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What is It?
SHAKE&SHIP™ is an advanced, superior method of preparing
plants for box shipment.
How it Works?
Why it Matters?
The process begins with top quality, hardy plants, the same
size or larger than the local garden centers offer for sale.
Because of the size of the plant and the weight of the potted
soil, this expertly designed HAKE& HIP™ system allows
the soil to be removed from the roots in a unique manner
that does not stress the plant but rather encourages new
root growth.
Removing a plant from its comfortable growing habitat and
transporting it in a box across the country places an extreme
amount of stress on a plant. The HAKE& HIP™ method
minimizes these pressures. This new and different approach gives
the plant a much higher survival rating.
A nutritious gel is then applied to the roots, feeding the plant
for 14-21 days, plenty of time for it to become acclimated to
and thrive in its new environment.
Who Designed It?
Horticultural experts and landscape
specialists all played a role in the design of
the exclusive HAKE& HIP™ system.
When is it Used?
A plant travels through the HAKE& HIP™ process whenever
soil needs removed from the plant. Soil removal can reduce
shipping weight but very often, federal and state regulations
require that soil be removed, regardless of the pot size.
The SHAKE&SHIP™method
not a replacement for,
responsible care and
maintenance of the plant.
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