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Limited Warranty Information
Thank you for choosing an Alpine product! We aim to please with our wide range of products
including Fountains, Birdbaths, Statuary, Pond Supplies & More. All of our products are constructed
from the highest quality materials. In the event that we have not achieved our usual standard of
excellence, we will repair or replace, at our discretion within the warranty period. A valid proof of
purchase with the purchase date clearly indicated must be provided. Photos of defective
merchandise will also be required to help distinguish the actual cause of the defect. Please read
below for a detailed description of warranty coverage.
Water Damage
Alpine products are not manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures. Improper
storage that allows water to freeze within a product may cause damage, is considered
negligence and will not be covered under this warranty. The use of “hard water” and/or
caustic cleaners can affect the painted or other finishes. Failure to keep the unit clean and
use of such additives/cleaners will also void the warranty. Please note: for fountains, it is
normal for some splashing to occur and protecting the immediate surfaces is not the
responsibility of Alpine Corporation
Paint & Color (Retention and/or Loss)
The use of water will cause natural erosion to the color. This area can be touched up
using standard paint. The paint is designed protect the entire finish against breakdown of
color. As with any product, all finishes with time will gradually fade and discolor. The
warranty will only cover against severe or complete fading within the first year from date of
purchase with the above exclusion.
Should a warranty/claim be needed, you should contact the retailer from whom you
purchased the product. If that not an option, you can contact Alpine Corporation at When contacting Alpine Corporation, you must be prepared to
show proof of purchase, provide photographs and any other information needed to
validate your claim. This may be necessary to distinguish between a partial or complete
replacement of a defective product. The warranty does not cover any items with multiple
parts; the warranty will ONLY cover the individual component of the unit/item that may be
defective. Replacement parts can be made available to a consumer through the original
selling party, or an approved parts retailer. If this is not an option, contact our customer
service department.
Not Covered Under Warranty
The limited warranty will NOT cover cases of damages due to
1. Damages caused in Transit
2. Inadequate care and/or neglect
3. Environmental and/or natural elements
4. Immersion in water, unless specified
5. Improper Installation/Storage and/or Maintenance
This warranty is void if the product has been damaged by accident, misuse, negligence, improper
installation and/or modifications have occurred. This includes any and/or all defects arising out of
freezing water damage, hard water damage, failure to keep the unit clean and free of harmful
additives such as bleach, chlorine, etc…. which affects the paint and/or parts. This warranty also
does not cover any additional charges or installation, removal, disposal and/or shipping costs or
consequential damage associated with any warranty claim
Buddha Fountain w/ LED
lights Replacement Paint
Assembling & Using Your Product
Unpack all components carefully. Please check to ensure all parts have been
removed from the packaging. Decide on a suitable location, bearing in mind that
the paint may stain.
Base Coat Paint – 1
Thinner – 1
Red Paint – 1
Brown Paint – 1
Varnish – 1
Brush – 1
Step 1: Please use the thinner to dilute the base coat paint with a
proportion of one to one (1:1).
Step 2: Apply the first coat with the base coat paint. Make sure
the paint is completely dry before moving onto the next step.
Step 3: Apply the second coat of red paint. Apply as much as
needed. Make sure the paint is completely dry before moving onto
the next step.
Step 4: Apply the third coat of brown paint. Apply as much as
need. Make sure the paint is completely dry before moving onto
the next step.
Step 5: Please use clean distilled water to dilute the varnish with a
proportion of 2:1 (2 parts water for one part varnish).
Step 6: Apply a clean even coat all over the newly painted
section. Allow the varnish to completely dry before putting your
fountain back outside.
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