency in enterprise-class, virtual,
and cloud data centers.
Today’s growing number of virtualized and cloud-ready
environments host unpredictable application workloads—
where capacity growth and workload demands are
largely indeterminate, resistant to forecast, and can peak
and trough without warning. HP 3PAR Storage Systems
address existing demands while helping you consolidate
storage environments flexibly. The next-generation
HP 3PAR Storage Systems impart improved storage
and power utilization, greater scalability, and simplified
storage administration for the virtualized data center.
While the HP 3PAR F-Class makes an ideal midrange
storage platform, the high-end HP 3PAR T-Class offers
powerful array-based virtualization, delivering enterprise
IT as a utility service. With their distinct architectural
advantages, thin hardware capabilities, interoperability,
uncompromised availability, and superior performance,
HP 3PAR Storage Systems revolutionize utility storage for
both midsized and enterprise-wide deployments.
HP 3PAR T-Class Storage Systems
Are you looking for enterprise storage designed for
virtual and cloud environments?
HP 3PAR T-Class Storage Systems are designed to
deliver enterprise IT as a utility service simply, efficiently,
and flexibly. T-Class arrays feature a tightly coupled
clustered architecture, secure multitenancy, and mixed
workload support to fuel enterprise-class virtual and
cloud data centers. The use of unique thin technologies
reduces acquisition and operational costs by up
1, 2, 3
to 50 percent,1 while autonomic management features
improve administrative efficiency by up to tenfold.2 The
HP 3PAR Gen3 ASIC in each of the system’s controller
nodes provides a hyperefficient, silicon-based engine
that drives on-the-fly storage optimization to increase
capacity utilization while delivering high service levels.
T-Class arrays are built from the ground up to enable an
agile and efficient response to the changing business
needs present in today’s demanding data centers.
HP 3PAR F-Class Storage Systems
Are you looking for midrange storage that doesn’t
force compromises?
Midrange storage customers are often asked to
compromise on scalability and availability because of
budgetary constraints. Consolidation and virtualization
initiatives place demands on storage that traditional
midrange arrays are not designed to meet. Purchasing
premium-priced monolithic arrays is one solution to this
dilemma, but it is not always an economically viable
option. HP 3PAR F-Class Storage Systems overcome
the limitations of midrange arrays, offering the same
pioneering HP 3PAR Architecture, Mesh-Active controller
technology, secure multitenancy, and mixed workload
support as HP 3PAR T-Class Storage Systems, but in a
scaled-down, quad-controller-capable array.
Purchase 50 percent fewer systems.3 Reduce capacity,
power, cooling, and floor space by up to 75 percent.4
Increase administrative efficiency by up to tenfold.5
Your results may vary—all without compromising
performance, scalability, or availability.
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HP 3PAR Thin Guarantee flyer, http://h20195.www2.hp.com/V2/GetPDF.aspx/4AA3-4015ENW.pdf
Using HP 3PAR Thin Provisioning software, http://h18006.www1.hp.com/storage/solutions/3par/technologies.html#tt
Key features and benefits
Increase business agility
•Massively scalable, dynamically tiered, multitenant
HP 3PAR arrays—part of the HP Converged Infrastructure—
enable clients to overcome the inflexibility and high
costs of IT sprawl so that resources can be shifted
away from operations and toward innovation and
strategic initiatives.
•Rapid, autonomic provisioning capabilities enable
enterprise clients to reduce new project deployment
windows and time to market for new applications
and services.
•Autonomic service-level optimization through the
use of optional HP 3PAR Dynamic Optimization
and Adaptive Optimization software delivers the
agility to react quickly to changing application and
infrastructure requirements without the need for
active management.
•HP 3PAR Thin Provisioning software (optional) enables
the instantaneous deployment of new applications and
provisioning of new clients without depending on the
traditional storage purchasing cycle.
•Secure multitenancy supports the use of optional
HP 3PAR Virtual Domains software (the first and only
storage hypervisor-like technology on the market) to
deliver customized, secure, and even “self-service”
storage to multiple internal or external customers.
Reduce total cost of ownership for storage by up to
50 percent
Calculate your potential savings from migrating your
current storage systems to HP 3PAR systems, using our
Savings Calculator. Click here to check your savings…
•Advanced internal virtualization, wide striping, and
mixed workload support reduce physical capacity
purchases, storage footprint, power usage, and
cooling needs without compromising performance.
•HP 3PAR Gen3 ASIC, with Thin Built In technology
inside every controller node, has the ability to drive
silicon-based thin conversion to reduce legacy storage
capacity requirements and reclaim allocated-but-unused
capacity to maintain enhanced capacity utilization.
•Optional HP 3PAR Thin Provisioning software reduces
capacity waste by allowing clients to purchase only
the disk capacity as and when they actually need it for
written data.
•The storage systems work with optional HP 3PAR
Virtual Copy software, a reservationless, copy-on-write
thin technology, to reduce the capacity associated
with frequent disk-based snapshots and create virtual
copies that can be mounted and used instantly.
•Fast RAID 5 boosts RAID 5 performance to
within 10 percent of RAID 1 but with significantly less
capacity overhead; fast RAID 6 (RAID MP) delivers
enhanced protection while maintaining performance
levels within 15 percent of RAID 106 and with capacity
overheads comparable to popular RAID 5.
Increase administrative efficiency by up to tenfold
•The HP 3PAR Inform Operating System software, which
runs on all HP 3PAR arrays, provides dramatically
simplified autonomic provisioning and management to
relieve administrators of tedious manual administration
and reduce the potential for error.
•The HP 3PAR Thin Provisioning software (optional)
does away with array planning by enabling
administrators to provision storage just once for the
lifetime of an application.
•The simple, unified HP 3PAR Management Console and
an extremely powerful and scriptable command-line
interface (CLI) offer industry-leading ease of use, including
the ability to configure multimode, multisite disaster
recovery in minutes.
•Integration with HP CloudSystem and HP BladeSystem
Matrix provides a simplified way to provision and scale
storage for public and private cloud environments.
•HP 3PAR Dynamic Optimization software and
Adaptive Optimization software (optional) enable
HP 3PAR systems to meet service-level changes
autonomically, without active management.
Storage performance improved 24-fold, backup times reduced by
75 percent, storage footprint consolidated by 66 percent, and storage
administration time cut by 90 percent—find out how we made history
on Wall Street with the HP 3PAR Storage System:
Green Storage, http://h18006.www1.hp.com/storage/solutions/3par/technologies.html#gs
Technical specifications
HP 3PAR T-Class Storage Systems
HP 3PAR F-Class Storage Systems
Drive description
Large form factor (LFF) Fibre Channel/SATA/solid-state disk (SSD)
LFF Fibre Channel/SATA/SSD
Drive type
300 GB 15k Fibre Channel
600 GB 15k Fibre Channel
1 TB 3G 7.2k LFF SATA
2 TB 3G 7.2k LFF SATA
100 GB SSD
200 GB SSD
1,280 maximum, depending on the model
None included
300 GB 15k Fibre Channel
600 GB 15k Fibre Channel
1 TB 3G 7.2k LFF SATA
2 TB 3G 7.2k LFF SATA
100 GB SSD
200 GB SSD
384 maximum, depending on the model
None included
800 TB raw
Maximum, depending on the model
None included
384 TB maximum, depending on the model
None included
Host interface
4 Gb Fibre Channel (128) ports; or 1 Gb iSCSI (32) ports
Maximum, depending on the model
None included
4 Gb Fibre Channel (24) ports; or 1 Gb iSCSI (16) ports
Maximum, depending on the model
None included
Type and number of disk
(32) HP 3PAR 40-drive chassis
None included
(24) HP 3PAR 16-drive chassis
Maximum, depending on the model
None included
Drives per enclosure
Maximum, depending on the model
96 GB data cache maximum,
depending on the model
24 GB data cache maximum,
16 GB control cache maximum,
depending on the model
Storage controllers
(8) HP 3PAR Dual-core 2.33 GHz T-Class Controller Node
Maximum, depending on the model
(4) HP 3PAR 2.33 GHz F-Class Controller Node
Maximum, depending on the model
Compatible operating systems
Microsoft ® Windows® Server 2008
Microsoft Windows Hyper-V
Oracle Enterprise Linux
Citrix XenServer
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
Egenera PAN Manager
NetApp Data ONTAP
ONStor EverON
Oracle Solaris
VMware ESX and ESXi
SSH is supported for CLI. HP 3PAR InForm CIM API and SNMP are also supported.
3-year parts, 3-year labor, 3-year onsite support
The total package—software
HP 3PAR InForm Operating System software: HP 3PAR InForm OS comes installed on the HP 3PAR Storage System. The HP 3PAR InForm OS includes a collection of advanced
internal virtualization capabilities to increase storage efficiency and reduce administration time.
HP 3PAR Peer Motion software: With HP 3PAR Peer Motion, customers can load-balance I/O workloads across systems at will, perform technology refresh seamlessly,
cost-optimize asset lifecycle management, and lower technology refresh capital expenditure.
HP 3PAR Thin Suite software: A suite of three software titles that increase efficiency and cut costs based on the HP 3PAR Gen4 Thin Built In ASIC, allowing storage to start thin,
get thin, and stay thin. Thin Provisioning is an autonomic and efficient software solution that enables you to start thin by purchasing capacity only as your applications truly
require it for written data. Thin Conversion converts traditional “fat” volumes to thinner, more efficient volumes, so data can get thin. Thin Persistence keeps data thin over time by
deleting unused and stranded capacity, allowing storage to stay thin.
HP 3PAR Dynamic Optimization software: Aligning application requirements with data quality-of-service (QoS) levels on demand, HP 3PAR Dynamic Optimization software is an
autonomic storage tiering tool that allows nondisruptive distribution and redistribution application volumes across tiers.
HP 3PAR Adaptive Optimization software: The HP 3PAR Adaptive Optimization Software takes a fine-grained, highly automated approach to service-level optimization.
Policy-driven, granular data movement takes place autonomically, providing highly reliable, nondisruptive, cost-optimized storage tiering at the subvolume level to deliver the right
QoS to the right data at the right time on a large scale.
HP 3PAR System Tuner software: Maintaining peak performance without impacting service levels or changing pre-existing service-level characteristics such as RAID level,
HP 3PAR System Tuner Software autonomically and nondisruptively detects potential bottlenecks and hotspots then rebalances volumes.
HP 3PAR Virtual Copy software: Built on thin copy technology, HP 3PAR Virtual Copy software is a reservationless, nonduplicative snapshot product that allows you to
affordably protect and share data from any application.
HP 3PAR Remote Copy software: Built on thin copy technology, HP 3PAR Remote Copy software delivers a solution that dramatically simplifies remote data replication and
disaster recovery in one of the most flexible and cost-effective ways possible.
HP 3PAR GeoCluster software: HP 3PAR GeoCluster software provides an automated disaster recovery solution for HP 3PAR Storage Systems, reducing administration and
recovery times in a Microsoft Windows environment.
HP Cluster Extension software: This solution protects against system downtime with automatic failover of application services and read/write enabling of remotely mirrored
storage over metropolitan distances.
HP Serviceguard: Increase uptime in HP-UX environments with HP Serviceguard support for Metrocluster and Continentalclusters synchronous replication and automated
failover for rapid recovery.
HP 3PAR Recovery Manager Software: Available for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and VMware vSphere, Recovery Manager software provides rapid,
efficient online backup and recovery for these major business applications.
QuickSpecs URLs
HP Factory Express
HP Factory Express provides customization and
deployment services along with your storage and
server purchases. You can customize hardware to
your exact specifications in the factory—helping to
speed deployment.
Customer technical training
We offer a variety of training courses on storage
software, networking, archiving, and disk storage
systems. Our classes are available in many delivery
modalities—from traditional instructor-led courses at
one of our 80 training centers worldwide to online and
onsite training.
HP Financial Services
HP Financial Services provides innovative financing
and financial asset management programs to help you
acquire, manage, and ultimately retire your HP solutions.
HP Services
Tap into the HP support services advantage, backed by the strategic
and technical know-how of our consulting experts—for a single
source solution that makes the most of your investments. Depending
on your individual support requirements, choose from three levels of
care that cover the entire lifecycle to better address your needs:
Optimized Care: delivers better performance and stability through
deployment and proactive management practices
HP 3PAR Storage System Installation and Startup Service 3-Year
HP Critical Service OR
HP Critical Advantage Level 3 with additional 60 CA flexible credits*
Optional related service: HP Storage Data Migration; HP Enhanced
Implementation Service for SANs; HP 3PAR Storage Assessment Service
Standard Care: maintains a high level of uptime, along with expert
help to cut the cost and complexity of implementation and support
HP 3PAR Storage System Installation and Startup Service
3-Year HP Proactive 24 Service OR
HP Critical Advantage Level 2 with additional 30 CA flexible credits*
Optional related service: HP Storage Data Migration; HP Enhanced
Implementation Service for SANs; HP 3PAR Storage Assessment Service
Basic Care: Minimum recommended support
HP 3PAR Storage System Installation and Startup Service
3-Year HP Support Plus 24
Plus, 30 Proactive Select credits
Optional related service: HP Storage Data Migration; HP Enhanced
Implementation Service for SANs; HP 3PAR Storage Assessment Service
For more information, visit www.hp.com/services/storage.
Redefining storage solutions for enterprise clouds and for midrange enterprises
To learn how HP 3PAR Storage Systems can help your business cut costs,
visit www.hp.com/go/3PAR.
* For storage used by business-critical applications running on virtualized and
x86 infrastructures: If none of our support recommendations meet your needs, we
can tailor a service solution for your unique support requirements. Only HP brings
together deep expertise, proactive and business-critical support, and a strong
partner network—plus, a full set of infrastructure services designed to power a
converged infrastructure.
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