IBM Endpoint Manager for Core Protection

IBM Endpoint Manager for Core Protection
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IBM Endpoint Manager
for Core Protection
Device control and endpoint protection designed to
guard against malware and loss of sensitive data
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Deliver real-time endpoint protection
against viruses, Trojan horses, spyware,
rootkits and other malware
Protect with methods including file and
web reputation, behavior monitoring, personal firewall, data loss prevention and
device control
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Enforce security policies using integrated
data loss prevention and device control
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Provide virtualization awareness to reduce
resource contention issues on virtual
Leverage industry-leading IBM and Trend
Micro technologies with a single-console
management infrastructure
While the ever-increasing volume and frequency of malware attacks pose
ongoing challenges for protecting endpoints and preventing the loss of
sensitive corporate data, these are not the only dangers. The speed of
attacks has increased significantly, which enables attackers to take advantage of exploits immediately after discovery. In addition, intentional or
inadvertent data losses occur daily due to poor enforcement or lack of
awareness of existing data security policies.
Organizations are typically careful to implement measures to protect
themselves from attack and data loss, but these measures can often be part
of the problem, as they create complex layers of sprawling point products
that cannot respond quickly enough.
IBM® Endpoint Manager for Core Protection provides organizations
with an automated and easy-to-use solution to ensure protection of sensitive data and guard against malware before it can exploit vulnerabilities.
From a single console, it provides protection functions such as malware
detection and removal, file and web reputation, personal firewall, data loss
prevention and device control.
Enhanced protection for distributed endpoints
This IBM solution protects physical and virtual endpoints from damage
caused by viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, rootkits, web threats
and their new variants. It reduces the business disruptions that can result
from endpoint infection, identity theft, data loss, network downtime, lost
productivity and compliance violations.
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Email reputation
Smart Protection
File reputation
Web reputation
IBM Endpoint Manager for Core Protection stops threats before they arrive by checking files, URLs and emails for malicious potential in real time.
Endpoint Manager for Core Protection provides security
for both fixed, network-connected endpoints and roaming,
Internet-connected endpoints. Constant, agent-based monitoring proves to be an effective way to combat the extreme vulnerability of roaming endpoints. A laptop used in an airport, for
example, can receive anywhere, anytime, cloud-based protection
from threats lurking on websites it visits or files it receives.
Endpoint Manager for Core Protection cross-references
threat information with a large, cloud-based database created
by Trend Micro and continuously updated via Trend Micro’s
Smart Protection Network. The solution checks files and URLs
against this database for malicious potential in real time, in
addition to delivering anti-malware protection to Mac and
Windows endpoints as needed.
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Safer, smarter protection designed to
reduce risk
●● ●
Key to the solution’s success is its ability to work at multiple
levels of threat protection, including stopping threats at the
source, before they arrive at the endpoint. Blocking infections
at the source using IP, domain and web reputation technologies
can prevent malicious files from being downloaded to the
endpoint and preserve bandwidth. Blocking at the source also
eliminates the need to scan these files on the device, which
preserves computing resources. Endpoint Manager for Core
Protection, for example, can scan URLs in email messages,
check them against databases of known threats and block access
if appropriate. Such front-line measures build on other capabilities that protect infrastructure and endpoints against attacks
as they are delivered. The result is that in recent independent
testing lab results, Endpoint Manager for Core Protection
consistently scores significantly higher than competitors in
malicious URL blocking, phishing-based URL blocking, and
end-to-end detection.1
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Endpoint Manager for Core Protection capabilities include:
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Superior malware protection: The solution guards against
the full range of malware, scanning emails and Microsoft
Outlook folders to protect endpoints on or off the network
against viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware and new
variants as they emerge, and automatically cleaning infected
File reputation monitoring: Querying up-to-the second
data in a cloud-based database, this feature can determine
the safety of a file and prevent users from opening infected
documents. It reduces both the amount of management
effort required and the impact of protection on endpoint
●● ●
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Web reputation monitoring: This feature automatically
determines the safety of millions of dynamically-rated websites to protect endpoints against web-based malware, data
theft, lost productivity and reputation damage. It provides
real-time protection regardless of connection type.
Behavior monitoring: The solution identifies suspicious system activities such as the use of flash memory to change the
registry, blocking the activity to prevent potential damage.
Integrated data loss prevention: An optional data protection add-on helps protect confidential data by enabling organizations to enforce security policies in a manner that allows
users to access sensitive data for their jobs but not misuse or
lose that data.
Granular device control: Included with the data protection
add-on, this feature monitors physical ports on endpoints
and allows the organization to enable or disable ports based
on device type and content-aware scanning restrictions.
Additional protections can be applied to restrict access by
removable USB storage devices.
Security optimized for virtual desktop infrastructures
(VDI): The solution isolates control of desktop environments
to streamline management, consolidate resources and extend
the life of existing hardware.
Virtual patching against zero-day threats: Shielding
vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, the solution
protects endpoints and saves the cost of emergency patching.
Easy deployment and management: Endpoint Manager for
Core Protection shares the same single IBM Endpoint
Manager console for heightened visibility and greater
control—and helping reduce help desk and IT costs by
simplifying deployment and updates.
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Security that fits the organization
Endpoint Manager fits the needs of growing and evolving
endpoint environments. Forward-looking technologies such
as desktop virtualization and cloud-based services that enhance
speed and simplify deployments while reducing operational load
are significant features of the solution.
●● ●
An innovative graphical user interface allows administrators to easily understand their protection status and identify endpoints that are at risk.
Simplified endpoint management with
enhanced visibility
From a single console, Endpoint Manager for Core Protection
can enhance management with complete visibility to all endpoints. It simplifies and centralizes management for physical
and virtual endpoints and supports task delegation with
granular, role-based administration.
●● ●
Utilizing the Endpoint Manager infrastructure delivers
increased protection through policy enforcement to ensure that
anti-virus services are always installed, running and up to date.
Organizations can realize operational efficiencies with the centralized single console, and lower management and distribution
server costs with the tremendous scalability provided by the
IBM solution.
Virtualization awareness: For initiatives transitioning
desktops and laptops to virtual machines, the IBM solution
provides protection by automatically recognizing whether an
agent is on a physical or virtual endpoint. If virtual, it takes
steps to avoid problems such as “anti-virus storms” in which
scans running concurrently on large numbers of machines
can bring networks and endpoints to a halt. Instead, the
solution serializes scans and updates to prevent conf licts.
It also shortens scan times by white-listing base images
and previously scanned content. Endpoint Manager for
Core Protection integrates with the organization’s existing
virtualization solutions, including Citrix, VMware, and
Microsoft, to enhance return on investment for ongoing
virtualization projects.
Lightweight footprint: Endpoint Manager for Core
Protection liberates resources with cloud-based capabilities
for both security deployment and management. In a conventional solution, the large signature updates required to keep
up with the growing numbers of threats can lengthen deployment, overburden endpoints and impact user productivity.
With the IBM solution, signatures in the cloud reduce the
burden on individual endpoints.
IBM Software
Data Sheet
Why IBM?
configuration management, asset discovery, inventory, software
distribution, operating system deployment, software usage
analysis, compliance reporting and more. The single Endpoint
Manager console is used to manage all of these capabilities,
including those provided by Endpoint Manager for Core
Protection. This comprehensive solution provides a holistic
view of the organization’s endpoint security posture.
In today’s interconnected, instrumented and intelligent world,
where the complexity of endpoint management and the importance of security are constantly on the rise, Endpoint Manager
for Core Protection delivers up-to-the-minute endpoint
visibility and protection. This easy-to-use solution can
detect and remove the full range of malware before it exploits
endpoint vulnerabilities, through protection functions such
as file and web reputation. Additionally, integrated data loss
prevention and granular device control help protect against
data breaches and meet compliance objectives while controlling
operating costs.
IBM Endpoint Manager for Core Protection at a glance
Server requirements:
Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2012
IBM DB2® Workgroup Edition v10.1
Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008/2012
Red Hat Enterprise Linux v6.3
Organizations can realize significant value by deploying
additional products from the Endpoint Manager family, beyond
Endpoint Manager for Core Protection. For example, malware
attacks typically target unpatched vulnerabilities. Endpoint
Manager provides comprehensive patch management capabilities for delivering patches from a full range of operating
system and application vendors to distributed endpoints. This
capability can shorten times for delivery of patches and updates
with no loss of endpoint functionality, even over low-bandwidth
or globally distributed networks.
Console requirements:
Microsoft Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7
Supported platforms for the agent:
And the broader Endpoint Manager solution addresses the
convergence of system management and security requirements
by delivering capabilities for vulnerability management, security
Microsoft Windows XP 32- and 64-bit, Vista 32- and 64-bit, Server
2003 32- and 64-bit, Server 2008 32- and 64-bit, 7, 8, and Embedded POSReady 2009 32- and 64-bit
Mac OS X v10.5 – v10.9
Virtualization support:
Microsoft Virtual Server, Windows Server, Hyper-V Server
VMware ESX/ESXi Server, Workstation and Workstation ACE, vCenter, View
Citrix XenDesktop, XenServer, XenApp
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