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‘Simple Cable Replacement
In Practice’
Eamonn Walsh
Managing Director
Brainboxes Ltd
Liverpool, UK
Stand 416 Exhibition Hall
• Brainboxes - Who We Are.
• Bluetooth In Industrial, Scientific & Medical Markets.
• Bluetooth As A Simple Cable Replacement:The Issues To Overcome.
• Bluetooth In Real Roll Outs, Right Now.
• Conclusion.
Who We Are ?
• British Company
Liverpool, England
• ISO 9001 registered
since 1994
• Design & Manufacture
• 40% staff in R & D
• Always been I/O card
company providing full
software support.
• PC Serial cards, POS cards
and Bluetooth products
Created Our Own Silicon
• Brainboxes own BB16CF950+
chip partnering the CSR
Bluecore chip for two chip
solution for CF cards.
• Glueless Compact Flash/
PCMCIA interface to
• Lowest parts count, highest
integration, highest
performance and greatest
• Chips available for sale
worldwide. Ideal for
integrating Bluetooth in PDA
& laptops
Brainboxes Targeting the PC After Market
• PCMCIA cards
BL-500 7dBm
• RS232 Adaptor
BL-510 13dBm
• Compact Flash cards
BL-565 14dBm
• USB Adaptor
BL-554 3.5dBm or 14dBm
• RS232 Converter
BL-521 18.2dBm
• Bluetooth Module
BL-730 18.2dBm
• Power output from 3 to
over 18dBm
Yes…Traditional Bluetooth Applications
• Data access for mobile computing device user.
Bluetooth Experts
• One of the few
companies who have
developed their own
Bluetooth Software
• One of only a couple
who have developed
both software AND
Bluetooth For Industry
• Brainboxes - Who We Are.
• Bluetooth In Industrial, Scientific & Medical Markets.
• Bluetooth As A Simple Cable Replacement:- The
Issues To Overcome.
• Bluetooth In Real Roll Outs, Right Now.
• Conclusion.
Bluetooth: The Vision
• At conferences like this, we have seen
Bluetooth portrayed as giving us always on
high speed internet connectivity as we walk,
ride or fly.
• The reality of today is that the basic
Bluetooth technology works but it takes effort
& knowledge to make it work well.
• Bluetooth is not yet ready for the low cost
consumer market, where technical support is
on an individual case basis and is expensive.
Industrial applications
• ISM band -Industrial, Scientific and
Medical users are different to mass
market consumers.
• ISM users are technically savvy
people who are used to working
complicated equipment.
• They need Bluetooth’s wireless
• One time technical support results in
many sales
• ISM users can & will pay a price that
reflects perceived value
Industrial applications.
• Many quantities in the ISM field are
already measured using devices that
provide an RS232 serial output.
• The connection and the data rate
are an ideal match for Bluetooth
making Bluetooth an instant cable
replacement solution.
Simple Cable Replacement
• The Simple Cable we are replacing is usually the
RS232 Serial Cable- some times RS422/485 cables.
• ISM users usually need a simple instant serial cable
• RS232 cables are everywhere in industry:– Point of Sale Applications
– Credit Card reading
– Till Receipt Printing
– Bar code reading
– Medical Monitoring
– Data Collection
– Process Monitoring
– Process Control
ISM Users
• Bluetooth is a ideal for ISM users because:• They have technical know how.
• The things they measure are a good fit for
Bluetooth data rate, etc.
• They usually buy in volume.
• They have problems where radio is the
• They will spend money to solve their problems
The Issues
• Brainboxes - Who We Are.
• Bluetooth In Industrial, Scientific & Medical Markets.
• Bluetooth As A Simple Cable Replacement:The Issues To Overcome.
• Bluetooth In Real Roll Outs, Right Now.
• Conclusion.
The Ideal
• Instant Serial Cable Replacement.
• Ideally a pair of two preconfigured Bluetooth devices
running the Serial Port Profile can just be used to
replace a length of cable.
• However things are not as easy as they seem.
Lessons Learnt
• Communications parameters become an issue
• Unless the Bluetooth device can auto baud, that is
automatically detect and match baud rate, parity
and stop bits then not only do you need some
configuration utility but if the communications
parameters change whilst application is running
then disaster strikes.
• This is not a problem with cables.
• Power Issues:• Bluetooth devices need power.
• Either be mains power or battery power.
• Is there a power outlet convenient for each Bluetooth
• If not then battery power may be the only option.
• Typically cables do not need power to work.
• Battery Issues:• Battery life- power down when not connected to save
battery power.
• Battery life- quick auto connect on power up.
• Battery life- a slow trickle charge is preferable having
to manually replace dead battery.
• Battery: When the battery is dead what happens to
Bluetooth settings?
• Typically a cable does not require battery power
• If the devices are not preconfigured to “just work”
with each other then other issues arise that do not
occur with cables:• Need:– to be able to make device discoverable
– to be able to search for other devices
– a pairing mechanism
– to be able to set security features
• All these issues mean we need a USER INTERFACE to
configure devices.
• Typically a cable does not need a user interface
• If there are several Bluetooth bar code scanners
how do you know which one you have found and
have paired with?
• Need visual or audio indication on devices when
connection made.
• Led to indicate when device is “Paired”
• Led indicates when device is “Connected”
• Or paired device beeps when connection made.
• Need a User interface to show device status
• Typically a cable does not need this
Biggest Issues
• These are just some of the issues of replacing a
• Plus there are all the technical issues of designing in
a Bluetooth radio.
Far too difficult unless you are an RF expert.
• The resources to develop the Bluetooth software
• High accreditation fees of Bluetooth approvals.
Far too expensive unless your volumes are huge.
• The issues seem formidably high.
• Fortunately help is at hand
• Brainboxes have tackled and resolved all these
• Allowing the wider community, who are not, and
who never will be, Bluetooth experts, a turn key
entrance to instant cable replacement.
• All of a sudden the considerable benefits of a
Bluetooth solution, mobility, safety, convenience,
ruggedness, simplicity are available in a $200 “it
just works” pack.
Instant Cable Replacement
• Brainboxes have prepared an instant cable
replacement solving all these issues.
• A pre qualified, fully functional, configurable,
off the shelf solution, with visual indication of
Bluetooth status.
• Totally self contained requiring no external
software drivers
• We have been shipping these for last 9
Instant Cable Replacement
• Brainboxes instant cable replacements are in
several form factors.
• An external add on
• With a cable when antenna placement is an
• A small module designed for
embedding Bluetooth inside devices.
• All are self contained requiring no external
software drivers
Real Roll Outs
• Brainboxes - Who We Are.
• Bluetooth In Industrial, Scientific & Medical Markets.
• Bluetooth As A Simple Cable Replacement:The Issues To Overcome.
• Bluetooth In Real Roll Outs, Right Now.
• Conclusion.
Retail applications.
• Cable Replacement between PDA and belt worn
receipt or ticket printer.
• This printer is on
demonstration on our
Stand #416 elsewhere
in this hall.
• Battery powered
5 feet range
Retail applications.
• Cable replacement between weighing scale, label
printer and back office stock control.
• This Bluetooth enabled
weighing scale is on
demonstration on
our Stand #416 in this
• Mains power, 30feet+
Farming applications.
• Bluetooth enabled cattle
tracking system.
• The cows ear tag- read via
RFID to the hand held wand.
• Bluetooth Module in the
wand transfer data to PDA.
• GPRS or WiFi back to the
central database for real
time update.
• Uses standard Makita
battery pack,
range 150 feet
Class room applications.
• The interactive white
board. A slide projector
and white board all in
• Speaker annotates
slides. Shared in real
time with delegates.
• Now using the
Bluetooth enabled white
board in schools across
the UK.
• Mains power, 150feet+
Industrial applications.
• Power distribution network
• Bluetooth enabled switch gear and line monitor.
• Local
control and
repair of
downed lines
no matter
what the
• Helps save lives
the technician does
not have to climb
the pole to
determine status
Industrial applications.
• Power Isolators are rolling this solution out in
• Mains Powered, Range 50 Metres+ Class 1
Fitness Centre
• Much fitness equipment only generates
power when the user is exercising
• Treat every implementation as an
• Do a proof of concept
• Do a pilot Stage
• Give the pilot system time
• to learn all the lessons• build your own expertise
• Build customers confidence
in the solution steadily, surely.
• Brainboxes - Who We Are.
• Bluetooth In Industrial, Scientific & Medical Markets.
• Bluetooth As A Simple Cable Replacement:The Issues To Overcome.
• Bluetooth In Real Roll Outs, Right Now.
• Conclusion.
• Huge interest for Bluetooth in
Industrial, Scientific and
Medical Markets.
• Starting to see the first
applications move from trials
to roll out.
• Most of this business is using
Bluetooth as an instant cable
For Simple Cable Replacement
• For a compelling solution lots of issues must be
solved. Issues of User interface, visual prompts,
power consumption, data integrity not to mention
expensive and time consuming Bluetooth
• Brainboxes have solved all these issues with a range
of pre qualified, low cost, simple to use, software free
Bluetooth products.
• We have solutions and advice for virtually every type
of cable replacement application.
The Winning Team
Start in the Future
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