Alpine | WIN676 | Instructions / Assembly | Alpine WIN676 Instructions / Assembly

Trouble Shooting & Caution
Assembling & Using Your Product
Unpack all components carefully. Please check to ensure all parts
have been removed from the packaging. Some splashing may occur.
If you have any questions and/or problems, please contact the retail store you
purchased this fountain.
If your pump fails to run
Connect the vinyl tubing to the water pump from inside the
fountain top. Adjust the flow control to the lowest setting to
avoid splashing until the fountain is completely assembled.
Feed the LED light strand through the center of the fountain
base. Connect the LED light strand to the transformer.
Place the fountain top on to the fountain basin.
Gently pour water into the fountain, being careful not to
overflow and cause splashing. Make sure the water completely
submerges the pump and the water runs clear during operation.
Plug the transformer and pump cord into your local power
supply. Make sure that there is no water around the transformer
and always keep the power source in a dry place.
o NOTE: We recommend that you use distilled water to
prevent scale build-up. The first time you operate the
pump it can take up to 5 minutes for the air to be
completely expelled and water begins to flow properly.
If your pump “spews”
 Check the water level to make sure the pump is completely submerged and there if
enough water in the basin to operate your fountain. Not having enough water will
cause your pump to spew
If your pump is making abnormal loud noises
 Disconnect the pump from the electrical power supply and remove the front cover &
Carefully grip the impeller and gently pull the impeller/rotor assembly out of the pump
Rinse the impeller/rotor assembly and clean the cavity with clean water. If breakage
or damage is found, contact your local retailer for part
Fountain Care
Check the circuit breaker or try a different outlet to make sure the pump is receiving
electrical power.
Check the pump discharge and tubing for any kinks and/or obstructions
Any buildup obstructing the water flow can be flushed with a garden hose
Check the rotor by removing the front cover & plate to access the impellor area. Turn
the rotor and make sure that the rotor is not jammed or broken
We recommend to use Alpine’s all natural cleansing formula toeliminate foam, lime
scale and calcium buildup, fight mineral deposits, leave water crystal clear, help
prevent staining, remove organic contaminants and treat discolored water. This
formula will help prevent pump damage due to hard water build up.
i. For small sized fountains holding water up to 7liters of water, we
recommend Alpine Item # PPL100
ii. For larger sized fountains holding water over 7liters of water, we
recommend Alpine Item # PPL102
iii. For more information please visit
o Always unplug the pump from the electrical outlet before
cleaning & handling
o Uses with clean water only, do not place the fountain and/or
parts in any other liquid.
o Periodically change water & clean the pump to keep free from
o Disconnect and store the unit in a dry place if not in use for an
extended period of time
o Do not operate with water above 90°F or 30°C
o Do not lift, carry or pull the pump by the power cord
o Do not exceed the maximum voltage & wattage on transformer
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