Dura-Trel | 11124 | Use and Care Manual | Dura-Trel 11124 Use and Care Manual

Use and Care Guide
Dura-Trel, Inc. products are made of a vinyl plactic and are virtually maintaince free. However, our
product can become dirt from being exposed from atmospheric conditions. A heavy rain or a garden
hose should clean the product well. If neither rain or a hose does a staisfactory job, just follow the
easy instructions below.
1. Get a bucket of warm, soapy water. We recomend 2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap per 1 gallon
of warm water.
2. Use a soft, white cloth and scrub down the stubborn dirt or stains.
3. We do not recomend using any abbrisive cleaners or brushes. It may damage the vinyl plastic.
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