PaperCut NG - Print Monitoring and Control

PaperCut NG - Print Monitoring and Control
The world’s simplest and most cost effective copy and print software:
account and charge for all copies, prints and more the easy way
your entire copy and print fleet from a single, centralised web admin interface
for charging students and visitors or billing for staff, shared accounts and clients
quick and easy self service access via log-in, account code or ID card
responsible use of your copy and print resources via rules and restrictions.
Enables organisations of any size to manage their
entire multifunctional device and printer fleets using
a single, low cost software solution.
How it works
PaperCut-MF works by intercepting and capturing all printer
management and reporting is handled centrally from within
usage (secure print release or direct printing methods) at the
print server level. Copies can be accounted for, or charged as
interpreted by either our embedded connector or 3rd party
Intuitive and easy to use
TCP/IP terminal.
PaperCut-MF is regarded as the simplest system of its type
to deploy and manage. System administrators have full
Usage is typically calculated on a cost-per-page basis with
access to advanced administration and configuration
options available for colour, page size and duplex. In a
options via a familiar, simple web interface.
business environment, PaperCut is often set to ‘silent mode’
where only managers are made aware of usage and cost via
Highlights include:
password protected real-time activity reports.
WEB based user interface
Directory level integration
In a school or tertiary environment, students are typically
Auto scheduling of quota/credit
provided a quota or self managed debit account. Copying and
Auto user account creation/rights
printing is then charged from these funds. Staff typically bill
One-click access to activity reports
jobs to a user and or shared (department or faculty) account
User self help, management & reporting
based on their access rights. All account and device
Windows, MAC, LINUX, UNIX version support
Why PaperCut-MF?
Flexible deployment
PaperCut-MF supports both common and many manufacturer
PaperCut-MF can be combined with self service pay-
specific printing standards ensuring you are not restricted from
stations to provide users with the ability to deposit funds
features or functionality. All major operating systems including
into their PaperCut account in an automated and real-time
mixed environments can be supported.
manner. Pay-stations are a commonly used method to
deposit smaller cash amounts. Pay-stations may be utilised
in tandem with cashless Payment Gateway options.
automatically importing user and group information from
Windows Active Directory, Novell eDirectory and other LDAP
Payment gateway (e-commerce solutions)
based authentication methods, thereby reducing overheads
Users may use PaperCut-MF to transfer funds from a 3rd
and encouraging the practice of a single sign on approach.
party funding source using the self service WEB facility.
Web based administration
PaperCut-MF provides administration access from any
location on the network via a standard web browser.
End-users have access to a set of web tools that allow them to
track their own activity in real-time, query their account
balance, view transactions, and transfer credit to fellow users.
The end-user interface is fully customisable (look and feel).
Top-up/pre-paid cards
PaperCut- MF can use ‘top-up cards’ to provide a convenient
way (just like pre-paid phone top-ups) for organisations to
issue credit to users in a user-pays environment. It provides a
simple alternative to manual account management or costs
self service cash loaders.
PaperCut-MF user administration
Automatic user import
PaperCut automatically synchronizes user accounts with
the domain or Active Directory. Import users from:
The full domain or Active Directory
A selected group within a domain
An organisation unit.
Account creation rules
Move to a fully self-administering system by defining rules
to enable PaperCut-MF to automatically create new user
accounts on demand. Define new account properties based
on group membership, including:
Initial credit allocated to new users
Privilege level
Credit allocated daily, weekly or monthly.
PaperCut-MF Copy-Print-Internet Monitoring and Control
Schedule credit/quota allocation
View user details and print history
Give users a budget and control how and how often their
accounts are topped up. Use network groups to define how
additional quota is assigned. For example, allow senior
students to accumulate their allocation while junior students
run on a use it or lose it basis.
Provide selected users ‘administration’ access
Give selected users such as network administrators, teaching
staff, or manager access to PaperCut’s web interface. Use
the easy-to-use web interface to:
Modify users’ account balance and privileges
View a user’s transaction history
View a user’s activity in real-time
Run activity reports.
‘One-Click’ PDF reports
Shared accounts for departments
Grant selected users the ability to charge shared accounts for
departments, cost centers, faculties or projects. Control
access to shared accounts via PINs or network group
Users select the account via ‘pop-up’ client
Detailed logging
Centrally track all the network’s MFDs
Different costs for color or grayscale
PaperCut logs all copy and print activity including document
name, cost, and number of pages and from whom and where
the document originated. Log data is available for online
viewing or download in industry standard formats including
PDF and CSV / Microsoft Excel, allowing additional ad-hoc
Fleet management
The load carried by each MFD is clearly displayed in the
administration interface. IT managers can use this information
to determine where additional MFDs may be required, or
detect MFDs unsuitable for the situation or location.
Define MFD cost
Each individual MFD can have its own costs per-page.
These costs are used to calculate the total cost of each job
that passes through the MFD. So, administrators can charge
more for use of a colour MFD than a black and white one.
PaperCut-MF Copy-Print-Internet Monitoring and Control
Advanced charging
Graphing of activity use
Use the advanced charging interface to charge different rates
Colour vs. greyscale
Different paper sizes
Discounts for double-sided printing
Use price differentiation to encourage the use of double-sided
printing and give end-users the incentive to use the high
volume MFDs for large jobs. Use PaperCut’s advanced
filtering rules to control which documents can be sent to
which MFD.
Modern software design
development concepts such as Service Oriented Architecture,
architecture allows PaperCut-MF to scale to networks of all
sizes ranging from single server workgroup networks to
Optional client software for PC, Mac and Linux
clustered multi-server 60,000+ user networks. SSL encryption
ensures all data is secured at the highest level.
External database support
PaperCut-MF includes the option to run the system on top of
its own built-in database or optionally a 3rd party database
system such as:
Microsoft SQL Server / Express
PostgreSQL Database Server
External database support allows larger organisations to
leverage off existing software infrastructure and backup
Access all features directly from the Ricoh MFD screen
Summary of features:
Cost effective upgrade or migration.
100% web-based admin control from anywhere.
Cross-platform support for both servers and clients.
Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Defined costs per user, MFD or printer
Varied prices for colour, duplex and large format printing.
Print release and secure printing.
Advanced reporting, PDF, HTM, Excel or export routines.
Charge to shared accounts, departments, clients.
Import users and groups.
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