Victor | 0625 | Instructions / Assembly | Victor 0625 Instructions / Assembly

Victor® BlackBox™ Gopher Trap
Conventional wire claw and box traps can't match the BlackBox™ gopher trap as
an effective method of rodent control. To locate tunnels in frequent use, clear
away a mound of soil and probe for the opening usually a short passage that
leads down a few inches to the main tunnel.
To Set the Gopher Traps:
1. Dig a hole down to main tunnel. Make certain that hole is no larger than the
gopher trap and that it is aligned with straight section of the tunnel.
2. Always keep fingers out of trap action area. Hold trap as shown. Push spring
down with both thumbs.
3. Keeping pressure on spring with left thumb, maneuver bail wire into position
with right thumb. Tilting trap can help trip wire move into position.
4. Slowly relieve pressure on spring. Make sure that bail wire is engaged with trip
wire before sliding thumbs away from trap.
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