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Product Information Sheet
Ross Root Feeder
Tree Care Products
• Deep feeding system specially designed to
water and fertilize below the surface where the
active roots grow
• Ross Root Feeder can be used with both Easy
Gardener and Ross brand fertilizer refills
• Delivers food, nutrients and water directly to
the roots for immediate results
• Results in healthy, fast growing trees, shrubs,
fruit and nut trees, and evergreens
• Watering below the surface protects trees
against drought and cold stress
• No water evaporation
Ross Root Feeder feeds and waters trees at the
roots where they need it most.
• Eliminates the mess, hazards, and smells of
sprays and granules
• Convenient and effective
How to Use • For best results use the Ross Root Feeder in the spring, plus during hot, dry summers
and autumn growth.
• Connect a garden hose to the Root Feeder, and insert the feeding tube into the soil
around the dripline.
• Fill the fertilizer chamber with the appropriate fertilizer and let water flow through to
the roots.
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